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I’m Back!

I’m back from tour!!! It was incredible but I’ll probably talk about it more in depth soon in a video or again here.

I wanted to talk about the next couple weeks though because it’s gonna get messy. I’m back for now but I leave again in like 2 days to go on the Ready Player 3 tour and that means that the schedule is gonna suffer as a result. I prepped 2 a day for when I went on my own tour but this next run of shows is much longer so I’m going to need to change some stuff to make it happen.

For now it’s looking like I’m gonna record as much as I can right now, put those out as 1 a day videos and wherever the break happens I’ll just take a full gap until I’m capable of returning.

This obviously isn’t something that I want to do. I would love to be able to keep the schedule going because I’m incredibly proud of it, no gaps in 5 years at all. It’s physically impossible to do so however and I need to be able to make the shows really good instead of burning myself out completely, blowing my voice out and then making crappy performances, no one wins in that scenario.

I also think for my own mental health I need to take a break and just not think about it. I’ve stressed out way more times than I let on because of videos and scheduling conflicts, it takes its toll. So I think it’s necessary to distance myself from things every once in a while. It’s also healthy for you guys and the general audience too to get a break from me now and then and put things into perspective a bit.I bombard you with content constantly so it’ll be nice to have a bit of respite and also for the entitled people to realise that I won’t always be there every single time.

I need to take some time off now and then to really focus and do bigger and better things that will pay off in the long run. I’m really happy that most of you understand and have been as loving and caring judging by all the messages I get about it so thank you, sincerely :)


How the fuck is she so pretty???

Never Let It Get Personal - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 16,419

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, Bondage, Oral (both receiving in the form of a 69), Sweet Sex because I’m a sucker for their romance???, Sassy reader, violence and blood because they are assassins.

Notes: Why do I do this to myself? 16.4k later and it’s done. But I really liked this idea. It’s a lot of plot with a smidge of sexy smut because I love Mitch Rapp. But he’s also hella loving. And angry. And I owe @minhosmeanhoe a lot for talking through this idea with me. She is a saint and my Rapp twin. I love her. I hope you guys love this and think it’s worth it.

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Miyano Mamoru ~GENERATING!~ Live - Talk Break 3 (½) with English subtitles. 

Actor is gin, cocchi americano, lemon and aperol. It’s bittersweet. You also forgot to take your alprazolam beforehand so you’re kinda freaking out. It’ll give you a lil kiss on the lips before strangling you with your own tongue. 

Strange Mercy is pre-made margarita cocktail slush syrup sprayed directly into your mouth from a squirt gun. Your insulin will spike at ‘Northern Lights’ and you’ll become giddy on the verge of deliriousness before suffering from reactive hypoglycemia during ‘Strange Mercy’ and crashing. You’ll regain consciousness during ‘Year of the Tiger’ with your head in the toilet.  

St. Vincent is a scotch, straight up. You’ll have it in hand and feel confident, self-assured, but with an air of mysterious tragedy. There’s a tinge of self-depreciation and disillusionment. You also want to Fuck. When you’ve had too many you have vivid fantasies about being sacrificed on a pink podium to a wire haired apparition who thrashes around screaming and committing acts of petty vandalism. But you do really love your mother.

Masseduction is a sex in the driveway cocktail cut with antifreeze and served with a cocktail umbrella covered in ricin residue. Bright, lurid and flirty. Again you want to Fuck and you’ll have a hell of a good time before the ethylene glycol shuts down your kindeys and the abdominal pains kick in. You die during ‘Smoking Section’ and if you weren’t severely brain damaged, you’d probably appreciate the irony. It is the end.

Marry Me is a glass of milk that’s been left on the counter on a warm July afternoon. I don’t want this. Nobody wants this.

BTS Reaction - Having an argument and them calling you ‘Noona’


You love Jin, you do, but sometimes he can be so self-absorbed.  He’s always been independent too, almost to a fault, and it’s a combination of these two things that lead to the first real argument in your relationship.  There’s no screaming and shouting, but when he tells you that he’s agreed to lengthen their next tour by two whole weeks without even consulting you, it leads to the development of a very cold shoulder and a lot of tense silences.  He doesn’t even understand why you’re upset either, and that just makes it worse.  It’s not about him being away - you know that it’s all part of dating an idol – it’s the fact he didn’t even think to run it past you.  He gets it eventually, but by the time he does you’re too stressed out to even want him near you.  He disappears for a while, giving you your space, only to reappear again with a plate of food in hand and a sheepish look on his face.

“I made you your favourite.” You ignore him, not looking up from your book. “Please come eat with me, Noona.”  

Your lips betray you on hearing him use the honorific you love, twitching into a smile at your page.  Self-absorbed yes, but Jin always knows exactly how to wrap you round his little finger. 

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You’re going to kill him, and this time you mean it.  Once again you’ve come home from work to find the apartment an absolute mess, the bed unmade, Yoongi’s clothes strewn all over the floor, dirty plates on the side.  The culprit, of course, is nowhere to be seen; he’s busy in his studio, flexing his creative muscles and leaving you to all the chores.  He must think you’re an idiot, or his mother, either one, and you’re not sure which of them makes you madder.  You stomp into his studio with an armful of his dirty underwear and drop it straight into his lap, yelling at him to do his own damn laundry.  You’re not his maid, so he needs to stop treating you like one.  You’re still muttering angrily under your breath half an hour later as you cook yourself dinner, making sure there’s only enough for one out of spite when you hear Yoongi creep into the kitchen behind you.  

“Noona,” he calls softly, and despite how angry you are you feel some of the tension leave your body, melting future when you feel his slim arms wrap around your waist from behind.  He knows exactly what calling you that does to you - the way it makes your insides clench with excitement.

“I cleaned up in our room… made our bed.  How about we go mess it up again?” 

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Hobi’s a big ball of friendly sunshine, always has been and probably always will be.  Hell, it’s one of the things that first attracted you to him.  The only trouble is that his sunny disposition attracts a lot of other women too, women that don’t realise that friendly is Hoseok’s default setting, and that him smiling at them doesn’t mean he’s in any way interested in getting into their pants.  Your temper finally snaps when yet another fan fawns over him, draping herself over his arm as she giggles.  You snap at him that you’re going home, imaginary steam pouring out of your ears when you hear the girl ask him what his big sister’s problem is and ignoring him as he calls after you, not wanting you to get a taxi on your own.  You do anyway, seething with jealousy that’s still going strong by the time he comes in through the door an hour later, looking nervous.  He pulls a big bunch of flowers out from behind his back, thrusting them at you with an over-the-top smile.  

“Don’t be jealous Noona,” he pleads, sitting himself next to you on the sofa when you take the flowers from him, smelling them with a reluctant smile.  He’s always used that honorific since the very day you met, and you have fond memories of how hard you blushed the first time you heard it.  He presses a sweet kiss against your cheek, already knowing he’s forgiven.

“You know you’re the only girl for me.” 

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You’re getting ready to go out for the night and Joonie’s got that look on his face again – the one that he gets whenever he’s taking issue with what you’re wearing.  Tonight it’s the top you’ve put on; it’s cut too low, he says.  He’s stood leant against the door with his arms folded, glaring at you when you refuse to change.  You try to remind him that you’ve been going out dressed the same way for years before you met him and that you can take care of yourself, but it does no good, he’s still sulking by the time you leave.  When he refuses to answer your texts whilst you’re out you end up getting pissed off too.  You’re supposed to be having a good time with your friends, but now you can’t stop worrying about what’s going to be waiting for you when you get home.  As it is, he’s already in bed when you return, all the lights switched off, your bedroom silent.  You change into your pyjamas, lying yourself in bed as far away as possible from him with a huff, knowing that you won’t sleep well tonight.  All of a sudden you feel his solid form shuffling up behind you, his face pressing between your shoulder blades, his arm hooking over your waist.

“I’m sorry,” he tells you quietly.  “You just looked so gorgeous, Noona.  I don’t anyone to take you away from me.” Joonie’s voice is so sweet and sincere than you just can’t stay mad at him, especially when he calls you the name he saves for strictly special occasions.  He trails teasing kisses along your shoulder, his hand drifting downward along your stomach.

“Let me make it up to you?”

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You were expecting Jimin to be home about three hours ago.  The dinner you’ve made him has gone cold, the film you were supposed to watch together is over and done with.  He hasn’t given you any kind of head’s up that he’d be late, he’s not answering your calls or your texts, and for a while you’re really worried that something might’ve happened to him; until you check his social media page, that is.  He signed into a bar somewhere about two hours ago, and only an hour after that there’s a picture of him with the other members with drinks in hand, a smile on his face, and you’re certainly not worried anymore.  Oh no, you’re not worried.  You.  Are.  Pissed.   By the time he stumbles in the door, swaying slightly, you’re practically foaming at the mouth.  You start yelling at each other, Jimin’s famous temper exacerbated by alcohol, you calling him immature, him calling you boring, and by the time he’s stormed off into your bedroom slamming the door behind him you’ve got tears streaming down your face.  You wait it out for at least an hour, hoping that he’ll have fallen into a deep, drunken sleep, but when you push open the bedroom door the slip of light from the hallway illuminates Jimin sat on the edge of the bed, his shoulders slumped.  He’s been crying just as much as you, and when you walk over to him he slips off the bed and kneels at your feet, wrapping his arms around your calves and pressing his cheek to your thighs.

“I know I’ve been bad Noona,” he sniffles, wiping his face on your skirt and then looking up at you, everything about him screaming submission.  Jimin only calls you Noona when he wants you to take control, when he wants to be your baby boy, and hearing him say it gets you wet instantly.  “You can punish me, if you want.”

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At the start of the day you’re feeling pretty hopeful.  You’ve been dropping hints about your birthday for the past few weeks - the things you’d like or where you’d like to go - and though Tae doesn’t initially wish you a ‘Happy Birthday’ when you first wake up beside him, you’re pretty sure he’s just pretending so it’ll be more of a surprise when he does something special later.  As the day goes on, however, it seems less and less likely that he’s remembered at all.  You spend the entire day slobbing around the apartment together, Taehyung not even bothering to shower or get dressed, just enjoying well-earned time off without the slightest of ideas that today has any kind of significance.   You know he’s always got his head in the clouds, his mind on a different plane to everyone else’s, but surely you’re not expecting too much to want him to remember your birthday?  As the evening draws to a close he finally starts to notice how quiet you’ve been, asking what’s wrong and gawping when you burst into tears.  You press your face into your hands, managing to tell him through sobs what it is that he’s done wrong.  He’s instantly remorseful, trying to pull you into a hug despite your resistance to be held.

“I’m sorry I’m such a bad boyfriend,” he apologises, planting kisses on the top of your head as you cry against his chest,  “I’ll try harder, I promise.  I just need my Noona to teach me how.” 

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If he starts one more game of Overwatch you’re going to scream.  He’d promised that tonight would just be the two of you, and yeah, ok, the other members aren’t here, but you weren’t really planning on sharing him with his Xbox friends either.  You try subtle means of getting his attention; sitting next to him and leaning your head on his shoulder or gently playing with his hair with a coy smile.  Jungkook unfortunately remains completely oblivious, and after another half an hour and one more match you finally get up with a huff, collecting your things and walking out of the apartment to go home without a word.  You can’t help but wonder how long it actually took for him to notice that you were gone.  It was at least half an hour, because that’s the time it takes for him to text you asking where you are and why you left so suddenly - a text that you pointedly ignore.  It’ll do him good to see how it feels being the one who’s ignored, for a change.  When you come home the next day you’re surprised when your mom tells you that you’ve got a visitor upstairs, a wide, mischievous smile on her face, and your surprise only grows when you push open your bedroom door to find Jungkook inside.  He’s spread out a blanket on your floor and set out a plates and glasses, poorly made sandwiches and fruit in plastic containers sat waiting for you to have your very own personal picnic.  

“I haven’t been paying you enough attention, have I, Noona?”  Jungkook asks guiltily, throwing in the honorific that you both so love as he gazes up at you from where he’s sat cross legged on the floor.  He extends his hand to you with a hopeful smile, that smile growing when you take it, allowing him to help you to the floor too.  “You’ve got my 100% attention tonight, promise.” 

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I love you (MATURE)

I know this isn’t Marvel imagine, but i wrote this long time ago and thought maybe i should post it. 

The bed was so comfortable. She rolled around in her sleep and she felt like she was floating on the clouds. She starched her arm to touch her boyfriend, but all she met was more silky sheets. She slowly began to open her eyes, it took her some time before she could see properly. Her eyes needed some time to get used to the darkness.

That reminded her of the psychology class from the other day, when their teacher told them, that their eyes need thirty minutes before you could see anything.

She always found that very stupid, especially when she was walking to school in the morning. Her eyes didn’t need thirty minutes to get used to the darkness, she could see properly just after five minutes.

She looked around the room but she couldn’t find much known, and very dear silhouette to her. He was nowhere to be found, and that got her wondering, what he could be possibly doing at this time of the night. To be honest she didn’t know what time it was, and neither was she going to look, because it would be a crime to move from this holy position.

She was always laying on her stomach, she would much likely fall asleep on her back, but during the night she would always find her way back onto the stomach. It was the most comfortable pose ever. So she didn’t even bother to roll back and grab her phone form the night stand.

She was laying like that for solid ten minutes, even though it seemed to her like it was hours. She wasn’t sure how much time has passed, but she wondered how she didn’t fall asleep immediately. She is always the first one to fall asleep, she could lay anywhere, and within the minute, and she would be out.

But it was only because she was sleeping next to him, but when they were separated because of his tour and her school, she would barely get some kind of sleep. She just missed the warmth his body produced, the feeling of his strong, muscular hands wrapped around her body. His sweet little kisses all the way from her back, over her shoulder, around her neck and finally locking with hers. His low voiced “Goodnight” that was so innocence, but it would still send shivers down her spine.

She is so deeply in love with him, so over her head with him, he can make her lose her mind in less than a second. She would do anything for him, and that scares her the most. She never thought she would love anyone so much, it terrifies her sometimes. The thought that he holds her everything in his hands, her heart, her soul, her life, that one wrong word, move and she will be shuttered, broken, left in pieces.

He isn’t the type of person that would hurt her on purpose, he’s a sweet, loving and genuine guy. But lately he hasn’t been acting like himself. She understands that tour took a lot of his energy, and that all he wants now is peace and to relax, and she respects that. What hurts the most is when he says he needs to relax but he goes out with his friends, and comes home in early morning hours. She tried to confront him about it, but he would just raise his hands in the air, call her petty or just tell her that he missed them.

But so does she. She haven’t seen him in a year, all she wants now is, for him to wrap his hands around her, tell her he loves her and just cuddle for the rest of the day. She’s not asking for much, is she now? And even though he’s home now, she feels the same way she did when he was on tour. She misses him, and he’s right there, but just like he isn’t. She tried everything, she wonders if she did something wrong, is he mad at her, but anytime she would start a conversation about it, he would just push her off.

She let out a loud sigh and moved the covers from her body, and as soon as the silky sheets left her body, she felt shivers run down her spine, and only then she realised, the balcony doors were open, she was staring at them but she didn’t notice, not until now, and that’s exactly what he does to her. She wasn’t really sure why she felt the shivers because it wasn’t even cold.

And then she saw him, he was standing there, leaning onto balcony fence, looking so peaceful, maybe that’s the reason she felt them, her brain recognised him before she did. But one thing shocked her, he was smoking a cigarette. She was damn sure he stopped, at least that’s what he said. Well more correctly, that’s what he promised to do.

All she wanted to do was to go out, hug him from behind and just stay like that for hours. But she was afraid, afraid to move, because if he hears her, he will turn around and again go into his, now natural state, tensed.

She observed him for few more minutes, and then she decided to get up, she didn’t walk towards him, rather she went down to the kitchen and grab herself something to drink. She wasn’t really thirsty, but she couldn’t lay there anymore. She was so distracted that she almost fell over the pile of his clothes that was on the floor. And that little pile made her so angry, so she just wanted to turn around, go out and yell at him. Later on, she wasn’t even sure if she was mad about the pile, or about him in general.

She opened the fridge and just stared in, does she take bottle of water or apple juice. She went with just regular water, because she didn’t want anything sweet. She poured it into a glass and brought it to her lips, she was slowly drinking while looking through the kitchen window, into the dark, full of shadows, back yard. Shadows were playing around, enlighten the trees, now from this, now from that side. She calmed down a little bit, and she didn’t even hear him come.

Lately she was so distracted, it started to bother her. His low and quiet voice shook her out of her dreams. It was so quiet, but so was the house so it sounded like he was standing right behind her, but she knew he was either leaning onto kitchen door, or kitchen cabinets.

“Why are you up so late?”

She wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Does she tells him the truth, that she can’t sleep without him and that the person who sleeps with her now isn’t her boyfriend, but some stranger taking over his body? Or does she just lie to him, and tells him its school? She rather decided to say nothing but to stare through window again.

Now she could feel the smell of cigarette that he just smoked, and it bothered her so much. The smell was so unpleasant, she wanted to turn around and tell him to shower. She took a deep breath, put the glass into the sink, knowing that she’s going to wash it tomorrow. She slowly turned around, trying not to catch his gaze, slowly started walking towards their shared room.

Just as she thought she had passed him, she felt the strong grip on her hand. By then she was already pissed off, and all she could do was let out a loud groan. She tried to pull her hand out of his grip, but he only pulled her closer. Her face met his bare chest, and she appreciated the warmth and smell of his body, even though the smell of cigarette ruined it.

“I’m tired Justin, let me go, please.”

Her voice was low, she felt tired, but not physical tiredness, no the mental one was bigger problem.

“Apparently you’re not tired enough if you woke up at 2.30 a.m.” and what could she say to that. She hated it when he became cocky little shit, mostly because that wasn’t her Justin. She wanted to talk to him about everything, but she knew it would all turn into a fight, and for that, she was not ready.

“My mouth was dry, so it woke me up, can you please let me go now?”

She whispered into his chest, feeling her eyes getting wetter. No she didn’t want to cry, but sometimes we don’t cry because we’re weak, we cry because it’s the only way to let out the pain, the frustration. It’s the only way to make mental pain, physical. But she didn’t want to cry in front of him, she just didn’t.

But his question dried her eyes in a second, she again became frustrated and angry, but at the same time confused and sad. That’s what he does to her. Confuses her, completely.

“Why are you avoiding me? In the evening, you’re already sleeping even before I enter the room. You leave in the morning without a kiss, without a goodbye. When I want to make you feel good, and you know how good I make you feel, your head hurts, or you have an exam to study for, or just something else that doesn’t make any damn sense.”

She was indeed avoiding him, but she only did it because she thought that would protect her from him. She didn’t know why she needed the protection from him, but she felt that way, if he was going to push her away, she won’t be able to try and hold him.

She was once again speechless, or so she pretended she was. She was a burning lion, observing, but always ready to attack.

She felt his hand under her chin, pulling it up, to finally meet his gaze. Every single time she would look into his eyes, he would make her feel like she’s seeing him for the first time ever, that weird feeling in her stomach made her change her weight from her right to her left leg.

He looked at her, or more properly, he observed her, he was still waiting for an answer, but he knew he wouldn’t get one, not from her and not tonight. But did he even wanted it? No, he just needed her attention, but he didn’t realise he was the reason why she stopped giving him so much attention. She wasn’t even aware of what she was doing to him. He was making him go crazy, he hated her for that.

He moved so fast she didn’t even got to catch a breath before her back met stone cold wall. His hands were on each side of her body, her legs were wrapped around him, and they fit so perfectly. His face was so close, their noses touched and she could feel his hot breath on her face. He was looking deeply into her eyes like he was asking for permission, but she knew he wasn’t.

Their lips met, and there was no sweetness in it, no patience, only roughness. But she didn’t mind, he moved his left hand down her body and gripped her ass, ass his lips did the same, concentrating on her neck. His pace was at the same time rough but perfect. All she could do was let out a small moan, that made him lean more into her, and she could feel his smirk growing against her neck. She wrapped her hand around his muscles, digging her nails into his skin. Suddenly he pulled his lips away from her neck, and he moved her from cold wall to the kitchen table. She used the chance to take her shirt off.

As soon as her nipples were exposed and hit by cold air they got hard. His eyes moved from her lips to her breast and he didn’t waste any time. He took her right nipple into his mouth, nibbling and sucking onto it, while he took other one in between his fingers and started tugging onto it. She let out a loud moan of pleasure. His mouth moved from her nipple to her mouth.

“You’re fucking gorgeous, you know that? Let me make you feel the way I only know.”

He mumbled against her lips, the only response she offered him was a small whimper. He moved his lips down her jaw again, this time making sure to leave marks all the way from her neck to her breast. He moved his left hand down her body, until he reached her inner thigh. He moved the tips of his fingers against the sensitive skin, teasing her. She groaned and tried to pull herself closer to him, she was eager to fell his touch.

“Please, Justin” she whispered. Neither of them could wait any longer, but he felt indescribable pleasure teasing her. He slid his hand into her underwear, his fingers meeting her clit, rubbing it roughly. “So fucking wet.” He slid his fingers into her without a warning. Sudden pleasure made her let out loud moan, trying to get even closer to him, just so she could feel more of him.

“You keep moving closer to me, baby girl, even though there is no more place to move. See, only I make you feel this way. You should remember that.” He moved his lips from her neck and looked deeply into her eyes.

“I was going to tease you some more, but I just want to fuck the shit out of you.” he pulled his fingers out, pulled his Calvin Klein’s down, separated her legs and without a warning slammed into her. His mouth fell open while she moaned loudly. She wrapped her hands around his naked body, scratching his back.

“Fucking hell. You’re so tight, baby girl.” he hovered over her, making her back hit the cold table board. His mouth found her nipple and started nibbling onto it. Her mouth fell open from sudden pleasure. His hips found a perfect pace.

“Tell me how good I make you feel.” He groaned against her nipple. She wanted too, but the pleasure was too much and the only way she responded was through loud moan. But he wasn’t pleased with that. He slapped her ass, twice, once from right side, other time from left side. Burn that she felt after his hands made her whimper even more. When she still wasn’t responding, he picked his pace, even though she thought he couldn’t go any faster.

Their bodies moved in sync, and she could spot sweat dripping down his forehead. Even though the kitchen was very big, it became so hot in there that she wanted to jump out of her skin.

She felt his hand around her neck, griping her tightly, and the rough feeling almost pushed her over the edge, but he suddenly pulled out. The sudden feeling of emptiness made her whimper.

“You’re not cumming, until you tell me how god I make you feel, you understand me?” she nodded and pulled her hips up, trying to get him to continue. But he just looked at her. She took a deep breath and started.

“You make me feel so-“but she wasn’t able to finish. He pushed into her with so much force, all she could do was scream. She could see a smirk playing on his lips, he was pleased with her answer.

She felt the well-known feeling and she knew she was close. She won’t be able to hold it any longer, but she could see he was just as close as she was.

“I feel you getting tighter around me. You wanna cum, baby girl?” His voice was low and husky and she only could nod.

“Yes, please.” She somehow mumbled in between the moans.

“Look at me, let’s cum together.” Their eyes met, and like it was their trigger, his movements became sloppier and he let out a loud groan, while she screamed out his name, scratching his back. She could feel him feeling her up with his jounces and it was the best feeling.

“Oh fuck.” He mumbled, they both tried to catch a breath after an amazing experience.

“I love you.” he leaned closer and locked their lips once again. “I love you” she mumbled against his lips.

He picked her into his arms and carried her to their shared room.

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Can you write something about H and the missus fighting at Anne’s and H is acting a bit mean towards the missus and she gets sad or maybe him ignoring her or something and Anne notices but it ends all fluffy, love your writing <3

Anonymous: Can you write one about them fighting over something but it ends fluffy and all lovey dovey? <3

Keep sending in requests for my blurb night xx 

Master List 

You and Harry had spent the day fighting over whether you should join him on tour next year when Anne and Gemma had shown up unannounced with take away for dinner. They did this quite often and usually you were grateful for it because it meant you didn’t have to cook, but tonight you couldn’t wait for them to leave. You hated fighting with Harry and you hated it even more when his mum knew about it, and there’s no way she wasn’t going to notice, even the dog could feel the tension between the two of you.

You and Anne were dishing out the food while Harry and Gemma found a movie for you all to watch when Anne finally asked about it

“What’s going on with you and H dear? You’ve barely said a word to each other since we got here”

“It’s really nothing Anne, I told him I wasn’t ready to go on tour with him and leave home for 3 months and he doesn’t seem to understand”

“He can be stubborn sometimes, he didn’t say anything nasty, did he?” He did, he said you could do with a little time away from your family because you were becoming too much like your mother, but you couldn’t tell Anne that, it would break her heart.

“There’s not a nasty bone in his body, he’s just being a little selfish”

“Do you want me to talk to him?”

“No that’s ok, we’ll sort it out, I think we both just need to calm down a little bit before we talk about it again”

“Well let’s go watch this film and by the end of it he’ll be ready to put it behind him”

You took the plates full of food into the living room, handing one to Harry and shooting him a glare, letting him know that you weren’t over this just because his mum was here.

“What are we watching” Anne beamed, trying to ease the tension

“The Notebook” Harry muttered, sitting down on the couch. Both you and Anne knew that Harry had chosen this to try and make it up to you. It was always his first choice when you were fighting because he knew all the romance would soften you up

About halfway through the film once everyone had finished eating, Harry edged a little closer to you on the couch and put his arm around you

“I’m sorry” he whispered

“Meet me in the hallway” you stood and walked out of the living room, closely followed by Harry

“I’m sorry” He said again, “I know you’re not ready to leave home for that long yet, I shouldn’t have said what I did”

“It’s alright H” you said reaching wrapping your arms around his waist and resting your head on his chest “Maybe I’ll come with you for some of the tour”

“That’s up to you” he grabbed your shoulders and gently pushed you back so that he could see your face “I don’t want you to feel like you have to, if you want to stay here, we’ll make it work”

“I’ll think about it H, now let’s go back in and watch the rest of the movie” you locked hands and walked back to the living room where you sat down leaning your head against his shoulder

“I love you Y/N” he whispered as Anne looked over, winking at you, glad that you two had worked everything out

“I love you too H”

“Nicky Spee, works every time” He laughed, planting a kiss on your head.

BTS reaction to them accidentally saying something hurtful to their S/O

Thanks for the request! We hope you like it <3 


You’re not home enough anymore, with your america and Australia tour I feel like you’re never home” You quietly said to Jin after he had noticed something was wrong and forced a reason out of you, 

What do you expect Y/N? It’s my job, of course I’m gonna be away for long periods of time! I told you that when we first started dating!” He scoffed

I know! I just…I just didn’t expect you to be away from home that much.” You meekly spoke “I miss you a lot when you’re away

I miss you too, but I’m not sure why now, as all you do when I get home is nag!  I’m glad to be away from you now when I next go back on tour!” He shouted.

You took a step back, hurt beaming in your eyes, “I didn’t know you felt that way, I’m sorry.” You whispered

No,no, no. It’s be who should apologise, I shouldn’t have said that, I was way out of line, I love you more than you’ll ever know! I should be grateful I have someone like you to care about me.” He spoke and you nodded your head in agreement 

Listen, how about today hang out, just the two of us and take lots of pictures for you to look at when I’m next on tour so we don’t miss each other as much, ok?

Ok” you smiled “oh, and by the way, I love you too” 

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All he ever does is work on his music’ you thought to yourself, you thought he needed a break so you quickly got some food together and went over to his studio, and there he was silently bopping his head to a new track he was working on. 

  You knocked on the door and he quickly whipped his head around to face you, “Hey, Y/N what are you doing here? I’m busy” he spoke in a harsh tone 

Yeah, I know, I came here to bring you some food so you can take a break.” 

He let out a sigh “Listen, I’m not in the mood right now, just leave the food here and go.”

You shook your head and walked over to his desk putting the bag of food down waiting for him to eat, “Did you not hear me Y/N? I told you to leave! Are you deaf or something?! No, maybe your just stupid and annoying!” He shouted

You flinched at his words and left the room without saying another word. It wasn’t until you got home when you noticed you had been crying the whole way home, which would explain the sympathetic or weird looks you were getting on your way home. 

You must have been home for less than 30 minutes when you heard your front door open and close, you looked up and saw Yoongi standing there with a bouquet of your favourite flowers, “I’m so so so so sorry Y/N I didn’t mean what I said, you’re no where near stupid, you’re the most caring girlfriend ever and I’m the stupid one for saying that.” 

You smiled at his words while he wiped away your tears “I ordered some takeout for us, so get changed into your pyjamas and we can snuggle and chat all night? OK?” 

You softly giggled while nodding your head and swiftly got up to changer your clothes, excited to be spending a lot of time with Yoongi.

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Rap Monster

You had noticed that he spends 10x more time with his group than he did with you, he’s the leader so it’s his job to spend a lot of time with the other members, which you understand but that doesn’t mean you were too happy about it, you wanted as much time with Namjoon as his members got, on one of his rare occasions home, you told him you needed to talk to him and that’s how ended up in this predicament,

Listen, Joon, I, uh, I want to talk to you about something.” To say he looked worried after you said that was an understatement, “I was um, wondering, if you could, um, maybe hang out with me a bit more than you do with the boys, we haven’t spent a full day together for months, and I feel like we’re drifting apart.” 

He looked down to the floor and back up, looking at you in disgust “Y/N! What are you talking about?! I’m their leader! We’re like brothers of course I spend time with them! I also like them a hell of a lot more than I like you!” 

His words shocked you more than anyone could possibly think, your eyes full of hurt, just as a tear was about to escape you heard him sigh, “Y/N, I… I didn’t mean that, I’ve just been so stressed lately, with the comeback looming closer and closer I just thought you’d understand more that I need to be with them more than ever right now,” you were about to chime in saying you did understand but he kept on talking. “Please just remember but i love you a lot and nothing will change that and we’ll never ever drift apart ok? I’m sorry for making you feel that way, I love you so much.

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J Hope 

You and your boyfriend Hoseok were out shopping for a dress for your friends wedding. You had tried on numerous of dresses, none suiting your style or the dress code. 

You were currently in the dressing room trying on the dress you thought was perfect but when you walked out Hoseok had a less than impressed look on his face, 

That’s not the one” he blatantly said 

Really? How come? I thought this one was perfect” 

He scoffed “I don’t know if you’re joking or not, it’s obviously not the right dress” 

I’m 100% serious. Why don’t you like it?” 

It makes you look a little pudgy that’s all” he explained

Oh” was all you could say as you walked back into the dressing room, you took the dress off, letting tears silently fall down your face. 

Does he think I’m fat?’ You thought to yourself, you sat on the stool crying to yourself. 

You must have been in there a long while as you heard a faint knock at the dressing room door,

Y/N, are you ok? You’ve been in there for a while now.” You heard your boyfriend say, you quickly wiped your eyes and replied with “yeah, don’t worry, I’m fine” 

He sighed, “Y/N I can hear in your voice that you’ve been crying, please let me in” 

You quietly got up and opened the door to your worried looking boyfriend, 

Y/N! What’s wrong?! Why have you been crying? Did I say anything?” 

You nodded your head and he quickly pulled you into a hug “Is it what I said about you being pudgy?” You nodded again “Awww, Y/N I didn’t mean it, truth be told I thought you looked amazing in it, too amazing” You looked up at him with confusion, “If I looked amazing in the dress then why did you say I looked fat?” 

I didn’t want other guys to see you in that dress” he sighed “I know it’s stupid but it’s true, but now I think you should get it, you look genuinely beautiful in it and I can’t wait to show other guys how lucky I am to have such a beautiful girlfriend.

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You walked into your bedroom where you found your boyfriend standing in front of the mirror critiquing himself, 

Hey baby, what are you doing?” 

Be honest Y/N do you think I’ve gained any weight recently?” His question took you by surprise

What? No of course not!” 

What would you know?” He scoffed “You don’t know anything, do you?” His words laced with anger

His angry words took you by surprise “I guess not” you quietly said as you walked out of your bedroom into your living room to cool off before you say something you regret.

It had been a couple of hours when Jimin walked into the living room with red eyes and a sniffy nose “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lash out like that” He apologised, 

It’s ok, come here” you motioned for him to come over to where you were sitting and you quickly engulfed him into a hug, “Why do you think you’ve gained weight?” 

Because I was looking on twitter and a lot of people say I’ve gained weight and I was beginning to think they were right.” he sniffed 

You haven’t gained weight, but even if you have it’s no big deal, it’s perfectly ok to fluctuate in weight and there’s nothing wrong with it ok?”  

He softly nodded “Ok

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You entered your apartment, the one you shared with your boyfriend of 2 years, he was a godsend, most days but today was one of the days when just got on your nerves. It was eerily silent when you walked in which was really strange considering whenever you got home he’d shower you with lovely greetings. You took off your shoes and you got suspicious when you saw his shoes also by the door, so you knew he was home but where was he?  ‘Maybe he’s taking a nap you thought to yourself’.

You quietly tiptoed throughout your apartment being careful incase he was indeed asleep. You slowly opened the door to the living room when a all you felt was cold water pouring onto you “WHAT THE-TAE!!!” You screamed while he stood their laughing like there was no tomorrow. 

You should see your face Y/N it’s honestly a picture right now” He continued laughing. 

THIS ISN’T FUNNY TAE” you shouted to him. His face fell when he realised you didn’t see the funniness in his ‘prank’ 

God Y/N get a sense of humour, it was just a joke why do you always have to be a downer? God” He said to you bumping our shoulder as he left the room, you just sighed to yourself quickly finding a towel to dry yourself off, you felt a bit bad as he didn’t mean any harm by it, it really was just a harmless prank. 

You were about to open your bedroom door when it swung open revealing Taehyung “I’m sorry” you both said in unison. You both let out a little giggle, “You go first” he said, 

you nodded “I’m sorry for not finding the prank funny, I just wasn’t expecting it,that’s all” he then nodded 

I get it, I’m sorry Y/N, it was a childish prank and I wasn’t thinking at all, you probably had a stressful day at work you didn’t need this” 

You pulled him into a big hug rubbing his back “It’s ok, I forgive you” 

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You had woken up at around 3am to see that a) you had fallen asleep on your sofa and b) that your boyfriend Jungkook was still awake and was still working, you shook you hair and slowly got up to go to your actual bed but before you left your living room you spoke up to Jungkook “Hey Kook, why don’t we both go to bed now?” 

He looked up at you not realising you had awoken “I didn’t know you were awake, you go to bed, I’ll be there soon” 

Why don’t you just come now? With me.” 

I still haven’t finished what I’m doing here, don’t you listen? I can’t just get up and leave my work.” He stated “like I said, just go to bed” He spoke with an annoyed tone. 

You mumbled a slight ‘ok’ and then walked into your bedroom and fell asleep straight after your head hit the pillow. 

You were awoken the next morning by Jungkook holding a tray full of food, “here I made you this to apologise for me being grumpy last night, works just stressful is all” 

You nodded your head understandingly “I get it, but if it gets really stressful you can tell me about it ok? Instead of bottling it up and lashing out at people” 

He then nodded as a reply “I definitely will from now on, I’m so lucky to have you in my life, I love you” 

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Main Theme (Live)
Manaka Kataoka
Main Theme (Live)

Breath of the Wild Main Theme (live) by Manaka Kataoka

The fight (part 1) // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Shawn an Y/n have a massive fight resulting in Shawn leaving when he’s about to go on tour the next day.

Authors note: so excited for this *screams internally*

Requested: yesss

I slammed the front door shut, making Shawn know I had arrived home. I chuck my bag on the couch, storming into the dinning room where I find him with his laptop, papers messily arranged on the glass table.

“You think I wouldn’t find out,” I seethe, my hands angrily twitching at my sides.

“Hello to you too,” Shawn snaps, not looking up from what ever was on his screen.

“Do you even care?” I ask, walking closer to him, now with my arms folded across my chest.

“Care about what?” Shawn murmurs, eyes still locked onto the computer screen.

I let out an angry huff, turning away from him completely and walking out the room.

“Y/n?” I hear his voice call but I continue, walking into our shared bedroom, the bed that he hasn’t slept in for around 5 nights. He hadn’t bothered coming home as he had spent so much time at the studio recently, he thought he might as well sleep there.

I roll my eyes at the thought. It felt like we weren’t even properly together. We hadn’t talked, hadn’t seen each other for way too long for it to be healthy for our relationship and then for me to find out he was going on tour tomorrow from one of my friends, it made my blood boil. 

I shrug my jacket off my shoulders and hang it on the coat rack in the corner of the room before moving in front of the dresser to take my earrings off in the mirror.

I place them in a box, returning my gaze to the mirror, Shawn’s figure reflecting in the mirror of him standing by the door frame.

“Yes?” I ask, my tone clipped.

“What do you mean I don’t care?” He asks, folding his arms across his chest like I did previously.

“I know, Shawn,” I say, glaring daggers at him. 

“About what?” He asks, chucking his hands up, desperation creeping into his voice.

“About tour. Tour that starts tomorrow,” I say, my voice breaking at the end as I feel the weird sensation of tears filling my eyes.

“Oh… that,” Shawn mutters, turning away from my gaze. “I was going to tell you,’

“Really? Were you?” I ask, feigning hope.

“Of course,” He says walking over and sitting on the bed.

“Thats so sweet of you to tell me that you were leaving for 3 months just as you were walking out the door,” my tone is sickly sweet as I shoot him a fake smile.

He groans, flopping back on the bed.

“Do you know who I heard it from?” I screech, anger fueling my fire.

“Who?” he says, almost as if he was bored with the subject.

“Andrew. He goes ‘are you excited for Shawn’s European leg of tour’?” I give him another look of fury. “’Of course’ I go ‘when is it?’ Then I receive the look of pity when he says tomorrow. TOMORROW SHAWN!” 

He winces at how loud my voice is in the quiet apartment.

“I can’t help it if tour takes me away from you. You knew what you were getting into when you first started dating me,” He tries to reason.

“Of course I knew what I was getting into Shawn, what I didn’t know is that you wouldn’t tell me about when you were leaving, if you were actually coming home for dinner some nights or if you were actually still in the same country as me!”

A tear slips down my face and I wipe it away angrily, hating to show weakness when he didn’t even seem the least bit affected.

“I get that you have to tour, I understand, but god Shawn seriously, not even a text saying hey I’m staying at the studio tonight- not coming home for dinner, don’t bother cooking me anything otherwise it will just be wasted and I’ll have to chuck it away,” My point seems to change, now attacking his lack of contact with me.

“I was busy,”

“You’re always busy!” I sob, my voice rugged as I try to get the air flowing into my lungs which feel like they’re being constricted. “I go to sleep at night wondering if I’ll wake up and you’ll be there. Surprise, surprise, You’re not,” I laugh, the sound harsh against my ears.

“I can’t do this right now, I have to get ready for tour,” Shawn mumbles, never once meeting my bloodshot eyes, walking straight out the room

“Well hey, thanks for at least telling me that this time!” I yell out to him, exuding fake happiness. 

“You’re welcome!” Is shouted at me, the slam of the front door being the goodbye. For how long, I didn’t know.

Cup of Tea

I wrote this, like so much of what I have backlogged, a little over a month ago. It was largely inspired by the filth @inkedferns and I spew at each other, much of which happens when we don’t even have the excuse of being intoxicated. I wasn’t going to post it just yet, especially not so soon after It’s About Chances, but I was feeling #thirsty today, so…. It’s… it’s PWP. There’s no purpose. Just smut. x. 

Warnings: Daddy!Kink. Explicit. It’s not the most hardcore daddy!kink ever written, but there’s no beating around the bush. So, if it isn’t your cup of tea (Harry’s not the only one with jokes), you might want to skip out. 

There’s also spankings, and there’s a reason I have a “rings on please” tag”. This was the chicken to the egg.

You don’t try to piss Harry off very much. You love your happy, smiley, doting boyfriend. He’d been absolutely thrilled when he said the next stop on the tour was near you (relatively speaking) and you offered to fly to see him. You’re not sure you’ll ever forget how he’d hugged you so tightly he’d lifted you inches from the floor in the airport, and you’d been hoping to hold onto that version of him.

The thing is, he’s not even looking up from his phone. You’re in his suite in his hotel – a beautiful suite in a beautiful hotel – and he’s not even looking at you. He’s lounging in his chair at the breakfast table, still in his pajamas of a t-shirt and boxers with you adjacent to him, snickering and snorting as he scrolls through text messages and Twitter and tries to find the perfect, one line, corny as all hell joke that will fit inside of 140 characters. His social media accounts have become art for him – fitting The Aesthetic Trend very neatly – and it amuses him to curate them so carefully.

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BTS Reaction - You flinch when they come closer to you in an argument

prettypinkprincess2002 said: How would bts react to you flinching during and argument when they move closer to you? (Not that they’ve ever actually hurt you but like I always flinch when people yell at me or just move closer to me quickly)

Hi! Yep, lemme just say something on this: I flinch when someone comes near me too. I had the happiest childhood, I’ve never been purposely hurt and have never been abused in anyway - but I flinch too when I’m not expecting someone to come closer to me or yell. A lot of people do this, but if you’re uncomfortable I urge you to look at a different reaction :)


You two were fighting over him leaving for tour next week. When he steps closer to you, you flinch and look down at the floor. Jin completely stops moving and talking all together and looks you up and down. 

“Did..did you think I was going to hurt you?” He asks, his eyebrows furrowing together and his voice very quiet.

“No, I just…I do that when I’m not expecting something.” You say, rubbing your arm and avoiding eye contact.

He looks at you worriedly before pulling you into a tight hug while stroking your hair. “I’m sorry for fighting with you. I don’t ever want you to be scared of me.”


He yelled from across the kitchen island, clearly upset about you avoiding him all week. You were mad about something you don’t even remember, but obviously, Jungkook was angrier because you were avoiding him.

“I don’t know what the hell your issue is, Y/N!” He yelled, and it’s as if you felt the house shake at the harshness of his tone.

At the same time, you flinched and backed up, startled completely by his harsh words. Jungkook saw this, and ran a hand through his hair before approaching you slowly. “Y/N. I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated that you won’t speak to me about this.”


It was always house bills that made the two of you argue. There really was no way around it, because the two of you procrastinated so much that the credit card bill would be late and the mortgage was due next week.

“Y/N! I’m fucking sick of this!” He boomed, throwing the credit card bill down, slapping the marble island. You flinched and immediately Namjoon was walking over to you, reaching out to pull your body to his.

“I’m sorry I scared you. This is just - it’s getting out of hand. I’m asking you to handle it because I’m not home enough and I know that. I’m sorry.”


When the two of you fought, it would be immediate confrontation. If Hobi saw something he didn’t like, he would call you out on it right away. That’s when things would get carried away because neither of you could come to a solution.

“Okay, then why didn’t you just stop talking to him? Why did you go out to lunch with him?” J-Hope accused, taking a brisk step towards you. When he saw you flinch, his eyes immediately softened and filled with concern. 

“I’m sorry..” He said, gently taking you into his arms and holding onto you tightly.


When he saw you flinch as he walked towards you, he stopped and his eyes filled with tears. He began asking questions as to why, and was very delicate when he pulled you into his arms.

“It’s stupid to fight,” he mumbled against your hair. “I don’t want you to be scared of me.”


The two of you had just had another baby, a girl this time, and Taehyung was worried about you and your daughter. Things were complicated after you first had her - the baby’s heartbeat dropped multiple times and you were completely out of it because of the blood loss.

Ever since then, Taehyung was overly worried and was concerned about everything you did. When you refused to go to the doctor to make sure your health was okay, he yelled and you flinched, very obviously.

“Did you just..flinch? Y/N, I’m sorry, I..” Taehyung immediately began apologizing and came over to hug you, that is until your baby girl began to cry from her room upstairs.


You were upset over Suga leaving for tour again. He had just gotten back, and you couldn’t accept that he was leaving again for a month.

“You know I can’t control it, Y/N! It’s my damn job!” He yelled, making you flinch and move backwards.

He sighed, closing his eyes in defeat and looking back up at you again. He didn’t come closer, but he placed his hands on the marble table and leaned forward to meet your lips briefly before pulling back to apologize.

history-rover  asked:

You asked for it. When the Scot Ties The Knot AU. 😜

okay, bit of background. we were talkin in discord about scottish twitter, which then transmuted into a talk about scottish romance novels, and then i brought up the greatest romance novel premise i’ve ever heard of: when a scot ties the knot by tessa dare. i’ve never actually read this book besides the back cover and some choice passages from my friend @galpaladvns who got it for her birthday or smth (all i really remember from that night was @funnythingsandphysics hunting through the pages for the smut which apparently took ¾ths of the book to get to?) but basically….. what happens next is the rough premise of the book, but viktuuri. and (very heavily winged) historical, because @kazliin and i are in agreement that there should be more period drama viktuuri anyway 

When a Russian is Rushin’ to Marry: Or, the Unexpected Consequences of Inventing a Boyfriend

“I’m so jealous of you,” Phichit laments as he helps Yuuri get ready for the evening’s events. “I remember my first season like it was yesterday. Everything’s so exciting and bright your first time around; I wish I could experience it again!”

Yuuri says nothing, only turns slightly to watch the way the light catches on his blue brocade waistcoat in the mirror. “I don’t know,” he admits after a moment. “I’m probably going to be dreadfully old, especially in comparison to young Mr Plisetsky who’s also debuting this season.”

“Well, sometimes people like a late bloomer,” Phichit chides, patting his forearm. “Now turn, so I can help with your ascot.”

Yuuri lets him adjust the silken material with a weary sigh. He’d been putting off his entrance into society for as long as could be deemed socially acceptable, mostly for his nerves. But with each passing season, his parents would get more and more concerned that he wouldn’t marry and settle down, and eventually he’d caved. Tonight’s soiree would mark his debut, and it was about as quiet an affair as he could manage. Still, the thought of being approached tonight with potential suitors continues to threaten to overwhelm him at any given moment. 

“Deep breaths, Yuuri,” Phichit offers kindly as he pats at his now properly-tied ascot. “You’re going to be just fine.”

“You sound more confident about this than I feel,” Yuuri retorts. Phichit helps him into his tailcoat with a grin.

“You’re a divine dancer, Yuuri,” he points out. “Who could say no to you?”

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Wait for You

Requested: Can you do one where you wake up in the middle of the night and shawn is awake next to you and he’s scared that when he goes on tour you’re going to break up with him and you reassure him that you’ll call him as much as you can and that you guys will make it through


Your name: submit What is this?


Pulled out of your peaceful sleep, you open your eyes. Rolling over onto your side,you glance over to your boyfriend, expecting him to be fast asleep. Surprisingly, you catch him staring up at the ceiling, but he looks over to you when he notices that you’re moving. “Why are you up?” You question, your voice raspy and full of sleepiness. Letting him wrap his arms around you, you breathe in his scent, and treasure the feeling of being this close to him. You’re even more aware of how special these little moments are right now because he’s leaving the next evening for tour, while you have to stay behind because of work and school.

“I’m just thinking, I’m sorry I woke you.” He says, lightly kissing you on the head, “Go back to sleep.”

You hear in his voice that something is bothering him, “You didn’t wake me. What are you thinking about?” You question. You can sleep when he’s gone. And after tonight, you know you won’t be able to wake up in his arms for almost a month, so while you still can, you want to take advantage of every moment, even if it means you’ll be tired in the morning.

“Leaving,” He admits as his grip unconsciously tightens around you.

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