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The minimum wage is under attack, and not just in the US, not just on the Netherlands, not just in Britain. You may ask yourself “how did it come to this? Where did it start?”
I’ll tell you where: it started when prisoners were forced to work for pennies and many of us didn’t really try fight it because they were probably bad people, right? It started when disabled people were forced to work for pennies and many of us didn’t really try fight it because their work was just inferior to us, right? It started when unemployed and students were forced to do internship and ‘work experience jobs’ for free and many of us didn’t really fight it because we wanted to focus our intention on 'real workers’.
But the bosses noticed, and learned, and looked for ways to expand these groups. Because they knew: if you don’t fight for one exploited worker, why fight for the next? If you let me have one forced worker for pennies, why not all of them? So when we say 'no’ to that, we need to be sure to say it for all of us.

To everyone saying shit like “Omg it’s no big deal it’s just a gif who cares if it’s reposted”. Go make me a gif set right now. Go make me a gif with fading and moving text with stroke, 256 colors, 0% lossy, 100% dither, while keeping it under 2 MB. Oh and don’t forget to check the frame delay because it could be 0.03 or 0.04 or any number of others depending on the source material. And do that 6 times for a single gifset. Go do that, and when you’re done I’ll steal and repost it. 


↳ good morning (english)
↳ yeah, here it’s 5:30
↳ I want to write in a lot of languages but I can’t sorry
↳ how did you know it’s me? I’m curious
↳ Jimin? Is it that obvious? our ARMYs are incredible
↳ but I’m an ARMY too
↳ I found that you don’t know when (other) members write here
↳ I always eat well so you don’t need to worry about that
↳ I haven’t done a vapp in a while
↳ turn it on?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I saw a bit of namjoon hyung doing somethingㅋㅋ
↳ no I’m just looking (at the fans messages?)
↳ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I didn’t go to the rest room
↳ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can’t speak englishㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ don’t worry
↳ am I that slow? (at typing)
↳ thank you for all the countries who cheer for us _ please translate this
↳ I said I didn’t go to the rest roomㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↳ you keep saying I went to the rest room ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↳ ok when I come next time I
↳ will type fast
↳ no wait I will write really fast
↳ anyway all the members are doing well
↳ we are not hurt and we are eating well so don’t worry
↳ thank you and I miss you ARMYs
↳ I will go prepare now
↳ I’m typing fast right?
↳ I will come again soon bye

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

After his curtain call message, Takato says there’s something he definitely wants to do with everyone!

Takato: It’s not the nukunaru!  Nee Kuro… can we do the chant?
Shouri: Guess we have to!  All right, everyone!
Bishin: Everyone, all together!  Repeat after Kuroo and say it together with us!  Everyone in the live-viewing theaters too!

Please do not repost

  • <p> <b>Jungkook:</b> Oh hey hyung, you game for movie night?<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Oh yeah sure. What movie?<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> I don't know some movie called Lion King?<p/><b></b> Few hours later...<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> NAAAAANTS INGONYAMAAAAAA BAAGITHIII BABAAAA!!<p/><b>Jimin:</b> *Lifts Jungkook by his armpits*<p/></p>

[FANSIGN] 170223-25

q. hoseok-ah, when I was at the concert the mama ad libs gave me goosebumps.. are the ad libs on the spot? Or rehearsed?
hobi: on the spot~~!!!
sc; @prune_bread

q. when can we listen to Jungkook’s ‘we don’t talk anymore’?
JK: when promotions end!
sc; @prune_bread

q. what is something hoseok wants to say most to ARMY?
hobi: don’t worry just believe in us
sc; @i_am_ksweet

q. how did u feel when recording 둘! 셋!
hobi: crying ㅠ.ㅠ
sc; @i_am_ksweet

q. what birthday gift did Jimin give you?
V: clothes
sc; cookiemini486

q. Is Jungkook still a cute dongsaeng to Jimin? Or a strong (scary) dongsaeng?
Jimin: cute big giant child
sc; @kookmin9795

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Besides everything that I have going on the side, I want to raise some awareness about a specific person. 
I am not usually one for drama but when it concerns friends and mutuals I have VERY STRONG FEELINGS on art theft and reposting! Especially when I can help it!!

There was a post floating around here:

I instantly recognized this as Simika’s wonderful artwork and I was irritated to see it on here. Just because you put a tiny source link does not mean it is okay to repost without permission! Unless permission is explicitly given you should. not. do. it.

So I messaged this person, you can see the conversation I had with them. They seemed…… ok? Very formal, but all that did was sugar-coat their really selfish intentions. I ended up speaking with Simika about this, as you can see from the screenshot below, as they are one of my mutuals…. I got clear instructions to ask them to take it down. So I sent the screenshot. This very “formal and polite” person who “takes art theft very seriously” blocked me shortly afterwards. They did not take the post down.

… What to do? I’m furious. I cannot report artwork that isn’t my own and Simika does not know English. If maybe you can send them an ask asking them to take down the artwork… I do not suggest attacking, that is never acceptable, but there is a lesson here as well….. Just because you source does not make it okay to repost….. Especially when the artist says so.

it is such a problem, I am frustrated and unsure what to do at this point.


So, I’ve been dealing with this for the past week. I am unmercifully reporting all artwork I find that is not posted by me. I was made aware of someone who stole my Nathalie comic I did forever ago. I made the mistake of asking them to take it down instead of immediately reporting it. They responded that they would give me credit, so it didn’t matter. I insisted that they remove it, as they did not have my permission to upload it and if they wouldn’t remove it, I would report it. Their response? It was my fault for not watermarking it in the first place. Obviously, talking to them was a mistake. 

As you can see from the screenshots above, every time I have reported it and it has been taken down, they put it right back up. This time, without credit at all. I’m frustrated but I am stubborn and very very petty. I am going to keep reporting this person. 

I have never been involved in a fandom before. This is the first time I have actively shared anything on line. For the most part, the Miraculous Ladybug fandom has been supportive and sweet. I have so many wonderful followers who leave nice messages and are invested in me as an artist. I’ve never really had that before and it means so much to me.

However, I am not tolerating any reposts at all anymore. It is my fault for not watermarking my stuff. Until only recently, I just barely managed to remember to sign my artwork. Going forward, I’m sticking a watermark on it. It sucks that its necessary, and its not going to stop the reposts. Its only going to give me credit where people won’t. 

I created a usage page for people who wanted to use my art. I love dubs, I love amvs, and I love when people want to use them creatively for that. Most of the people asking to use my art won’t read it. And they won’t follow it. Going forward, its not allowed anywhere except where I allow. I’m tired of recieving private messages that basically say, “Hey! I love your art! Can I post it _____?” 

This person is still doing it. They won’t stop. And the mentality that my art isn’t my own because I didn’t stick my name all over it is ridiculous. Even more so that art is free to use just because it is online is disrespectful. One thing I did find hilarious was this: 

This is their profile on Wattpad (I went looking to make sure none of my art friend’s or any more of mine was stolen). I can’t understand how you feel so entitled to art that you ask that your words aren’t stolen yet reporting you is unacceptable. 

I will keep reporting my artwork. And I will keep producing artwork. And I be protective over my artwork.

To my followers that read through this: 

Those of you that follow me because you are invested in my art, Thank you. Your support and encouragement is so wonderful and important to me. Also, don’t harass this person. I will continue to report them and take care of it myself. 

To those of you that followed me to use my art and to repost it: Unfollow me and block me. I’m tired of being used for your popularity. I’m selfish and my art is for me. I didn’t draw it to bring you followers.

TLDR: Don’t repost my art. Don’t even ask.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Various short scenes before Intermission including

  • Noya grabbing Asahi for practice
  • The little old lady at Ukai’s shop
  • Suga and Hinata working on their quicks
  • Kageyama asking Asahi about his tosses “TOO HIGH? TOO LOW?!? TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO FIX AND I WILL!!”
  • Ukai asking if Asahi could try pulling off a back attack
  • Yamaguchi asking Shimada to teach him the jump floater serve
  • Tanaka imagining cute girls (with giant boobs) cheering him on at games.
  • Dachi and Suga shutting Asahi down when he tries to say something sentimental about their ‘last Interhigh’ together.  Of course he still ends up getting overwhelmed and crying.

Please do not repost gifs

i recently had a conversation with an IG reposter (who now blocked me haha) who refused to take down their reposts globally saying: “why are you especially saying this to me?? how about you say that to everyone else who repost, i’m not the only one doing that!!!!” 

i’d just like to remind everyone that…


do you even know how time consumming and nerve-racking is it to even message reposters???

can you imagine if we artists, had to sit down and message every single person who ever reposted our works; to explain them calmly and politely how reposts are bad???? to remain tactful and sane even when the reposter is blathering such shit as “what gain would I have from deleting my reposts?” (they really said that to me)

simply because I’m only saying this to you in particular doesn’t mean i have smth against *YOU* in particular, I just don’t have the damn time and luxury to spend my days messaging every reposter


❝ saying it ‘simply’ the way you would. Please lend me a hand。   —— HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASTRA! @just-servamp-trash

(DO NOT REMOVE the source if you reblog. DO NOT upload/repost any of my colorings into other sites or your own blog. thanks)


Okay, so I’ve been seeing a couple of artists on my dash talking about stolen art. And, to be honest, this is not the first time. Even my friends’ work have been stolen (YEAH, I SAID IT. STOLEN. More on this later.). Heck, even MY work has been stolen. What’s worse is that A LOT OF THESE PEOPLE DON’T LINK BACK. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Now I try my best not to post negative stuff because people would prefer positive things on their dashboard but MY FEELINGS FOR THIS ISSUE ARE JUST TOO STRONG. I doubt I am the first one to speak of this. In fact, I’m pretty sure a lot of other people out there have explained it far better than I have or could. But I’m writing this nonetheless because I feel that speaking up about it is very important right now.

So. Here’s a quick FaQ/Q&A  about reposting art. I’ve done it in this fashion, in the most BASIC form I could with the most BASIC responses I’ve found out there. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ AND SHARE. I hope to be able to enlighten a few souls out there.

What is reposting?

REPOSTING does NOT mean “reblogging”. Simply put, reposting is when someone saves an artwork by whatever means AND THEN reuploads it somewhere else

Some artists allow reposts and some don’t. Some allow reposts with certain restrictions. It varies. This is why it’s important to ASK. 

When is it okay to repost art? 

Only when the artist says it’s okay. If they do not say it’s okay, DO NOT REPOST. I believe this is the most basic thing you should remember about reposting. 

You have to ask permission from them yourself and pay attention to what they’re going to say. For example, if they ask you to tell them where you’re going to post and for you to send them the link, PLEASE GET BACK TO THEM WITH THIS INFORMATION. More than once had asked me for permission to repost (sometimes, even translate) some of my works (art and fics) and I said yes as long as they link back, credit and send me the link to where they post it. THEY ALL WENT “OKAY, WILL DO! THANKS!”. HOWEVER, NOT ONE OF THEM HAVE GOTTEN BACK TO ME. RUDE. This is why when someone asks me to translate Snare, I don’t plan on saying yes anymore.

But what if they say no?

That is their right as creator of the artwork. Please respect that. They are not obligated to say “yes” just because you asked.

But I asked nicely.

Please read what I said previously.

But some other people are reposting this artist’s work alraedy. Why can I not?

Again, unless you ask them yourself and they agreed, you MUST NOT repost their art.

I’ve asked but they haven’t responded yet. Can I post?

No. Silence does not mean yes.

I don’t know their language. They can’t seem to speak English. I can’t contact them even if I want to.

That still falls under “you haven’t been able to ask permission so NO, YOU MUST NOT REPOST”.

I don’t know where this artwork came from.


Artists should be happy that their work is being shared and appreciated

No, their work is not being SHARED AND APPRECIATED, it’s being STOLEN. Why would they be happy about that?

Why is it considered stealing? 

This is basic. WHEN YOU TAKE SOMETHING WITHOUT PERMISSION, THAT IS STEALING. Don’t give me the reason that “even if I take it, they still have a copy so it’s not stealing lolololol”. You’re stealing not only the art, but also the god damn CREDIT. Artists need to work hard to be noticed and market themselves. Every time you post an artwork without linking back, you are stealing an artist’s chance to be noticed or even just appreciated.

Art should not be about attention or money. They should do it for the passion.

That is none of your damn business. Passion is good but in case you haven’t noticed, artists are also people who—gasp!—need to eat and have bills to pay. Either way, this does not mean you can repost their work without permission. Stop making it look like the artist is the one in the wrong here. You’re not doing the world a favor. Shut the hell up.

Why do they want credit? To be famous? Are they using my page to be famous?

You are using their art for attention. Please stop pretending that you are doing this coz “I LUV TEH FANDOM” or “I WANNA HELP PROMOTE TEH ARTIST” or *Insert attempt to look like a public servant*. If you’re really doing this out of something that isn’t self-serving, then crediting shouldn’t be so damn DIFFICULT or, god forbid, OFFENSIVE to you. 

Artists should not post their work the internet if they don’t want it stolen. Once it’s online, it’s free for all.

Please take a deep breath, go to settings, and set “CIVILIZED HUMAN BEING” to “ACTIVE”. Just because something is THERE doesn’t mean it’s okay to DO WHAT YOU WILL. That’s like saying people shouldn’t have belongings if they don’t want to be robbed. So save the image to your hard drive if you will but for you to repost it somewhere else is entirely different.

Ah. That was a long thing. I’m not even sorry. I’m just really very upset about this. If anyone has anything to add, please do so in the reblogs. 

Waiter lessons with Azusa
逆巻カナト(CV.梶 裕貴) & 無神アズサ(CV.岸尾だいすけ)
Waiter lessons with Azusa

One of my favourite scenes in the tokuten drama cd that came with the Sofmap bonus of Lunatic Parade and which I’ve always had an urge to translate. Kanato and Azusa are working as waiters and here Azusa tries to teach a less than impressed Kanato how things are done (❀ฺ´艸`)。*

Please do not repost this translation anywhere.

Azusa: Okay, Kanato-san…. follow me…. and say the same things… I say. When you receive… the customers’ orders… you come back here… and then… face the kitchen… like this: “Table number 3… mille crepe and… warm coffee.”

Kanato: ….

Azusa: Um… was that… fast? Then… once again: “Ta… b… le… num…ber…. thr…ee…” …um… “mil…le… cr…e…pe… and… ”

Kanato: Ahhh, geez!! You talk too slow!! “Table number three, mille crepe and hot coffee”, this will do right?!!

Azusa: Ah… Kanato-san, that’s amazing… You’re full… of enthusiasm…

Kanato: You’re wrong. It’s because your way of doing things is terrible.

Azusa: But… like this… the communication of the order… is perfect… right? We can proceed… to the next step.

Pocket Princesses 180: Shoe Shopping

Please reblog, do not repost or remove captions.

This will be the last PP for the time being. Due to my very heavy workload, which include the all-new Disney Princess Comic coming from Joe Books, I need to put the girls on indefinite hiatus.

Needless to say, if or when a return to the weekly Pocket Princesses becomes practical, they’ll be back!

In the meantime, stay tuned for all the release and availability details of Disney Princess comics! Details here and here

Yona ch.139 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 139 “In the mud” summary with pics

Please don’t repost/reuse my scans and translations without permission. Tumblr reblog is fine.

Do not use the raws or translations for scanlations and don’t upload them on other websites. If you need watermark-less images to make graphics, send me an ask (not on anon) and I’ll give you a link - you can only request 3 images per chapter.

Additional note this time: raws are here. Do not redistribute.

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