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Beauty and the Beast AU (2)

A lot of people seemed interested in this becoming chaptered so here you go! The first chapter is available here: 1


The room was infuriatingly quiet. Baz resisted the urge to throw the table across the room just for the sake of disrupting the stillness. Funnily enough, there had once been a time when he would have killed to have some peace and quiet. But after years of isolation Baz found the silence to be deafening. 

The air swirled coolly through the broken windowpanes. Baz wished he could repair the palace, but the curse made sure that the castle would never look as it once had until it was broken. He wondered how much it would disappoint his mother to see her home so neglected and cringed at the thought. There was not much he could do; the enchantress had made sure of that. 

He stood up abruptly and stormed over to the rose that had altered his life forever. For a long time he had hated the flower, resented it for all that it represented. But over time he’d become almost fond of it, both of them were running out of time after all. With a sigh he stroked a finger down the glass that encased the dying rose. 


He turned to find Niall waiting in the doorway. It was still strange for Baz, even after all this time, that his best friend had become a candelabra. The guilt he always felt when he saw the consequences of his curse on the castle inhabitants flashed as he studied his friend.

Niall walked stiffly into the room, his tiny metallic feet clanking. 

“I think it might be a good idea to move the prisoner to a private room.”

The last thing that Baz wanted to think about was his prisoner. He had long given up on feeling sympathy for the people who lived beyond the castle, he only had enough left to give to the people he had cursed.  Yet he found himself feeling uncomfortable with the idea of keeping Simon a prisoner. It had been the father who Baz had wanted to punish, not the golden haired son. 

“I don’t see why.”

“He hasn’t really done anything wrong. I understand he took his father’s sentence. But shouldn’t he be free to carry it out a little more comfortably?” 

Baz growled.

“His stupidity is criminal enough to warrant a life sentence.”

Dev hoisted himself into the room, his breath heaving in his clock chest. 

“I just came to say that I do not support Niall’s suggestion to move the prisoner!”

Baz rolled his eyes.

“How very impressive of you.”

“Oh so I suppose you both want all of this, “ Niall swung his arms dramatically, making his flames dance, “To stay like this forever.”

Dev made a choked exclamation.

Baz narrowed his eyes.

“What are you getting at?”

“Niall I think you’ve said enough,” Dev sputtered.

“I’m saying what if this is the man to break the spell?” Niall said.

Baz stared at him in disbelief. It was true that the spell could only be broken if he fell in love and if that person learned to love him back. But he couldn’t believe Niall had the gall to suggest that the son of an attempted murderer was his soul mate.

“Why would I ever love such an insufferable idiot?”

Niall smirked.

“I saw the way you looked at him, he’s not that bad on the eyes is he?”

Baz grunted by way of response.  It was true, Simon was one of the handsomest people Baz had seen. It wasn’t that he was perfect, it was more that his features were interesting. His golden curls were almost brassy in lowlight, a blonde Baz had never seen before. Simon’s skin was dotted with freckles and moles, almost like a paint canvas come to life. It was the eyes though that had caught Baz’s attention. They were a flat blue, nothing very spectacular but there was a fire in them somehow, as if under the surface Simon was the kind of person who burned with life. 

“Being attractive doesn’t mean anything.”

“Right you are sir,” Dev said.

Niall clucked angrily.

“Fine. But it’s not as if you have a lot of options at the moment. And we’re I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that we’re all running out of time.”

Baz looked away from them. 

“You know I haven’t forgotten.”

“Then why not give him a chance?” Niall pushed.

Baz smoothed his hair back in order to calm himself. He wanted to yell that it was none of Niall’s business, that he could handle his love life all by himself. But he couldn’t because it wasn’t just his business; it had made it everyone’s business when the enchantress had cast the curse on them all. 

“Let’s say I do give him a chance, that I even fall for him. How does it change anything? You should have seen his face when he first saw me.”

“You can be very attractive when you put a little effort into it.”

Baz laughed humorlessly. 

“I think the grey skin and fangs are just the tad bit unattractive. Besides, that’s not the big issue is it? I’m a monster, damned.”

Dev frowned but said nothing.

“Sir, you’re thinking of this the wrong way. If he falls for you then you won’t be a monster or damned anymore. All you have to do is show him the man underneath the beast. Show him you can be more.” Niall said.

Baz clenched his jaw.

“I didn’t…It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I didn’t want to rush into finding the one, or whatever it’s called.”

“I have candles on my body and metal legs,” Niall gestured to himself, “With all due respect sir, nothing is as it was supposed to be. We just need to figure out a way forward.”

Baz studied his two best friends carefully. He needed to try, if not for himself then for his friends.

“Fine, give him the private room. But have Penny keep an eye on him while you two prepare dinner. I don’t want him escaping.”

Niall clanked his arms together excitedly. 

“Wonderful! Thank you sir. I promise you won’t regret it.”

Baz watched Niall and Dev leave the room.

“I am not sure about that,” He mumbled, even though he knew Niall was too far away to hear.

Dating is hard when you can see the local Spirits! 

..or when the dude spends the whole night on his phone! Dammit Shane, accept my gift of “one large egg!” I only want to make you happy!
Since I started playing Stardew Valley I haven’t stopped. Also I can’t stop thinking about whether I’ve petted my dog for the day or if I watered the corn. Where can I find a snow Yam?? I don’t trust those spirits by the way, these “Junimo” Why do they want all these things? Is it weird to bring them all these sacrifices,… when they start asking for the villagers I think I need to ask myself what I’m doing… and whether they will fix that bridge at the end of the map for it. Also Demetrius you are my Best friend! Oh and HOW relaxing is that Bath house? Just chills me straight out! Need to go into the mine later, need

nsolace  asked:

not a hc but go heck out lithunium*snow on instagram and tell me I'm not going crazy when I see his photos and think of older Yura. (plus imagine Yuris hair like in his 7th picture, on his weeding day)


but aaaa pls imagine lilia fixing his hair on his wedding day, like she always did when he was 15 ok im emotional now

  • Jimmy: We had him on the show, we had a great time with him... we went out and had sushi together.
  • Adam: Yeah I heard about that. I actually saw that, a little bit of that on TV. I'm like "this isn't gonna go well, he doesn't like this."And uh, my favorite thing about Blake is that he does- when he's talking *country accent* about the rice wine-
  • Jimmy: Oh yeah!
  • Adam: *country accent* Like the rice wine-
  • Jimmy: Yeah we were talking about sake and he's like *country accent* "You mean rice wine?"
  • Adam: *country accent* Rice wine.. But you gotta get him to say like, "white bread" or "snow white." You gotta work it into the conversation when he comes back here cause it's so great it's like "WHA-ITE"
  • Jimmy: *laughs*
  • Adam: *country accent* WHA-ITE BREAD, SNOW WHA-ITE...
  • Jimmy: *country accent* Snow wha-ite..
  • Adam: It's very aggressive, and there's a lot of- the "WH" is like really pronounced. "WHA-ITE BREAD! WHA-ITE."

A cool color palette today.  Do you guys organize your bookshelves by color? I kind of want to, but I think having my series/authors out of order would drive me crazy!

Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

The preview for episode 11 of Yuri on Ice.

Or, specifically, this scene:

Let’s note the important things first - it’s snowing, and Maccachin is there.

It doesn’t snow in Barcelona + Maccachin didn’t go to Barcelona = this is a flashback.

But a flashback to when? To when Victor was waiting for Yuuri to return from the Rostelecom Cup. Maybe.

But that was in November and it shouldn’t be snowing in Kyushu in November, so let’s say that’s not it.

A flashback to the previous season when Victor was still in Russia? This sounds more likely to me.

My assumption on what this is? Victor losing motivation to skate and questioning whether there is even any point in his continuing his career and/or realizing how tired he is of being lonely all the time.

I think we might finally be learning more about Victor. I am looking forward to next week!

i miss you and i make myself sick over it like i told my mother i was doing well but i’m listening to music about lost lovers and watching the rain fall and letting myself sink into it. what i mean is that yesterday if you’d asked me to come home to you i would have run out in the snow for you. what i mean is i can’t let myself let go of you.


Any man who wishes to leave may leave, and no one will harm him. I give you my word. Will you fight for me? As free men? (Dany, 3.04) // This isn’t your fight. I shouldn’t be asking you. It’s not the deal we made. But I need you with me if we’re gonna beat them, and we need to beat them if you’re going to survive. (Jon, 6.07)

I finally did it! Praise the weather for giving me snow I could work with! Now these two happy cinnamonrolls are sitting side by side like they should be! (Ford lost his leg – snow plows in my neighborhood are vicious creatures! - but he’s a survivor and now fixed)

The dusk always manages to crept upon me… And because of the backlight, all the details won’t show up in the photos. 

…I just realize I’m going to have a heartbreak when weather turns warmer….

Called It

A YouTuber AU SnowBaz fanfic for the Carry On Countdown


Simon Snow’s first YouTube video is one of my favourites.  It’s as painfully awkward as any other YouTuber’s first video.  He sits up too straight in his chair, he smiles and laughs too mechanically, and the film quality itself is poor, with half of his words lost to shoddy editing. Yet despite all this, it’s adorable.

           And of course, it’s the origin of the biggest OTP on YouTube, SnowBaz.

           “Hi guys,” Simon waves at the camera, his hand going all pixelated at the movement.  “Welcome to the first video on my channel!”  He’s inserted a sound effect of people cheering.  I have to laugh.  It’s so damn cringe-worthy.

           He goes on for a few moments, trying to make jokes and jump-cuts that work, when finally, it’s everyone’s favourite part.

           “What are you doing, Snow?” comes a voice from off-camera.  My heart turns to mush.


           Simon’s new flatmate, or at least he was new at this point.

           “Making my first YouTube video,” Simon grins up at someone behind the camera.  “Come say hi!”

           “-bleep- no.”

           Even the censor sounds old, like it was stolen from the year 2007.

           Simon looks a bit panicked, like he’s realizing that he’ll have to edit out the swear word.  A door slams somewhere out of the shot.

           “That’s my new flatmate,” he tells us.  “His name is Baz.  He’s kind of a prat.”

           “Just you wait,” I whisper at my computer screen. “Just you wait.”


           Simon and Baz do not get along.  At all.

           That much is clear from the first video, but it become increasingly obvious as Simon posts more frequently.  He often films in the living room, which drives Baz insane.

           “Why don’t you film in your own room?” he says, audibly annoyed.

           “The lighting in there is terrible,” Simon protests.

           “Well, I’d like to be able to walk around my own flat, if you don’t mind.”

           “Go ahead, no one’s stopping you,” Simon shrugs. “Besides, the viewers keep saying they want to see you.”

           “Well, who wouldn’t?”

           Good old Baz.  Sarcastic and full of himself.  They don’t appear to realize it, but the two of them balance each other out perfectly.

           Little by little, Baz begins to make his mark on Simon’s channel.  At first we only hear him from off-screen, offering his two bits about nearly everything Simon has to say.  Many of his comments are admittedly quite mean and uncalled for, but Simon never edits them out.  Baz is the invisible heckler.  Viewers begin to latch onto this weird relationship of apparent hatred and, as YouTube viewers are wont to do, turn it into a new ship.  “SnowBaz” they call it, and before long the comment sections on all of Simon’s videos are full of things like “I ship it” and “OTP”.

           I try not to fall victim to this shipping trend myself.  It feels insensitive to me, shipping real live people that I’ve never even met like they’re objects of sorts.  But even I can’t deny that the two of them would be cute together.  Provided they stop hating each other.

           Then Baz appears onscreen for the first time.

           He’s on the couch in the background, facing away from the camera.  All we can see is long black hair.  He only moves when he’s shouting ridicule at Simon’s words.  Once he turns his head further to make himself heard, and we catch a glimpse of the light brown skin of his face.  This time the comments are all “is that Baz?” and “OMG BAZ”.

           After that he starts to appear more often. Sometimes he’s facing the screen, looking down at his phone or a book.  He’s tall, and his hair reaches his shoulders.  The expression on his face goes between concentration and a sneer, that latter of which he reserves for his heckling.  It doesn’t take long for people to start commenting on how attractive he is.  Still Simon leaves all the footage of Baz in his videos, not hiding a single rude comment from his viewers.

           Once, Simon tries to get Baz to join him for a “meet my flatmate” video.  Baz responds simply by flipping Simon off in the background, which Simon has to pixel out. He’s gotten better at editing at this point.

           Sometimes Simon posts daily vlogs on days when he does things that he considers exciting.  The things that Simon finds exciting are too cute for words.  They tend to be little events like going to a coffee shop, things that are almost mundane but for some reason they excite him. He does this thing where he dances when he’s excited.  He’ll bob his head cheerfully as he walks, glad to just be out.  He’s gone to the grocery store with Baz a few times in his vlogs.  Those videos are some of the best ones.  They bicker about everything from which kind of milk to get to who gets to carry the baskets.  Sometimes we can see Baz’s mouth quirk like he’s trying not to laugh, like all this bickering is just a game for him.  Of course, this sends the SnowBaz shippers into a frenzy, the idea that maybe, just maybe, Baz doesn’t hate Simon as much as he lets on.

           But there’s one video on Simon’s channel that is the absolute bread of life for anyone who ships the two of them.  Simon is doing a Q&A, and as usual Baz is sitting and reading in the background.

           “This question is from Twitter,” Simon says, reading off of his phone.  “They ask ‘Are you in love with anyone right now?’”

           And if you look closely, you can see Baz go rigid.

           “Well,” Simon leans in close to the camera, “I have been messaging with someone quite a lot.  I don’t know who the person is, but we’ve gotten really close and I’m starting to think -”

           “Could you keep it down, Snow,” Baz pipes up, his voice tight.  “I’m trying to read over here.”

           Simon doesn’t speak of it any further, but Baz sneaks glances at the back of Simon’s head more than once before the video is over. I don’t know how Simon could have not noticed it.  Certainly every single one of his viewers did, which is to say over a million people. Perhaps love is completely daft.


           When I arrive home from work on a particularly rainy day in October, I am delighted to open my computer and find that Simon is in the middle of a livestream.  Comments flow constantly from the sidebar and I settle in to join the party.  He’s in a different room this time, one with a neatly made bed on which he sits, and I gather that it’s his room.  It looks so clean, but I wonder if there’s a disaster hiding behind the camera.

           Simon leans towards us like he’s trying to read all of the comments and questions as they flood in.  He gets a lot of I love you’s and he grins in response, trying to return as many of them as possible.

           “I’ve got to go soon,” he tells us and I sigh in disappointment, “but I’ll answer a few more questions first.”  He’s quiet for a minute as all the viewers catch up with the stream.  “Here’s one: ‘Did you find out who was messaging you so much?’”  He pauses before answering.  “Funny you should ask, because yes, I did, and that’s a perfect segway into what I wanted to talk about.”  He shifts on his bed.  “I have a bit of an announcement -”

           His door opens behind him, and Baz in all his glory appears in it.

           Comments start flying in of “BAZ” and “OMG”

           “What are you doing?” Baz asks without a hint of a sneer in his voice.

           “Just filming a live show,” Simon tells him. He seems… nervous?

           “A live show, eh?”  Baz strolls over and – wonder of wonders – sits down on the bed next to Simon.  We’ve never seen him this close to the camera, and his eyes are this lovely mix of gray and green.

           We’ve also never seen him this close to Simon before.

           My heart kicks up a notch.  I’ve fallen down the slippery slope and now there’s no denying that I ship it completely.  I grab a pillow to hold to my chest and go into fangirl-mode, overanalysing every inch of their proximity.  With a click I maximize the screen, blocking the other comments from my view.  I want to see every pixel of this.

           “I was just going to make that little announcement,” Simon says, staring at his hands in his lap.

           “Ah,” Baz nods, apparently understanding.  “Go on, then.  Carry on, Simon.”

           Did he –

           Did he just call him Simon?

           He never calls him Simon!

           “I can’t do it if you’re here!” Simon protests.

           Baz gives a shrug.  “Then I’ll tell them.”

           He takes Simon by the collar and kisses him.  

           I scream into my pillow.

           Simon and Baz are kissing, right now, in front of millions of people.

           I can practically hear the collective aneurism that the fangirls are currently having.

           They’re still kissing, and Simon is grinning against Baz’s mouth.  It’s the most genuine smile he’s ever graced the internet with, and it’s not even for us.

           I’m tearing up, I’m so happy for them.

           Baz lets Simon go and turns to smirk at the camera. “That one’s for all you SnowBaz shippers out there.  Don’t think we don’t know.”  He winks. He fucking winks.

           And then he leaves.  

           Simon turns back to the camera, his cheeks red and his lips puffy.  He grins sheepishly.

           “Um, yeah,” he stammers, “that’s what I was gonna tell you about.”

           I tap the comment box.

           pennyforyourthoughts: Called it.

i have thought long and hard about what demons would be to people with mental illness; we who are used to referring to our own brains as filled with darkness. 

the girl who is in the haunted room and loves it. it’s quiet there, where others won’t tread. they leave her alone to paint and to read and they ask her: doesn’t it scare you to be in such a sad place? and she says - is it sad? it doesn’t feel different than usual here. 

the boys who go to kiss each other in hotel surrounded in snow. when the voices start one teaches the other the art of ignoring hallucinations; something he had to force down since his diagnosis at seventeen. and the voices scream but there is loud music and his lips are candy.

a demon in the shadows, but paranoia isn’t unfamiliar to the one it stalks. the teenager just closes their eyes and says that tomorrow will come. and who cares if it doesn’t, really, which sort of takes the sting out of the threat they’re facing.

her ocd means she never leaves the oven accidentally on. when weird things happen she takes control of them. the last time she had pasta for dinner she summoned the antichrist that’s living in her attic. the next day she has scrubbed every corner with holy water except for a little corner that she fills with pasta. if it’s contained, she knows where it is. the salt line around it never slips.

the ghost tells him to die already, but that’s nothing new, so he just turns on parks and rec a lot louder than usual. 

it would be nice, i think. to see ourselves as heroes for once. for the skills we learned while dealing with this to become skills we could use in the real life. these internal strengths that rarely are spoken of; the quiet victories of lives who learn how to fashion normal from nothing. the thing is that the illness isn’t pretty but the people who go through it are incredible humans.

the strength of someone who is used to whiplash, who falls from mania into a sudden depression they can’t shake - their dogged promise to themselves that it’s going to be okay. the strength to eat when one’s body wants to deplete itself. the strength of someone who is constantly talking down suicide beating the demon because, no thank you, i’m not going to go to a bridge and jump, it’s cold outside. 

because we are used to the fight. to the darkness close. to living with demons. and we are used to saying “no”.

The Signs and Space:

Aries: A little seaside town on the coast of California. Its small and touristy. The road is blanketed in an odd fog. It doesn’t show up on the map. The GPS says you’re not on the road.

Taurus: An extremely nice mall at near midnight. I think its closed. The store lights are turning off one by one. The loudspeaker music stopped a couple minutes ago. Your footsteps echo on the tiles.

Gemini: Your room when you aren’t home. Thin images of you move about performing all the tasks you might have done that day.

Cancer: A bustling train station. Thousands of people come and go. Nobody notices the half dozen figures cloaked in rags and leading people by the hand.

Leo: The pub reflected in the rainy glass. A shimmering image of you and the various bargoers. Two are missing.

Virgo: The woods outside your childhood home. The snow falls soundlessly on the statues you could have found. Friends you could have met.

Libra: Old town. Cobbled streets and restored antique lighting. Modern infrastructure attempting to masquerade as old iron. The stone well in the town center. The soft voice coming from it.

Scorpio: The basement reading room of your local library. Not many people around this time of day. The door you don’t remember being there. The odd dusty fluid covering the handle.

Ophiuchus: A vast vast desert. The volcanic vents deep below painting the landscape white and black. The dust devil in the distance.

Sagittarius: A gangplank under the pier. You come here to think. 

Capricorn: A church in old town that used to be an independent theater. This place would be perfect if you could catch a film. The doors are unlocked. A friend said the projecting equipment was still inside.

Aquarius: A road through flat dusty prairie. A sandwich shop literally hundreds of miles from any conceivable place to live. A fantastic hoagie.

Pisces: The nicest house in the nicest neighborhood. The spiral staircase up to the observatory. Who even lives there now?


I miss you
since I said it, I miss you more
even when I’m looking at your* pictures
I miss you
those coldhearted times
I hate us
the us wherein it’s hard to even
see your face once

here it’s only winter
even in August, winter comes
time passes in my heart
the train through snowy country** is all that remains
I take your hand and go to the other side of the world
I want to end this winter
if the longing comes down
just like snow, will spring come?

like the small dusts
the small dusts that circle in space
if I were that snow,
I would be able to touch
you just a little more quickly

the snow flowers fall
you get a little further away
I miss you, I miss you
I miss you, I miss you
if I wait more
if I stay up another night
will I see you? will I see you?
will I meet you? will I meet you?

the cold end of winter passes
until the spring days come again
until the flowers bloom
just stay a little longer in that place
please stay

did you change? (did you change?)
or did I change? (did I change?)
I even hate this passing moment
did we change?
or is everything like that?
that’s right, I hate you, though I left you
I haven’t forgotten you
for even one day
to be honest, I miss you, but
I’ll erase you now
that hurts less than
resenting you

you come down coldly
like smoke, like white smoke
even if I say with words that I’ll erase you
the truth is I still can’t send you away

the snow flowers fall
you get a little father away
I miss you, I miss you
I miss you, I miss you
if I wait more
if I stay up another night
will I see you? will I see you?
will I meet you? will I meet you?

you know it all
you’re my best friend
the morning will come again
whatever darkness, whatever season
will not last forever

it seems the cherry blossoms are blooming
this winter is ending
I miss you, I miss you
I miss you, I miss you
if I wait a little more
if I spend just a few more nights
I’ll go to meet you, I’ll go to meet you
I’ll take you away, I’ll take you away

the end of this cold winter passes
until the spring days come again
until the flowers bloom
just stay in that place a little longer
please stay

* the “your” he uses here is plural
** “train through snowy country” is the Korean title of the movie Snowpiercer

trans by papercrowns do not take out or repost without permission.

whoop here we go

what’s up my guys it’s time for an analysis

So I’ve been wondering a lot of things since the preview from episode 11 and here’s where I stand:

This scene is definitely a flash back. This was either after the competition which Yuuri and Yurio participated in Hasetsu


From when Viktor left Yuuri to go check on Makkachin

Both are very possible since it would be snowing around the time of both (it snowed in Hasetsu in April check episode one)

So next we have this scene:

First off I’m screaming because RING

But I think we will see a very confident Yuuri next episode. He doesn’t have a sign of worry or anxiety. He looks determined.

This boy is ready to kick some ass and marry his fiancé. I think we’ll see a Yuuri similar to episode 6 where he was very confident but I think it will feel more natural.

NEXT is this scene:

Yuri looks very shocked. Here I believe he may be watching Otabek skate and be surprised at his routine. Other people have pointed out that he may have been looking at his score and it may have been lower than expected. This one I can’t for sure say one or the other since both are very possible.

Lastly is this:

In this scene, Viktor looks to be just as confident as Yuuri. This to me may show a very sweet moment between the two. Almost like they are saying “We’re in this together.” I believe that as Viktor has mentioned, he has to utmost confidence in Yuuri and his decisions and I think we’ll see this here.

Two more days until episode 11 so hold on tight my dudes :)