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Headcanons for spending winter w Pidge as her so?

this is cute 🤧🤧🤧

  • the cuddles
  • there are… a lot of them
  • pidge is cold a lot so she likes using a blanket while she works and it’s really cute 
  • her nose scrunches up and gets pink when she’s cold so uhh kiss her nose and make her happy
  • hot chocolate !!! a lot of it !!!
  • if you guys have a fireplace then falling asleep by it would be the cutest
  • pidge gets colds kinda easily because she’s stubborn and doesn’t dress warmly sometimes
  • especially if lance someone says that she’ll get a cold
    • then it’s a competition
    • ultimately, she loses so you gotta take care of stubborn pidge
  • snow makes her happy but she could do without it
  • she doesn’t go out a lot during winter… too cold
    • she’d much rather sit inside and bingewatch her show or something
  • winter makes her tired
    • she falls asleep randomly it is the cutest thing one minute she’s working you come back in an hour later and she’s asleep
  • winter with pidge is warm, cuddly, and very happy
Winter’s with Harry Holland
  • Winters with Harry were the best 
  • You guys would always go out ice skating or go play in the snow 
  • He always takes cute pictures of you while you guys are out doing the winter feastivaties
  • Harry always made sure to take you out to get coffee/tea/hot chocolate
  • He even made sure to pull out ALL of his sweaters because he would “accidentely” leave them out for you to take and wear
  • Winter/Fall was when his camera was the most full with pictures of you
  • So many days were spent inside by the fire and a warm drink near by
  • He always buys fuzzy socks for the two of you and somehow always manages to lose his
  • Harry always makes sure to pull out lots and lots of fuzzy blanlkets
  • Lots of days spent laying in bed, cuddled up in blankets and each others arms and watching Christmas movies 
  • Buying each other so many gifts for Christmas
  • Waking him up on Christmas morning, while wearing one of his cozy sweaters and a pair of the fuzzy socks
  • Harry taking so many pictures of you while opening your preasents
  • You doing the same
  • Posting a picture of him opening a present that was a new camera and a bunch of stuff for it
  • He was so happy about it
  • Cuddling up for the rest of Christmas day
  • Once New Years Eve happened, you guys went to a big New Years party and were excited to start a new year together
  • I just need a Harry Holland
Watch Me Touch Myself

Words: 2,801

Rating: Mature (Aged-up characters)


After the Snow Ball, Eleven and Hopper are back to staying hidden, but Hop lets her see her friends once per month to keep her satisfied. A little fluff regarding those monthly meet ups plus a heated night!


Eleven is getting more powerful and one night while using her powers she stumbles upon a horny Mike ;)

Jim Hopper had everything under control, everything figured out. The rules where back and fully active and Eleven would continue to stay hidden for another year. BUT! When he saw how disciplined, and pleased at the same time, El was after seeing her friends again and going to the Snow Ball with Mike, she stopped counting days, she followed the rules, she didn’t act like a prisoner or a little brat anymore and wouldn’t make a big fuss if Jim forgot to inform her on extra busy days that he wouldn’t be home for a couple more hours, like she did the last days before running away to search for her mother, he promised her that she could go outside once every month, after dark, preferably to one of the boys’ homes, and be back before dawn, preferably brought back by one of the parents or Jonathan. And that promise was a true promise. One he would never break. Oh, and TV at all times.

Three months had passed since the Snow Ball and the year was now 1985. She missed Mike more and more as the day of their future meeting was getting closer and the day of their last meeting was getting further away. She had craved to touch him again from the moment their eyes met through his living room window that night she killed the Demogorgon, and the day she came back from Chicago she got to do it. To actually hold him and be held by him, finally, not just observe him one-sidedly without him knowing with the help of her psychic powers and then turn him into smoke every time she tried to touch him. When they pulled apart she noticed there was a height difference now, one she wasn’t used to before, but grew to love instantly, and he felt bigger, stronger in her arms making her feel protected and safe. 

At the Snow Ball they had kissed again. She had tried to do so the day they reunited, but had failed due to the circumstances that surrounded them. One of these circumstances being Jim calling her name seconds before their lips could touch. Maybe she wasn’t completely sure what kissing meant even now, but the people inside the television, “actors” said Jim’s voice in her mind, were doing it when they loved each other, and quite frankly that’s how she felt around Mike. Their first kiss might have been unexpected, but the one at the ball was definitely desired by both sides. When it was time to leave and go back to staying hidden from the world, Mike had taken her hand and hauled her away from the gym, where the dance floor was, and to the north wing of the school. At first he looked like he was struggling to find the words to express himself avoiding to meet her eyes, but El knew. She could read him like an open book.

“I’m not going away ever again, Mike.”

She reached out with her hand to cup his cheek lifting his face so he could see in her eyes that she truly meant it. Then she stood on her tip toes rising herself a little higher and he leaned closer. They kissed, but this time it was deeper. After the first peck, he came in with force, crushing their lips together, his arms coming to hug her waist, pushing her against the corridor wall. She felt the tip of his tongue asking for permission to enter her mouth causing her eyes to fly wide open at the new sensation and her mouth to shyly open up. Her body seemed to know how to react better than she thought, imitating Mike’s motions effortlessly pushing her tongue in when he took his out. Her hand, which was still placed at the side of his face, moved to the back of his neck pulling him closer. He tasted like strawberry punch and she couldn’t get enough. It was kind of sloppy and sometimes their teeth bumped, but no one seemed to care. His hand came up to hold her face tilted and he pressed their bodies together, while El’s hand smoothly made its way under his suit and ended up on top of his chest, burning a hand-like hole through his shirt with her petite palm. Suddenly, steps startled them and they glanced flushed at their direction trying to make out who it was.

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Hey, remember that ask about the omega fever? What if Hux tried to combat it by going out into the Starkiller snow & Kylo felt his presence in the Force as a maelstrom (the fever of needing to be bred, the repressed desire for Kylo, the broken logic of fixing himself with cold, & his body dying of extremes). What if all that makes Hux seem sane when Kylo finds him so Kylo thinks he consented but Hux remembers nothing & believes the fever broke on its own. Meanwhile Kylo can feel his pups forming

Oh god! Kylo is happy because he believes he’s found a mate and his pups are growing, but Hux believes that he’s overcome his fever by himself. Kylo goes away the morning after they’ve mated, he’s called away by Snoke so he doesn’t do anything more than give Hux a kiss on the cheek and pull the covers over him and leave.

How do both react when Kylo comes back and kisses Hux & strokes over his growing belly? (Hux thinks he’s just put weight on!!!)

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What point from yesterdays ep are we considering the deviation point in paths for Wish Hook and OG Hook? Is it from when Wish Regina showed up since as far as we know OG Hook never knew the EFs Rapunzel or anyone connected to her story?

The point of divergence happened off screen with Snow and Charming taking away Regina’s powers. We didn’t see that. Since Hook was so certain that they were going to the world without magic, that seems to have happened after Regina had Hook kill Brennan, but since he wasn’t aware that they wouldn’t remember themselves, it was before Regina had Hook go to Wonderland and meet up with Cora.

The only reason why Hook went to the realm where Gothel, Rapunzel 2, etc. are from is because Regina’s magic was taken from her. Without that, he had no reason to seek out the magic in the tower that could help him defeat Rumple. 

So there you have it. 

We now know for sure that this Wish Hook did take Emma back to the Jolly Roger (and also punching himself):

And also sang to the Charmings about wanting revenge.

Not to mention everything previously involving being a child slave, joining the Navy, losing Liam, becoming a pirate, loving Milah and losing her too… All that happened to Wish Hook too.

So you can see why some people are annoyed because Wish Hook is like 80% OG Hook and it feels like they’re erasing Emma. 

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Thoughts on Tesla semi?

Well…they want it to be self driving, which isn’t viable on an industry wide basis. The infrastructure isn’t ready. Trucks go EVERYWHERE in America. Through pretty much every town and city. Self driving vehicles currently have issues when rain or snow obstruct the sensor/camera view of road markings. I’ve been on tons of roads with NO markings. Tesla makes some amazing vehicles, and the acceleration on that test vehicle is in the “Holy Shit!!” category. BUT.. pulling 80,000 pounds with an electric motor is gonna drain those batteries. Which raises the biggest issue- I drive 3500-3700 miles a week. 700+ miles per day. I really don’t know HOW you can get that range and the flexibility it requires off electric. Now, for short intra-city or dedicated routes it might be a viable thing. Because taking the driver out of the picture, whether to improve safety or whichever excuse they choose, means needing a vehicle capable of covering those distances. Removing the restriction of a drivers hours of operation doesn’t improve anything if your vehicle has to recharge, or even simply swap batteries five times a day.

I’ve been a bit irritated over the past week, and hadn’t realised why until yesterday. I’m irritated because I feel cheated out of my youth. I see children, and teenagers, and I feel like I missed out on that. The misconception of being trans is that people think that you grow up as a girl, and become man later. Well, I knew I was a boy when I was a small child. I knew I was going to grow into a man. Still, I didn’t get the chance to grow up as a regular boy, or as a regular girl. I grew up trying to be someone I wasn’t, and I was always trying to grasp the boyhood that I was missing out on. I would play with the boys. I built snow forts, and roughhoused, and went out into the muddy fields wearing white only to have my mother yell at me for getting mud and grass stains on my clothes. I played hockey on the street, went skateboarding, and read The Hardy Boys. I even tried to pee standing up, in private.

Come puberty, I would say how much I hated the things that were happening to me. I struggled to take care of myself, and maintain the level of hygiene necessary for particular aspects of living as a female during certain times of the month. My mother never thought it was odd when I told her I hated my chest, and wished it wasn’t there. She said that I’d grow to appreciate it when I got older. I didn’t. She would try to dress me up pretty and do my makeup, thinking it would make my ‘self-esteem issues’ get better. It didn’t. Although, that’s probably because it wasn’t my self-esteem. It was always my dysphoria, and doing those things usually ended in tears or anger. I spent a lot of time isolating myself as a youth.

Now, I’m still young. I’m twenty-two. I’ll never know what it’s like to be a young woman. I can’t say that I’d care to know. All I wish is that I would have had the chance to grow up as a boy. I wish I had the chance to go into Boy Scouts instead of Guides, and to draw my name in the snow with my piss. I wish that I would have truly been one of the boys, in every way.

I grieve for the boy that was never free to be a boy. I grieve for the teenager that was shut up in his room, trying not to disappoint everyone in his life. I try to justify the forced feminisation of my youth in my head, and I can’t do it. It’s a miserable thing, and I hate that I went through it. I hate that no one saw me as a child. I really do. It’s depressing, and if I think on it too long I’ll just be miserable.

I find myself craving male friendship. I’m a quiet sort. I’m quite reserved, honestly. It is largely due to growing up in an environment where I felt it was necessary to keep this terrible secret from everyone I knew. I wonder if I’ll ever recover from the trauma of it. I imagine I won’t know until I’m post-phallo. I just don’t feel whole. My past is littered with misery, and my body is missing about five inches between my legs.

This is long, and rambling. I suppose I’ll end it here.

[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2018 Jan Issue - 100 Answers w/ BTS

JPN - KRN © 전정국 DC갤러리, 뷔 DC갤러리, ha_ru_man, BTSR_613
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


Q1. Your dream job when you were a child?
A badminton player when I was in elementary school. After that my parents bought me a computer so I got into gaming and wanted to do a job about gaming.

Q2. How did the members celebrate your birthday in 2017?
We were all practicing singing and dancing and the lights suddenly went off, then the door was opened and Jimin-san and V-san came in holding a cake.

Q3. When do you feel like you have become an adult!
I turned 20 in Japanese age in September! But actually I’m still a kid at heart, so truthfully I don’t really feel like I have become an adult.

Q4. In which moment do you feel like you’re still a kid?
For example, when I watch and think about a video or an interview. When I read people’s comments, I feel like even with the same question, they think from a much bigger point of view than me. That’s when I feel like maybe I’m still lacking in depth.

Q5. A work that touched you recently?
“Love, Rosie”. It made me touched because it’s a sweet but sad love story.

Q6. The kind of song you’re planning to compose?
Song of styles like future base and chillstep which I enjoy and listen to a lot.

Q7. Favorite dessert?
The Japanese snack kinako mochi. I like that it melts in my mouth because it’s just so fluffy! Also I ate cheesecake before the photoshoot for <non-no>. That one was delicious too♡

Q8. How do you take care of your beautiful voice?
I don’t pay particular attention to it… Like I just sing with my original voice I’ve had since I was born…

Q9. Any habit?
Covering my nose when I yawn. Not mouth but nose somehow. (laughs) And I pull the baby hair on my face unconsciously. I know about these things because fans told me.

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cute dates and activities to do with your little!

don’t interact if n/s/f/w (slightly n/s/f/w included)!


💒go on a picnic! it’s super cost-effective, and it’s a great way to spend time with your little!!

💒go to the park! you could watch your little play, or you could play with them! (i love it when daddy plays hide n seek and tag with me💗)

💒play dress up with them! my daddy never lets me, but i allllllways want to put makeup on him 😂

💒go to a pet store and look at all the cute animals! me and daddy actually did that today!! we looked at the kittens and i got to hold a bunny and 3 birds!! and one of the employees let us go in the back to pet the rescue dogs, my heart melted 😍

💒go rafting! i’m not sure how common it is in other places, but where i live, people go rafting on lakes and rivers all the time!! it would be a great chance to get outdoors with your little, while still having the privacy to treat them like the little baby they are 💗

💒go on adventure across your city/town! me and daddy did this on our one year anniversary. we took the train and bus all over the place!!! this can be both free or you can spend a little bit of money. me and daddy ended up spending $50 at a candy store but….hopefully those reading this will be smarter with their money 😂😂

💒finger paint together! your little can paint allllll the pretty pictures for you!!

💒go sight-seeing! educate your baby on all the mountains, monuments, rivers, and other scenery in your area!! (pro tip: if they like it, ask them to pronounce things like ‘mountain’ for you, that always makes me feel so smalllll)

💒go to a library and read a book to them! free books + reading to your little = a very happy, giggly baby💕

💒during the winter, take them to a park with a hill and go sledding! this is, of course, if you live in a place where it snows. if not, it can be substituted with rolling down the hill!


🍧go see a kid’s movie! seeing “kids” movies (i still watch them when i’m big) always makes me feel like daddy’s lil baby!!!

🍧go to a carnival/fair! something about them will always make a little go into littlespace…idk why

🍧the zoo! asking your baby to tell you what sounds the animals make or what animal they are will definitely make them feel suuuper little!!

🍧go to an arcade! these are sooooo fun, and you can basically pick your own price for them!

🍧go to a pottery…place? i don’t actually know what they’re called (i forgot) but you can make your own pottery stuffs and then paint them! it’s so much fun!!!!

🍧toy store! bring your little to a toy store and let them pick a toy(s) out!

🍧candy store! you’re not wasting money if you’re spending it on foooood….:3

🍧go get ice cream! see the above description :3

How is Snow going to feel when he finds out that the woman he’s in love with, Daenerys Targaryen, is also his aunt? “I really hope that he just nods slowly and goes, ‘Damned right’,” he says, doing a mock-leer. “Something really horribly inappropriate, and you find out Jon’s had a really sick mind the whole time. That’s the way I’d love to play it. I’ll try it for one take, anyway.”
—  Kit Harington (x)

Dating Steve Harrington Would Include

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  • Buying him KFC because it’s finger licking good
  • Lots of PDA
  • He just wants to show everyone your his
  • Watching him play basketball while doing your homework
  • After he finished he comes over to you dripping in sweat asking you for a hug
  • You saying no
  • Which leads to him chasing you around the gym before catching you and giving you a salty kiss
  • Steve always has his arm around your waist
  • Or he holds your hand
  • Has to be touching you
  • Study dates which lead to making out
  • Taking care of him when he gets beat up
  • Would fight anyone for you
  • Taking care of your adoptive children
  • Steve saying I love you first and meaning it
  • Because he thought he wouldn’t find anyone after Nancy
  • But then he met you
  • Him giving you nose kisses before going to class
  • Whipped as fuck
  • Always going to your locker to see you
  • Being late because he wants to keep kissing you
  • Steve’s adorable man
  • Steve will whine if you don’t pay attention to him
  • Salty kisses
  • Slow soft kisses
  • Hard passionate kisses
  • Steve being the big spoon when cuddling
  • But he’s totally down for being the little spoon when needed
  • Slow love making with Steve whispering sweet things in your ear
  • After sex cuddles
  • Waking up before him because Steve is knocked out when he falls asleep
  • Going to the Snow Ball with Dustin and Steve watches with a smile on his face
  • Before Dustin being the little shit head he is goes in for a kiss
  • You haven’t seen Steve run that fast in your life
  • Dustin ended up kissing Steve’s hand
  • “Jealous Harrington?”
  • He just kisses so you shut up
  • Steve is the jealous type it’s not that he doesn’t trusts you because he trusts you more than his life
  • He doesn’t trust the guys at your school
  • Like Billy
  • Punching Billy in the face before Steve was able to do anything
  • When a demogorgon tries to attack the kids you grab Steve’s bat and swing it throwing the demogorgon a few feet back
  • Steve thought that was hot as fuck
  • Going to the movies
  • Not going to Tina’s party and just hanging out
  • Playing with his hair
  • Him letting you mess up his amazing hair
  • Piggy back rides
  • Car sex
  • Steve grabbing your ass in the hallways
  • He’s a cheeky little shit
  • Pick up lines
  • Whispering dirty things in your ear at the most inappropriate times

Hopper tells El she’s allowed to go to the Snow Ball when he gets home from his lunch with Doc Owens, her brand new birth certificate kept secure in the pocket of his jacket.

El is waiting for him by the front door of the cabin when he returns, her eyes wide and eager, awaiting the answer. For the briefest of moments, Hop considers dragging this out, teasing her with a smirk or a shrug. But he can see the hopefulness written on every feature, the excitement held in her shoulders. So he just smiles wide and nods once, unprepared for El launching herself towards him and catching him around the waist in a tight hug. 

The air knocked from his lungs, Hop stumbles backwards before he sinks into the hug, rumpling El’s hair. 

“We’re going to have to get you a dress,” he tells her when she finally lets him go, “And I’ll have to figure out how to do that hair stuff from the magazines.” 

“And makeup?” El looks up at him, grinning wide. 

Hop sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, “And makeup. We’ll make you look…what’d you call it? Bitchin’?”

El looks thoughtful for a moment before shaking her head. “Not bitchin’. Pretty.” 

“Okay,” Hop laughs, “Pretty it is.” 

El hugs him once more before practically dancing back to her bedroom to rifle through her closet and toy around with the few lipglosses and eyeshadows Nancy had given her weeks ago.

Hop lets out a long breath, listening to her happy humming from the other side of the door, his hand gently patting the document in his pocket. 

For now, that can wait. 

Q. What song makes you the most happy?

Jk : the song “Crystal Snow” that going to be released in Dec , When I first heard it , I felt that it fit perfectly with my current feelings

Q :



Q: Snow falling at park vs rain at Han river

I really like snow

Thank you

It’s fit my current feeling ?

Omg I can’t wait to heard the new song ><


Going south AU!

“It’s our presence really necessary?” Since his travel to Dragonstone to meet his aunt, Jon decided he hated the south, far too warm for him. His clothes sticked to his skin on a completely disgusting way, his hair was even more at disarray than usual, and worst of all he couldn’t wear his everyday clothes. His cousin Sansa had made him a few breeches and tunics out of gauzy silk and fresh cotton, but he felt it would be a shame to ruin such fine garments with his sweat, so he was donning a black wool tunic, the thing was in a pitful state for Jon used it to train often but he would change as soon as the reached Sunspear.

Sansa laughed, Jon was especially grumpy since they reached the westerlands and the temperature kept on rising “If you wish to keep a good relationship with the Martells then yes. You’re the King cousin, at least until all the realms can reunite again and decide if they are to crown you and if the Red Keep and Iron Throne are to be repaired or if we wish to be independent like we were before the conquest, and this is the wedding of Princess Arianne, it would give the dornish a poor impression of you if you refused to come”

“I hate it”

She laughed again, and Jon cursed to all the gods and hells, she had no right to look so beautiful. That was of course the other reason why he was despairing in this hot wheater, the vision of his fair cousin in those light dresses that exposed far more skin than he was accostumed to made him feel a green boy anew.

Catching Jon’s sour expression she stopped laughing “I am sorry your Grace I shouldn’t be mocking you so. We should be arriving very soon, then you can take a bath and change into more appropiate clothes, I bet you’ll feel much better at once”

Jon groaned “Don’t call me your Grace, Sansa.”

“But I must, it’s the appropiate way to address you, in Winterfell among my siblings is not a problem if I call you Jon cousin, but here things are different and you know it”

Damn her and her political savvyness! Damn her cleverness! Damn her beautiful blue eyes and the curve of her delicate waist! But most of all damn the game of thrones people on the south so loved to take part in!

“I suppose I should call you Lady Sansa then” he wanted to make her mad, to have at least the smallest of hopes that she returned his feelings.

“You supposed correctly”

As unreadable and proper as always, he thought dejected.



Prince Doran himself recieved them among his children and brother. He was tired and his courtesies were surely more than lacking, not that it mattered much, for only Prince Doran and Princess Arianne seemed to look at him. Princes Quentyn, Trystane and the infamous Red Viper’s eyes were immediately drawn to his cousin. How could they not? Her bright blue eyes complemented perfectly the blue of her silky dress, the one with a big V of exposed flesh in the front that he tried desesperately not to stare at, her flowing red hair bright as burnished copper, and her lovely face. Every man’s dream.

Her manners however were perfect, she curtisied graciously and smiled. Prince Oberyn stepped forward and took her hand between his.

Jon frowned what was he–?

Oberyn bent and kissed her knuckles “You have truly grown into a beautiful woman Lady Sansa”

“I could never match your Lady Ellaria, but thank you my Prince”

He couldn’t believe this! He barely dared touch his cousin, she usually never permitend such close contact with anyone and he never wanted to make her un comfortable as much as he itched to hold her and kiss her soft pink lips… But he didn’t, the last time he had touched her so intimately was when he kissed her brow after retaking Winterfell, they were brother and sister back then, it wasn’t wrong, no matter if for a moment he had wanted to kiss her senseless, it wasn’t wrong, he was as brotherly as his budding feelings allowed him to be and that had to be enough (gods knew how disgusted he had been of himself back then) and yet, here she was, letting a stranger kiss her hand and call her beautiful without flinching.

He saw red when Prince Quentyn did the same, even more when he noticed the lad blush when his cousin smiled. For a moment he was back in the crypts of Winterfell (“I love Sansa as I loved her mother”) his fists tightened, but then he tried to relax, he couldn’t do this,Sansa would surely hate him if she saw him like this, the gods knew she had had enough man that desired her… He was disgusting, even if his intentions were to protect her, she didn’t needed nor wanted his protection.

When Prince Trystane turn came he had enough sense to look in other direction.

It was more than scandalous, one thing was touching a lady’s arm to escort her and another kiss her knuckles and bow to the level of her teats! But then Dorne was famous for such a relaxed behaviour.



Sansa, as most times, had been right he did feel better now that he bathed and changed. Though his uneasiness remained, his cousin was surely changing for supper, but he didn’t liked the idea of her being alone for long, dornish man were rumoured to be bold and if the innappropiate greetings Sansa got from Dorne’s princes were anything to to by he didn’t want to think what lesser lords and knights would be like, his cousin was far too corteous to stop them, and Lady Brienne would probably be stopped from taking any action that would offend their hosts, Jon cared little for it though, he didn’t meant to start any conflict with Dorne of course but he wouldn’t just stand by if any man dared disrespect his cousin.

He walked to Sansa’s door, guarded by Brienne and Podrick. “Has my cousin settled down?”

Brienne fixed him an icy stare, the knight woman had never quite liked him “Lady Stark is getting ready, Princess Arianne invited her to sup with her”

“Brienne, is that Jon outside?” came Sansa’s sweet voice from inside the chambers.

“Yes m'lady”

“Let him in please”

The tall knight stared him down and then stepped aside. Once he entered the chambers and took in the sight of Sansa sitting in front of the vanity’s mirror, hair unbound and wild around her naked shoulders a pout on her pink lips and a frown he ached to smooth with his hands, he almost fainted from the sudden heat prickling his skin, he averted his gaze at once and cleared his throat to announce his presence.

She turned around and sighed “Thank the gods you’re here Jon! I can’t tame my hair and I am in need of your assistance”

His throat felt parched suddenly, but he still approached her and took the brush from her hands “You should really consider taking a handmaid my Lady” he grabbed a handful of her bright copper locks and started brushing them softly, ignoring how much he to bury his face in them.

“Nonsense, I can manage just fine most of the time besides I have the sweetest cousin to help me the times I can’t”

Though her tone was light and teasing, he knew the real reason behind her lack of maids: she couldn’t bare the idea of a stanger touching her in such an intimate manner, one that reminded her so of her mother and the innocence of her childhood. It didn’t made it less of a torture for him nevertheless, he longed to not only help her dress her hair but of mussing it up in the throws of passion, of having that fire-kissed hair spilled over his furs, at the same time he felt guilty for such wanton and lustful thoughts when she showed nothing but trust in letting him brush her hair he dreaded to think what her reaction would be if she knew of his desires.

“I can’t think of a better suited task for a King” he replied.



Princess Arianne was already waiting for her in her solar. The table was richly served, a suckling roasted pig among plates full of colorful fruits and a bottle of what Sansa asumed was Dornish wine.

“I am greatful for your invitation Princess”

Arianne dissmised her courtesy with a movement of her hand “None of that formalities Lady Sansa come sit by me”

She did as instructed, not knowing exactly how to behave now that Pricess Arianne asked her to leave courtesies aside.

“Your hair has the most stunning color” Princess Arianne reached for a strand of her hair and twisted it gently in her fingers “You’ve already caused quite the impresión among the lords and knights of Dorne, why even my brother Quentyn couldn’t take his eyes off you, and believe me he is not the type to fawn over a pretty Lady”

“Thank you my Princess” she didn’t liked all this talk about her looks or the Prince’s opinion on her looks.

Arianne laughed “You needn’t look so weary my Lady, though I supposed I was a bit inconsiderate, I know you haven’t had the easiest of lives and rest assured I merely wished to compliment you”

She allowed herself to relax a little “Thank you my princess, you are also very beautiful, your hair specially it looks immaculate even in this heat, I could barely brush mine”

“It’s nothing really, I use some water and a couple of oils brought from Essos for that. I’ll have someone take a bottle to your chambers”

She smiled “You’re really kind my princess.”

The princess frowned and took a sip from her cup “You’re awfully proper my Lady, not that I think that is wrong but you look so young… You know my Lady, once my cousins told me something my uncle Oberyn advised them to do, they said he wanted for them to find pleasure wherever they could for there was very little of it in the world, to this dar I think is the wisest thing I’ve ever heard, don’t you agree?”

“I think he was very right about being little pleasure in the world, but personaly I could never dare to seek for it, I have too many responsabilities to my people to go out of my way looking for pleasure, besides the North is a very different place from Dorne”

“Fuck them” Arianne said hotly “All of them grand Lords seek their pleasure in brothels why should we not?”

“I could not say my princess” she said agreeing in her heart with Arienne’s rage and even took a sip from her wine. “Then you and your cousin never…?”

Sansa blushed “No! We never, you see we believed to be siblings and Jon is too honorable to think about me in such a way.”

“I see, I guess you must have had a very close relationship as siblings for you to believed that”

“No, quite the opposite really,we rarely spoke to each other, my mother did not like for me and my siblings to spend time with him, though I was the only one who pleased her in that aspect, we only grew closer after we met again”

Arianne smiled “See? Then what is the problem? Don’t you like him? Because I admit if I wasn’t getting married I would have definitely tried my luck with him, such handsome man, and strong from what I’ve heard.”

“I do like him” her face was very hot, but it wasn’t the wine nor the food she knew, it was this feelings she had never dared to voice “but I know he would never see me in that way, he is too honorable for that” and what a cruel joke from the gods that one of the things that made her love him so was also the one that would make her feelings remain unrequited.

“Honor” Arianne snorted “the worst mistress there ever was, dry as dust between the legs and as cold as the fucking wall in her affections.”

Sansa almost spit the wine from the laughter that overcame her.

“Good to see you smiling Lady Sansa” Arianne smirked “I wouldn’t be so sure about his disinterest though, his Grace seemed more than ready to punch my kin for kissing your hand”

Her eyes widened “I don’t know what to say, why would he do that?”

“Well maybe he doesn’t know that is the proper greeting here and can’t stand the thought of another man touching you”

Sansa considered it for a moment, Jon hadn’t had much time to adjust to being King and getting the fitting education for it, so it was a given he hadn’t known about it but jealousy? her heart skipped a bit, but no maybe that was not the case he never looked at her like Littlefinger, he barely looked at her at all and se preferred it that way for fear he would see through her and know about her feelings. But then she remembered what Theon told her about Jon forgiving him for what he did for her, not to mention the way Littlefinger had taunted about Jon being the same as him… Could it be?



The very next day she got her answer.

Jon had been in a very foul mood after his supper with the Red Viper tough he could not anything but warn Sansa to stay away from him and his lover. So she proposed to take a walk through the gardens the very next day, surely not even Jon could be grumpy with such a beauty surrounding him.

She had been wrong about it for now as Prince Quentyn explained the types of flowers and times of the year they bloomed to them Jon was frowning.

“You should really see Sunspear at summer, no better time of the year for the blood oranges and lemmons, I heard you were rather fond of lemmoncakes, and we have the very best of them in Dorne, just last year he had the biggest production in 5 years” Prince Quentyn enthusiastically listing figures and lots of different data about the crops and castle.

“Are you feeling well your Grace?” she asked him in a whisper when Prince Quentyn wasn’t looking.

“I’m as well as I can be my Lady”

But she noticed he was still looking at Prince Quentyn with displeasure, her conversation with Princess Arianne came unwillingly to her mind.

“This is my brother’s garden” he led them through an elegant arch adorned with orange an yellow tiles, on both sides of the cobblestone path beautiful rose bushes stood proudly filling the air with their sweet scent “There he is”

Prince Trystane was sitted on a bench, a book on his lap.

“Your roses are beautiful my Prince” she said in awe.

“I planted most of them for Lady Myrcella” his voice was tinted with sadness, but he shook it off maybe not wanting them to see him so vulnerable. Then he plucked a white rose from a nearby bush and extended it to her “It goes well with your dress m'lady, and I know Lady Myrcella would have liked to see you again so take it in her stead please”

Before she could thank the prince, Jon spoke.

“I don’t feel very well, I think I should return to the castle” he said with pained voice. “If you excuse me”

“Mayhaps your cousin hasn’t yet acostumed to dornish cuisine” Prince Quentyn suggested.

Prince Trystanne looked completely confused “No I don’t think that is so brother, Lady Sansa did we do anything to upset his grace? he looked angry rather that sick”

She felt her heart pounding wildly in her chest “I could not say, but maybe I should go and make sure he sees a Maester. If you excuse me my Princes” se curtisied and spoke properly but her mind wasn’t even into it, she just wanted to see Jon and maybe– Well she didn’t know if she would say anything to him yet, but maybe she would know when she saw him.




Her voice made him stop, he had wanted to get as far as he could from the Princes of Dorne for fear, Sansa deserved happiness and lemmons and gallant gestures, she deserved someone who loved her freely even if he didn’t liked it, he was afraid because he had wanted to chase both Princes away from Sansa, he was afraid of her reaction would be if he did.

Damn Dorne! Seemed every man in the castle was after his cousin, he almost had punched the Red Viper when he suggested he and his llover would love to invite his cousin into their bed just to laugh it off and tease him about how in love he surely was with her to be so angry.

She catched up to him, chest heaving up and down, hair messy and unbound, eyes bright. He felt his loved her so much in that moment, may the gods forgive him.

“Are you truly un-well?” she aside her taking his hand as was her custom when she wanted him to really listen.


“Then you should see a Maester at once” she licked her lips and that was his undoing.

“No” his voice was breaking, he cupped her face in his hands expecting her to refuse his touch, instead she leaned into it. He looked her in the eyes willing her to understand “I don’t think a maester could help me.”

“Then who?“she asked breathing heavily.

“You” he breathed against her lips, closing at last the distance between them. Her lips sweeter and softer that he had ever dreamed, her kissing him back surpassed any hope and dream he had ever had, and now he vowed he wouldn’t let go, diplomacy and political matches be damned.


Gods I am sorry for taking so long in writing this but my week has been pretty busy, I am working on the rest of the prompts I swear! So I actually don’t like the over-sexualization of dornish people cuz that is pretty racist in my humble opinion, but I love angsty Jon so here! Also I would love for Arianne and Sansa to be friends. Hope you liked it and keep sending prompts my way!!!


Request ⇾ Can I request a Mike imagine? Reader is Will’s twin. So when Mike wants to ask Reader to the Snow Ball but he has to go through Jonathan, Will, and Joyce’s interrogation.

Warnings ⇾ nothing, this is pure cuteness n fluff!

A/N ⇾ hope y'all enjoyed the ships! I may do more in the future!


“So, Mike. What makes you think you’re good for Y/N?” Jonathan began.

Currently, Mike was surrounded by all members of the Byers clan. He had Joyce direct across him, Will diagonally to his left and Jonathan diagonally to his right. All he had asked was if he could take Y/N to the snowball! Was it that big of a deal? They all seemed to think so. Y/N would get nothing but the best, and Mike seemed to think that was him.

“Yeah, Mike, what?” Will chimed in.

Mikes head turned directly to will, with an unamused look on his face. “Really, Will? You too?”

“Hey! This is my twin, Wheeler! We want to know your intolerance’s are right.”

“Intentions, baby, its intentions.” Joyce corrected Will, not taking her eyes off of Mike for a second.

“We want to know your intentions are right.” Will then corrected himself.

“My intentions? What the hell, Will? Of course they are! All I want to do is take Y/N to the snowball! What’s the big deal!”

“What’s the big, what’s the big deal?” Jonathan repeated, “Well, Mike, we want to know our little sister won’t have her heart broken!”

“Of course she won’t! Why would I do that? That would only ruin my chances of being with her!” Mike defended himself.

“So now you want to be with her?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes! I always have!” Mike responded, getting more annoyed as each question went by.

“You always have?” Joyce asked, “So, you’ve always known you wanted to be with Y/N?”

“Well, you know what I mean! I’ve known for a long time!”

“Well, Mike, you said always and now you’re saying a long time so you can see why we’re confused, can’t you?” Jonathan responded dryly, tilting his head to intimidate Mike further.

It honestly felt like Mike were down at the police station, hands cuffed and a bright yellow light was shining down on him. What had he done wrong? He just wanted to take Y/N to the snowball?! Why was he being punished like this?!

It went on for what seemed like hours, more questions were being spilled out everywhere and Mike was getting more flustered as they went by. They only stopped when Y/N entered the house, and saw all of her family surrounding Mike in a rather strange way.

“What is going on here?” She asked.

“Oh look,” Mike muttered to himself. “It’s a family affair!”

“Oh, nothing sweetie! Just talking to Mike, is all!” Joyce responded sweetly, ignoring Mike’s comment.

“No, they were not just talking to me! They were interrogating me!” Mike counteracted, standing up from the couch.

“Interrogating you? That seems a bit far fetched, doesn’t it Mike?” Jonathan said, standing up too.

“Wait! What do you mean? Why are you all surrounding him?”

Before Will, Jonathan or Joyce could answer, Mike ran up to Y/N and held her hand.

“Y/N, will you go to the snowball with me?” Mike asked turning his back towards the inquisitive family.

“Oh my god, yes!” Y/N answered in glee. “Yes, of course I will!”

“Wait, wait, wait–” Jonathan tried to intervene, but only got cut off by Mike again.

“Nope! Sorry, Jonathan! I already asked. No take backs!” He ran out of the house clutching Y/N’s hand, leaving a house full of three unamused Byers.

On 13 Jan 2017 jm post a video with a caption
Its snowing
Manager hyung

But he didn’t mention jk the one who sit beside him
In kr when it’s snow a lot couples go on date
Jk was sitting next to jm u can here his voice and they are watching a movie inside the car