when in doubt...self portrait


Here are some artwork of mine to show how much I improved this year. 

The first is the first digital portrait I drew of myself in July 2015 while the next is the most recent portrait that I did in November 2016. The next are gemsona ocs that I drew in Jan 2016 and Dec 2016. I definitely improved on the anatomy and coloring, as well as, developing my own style.


Self Portraits from 2014-2015

I used to hate drawing portraits, especially self portraits, it used to feel a little vain. It feels alot different doing so now… its actually enjoyable, they always go wrong but then I don’t hate the results. It’s become a way of me documenting my existence and visually saying I’m here. 

Ok, so I have an obsession with drawing myself lately. And I’m not gonna stop. 

I was having a “what would I look like if I drew myself after I got all of the tattoos that I want” moment, and this is where we are. 

I was going to get a forearm piece but then I saw this rihanna music video and I saw her wrist tattoo and I was all like “I need that, like not that exactly but similar” 

And here we are.