when in doubt whip it out

I keep the size 22 shorts so when I’m doubting how far I’ve come I whip them out of the closet and get into them. I feel like the road is long with health, but at least it’s much easier to walk up the stairs, hang out the laundry, and y'know, do life stuff without the extra 40kgs on.

I get the feeling that many individuals are growing weary of Keiichi and Nozomi’s relationship and I can kind of understand where they are coming from, considering it’s a relationship unlike the other couples, as well as something not commonly seen in shoujo.

  • Keiichi is a sadist, he makes that perfectly clear on numerous occasions (and not just via pulling out his whip whenever he gets pissed.) He even tells a girl who confesses to him that he enjoys teasing his girlfriends. He never intentionally blindsides people when it comes to that part of himself, especially if he is interested in them, or vice versa.
  • Keiichi isn’t out to prey on Nozomi, in fact, he pretty much does the opposite and does his best to not come off as sadistic, or creepy towards her. She’s his best friends sister. And despite how Keiichi loves to tease people, and appears very carefree - he no doubt respects that fact. He’s also not out to make her fall for him, Nozomi fell for Keiichi all on her own.
  • He isn’t out to make her a masochist either, I think Keiichi understands more than anyone that isn’t something you force on a person, just like you cannot force someone to be a sadist, so if the signs weren’t there, he would not pursue her, plain and simple. 
  • Nozomi’s actions & reactions to Keiichi’s more sadistic side are more telling than anything. She is shocked but also excited by this side of him, she wants to see more of this side of him. Just because she doesn’t say the words, “I am a masochist” doesn’t make it any less true. 
  • Keiichi is not out to hurt Nozomi, he isn’t out to tease her and string her along, making her think he is reciprocating her feelings when he is just toying with her. Just the opposite, he teases her and flusters her because he is interested in her. 
  • Nozomi does not want someone who will coddle her and baby her and smother her in affection. She has been coddled her entire life, and in response she feels like she can do nothing on her own. In her own words:

“I hated the me who couldn’t do anything but sweeten up to people. Ever since I was a child, I was clumsy, awkward, and a crybaby. Even so, my family, my friends, and everyone around me treated me with kindness. Even if I relied on or sweetened up to them, they’d help me. They all accepted me right away. And it started becoming the norm for me. But time passed and gradually, I began thinking that maybe I can’t do anything. 

Up until now, even if I couldn’t do something, I’d smile and everyone would forgive me. In a positive perspective, it might have been a good thing, however, when I realized that, I felt a little scared. Truthfully, there wasn’t anything I wanted to do. I’d often see my older brother get yelled at due to his studies. But I didn’t take the initiative to actually go and look for it either. While I was still unsure and laden with anxiety, in the third year of middle school, I met him. 

He was the person who saved my life. I felt something different from him and since that moment I fell in love. What kind of person is he? Where is he from? How old is he? What about school? Is he currently seeing anyone? My head was in the clouds after the encounter at the beach. For the first time in my life, I felt a sense of fulfillment. All of the anxiety that had piled up over time had disappeared in an instant.”

“(…) Seeing Keiichi-san smile, my worries and anxieties suddenly vanished. (…) My instinct is telling me that, it’s him.

  • Keiichii gives Nozomi a feeling that no one else has ever been able to before, and despite all the teasing and the uncertainty, she continues to like him, to want to be with him, and to ultimately enjoy this “push and pull play” makes her feel. 

More than anything, I feel like their relationship is getting a lot of mixed feelings from folks due to a lack of understanding, especially when it comes to what a relationship such as theirs would entail. And even more so when you consider that they are still not in an official relationship yet. Keiichi & Nozomi haven’t really gotten all that much spotlight in the manga thus far, its steadily growing in the (as of right now) untranslated chapters, but still nothing as concrete as boyfriend & girlfriend. 

But the most important thing is safety and consent, and thus far - no one is breaching those two markers, Keiichi is not forcing Nozomi to do anything that she doesn’t want to do, nor is he trying to manipulate her into becoming something that she isn’t. 

Mini hiatus

Hello beautiful followers. First I am sorry and I hope you understand .

 I don’t usually do mun post but feel it’s appropriate at the moment. I don’t know if you have noticed but I am kinda doubting my role-playing skills as Garnet and my writing.
So I’ve decided the best thing to do is go on a mini hiatus as I sort this out. Pretty sure you let your followers know. It will probably only be for a few days but if longer I’ll let you know. It doesn’t take me long to whip myself back into shape :-)
To the people I’m role-playing with. I still would like to keep the threads I have with you and will awnser when I’m back. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause (<not sarcasm) I hope you want to keep our thread going.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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st. patrick | pvris

i know it’s chemicals
that make me cling to you, cling to you
ooh and i need a miracle
to get away from you, way from you

i know it’s chemicals
(that make me cling to you, cling to you)
and i need a miracle
(to make me stay with you, stay with you)
and i’m not spiritual
(but please stay)
‘cause i think you’re a saint
and i think you’re an angel

st. jude | florence + the machine

st. jude, the patron saint of the lost causes
st. jude, we were lost before she started
st. jude, we lay in bed as she whipped around us
st. jude, maybe i’ve always been more comfortable in chaos

goodbye | apparat feat. soap&skin

lay down next to me
don’t listen when i scream
bury your doubts and fall asleep
find out
i was just a bad dream

let the bed sheet
soak up my tears
and watch my only way out disappear
don’t tell me why
kiss me goodbye

for neither ever, nor never, goodbye

Thursday: Pryce and Carter’s Deep Space Survival Manual

“These are ridiculous,” Koudelka said as he flipped through the crisp, new pages of Pryce and Carter’s Deep Space Survival Procedure Protocol Manual.

Renée had brought it back from her first real briefing about the Hephaestus mission, after she had gotten the word that her application had been accepted.

“‘Tip #614: When in doubt, whip it out. It being hydrochloric acid,’” he read aloud, then gave her a look. “Really?”

“I’m sure the authors had a good reason for including it,” she said rather formally while looking through the binders full of information and schematics that she’d also brought home from the meeting. “Besides, if they’re all that short, I bet I could memorize all the tips. There’s only one thousand and one of them.”

“Wow, what a nerd,” Koudelka teased as he passed Renée on his way to the kitchen to make them up some pork chops. Unfortunately, that left him open for a swat on the butt from Renée, but Koudelka found he didn’t really mind.

That night, Renée stayed up until the early morning hours reading Pryce and Carter’s Deep Space Survival Procedure Protocol Manual until Koudelka grumbled at her from beneath the pillow that he’d put over his head.

Then she turned off the bedside lamp and finally settled into the blankets with him. He sleepily put an arm around her and pulled her close to kiss the back of her neck. He was almost alseep again when he heard Renée say to him, softly, “Who knows, that book might save my life one day.”


Years later, Koudelka woke up from some dream he couldn’t remember. It had been a bad one, he knew, and feelings of dread and anxiety lingered even after he was wide awake and staring at the ceiling.

Renée’s old copy of Pryce and Carter, her first copy, was still in the nightstand drawer, right where she’d left it.

Koudelka leaned over empty side of the bed next to him and fished it out of the drawer by feel. He flipped through the worn pages. He remembered quizzing her not long before she’d left. She’d made good on her word, and had every tip memorized.

“Tip #325: An error is not a disaster until you repeat it.”

“Tip #645: Avoid lockouts. Keep at least one member of your crew inside your craft at all times.”

That book might save my life one day, Renée had said.

Please, Koudelka thought, squeezing his eyes shut, Please, please, please.

I’m a few days late, but this whole tumult over @knightinironarmor‘s post finally drove home why so much Tony critique falls flat to me: it’s almost all seated in ableism/mentalism and is therefore invalid right out the gate.

Some notes before I get started:

1. I’m going to stick to responding to the posts that Nat herself responded to; if I branched out from there, I’d be here all night, I don’t doubt.

2. I’m also going to stick to the MCU, because that’s the context of the original post. All the gate-keepy “been reading comics for x years and I therefore know more than you” nonsense has not only already been addressed but is irrelevant in a discussion about MCU Tony.

3. I’m not a psychologist or LSW or otherwise formally educated in psychological analysis. I do, however, have both generalized depression and anxiety and therefore have firsthand experience with unhealthy thought patterns and how those can manifest, as well as how neurotypical/mentally healthy people can interpret and react to those manifestations in ways that aren’t necessarily constructive or well-informed.

4. I admittedly have not read the post in full, but Nat herself addressed quite a bit of this in her own response to some of this commentary, especially the nature of altruism. I swear I’m gonna read the whole thing soon, and I highly recommend that y’all do, too~

So – the TL;DR version is that Fandom needs to work on not conflating mental illness with character flaws. For more of my thoughts and observations on the subject, read on.

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I wish that when you’re sad, you realize what a blessing you are to those around you. 
I wish that when you wake up in the morning you could see your sleepy smile and your sparkling eyes and your messy hair. 
I wish that when you’re crying, you could see how heavy my heart is, almost bleeding out from the pain of it.
I wish that when you trip on the sidewalk and barely scratch your knee, you could see my grin while you say you need to be taken to the hospital. Immediately.
I wish that when we’re on a road trip at 4a.m., you could see yourself laugh as the wind whips your hair back when you roll down the window. 
I wish that when you’re in doubt, you’d notice how I am always sure.
I wish that when I thought of you, I could think of more than memories.
—  i wished upon a star last night and nothing really happened // h. leigh #13