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Gift Guide for Her

I pride myself in being a very generous gift giver, especially during Christmas time when my room is littered with wrapping paper and ribbons which will aid me in wrapping two or three presents per person. Perhaps because I am a girl, deciding on gifts to give to women always comes easier for me than choosing what to give to men which is why I jumped at the chance of compiling a list to help you decide what to give to the special women in your life.

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picture this.

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elijah mikaelson x reader

warnings: smut, swearing and adorable smitten elijah.

prompt: elijah finds your private photos and gives in to his desires.

you were temptation and you didn’t even seem to realise it. wether you were sitting with a book on your lap, reading quietly to yourself or stretched out in bed in your tight fitting tank top and underwear, catching elijahs eye as he walked past. 

you’d been living with the mikaelsons for two years, and ever since elijah had laid eyes on you, he’d been smitten. at first, it was an innocent kind of love, wanting to hold you when you cried or wash your hair after he’d ran you a bath but that had escalated quickly to catching himself staring a little longer than usual - eyes darting to your cleavage and well rounded ass before back up to your eyes. 

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The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Four- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Three

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,083
Warnings: Sexual Content.  Language.

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I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

The twisted knot in your stomach let you know that this was a bad idea.  You didn’t know what had gotten into you, but knew that you would sure as hell be paying the price for being stubborn.   All the confidence you had in the motel was gone as you stared at the bar from the car window.  Dean had already exited and was heading inside, but turned around when he noticed a lack of your presence.  You jumped when he knocked on the window and you whipped your head up to glare at him.

“What?” You snapped.  Your voice muffled by the window.  Dean looked at you softly as he reached for the door handle.   You frowned when he did but made no effort to stop him.  When he had it opened, he reached out his hand for you to take.  Swallowing all your doubts, you took his hand into yours and allowed him to lead you into the bar.  

You yanked on your skirt as all the eyes in the bar seemed to be on you.

Making sure to press yourself closer to Dean when you walked past a group of leering men.  You didn’t notice the murderous look Dean was sending their way when they catcalled you.  Your nose wrinkled but you chose to ignore them.  Dean on the other hand was now turning about face and you had to reach out to snatch his jacket sleeve.  

“Dean.  They’re not worth your time.” You hissed as you pulled his arm.

Dean shot the men another death glare before he let you lead him over to the bar.  The old man bartender grunted when he saw the pair of you and grabbed two beers without waiting for you to order.  You smiled and thanked him before he turned away from you.  Yanking your skirt down, you climbed into the barstool.

Dean was eyeing you before he sat down. He had to swallow a moan when your skirt rode up to reveal your garter belt.  Flashes of pure perversion ran through his mind as he imagined your legs over his shoulder as he pounded into you. You turned to look at him when you felt his eyes on you.  Turning on your best smile, you reached over and grabbed his hand from the bar.

“Dean, we should play some pool.” You offered as you gave his hand a squeeze.  

He nodded as he took a swig of his beer.  His eyes never left your thighs and you smiled in triumph.

This was working.  You weren’t sure if you would be able to go much further with your charade.  On the inside, you were quaking with nerves. You had been on a high the last few days and couldn’t explain your own feelings.  It was like you wanted Dean to give you this kind of attention. When it had first occurred to you that he was attracted to you, it had come as a complete shock. Dean had never even once flirted with you and now you were in the world’s smallest skirt begging him to flirt.  The head rush from having Dean’s attention was almost too much.

Chugging your beer for confidence, you snagged Dean by the arm and pulled him towards the pool tables.  Dean followed you eagerly as his eyes glued to the sway in your hips.

You frowned when you noticed that all the pool tables were taken.  You knew Dean would be headed back to Kansas soon and you wanted to have some fun before he left.  Though you weren’t sure about that kind of fun.

“Damn. I really wanted to get in a couple of games.  I feel like we’ve gotten away from just having fun together as friends. Too much of this silly flirting nonsense.” You sighed.

Dean eyes darted to yours with the sound of disappointment in your voice. Your lower lip was pooched out and your arms crossed. You looked like a pouting toddler.

“God damn it, Y/N. Do you always have to be so damn cute?” He said with a chuckle.

You cocked your head so you could look at him. That smirk he had been carrying for days was back.  You also noticed the word cute kept coming up with him. Everything you seemed to do was cute to him.

You had always hated that word.  You were a grown ass woman. Women weren’t cute.  They were sexy.  As you watched a couple leave a pool table, an evil idea stuck you right to the core.  With the quick click clacking of your boots, you scurried over to the table in order to lay claim to it. Dean smiled as you seemed to dance with excitement as you grabbed the triangle to wrack up the ball.   He grabbed a pool cue as you finished up.  

“So… I thought we’d make this interesting. If you’re up for a bet that is.” You quipped as you grabbed your own pool cue. Dean’s eyebrows shot up as your words peeked his interest.

“What are the terms?” He asked as he sized you up. He had played a few games with you before and he knew he was in for a challenge.

“ Simple. If I win then you stay a few more days and we hang out as friends.  If you win then you get to take my virginity.” You said nonchalantly.

Dean had taken a drink if his beer as you spoke. The beer spewed from his mouth as he began to choke.  

“What don’t like the terms of the bet?” You cooed with a smirk.

Dean cleared his throat before he shook his head no.

“No.  Hell no. I fucking love the terms…  It’s just are you sure about that?”

“Well Dean remember when you said you were the only one that should have that privilege?  Well I agree…”. You mumbled as your cheeks tinted pink.

Dean shifted on his feet to keep from launching himself towards you.  Holy shit!  He just wanted to shove that little skirt up and bury himself inside your tight pussy. He shuddered at the thoughts of being able to take you to a place no other man had ever and would ever take you.  The fuck if he was ever letting you go after that.

In the meantime,  you were looking like the cat who ate the canary.  You had hoped that Dean would like the terms of the bet. Though, you had only played a few times before, it was enough to know that you were a better player. Your dad had you hustling pool since you were four and many a hunter had fallen victim to you. 

When you won, Dean would have to stay and all this silly flirting would come to an end.  You weren’t going to lose your friend to some silly flirting war, but first you were going to show him just how sexy you could be.  It was only fair since he had humiliated you in this same bar.  You clicked your tongue as you sized up the different angles and any possible combo shots you might have to take.

You smiled when you lined up the perfect shot and bent over the table to take it. An unexpected breeze made your eyes widen. You turned your head slightly and squeaked quietly when you found that the pool cue had caught in your skirt.  

You were both glad and mortified that Dean was standing behind you.  Knowing that he was getting a free show made you cringe, but also inwardly grin as it would help further your cause.  Your body flushed pink when Dean let out the most sexual groan.

Dean nearly lost it when your skirt lifted all the was up to reveal those pretty satin panties of yours. The little squeal from you had let him know that you hadn’t done it on purpose, but he couldn’t help but stare your plump rear. Though being a gentlemen, he quickly made his way over to help you with your skirt.  

His hand reached out to tug the fabric free but not before smoothing up your thigh.  You let out another squeak and shivered as his had stop right under the swell of your rear.  Sighing in relief when his hands finally left your skin, as the fabric from your skirt tickled your thighs once again.

“Uhh… Heh.  Thanks.”  You said with a nervous giggle.  You wanted to seem sexy, but all you were doing right now was making yourself look like the dork you were.  Dean smiled broadly at you before backing away to allow you to take the first shot. 

You were surprised when Dean gently grabbed the pool cue from your hand and you turned to look at him.  You couldn’t help but notice that Dean wasn’t looking at you but rather to the side of you.  Your eyes followed his gaze and your heart rate sped up when you found that group of men from earlier.  They were leering your way and you could actually feel Dean tense up.  

Then, before you could say a word, Dean had stormed off towards them with pool cue in hand.  You called after him but he ignored your pleas for him to come back.

“What the fuck did you just say?”  He barked to one of the men.  The man sat at a nearby table with five other guys who looked like they had walked straight out of the movie Deliverance.

“I said why did you stop the show?  It’s obvious your little whore wants us to watch.”   He said with a sneer.  

His words rattled their way through you.   The anger that flooded through your veins was poison to the mood between you and Dean.  
By that time, Dean had shot the man a warning to such is ‘fucking pie hole’ or he would be swallowing his teeth.  You stomped over to the group with a look that would scare the pants off of Lucifer himself.  Dean gripped the cue even tighter when the man eye fucked you through your clothes.  

“What the fuck did you just say about me?”  You hissed.  
Dean had turned to look at you in surprise, but smiled when he realized just who the hell you were.  

“I said, You’re a little whore that wants us to watch.”  He sneered in response.  Dean had enough at this point and let out a dangerous chuckle.

“You might want to take that back before I shove this pool cue up your ass.” He said with a dark smirk.   You watched as the group of men shifted under the sudden tension in the air.   A tension that hadn’t gone unnoticed by the bartender.  He had reached under the bar and brought out a shotgun.  

“That’s enough of that shit, Wilson.  I think it’s time you and your boys to pack it up for the night.”  The old man bartender warned.  
The man he called Wilson threw up his hands before speaking.

“Alright.  Alright.  Just having a little fun.  We’ll be going.  Come on boys.”  He said before motioning for the men to follow.  They all bounced up like train monkeys as they slid by you with smirks.  Dean pulled you closer as they passed and you leaned into him.  As Wilson moved passed, he grabbed your arm before either you or Dean could react.

“We’ll be seeing you around, sweetcheeks”  He said said with a wink.  Your nose wrinkled in disgusted as you tried to yank away from him.

“Let her go.” Dean grounded out.  The warning that sounded from him was raw and wild.  It made your whole body tense as the man’s grip on your arm tighten.

“If you don’t let her the fuck go right now. I promise the only way you’re getting out of here is in a body bag.”  He said as his own went to grab Wilson’s wrist.  Wilson’s eyes widen in surprise when Dean’s grip sent a resounding pain through his arm.  

Letting you go quickly, Wilson turned to scurry away only to find that he was still trapped there.  Dean’s vise grip on the man’s arm tighten before he breathed him a finally warning.

“Touch my girl again and I’ll rip every appendage you have off your body and make you eat it.”  He growled to the man.  Wilson visibly flinched under the threat while you flinched for another reason.

Did Dean Winchester just call you his girl?!  

AN:   :D  Hope you enjoyed the update.  Please let me know what you think and I’ll be back Friday with a new chapter.  I’m really hoping Dean isn’t out of character in this story.  :(  Just a bit of an insecurity.  

You can read all my work at my MASTERLIST.

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Tags are under the cut.  Sorry about that! If you want to be added to the list please send me an ask.  Sometimes tumblr is a cunt and eats my notes.  I might not see your comment.  :)  Also some usernames will not tag.  :(  Tumblr needs to get it together.

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so i made this post because even the laziest people in existence still have to study ha ha these are just some things i’ve been doing for my revision!

1. you don’t need to rewrite notes to memorise them

i know tons of people say that rewriting notes is a form of memory retention but honestly!!! i don’t have the energy/patience for that ha! for me, the best method to memorise things (especially content-heavy chapters/subjects) would be to record yourself talking. i don’t think this is especially catered to auditory learners, because i know for a fact that i’m not an auditory learner but this still works especially well for me so!!

 i usually open up the voice recorder app and talk as if i’m teaching someone! i’d recommend you use a guidebook as reference and not the actual textbooks. guidebooks are more vague, so when you’re speaking about a particular point, you can sort of expand on the point given in the guidebook from your knowledge of the subject! this really helps for revision because you’re basically forced to remember things. you don’t necessarily need to replay your recordings. to me, the “recording” bit of this method is psychological, it makes me feel like i’m actually memorising and not just talking to myself haha.

this recording method is honestly one of the most helpful things i’ve ever started doing and i can do a more in-depth post on it if anyone asks haha

2. use different highlighters for different sections

i know literally everyone has been told this tip in their lifetime but honestly!!! it’s EXTREMELY helpful, especially if you want to do timelines for history! use different colours for things like dates, people, treaties, etc! 
okay but one thing about this tip that’s sort of different from others is that when you highlight dates, highlight the entire event and not just the date! so for example, instead of highlighting “28 June 1919″, highlight “The Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919.” that way, you know the WHOLE event and the date and you’ll be more likely to remember both! 

i learnt this the hard way - i used to highlight dates by themselves (maybe i was just totally dumb) and i could NEVER remember what happened on the dates lmao 

3. the internet is there for you

it’s a bad habit of mine, but being a very last-minute person, i ALWAYS have doubts even the night before exams. since it’s too late to actually contact anyone, i usually have to rely on the internet. the internet has a myriad of wonderful wonderful resources that are so incredibly useful! 

some youtube channels that have helped me are khanacademy (literally anything), mathbff (math), keith hughes (history), j brierly (literature) 

i also recommend watching documentaries (for history/social studies) because even though it’s a more in-depth version of what you have to learn, it’ll help you understand everything better + make your essay stand out :) 

4. find a suitable study space

a good study space is probably the first thing you should ensure if you want to get anything done at all. i usually never study at home, simply because i’m always distracted by trivial things such as “i’m hungry, i’m gonna get food” or “i’m so tired i’m going to sleep for five minutes”. 

when i started studying outside (usually at starbucks/the library), my productivity level increased so much it blew my mind a little. even though it’s a bit troublesome because you may not be completely sure what materials to bring, you’ll still get a lot done trust me on this lmao

5. always, always plan what you want to do

i find it really taxing to plan out my entire day down to the hour, so i usually just set a certain number of things i want to complete for that day, and just let things naturally flow from there.

for example, i write the things i want to do on my calendar (finish a set of math papers, read a chapter of lit, etc.) and then i just get everything done on that day w/o planning the exact time i’m going to do it! it makes things less stressful in my opinion :)

i’ve tried planning things by hour but it usually never works out so i just stopped doing it and honestly it’s not necessary! what’s important about planning is just knowing what you need to do and then getting it done. 

6. handwrite your notes whenever you can

writing your notes by hand triggers your memory more effectively than typing them out. even though i’m tempted to type out notes since i’m the laziest person in existence, i still try (most of the time) to write notes because at the end of the day, you’ll be more proud of your handwritten notes than your boring typed out ones :)

7. study with people who usually do well

this is a rather…shady….method of learning but honestly!!! when you know how the top students function, you can learn from them as well! 

i’ve discovered that top students usually perform so well because they review their content regularly, unlike people like me who wait three days before the exam to start cramming everything into my brain.

keep some pictures of your notes or some flashcards with you, so that when you have pockets of time (eg. waiting for a friend, waiting for the bus, etc), you can whip them out and start reviewing :) 

these people also act as tutors, so you can clarify your doubts with them and it’ll be less awkward as compared to asking an actual teacher. i know i prefer asking classmates than teachers hahaha.

OKAY i hope this helped :-) please also reblog/like this if you’re a studyblr, i’m new to the community and i wanna follow more people!! 

Someone just brought it to my attention that maybe Cole was talking about being whipped over another girl.
I’m going to address this for the people doubting SH right now.
Firstly, it’s no secret that I’m part of team “Sprousehart is 100% something more than friends”. I refuse to label them as boyfriend and girlfriend yet because I don’t know the exact status of their relationship, but I’m certain they’re either together, casually dating, lovers, or taking it slow, while trying to figure out what they mean to each other. But there is no denying that the way these two crazy kids behave around each other is a lot lot more than just friendship.

Here’s the real point I want to make: when a boy says “I’m whipped” it means he is in love so deep that he is willing to do anything for his partner. Side note: People usually talk about being whipped if there is dating involved. Now, with Cole’s comment, we are to assume that there is currently a special lady who has a very strong hold on his heart - someone he does a lot for.
At Paleyfest, Lili admitted that when she asked Cole to take her to Antelope Valley, and photograph her, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. He was all like, “Yeah, let’s do it”. Cole deleted the daddy poll because Lili didn’t win, and we all know he wanted her to. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did vote for her a lot.) Lili has been taking up photography lately - who do you think is teaching her? Who do you think got her the camera? Honestly, it’s right there in front of us all in plain sight. Cole has admitted on numerous occasions that his worst habit is interrupting people, which he’s proven to be true many times. But at Wondercon he let Lili speak in all their interviews without interfering; he let her shine on her own, and he only chimed in when he noticed she was getting tongue tied or needed him to finish her sentences. There’s a lot more proof I can provide, but this post will be never ending if I do. So for now I’ll leave you with all these sweet moments to ponder over. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, Cole’s behaviour towards Lili screams WHIPPED!

If Cole was, hypothetically speaking, referring to another girl when he said he’s whipped then I feel sorry for her, whoever she is, because the way he looks at Lili, talks about Lili and acts around Lili is exactly how someone in love behaves. He looks at her like she is magic. He doesn’t seem to know the meaning of personal space when standing near her. He can’t help but smile every time their eyes meet (she does this, too). He makes countless sex comments about her & around her, and even when she’s not around, “I was excited … it was great.”
I’m sorry, but whoever this other (clearly non-existent) mystery girl is, she must be sitting at home right now fuming because her “bae” seems to spend most of his time boasting about Lili and how great she is to do love scenes with. ;) Also, if there was another girl in his life, I doubt she’d be happy with him going out for breakfast with Lili, and then spending the entire day together, and then finishing the night with a romantic dinner for two. For those of you who don’t know, yes, Cole and Lili spent the whole day from morning till night last week, then they just “mysteriously” fell off the face of the earth for the entire weekend. Jeez, I wonder why? 🤔
Also, I don’t see Cole posting heart eyes emojis on any other females’ photos. I also don’t see his very over protective brother, Dylan, following any of his female model friends everyone seems to worry about.
Their obvious body language, and lack of personal space, their constant heart eyes to each other, their flirty banter, their ridiculous chemistry, their continuous smiles every time they look at each other, their flustered faces whenever they know people are on to them is just way too real and intense to ignore.

How anyone can think Cole meant another girl is beyond me. The guy is hopelessly in love with Lili. And if she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, I can assure you she would have dismissed him a long time ago, and not be spending nights at his house, and going out on dates with him for an entire day.
Whatever is going on between them is mutual. ❤️

Baby, Baby- Part One (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Summary: An assignment in which you must mother a baby simulator doll pairs you with Grayson Dolan, a cocky, arrogant jerk, who was only out to make your life difficult, it seemed. In a project based on bonding and developing parenting skills, you and Grayson must set aside your differences and work together to be good parents and pass the class. Only one of you was willing to do it, however, and it wasn’t Grayson.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1190.

A/N: Here it is! I am beyond excited for this series and I hope you are too. Please, please leave feedback, I would appreciate it so much. Enjoy! PS this entire miniseries will be dedicated to @themdolanboys. I owe her my entire lifetime and more for all she’s done for me 💛 

Baby, Baby Masterlist.

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The Matchmakers - Part 7

Art made by the amazing @bambz-art

@setthestarsxnfire​ and I wrote this one together! Hope you enjoy! This one is long so more under the cut~

MC: It’s a beautiful day!

Jaehee Kang: We should do something together

V: Agreed, it’s been awhile since we went out as a group.

ZEN: Like what?

707: Let’s go to the fair~!! ✧◕ヮ◕✧

ZEN: We’ve already been to the fair

Yoosung★: Oh? Since when :3

Saeran: ‘We’?

ZEN: Since
ZEN: Ehm
ZEN: No no, I misspoke
ZEN: I’ve never been there

Jumin Han: …

MC: Great!
MC: Then it’s settled, let’s all go!

Jaehee Kang: I don’t know if it’s something for me.

MC: Jaehee, it’s not the same without you (;﹏;)

707: MC’s secret weapon has been activated!

Jaehee Kang: Ah! I will go, MC!
Jaehee Kang: Don’t cry!

MC: Yaaayyy!!

Jumin Han: I really should finish writing these reports.

V: Come on Jumin, it’s Sunday.
V: Zen, you will be there, I hope?

ZEN: Hah… I suppose I can’t refuse if everyone wants to see me

Jumin Han: Alright, I’ll join.

MC: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yoosung★: Saeran, you’re not going to protest as well, right?

Saeran: Saeyoung is already dragging me out the door ⌐.⌐

707: Whoo~!

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On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Five (Important Message @ Bottom!)

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You swore you’d never hurt me.

You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

“Are you sure about this, Harry?” Gil asked nervously, juggling a can of spray paint from hand to hand. “Course I am,” Harry shot back. “Uma wants us to do it, so we’re going to do it.”

“But I thought she wanted us to lay low?” Gil asked, confusion evident on his face. “She does. But she also wants to make sure this school knows who they’re dealing with. Now get to work.”

Somehow, once again, you found yourself staring at a show of the pirates’ handiwork. We Ride With The Tide was tagged on every. single. wall.

“Harry Hook!” You shouted, whirling around to face the crowd. “Who knows where Harry Hook is!?” You could feel how close you were to snapping back into the angry girl you were on the Isle, but you couldn’t seem to stop it.

You growled when you noticed faces mixing from fear of you, to no doubt fear of dare snitching on the hook wielding pirate.

Yes, Fairy Godmother had finally let Harry have his father’s hook back. In a locked case of glass. It seemed she forgot he was from the Isle, seeing as he had the hook free from its prison in a matter of minutes.

“If I find out any of you are lying I will turn you into a frog!” You threatened through gritted teeth. “He’s on the tourney field!” The son of Rapunzel shouted out quickly.

You whipped around, storming to the tourney field where the team should have been mid-practice. But, seeing as they weren’t on the field, you could only assume they were in the locker room. Which you were not above entering to drag the pirate out by his ear. So, that’s exactly what you did.

Throwing open the door to the locker room you let out a quick “This is your only warning to cover your fun-sized tourney sticks!” Before walking in. “Harold James Hook I suggest you come out right now!” You shouted, storming through the aisles of lockers and half naked boys who, thankfully, heeded your warning and covered themselves.

“Really, lass? Did you miss me that much you had to come strollin’ in here? Or, maybe ye just hoped to see me bare as a wee babe,” A voice taunted. You whipped around to catch Harry leaning against a wall of lockers, clad, thankfully, in a pair of shorts and that tattered, sleeveless hoodie he always wore. It’s not as if you hadn’t seen him in less. Just, you didn’t need that distraction at the moment.

“Tell me, Harold, have you any idea who spray painted your crew’s little slogan on every wall of Auradon Prep?” You jeered, as if you didn’t already know the answer.

“Why, are ye accusin’ me, Y/N?” Harry mocked, pushing off of the lockers and sauntering over to you. “Because if so, that’s not very nice of ya to do. But it’s very Auradon of ya to do. Always accusin’ the poor, innocent lad that just wants to fit in.” He gave you a frown that might have seemed legit to everyone else. But, you could see the wickedness, the evil, the pure darkness lurking in his eyes.

“Stop harassing him, Y/N,” Chad chimed in from his locker. “It’s against the rules for you to be in here so leave!”

You gritted your teeth, head snapping to face the egotistical blond. “Yea,h well so was you and Audrey sneaking off grounds to make out by the lake but you didn’t see me saying shit,” You snapped. “Now mind your own business!”

“You may have your little team fooled, but you don’t fool me for a second, Harry,” You gritted, glaring up at the boy.

“Ya see, Y/N, that’s not my problem. That’s yers. Because, who will someone believe, hmm? The daughter of an evil sorcerer who turned a king into a frog? Who broke a lass’s nose, a lad’s arm, and covered the headmistress’s office in goo when she arrived? Or the son of a misguided pirate who just wanted to break free of the prison of an island he had to call home?” Harry whispered, lips barely grazing your ear.

“Sorry, Lass. It may have been yer territory before, but it’s ours now. And we ride with the tide.”

It was the first Saturday you actually got to sleep in since the pirates came to Auradon.

Well, that’s what you thought. Until you were woken up at nine o’clock by a frantic Dizzy. “Y/N! Y/N! You have to come downstairs! Harry and Jay are fighting!”

You sighed, sliding on your bunny slippers. Everyone had already seen them, so what was the point in changing? Wrapping your comforter around you, you held your hand out to Dizzy, “Take me to them.”

She quickly tugged you downstairs and out to the tourney field, where a small crowd had begun to gather. “We tried to get Uma to stop it, but she’s the one refereeing it,” Dizzy informed you. You opened your mouth to tell her you’d just let them fight it out before you paused, mouth wide open. “What about his hook?” You asked, fearful of the answer.

“I think he’s using it.”

You shoved your way through the crowd, shooting glares at anyone that tried to rebuke. When you finally made your way to the front, you let out a breath of relief. Harry’s hook, and his hat, lay a few feet away on the bottom of the stands.

“Harry! Jay! Both of you stop this right now!” You demanded, stomping over to the two boys. Gritting your teeth when you received no reaction, you took in a deep breath.


The boys quickly shot apart at the sound of your voice, as this wasn’t the first time you had to break up one of their fights. They had enough brain capacity to remember the consequences you’d give them for not listening to you. Scraping Lady Tremaine’s bunions was the lightest punishment. The others they forced themselves to forget.

“Look, I really could care less about what petty thing you two are fighting over this time, but keep the fights verbal, not physical,” You whined before turning to Harry. “I’m just trying to sleep in on Saturdays without you doing something bad that results in me having to get out of bed, Harry. Please just chill out,” You begged.

You could see a familiar flame ignite in Harry’s eyes, but before you could stop him, he blew off. “I guess that’s all I am isn’t? A fuck up. All I live to do is fuck up yer day, eh? I fucked up yer relationship now I’m fuckin’ up yer perfect little life here at Auradon!” He shouted, face growing red with anger. “I tried to appease ya, Y/N! But ye won’t fuckin’ listen to me! I’m sorry I’m not some perfect little prince that will wait on ye hand and foot and treat ye like some dainty little flower because that’s not who I am! And I will never be that type of man so I guess I should just finally give up on us and go back to the Isle shouldn’t I!?”

Your mouth gaped open as the crowd grew awkward at Harry’s words.

“Harry I-”

“Save it, Y/N. We’re over. I get it. I’m pathetic. I get it. No need to rub it in.

You could only stare after him as he stormed away, Uma in tow.

They mad it to the tree before Harry started speaking. “I’m in. I know I wasn’t sure about it before but, I’m in. This plan of yers. Whatever it is. Whatever ye need me to do I’m in. Even with yer plan for… Even with yer plan for Y/N.”

Uma smirked, “I’m glad you finally see it my way, Harry. Now, here’s the plans for Operation Take Everything Away.”

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woman in doubt

little jon/sansa fic, for how i imagine their reunion might be like. or a fic that shows jon and sansa’s relationship through dany’s eyes.

When Daenerys finally arrives in the North, she finds Winterfell sorely disappointing.

It’s dark, looming towers surrounded by black trees and ice give an aura of unforgiving chill and rigidness. When she says as much to Jon Snow, he gives her a short bark of laughter. “Yes, your Grace, it is so different from the warmth and comfort of Dragonstone, wouldn’t you say?”

To her side, Tyrion attempts (and then fails) to muffle a snicker and she shoots him a dark glare.

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she will come for you...(ii)

Mod Gotham’s note: Following up from this story, written in response to 03x03. Jamie flashes back to Selkie Island in 03x08…so, what if Claire and Brianna were there, waiting for him?

Seals. Greeting the new day – or each other – loudly.

Claire shifted a bit in her bedroll, bringing Brianna closer.

That scent…

Her eyes flew open – to see Jamie watching her.

She gasped.

Carefully, reverently he reached across Brianna’s sleeping form to cradle his wife’s cheek.

“I’m here…you’re here…”

Voice full of so much wonder.

“I could watch you for hours, Sassenach…watch Brianna…”

She lay her hand atop his, twining their fingers together.

“We can have our forever now, Jamie.”

His chin trembled, eyes shining with so many tears.

“This…this is a day I never thought would come,” he whispered. “Waking beside ye…holding our bairn…”

He swallowed – and his face contorted in shock.

“What is it, love?” Her voice was strong, calm. Centering.

Gasping for breath, he shook his head. “Outside?”

She chose a small section of wall on the side of the castle that faced the ocean. Her heart had leapt watching Jamie tenderly kiss the top of Bree’s curls, then constricted as he threw one of her shawls over his head – hiding his hair.

In the light of this new dawn, the sun shining on his face illuminated new wrinkles and lines around his mouth and eyes. Testament to how hard his life had been since their parting.

Christ – did he see the same lines and gray hairs now, his eyes searching her face?

“They’ll be looking for me.” One big hand clutched the shawl tight to his head amid the whipping wind, his other hand lost securely between both of hers. “The prison guards. The prison governor. He asked me to translate for Kerr…and I escaped yesterday when we were out cutting peats, on the moor.”

Claire massaged his hand – the one she had mended, after his ordeal at another prison, so many years ago – between hers. “Do you think they’ll send a search party out here? The boat isn’t coming for us until tonight, after dark.”

He pursed his lips, eyes darting back and forth. “I doubt they’d send anyone out here – but they’ll be watching the island today. Wi’ spyglasses and such. We canna go outside.”

“That’ll be all right – we need time, you and me. And Brianna, too.”

Jamie shrugged – that odd half-uncomfortable motion she had seen so many times, and now rejoiced at seeing yet again.

“Such a great father I am to her, and husband to you – I immediately put the both of ye in danger.”

“Stop that. Stop it right now,” she hissed. “I - *we* - both knew what to expect when we came back. We are prepared for anything. *She* is so strong, Jamie – so determined. Just like you.”

His lips cracked the tiniest of smiles. “Puir lass. She must be a right handful.”

She raised his hand to her lips, kissing each of his fingers in turn. “She is. But she’s a Fraser. I *do* have some firsthand experience, after all.”

He squeezed her hand – basking in the feel of her, the sight of her.

“It’s been so long since…” he swallowed. “Since I’ve felt a loving touch, Claire.”

She moved their joined hands to her hip, easing closer to him on the stone wall.

“I can touch you now.” Her eyes shone with promise.

His wame dropped…

“Claire,” he rasped. “I – weel. I must tell ye something.”

She straightened up a bit, preparing. So brave.

He licked suddenly dry lips. “I – I lay with another woman. Just for one night – the night before I arranged to turn myself over to the English. Two years ago now. And no – I’ll tell ye all about the rest of it, at the proper time.”

She closed her mouth, calming her breathing.

“Did you love her?” She hated how small – petty – her voice was. Of course he had had a life…

“No,” he breathed. “Look at me, Claire. Please.”

She hadn’t even realized her eyes had strayed away from him – shielding herself, perhaps. But now she returned her gaze to his – locking with the blue eyes she had seen every day in their daughter.

“She meant to comfort me. It was a kindness. I – I had been alone for so long, and I kent I’d be arrested the next day.” He swallowed, throat suddenly thick. “She helped me to forget that.”

Now Claire shifted so that they were side by side – her thighs pressing against his – on the lichen-spattered wall.

“I shared Frank’s bed, for a time after Bree was born,” she confessed. “I – we – tried to go back to the way it had been. But we couldn’t…or wouldn’t find our way back to each other. He was a fantastic father to her, Jamie – don’t doubt that. But he hadn’t truly been my husband since she was about a year old.”

He leaned his forehead – cold, clammy – against hers. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, voice low.

“I’m not,” she breathed, wrapping her arms around him. “It’s done. Your time with that other woman – that’s done. It’s over. We are here.”

“Thanks be to God,” he whispered, drawing her into a long, long kiss.

“Do you want to take everything in the box, Mama?”

Claire looked up from the corner of the large room, where she was folding away the blankets and cloaks they had slept on the night before. “I don’t see why not – gold coins are as good as gems, and much easier to convert.”

Jamie padded over to his daughter, crouching beside her. “May I see what’s in the box?”

She beamed up at him, opening the lid wider. “Look – gold coins, and jewels, and chains. Even some pearls, just like Mama’s necklace.”

His heart skipped. “Ye mean – the long string of pearls?”

Brianna nodded. “Yeah – she wore it all the time in Boston. It was one of the things she brought with us.” She paused. “Wait a minute – I remember now. When we were at Lallybroch, and she wore them, Auntie Jenny said something and then Mama said *you* had given them to her!”

“Aye – as a wedding present. They were yer grannie Ellen’s.”

“That’s my middle name – Ellen,” she smiled, proud.

Jamie let out a small strangled sound, then pulled Brianna tightly against him. Awkwardly she patted his back.

“Are – are you OK?”

He pulled back, frowning. “OK?”

She smiled, shaking her head – the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. “I’m sorry – I forget. It means ‘all right.’ Though I don’t know why we use those letters. It’s an American thing.”

“Thank ye for explaining it to me – I’ll try to keep up wi’ ye.”

“Silly – we understand each other just fine.”

Softly he traced one hand down her temple, cheek, and chin.

“My wee miracle. Of course we do.”

“How much longer, Mama?”

Claire drew her shawl tighter around her shoulders. Jamie turned his back to face the stinging wind, tugging Brianna to stand in front of him, shielding her with his body.

“Hopefully not much longer, love – it’s long past sunset, and the moon is up. At least the water is calm.”

*A Dhia* - just the thought of being on a boat, even for a short journey, curdled Jamie’s wame. But for Claire – and especially for Brianna – and most importantly, for their life together – he’d do it. Would do anything.

Had done everything.

“Any man wi’ half a brain will no’ come wi’ a lantern, that’s too risky.” He paused. “Who did ye say the man was, again?”

“He’s someone who says he knew you from before the Rising,” Brianna piped up. “Mama knew him too.”

“Weel, I kent a lot of men before the Rising,” he murmured. “So – ”


Jamie turned – pushing Brianna behind him – and sure enough, there it was. A lonely rowboat, a man’s heaving back facing them as he pulled and pulled and pulled at the oars.

Claire turned to gather their things – just rolls of blankets, and two leather satchels, one of her, one for Brianna. Jamie had had nothing, of course – and he and Claire had secreted the coins and jewels in their pockets for safekeeping.

Jamie walked to the edge of the rocky shore to help the man maneuver the boat for a safe landing –

“Weel – it’s good to see ye, Jamie!”

Even in the dark, he’d recognize that voice anywhere.

“Rupert? What the devil? Ye’re alive!”

“Hi Rupert!” Brianna beamed, materializing at his side.

“Good e’en to ye, wee lass. Are ye ready for another boat trip?”

“I am!” she exclaimed, and turned to Jamie. “Da?”

If his heart had stopped at hearing Rupert MacKenzie’s voice for the first time in ten years – then Brianna’s voice calling him Da for the first time sped it up beyond measure.

He bent, carefully lifted his daughter – and then wife – into the boat, and then climbed in beside his friend, kinsman, rescuer.

“Ye owe me an explanation, man! How are ye not deid?” He took the other set of oars, helping Rupert steer the boat toward the shore.

“Now *that* is a story – but dinna fash, we’ve plenty of time now.”

Jamie looked across the boat at his wife and daughter – cuddled close against the cold. Tired, yet smiling.

“Aye,” he whispered. “That we do.”

Bad Boy (Part 4).

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: Talk about gangs, some slight violence, mentions of cuts and blood. Trashed furnitures.

Word Count: 1011.

Rating: 18+


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

As always I’m tagging my lovely, lovely wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose along with @ryverpenrad @supernatural-girl97 @brokenanxiety @palaiasaurus64 Enjoy!

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 Just so you all know–Boston is the best place on earth.

In the light of the sun / is there anyone? / Oh, it has begun / Oh dear, you look so lost / your eyes are red and tears are shed / this world you must’ve crossed / you said…

Harry kept staring at the magazine article and his Twitter feed and watched the influx of DMs from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even his own text messages as people read the bogus article. His heart was heavy. For so long Harry had been trying and done everything he could think of to be successful. It all lead to this moment somehow and while he tried to be liked and tried to appeal to everyone, this is what happened.

He really should have known this would have happened. To Harry, it was as if he was golden and nothing could hurt him; sure, he was famous, but people adored him and could never say a bad thing about him.

But they did.

And it hurt.

His mum called him to tell him she loved him. It helped. Barely.

All he wanted to do was cry.

Rubbing his face with his hand he stood up from the chair on the patio and ripped the magazine in half with a huff. His body was shaking and he was breathing heavily. His eyes were red with no seep and tears that managed to leak out. He was tired of fame. It wouldn’t sleep and he just wanted to go away.

When he picked up the pages of his discarded magazine (he would never litter no matter how mad he was) he noted a tiny little piece had the nicest colors of leaves on it. He managed to place all the matching pieces he destroyed together—at least a few of them to get the big idea.

After the pieces were together he felt a little better and had his answer.

You don’t know me / and you don’t even care / oh yeah / and you said / you don’t know me / and you don’t wear my chains / oh yeah

“I know Mum, I will. As soon as I’m settled,” he murmured as he entered the quiet airport at an ungodly hour in the morning. He figured it was for the best to come at this time because if he came when it was busy he would get trampled and his heart would break again.

And still, he wore a hoodie and track pants. Anything to be comfy and hide himself from the world. No one appeared to notice him because it was two in the morning and who went halfway across the country at two in the morning?

Well, aside from Harry, the girl in front of him sipping on coffee as she waited to board the plane at the same gate as him. She was practically dancing as she stood in line, Harry wasn’t sure if it was the lack of sleep, the coffee she was drinking or just her personality, but she was adorable. With all the ache in his chest weighing him down, he felt utterly pleased by the cute girl in front of him. It made his brain and heart forget about the pain—even if it was only for a few minutes.

“Miss, you’ll have to throw that out before you board,” the person at the help desk said.

She nodded. “No worries, I’ll be done before the third person in line is seated,” she smirked. The attendant chuckled and Harry was enraptured as she sucked down the caffeine.

“Can you do that with beer?” The gentleman behind her wondered with a smirk.

Smiling the most brightly lit smile, she shook her head. “No, I’ve never tried it with beer, probably won’t.” She grinned. “But when you need caffeine,” she shrugged as she tossed the empty cup into the garbage. Harry felt a wave of adoration fall over himself. He wanted to chat her up—but she was just the right age to have heard all the rumors and probably hate his guts as much as he hated his own.

For the time he boarded, as much he found himself adoring the cute girl, he wallowed in pity of how sad and angry he was.

Of course, that only lasted another ten or so minutes, because as he boarded the plane, he found that life had a funny way of kicking you while you were down. His first-class seat was right next to the cute girl. Grinning up at him she gave patted his seat. “Hi, I saved it for you,” she winked cutely. Smirking, Harry stowed his bag above his head and plopped down next to her.

She introduced herself and Harry cleared his throat because first and foremost he had manners and regardless of how much the world hated him, he had to be polite to the cute girl. “Harry,” he murmured. His throat was scratchy from not speaking for a while, early morning, and crying for a very long time.

“Hi Harry,” she chirped and she settled into her seat with her legs crossed and she draped a blanket over herself. “I get crazy cold on airplanes,” she said. “Do you wanna share my blanket? It’s pretty big for just me.”

How on earth was he supposed to say no to that. So she pushed some of the blanket toward him and she leaned back a bit in her seat. “Just to warn you, I snore a bit and drool so if I start cuddling you—I’m a cuddler too, I apologize.”

For the first time in maybe a month, Harry laughed. He laughed from the bottom of his chest and it practically echoed through the whole plane. For a moment, he forgot who he was because it was as if she didn’t know who he was. Or if she did, she didn’t care.

Harry was really starting to like this girl.


He said I think I’ll go to Boston / I think I’ll start a new life / I think I’ll start it over / where no one knows my name

There was still two hours left of the flight when she finally asked the question Harry had been dreading. “So what’s got you going to Boston?” She whispered so as not to bother the other passengers. Most were dead to the world, but she and Harry were not rude people.

“Erm…just…starting over,” he shrugged casually. “Change of scenery and just…don’t want anyone to know my name.”

Tilting your head at him, Harry felt scrutinized, suddenly very aware of how you were looking through him and seeing into his soul. “Well that’s always good,” you said with a shrug. “New beginnings are good,” you murmured and you rested your head on his shoulder with a yawn. “I have to sleep for a bit or I’ll be cranky,” you told him and settled immediately into his soft shirt that smelled like clean cotton. Harry smirked gently combing his fingers through your hair so you would sleep quickly and he gently laid his head to rest against yours until he was asleep too.


When the plane was landing, Harry woke up the groggy girl on her shoulder. Her lips and eyes were puffy with sleep and she pouted cutely as her eyes adjusted to the light of the sun peeking through the window. Harry couldn’t help but adore and smile at her. “Hi Sleeping Beauty,” he whispered.

“There’s nothing beauty when I wake up.”

He chuckled pushing some of her hair back that was sticking up. “You’re adorable,” he whispered. Blushing brightly, you rubbed your eye and sighed as you leaned back against the seat. “Can I get your phone number?” He asked. “I don’t know anyone here and…it would be nice to have a friend.”

“Of course, Harry…but that defeats your whole, ‘no one knows my name,’ thing you got going on,” you said plucking his phone out of his hands to program your number with a smile.

“Something tells me I want you to know my name,” Harry murmured as he looked at the ten most perfect digits.

I’ll get out of California / I’m tired of the weather / I think I’ll get a lover / and fly him out to Spain

The first thing he noticed about Boston was that it was tens of degrees cooler than California. At first, he hated it and wanted to spend all day inside but then one day, he braved the “cold” and walked through the park. He noted how all the leaves were changing, deep reds, bright yellows, and flaming oranges like he hadn’t seen since he left England. At once the air was no longer cold, but crisp. The hot cider he drank warmed his hands and he swore the air was always filled with a smoky sent that made his heart warm enough to forget all about the cold.

And of course, the warm hand in his helped a bit too.

“We have to go apple picking!” You shouted suddenly. People who were running by and walking with their dogs and kids all whipped their heads toward your outbursts. Chuckling, Harry squeezed your hand. “Whatever you wanna do, love,” he promised. When Harry told his mum about you, she was a bit skeptical.

“Harry, I have no doubt she’s lovely…but I’m just worried you’re upset and clinging to the first nice thing you can find…I find it impossible she hasn’t a clue who you are.”

“Well she doesn’t, Mum,” he grumbled bitterly. He was totally smitten and he wanted his mum to be happy for him. He was happy again, barely anyone recognized him out here. Harry did tell you he accumulated a bit of fame out in California—he never said how much but you didn’t pay any mind to it and he loved you more for such.

Truth be told, when Harry needed you most, you appeared before him drinking coffee faster than anyone could dream and falling asleep on his shoulder.

“There’s so much you haven’t done. Fall out here is honestly the best place on earth. And we have to do a hayride and go pumpkin picking and carve them! And I’ll have to take you to get Halloween decora—” you hiccupped in all the excitement and Harry couldn’t believe how adorable you were and you flushed as the hiccups kept coming. He kissed the top of your head. “Easy love,” he whispered. “Make a list and every weekend we’ll do something fun, yeah?”

He was blessed that the record label would let him work from anywhere in the country—not that he needed to work, but he couldn’t just sit around. Majority of the work week you could be at home, reading and editing sending in tens of manuscripts by Friday to your publishing company. The weekends were then spent with Harry. Either cuddling on the couch to a rom-com that he suggested (you were still in shock he was even real), going out for a drink or two dancing until your feet hurt (he didn’t even care that you looked silly when you danced), or something like this—a walk in the park with a hot apple cider in hand.

“That’s a good idea!” You hiccupped again. “And then I’ll make a winter list—and a spring one!”

“Don’t forget about summer, darling.”

She wrinkled her nose. “I don’t like summer much. It’s too hot and stifling.”

He smirked. “Well…I’ll take you somewhere then—maybe Spain. It’s not as hot.”

Now, planning winter was bold. Spring was a step too far as soon as you said it. But for Harry to plan your summer together nearly ten months away, well…you continued to hiccup nonetheless.

Oh yeah and I think I’ll go to Boston / I think that I was tired / I think I need a new town to leave this all behind

It was one day when Harry was recognized, loudly, by someone when he was getting coffee for you. He was in awe that someone would yell at him in public like that. But she made a good point—he was a role model—and what he had done is not something a role model should do.

So, he sulked to your apartment his sunglasses low on his nose as he tried to hide the tears that threatened to fall. They were red, he was sure and when you opened your apartment door, Harry simply held your drink out to you.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” You asked.

The plan today was to do the last thing on the fall bucket list—a Halloween haunted hay ride. But right now, Harry didn’t look like he was in any condition to do such. He shook his head as he kicked off his suede boots and plopped down on your soft sofa. He pulled the sunglasses off, pinched between his eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s nothing…”

You bit your lip, knowing better than to press on so you stood there curiously wondering how you could help. You glanced at the kitchen. “I think I’ve got some cookie mix,” you said. All things considered, you knew Harry used to be a baker and cookies always made him feel at home.

“What about the hay ride?” He wondered.

You shrugged. “We should probably leave something for us to do next year,” you said. And you looked so cute, a huge sweater hung over your body and you were wearing a lovely fall scarf with little leaves on it. You had boots that matched Harry’s and he felt really bad cancelling your plans like that.

“Kitten, you look so pretty. I don’t want to cancel just because I’m sulky,” he said.

You shook your head. “No, you won’t have any fun if you’re sad, it’s better we just make cookies and watch a movie. We can make smores in the fire place,” you smiled at him.

“Well…can we at least go out for a walk around the city tonight?”

Sure, Harry was falling in love with Boston, but the city life always made him feel a little bit more at home when he was sad like this. “Of course, baby,” you cooed and kissed his forehead. “I’ll go get the aprons.”


As it got closer to Thanksgiving, Harry had never had experienced the proper holiday and so you brought him back to your house to meet your parents and enjoy turkey and gravy. “Promise me you won’t leave me after meeting them,” you said worriedly as you carried in the apple pie.

“Angel, nothing could keep me away from you,” he said seriously.

Blushing, he picked up the other desserts you two brought and headed inside. Immediately, your mother gave him a hug, and your dad shook his hand. Everyone appeared to be getting along perfectly and you were honestly in shock. The dinner went smoothly, Harry (who you were not worried about at all) charmed your parents and cousins and other relatives.

“Did you tell him?” Your mom asked when you guys were in the kitchen doing dishes.

“Oh God no,” you shook your head. Peering through the doorway, you watched your dad tell him some story about you in school and Harry’s face was alight with awe and adoration. You were too lucky to tell him some silly, trivial piece of gossip.

I think I need a sunrise / I’m tired of the sunset / I hear it’s nice in the summer / some snow would be nice.

You were reading one of the manuscripts to Harry while he rubbed your feet and he scribbled in his journal. The snow was falling hard out the window and it was chilly in your apartment even with the heat blasting and blankets draped over both of you. He had to say, there was nothing like the Christmas lights in the snow. While he adored Christmas, he’d never seen anyone like yourself enjoy every aspect of the holiday. You had routines he couldn’t imagine, from hot chocolate, from going on a train ride to look at lights to sipping hot chocolate in silence while looking at the Christmas tree all lit up in the dark apartment with Christmas music.

“You really like snow?” He interrupted.

You nodded. “It’s the most peaceful sound in the world,” you told him as you scribbled something in the margin. Harry pulled on your toe so you would look up at him. “Yes?” You asked.

“I love you,” he said.

Blushing you looked down at your lap with a smile and you looked back up at him shyly. “I love you too,” you whispered.

Grinning, he leaned toward you and his breath was minty as he whispered in your face, “I hope you don’t mind. I don’t have any mistletoe on me,” he said quietly. His voice was raspy and deep and made you shiver a bit.

“I don’t mind at all,” you breathed as he leaned and pressed his plump lips against yours. Your heart soared as it always did and you couldn’t believe how wonderful he tasted after the hundreds of kisses you shared. Each kiss felt new and you wondered if that was because you were so in love or if because he was just a really good kisser.

The kiss lengthened and while you knew Harry was a sweet guy from the start, you couldn’t believe there was no pressure for a physical relationship once. You found it odd, Harry, a beautiful soul and person all around and girls flocked around him and you had been to the club with him—you heard the things they begged him to do. He never once asked but now the kiss was deepening and he pulled back a little to sprinkle little kisses over your face. “Do you think I could take your shirt off?” He whispered.

You nodded and tugged at his.

The kissing continued and moved to more and soon you were cuddled against his warm chest, your body curled around his frame and he kissed your cheek whispering how much he loved you in your ear.


Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day all came and went. By now you had met Harry’s family and they adored you as much as he adored you. With spring just around the corner, you had a whole new list of things to do with Harry. You had to go to the zoo, swing in the park, and go for a walk in the blooming flowers (no matter how much it made your pollen allergies escalate).

Harry didn’t mind at all though—you had a very cute sneeze. His hand was twined with yours and he wondered when on earth you would figure him all out. He couldn’t believe how easy and quick this new beginning, this new year, was going and not once had you mentioned anything about his fame or mis-fame.

You chattered on about your friends all of whom did not know Harry either. Harry’s friends had visited multiple times with their babies and all to see the girl that captured his heart and other than Harry wanting to have a million babies with you immediately, he wanted to know if you really knew nothing about him.

At least he figured it didn’t matter to you.

By now, his name was lost in the crowd, no one paid any mind to him when he went out in public and it was the most relieving experience he could have.


When summer rolled around, you made Harry get up at the same ungodly hour he first met you. Why anyone would drive two hours to a beach was beyond him, but you were driving in the dark with the sleepy love beside you. “This is silly, we should be asleep,” he grumbled against the window. You patted his knee.

“It’s worth it, Har-bear.” He wanted to know your secret to your chipper personality during the wee hours of the morning.

While you had never steered him wrong, Harry was tired. And no matter how pretty you looked in your sundress and sweater, he wanted to go back to sleep and cuddle. “Is this punishment for not going to Spain?” He wondered.

You giggled. “No, silly. I promise, you’re gonna love this.”

So, he slept a little while longer until you were at your destination. Near a bridge, you coaxed him out of the car and went for a small walk with a blanket in hand. You dragged him along behind you and you were quiet in the early hours while most of the world was asleep.

Spreading the blanket out, he laid down immediately. “C’mon you lump, you’re gonna wanna see this,” you told him. “I promise.” Sitting up he sat beside you while you combed through his messy curls. The sleepy thing was tired you could tell from what you were a little unsure. He’d seemed really off lately and you thought this little adventure would make him smile.

“You okay, honey?” You whispered softly. He nodded against you even if he didn’t believe it himself. “Okay…” you murmured and rubbed his back. After a few moments of silence Harry finally asked why you had brought him here. “I thought of something I love about summer,” you shrugged.

He peeled opened his eyes and gazed at the sight before him in awe. A sunrise. Hues of bright pink, yellow, blue, and purple. His breath was caught in his throat as he looked at it. He’d not seen a sunrise since leaving England. There were only sunsets in California and not one sunset compared to this sunrise. Everything he had been bottling up for so long was bubbling at the surface, his heart aching and feeling just like that first night he met you. Maybe you were a distraction—that made him feel worse, but he knew that it wasn’t true. He did adore and love you. He was just sad.

So, he started to cry and they were noisy broken sobs that broke your heart. “Oh, love, I’m so sorry,” you said kissing his head and rubbing his back.

He shook his head sniffling as he attempted to pull himself together. Everything hurt all at once and sure this was a new beginning for him, but it didn’t make him hurt any less. “Do you really not know who I am?” He wondered quietly.

Biting your lip, you sighed. “Of course, I do, baby. But…when I met you…I knew what happened, and I didn’t want to make a six-hour flight worse for you just because I’m obsessed with your music and everything else about you. I went back to my apartment and took all your posters down and deleted your music off my phone,” you told him. “You were so sad and those were such awful rumors, I didn’t want you to think I thought of you any differently than you wanted me to know.”

With a shaky inhale of breath Harry tried to calm himself down, his eyes red and his face blotchy as you looked him over. “You knew who I was all this time?” He wondered.

“I thought I did…but Har-bear, you’re so much more,” you promised rubbing his cheek. He leaned into your hand and pressed a kiss to the center of your palm. “I’m sorry I lied to you,” you whispered. “But if you didn’t want anyone to know your name then I wasn’t going to break your heart and tell you I knew it.”

He bit his lip. “I know I say it a lot, but I love you a ton, kitten,” he whispered.

You smiled kindly at him and looked through his eyes and peered into his soul just like that night on the airplane. You cuddled him—a not so total stranger, knowing only that the papers had lied—or so you hoped and you still trusted him.

Harry was starting to believe Boston was the best place on earth. Whether everyone or no one or just you, knew his name.

Boston / where no one knows my name.

Taehyung Scenario: Jokes Aside

Request: I want to request a TaeTae scenario where you are childhood friends and he has always been a prankster and just really silly and generally how he is, but before the reader leaves for like college or something he confesses to her, but she doesn’t take him seriously at first. Super cute stuff you know. Fluffy Af.

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Taehyung had been a close friend and a next door neighbor to you since you two were basically in diapers. Your houses had always been right next to each other, and since your families were so close, the property line between your yard and theirs was really only a formality. And since you and Taehyung were about the same age, it was only natural that the two of you became close.

But now you had both grown up. You had both recently graduated high school– and you were so ready to start this new chapter of your life as you headed off to college. You had chosen a school very far away from home, while Taehyung had opted for a local school. It was the night before your flight, and as you and Tae texted each other like always as you reminisced away as to how long you two had been friends.

Taehyung had always been a fun-loving guy, and while he never took his pranks too far, he never ceased to get creative. One time, on your first day of kindergarten, you were sad to be without your parents for the first time and to cheer you up he thought it’d be a good idea to hide a fake spider in your backpack. While you hadn’t appreciated the scare, it certainly did distract you from missing your parents as you chased him around the playground.

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Your heart practically leaped into your throat. You had been pinned. Your back against the cold grimes bars of the sewer and yet you found yourself gripping at them to make sure this was reality and not some dream. There was so much talk. So many whispers about curses on Derry. The deaths, the missing children cases, it was all too intriguing. You had to check it out. And you did. Sure enough with a little digging on research, you figured the sewers was your best bet to find some answers. It had been hours. Your flashlight even starting to go dead. Deciding it was time to call it a night, you began to try and make your way out. Head held low in defeat.

However you couldn’t find the light. There was no exit in sight. Even worse, you began to hear things. Splashes. Like footsteps in the murky sludgy water. Someone was here with you. Your pace quickened as you tried to make sense of the tunnels. There was a way out. You could find it. There was no doubt it was getting dark, so you could only pray the moon was bright enough for you to see the opening. And it was. You saw light. A white light. Oh thank the heavens, you were gonna get out of here and get yourself a hamburger and shake. You deserved it after this mess of a day. Yet when you walked closer, you realized it wasn’t light. Not really. More of a glory mist. A replica of the moons light. You furrow your brows, confused and nervous. What was this?

“Looking for me?” You whip around and step back. You could hardly see what was speaking to you. Your hands desperately fumbling with the flashlight. Finally you aimed the beam forward. Which… didn’t work out since it abruptly died before you could get a good look. Perfect. “Who are you?” You swallow hard and try to remain calm. It was much more scary not knowing what was there. You’d probably be more comfortable if it was a giant werewolf than some unknown person.

“Well there is a million dollar question! Who am I? Who am I… hm? Why I am Pennywise the Dancing clown!” His voice was odd. It was pleasant yet the pitch changes in his sentences were dramatic and insane. “You’re… a clown?” You say softly and squint your eyes, desperate to see this “clown.” You didn’t really need to though. Suddenly there was a broad chest in front of you. Dangly red PomPoms inched from your face. You slowly look up. Your eyes resting on the face of said clown. Oh he was a clown alright, but not like one you have ever seen. He looked human and yet… didn’t. He was off. Everything was off.

You stepped back again. Your back against the bars and your hands gripping at them for comfort. Back to the beginning. “What’s wrong? Am I not… pretty enough for you?” His voice grew deep and grotesque. The change only a precursor, though. Red lips curled and there was a crack, his jaw widening and teeth beginning to protrude from places NO ONE should have teeth. “You are the one who’s been killing these people.” You whisper in shock. Maybe fear. Mostly shock. You weren’t sure. “It was all you…”

“CoRRecT…” He snarls and slammed himself forward. His hands gripping the bars at the sides of your head. His body completely blocking you from moving or running away. You stare up into his red ringed eyes. You were scared and yet this is what you had been searching for all your life. Something out of this world. Here is was, right in front of you. In the form of a monstrous clown. What a find.

Pennywise leaned down. His face now lined up perfectly in front of yours. With was drastic considering how y’all he was. “Aren’t you a curious little rat. I can smell it on you. You wanna learn more about old Pennywise?” You found yourself unconsciously nodding your head. His hands left the bars and he held them out in front of you. His jaw returning to a more “normal” state, but jagged teeth still Poked out from his lips. “Then why don’t you come with Pennywise like goooood little doll you are~ Then I’ll show you whatever you want.”

There was so much malicious intent behind those words. Yet you could tell he was curious too. He wanted to understand your curiosity. Entertain himself for a bit. Even though you may not ever be seen again, you found yourself wanting to take the offer. You wanted to see more. No matter how terrifying it was. You wanted to know.

Your hands gently rested on top of his large gloved ones. His fingers locking around you and pulling you closer. A look of pure satisfaction on his face. Like a child who got what he wanted.

“Perfect~ I will take good care of you. Yes I will…”

Huntress- Part 11: Remember

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E11 so warning: SPOILERS

Part one
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Part Ten

It had been a few days since you’d told your Dad and Uncle the truth…as much as you could bare to say. You were currently sat at the Motel, your Dad was typing away on his laptop, no doubt looking into some lore for the case they were working. 
Uncle Dean had gone to “get a burger”, but you weren’t stupid. He’d be gone all night no doubt. Ever since that conversation, you’d become a little more distant with your Dad. Maybe it was embarrassment, you never wanted to tell him in the first place, maybe guilt that you hadn’t told him or maybe you’d just been thinking too much.

Despite your distance, your Dad was now more determined than ever to stay close to you. You’d never been a talker and had always kept most things bottled up so to tell someone a story you kept to yourself and considered very personal was a huge step for you. You’d barely said a word to anyone since, but that was just how your body worked. You need time to recharge and build up to confrontation. A hunt would bring you back, something to keep your mind away from anything else.

You thought back to the conversation, the confused face your Dad had given you…

“Your daughter” You’d said, knowing full well it’d do nothing but increase his curiosity. 
“Wh-what?” Your Dad’s eyebrows knitted together, his eyes focused intently on yours.
“You had two daughters.” You managed, your voice quivering.

“How…?” Your Dad was now much more hesitant to ask you anything.

Your lips trembled “Max was…” You could hardly breath.

…“Hey, Y/N, could you pass me the charger?”
You broke out of your daze, unaware of how long you’d been sat there, staring at nothing. Nodding, you handed your Dad his charger, still not saying a word.
“You okay, bug?” He tilted his head, you saw him do so out of the corner of your eye.
Again, you nodded. But he wouldn’t take a nod for an answer. Sighing, he got up from the chair and sat down next to you on the bed. You felt a dip in the bed, but still didn’t look up.

“It’s okay if you’re not.” He softly spoke, his elbows resting on his knees and his hands hanging in between.
You nodded again, lost for the correct words to say. “I know you’ve got a lot going on, Y/N. You can just stay here for the hunt.”
The way he spoke made it sound like an offer and left you wondering if it was an order. Instead of nodding, you shook your head, causing him to sigh again.


“Please.” You begged “I want to. I need….something to do.” You tried to explain it, finding each word harder to say without breaking down.
“You sure?”
Back to nodding, you hummed a “Yeah.”

Defeated, he stood up, planting a kiss on your forehead and sitting back down at his computer. You went back into your daydream…

“You had a twin.” Your Dad said the words for you. You nodded “She was my best friend, my only family when Mum died. She was all I had…” You couldn’t bring yourself to look at anyone.

“What happened to her?” Your Dad asked, only his tone of voice was different this time. It was as though the question was optional, he understood you didn’t want to talk about it. 

You shook your head, squeezing your eyes shut. You couldn’t bare to think about it, her bloodshot eyes and pale complexion, her cold hands and lifeless body. You took in a deep breath “It doesn’t matter. She’s dead.”

…You hadn’t noticed until your Dad moved back down next to you that you were crying. It was silent, tears lightly trickling down your face, your eyes blinking a lot. This time he sat much closer and didn’t say a word, enveloping you into a hug, his head resting on yours and his arms holding you close. 
“Hey, come on. It’s okay. It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ve got you.” He cooed, rubbing your back gently with one of his hands, the other held your head.
You sobbed, finally giving in to his embrace. He stayed there, holding you and keeping you close to him, you clung on to him as though your life would fade away if you loosened your grip at all. 

You’d managed to convince yourself that you were okay, you’d be able to wake up every morning and smile without waiting for your sister to come and have breakfast with you. You could walk to school with two headphones in listening purely to the song rather than only having one in with your main focus on Max as she rambled on and on about nothing. You could fall asleep on time instead of texting your twin who was only a few feet away in the other room, so close you could hear each others giggles. You could walk the dog without sharing the lead or cross the road only looking out for yourself. You could hug your Mum without Max laughing and joining in the embrace: “Room for one more?”.

You couldn’t. 

Blinking your eyes awake, you felt more tired than the night before. After allowing your eyes to get used to the light you noticed there was no one else there. The curtains were still closed, but the morning light was creeping through the sides they hadn’t covered. Your Dad’s laptop was on the table by the window.

You sighed, quickly getting dressed and putting on your combats. When you went to open up the curtains a post-it-note caught your eye, it was stuck to the laptop and curling slightly at the corner: “Having breakfast with Dean…Sorry, didn’t want to wake you up. Be back soon xxx”

You managed a smile and looked out of the window, noticing Baby was still there so he can’t have gone far. For most people, this situation would be a nod and go back to bed, only you weren’t most people. You were a Winchester.

You opened up the laptop to see the page open on ‘Waldos’, it seemed to be some sort of waffle-place. You took note of the street name, grabbed your gun for extra caution and headed towards Waldo’s. 
It wasn’t exactly hard to miss, with a huge flashing sign and a massive waffle logo on every wall of the building, you slipped in through the front and walked up to where Dad and Uncle Dean were. 

They had your backs to you, Uncle Dean was downing painkillers with coffee and your Dad was offering a disapproving look. You pulled up a stool next to Uncle Dean and smiled. Uncle Dean looked at you for a moment as though you were a stranger, his eyes were narrowed and his head tilted.
“Y/N..?” Your Dad looked concerned if nothing else. At the mention of your name Uncle Dean relaxed and looked back at his waffles.
“How did you find us?”
“You had the page open on your laptop.” You shrugged. To your amazement, Dad smiled to himself, something told you that leaving the website up wasn’t completely unintentional.

“So you’re saying you really can’t remember anything?” Your Dad frowned, watching Uncle Dean inhale about fifty waffles. “Not squat.” Uncle Dean shook his head in disbelief “Why did I even leave the Motel room…?”
“You wanted a burger.” You said.
“Well, I’ll text Mom to let her know I’m the emergency number…And Cas, in case he gets some more info on Kelly.”
Uncle Dean frowned and mouthed “Kelly?” At you. You sighed and frowned back before saying “You know, the girl with Lucifer’s bun in her oven.” 
“Lucifers love child.” Dad added, standing up from the stool.”

“Oh, right yeah.” 

“Okay, well I’m gonna go work the case. You and your waffles can have some alone time, come on.” Dad tited his head back to gesture for you to come with him. You rolled your eyes at your Uncle before standing to join Dad.

“Okay I’m coming.” Uncle Dean tore himself away from the plate and stood up to leave. Just then lady made her way over, she was smiling at your Uncle and took in a deep breath before saying “Hey.”.
“Hey.” Uncle Dean replied, looking between her and you two “Who are you?”
Her face instantly turned to rage and she slapped him there and then, turning on her heel in a huff and returning to her friends.
“Damn.” You mumbled to yourself, slightly impressed.
“Hell of a night.” Uncle Dean coughed.

One of the worst things about being a young hunter was the fact that you couldn’t pass as an FBI agent, so for the parts of the case where Dad and Uncle Dean were busy faking their jobs and working the case you were stuck in Baby, You got out and leant against the bonnet, whipping your phone out for something to do. 

Half an hour later Dad and Uncle Dean came back, discussing something about the case no doubt.
“Looks like we’re dealing with Witches.”Your Dad explained, briefly filling you in.

Once again you were greeted with a strange expression from Uncle Dean, his head tilted to the side and his eyebrows furrowed. “Why do you keep looking at me like that?!” You asked, making your Dad turn back around to see what you were talking about.
“I don’t know. kid.” Uncle Dean coughed slightly when he sad Kid.

“Kid?” You echoed, the way he said it didn’t sound right.
“Where?” Uncle Dean frowned, turning slightly. 
Sighing, you got in the back, ignoring Uncle Deans confused face.

“I said I’m fine!” Uncle Dean argued, getting out of the car.
“What’s my name?” You asked, standing in the way of the Motel door.
“My name. Now.”
“I don’t have to do this.” He decided.

“You don’t know do you..?” Your Dad looked amazed.

“Of course I do.”
“Then what is it?” You raised an eyebrow. he opened and closed his mouth a few times before shaking his head “I don’t know…”
“I’m only joking.” Uncle Dean laughed, but he looked incredibly confused, his mind deep in thought trying to remember what your name was.
“Uncle Dean-” You started to say before he interrupted you.

You and Dad shared a worried look.

“Dean, you forgot your own name!” Dad protested, following after his brother in the Motel room. “And Y/NS.”
”Y/N, that was it! I knew it!” 
You followed on behind, wondering what the hell was going on with your Uncle.

“Yeah that was weird…” He couldn’t help, but agree however.

“Look I’m fine, see? This is a coat, this is a bed. This is uh…a….uh light stick.”
“A light sti-” Your Dad sighed, picking up a post-it-note and writing “LAMP” in big letters before sticking it on the “light stick”. 
“Lamp!” Uncle Dean cheered “So close.”

“I’m gonna call Rowena.” Dad sighed before adding “The Witch.”
“Yeah…Rowena this is serious…I think he’s been hexed…he can’t remember really simple things…no….I don’t know and I’m not checking!…how do we fix it?”
You watched in anticipation when your Dad put the phone down “We need to kill the Witch.” He explained, putting his jacket back on.
“Come on.” He added, dragging his brother away from the TV.

“AND, our best friend’s an Angel..Whaaaaaat?!” Uncle Dean exclaimed, hitting your Dad who almost jumped out of his skin. You couldn’t help but giggle, only shutting up when Dad glared at you.
Settling with a smirk, you examined the blood smears on the tree bark, runnng your fingers gently over the dried crimson.

“Sam…Y/N!” Uncle Dean called out, shining his torch back at you both. You hurried over, finding a dead body collapsed behind a fallen tree.
He had whited out eyes, a river of dried blood coming from his mouth and dirt covered him all over. “Is that a dead guy?”
“Yep.” You answered, shining you torch over his body for any more clues.
“No, Dean. Not cool. Killing the Witch is supposed to be the cure. But if the Witch isn’t dead then…why aren’t you…you?” 
“Not cool.” He gulped.

A knock at the door made you and your Dad look up from his laptop screen. “I’ll get it.” Uncle Dean declared, heading straight for the door.
“No, Dean. Wait!” Dad attempted to stop him, getting his handgun out.
The door swung open to reveal the Witch you’d met back when you had to capture Lucifer.

Inviting herself in, she put her bag on your bed and turned to face you all.
“Who’s this?” Uncle Dean scoffed.
Rowena sighed “The spell’s progressed I see.”
“Your hair…it’s all so bouncy.” Uncle Dean smiled, his hands hovering over her locks in amazement.
“Why…thank you,” She turned to face you and your Dad “Do we have to fix him?”

After managing to occupy your Uncle with TV, Dad pulled Rowena off to the side. She looked at you briefly before saying “This kind of magic is very high level witchcraft. I presumed them all dead. But, perhaps not. Eventually you forget how to speak, how to swallow,how to breath..well…Dean Winchester’s going to die.”
“Suck’s for that guy.” Uncle Dean chimed in. Sadly, you looked between the three of them, wanting someone to say something positive for once.

Uncle Dean went to the bathroom and your Dad instantly lost his ‘everything’s fine’ face, he sat down on the Motel bed, perching on the end. You sat next to him, not speaking. 
“I’ve seen my brother die…but this, watching him become not him. This might be worse.” 
You looked down at the floor, not sure what to say.

“We need to kill the Witches, Samuel.” Rowena declared, ignoring his comment.
“Yeah, an important spell book is up for grabs and here you are. I should have known.” Dad shook his head.
“True…” She hissed “But it’s nice to have a Winchester owe you one. Anyway, you’ll need me there not babysitting your brother. They’ll kill you both.” 
You reached into your backpack, bringing out witch-killing-bullets in a loaded gun “They can try.” Dad raised an eyebrow, heading towards the door. Only, moments before he opened it he turned back around and looked at you. “Y/N, this could be really dangerous.”
You squinted skeptically at where this was going.
“I’m trained for really dangerous.” You retorted, putting a jacket on.
“I don’t doubt that…I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
“Me neither.”
“Y/N…” He frowned, not sure what else to say. Only he didn’t argue when you left the Motel with him. 

“Promise me you won’t do anything stupid.” Dad looked at you with stern eyes, his hands resting on your shoulders. You sighed silently and nodded “I promise.”
With a tight smile he nodded, handing you a gun and taking the lead.

With two Witches down you made your way into the main house. “Okay, stay back.” He whispered.
You nodded, your eyes scanning the area.

Dad called Uncle Dean and Rowena, putting his phone is his pocket for when Rowena was able to perform the spell. You crept through the building, becoming more suspicious as the halls were empty. Eventually you found a lady, her blonde hair was curled slightly and she was carefully placing butterflies on a sort of plaque thing. Your Dad told you to stay put outside and went in, closing the door behind him.

You stood in the closed off doorway, your gun out ready for an attack. Only, not ready for the kind of attack that came. “A Baby Winchester, how quaint.” A male Witch chuckled, but you couldn’t see him. He was close, no doubt using some sort of invisibility spell, you watched the floor and saw a tiny cloud of dust as a footstep sounded. In a blind panic, you shot toward the culprit, the mirror behind didn’t smash which meant you’d hit something. You heard a cry of pain, a man with glasses and a bleeding side slowly appeared into vision. Before you could react he shot his hand out, sending you towards the wall behind. You smashed into it, feeling your arm scrape against some sort of metal, it sliced down your arm making you grunt. But, you got back up. He grabbed hold of you, his magic holding some sort of super strength as there was no way of getting out of his grip.

He kicked one of the doors down, dragging you in the room where your Dad was on the floor, his gun aimed at the Witch. As the man bled you felt his grip getting weaker- his magic was dying with him.
“Y/N!” Dad called, shooting the man a glare.
“Kill her.” The Witch laughed, her eyes full of nothing but hatred.
“I can’t, she shot me.” He revealed his wound, his shirt dyed deep crimson around the bullet.
“I thought you were invisible?!” She didn’t seem too worried about this.
“That didn’t stop her…the bitch.” He tried to grip you harder, but if anything he was losing all of his strength. You waited until he was barely holding on and threw him over your back, leaning forward as you did so. 
He cried out when he hit the floor, his body close to death.

You looked at the Lady Witch as she held you where you were with her magic. You fell down, unable to get back up this time. Her hand closed as blackness entered your vision, knocking you out.

You woke to her walking around the corpse of the dead Witch Uncle Dean had found earlier. “…We’re going to swap his soul for yours.” The Lady finished, looking between you and Dad. She looked back to you and smiled “Or yours.”
“Don’t you dare!” Dad warned through gritted teeth.
“But she’s young and fit and so much stronger than some old man.” She hissed at your Dad.
Instead of retaliating with some snarky comment you glared, unsure of what could make the situation any worse. “You’ll do just fine.” She laughed, walking towards you. When she knelt down in front of you a loud crash sounded, turning her attention away from the pair of you for a second. A second was enough.

Immediately you rose to your feet, kicking her to the floor and sprinting out to see if your gun was where you fell.
You thought you Dad was right behind you, only he insisted on fighting the bitch. Deciding to leave him to it, you raced down the stairs in the hopes to come across some sort of effective weapon, when you turned the corner you came face to face with…Uncle Dean?

He looked at you strangely, holding up a gun fully loaded with Witch killing bullets and aimed. With only a second to react you ducked behind a chest of draws when he fired, his bullet scraping the back of your hand. You winced, hissing at the pain, but knowing he didn’t actually mean to shoot you. “I’m your niece! Don’t shoot me you bastard!” You shouted, hesitantly coming out from behind the draws.

“Oops…” Uncle Dean smiled awkwardly and you sighed, rolling your eyes.
“Is the Impala outside?” You asked, looking around warily.
“The what?” He frowned, having even forgotten Baby.
“The car!” 
“Oh…yeah it is.”
“Okay good,” You put your hand on his arm and guided him to the corner of the room “Stay.”
“Where are you going?” The way he asked was like a five year old.
Sighing, you quickly said “To get another gun. Be right back.”

After not finding any more guns in the boot, you raced back to the house. The back of your hand was soar, blood still oozing from the sides of where the bullet had torn your skin, no doubt hitting your bone. Ignoring the pain, you peered round the corner to see…no one. He’d gone. Of course he’d gone, he can’t remember anything…”Should have written a bloody post-it-note.” You mumbled to yourself, following the sound of voices.

You walked in on the Witch and Rowena having some sort of stare-off.Their heads snapped towards you, making you take a step-back. Without a gun you were ten times more cautious. Uncle Dean ran in, holding up a gun and aiming at at the Witch. Your Dad then ran in,making Uncle Dean confused as to who to shoot.

“No,” Your Dad pointed at himself “Brother” then you “Niece” then the Witch “Witch.”

Uncle Dean nodded, cocking the gun and frowning at her. She laughed “You really think that’d going to work on me?”
Uncle Dean tilted his head, smirking as he held up a post-it-note which read Witch-killing bullets.

Her face dropped.

A gun shot rang out.

She fell to the floor.

Waiting with your Dad at the bottom of the stairs, you looked up when Uncle Dean and Rowena climbed down. “Did it work?” Dad asked, leaning forward expectantly. 
“Who’s this hippie?” Uncle Dean frowned. You gulped. Maybe Rowena hadn’t done the spell yet. Maybe it took a few minutes to start working. Maybe-
A laugh tore you from your thoughts and Uncle Dean grinned, “Your faces.” He chuckled, ruffling your hair.
“Not funny.”

Uncle Dean’s face then frowned and he took your hand in his “Sorry for shooting you, kid, Good thing you’ve got quick reactions.”
“Yeah, no thanks to you you twat.” You smirked, tugging your hand away from his.
Dad frowned, tilting his head at your wound “Come on, let’s fine a bandage.” He declared, heading out of the house.

It had been a few days since you’d told your Dad and Uncle the truth…as much as you could bare to say. You were currently sat at the Motel, your Dad was typing away on his laptop, no doubt looking into some lore for the case they were working.
Uncle Dean had gone to "have a drink”, but you weren’t stupid. He’d be gone all night no doubt. Ever since that conversation, you’d become a little more quiet with them outside of hunts. Maybe it was embarrassment, you never wanted to tell him in the first place, maybe guilt that you hadn’t told him or maybe you’d just been thinking too much.

Despite your distance, your Dad was now more determined than ever to stay close to you. You’d never been a talker and had always kept most things bottled up so to tell someone a story you kept to yourself and considered very personal was a huge step for you.

You thought back to the conversation, the confused face your Dad had given you…

“Your daughter” You’d said, knowing full well it’d do nothing but increase his curiosity.
“Wh-what?” Your Dad’s eyebrows knitted together, his eyes focused intently on yours.
“You had two daughters.” You managed, your voice quivering.

“How…?” Your Dad was now much more hesitant to ask you anything.

Your lips trembled “Max was…” You could hardly breath.

…"Hey, Y/N, could you pass me the charger?”
You broke out of your daze, unaware of how long you’d been sat there, staring at nothing. Nodding, you handed your Dad his charger, still not saying a word.
“You okay, bug?” He tilted his head, you saw him do so out of the corner of your eye.
Again, you nodded. But he wouldn’t take a nod for an answer. Sighing, he got up from the chair and sat down next to you on the bed. You felt a dip in the bed, but still didn’t look up.

“It’s okay if you’re not.” He softly spoke, his elbows resting on his knees and his hands hanging in between.
You nodded again, lost for the correct words to say. “I know you’ve got a lot going on, Y/N…”
The way he spoke made it sound like he had more to say, but didn’t want it to come out wrong. You nodded, making him sigh again “Y/N…”.

“I’m okay.” You tried to reassure him. 
“You sure?”
Back to nodding, you hummed a “Yeah.”

Defeated, he stood up, planting a kiss on your forehead and sitting back down at his computer. You hadn’t had a chance to think about Max until after the hunt…You went back into your daydream…

“You had a twin.” Your Dad said the words for you. You nodded “She was my best friend, my only family when Mum died. She was all I had…” You couldn’t bring yourself to look at anyone.

“What happened to her?” Your Dad asked, only his tone of voice was different this time. It was as though the question was optional, he understood you didn’t want to talk about it.

You shook your head, squeezing your eyes shut. You couldn’t bare to think about it, her bloodshot eyes and pale complexion, her cold hands and lifeless body…If only they knew… You took in a deep breath “It doesn’t matter. She’s dead.”

…You hadn’t noticed until your Dad moved back down next to you that you were crying. It was silent, tears lightly trickling down your face, your eyes blinking a lot. This time he sat much closer and didn’t say a word, enveloping you into a hug, his head resting on yours and his arms holding you close.
“Hey, come on. It’s okay. It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ve got you.” He cooed, rubbing your back gently with one of his hands, the other held your head.
You sobbed, finally giving in to his embrace. He stayed there, holding you and keeping you close to him, you clung on to him as though your life would fade away if you loosened your grip at all.

You’d managed to convince yourself that you were okay, you’d be able to wake up every morning and smile without waiting for your sister to come and have breakfast with you. You could walk to school with two headphones in listening purely to the song rather than only having one in with your main focus on her as she rambled on and on about nothing. You could fall asleep on time instead of texting your twin who was only a few feet away in the other room, so close you could hear each others giggles. You could walk the dog without sharing the lead or cross the road only looking out for yourself. You could hug your Mum without Max laughing and joining in the embrace: “Room for one more?”.

You couldn’t.

Part 12

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A/N: Aye I wrote a thing, sorry for the angst uwu. Also sorry for the unanswered questions… I love you guys, thanks for staying amazing x
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I Am You, You Are Me || Soulmate!Soonyoung || Oneshot

Originally posted by visual-17

GENRE: fluff, soulmate!au, non-famous, convenience stores, college kids

WORDS: 3413

BLURB: Are ugly sweaters a trend nowadays?

A/N: Obviously heavily inspired by Zico’s song of the same name. Have been wanting to finish this for FOREVER, and finally! It’s also my first gender-neutrel fic so please go easy on me. Hope you guys like :)

“Hyung! Could you get me some ramen from the convenience store?”

“Why can’t you get it yourself?”

Chan swivelled in his chair to face the older boy, pouting slightly. “I’m studying! And it’s cold outside. These finals are really important, you know this! What if I catch a cold out there?”

A loud sigh came from the couch where Soonyoung was laying on. “Then eat the ramen we have! Mingyu just went grocery shopping yesterday.”

“But I want my favourite…” The younger boy was petulant and Soonyoung found himself sighing again, sitting up to face his favourite dongsaeng. The kid looked exhausted – what he needed was sleep, not ramen – but one look at that pout and Soonyoung was slowly standing up, though not without a bit of groaning and feigned reluctance.

“You’re lucky I love you kid,” Soonyoung muttered, searching for a sweater and his keys. Chan’s lips quirked up into a grin. “Thanks hyung. You’re the best.”

“Yeah yeah.” Soonyoung wandered into his room and grabbed the first thing off the floor, pulling it over his head. When he walked out Chan was scrunching his nose at him.


“You’re wearing that?” the younger boy asked with disdain.

“What? It’s comfy!”

“It’s ugly.”

“It’s late. No one’s going to look at what I’m wearing.”


“Do you want your ramen or not?” Soonyoung threatened. Chan just shrugged, turning back to his work. “Do whatever you want hyung. I’m just saying you never know when you’ll bump into your soulmate and I doubt you want to be caught in that ugly sweater.”

Soonyoung just rolled his eyes and left the dorm. Instantly, a cold whip of air hit him. Ugly or not, he’d rather be warm in the thick sweater than freeze to death trying to make a good impression, soulmate be damned.

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‘ good mythical morning ’ sentence starters ━━━━

❛  i have been repeatedly spooned by this man.  ❜
❛  what i discovered is that i bleed…  &  then i heal.  ❜
❛  he had a dream vomit.  ❜
❛  i am a modest princess.  ❜
❛  whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat  !!  ❜
❛  bikers wanna do more than kiss.  ❜
❛  hey…  hey girl…  hey.  hey girl…  i like your boots.  ❜
❛  laughter is like farting out of your mouth.  ❜
❛  i sleep with reckless abandon  !!  ❜
❛  just call me sugar daddy.  ❜
❛  soft tacos are wannabe burritos.  ❜
❛  i’m gonna be a rapper,  i’m gonna call myself ritz cracker  !!  ❜
❛  it’s made from the muffin tops of men.  ❜
❛  my cheeks are sweating…  all four of them.  ❜
❛  the fastest way to a woman’s heart is through a worm’s anus.  ❜
❛  dare me to eat the anus  ??  ❜
❛  i could,  at any point,  share something inappropriate.  that’s part of who i am  &  i embrace it  &  constantly battle with it.  ❜
❛  embrace the taste.  ❜
❛  when in doubt,  whip chocolate out.  ❜
❛  question:  how do you eat a fart  ??  ❜
❛  when in doubt,  choose humping.  ❜
❛  everybody wins a goat.  it’s like oprah,  except it’s goats.  ❜
❛  cheese pizza is for kids  &  sad people.  ❜
❛  do you wake up with melted booty dents  ??  ❜
❛  you gotta cross a few lines to get to the circle.  ❜
❛  uneven sideburns are off fleek.  ❜
❛  paint me like your french fries,  jack.  ❜
❛  elbow points are a sign of intelligence.  ❜
❛  you show you mine,  i’ll show you yours.  ❜
❛  these have been boiled for safety.  ❜
❛  i was an anxious child.  i felt safest on the couch.  ❜
❛  you heard of that band  ‘ vomit launch ’  ??  i heard they’re coming into town in a few minutes.  ❜
❛  we’re eating the stars.  everything is stars  &  that makes everything okay.  ❜
❛  we are living in an instant world  &  i am an instant girl.  ❜
❛  let’s talk about that  !!  ❜
❛  i don’t want to  ‘ lady  &  the tramp ’  with you  !!  ❜
❛  now don’t go with too much gusto or you’ll pop through.  ❜
❛  you can do it,  serpent king  !! 
❛  volcano boarding is real.  ❜
❛  nachos are for sharing.  ❜
❛  what the–  what the crap  ?!  ❜
❛  which type of poop do you want to make  ??  ❜
❛  are you harboring a bad relationship under your left butt-cheek  ??  ❜
❛  she’s not gonna go to pittsburgh with me to open the put-put palace with me.  ❜
❛  bubbles are the answer.  ❜
❛  today we master the art of the contour.  ❜
❛  this is like the first thing people see see when they arrive in hell.  ❜
❛  i want you to glow,  man.  i want to be the glow boys.  ❜
❛  i could be a bird.  that’s what i’ve learned.  ❜
❛  when it comes to turkey,  i am a breast man.  but when it comes to humans,  i am a wing-man.  ❜
❛  me  &  my sports bra dance amongst the windmills.  ❜
❛  there’s no real crotch under here.  ❜
❛  i think they’re just making sarcastic remarks directly into each other’s mouths.  ❜
❛  there are moments when you really frighten me  &  i question why you’re my best friend.  ❜
❛  answer the question  !!  what color are your nipples !?!
❛  i’m on top of you  !!  ha-ha !!  i’ve got you right where i want you  &  that’s under me  !!
❛  my rectum is so tight.  ❜
❛  i’ll be caressing your dinosaur fossil on a regular basis,  if you’re okay with that.  ❜
❛  a cookie solves a world of problems.  ❜
❛  this has got to stop.  this,  us eating  &  drinking gross stuff,  has got to stop.  ❜
❛  you’re the mouth king  !!  you’re the mouth king  &  nobody knew it until today.  ❜
❛  you need me  &  i need you.  we need each other at certain points in our lives, that aren’t the same times.  ❜
❛  when you serene really hard you start chillin’.  ❜
❛  let’s touch our sword tips.  ❜
❛  everybody’s got a butthole,  but i got two.  ❜
❛  go to bed.  don’t pee on your ritz crackers.  ❜
❛  the sun is always shining on a unicow that’s milking itself.  ❜
❛  i’m always thinking about women in corsets  &  i’m always thinking about getting my piercings snagged.  ❜
❛  before i apply my face,  i like to mist myself with a light film of my signature scent,  febreze.  ❜
❛  i always say nothing livens up a party than a pair of chaps.  ❜
❛  ever pooped out an engagement ring  ??  ❜
❛  there are also professional butt slappers.  ❜
❛  lotta foreskin going around these days.  ❜
❛  i don’t know if you can feel how hard i’m breathing,  but that’s the sound of winning.  ❜
❛  hey,  i’m a bird of paradise.  ❜
❛  i might say stupid things,  but at least i know they were stupid.  ❜
❛  you began to thrust your pelvis out to meet the bat.  ❜
❛  you seem to be getting a little too much of a thrill out of beating the crap out of me.  ❜
❛  there’s nothing like the feeling that your balls are impervious.  ❜
❛  i’d like to see the root of that sternum.  ❜
❛  he must look  &  feel amazing.  ❜
❛  oh gosh,  i can’t look away.  ❜
❛  you’ve never worn panties before,  huh  ??  ❜
❛  kids,  this is how you make a baby…  first,  you get a belly bongo.  ❜
❛  i think it’s gonna become clear as i take my clothes off what i am.  ❜

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NejiTen & Hiashi hires Tenten to teach Hanabi a few of her weapons skills and ends up low-key shipping NejiTen after seeing they can't stop flirting with each other

I apologise for the delay but better late then never right? Hope you like it 👌🏼

“Hiashi-sama, this is Tenten, my teammate, the woman I told you about.” Neji bowed, Tenten copying him.

“Nice to meet you Hyuuga-sama,” Tenten politely said as she straightened up to her full height.

Hiashi only nodded at her and proceeded to introduce his daughter Hanabi and explain his wish for her to learn a few tricks from Tenten, having heard of her skills from Neji.

“Right, of course,” Tenten smiled at the younger girl as she was lead to the Hyuuga’s private training grounds where Hiashi sat far away, observing Hanabi’s training.

Neji sat beneath the shade on the other side and watched as his teammate demonstrated flawless skills that left Hanabi in awe.

Neji smirked as he caught Tenten’s eye and she winked at him, knowing she was every bit as amazing as she seemed.

The weapon mistress spent long minutes teaching Hanabi how to aim backwards, how to aim while rotating, and of course, sent a few kunai Neji’s way just to keep him on his toes and a bunch of different things before ordering a break.

Neji handed both of them water bottles, choosing not to comment on being turned to a target as Tenten sat next to him.

“Who would’ve thought you were such a show off,” he told her, smirking slightly as he eyed the senbons sticking out of the tree next to his head in a shape that looked suspiciously like him.

He received an elbow to the side but that only made him more amused. “Coming from you.”

“I’m not the one hitting dead centre target at all angels to impress a fifteen-year-old.” Neji shrugged and watched as Tenten huffed and blushed a little before adding, “or drawing me using senbons, nice art.”

“Okay, fine, maybe I was showing off. But just a bit!” She said defensively but the small smile on Neji’s face is contagious and she couldn’t help but return it.

“I suppose you have the right to show off,” he said after a few moments of silence, “I doubt anyone in Konoha can rival you when it comes to weapons.”

The flush that blossomed on her face is lovely and she lets out a soft groan and pokes his side again, “what’s with you and handing out free compliments, dammit Neji.”

He laughed, freely, the way he did only around her and Naruto. “Are you blushing?”

Tenten immediately looked away, “shut up.”

She froze and the hairs on her back stood when she felt the hot puffs of his breath next to her ear as he softly breathed, “make me.”

Her head whipped around so fast, nearly knocking their faces together. But instead their noses brushed and they both belatedly realised the lack of distance between then. Undoubtedly another inch and they’d be caught in a lip lock.

Both gasped and fell back, Tenten’s face flaming and Neji’s turning a surprising shade of pink.

Hanabi looked up at them in confusion, having missed what happened. “Father, what are they doing?”

She looked up at Hiashi who only smirked and patted her on the head. Seeing Neji crushing on a girl is interesting enough in the first place, and to be caught flirting with her is rather surprising but Hiashi absolutely approved of this one as he watched the weapon mistress smack his nephew with a huff, her cheeks still rosy and Neji sighing in annoyance. Yeah, they definitely suited each other.