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Study Tips!

1) STUDY WHEN YOU’RE SLEEPY! Instead of reading a bedtime story, try and study for a few minutes before going to sleep. When you’re asleep, the brain makes connections to make your newest memories stronger and more prominent, so by studying before bed, you’re more likely to remember what you learned or reviewed that night.

2) DON’T TRY TO LEARN IT ALL AT ONCE! Space your studying out. There’s a new learning technique that is called “spaced repetition,” which involves breaking all the information that you need to learn into small chunks of information, and then reviewing the chunks slowly over a period of time. PLEASE don’t try to remember an entire chapter from your textbook in one reading session; instead, learn a few paragraphs a day and review each paragraph before starting anything new. 

3) MAKE IT INTO A STORY! Make whatever you’re studying into a fun, crazy tale. When you turn the information into a story, the info becomes more meaningful. For example, there’s PEMDAS.’PEMDAS’ stands for “Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction.” PEMDAS is a way to remember the order of mathematic operations, but the order that each letter comes in may be confusing, so we’ll make a story out of the letters! For example, PEMDAS becomes (P)lease (E)xcuse (M)y (D)ear (A)unt (S)ally!

4) GET UP AND MOVE! Research has shown that by studying in different places each time we study makes us less likely to forget information. Every time that you move around, you are forcing your brain to form new associations with the same materials so that it becomes stronger in our memories.

5) CHANGE IT UP! Don’t study just one subject in an entire study session. Study a lot of subject in one sitting, instead. When you study like this, you are helping your brain to prepare you to use multiple strategies to find a solution to one problem. For example, when you study a lot of division problems at once, you’ll later remember that those problems require some division, but by doing both multiplication and division, you will be training your brain to consider what method will best solve the problem. 

6) TEST YOURSELF! When you quiz yourself, you’re preparing yourself for the real thing. Don’t worry about getting nervous while trying to remember what the Four Noble Truths are in Buddhism; the harder it is to remember something you learned during practice mode, the more likely you are to remember it on the real test. 

7) ACTUALLY WRITE THINGS DOWN! Research shows that the human brain stores more information securely when we write it out than when we type it. 

8) MAKE SOME NOISE! By reading information out loud, you are mentally storing it into your brain in two ways: seeing it and hearing it. 

9) DON’T STUDY WITHOUT A DRINK! Sorry, not an alcoholic drink, though. Lots of research suggests that caffeine-filled drinks such as coffee or tea, will keep us awake and alert while studying. Especially when it seems like there’s nothing more interesting than staring at the ceiling until you doze off. 

10) REWARD YOURSELF! Take a little walk, eat something sweet, give yourself five minutes on your phone - do whatever makes you’d like. When we know that there’s a little bit of a treat waiting for us after we finish a certain amount of studying, it makes it a lot harder to procrastinate so much.

11) WORK TOGETHER! Not everyone learns well in groups, but if you do, a study group is perfect for you! Get together with some pals every few days and review whatever you need to with them. It also helps to put certain people in the group in charge of certain things, such as cleaning up trash, providing extra materials, making or bringing snacks, etc). 

12) TAKE A TIME OUT! Taking some time to plan everything out is probably the most important study skill that you can have. Make small weekly goals for yourself. When you set your goals, don’t just tell yourself that you want to pass that English exam, tell yourself that you need to reach multiple smaller goals in order to succeed at you much bigger goal. 

13) STARE AT THE WALL! Before you force yourself to stare at a text book for three hours straight, look at your wall for three minutes straight. It’s not exactly meditation, but it has the same effect as meditation does. And meditation is known for reducing anxiety and boosting your attention span. 

14) DO SLIGHT EXERCISES BEFORE YOU HIT THE BOOKS! Research has shown that just half an hour of exercise can improve our brain-processing speed and other important cognitive abilities. Simply by jogging around the block, you may go to studying with a higher IQ. 

15) WHEN IN DOUBT, DANCE IT OUT! If you’ve ever relied on Beyonce’s singing to make it through an all-nighter of studying, you can agree that music helps to reduce stress. Even though everyone has a different music taste, studies show that classical music has been the best at reducing anxiety and tension. So, give your subjects a soundtrack and get to work. 

16) GET YOUR OMEGAS! Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in olive oil, nuts, and certain fish, are famous for boosting brain power. Studies have even shown that consuming a combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids before taking an exam have reduced test anxiety.

17) TAKE REGULAR BREAKS! I know that people are always saying to give yourself a break every now and then, but it’s very important that you do give yourself some time in between subjects! Science has proved that by taking breaks regularly, you are boosting your productivity and improving your ability to focus. 

18) GET SOME SLEEP! It may seem like a great idea to stay up all night and commit yourself to memorizing every possible answer to each question, but all-nighters rarely get you an A on anything. Actually, staying up all night has been shown to make cognitive performance worse, along with increasing stress. Try to get a good night’s sleep every night so that your tiredness doesn’t undo all your hard work.

19) STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN! I’m pretty sure that we’ve all had those times where we’re trying to study so hard but our phone or laptop or tablet or TV or any distracting electronic device is just calling us to it. Try to avoid as much technology as you possibly can while studying. If you absolutely must have technology nearby, mute the notifications for apps, put your TV remote away, and temporarily block certain distracting websites (such a Tumblr) until you’re done studying. 

20) BREATHE! Studies have shown us that smelling certain essential oils, like rosemary or lavender, can help to ease nervousness before a test. 

21) FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Everything is different for different people. Some people are early birds who work best in the morning, some people are night owls who learn better late at night. Some work better with others, some do better when studying in silence. Nothing is the same for everybody, so just find what work bets for you and what makes you feel the most comfortable, most intelligent, and most successful. 

[It has been a long time but I am back, a bit rusty, but back. I hope you all enjoy the first part of three to this fic. Feel free to send in your requests. WARNING: Contains mild smut]          

 I was shaking, I couldn’t help it. I was shaking so violently I was almost certain that I was emitting a faint buzzing noise. My hands were sweaty, I felt almost childish for being afraid, but when you haven’t seen your best friends in thirteen years the prospect of seeing them again is a little daunting. It’s not like we had left things in the best of circumstances either. We had been friends since we were in diapers, both he and Shan used to get into a lot of trouble, I did too, but when I was sixteen I was sent away for two years to live with foster parents. When I was eighteen I was able to leave and Jared and Shan welcomed me like I had never left. When I was twenty-five they released their first album on my birthday, August 22nd, 2002. I loved them… I loved him and he- they loved me… until it wasn’t enough.
           He had seen me half-naked, he had seen me angry, he had seen me crazy, he had seen me with drool soaking my pillow, and puke spewing from my mouth, and he had seen me in so many ways except one. He saw me, but he didn’t see me, not in the way I wanted to be seen. It kind of frustrated me that I had loved him, it pissed me off that I couldn’t have just been happy with being his best friend, ho-ho-no I just had to go and fall in love with him and fuck everything up. It was hard not to fall for him though. He could be a complete shit and a bit of a narcissist at times but he was also generous, thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic, and kind. He had always had a wild spirit that matched my own but he didn’t see me the way I saw him, and when he finally did it blew up in my face. The saddest part is we didn’t even make it to the fourth month.


           “[Insert Y/N],” a whisper was carried through the dense fog of sleep.
           A warm and tingly pressure touched my neck, lips, the fog began to lift and sounds were becoming louder.
           "Wake up, [Y/N],“ Jared whispered, rubbing circles on my hip as he kissed a trail across my shoulder.
           I grumbled, attempting to pull the covers over my head but he shoved them off me.
           "I will murder you,” I groaned and he laughed.
           "Get your ass up, I made breakfast, don’t make me come back up here,“
           I jumped as his hand came down hard on my ass, and he gave me a cheeky look when I glared at him before he left the room. I felt content, more content than I ever had. When I was washed and dressed I found him sprawled on the bed with a plate of vegan pancakes and a glass of orange juice waiting for me on the bedside table. There was a glint in his eyes that had been directed towards many women in the years I had known him but never towards me and I must admit… it was thrilling.
           "A look like that could get you hurt,” I whispered.
           "And are you going to hurt me?“
           Resting my foot on his thigh I leaned forward so my face was a mere inches from his as I slowly slid my stocking down my leg. He licked his lips.
           "It depends on your definition of hurt,”
           Straightening I took my time undoing the buttons of the blouse I had just put on and I let it fall to the floor with a flutter. I stood in my bra and a skirt with one stocking feeling like I was being burned alive by the blue fire in his eyes.
           "Are you hurting?“
           "I’m hurting, [Y/N],” he said huskily.
           I cupped his face in my hands, grazing his lower lip with my teeth, “Are you hurting?”
           "I’m hurting,“ he kissed me, winding his fingers in my hair and I reached behind me to undo my bra.
           Rising once again I looked down at him and everything about this moment felt right, it felt like this, us, this was how it was meant to be.
           "Are you hurting?”
           Without a word, he lowered his face to my thigh and took the fabric of my stocking between his teeth as he guided it tantalizingly slow down my leg. With a deep breath, I climbed into his lap, his hands cupping my rear as his mouth moved to my neck and then lower to take one of my nipples into his mouth. My head fell back only to jerk upwards again when the door was thrown open.
           "Hey, Jared you got a- holy shit!“ Shan looked at me, and then Jared, and then back to me.
           "Get out!” Jared hissed.
           The door slammed behind Shannon but I was already pulling on my clothes again in spite of Jared’s protests.
           "[Y/N], come on, it’s fine,“
           "We have to go anyway, you know what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. A little more pain might do you some good.”
           With my hand on the door knob, I gasped as he grabbed my hips from behind and yanked me against him. I could feel his warm breath on my neck and the rigidity of his erection on my rear.
           "I’m fine with being late,“ he whispered.
           "What about Shannon?”
           "What about Shannon?“ Jared was lifting my skirt.
           "Isn’t it a bit-”
           He spun me around and shoved me against the door.
           "A bit what?“
           His lips found mine and I was quick to rip off his shirt before kissing him again. His tongue brushed against mine, I heard the fumble of his belt and tear of a condom and felt the sting of his fingertips digging into my thigh as he lifted my leg and guided himself into me. A shaky breath passed my lips and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he began to pound into me. My legs were slowly turning into jelly and there was such an intense, throbbing, pleasurable pressure building within me that made my stomach burn and my nipples tingle.
           "Say my name, [Y/N],” he growled in my ear.
           "Jared,“ I whimpered, whispering his name over and over again against his lips.
           The pressure was building with his pace and a moan escaped me, he sunk his teeth into my neck and I felt him begin to throb inside of me as is orgasm came close.
           "I love you,” the words slipped past my lips as they had so many times before, only they had a different meaning now.
           Jared stilled almost instantly and when he pulled away from me an insecure emptiness made my skin cold and my heart numb.
           "We’re going to be late,“ he said under his breath as he buckled up his pants and slipped out of the room.
           What just happened?


           Jared wouldn’t look at me. All day he avoided eye contact, he only spoke to me in monosyllables, and to top it off Shannon was avoiding me too. So, when in doubt, get pissed drunk in the flat by yourself. I was dancing when Shannon got home from wherever he had been.
           "Shan! Your home, I am so sorry for earlier, we’re fine *burps* right?”
           He paused, fiddling with his keys for a second as if he were debating whether or not to ignore me or say something.
           "How long have you two…“
           "Not long, probably gonna be over now since I told him I loved him and he completely freaked,” I slurred my words and rambled on.
           "Hmm?” I took another drink of wine.
           "You love him?“ Shannon asked in a curious tone.
           I looked at him; he looked like he was in pain. I knew that look, I felt myself sobering up at the sight of it.
           "What if I said I did?”
           He cleared his throat, a steel door coming down over his eyes as he composed himself. This was him turning into self-sacrificing Shan, Shan who would never do anything to hurt his brother even if it meant he would suffer.
           "I’d say I am happy for you,“
           "And I’d call bullshit,” I whispered.
           There was a time when… Shannon and I… there had been a great perhaps, I thought he got over it when I started falling for Jared he had talked to me about it, I thought that was the end of it.
           "Call it whatever you want to call it,“ he strode towards his room.
           "Just be honest! Say what you want to say-”
           "Would it make a difference?“ He snapped.
           With an agitated growl and before I could do anything he strode across the room and pressed his lips against mine. His lips were soft, warm, and surprisingly gentle despite the anger that was behind it. He pulled back only a little his eyes locking with mine.
           "Did it make a difference?”
           "What the hell is going on here?“ Jared’s empty voice came from behind us.
           He didn’t give us time to explain.

***End of Flashback***

           Jared left and he cheated on me a few days later. The kiss didn’t mean anything, I didn’t even expect it, I was drunk, but he wouldn’t listen. I told him I loved him and he bailed, I was kissed when drunk and he cheated. Maybe he had been looking for a way out, maybe a romantic relationship had just never been in the cards for us. I chose Jared which hurt Shannon; Jared got the wrong idea and was hurt in the proces so, he hurt me. So I did what I do best and I left. I couldn’t handle how bad things had gotten. All I could remember was the look Jared gave me when I saw him walk out of a room backstage with his jeans unbuckled and a woman quickly exiting behind him. So, I left, and now I am back…. for a reason I am not even sure of. All I knew was I needed them… but thirteen years is a long time. They probably wouldn’t want me back even if I begged, I felt my pride shriveling in my chest and I turned to leave.
           ”[Y/N]?“ Came a familiar voice from behind me.

To be continued…


Dating Stiles Would incude:

-cute dates

-him having you help him solve mysteries

- cuddling


-cute flirting

-Scott a proving of you as well

-helping him when he doubts himself

-giving him a confidence boost

- random dance sessions

- him trying to impress you

-him staring at you when you arnt looking

-“your beautiful, y/n”

-trying to protect you from different threats

- just being adorible in general

- him loving you 24/7

The Squad

A girl needs her girlfriends while on her way to making history, after all.

From left to right! Captain Phasma (and her fucking chrome armor omg), Rey (who finally got to choose her own clothes), and Yathe Ren, Knight of Ren and Second in Command amongst the knights. 

A gentle reminder not to fuck with the girls of the Finalizer. 

Notes: I’m sorry Phasma, but next time I draw you, i’m either leaving you naked or putting you in civilian clothes cause fuck painting metal. Bye. 

From A Dance of Titans (Reylux). When in doubt, draw badass girls. 

EXO’s Reaction to You Landing A Big Role on Broadway

Here’s your request, @lookdeepinside16!♥

Alrighty, so here’s a massive (and exciting) side note for everybody! This particular reaction was written by a possible new admin. I’ve recently hit a number of followers that I legit never thought I’d reach (thank you all SO much for that, btw, I love and appreciate each and every one of you~♥), and I’ve decided it may be time to accept a little help when it comes to this blog. It will help to get requests out in a more timely manner, and I really feel like it will just make your experience here at this blog a lot better. But, considering I created this blog to make you guys happy, I thought I’d be sure to ask for your opinions before making such a massive change to this blog. So, keep that in mind when you’re reading through this, okay? :)

Baekhyun: Baekhyun was thrilled when he heard you had gotten the job, but he knew first hand how difficult musical theater was from his previous experience. He would watch the musical in his free time excessively and familiarize himself with the score, so he could help you practise your duets after rehearsals. He was empathetic as well when you would tell him the stories after long days after your castmates had been condescending, or your directors had expected a lot from you, because he understood how rough the process could be.

Chanyeol: After you came home one night and told him the news, the first thing he did was envelope you in the biggest hug. You could feel how proud he was of you. He released you and looked into your eyes with a sense of true amazement, “Jagiya, your dreams are coming true, and I couldn’t be happier that I am the person that gets to share this moment with you”.

Chen: He had seen you try out for multiple roles before this one, and he had seen how distraught you were every time you were turned down. He could sense all the pain you felt after being torn down, and that’s why he was so proud of you the night that you came home and told him you had landed your dream role. He took you into his arms, “Jagi, I’m so proud of you! You could’ve given up so long ago, but you kept at it. I’m so lucky to be the one by your side now that you are achieving your dreams”.

D.O: Kyungsoo was so proud of you when he first heard the news, but he soon became a little worried. He knew you would be giving it your all in every rehearsal, so he tried to take care of you and pamper you when you came home from rehearsals. On opening night, he sat in the audience so proud of his you. A giant grin would appear on his face every time you came on stage, and he stood up the second you entered for your bow. After the show, he was waiting with a bouquet, and the biggest hug in the world. “Y/N I’m so proud of you, you’ve worked so hard and you shined like the brightest star in the sky. I love you”.

Kai: Kai’s dance background would be so helpful for you during the rehearsal process. When you’d come home after dance conditioning days doubtful of yourself, he would clear out the living room and turn it into a studio, to help you out anyway he could. On opening night, he couldn’t believe how everything seemed to click, from your little living room practises to your spot center stage, he saw how you had given it your all. After the show he took you out to your favorite restaurant to celebrate, and then the two of you walked home. While you walked up, hand in hand, to your apartment and turned to you and said, “Y/N I can’t believe you are finally achieving your dreams. My time spent with you I have always been proud, but the joy I have felt tonight can’t compare with anything else in the world. I love you”.  

Kris: Kris was with the rest of the members when you called him and gave him the news of your big break. The whole “cool city guy” facade instantly shattered as his eyes began to swell with tears. He couldn’t help himself, he had been so fed up with every casting director every time you came home with your dreams crushed. He knew that you were probably going to quit pursuing the dream you had carried ever since you were small, so seeing you fulfilling them truly struck him. He was without words so he told you that he would be waiting at home that night to celebrate, and hung up the phone before he started to bawl in front of everyone.

Lay: He would be so proud of you when he heard the news, and stayed equally as proud through the whole process. Lay truly felt so lucky to have such a hardworking, talented girlfriend that he loved so dearly. Every Time the two of you went out, he felt the need to share with everyone else how amazing you are, and he’d tell random strangers that HIS girlfriend was a broadway star. After the show, on opening night, he greeted you outside of the theater, amazed, and asked, “Was that really MY Jagi up there? How did I get this lucky Y/N, to have a girlfriend as astonishing as you”. He’d proceed to pull you into his arms and kiss your forehead before escorting you back home.

Luhan: You called Luhan the second you heard from your agent that you had landed the role. He was just as much as a mess as you were over the phone, matching your ecstatic energy like he always did. When you got home that night, you were pleasantly surprised to see him waiting next to a candle lit table set for two. His head snapped toward you the second the door opened and he rushed over to congratulate you. “Y/N, we need to celebrate this moment. I want to always remember it with you”.

Sehun: After you told Sehun the big news, you were a bit upset he replied by sassing you. He knew how hard you had worked for this and all he could think to say was, “Wow, finally Y/N”. He instantly saw the look of hurt in your eyes and pulled you in closer as you were walking away  whispering to you, “I’m sorry Jagi, what I meant to say was it’s relieving that a casting director finally had the sense to see your talent”. Giving you a cute look, he grabbed his coat, and yours, and decided to celebrate the night with a trip to your favorite cafe.

Suho: When you came home and told him you had finally gotten your big break he was so proud of you. For the next couple of weeks, an ear to ear smile appeared on his face whenever he looked at you and remembered how lucky he was to have you. On opening night he was so excited to see you and, after the show he greeted you with a bouquet of flowers, “Y/N watching you up on that stage, I’ve never been so proud. I can tell that’s where you belong, and I’ll be here every step of the way to make sure you can perform for as long as possible”.

Tao: Just like Kris, this big panda would break down a little when you came home and told him the news. He would sit there for a second processing before he wiped his eyes and rushed over to grab his coat. When you asked where he was going, he turned around and said, “We need to celebrate this moment. This is your first major role, and now your dedication is finally paying off. If only you could feel how proud I am of you, but let’s not waste another second, we have some celebrating to do!”

Xiumin: This gentleman planned a whole evening for you to celebrate your success in landing your first big role. He took you out to dinner and dessert, and finished of the night with taking you Ice skating. He wanted to show you how proud you made him after all your hard work. On the walk home, he got a little lost however as you explained to him what the next couple of months leading up to the show would be like. He could tell that you were stressing out a bit, but he stopped and turned to you with the biggest grin and told you, “Jagi, you landed your dream role, there’s nothing you can’t do! You have been working so hard and I promise I will be here for you when the process gets tough, because I love you more than anything else in this world”.


Okey dokey, the decision lays, in large part, in your hands, m'dears! My ask box is closed off at the moment, but I’m opening up replies on this post, so feel free to let me know what you think about all of this here. Or if you’d prefer, you can shoot on over to the little instant messenger on here and throw me a message there, as well! So, what do you guys think? Do you want to see more writing from her?

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You say chi chi murdered thorgy but who's going to actually have a career after the show. Cuz it sure as hell ain't gonna be Kennedy davenport 2.0

you know i kinda dont doubt what you say, considering when a talented dancing black queen sends home the precious vanilla cinnamon bun apple of the season, she’ll get crucified no matter how hard she kills it on stage and deserves to stay. and sure, thorgy may have a more lucrative career than chi chi after the show, due to being more polished and having a wider fanbase.

….but that still doesn’t change the fact that chi chi disemboweled thorgy in one of drag race’s most powerful lipsyncs & became a legend, while thorgy will always be sixth place.


When you’re caught in doubt

Do a little Noel dance

When you’re feeling blue

Do a little Noel dance

When you’re all strung out

Do a little Noel dance

When you can’t get through

Do a little Noel dance

When you’re all alone

Do a little Noel Dance

When you’ve dropped out of view

Do a little Noel dance

When you’re wound up tight

Do a little Noel dance

When you need a poo

Do a little Noel dance

When you look in the mirror

Do a little Noel dance

When you’re in a queue

Do a little Noel dance

When you’re high as a kite

Do a little Noel dance

When you’re down with the flu

Do a little Noel dance

When I’m sick of being me

Do a little Noel dance

When I’m trying to be you

Do a little Noel dance

I do a little Noel dance

Do a little Noel dance

And grin like a loon

Six Word Stories for the Signs

Aries: Priorities never really matter to me.

Taurus: When in doubt, dance like crazy.

Gemini: Silence is sometimes for the better.

Cancer: I will fight, so don’t play.

Leo: Don’t think I am always conceited.

Virgo: I will help you, I promise.

Libra: I’m too scared to show me.

Scorpio: When I’m calm and pissed, beware.

Sagittarius: I too can be a pessimist.

Capricorn: My mask is the most realistic.

Aquarius: Love can be a great thing.

Pisces: I will be stronger than before.

Shannara 1x08 Some spoilers

     I hate Wil. He sleeps with Eretria twice, leaves her behind and acts like Amberle is his focus and so in love with her, almost sleeps with her, and then gets visibly jealous when he sees Eretria dancing with another guy. Says he doubted her and hugs her in front of Amberle. Then says he doubts Amberle’s intentions. Wil seems to always have doubts with these women I guess it comes from his mommy complex. Amberle is in love with Wil because apparently he has abs because that’s all I can think of as to why she would feel anything for this idiot. This triangle is straight booty. I said it in another post, many posts why I hate Wil, why I don’t buy his relationship with Amberle, Amberle and Eretria deserve better, they don’t need him, or any man really, hell they can have each other but leave Wil to whatever fate bc…….just no.

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