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Easter with Svt
  • Okay
  • I’ve got to start with this
  • Otherwise it just wouldn’t be right 
  • But shua going to the morning Easter service with his family 
  •  tbh all I care about 
  • The fact he is home in general sends me over the moon 
  • But the idea of him getting to go to church with his mom and dad 
  • Freakin gold okay 
  • And he gets all fancied up 
  • Because it’s an Easter service 
  • So he’s looking fine 
  • Then again when does he not look good 
  • Anyways 
  • Maybe he takes the other members 
  • Maybe he doesn't 
  • Maybe a few tag along 
  • Either way he’s going 
  • But then after that he goes home for a late lunch 
  • Cooked by his mama 
  • Yes our shua gets a home cooked meal from his mom I’m in tears 
  • But the rest of the members show up 
  • Here’s where it gets wild
  • Okay so that’s a lot of mouths to feed 
  • So the kitchen is jam packed 
  • Mrs Hong is running all over the place 
  • But I feel like shua and her are quite similar so she’s obviously level headed and calm 
  • Mingyu is totally there helping her cook everything 
  • Wonwoo is there too
  • Offering more moral support than actually cooking but that’s okay 
  • Jeonghan is in the kitchen too 
  • Striking up a lively conversation with Mrs Hong 
  • Tbh they are probably complaining about the various things shua does that is a bit annoying 
  • Like the whole not bringing a towel when he showers thing
  • Vernon, Seungkwan and Chan would 100% be gushing over their hyung’s lil baby photos that are no doubt framed all over the house 
  • Seungcheol and Mr Hong would totally talk for a while 
  • Like the two great dads they are 
  • But then eventually Mr Hong and the boys manager would go out and hide Easter eggs 
  • Mrs Hong thought it was a good idea 
  • And tbh these 13 guys that are legit 5 year olds at heart aren’t going to object 
  • So while those two are out there legit hiding like over a hundred of those colorful plastic eggs 
  • The rest of the guys are inside doing something
  • Whether it’s cooking
  • or pushing tables together and setting up the chairs 
  • Pouring the various drinks 
  • Everyone is doing something 
  • Everything is happy and the house is full of life and laughter 
  • This is the best time any of them have had in awhile
  • Including the Hongs 
  • So the meal is finally made 
  • Shua has changed into something a little less fancy 
  • Cause let’s be honest 
  • Fancy clothes aren’t the most comfortable 
  • So everyone crams around the table 
  • And Mr Hong prays 
  • Because yes 
  • And then they all dive into the meal
  • Shua’s probably melting because it’s his moms cooking 
  • Nothing is better than that 
  • Tbh the other 12 guys are in heaven 
  • Because amazing food 
  • Everyone’s talk and laughing 
  • Lots of giggling 
  • Happy happy happy 
  • Like neighbors can just feel happiness radiating from the house 
  • Insert wonwoo saying happiness here
  • So they finally finish 
  • All the food is gone 
  • Everyone is stuffed 
  • Everyone who was dieting which I don’t think any of them are but I could be wrong went out the window 
  • Because as seungkwan said 
  • Diets always start tomorrow 
  • So now it’s time for the great Easter egg hunt 
  • So imma just take a shot in the dark
  • But I have a feeling most of them haven’t done Easter egg hunts 
  • So they are all hell excited 
  • Soonyoung is break dancing with seokmin 
  • Jun is talking at the speed of light he’s so excited 
  • Vernon and minghao are just dabbing all over creation 
  • Seungkwan is no doubt spinning around the yard and singing super loud
  • Joshua is probably telling coups and jeonghan about all the crazy things that happened back when he did these hunts as a lil bean 
  • Mingyu probably stepped on one of the plastic eggs that wasn’t hidden so well and broke it 
  • So now he and wonwoo are flipping out because what !!!
  • Jihoon would be acting all nonchalant and like “I’m a grown man I don’t need to do this”
  • But tbh he’s already trying to find some of the eggs with chan because THEY WILL WINNNNNN 
  • So everyone’s got their bags and baskets and the race is on!!!! 
  • Lots of screaming and yelling 
  • Tbh the neighbors are probably worried why there are 13 grown boys screaming and excitedly looking for small colored plastic eggs 
  • So they start off strong 
  • Everyone is finding them left in right 
  • Mr and Mrs Hong and the manager are practically wheezing from laughing so hard because it’s all so comical 
  • People are crashing into each other 
  • Others shoved out of the way because “I saw it first!!1!1!!1”
  • Someone’s gonna die if this doesn’t end soon 
  • Things finally start to calm down 
  • And it’s just down to the last few eggs that are the hardest to find 
  • Everyone’s looking 
  • Everyone. 
  • Even the two that hid them
  • They had counted before hiding them 
  • They knew how many there were supposed to be
  • And some were missing 
  • The guys get tired of looking after a while 
  • So they do what any other person would do
  • Plastic eggs aren’t good for just hiding 
  • They make excellent things to pelt at your friends 
  • And so starts the great Easter egg battle of 2017 
  • If the neighbors thought they were loud before 
  • Oh no 
  • Now it’s loud 
  • All the hard work of finding and picking up the eggs is gone 
  • They are everywhere now 
  • So when everyone is out of breath
  • And their sides are broken from laughing 
  • And their cheeks hurt because to much smiling 
  • They start to pick up the lil eggs 
  • And of course 
  • A few more than before are missing 
  • Naturally
  • As it goes with every other Easter egg hunt 
  • And the battles that follow them 
  • These eggs will never be found
  • Until one day 
  • When someone is out gardening or something 
  • Three years from now 
  • When they find half of a faded blue plastic egg 
  • And then finally you’ve got all the eggs 
  • Lmao 
  • They would have a blast on Easter okay 
  • All the candy that would get consumed 
  • Tbh it’s be a mess 
  • A beautiful, happy, spring, pastel bunnies, lil yellow chicks, Easter mess 
  • And by far 
  • Everyone’s favorite Easter ever 
You’re not real

(A/N): Happy birthday dear anon!

Request: Okay, for the Nat x female reader imagine birthday request where the reader comes from a universe(Our universe) where superheros are fiction and she somehow ends up in the Marvel Universe while gaining an ability to control blue fire and she and Nat falls in love with each other over time, so the reader decides to stay in the Marvel Universe and become an Avenger?            

Warnings: maybe some angst? probably some swearing

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   “Nat,” Clint yelled as he rounded a corner, nearly smacking into Nat as she came running out of her room, looking around the floor worriedly. “Nat, we’ve got a situation,”

   “A situation?”

   “Yeah, a situation,”

   “What kind of a situation?”

   “I think it’s easier if you see it before you hear about it,” Nat’s brows furrow but she follows along anyway, traveling along the corridors with Clint until they reached one of Tony’s labs, the one they used to research subjects, like Wanda and Bruce, sometimes even Steve and Bucky when needed.

   Honestly, Nat didn’t know what to expect when she stepped inside the small observation room but it sure as hell wasn’t some sobbing kid strapped to some table like a science experiment. Tears rolled down their cheeks as they screamed, screamed to be let go. It was heartbreaking but Nat couldn’t let it get to her.

   Her gaze traveled up and down the patients body, inspecting for any wounds but alas she found none, that was until her eyes landed upon their palms. They were burnt to a crisp, literally but that wasn’t what concerned her. What concerned her was the little blue wisps of color amidst the burnt crisps of skin, glowing and almost shifting between the skin. It almost looked like molten lava, blue molten lava and it looked painful.

   “What the hell is this Barton?”

   “They fell from the sky a couple of hours ago but luckily Tony had been there to catch them just before they fell. As soon as he touched ground (Y/N) broke out of his grasp, panting and in near hysterics. A little time went by and suddenly (Y/N)’s hands have erupted in fire.”


   “Yeah, literal fire. Like this weird, really flowy, artsy blue-ish kind of fire.”

   “Why are they chained up?”

   “Tony deemed them dangerous after they nearly melted his arc reactor, guess their fire is a little powerful too,”

   “How long have they been strapped down?”

   “And hour or so,”

   “They’ve been strapped down a fucking hour and you didn’t think this was important to tell me? Do you realize how fucking scared they must be?” Nat growls as she turns on her heel, her hand reaching out for the knob that led to the room. However, Clint’s hand grabbed hers, stopping her from going any further.

   “Nat, you know this is dangerous-”

   “Fuck you Barton, this person must be scared out of their fucking mind and I’m going to help,” And with that Nat stormed into the room, slamming the door shut behind her. Immediately (Y/N) tensed up, their entire body going rigid at the sound.

   “Oh god, please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,”

   “Shh,” Nat consoled as she reached out for (Y/N), her hand lightly cupping their cheek. “Shh, it’s okay, no one’s gonna hurt you (Y/N),” (Y/N) looks up at Nat with these wide, puffy eyes and goddammit- that hurt Nat much more than it should have.

   “Please help me,” They whisper, so softly and so brokenly it made Nat want to cry. “Please help me, it hurts so much,”

   “What hurts?”

   “The straps, my hands-” Nat wastes no time ripping their bindings from their body, gasping in shock when she realized that (Y/N) had been struggling so much that the bindings actually ended up cutting into their flesh. Blood dribbled down their arms and legs, thankfully their chest had been covered and so there wasn’t much damage there but there was plenty enough on their arms and legs.

   Immediately (Y/N) sits up, still sobbing as they curled in on themself, no doubt only exasperating their injuries.

   “Here,” Nat reaches for some nearby medical supplies, just some alcohol and cotton pads. “Let me help clean you up,” Nat slowly takes (Y/N)’s arms, pulling them away from their body to clean them.

   Nat was gentle, she stopped when (Y/N) would cry out, she’d dab at the blood softly, she was half tempted to kiss the cuts better but decided against it. So instead she steadily worked on (Y/N)’s wounds, finally finishing up when she had dressed them with a few bandages.

   “Feel better?”

   “Slightly,” (Y/N) mumbles, voice hoarse and soft from screaming.

   “And your hands, you said they hurt?” (Y/N) nods, hiding their burnt hands beneath their legs. “C’mon, I’m not gonna judge, I think they’re really pretty,”

   “They don’t usually look like this…”

   “Well, what do they usually look like then?”

   “Like yours…” (Y/N) sniffles softly, the tears slowly starting to come back. “This day has been so fucking weird and so fucking awful, I just want to die-”

   “Hey, no,” Nat reaches out, cupping (Y/N)’s wet cheeks in her hands. “It’s gonna be okay, I promise you will-”

   “What the fuck do you know?” (Y/N) suddenly snaps, jerking away from Nat angrily. “You’re just some stupid character from some stupid book,” Nat’s brows furrow and she unconsciously looks back at the observation mirror, as though silently asking the people on the other side for an explanation.

   “I want to go home,” (Y/N) sobs, burying their face in their hands once again. “I don’t want to be here, I want to go home,”

    “What do you mean home (Y/N)?”

   “Home, where you all exist inside the pages of a book and I’m not some fire wielding freak that falls from the sky!’

   “That was the other thing,” Nat’s com bursts to life in her ear. “They kept on saying that we’re fake, we don’t exist, this is some fictional universe. Tony thinks that two universes collided at once and (Y/N) just happened to get mixed up in at all and unfortunately they landed here.” Nat looks at (Y/N) sadly, her hearting breaking for the poor, lost soul.

   “I know you must be really scared right now,” Nat whispers, completely ignoring Clint as she reaches for (Y/N)’s hands. “But everything’s going to be okay. We’re gonna find a way to get you home, but until then I’m going to make damn well sure that everyone here treats you with the respect and kindness you deserve, yeah?” (Y/N) looks at their hands, at Nat’s too, both of them intertwined. “I promise,” Nat whispers, her hands giving theirs a gentle squeeze. “I promise.”

   And promise she did. For a full year she tried to find a way home for (Y/N) but there seemed to be nothing but she wouldn’t give up, she had promised them, and she was bound and determined to keep that promise.

   “Nat,” (Y/N) whispered one night as they meandered into Nat’s lab, the one she had claimed as her own, the one solely dedicated to finding a way home for (Y/N). “You’ve been up all night, you need sleep-”

   “No, I need to find a way back home, for you. I promised you, I promised-”

   “Well…” (Y/N) takes a hesitant step towards Nat, their own hands finding solace in Nat’s. Ever since the day in the lab they had to hold Nat’s hand, it was just an unspoken rule between the two. It made them both feel safe, loved, it made them forget that one of these days they were going to have to part and go their separate ways. “I was actually thinking about that…I don’t think I want to go home anymore,” (Y/N) whispers softly, as though afraid of Nat’s reaction. Nat looks at them, eyes slightly squinted and lips pressed into a thin line. Were they serious? Did they really want to stay? “I mean…if you don’t want me to stay then I’ll leave the tower…start somewhere else-”

   “Oh my god, you’re being serious? You seriously want to stay here?”

   “Yeah,” (Y/N) looks at Nat curiously, as though she had just grown an extra head. “I thought I had said that i wanted to stay-” But their sentence is cut off when Nat wraps her arms around them tightly, squeezing them in the best hug they had ever received. 

   “Oh my god (Y/N),” Nat sighs shakily as she clings to (Y/N) like her lifeline. “Oh my god yes,” (Y/N) smiles as they hug back, letting Nat hold them and squeeze them as much as she needed to (which was an awful lot).

   “And um…maybe- maybe I could finally move into a more permanent room…maybe yours?” It was lightly suggestive, the only suggestiveness (Y/N) could manage but it still made Nat’s heart flutter and her cheeks light up.

   “Are you- Are you serious?”

   “If it’s not to much trouble or anything-”

   “Yes,” Nat looks at them seriously, her cheeks all flushed and her lips parted slightly. “Yes, I’d love to have you come stay with me,” (Y/N) smiles and blushes, nuzzling their forehead against Nat’s shyly and rather cutely too.

   “Well…how about we start moving your stuff then? Maybe break in your mattress a little more?” To this (Y/N) giggled and blushed a bright red, their lips curling in the sweetest smile Nat had ever seen.

   “Yeah,” (Y/N) smiles, a blue and black hand tracing up and down Nat’s arm. “Yeah, I’d like that,”

Soulmate Au: Ramsay Bolton Edition

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    “Are you sure my darling?” Mother whispered to father, her eyes glancing towards where I sat. I knew in that instant that I never should have told father whom the gods told me I was to wed. I had kept the name to myself for the first 12 years of my life, wanting to wait until I met him to tell my father and mother. I had only told now because I had bled and my father demanded it. He said he would set up a meeting with my beloved before we wed. However the moment I said his name, my father had pulled my mother to the front of the room and began whispering. 

  For the most part I had failed to hear what they were saying, until my mother had gasped and whispered far to loudly. Her words, just soft enough for me to hear them, had me wondering what they were talking about. I was just about to ask when my fathers voice rang out through the room, ordering his men to his side. I watched in silence, my brows pinched together, as they spoke, the whole time my mother dabbing tears from her eyes. After several moment, my fathers men left us alone, my parents returning to their seats in front of me.

   “What is about to happen will be confusing. You will no doubt question our love for you. I want to assure you, we are doing this because of the love we have for you. Ramsay Bolton is a monster, cruel and evil. He enjoys torture and killing and I can not allow you to wed a monster such as him. It is why your mother and I have agreed that the best solution is to lock you away my sweet one.” My father hummed, sighing as I began to protest.

  “Father please.” I begged, crying out as two of his men came up behind me, lifting me from the chair. “Father he knows my face and my name there is no saying he will come for me. I may yet be safe.”

   “Yet my love I will not risk it. I am sorry but I swear I am doing this for you. Now please take my beloved daughter to her new chambers and see to it that she is locked away.” My father sighed, humming softly as his men carried me away. As they did I screamed, thrashing against the knights that held me tightly in their grasp.

  “Father please!” I cried out, sobbing as they dragged me away. “Mother convince him I will be safe without this. Mother please.” Her only answer was a sob, her own cries following me as they dragged me away. Before long I was out of the castle and being carried towards the tower, the tallest one in the courtyard. Without a word, they carried me up, past the onlooking men and women and to the very top of the tower.

  “Your father has his reasons my lady and he does not do this lately.” Jackson, the leader of his men, said softly as they put me on the ground and shoved me into the room. Instantly the closed door, locking it once it was closed. I reached out to the table behind me, keeping my hand on it as I fell to the floor sobbing as I fell to my knees.

   “What have I done.” I cried to myself, my hands shaking as leaned my head into them. “What have I done.”

     I leaned against the window, looking at the scene that lay below me. The Bolton men were running around, killing my fathers men and anyone else that stood in their way. I let out a sigh, biting my lip as I allowed myself to think of Ramsay. Despite the fact they were killing my families men, I could not help but hope that he was here, that after six long years I would finally be free my tower.

   For the past six years I have been locked away in my tower, with no outside contact. My parents only came and visited me three times a week, each time begging me to speak to them. I never did, I was unable to find it in myself to forgive them. They said they were saving me from a monster but I could not help but think they are the true monster. After all who locks a child away in a tower by themselves for six years.

  I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of metal ringing outside my door I could only guess that the Ramsay men finally found my tower. I turned towards the door, biting my lip as I waited for the door to open. I knew it would either be my parents or my savior. Before too long the door finally opened and a young man stood in front of me, one I knew better than myself.

  “Ramsay.” I breathed out, tears glistening in my eyes as I looked at him. He looked towards me, putting his sword away slowly.

  “Y/n.” He breathed out, his voice causing my heart to beat faster in my chest. The sounds of my name on his lips was like a song, one that I wanted hear for the rest of my life. “You are more beautiful than the Gods lead me to believe.”

  “And you more handsome.” I answered, humming as I moved towards him, falling into his arms as he held them out to me. “Tell me you are here to take me away.”

  “Of course my beloved.” He answered instantly, pressing a kiss to my temple. “Come we will tell my father the good news.” He hummed, pulling back so he could tuck me into his side, leading me from the tower.

  “This is going to be the first time in years I came outside.” I breathed out, watching my step as I walked down the stairs.

  “Why would that be?”

   “My father locked me away when I was 12, to keep me from you.” I answered truthfully, turning to look at the man I loved already.

  “He will pay dearly for such a crime, that I promise you my lady.” Ramsay said at once, pausing at the bottom of the stairway to face me. “You will never again be forced to live inside a tower.” He vowed, cutting off any response by pressing a kiss to my lips. The moment our lips met time stopped and the world washed away, leaving only us.

   The kiss was brief, too short for my own liking. The moment I pulled away, I heard my fathers displeased cries. Slowly I turned my attention from my beloved Ramsay and towards the man that had locked me away for six years. He was kneeling between two men, each of them wearing the Bolton colors.

  “Your mother is dead, died protecting you from that man.”He called out, his eyes full of tears as he looked at me. I hummed, my eyes flickering to Ramsay again. He was staring at my father, a deep scowl on his face.

   “I needed protection from you father, not Ramsay. The Gods made it so will forever be together. What ever he has done, or will do, will not effect me. The only monster the Gods placed me with was you.” I called, watching as my father started to protest. Before he could Ramsay cut him off, his voice strong and deep, powerful.

  “You will not talk to my Lady. You lost that right when you locked her away. You were not thinking of her, but of yourself. You knew I would not like you and you knew I would punish you.” He called out, sneering at him before he pulled me towards the castle. “Take him to the dungeons until I figure something out.”

  “Of course.” His men answered, lugging my father towards the dungeons of our castle. He called out behind me, begging me to convince Ramsay to change his mind. I ignored him, letting my arm wrap around Ramsay’s own arm.

   “Father will be so happy to finally meet you. I have been tearing houses apart looking for you.” He said softly, smiling over at me as I glanced up at him. I returned his own smile, curling further into his side.

Trade Secret, rinch, teen

[D/s, hairpulling, canon typical violence, arguably masochism]

Long hair is a tactical disadvantage, though not always for the reason people think.

John knows one guy who kept his hair long as an intentional diversion. “Scar tissue,” the guy told John, tapping his temple where a chunk of hair was just torn out by the roots. “Can’t feel nothin’. Gets people thinking they can get me when they can’t, y'know?”

John does know. And he keeps his hair short, but not too short. People can get a hold on him if they really need to. Most of the time, John doesn’t let them.

“We better disinfect this,” Harold says, dabbing antiseptic over the scratch on John’s collarbone. “And is your scalp all right? That pull looked vicious.”

“It’s fine,” John says. He’s not a masochist, but some pain he likes. Or maybe it’s that pain matters less than having Harold’s hands on him. “I don’t mind.”

Harold’s mouth purses. “I wish you would. Perhaps you’d take better care.”

John tries not to let that sting. Harold can lash out when he’s worried. He’s not really doubting John’s abilities, or decision making. “I’m trying.”

Harold lets out a long sigh. “Of course you are.” He shakes his head. “Forgive me. I try not to blame the victim.”

“Hey,” John says, keeping his voice light. “Who are you calling the victim?”

“The one who was nearly plucked bald,” Harold says dryly. “And yes, before you ask, I did see the other guy.”

It’s adrenaline, gotta be, making John reach for Harold’s hand and put it on his hair. “I really don’t mind,” he says. “See for yourself.”

“I’m not going to hurt you to make a point,” Harold says, aghast. But John entwines their fingers and takes hold of his own hair and pulls.

The groan comes out unintentionally. He’s slightly loopy: maybe Harold should check him for a concussion, too. It just feels too good, Harold’s hands on him, moving him.

After a silent moment, Harold says, “That is not what you sound like in pain,” vaguely accusatory.

John grins at him. “Trade secret.”

Harold’s hand flexes of its own volition, tightening and pulling, this time without John to guide him. “Fuck,” John says, low and soft.

“That, too, can be arranged if you like.”

John laughs soundlessly, his eyes rolling back in his head. Harold’s got a rhythm, pulling and letting go, and the pressure in John’s scalp is delicious. “Keep doing this and I’ll do anything you want, Harold.”

Harold pulls a little harder at that, making John groan. And that’s another part of the secret: that he’d do anything Harold would say, anyway.

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Hi love!!! I'm so glad that there's a new Wanna One writer around! Could I request a short , fluffy ,Drabble where you and Woojin are dating in secret but then get caught by the other members? Thank youuuu 💕💕💕💕💕

right yes ok i have an idea so this is gonna be in a weird format??? i guess it’s more of a series of   r e a l l y   short drabbles rather than one drabble but it’s WHATEVER it’s gonna be fluffy & good & fun okay okay 


It starts with Seongwoo, as all the worst things tend to do.

You don’t think you’re being particularly conspicuous. Quite the opposite, in fact; it’s not like you and Woojin are sitting at separate ends of the table (you’re right next to one another, actually), but you’re not paying anymore attention to one another than to anyone else. There’s really no way for anyone to know that your feelings for one another aren’t nearly as platonic as you would like them to believe, so you hold hands under the table - there’s no need to be overly secretive when no one suspects anything anyway.

That is, of course, until Seongwoo drops his fork and has to crawl beneath the table to retrieve it. 

You don’t think fast enough; in fact, it doesn’t even occur to you that he might have seen until he looks at you with a smirk as he sits down once more.

No words are exchanged, but you make your feelings on the matter quite clear with the look you give him; You’d better keep your damn mouth shut, Ong Seongwoo.

His eyes, of course, convey an equally clear message;



You never thought yourself to be closer with Daniel than any of the other members (save for Woojin, of course), so it seems a bit peculiar to you when he starts extending you invites more and more frequently.

You can only turn down so many, you think, and so you eventually accept the suggestion that you and Woojin (a suspicious duo for him to invite, you note) join him for ice cream one afternoon.

It’s a nice little affair; Daniel offers to pay for everyone’s - an offer which you can’t turn down - and the early July sun is really beating down, so the treat is a much needed refreshment. The conversation is nice, too, at first, just exchanging pleasantries between the three of you.

“How are you lately?”

“Did you sleep well?”

“How long have you two been together?”

Woojin chokes on his ice cream and you freeze with the spoon halfway to your mouth. Daniel just smiles cheekily at the two of you. 

“You make a cute couple.”


Jaehwan has been snickering through the whole movie.

His laughter isn’t the off-putting part of it, honestly; it’s hardly something noteworthy. He can never truly keep quiet, regardless of what you’re watching. No, the off-putting part is the way every time he giggles, he looks over to the couch with you and Woojin at opposite ends and Ong Seongwoo smack dab in the middle. 

Seongwoo’s choice of seat isn’t inconspicuous in the slightest. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, which you have no doubt in your mind was his very intention when he first walked over with that smirk of his on his face and asked if you would mind.

(You did mind. You minded very much, but to say that would be to out yourself to more boys than you’d like, so you simply bit your tongue and told him that it was fine for him to plop himself right between you and Woojin.)

That in itself is annoying enough, but coupled with the periodic laughter from Jaehwan, you really can’t stand it.

“Do you need something, Jaehwan?”

“I just have a question, actually.”

“…What is it?”

“How do you feel about long distance relationships?”


Subtlety isn’t Jisung’s strong point.

Of course, the more you think about it, the more you wonder if he’s even trying to be subtle, and to be perfectly honest, you can’t arrive at a clear answer.

Maybe you would have an answer if you could actually think straight, you decide, but the constant noise is really doing its best to break your train of thought at every opportunity it has (and there are certainly more opportunities than you ever would have guessed there to be). 

As if on queue, the door flies open yet again, slamming right into the wall with an awful sound as it does so, and there is Jisung, hopeful face quickly souring at the sight of you on one couch and Woojin on another. Alongside his face, his phone which was clearly poised for a pictures falls down to his side. 

“…Can I help you?” You finally decide to ask. It’s for the wall’s sake, really; they’re going to have some serious damage to repair if he flings the door into it one more time. 

He looks like a child, pouting and flailing his arms about. “You guys are no fun,” he whines. “Why won’t you just kiss already?”


You really think that you might pass out if you have to stay up for even a second later, but you do your best to tough it out - it’s a rare moment for you and Woojin to unabashedly be together. 

It certainly took long enough (three hours and twenty seven minutes, to be exact), but the living room was finally cleared of all members. The night had begun with everyone huddled around the TV to watch an episode of a series you followed and eventually extended into a binge watch session. It took a while, but slowly, slowly, they began to filter out as they got tired. It was past two in the morning by the time Jisung finally decided to call it quits.

You were tired - oh, god were you tired - but you were happy to finally have a few moments just to the two of you, and you scooted over to rest your head on Woojin’s shoulder the very instant that you heard Jisung’s door shut. 

It was nice for the first ten minutes of the next episode that you started, but now, your eyelids are starting to feel heavy. You fight it off for as long as you can, but you’re eventually forced to give in, and you fall asleep with your head resting on Woojin’s shoulder. 

He knows he’ll have to wake you eventually, but for the moment, he lets you rest, the look on your face far too serene for him to do anything else.

It’s a perfectly sweet moment until he hears the sound of a door opening. 

He stiffens completely, torn as to what to do - should he just leave you there and hope they didn’t look? Should he wake you up and move away from you quickly?

He takes too long to decide, and before he knows it, Sungwoon emerges from down the hall, set towards the kitchen for a late night snack.

Woojin prays to every deity he’s ever heard of that Sungwoon will be too tired to notice the two of you there, but it seems that luck isn’t on his side, as Sungwoon’s eyes fall on you almost instantly.

He stops in his tracks for a moment, locking eyes with a silently pleading Woojin, but he moves on again before too long, smiling to himself and shaking his head.



It isn’t often that Minhyun calls Woojin aside to speak with him alone.

In fact, it’s not that it’s not often, but rather that it’s never happened before. Ever. 

As such, it’s only natural that Woojin is feeling a bit apprehensive when the older asks if he can talk with him for just a minute, leading him into his empty room and shutting the door behind them. 

It’s like being called in to talk to the principle, Woojin muses as he lets his eyes roam Minhyun’s room and take in all the little details. He has no idea what he’s done wrong, but he’s certain that it must be something - there’s no way that a one-on-one talk with Hwang Minhyun could mean anything good.

Just when Woojin thinks he’s about to burst from the anxiety of not knowing what he’s been summoned for, Minhyun finally speaks.

“I don’t…I don’t really know how to say this,” he admits, and the perplexed expression on his face mirrors how Woojin is feeling inside. What could Woojin have possibly have done to fluster Minhyun like this?

“You can tell me anything,” Woojin assures him sincerely, desperate to know just what’s going on. “It’s okay.”

At that, Minhyun takes a deep breath. “I just want to make sure you know that… if that time comes, you and ______ need to be safe-”

Woojin is out the door before Minhyun has a chance to finish the sentence.


Daehwi’s been jittery lately.

Jittery, jumpy, distracted, just flat out strange, really. Something is up with him, and whatever it is is very obviously wrong, regardless of how strongly he insists that he is perfectly fine.

He’s generally a happy, excitable kid, and he would never pass up an opportunity to go and spend time with his friends. Regardless of what they intended to do, Daehwi would be there without a doubt, that one constant little sun spot there to brighten everyone’s day.

Lately, though, he seems almost adverse to going out. He reacts like he might just die if he leaves the dorm.

“Hey, Daehwi, do you want to go shopping later?”

“I’m actually a bit tight on money now, sorry!”

“Do you want to come see a movie with us?”

“It doesn’t look that interesting…”

“How about we go for a walk?”

“In this heat?”

It’s not that he’ll die if he leaves the dorm - you’ve seen him go out with Jihoon and Jinyoung without putting up any fight at all recently. The problem seems to be leaving the dorm with you.

After being turned down for what feels like the 500th time that week, you can’t help but to ask him. “Why don’t you want to spend any time with me or Woojin lately? Did we do something to upset you?”

His response is a sheepish, “I don’t want to impose on your dates.”


Jinyoung, too, seems to be suffering from the Daehwi effect. 

His version of it is perhaps a bit less open, but the way he moves to the opposite end of the room when you walk in is still very, very far from subtle. In fact, it’s so absurd that you almost think you’re overreacting at first, and you test your theory out a few times. 

If you sit next to him, he moves to the other end of the couch. 

If you pass him in the hall, he all but flattens himself up against the wall.

If you walk in a room with Woojin, he flat out leaves the room. 

Everyone has been acting so strange around the two of you lately, you’re almost starting to accept strange as the new normal. It’s a little bit entertaining, you must admit, to watch the overly dramatic reactions to everything you do, but more than anything else, it’s tiring. 

As soon as you enter the kitchen with Woojin, you see Jinyoung’s eyes dart to the door. 

You’re faster than him, though, moving to stand in front of him and staring him down with a look that means business. 

“Why are you avoiding me?” You demand, and Jinyoung looks like a deer caught in headlights at your words.

“I’m not avoiding you,” he tries.

It’s a valiant effort, but one gone to waste; you just continue to glare until he finally offers you an answer. 

He can’t even keep a straight face, corners of his mouth just barely curving up into a smirk as he says, “Woojin’s been giving me this look every time we talk, and I kinda like being alive.”

You glance back at your boyfriend, ready to call bullshit on Jinyoung once more, but sure enough, he looks like his gaze could burn right through the younger boy.

Alright, so maybe you can’t really blame Jinyoung. 


Woojin may not be particularly tall, but he certainly seems to take up a lot of space as he lays on his stomach on the floor of his room, limbs stretched out in every direction. He takes a deep breath that’s really more aligned with a sigh than anything else, trying to expel all of the tension that he’s feeling. 

“You look really comfortable,” Jihoon says lifelessly, sitting perched on the bed and looking down at his spread out friend. 

All he gets in response is a grumble, heavily muffled by the carpet. Woojin doesn’t bother to lift his head, not moving at all from the position that he’s been in for a rather impressive amount of time now.

“What’s bothering you?” Jihoon tries again, using a different approach. “You’re clearly upset about something.”

“Can you tell?” He tries to joke back, but, again, his intentions are lost on the carpet, and all Jihoon hears in response is a dejected sounding mumble. “I’m so tired.”

“Is it something with ______?”

Woojin almost thinks he hears wrong at first, but his head snaps up at the mention of your name. “What do you mean?” He asks, tone suddenly a thousand times more animated than before. 

“You know,” Jihoon makes vague gestures, and, no, Woojin absolutely does not know. “Relationship problems.”

Woojin’s jaw drops - add Jihoon to the list of people you’ve somehow been outed to. “How - how do you know?” He asks incredulously.

Jihoon cocks an eyebrow at him and waits for a moment, giving him a chance to follow up with a ‘just kidding~’ or something of the sort, but when such a statement never comes, he just scoffs. 

“How could I not?”


There’s no use in hiding it anymore, really.

As Jihoon pointed out, your relationship has more or less become common knowledge (all thanks to Seongwoo, you’re sure) - trying to be secretive would really just be a waste of energy by now, and it’s with this thought in mind that you sit snuggled up to Woojin’s side on the couch in the middle of the day.

It’s funny, you think - the one time you’re not trying to be discreet is the one time no one is around to bother you. For as long as you kept your relationship a secret, it seemed that there was at least one other member with you at all times, but with it out in the open, it’s like the dorm has fallen silent. 

Regardless of the irony of it, you enjoy the situation - you’ll take any chance that you can to just be alone with Woojin. 

It’s one of those tooth-rottingly sweet moments. The TV is on in the background, but neither of you are really paying attention, your eyes trained on one another instead. You both start to smile as you look at one another, the close proximity making it a bit embarrassing, and it’s only a matter of seconds before you’re closing the distance between the two of you for a kiss, and - 

- and there’s a gasp.

The second your lips touch, you hear a gasp, and you break away as quickly as you touched in your shock only to look up and find Guanlin standing there, eyes looking about ready to pop out of his head.

“Guanlin!” You exclaim, caught off guard and a bit flustered to have been seen at such a moment “Sorry, we-”

He cuts you off, holding his hand up. “It’s okay,” he says, the look in his eyes serious and sincere.

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

this is SO MESSY and literally like five times longer than it was supposed to be bfjdksfjksfbha I suddenly g2g,,, anwyway im going to sleep now I’ll finally stop spamming y’all for toinght lmao good niiiiiiiiiight I hope you enjoy~~~

Fight For Me. (Part 2) ::Sami Zayn Mini-Series::

{Part 1} {Part 3}

Pairing: Reader x Sami Zayn

Word Count: 3,544

Warnings: Swearing.

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It had been three weeks since I had uttered those words. I had been miserable ever since. I had stopped sharing a room with Sami and moved into a room by myself. I hated it. The bed was too big and it made me feel lonelier than ever. I tried my hardest to hardly ever be there, staying late into the night with Lana chatting, playing video games with TJ and even resorting to propping up the hotel bar, when I felt like I was just being a burden and intruding into my friend’s personal time.

I did my best to avoid the conflict I felt. I kept to myself at work, intent on doing my job and just that. I avoided Sami the best I could, avoided pretty much everyone except for TJ and Lana, the only two people I would let close to me. I had my facade perfected, my mask impeccable. Or at least so I had thought. It was when Kevin had stopped me in the middle of the hallway and mockingly offered his sympathies that I crumbled. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling, the humiliation of crying like a child in front of my co-workers only agitating me further. TJ had been at my side in an instant, my friend muttering something about how Kevin was damn lucky that he wasn’t on 205 Live, before leading me away.

When next week on Raw, Sami passionately demanded a match against Kevin, I had switched off the TV screen and pretended it had never happened. I felt like a wreck. Looked like a wreck. And was pretty much acting like a wreck.

Sami for his part, didn’t seem much better, though he was reacting differently to the situation than me. He became even more consumed by work, people rarely seeing him elsewhere. He was throwing himself into fights with a reckless abandonment that was new even for him. He rarely spoke to anyone, a perpetual dark cloud, his jovial personality temporarily gone. I knew all this, only because I had asked after him. I may have broken up with him, but I still couldn’t just completely let it go.

But I was beginning to get fed up of the sympathetic glances, the meaningless platitudes and the whispered gossip that seemed to be epidemic backstage. It had been me after all, who had broken up with Sami. That had to count for something. Though for what, I didn’t know and it sounded more like another one of those meaningless platitudes that I so despised. Mostly, I was just fed up of wallowing in my own self-pity.

There was no denying that I was still in love with Sami. That I missed him desperately, but I also knew I couldn’t keep on like this. If I wanted to feel better, I had to make the effort. No more crying, no more hiding.

It was how I found myself here in Lana’s room, getting ready for a night out, that I wasn’t sure I was really up for. It was Sasha’s birthday though, it had been organised weeks in advance and I felt like I would be a bad friend if I didn’t attend. Besides, logically I knew I couldn’t hide forever. Since I had arrived at her door, Lana hadn’t stopped beaming with pride at the fact I was no longer hiding away. It made me feel even more guilty about the pressure I had put on my friends, but also even more determined to make an effort, even if it was just for them.

Rusev, bless him, was even trying on my behalf,  complimenting my appearance and escorting both Lana and I down to the bar. It wasn’t too crowded yet, which helped to settle my nerves. Well, that and the cocktail I had ordered. The music wasn’t too over the top and the birthday girl seemed to be enjoying herself.  Sasha had even taken the time to thank me for coming, a slight tinge of worry in her eyes as she spoke to me. I tried not to think about how obvious my behaviour must have been lately and endeavoured to be a better friend.

It was with great relief that I saw TJ arrive, grinning and waving as he approached me. As much as I adored Lana, she had been pulling me into selfies all night and I was tired of the constant posing and smiling for the camera. Not to mention I had been scanning the crowd all night, looking for that familiar head of red hair, much to my chagrin. Tonight was not about Sami Zayn.

I greeted TJ with a hug as we exchanged greetings. From the corner of my eye I could see Lana pull her phone out again and I decided to take the opportunity to escape to the bar. TJ followed me, eager to get something to drink for himself. He frowned slightly as I ordered another drink from the bartender, noting I was already on first name basis with the woman behind the bar.

“How many have you had to drink?” he questioned, some concern evident in his voice. I rolled my eyes at him, a sure sign that the answer was probably already too much, because otherwise I never would have reacted like that to his simple question.

“Only a few”, was instead the answer I gave to him. My friend seemed unconvinced by my words, chewing his lip thoughtfully, as he took in my appearance. My cheeks were flushed, my foot tapping with nervous energy and the smile on my face was in deep contrast to the expression I had been sporting for the last three weeks.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’m actually having some fun for the first time in weeks” I told him. There was a moment of a silence before he accepted my words, settling back into a relaxed position as he chuckled.

“Glad to hear it. I don’t like seeing you sad” TJ said as he turned to face me, still leaning against the bar. There was a strange quality to his voice, as if there seemed to be more to his words than what he was saying. Wanting to distract myself from the strange moment, I took a big sip of my drink, forgetting it was alcoholic for a moment and therefore probably shouldn’t be gulped. I ignored the following, burning after-taste, my eyes following Lana as she dragged a somewhat reluctant Rusev to the dance floor. I could hear TJ sniggering beside me and I turned around to scold him.

“He’s in love” I defended, before my friend could say anything. TJ held his hands up in a mock gesture of surrender, while he did a pretty poor job of containing his laughter.

“Like you wouldn’t do same for the one you cared about” I added a moment later, as his laughter split over.

“Well, of course I would. I am the King of Dab” TJ finally replied, after he had regained some self-control. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the self appointed nickname and his childish antics, though it was becoming hard for me to restrain my own giggles. I had a feeling that had been his intention all along.

“Come on then, King of Dab. Go and show me some moves. Preferably something other than dabbing”. I gestured for him to disappear to the dance floor, but he surprised me when he merely stood and held out his hand to me.

“You’re coming too” he said. I admittedly hesitated for a moment. This wasn’t Sami in front of me. But Sami wasn’t here. He was gone as usual, no doubt still on his crusade against Braun. I stamped down on my bitterness firmly. It had no place here. I was at a party and I was here for a good time.

“Alright then”. I bit back a grin at the surprise on TJ’s face as I agreed to his wishes. Shaking off his momentary shock, he was back in full spirits, as he walked backwards to the dance floor, watching me follow him.

A new song had just started up as we found a free space for us to dance. I slipped into the beat easily, the music washing over me as I moved. I couldn’t even remember the last time that I had just let go and danced like this. TJ admittedly, had the better moves over me, but I wasn’t too shabby and at the very least could keep a beat. There was enough room for an extra person between us as we danced, TJ being mindful of my personal space. The only contact our bodies made was through our hands, mine linked loosely with his.

TJ laughed as he saw me begin to enjoy myself and I couldn’t help but join in with his laughter, finding the sound intoxicating. It was good to be there on the dancefloor. It was good to finally let go, forget my worries and these complicated things called emotions. I could feel myself rebelling inside, as I realised that I was miserable about always being miserable. Tonight was my chance to escape my self imposed prison sentence.

Deciding to swing myself under TJ’s arm, I ended up nearly colliding with his chest in my haste. Luckily, my co-ordinated wrestler friend was quick enough to steady me, his hand landing on my hip and slowing me.

“Easy, Y/N. Lana will have my head, if I end up having to escort you back to the hotel with a dodgy ankle” TJ muttered warningly, but his attempt to keep the grin off his face was pretty poor.

“I’m fine,” I said, choosing to conveniently ignore that my behaviour over the past couple of weeks, had not exactly been indicative of fine. “Now dance with me”.

“Y/N, I already am dancing with you” TJ pointed out, looking even more confused as I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck.

“Want to dance properly” I mumbled, already too busy moving again, my body occasionally brushing against his as I continued to dance. Logical thought or even plain common sense, were not my chosen bed mates for tonight. I was acting more on instinct and impulsivity than anything else, the fact that I was a little bit tipsy only hindering matters. Not that I cared. Or I was determined not to care. Either seemed to be a possible option at the moment.

I could hear TJ muttering something under his breath, but his hands soon found my hips and he began to sway with me. There was still a little distance between us though, preventing the dance from being too intimate. My eyes fluttered closed as I lost myself to the music and the moment, not wanting to feel anything right now. No more worries. No more cares. No more Sami.

I barely even realised that I had stepped forward, until I felt my body press up against TJ’s.  For some reason though, I couldn’t bring myself to pull back and on instinct my arms tightened around his neck. TJ tensed slightly under my new grip, but soon relaxed. His body heat was soothing and I couldn’t help but press slightly closer to him, wanting to feel more. I could feel the planes of his muscles, his body firm and tall. He felt like comfort. Just not the right kind of comfort.

“Are you, okay?” he finally questioned, his voice filled with concern. “It’s just you’re behaving a bit strange. I know you’ve been going through a rough time lately, but this isn’t like you”. I turned my face from him slightly, so that I didn’t have to face his gaze. I could already imagine the worry and concern in his eyes and I didn’t want to face up to that either.

“Just want to forget for the moment” I told him, that as honest as I was willing to be, with how I was feeling at the moment. TJ fell silent for a couple of moments, though I could tell by the tension in his body that he still wasn’t happy. I couldn’t help but think of Sami, as hard as I tried not to. It should be Sami here right now. It should have been Sami dancing with me.

“Y/N, are you sure that-. And okay…..” he said, his tone slightly bewildered as I suddenly snuggled into him, my face buried in the crook of his neck. It was a gesture more for comfort than anything else, as I had a sudden urge to cry, wondering what the hell exactly I was doing. I could hear TJ sigh to himself as he stroked my hair.

“Perhaps it’s time to get you back-“

The crashing sound of a chair falling over, prompted me to pull away, my attention diverted to where the noise had come from. I immediately tensed at the view in front of me, my heart picking up pace, as I saw the man I had been pining for. I hadn’t even realised that Sami had arrived and it was only now, that I realised what my behaviour must have looked like to him. After all, Sami couldn’t feel what I was feeling, couldn’t hear what TJ and I were saying.

Finn was currently struggling valiantly with him, trying to get him out of the building, before any more of a disturbance could happen. I couldn’t see Sami’s face, the Irishman shielding me from the red head’s view as he attempted to escort him from the building. Finn’s eyes met mine and he threw me a small, sad smile, as Sami eventually let his friend pull him away. Meanwhile, I was seemingly frozen in a moment of inaction as I attempted to process what was happening. By the time I had started to move from my spot, the two men were gone from the room.

Everyone who had been watching, turned to look at me instead, but I ignored their faces, too busy beginning to panic and overwhelmed with the consequences of my actions this evening.  I couldn’t help but feel as though I had betrayed Sami, even though logically I knew that we were broken up and that the dance with TJ hadn’t meant anything.

“TJ.. I’m so sorry” I apologised in a rush, already pulling away from my friend and planning to follow after Sami.

“Y/N-“ he began to say, obviously unsure if following after my ex in my current emotional and slightly drunken state was such a good idea. I was no longer listening though and was practically half way across the room before TJ could voice his concerns. I was too concerned with fixing what I had broken. To tell Sami that he was wrong, that there was nothing between me and TJ. To tell him that I still cared. I careened to a stop at this new thought. Was I just going to make things worse? I was the one who had ended things with him.

My feet continued forward though, seemingly of their own volition and I was surprised when I nearly collided into the back of Finn as I tumbled through the exit door, the pair having not moved much further from the building.

“Easy now” Finn murmured as he steadied me, my eyes already locked with Sami’s. He looked so dejected, his shoulders slumped, hands curled into familiar fists as he fought with his emotions. There were obvious tears in his eyes and he just looked so lost, like the rug had just been pulled out from underneath him. You did that, I thought to myself.

“It wasn’t what you think” I began. I could feel Finn’s hands let go of my arms, as he began to back away slightly, obviously not wanting to be a part of this, but simultaneously ready to intervene if things went sideways.

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me” Sami said, his voice surprisingly small and I just wanted to cry. This wasn’t Sami. This was just a shell of the person I knew. Not for the first time, I felt another wave of doubts at my decision to end things. I had to remind myself that a relationship was a two way street. If Sami hadn’t been interested in fixing our relationship, then I couldn’t have done it all by myself.

“But I do! Because I don’t want you thinking that…” I paused, my words trailing off. If I said what I wanted to say, I would be exposing myself and making myself vulnerable once more. Was it worth the risk?

“I don’t want you thinking that there’s something between me and TJ, because there isn’t. I would never do that. I would never betray you like that” I explained, desperately wanting him to understand. My emotions were in turmoil again, I barely knew how to talk to him about it all. I just knew that I despite my attempts otherwise, I still cared about him. Still loved him.

“But we broke up, Y/N. You wouldn’t be betraying anybody” he replied. He sounded tired, like he had been broken down repeatedly and he wasn’t sure that he could be bothered to get back up.

“I… I…. I know, but you’re it…”. You’re it for me, I finished in my head. Sami seemed to tense slightly at my words and when his eyes met mine again, I could see a highly guarded sliver of hope in his eyes. He shook his head, biting his lower lip and now I could see him blinking back tears.

I wrapped my arms tightly around myself, feeling myself trembling slightly. Whether that was from the alcohol, the temperature or how emotional I was feeling, I couldn’t decide. Perhaps it was all three. Sami immediately noticed the action and he moved to approach me, wringing his hands together as if he wanted to reach out and touch me.

“Y/N, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying” Sami protested and something defiant flared within me.

“I’m not that drunk. I know exactly what I’m saying. I still care about you. Even if you didn’t want to fight for us. Care about us” I retorted, my words getting ahead of my brain, everything spilling from my mouth, before I could catch up to what I was actually saying.

“I still care about you. If I didn’t, do you really think I would have made such an idiot of myself, the moment I saw you and TJ all wrapped up in each other? I care a hell of a lot more than you think. I’m only sorry that I fucked up so much, that you can’t see that”. He paused once more, this time rubbing the back of his neck, a nervous tic as he thought over what we were both saying.

“But now isn’t the time for this discussion. You might say you’re not drunk, but I can clearly see you swaying on the spot” he added. I hadn’t even realised that I had been rocking on the spot, until that moment and I stared down at my feet, almost dumbfounded and as if the ground had the answers to my current inebriated state.

“Sami…” I began, recognising that perhaps I wasn’t in the best state to be having this conversation, but also not wanting to give up quite yet.

“Finn, do me a favour and make sure that Y/N gets back to her hotel safe? It’s far too late and she’s far too vulnerable for her to be out on her own” Sami asked, turning to his friend as he spoke and I couldn’t help but childishly pout, annoyed that they were talking over my head.

“Sami…” I tried once again, his name coming out as more of a plea than anything else.

“I’ll talk to you later. I promise. Just not tonight, Y/N. I need some time and space to think and you need to sober up. See what it is, you’re really feeling in the morning”. There was a nervous quality to his voice, as if the hope I had given him tonight, would be destroyed by tomorrow. Sami took a step forward, seeming to surprise himself when he pressed a quick kiss to my forehead. I couldn’t help but whimper and Sami sighed deeply as he stepped away.

Finn was quiet as he stepped back to my side, but his body language clearly indicated that he was unsure about leaving Sami on his own.

“I’ll be fine. I can make my own way back on my own. There will be no more scuffles for tonight” Sami promised as he noted Finn’s stance. “Just make sure she gets back safe’.

“There had better not be” Finn muttered darkly. “And don’t worry, I’ll make sure Y/N gets back safe and sound” he added, throwing a smile my way.

With that, Sami stood there watching us, as Finn led me away. I don’t know how long he stayed there for, but I did know that he was still stood in the same spot, by the time Finn and I rounded the corner and disappeared from his sight.

Role Reversal

(Headcanon that Lewis was smaller than Arthur when they were kids. And Arthur looked out for him. So here’s a drabble with that in mind. Special thanks to Kirby for reading through it first. ^_^)

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Two Hours (Pt. 2)

Pt. One / Read on AO3

Pairing: Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor

Summary: Jyn and Cassian deal with the aftermath of Eadu in their own ways. One thing the two can agree on though, is that they are both absolutely drenched.

Words: 2340 Tags: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Patching Wounds, Missing Scene (after Eadu), Pining, Jyn and Cassian are bad at feelings

Cassian wrapped his hand around her upper arm, and was shocked to feel no resistance.

As he lead her to the back of the ship, nearest the engine room, he heard tiny grunts of pain. At least, they sounded like grunts of pain. When he turned around to look at her, her eyes were fixed on the ground, teeth gnawing at her bottom lip. There was a trail of blood trickling down her forehead, and a nasty gash at her shoulder. His eyes lingered a beat longer, searching her face, before she whimpered low under her breath.

She looked up at him, briefly, and the glare bore through him like a knife. Her fury had been exhausted, but in that moment still she felt the need to puff out her chin, to grit her teeth to remind him that they most certainly were not friends and most certainly not okay.

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He Won't Hurt You Again (Jaime Preciado ONESHOT)

Hi guys, here is Jaime oneshot! Trigger warning for this one - it has a bit of fluff too. The request asked for smut but I didn’t feel it suited the oneshot. I plan on putting up the last chapter of my Jaime fanfic in the day or so. I hope you like the oneshot; keep requesting! Enjoy xx

Anon requested: I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you are Mike and Vic’s sister and you have know the band mates for a long time & have had a crush on Jaime ever since the band started. Well for your birthday you & the guys are at a club & you end up seeing your abusive ex boyfriend there. he tries to get back with you but his temper gets the best of him and the guys see whats happening and get defensive and jaime makes you feel better & confesses his love to you (fluffy,smutty,&long) thankyou

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The Fallout

Requested by @shiptillcanon I hope I you like it! 

Word Count: 2,013

Rating K: Angst paired with lots of fluff

In which Farkle finally apologizes.

High School AU. No established relationship.

Farkle was never wrong. The words ‘I’m sorry’ didn’t slip past his lips often. He wasn’t by any means rude, there just wasn’t any need for them. Some people thought him arrogant but they would be wrong. He had confidence in his brain. He knew it was the one thing that would never steer him wrong.

Except for moments like these when he found himself at odds with his best friend. He wasn’t wrong and he wasn’t going to apologize. Not even to said best friend, Riley Matthews.

It’d been three days since their big fight and his phone sat on his bed, its silence mocking him. The usual stream of texts had ceased leaving him only with a smiley face emoji and a thumbs up. Flopping onto his bed he rubbed his face in an effort to clear his thoughts. It had started as a minor disagreement that had soon escalated into a war. His refusal to compromise the catalyst that set their friendship over the edge.

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Long Live the Queen 1/1

TITLE: Long Live the Queen 1/1


AUTHOR: badwolflestrade

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being happily married with Loki. One day you start to feel unwell, and you get sicker and sicker. You become weak, pale, lose appetite, and start vomiting. But the healers can’t figure out what is wrong with you.  Unknownst to everyone, you are being poisoned from a jealous maid who is in love with Loki…


NOTES/WARNINGS: Just some angst and poison


Life as the queen of Asgard was great. You had everything you could ever want, someone to take care of you at all times, and you were married to the king, Loki. The day you had met and fallen in love, you knew you never wanted to be without him. And you soon learned that he felt the same. When he took your hand and put the ring on it, you knew you were his for life.

Little did you know that it would be short lived.

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Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 23: The Wedding Date, pt. 3

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 23: The Wedding Date, pt. 3

Pairing:  Captain Swan

Rating: T

Summary:  A series of unrelated, fluffy one shots featuring Killian Jones and Emma Swan and the relationship that makes us all swoon. Will contain both canon and AU stories. My contribution to Operation Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers (aka, my attempt to drown out the season 4 finale angst with ridiculous levels of fluff.)

Missed the beginning? ( 1) ( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( 5) (6) ( 7) ( 8) ( 9) ( 10) ( 11) ( 12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22)


CS genre: CS fake!dating AU

A/N: Parts 1 and 2 of this fic can be found in chapters 20 and 21 respectively

Emma peered into the brightly-lit oval vanity mirror, turning her head this way and that.  She nodded in satisfaction.  Earlier that morning, she’d gone with Regina and all the rest of the bridesmaids to Rapunzel’s Tower, the premiere hair salon in Misthaven.  

Regina had very strict requirements for her wedding party when it came to their appearance for the ceremony, insisting that her wedding photos would not be ruined by a sloppy updo or clownish makeup.  To ensure her bridesmaids lived up to expectation, she’d insisted they all have their hair styled by Rapunzel herself.  (Seriously, who named their kid Rapunzel?)

Emma had to say, the hair dresser had done a wonderful job.  Her loose bun with artfully curled flowing tendrils was both romantic and sophisticated.  The small tiara woven atop it all was the perfect finishing touch. Combine that with her red, long-sleeved ball gown with the sweetheart neckline and Emma nearly felt like a princess about to attend her first ball.

After the hair appointments, the ladies had headed to the chapel, where a room in the basement had been set up for their particular use.  They’d quickly changed into their own dresses and then helped Regina into her wedding gown.  (Emma secretly thought it was a bit ridiculous that it took four women to get a bride into her dress, but what are you going to do?)

Now they all sat behind their own personal vanities applying make-up. Taking up a brush, Emma swirled it across the delicate pink blush (the color entitled “middlemist rose”), and then absently swiped it across her cheeks.

She wondered idly what Killian was doing.  Would he feel awkward off by himself all morning while Emma and the others primped for Regina’s big day?

Not likely.  He and David were keeping each other company, and they seemed to have become best friends over night.  Emma felt a small twinge of regret as she thought about it.  When this was all over and she and Killian “broke up”….it was going to be more complicated than she thought.  Her brother was going to take the news hard.

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seventeen as things my friends have said
  • seungcheol: where are they? are they, like, starting a small country?
  • jeonghan: the thingy thing isn't working; fix it.
  • jisoo: why follow up when you can follow down?
  • junhui: i'm like fire, but i'm ice.
  • soonyoung: i came in with a plan but i ended up with beef jerky.
  • wonwoo: music soothes the soul, reading saves the heart.
  • jihoon: sleep is for the lucky and fortunate people who have nothing to do with their life.
  • seokmin: i'm that guy who is thirty but acts like they're seven.
  • mingyu: look i'm ugly, i mean dumb.
  • minghao: the fruits can do magic, but they can't do miracles.
  • seungkwan: it's too close to me and my fragile eagle.
  • hansol: you can't pause the rap.
  • chan: when in doubt, dab it out.