when im moving


Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.

Apparently there’s a road in South Carolina called Swamp Fox Trail… That’s where I live and smoke weed with my furry husbands.

Before I go to bed

I wanna put it out there that I do commissions. That start at 5 dollars. I honestly really like doing them so if you can’t afford them all at once it doesn’t bother me at all. Payment plans are always okay.

[humanoid commission]
Head shot no color - 5 dollars
Head shot color - 10 dollars
Bust no color - 15 dollars
Bust color - 20 dollars
Full body no color - 25 dollars
Full body color - 30 + dollars

[Intuitive watercolor piece]

Start at 20 dollars

And honestly anything I can do. So send me a message.

I know  I’ve been going on about wanting a cat, but with everything considered, my inexperience with cats, still living at home, my mom’s allergies, my dogs’ lack of feline socialization, the conflict with wanting to keep my cat indoors while still letting our dogs go outside in the front yard and having our door open so they can go in and out as the please, I may just hold off on that till I move out. 

But getting a puppy?? I’m so down with that! 

how can someone even fix this