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Do you think that Magnus ever summons Ragnor’s spirit to have long talks with him, because Magnus misses his best friend?

And Ragnor always acts like it’s inconveniencing him. “I have important things to be doing in the afterlife, Magnus.” But then he smiles, and they sit around and talk for hours on end.

Some days they sit in the living room, and Magnus always pours Ragnor a drink even though he can’t, y'know, actually drink it. And they talk about Magnus’s work, and his cats, and the Downworlders he’s always helping. And Magnus will talk about how things are going with Alec, and Ragnor will pretend to be uninterested in Magnus’s love life - though of course he’s listening to every word.

And some days they sit curled up in Magnus’s bed, when Magnus is exhausted from a battle the previous day, or he’s thought up some bad old memories, and Ragnor just holds him while he cries for a bit. Because there’s never been a time in Magnus’s life where he’s been afraid to cry in front of Ragnor.

Sometimes Raphael and Catarina come over to chat with him too, gossiping and laughing like the old days. And when Magnus is ready, he introduces Ragnor and Alec, who sit around and proceed to tell embarrassing stories of Magnus while he cringes in the other room and pretends he can’t hear, then comes in and tells embarrassing stories about the two of them of his own.

So writing that changeling story a few days ago got me thinking about the possibility of autistic!Link, so I present to you my new headcanon:

- He had a noticeable speech delay; he didn’t start speaking until he was four years old, and until he was six, most of his speech was echolalia. (Echolalia is the repetition of words other people have said - often, but not always, words that were just said.) When he first met his friends, he was still doing a lot of this.

- One of the reasons he likes to wear gloves is that he dislikes most textures. Additionally, many smells make him feel sick, but he tries to hide this the best he can. He almost always has a headache.

- He learned near-perfect manners and is pretty good at applying them, but is significantly less good at knowing when not to use them, which is one of the reasons he comes off as stiff and aloof.

- He takes most things literally and/or at face value, but if he’s specifically told to be suspicious of someone, he goes to the other extreme and trusts almost nothing that he is told.

- He definitely struggles with morality that is anything less than black-and-white.

- His main special interest is baking, and he knows exactly how it works chemically and how to alter the flavor the way he wants. He has a secondary special interest in religion, and another in body language.

- He often chews on his pens and bounces his leg, but generally tries to repress both of these, because they’re unprofessional. He rocks too, a little, but almost never notices unless it’s pointed out to him.

- He hasn’t had a meltdown since he was younger - just one or two while he was still in training - but this is only because he suppressed them; now he mostly has shutdowns, meltdowns turned inward.

- Link is always acutely aware of the gaps in his understanding, whether of people or morality or whatnot, and he hates it. Nothing makes him more frustrated with himself.

- The Thirds, when they were still close, often took measures to accommodate him. Even now, they still do sometimes, out of force of habit.

- He actually enjoys taking notes on his days - records of exactly what happened, what he made of it, the things he noticed. It helps him process the events of the day.

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Ok I'm a muslim that barely knows anything about islam, so Iwanto learn, Muhammad(pbuh) did not consummate w Aisha when she was nine right? like they did not have sex right? accoridng to reliable sources

Here’s some facts: The “Aisha married at nine” story was only narrated by one man who was notoriously unreliable in his old age. If you consider other hadith including Aisha’s own words and compare them to the historical record (meaning, factual and immovable dates from early Islamic history), most verifiable records all note Aisha was in her mid-to-late teens at marriage.


WHY do i keep seeing zhanyi vs. tianshan fights?? can’t we love and be excited about both?

i mean yeah you prefer a couple but that doesn’t give you the right to shame somebody elses preference. everybody has their tastes.

In my case I love both couples. I enjoy each update whether they’re about zhanyi or tianshan. They both have a different story and different problems which are interesting and very well developed. The moments where Old Xian gives us all of them together are super adorable, especially when He Tian and the main gays did everything in their power to help Mo Guan Shan. I hope there’ll be a moment where the reverse happens too.

Anyways, please try to be nice. I don’t want to make this blog one where I keep nagging about this but I think a fandom should love each other and not upset one another.



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please tell the school meme hair story, i'm curious

Okay kids adults and other human beings of various ages,, buckle up and get ready for a Ride it’s time for you to hear My Story™

This happened last year, when I started junior college (2 year program for 17-18 year olds). I live in a p warm country, so I started making a habit of putting my hair into a bun– now this bun? it was no ordinary bun,,,,

sike it was ordinary as heck all i did was wind my hair up over and over and tie it up with a rubber band. but i guess if i could give you details about my hair that made my bun At All distinctive it would be that i have pretty long and v thick hair (see? not my fault, the heat would’ve killed me), and that i always tied my bun So high up it sat on top of my head like a gosh darn hat

i didn’t really do this in my previous school,, mostly because i had friends that laughed at me because my bun looked “chinese” (which is ironic as hell since i am chinese) but in this new school people gave me nice comments like “hey! i like your hair” and- actually that’s… pretty much the extent of the compliments i got. It was that lame and ordinary, okay?

At first.

Sure, there were plenty of students, even seniors who noticed my hair, and friends reporting occasions where people found out they knew who I was, and would proceed to go :O and damn please tell her i like her hair!!

But that was it. That was supposed to be it.

Until one day during chemistry lecture– my class was assigned to sit in the last row, which is conveniently in front of the projector light, and I had conveniently sat in front of said projector light that day. Now, the projector light was of course placed much higher than the seat, this was the largest lecture theater in our entire school, of course they would make sure no student sitting in that seat would be able to disrupt anything– right?

They were mostly right. I wasn’t at all tall enough to block any of the projector light, not even a small smidge of light would have been blocked by my small short ass. But me plus my bun?


Okay, so it wasn’t like my bun Eclipsed the projector light and stopped the entire lecture from being able to proceed; I would’ve been told to get out of my seat immediately. At first, it was just a small circle-like shadow at the bottom of the screen. Not hiding any words, not hiding any Top Secret Chemistry Secrets.

But as the lecture progressed, the number of people turning around to see what shadow ghost demon was trying to hamper The Joy Of Learning™ (twas no demon, just my oblivious ass who took way too long to realize what my hair was doing) increased. And once my hair actually started blocking words on the screen (it was just a tiny sentence at the bottom, i blame bad usage of PowerPoint formatting), a large majority of over 500 students in that lecture theatre had turned around to look at me at least once

Mmhmm, some people turned around to look at me more than once, as if I would’ve transformed from a clueless student with hair she’s too lazy to a point of stubbornness to cut into my True Form

Eventually, my teacher had to awkwardly request that I take my hair down, and that was that——–

Except that was not that, not even in the slightest, and my hair’s “popularity” seemed to have increased tenfold. Teachers were in on it now, random teachers I had never met were complimenting me left and right in the hallways,, it was like getting catcalled but the hair version and not scary

Physics teachers would question the laws of the universe, and how my hair managed to defy each and everyone of them, groups of students I walked past would hem and haw and talk about me literally behind my back,, asking mystical questions like “is that the girl from chemistry lecture?”. People who saw me randomly for the first time would occasionally get this look on their face which I can only describe as someone discovering that an urban legend such as the babadook or the loch ness monster was Real, wasn’t a lie,, actually existed

This all ties up with one last story- the discipline master of our school approached me one morning after morning assembly had ended, and i panicked and worried about all the possible Crimes I had committed: only for him to request for me to take down my bun and never tie it up like that again.

Yup, it became illegal for me, and specifically me, to put my hair up in a bun at school.

People I told were outraged, they told me to protest it valiantly, to cement my hair in a bun if that was what it took- but I had decided that enough was enough. I didn’t want to fight because I was a coward and frankly, my hair was heavy as heck and I could avoid the heat by putting my hair in a ponytail.

So I did it. I took my hair down, I even got a hair cut a few months later (another wild story for another day) and I never put my hair up into a bun again (okay maybe once in a while i still did it, but I’d take my hair down very quickly)

And that’s the story of how my hair was essentially a school meme, and how that meme died, like all memes do

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Que pasta! We're introducing the small (read; the sixteen year old) to your stories via nightly chapters, and I started drawing during Midnight Bluelight, and found myself with a koi pond and then later with an Aslien, and I'm planning on drawing one based off of Every Heart. I was wondering if you wanted to be tagged when I posted them, or if I should just throw them into the void. (I'll be posting them to my other blog, where I sometimes throw my art/stories)

Tag them!

I love all art.  Gift art, commissions, fan art, official art, it doesn’t matter.  I am a greedy, greedy creator, and I want to see it aaaaaaall.

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No offense to any fans but it really annoys me when so called tg fans wants nothing but blood & gore. It's been almost two decades I've been into anime and manga. Tg is not the best manga I've read but it has something special in it. I hate when fans (fakes) complain tht characters come randomly in it and it has too much of them. I think people who can't understand the intensity of the story r either kids or can't take manga seriously. I'm not into shipping & stuff (lmao I'm too old for it) (1)

But recent incidents r really saddening. Ishida is by far the best mangaka (in my opinion). There r many good mangakas but I’m certain no one can portray emotion in a manga as much as Ishida. There’s no good & evil in this one. I follow u & some other touken blogs bc they’re cannon & tbh u guys r really good w8 theories and understanding the plot. I’m not really good w8 words so I really cannot express how much I love tg. But really, u r awesome & thank you for running this beautiful blog (2)

Oh & another thing, do u write or something? Bc your writing skills r really impressive and beautiful! Well keep it up and thank u for contributing to this fandom in a positive way. Hope you have a great day!!!!!! (Last)

Wow, thank you anon! Yeah, authorhood is the end goal, I’ve written a novella and some fanfiction, but it’s only been in this last year that I’ve actually been typing stuff out rather than just having the ideas roll about in my brain. Running this blog has helped me learn to write (and more importantly, enjoy writing) on a daily basis, so hopefully that will speed along my efforts.

Totally agree that Ishida is the best mangaka. I find Isayama very impressive too, but Ishida’s skill with metafiction scores him the top place for me. 

The ‘too many characters’ mantra people repeat in a chorus is truly ear-piercing. There are a lot of characters in TG, yes - it’s a huge part of Ishida’s worldbuilding and makes massive organisations like the CCG feel very real. It’s like they just picked up some bogus article of “Writing Sins” and treat it like some kind of dogma. Truth is there’s no such thing as a Writing Sin. There is nothing that is “bad” to do in literature - anything can be good or bad depending on how you execute it. The reason people recoil at a multitude of characters is because in many cases the story fails to do justice to each of them while maintaining a suitable pace for plot progression. This is not true of Tokyo Ghoul or Ishida, who makes certain that each character gets appropriate screentime and their own character arc that contributes to the plot as well as the story’s thematic inquiry, allowing the host of characters to support a steady pace rather than obstruct it. 

As for antis…well, they’re antis.  Generally, people pick up stories because they feel that the author thinks the same way they do. But for some people, there are inevitably going to be blips in synchronicity because no two people think completely the same. These blips are where antis come from, and they exist for every story in existence, regardless of quality. Even Shakespeare has his antis. When it comes down to it, all art is a matter of individual taste and subjectivity. So you’ve just gotta write for people who think like you, is the way I see it, and stay true to the call of your muse no matter what. 

That said, I do not excuse this prevailing trend in fandom that the story somehow belongs to them. Fiction is a deeply personal experience that the author has generously decided to show the reader - criticise as you will, but don’t rant and rave and send the author friggin’ hate mail, cuz they don’t owe you shit. Especially when most of us watch or read online for free anyway.  But what I hate most of all is when they say something like “I’ve spent years of my life invested in X and this is what they do to me?” Like yeah have a fuckin medal for reading a comic book, I’m sure you’ve tried so hard at having fun. Honestly. 

Anyway, thanks for writing in anon! You’ve said very nice things about me and given me the opportunity to bitch about antis, which I can never pass up. 

I’m heading into downtown Nagoya rn and I just remembered something I witnessed a few weeks ago that I wanted to share because it made my entire life

I was shopping for manga and doujinshi in the Nagoya Mandarake and while I was perusing daisuga doujin a very primly dressed Japanese woman who looked to be maybe 50 calmly walked past me in high heels with her Chanel bag, plucked a few fluffy oikawa/iwaizumi books off the shelf, looked them over appraisingly, and then walked up to the cashier with a satisfied look on her face

And the other day when I was shopping in Animate I wandered over to the yuri on ice section and heard a few office ladies talking to each other about how they couldn’t reach a victuuri doujin on the top shelf, so my tall ass reached up and got it for her. I don’t think I’ve heard ありがとうございます so many times in my life

Long story short, you are never too old to be fandom trash 💕 I really love living in Japan wow

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Hi! Congratz for the 1000 followers! You really deserve this and much more, your art is awesome! n.n I saw the Papyrus drawing you uploaded and reminded me of an old question I have since I started following the undertale fandom, why do people draw monster souls upside down? Is this cannon? I've seen this a lot, but can't remind any specific moment in the game when this was specified. I'm​ confused about where that comes from! Anyways, wish you the best, and have a nice weekend! :D

Ah thank you so very much! 8′D yay I’m really happy! And hope people will stick around and enjoy the story further. And that I don’t accidentally scare people off with some or other of my nonsense!

Originally posted by akimitsukino

As for your question, yes it is actually canon! :D But I believe you only see this in a genocide run since a monster soul only appears after killing someone before it breaks and shatters. (it might appear in pacifist but I still haven’t finished my pacifist run so no spoilers please guys!)

But yeah, all monster souls are upside down to human souls and are white :)

Beauty and the Beast Fic Recs: A Rose’s Thorn by TheTeaIsAddictive

Because a prince insulted a witch, he was cursed. Because a girl fell in love, the spell was broken. But when a merchant chooses to trust his horse, the prince risks never breaking his enchantment. And the merchant’s daughter will be trapped in marriage with a man she doesn’t love. Can they find each other, even with all the changes to this tale as old as time?

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what exactly is children of pathos? i'm getting a roman/greek god vibe from it

it’s an old series of drawings me and @beedalee did back when we were closeted about our relationship. We used angelic avatars to talk about how much we loved each other and as a way to cope. We also used them to heal from the various bad relationships we had before we met.

I don’t know if we’ll ever pursue it as its own story or series, but it has a huge soft spot in my heart

the signs as my favorite lines in hamilton:
  • Aries: "Since when are you a Democratic Republican?" "Since being one put me on the up and up again."
  • Taurus: "Every other founding father's story gets told. Every other founding father gets to grow old."
  • Gemini: "Pick up a pen, start writing..."
  • Cancer: "Madison, you mad as a hatter, son, take your medicine. Damn, you're in worse shape than the national debt is in..."
  • Leo: "And they say I'm a Francophile-- at least they know I know where France is."
  • Virgo: "Hamilton at the Constitutional Convention..." "I was chosen for the Constitutional Convention!"
  • Libra: "Philip you outshine the morning sun, my son."
  • Scorpio: "Let's show these federalists what they're up against; SOUTHERN MOTHERFUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS."
  • Sagittarius: "Call me son one more time!"
  • Capricorn: "Never gon' be president now..."
  • Aquarius: "Should we honor our treaty, King Louis' head? 'Uh... do whatever you want I'm super dead.'"
  • Pisces: "Are we a nation of states? What's the state of our nation?"

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Any good Stony writers here you could recommend? I'm in need of more Stony on my dash.♡ Smut/fluff/angst, looking for everything except superfreaky AU's. Thanks :)


Truth be told I’m really into 616verse more than anything else cos I’m as old as dial-up. So what my favourite authors mostly have in common is that even when they write some MCU fic I prefer if they have even a bit of knowledge of the comics and other Marvel ‘verses. I like it when they ship Superhusbands of the Multiverse, #rideordie. And I’m a sucker for great plot, I like losing myself in a story. 

I stalked these amazing people cos everything they write blows my mind, A+++ 100/100 best win/win and I really look up to them in the stony fandom so please follow these fantastic authors and read EVERYTHING they’ve written (just mind the tags):  @georgygirl-247 (ao3 link), @sabrecmc (ao3 link), @orbingarrow (ao3 link), @rouge-winter (ao3 link),  Laireshi, Sineala, Wordsplat, Arysteia, Mizzy, RurouniHime, Ann2Who, Nightwalker, theappleppielifestyle, sara_holmes, Lenalena, psychick, brandnewfashion, pensversusswords, ashinan, Nix (CrimsonQuills), starspangledsprocket, onewayfreak, Annehiggins, blacktofade, Kiyaar, inukagome15, luminousblade, Seaneta, magicasen, kuro, Elspethdixon and Seanchai, Eudoxia, cookinguptales, Navaan, love_in_the_stars, just_another_tinker, Bragi151, KagekaNecavi, coaster, Veldeia, teaberryblue, SakuraTsukikage, tsukinofaerii, morphia, Musicalluna, Neverever, simmysim (my dream in life is for her to upload her stony in her ao3 account), Amuly, MystikSpiral, cauldronofdoom, starkravingcap, missbecky, MemoryDragon, Renai_chan, marinarusalka,  scifigrl47, captainshellhead , AngeNoir, Naferty, Ellidfics (I’ll just update this list if I remember more)

For regular tumblr amazing follow these talented writers: @captainstarkreportingforduty, @zimmbuns, @saved-by-the-notepad, @ir0nshield, @breakforsanity and @aeranor regularly write Stony sin and fluff for us to enjoy 

And the two fanfics that changed my life (they were one of the first fanfics I’ve read) and I reread 24153x cos they are TOPNOTCH: Buy You a Mockingbird by Jadedoll and Catch Me Through the Looking-Glass by Ylixia. (I implore you to read their other work too.)

Oh god the SteveTony fandom has one of the BEST quality fic in the internet, hands down. And I’ve been through so many fandoms since the early 2000s! Remember, ALWAYS LEAVE A COMMENT in their fics!

(P.S. to those asking for bottom tony reclist I’m working on it lol)

Once I was asked - why it is “knight”? Well, this is a good story. 

I used to be “not common” girl, all my friends were boys, I acted like a boy, and ofc my parents were pissed off because of this. They wanted (and still want) me to act like a normal girl. That hurt me, I had lots of complexes and other shit. When I was 16 years old, I met her in the internet. The Witch. A girl with long red hair, with kind heart and gorgeous imagination. She never laughed about my random ideas “what if…”, she always supported me (and still supports). A few yeas ago we met IRL. I was worry that real me would be just a pathetic shadow for her, because she was wonderful and great IRL. But I was wrong.

And after this meeting she said “You aren’t a Princess, and so am I. You are a Knight, I’m a Witch. We are a good team together!” She was the first person in a world that accept me the way I am. Several years past, and I’m still a Knight. For her and for every single person which is dear to my heart. An idiotic Knight without an armor, but with baseball bat and in red sneakers. 

Ah, and also she taught me how to be brave (just for a couple of minutes). She said ”Come on, just imagine that you hold a sword, and the person you are afraid to talk is a boss in the dungeon. Be brave, talk, and you’ll have a loot”. And you know, this helps a lot. 

I have this headcanon that little Honk was the type of toddler that gave good night kisses as a habit aaaaaand actually I don’t know where I’m going with this I just saw an old baby picture of mine

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Korean hip hop is more about dissing unlike original hip hop. It's really sad. I'm actually of hip hop used to denounce things so when I see people using it to insult others... 😣 I hope there will be someone that remind people what true hh is.

Hiphop is about story telling. Always was, and still is. 

Korean hiphop isn’t just about dissing people. There are plenty of rappers that don’t do the whole “diss” thing. Korean hiphop isn’t that old (it goes back to the mid 90s and only started rhyming in 98), and the whole concept of dissing only goes back a few years in this particular subculture. 

Shows like Unpretty and SMTM are using this opportunity to make khh mainstream but doing so in a way that only highlights dissing. If that’s your impression of Korean hiphop then it seems like it’s working. 

Swings was a big deal because he was the first to be so aggressive and actually dissed people. But Swings was also raised in the States. Bobby also made a huge splash with dissing by calling out all idol rappers. Bobby is also from the States. There’s only a handful of Korean rappers that uses dissing as a part of their staple style (Blacknut, and Superbee)

There’s also tons of American/Western rappers that are known for diss rapping. (Meek Mill, Hopsin, 50cent, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Biggie Smalls, 2Pac,  the entire East Coast vs. West Coast movement) 

Here’s a list of just a few khh rappers that aren’t known for dissing.

Verbal Jint



Tiger JK





145: I'm starving

When I was 19-20, in the late 90s. Yes, I know. I’m old. I found myself as part of a “police action”. Well, thats what the army claimed we were in anyway, overseas in Bosnia. In a nut shell. We were there to prevent the guys with guns from completely wiping out those who didn’t have guns. But the fact of the matter is I spent more time getting people with money, power and influence to safety, than I did protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. I digress. That’s a whole other story.

For those of you who don’t know. Bosnia is a very beautiful country. Absolutely breath taking views because almost the entire country is mountainous nestled in, I believe, the Dinaric Alps and western part of the Balkans. I’m telling you, there were a few times that the sheer majesty of the mountains captivated this simple Texas country boy. Seeing something as grand as that will truly show you how small and insignificant you are. Even with your hands wrapped around an M-16 or SAW (squad automatic weapon).

However, all that beauty does have a price, in the form of the weather. It was cold and it was wet. As you read this sitting in your warm house or car. I’d like you to keep in mind that even though the U.S. Army called it a police action. We were in the middle of a modern day civil war. Which had left a lot of the country, to steal a line from the news anchors. War torn. Where there is war, there are going to be “refugees”. Displaced people with no home and no job. Even worse still you will find children. And children really tug at my heart strings.

Imagine that it’s almost freezing outside. You are 6 years old. The clothes you have are dirty and tattered. Your socks have holes, if you have them at all and your shoes are even hard to recognize as such. On top of all that you live in a shanty on the side of a mountain, with dirt floors and no real heat source. If that wasn’t bad enough it’s raining and those dirt floors resemble more a mud pit than an actual floor. Adding even more pain to your everyday life. There is little to no food. That’s right. You are literally starving most of the time.

And that’s where I drew the line. I gave away most if not all of my allotted MRE to any kid that I saw or that asked me. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t alone in this. There were several of my fellow comrades in arms that felt the same way I did. Before I knew what happened I was sick. I was sick because I hadn’t eaten a full meal or more than a bite or two in almost 11 days. Cold, wet and, no food will certainly take its toll.

To this day I can still close my eyes and see those spectacular views from high in the mountains. And to this day! Those views fail in comparison to the smile that would come across the face of one of those kids, when they got something to eat. Make no mistake. They weren’t getting steak and lobster. Ask any man or woman who has severed and they will tell you that the crackers in the MREs are nasty. But to someone who didn’t exactly know when or where the next meal was going to come from. It made their day and those special moments are the memories that make me the proudest to have served and I get to cherish the smiles I can still see.

Don’t say “I’m starving” the next time you are hungry.

Rangers lead the way!

+ This is one of the best and most pure post I’ve ever had the chance and pleasure to read. Thank you so much for serving and for doing what you did. For sharing this story with us. You, sir, get my utmost respect and best wishes! Thank you so much. And no, you are not the least bit old! 

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i'm literaly laughing my ass out when people saying that there's no need to compare between the old anime and crystal."they're 2diffrrent versions crystal is like the manga and the anime has it's own story, u can enjoy both😇😏💎🌙:)" but then they're praising crystal usagi x mamoru by complain/bash/mock "how forced their relationship was in the 90's anime "same to other stuff( senshi and mamoru in the final battle ,chibiusa, arc4 , the villains like the shitennou and ayakashi sisters, and more)

The Pride Side lives in their own bubble world that the rest of us fail to understand so the best thing is just to let them be and not trying to reason with them since they never make sense.

Remember when they blamed us for ~ruining~ their experience? So yeah us complaining because the show is awful bothers you but the show being terrible doesn’t?.