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not really a question but i just wanted to like let everyone know this,and im really shy so this takes alot of courage me to post without being under anon (btw sorry if i bother you) but when i started playing BOTW i was REALLLY depressed but like when i met sidon his CHEERFULLNESS kinda rubbed off on me and i was like "YEAH IM AWESOME THIS IS AWESOME LIFE IS AWESOME YES" so like overall sidon is amazing

Okay so I was gonna go to bed but gosh dang I saw this ask and I need to answer it!

This is seriously the sweetest thing I’ve read all day. It’s so wonderful to see Sidon’s positivity have such a wonderful effect on people!

I’m really happy Sidon could do that for you!

(And don’t worry hun, you’re not being a bother at all~)

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Hello! I saw your post about your birthday coming up and well, happy birthday!

oh my gosh ahhhHH!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH @aliasaqua!!! I certainly wasn’t expecting this and I’m just…ahhhhh, thanks so much!!

Noa looks so cute, I LOVE IT!!!

(lmao, it’s funny because I was kinda meh about my birthday, in the sense that that I was all, oh right, my birthday’s tomorrow when I was at a friend’s house yesterday to swim in the pool and got a birthday card and cupcakes, but honestly, I’m actually happy every time someone says, “Happy birthday” and just…seriously, thanks so much!!)

I would like to submit, for the committee’s consideration, that we retire the word “sin” as used in modern day vernacular. 

Look, it had a good run. It was once only used to condemn ladies that talked to snakes, or to condemn ladies that showed their ankles, or to condemn ladies that did a thing that a man didn’t like, or to condemn ladies that did a thing that a man liked too much and then actually expected them to behave like responsible adults about it. To sin was to do a bad, and it was a broadly understood concept. A short, three letter word that encompassed all the world’s evil with a conciseness that is, to be frank, impressive.

Eventually it evolved to be applied to concepts sexual in nature, and as generations came in contact with it the connotations behind it, it started to change, at least on the surface. The common ladies and gents started adapting it as an almost cute nickname for getting down and dirty, “sin” going from “avoid at all costs” to “where can I get some?”. It was purged of its shameful past and given a new spin, like a moldy pumpkin given a really fancy hat with glitter sprinkles. Still, I don’t think the nature of the word ever really changed as much as we wanted it to, much like a sparkly moldy pumpkin is still gonna smell like mold. Because it very quickly became common to refer to certain sexual concepts as sinful, leaving others standing in this weird venn diagram where the middle point is labeled “things straight white people do” and all other parts fell under the umbrella of “sin”. 

Look, even if we’re taking it back, it’s still problematic, no? Calling the act of smushing naughty bits together a “sin” implies that there is, in essence, something taboo about it. It subverts the sex-positive movement, slipping in a little bit of shame underneath all those “straight white people” who proclaim to be sexually healthy because they run around tumblr with pictures of dicks and boobs that they are double-fisting into their eyeholes while screaming “I AM THE LORD OF SIN, WELCOME TO MY SINFUL WAYS, I AM ALL THE SIN BECAUSE I HAVE A LIBIDO AND SEX THINGS MAKE MY SEX PARTS HAPPY”. Which is, like, not necessary. The enjoyment of sex and sexual stimulation is not sinful, and the lack of enjoyment in those activities is not somehow more “pure” (’sup ace/aro peeps, y’all probably just as condemned as the rest of it, just with fewer bodily secretions). 

Sex is not a sin. Homosexual sex is not a sin. Two girls fingerbanging in raccoon suits is pretty fucking wild, but still not a sin. 

All those in favor say “aye”. 


I can’t help but think about that waterfall with the obnoxious falling rocks.  Blind!Frisk might have some trouble.

AAA FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU FOR THIS FABULOUS COMIC @yzafre!!! This is awesome, not to mention very accurate!! I keep forgetting about these little spots in the game that sight is vital to… for example this one. 

So thanks for the reminder!! 

(frisk will eternally rage at those falling rocks. Forever.)


L O V E 

(the word that can’t stop making regina mills smile)

21/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


Happy Riida and his band of happy merry men!

Cr: Don’t You Get It PV Mezamashi news report


@nameyyy & anon: Yeah, I got an ouroboros! I’ve wanted this tattoo since I started Fullmetal Alchemist when I was 12, and since I still wanted it 10 years later I went for it. I could gush about how much FMA means to me but I think the fact that I inked it into my skin pretty much speaks for itself.


So I finished my Rose Quartz cosplay in October just in time for a cosplay cafe my cosplay club at college put on, and in time for Halloween! This cosplay has add me so confident in myself and I can’t wait to cosplay her even more! Though it’s finished for now, do plan though to add more to the dress over time, and get bigger hair too!
(Ft. My friends as Pearl and my lovely girlfriend as Greg )


and if Zankie hug right away

omGAH i just know imma be a mess