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Hi! @yankasmiles I received the pins and your card (with a cute yam sticker!!! 😆😍) today! ❤️❤️❤️ I hope to see more of your artworks in the future, and to meet you in person. I’m still sad that I couldn’t meet you in ACX this July because of my health problems, but receiving this makes me happy, especially today! Thank you so much!


L O V E 

(the word that can’t stop making regina mills smile)

21/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

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not really a question but i just wanted to like let everyone know this,and im really shy so this takes alot of courage me to post without being under anon (btw sorry if i bother you) but when i started playing BOTW i was REALLLY depressed but like when i met sidon his CHEERFULLNESS kinda rubbed off on me and i was like "YEAH IM AWESOME THIS IS AWESOME LIFE IS AWESOME YES" so like overall sidon is amazing

Okay so I was gonna go to bed but gosh dang I saw this ask and I need to answer it!

This is seriously the sweetest thing I’ve read all day. It’s so wonderful to see Sidon’s positivity have such a wonderful effect on people!

I’m really happy Sidon could do that for you!

(And don’t worry hun, you’re not being a bother at all~)

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today’s we young performance has me giggling so much i’m so happy

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(To the mods of this blog: god I'm so happy you two made this!!! The writing and dialogue is so good, and Mak, I've seen and followed you for a long time and your art never fails to make me smile with how expressive and hilarious it is! Best of luck to you both, and hell, I'm positively giddy when I found this blog 👌)

(Gosh reading this was so nice, thank you so much! I really love your art as well and seeing this in here made my day. We made this blog just for kicks but I’m pretty excited for it. And Arson’s writing is just hilarious, so I’m glad you’re enjoying it!)

-Mod Mak

A line I’m proud of- tag

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Wrote this last night - I was still happy about it when I woke up this morning, so that must be a good sign.

“Melchiorre’s face was the reverse of a mirror, taking in everything and giving nothing back.”

I’m still relatively new to Writeblr, so I too tag any writer who sees this. (Particularly @praise-the-lord-im-dead, @seriophi, @writerkaitlinm, @brynwrites, and @munificence-maleficence, if you’ve got the time.)

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You had a Polish-Chinese ( I believe ) sim on your old acc ( Simstrope ) and I believe you made a post of detail about him. In that post there was a 'voice claim' and a link, do you possibly have that? If not that's fine. Also. Are you going to bring over any of your other characters onto this blog?

Yes, you’re referring to Severin :P This is the link to the post with the voice claim, just make sure to right click on the link + open in a new tab for it to work (I’m just amazed you remember the details of his heritage, I guess people actually read my pic captions xD).

As for transferring characters: I ended up making three of my s3 sims (Hex, Atlas, and Blitz) in s4 already. I keep telling myself I won’t make any more but I keep missing more of my s3 children so you may see more of them yet; only time will tell!

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You probably noticed but as a likely new yoonjinist, i noticed how Yoongi sticked very close to Jin, like their seats, there's always some distance between him and V. Yoongi tends to lean towards Jin alot more. Even when they started walking away, he stayed back a little to say sth to Jin and they left tgther. Or how at the airport they took the same van, sat next to each other, I know it cause Yg appeared right after Jin. I'm sorry for rambling i'm just giddy by myself when i saw all that :3

and for a new yoonjinist you’re a really observant one!!! because damn right anon you got all points straight to the core. the obvious distance between tae-yg and yg-jin agshhdd, the uncountable amount of times yoongi took place next to jin in every geoup pictures (i have a draft full of it by the way and up until run era i have like 100+ of evidence). it’s been commonly known that yoongi always rides in the same van as jin (there are some fantakens from run era if you want to see here), a lot of times namjoon rides with them too and leave hobi with the rest of maknae line and sometimes namjoon switch van too and other member come to yoonjin’s van like it’s their usual arrangement already.

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Hi! Devoted fan, here. Tell me ma'am, how do you make every chapter of Vengeance like a trip to the amusement park? I love it so much. Like, I'm so giddy when I get that notification and then I'm so razzled once I'm done reading. You are one of the greats!

I can’t even believe this. You’re my 1st ASK and I’m in big high key awe of you! I’m just trying to keep up you girl! Honestly you Richonne writers have changed my whole game. Got me writing after 15 years because I’ve been inspired by you. So to answer it’s because of you, @kendrawriter @sophiasown @nyese3529 and @tigerwalk3 @chezza3009 and all the many who have been so supportive that I’m able to write. I’m so glad you like my first fan fic and that you’re coming along for the ride with me and the crazy that’s going on in my head! More to come and THANK YOU!!! 😘😊😘😊😘😊


@nameyyy & anon: Yeah, I got an ouroboros! I’ve wanted this tattoo since I started Fullmetal Alchemist when I was 12, and since I still wanted it 10 years later I went for it. I could gush about how much FMA means to me but I think the fact that I inked it into my skin pretty much speaks for itself.

I can’t help but think about that waterfall with the obnoxious falling rocks.  Blind!Frisk might have some trouble.

AAA FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU FOR THIS FABULOUS COMIC @yzafre!!! This is awesome, not to mention very accurate!! I keep forgetting about these little spots in the game that sight is vital to… for example this one. 

So thanks for the reminder!! 

(frisk will eternally rage at those falling rocks. Forever.)



Happy Riida and his band of happy merry men!

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