when i'm not even pregnant to use them in the future

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After watching the leaked episode I'm more convinced than ever that Dany is going to get pregnant but that also makes me wonder how will she fight against the NK. Can she ride a dragon while pregnant? It's definitely going to bring a lot of tension/angst to her story arc. She finally gets the one thing she thought she would never have but it comes at the worse possible time. What are your thoughts about that? How will it impact her relationship with Jon? How will their people react to the news?

I agree with you that a Dany pregnancy plot is almost a certainty at this point. Them mentioning twice in one episode that she can’t have children, and in that same episode asking the audience to think about Jon’s future and legacy, is basically a confirmation. 

I do think that when we find this out, it won’t be an episode 1 reveal. It’s too important. So maybe she will do some fighting on Drogon. But even that seems unlikely to me because just from a storytelling standpoint I would be very surprised for episode 1 to have a battle sequence. 

Soooo I tend to agree that a pregnancy might sideline Dany next season. When people asked me about this a few months ago I always asserted that she wouldn’t be pregnant until almost the end because there wouldn’t be time skips. This season we already had time skips within episodes. It has really surprised me. So I actually do expect some small time skip from the finale this season to episode 1 of season 8–at least for the duration of the voyage North. We know that voyage will last at least one month so if Dany gets pregnant early on then we can count on her being aware of that pregnancy by around episode 2. So you’re probably right. She won’t battle the NK herself. 

And this is going to be a cause of major angst and tension for her because Dany has always been someone who likes to be at the head of her army, who likes to interact with and walk among her people. And now that her dragons are big enough, she rides into battle herself instead of commanding people from the sidelines. I think it will be very difficult for Dany to have to sit around at Winterfell or somewhere similar while other people–especially Jon–fight for her. 

This will cause some of the tension for their relationship, because they will have to be apart and Dany will likely resent that he will want her to stay behind for the safety of their child.

In terms of how other people will react, it’s a given that Jon will be overjoyed I’m sure. He’s a sweetie and a perfect cinnamon roll. He will love Dany and therefore extra love any child they have. I think everyone on “team Dragonstone” + Davos will also be pleased. 

But I think the Northerners will be less happy. Again, this is something I’ve recently changed my stance on. I used to think that the Northerners would be so grateful for Dany’s aid and Jon’s return that they would be willing to accept her. But now I think that’s going to take more time and convincing based on how the Northern lords are responding to Jon still being away from Winterfell. They aren’t very patient and they aren’t very understanding. They’re ridiculous. If I’m honest I think it’s kind of silly writing. We are supposed to believe that the Northerners already believe in the WW and the NK without having to lay eyes on them themselves. If that’s the case, I think it’s laughable that they feel they can criticize Jon for doing everything he can to save them from that threat. 

So as much as I hate it, I think part of the conflict and tension in season 8 will be the North being a bit against Dany and Jon–especially if/when Jon’s heritage is revealed. The baby could help in that it represents an heir and a secure future but apparently everything Jon has done still isn’t enough for his people. 

I don’t think an all-out civil war will occur, though. I just feel strongly that there will be some unnecessary angst and conflict that will only strengthen the bond between Jon and Dany as he is pressed to defend her to his people. But what he said on the boat will be true–his people will come to see her for what she is: a good woman and a good queen. 

As for the other Starks, don’t even ask me about Bran. He won’t react. He’ll make that weird face and say some cryptic vaguely threatening stuff. 

Arya will be initially wary but her faith in Jon is as strong as ever. Seeing that Jon trusts and loves Dany will remove any doubt she might have had. 

I think Sansa will be the hardest person to win over. Not because of anything silly like jealousy. The ship wars are restricted to the dark hell of tumblr. There isn’t going to be a Sansa/Dany/Jon love triangle. I would bet money on that haha. But we know that she is cautious and defensive and I think politically we could describe her as isolationist. She isn’t going to want Jon spending more time in the South and she isn’t going to want to have to give over her safety and sovereignty to anyone. It won’t be a personal issue with Dany in particular, just overall caution and suspicion. But if Dany is pregnant, this is going to force her to stay somewhere safe–like Winterfell–which will give her an opportunity to get to know the Starks. And over time I feel confident that the similarities between the two women would allow Sansa and Dany to get along quite well :)

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Can you write a pregnancy scare one shot in the epic detour universe?

hi!! I had a couple other anons wanting this exact same prompt, so here it is!!!

“Ames, are you okay in there? Charles wants to shave his legs. He’s going cycling later, saying something about aerodynamics.”

Amy jumps at the sound of Jake’s voice, her eyes shooting to the inside of his bathroom door, opposite which she sits, her bare legs chilly against the cool tile of the floor. A soft breeze filters into the room from the tiny window in the corner of the room- she takes this air into her lungs slowly, largely in hopes that it’ll make her voice sound more stable when she replies.

“Sorry. It’s. Uh… girl stuff,” she says eventually, her voice cracking a little, and actually finds herself cringing at the uncertainty in her voice. She’s such a bad liar.

“Oh, okay. Tell me if you need anything, okay?”

She smiles inwardly at her boyfriend’s immediate sweetness, but no part of her relaxes; her hands are clammy, almost dampening the huge shirt of his she’s wearing where she holds it.

In front of her, on the bathroom floor, sits a pregnancy test. Next to it, her phone timer, currently counting down from two minutes and thirty seconds. She wasn’t exactly fazed by the extra thirty seconds when she bought the stupid thing, but right now it’s the most irritatingly long space of time she’s ever experienced in her life.

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I've been seeing a lot of Newtina proposal headcanons recently, so I'm wondering... What were proposals like in the 20s? Was it a big deal, involving a ring and getting down on one knee and a special setting? Or would it be more of a casual conversation? Also, what was dating like? Did people date? Or did they court instead? Or something in between?

Okie dokie, so this gets complicated.  To keep it from completely running away from me, I’ll focus on Western Europe and white America; these are the cultures I know best.  Other cultures may have certain similarities or differences, but I don’t know them well enough to comment.

Let’s start with how people started to pair off.  First of all, the general concept of “dating”–doing fun activities in public with a member of the opposite sex–is something lower classes have been doing for pretty much forever.  After all, if you don’t have much in the way of material goods, the biggest consideration in picking a partner is how well you work together, and the Western way to address that is via dating.  After WWI, the concept of dating started to slowly trickle up the social scale.  A young woman in the 1920s (keeping in mind that “young” stopped at about twenty-three then) might go on dates with dozens of guys before she settled down, and it would be perfectly acceptable…but that kind of dating was not much more than having a partner to do something in public with.  Maybe handholding, but kissing was the most a smart girl would do under those circumstances.

People did still do what we think of as “courting” (sometimes following a period of dating), though they may not have thought of it using that term.  “Courting” would be a lot like dating, except it would be with just the one person.  Courting was always initiated by the male half of a couple, and this was for a very important reason: courting was intended to lead to marriage, and that meant the male half of the equation had to be financially stable enough to support a wife and children (because a pregnant woman wouldn’t be hired or kept working anywhere, and a wife could get pregnant at any time).  If he couldn’t do that, he had no business courting a woman.

(Now, to apply this to Newt and Tina…the four years between their ages actually means a lot here, because those four years meant that Newt came of age before the War, and Tina came of age after.  Newt would have been brought up to a courtship-only model, and Tina would have entered adulthood when a hybrid courtship/dating model existed.  It is highly unlikely Newt would begin to court Tina unless he was doing financially well; either his book would be immensely successful, or he’d get a decent promotion at the Ministry, or his parents would die and leave him mountains of Galleons…you get the picture.)

In terms of engagement, it was no longer customary to ask a woman’s father for permission to marry his daughter…but etiquette books of the period explain that a man should be able to tell if his sweethearts’ family liked him well enough or not by how they interact (indicating a man should meet the family several times before proposing).  However, it would have been appropriate to address the family before the engagement was announced, and the man had better be prepared with an accurate, honest breakdown of his current and anticipated future finances; presumably, if he wouldn’t be able to support her appropriately, it would be so determined at this point, and things could be broken off (temporarily, perhaps) with minimal embarrassment to involved parties.

Engagement rings are a very old tradition, so a man who could afford one would likely propose with a ring at hand.  However, “Diamonds are Forever” wouldn’t hit the marketing scene until 1947, so you saw a much wider variety of engagement rings.  On the lowest end of the scale were unadorned bands not unlike wedding rings (side note: in the 1920s, it was fairly uncommon for men to wear wedding bands; it was more a female thing), and the ring might even serve as the wedding ring.  On the higher end you could see some pretty fabulous combinations of gems, though diamonds were popular still.  In-person proposals were still made on one knee with or without a ring, but it would have been considered really bad manners to propose like that in public.  That’s the sort of thing one would do in a living room.

However, there’s another method of proposal which has fallen out of favor recently: proposal by letter.  As travel was comparatively more expensive and less practical for people than it is today, it was acceptable to propose by letter when an in-person proposal was impractical.  A good proposal by letter was explicit and clear, so the woman being written to would understand exactly what her beau was asking.  An in-person proposal could have less precise verbiage because the body language and presence of a ring would make the meaning clear.

(Newtina application time: Newt’s got a ton of options for how to propose and what to propose with depending on his situation.)

Important fact to remember: engagements were treated as seriously as marriage.  Breaking off an engagement might leave you open to a lawsuit for “breach of promise”; these laws were mostly repealed or limited in the 1930s.  The way these laws were written implies that it was not uncommon for couples to become sexually active during engagement; these lawsuits were a way for a woman to compensate for any “damage” to her person incurred without a marriage to make it acceptable.

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Omg I'm so so sorry i just realized i forgot to mention who !! (I'm the anon from the 39/42 prompts) wow great job me I'm sorry >< It was with Sirius ! (Sorry again!)

Don’t worry about it, hun, its totally fine, thank you so much for your compliments. This is long and full of angst and it…it was sadder than I thought it would be but I am horrible so I kind of like it? I hope you do, too. 

39. “Please come home, I miss you.” and 42. “I’m pregnant.” 

Prompts | masterlist | request

London bakes in a merciless heatwave, cooking anything that even dares to step out into the streets. You lie on his bed in nothing but a bra and some shorts, fanning yourself with your hand because your skin feels as though it may catch fire. He lies beside you, staring up at the ceiling, cursing the world for not allowing underage wizards to use magic.

The anxiety crashes over you once again as you lie there, listening to Sirius talk. It’s unbearable. It is closing in on your shoulders and your skull is cracking from the pressure of it all. Not to mention the strange aches and pains as your body tries to adjust to this…new intruder.

You have to tell him. One way or another. And you don’t mean to, but suddenly your mouth is open and your lips are moving and words are bursting from your throat.

I’m pregnant.” You interrupt him mid-lecture and a smile splits across his face before he barks out a laugh.

“With what, a hippogriff?” You look at him, your expression solemn, and his smile fades. “You’re not joking,” he notes. And then the fear etches across his face.

A cold and heavy silence washes over the two of you and Sirius doesn’t move, he doesn’t speak, he doesn’t breathe. He’s frozen in time, lost in his mind, and you wonder what he’s thinking.

We’re just kids. Heck, Sirius has only just entered his seventh year at Hogwarts and me, my sixth. The world was our oyster and we fucked up, real bad.

“Are you sure?” he finally asks and his voice is hoarse, “We’ve been so careful…”

“No, I was careful and you were impatient,” you correct him, “though I was obviously not careful enough…”

“So what happens now?”

A beat of silence. And then – “I’m keeping the baby.”

Sirius nods.

The spot beside you is cold when you wake up the next morning.

It’s been thirty-six hours. Thirty-six hours since you’ve seen Sirius and you think you might just go out of your mind.

You’ve owled Remus, James and Peter, hoping they may know where he is and none of them seem to know. Feeling worried, hurt and confused, you rack up a mental list of all the places he could be. You, James, Remus and Peter checked the Leaky Cauldron and searched every crook and corner of Diagon Alley, finding nothing in return. You’re on the verge of tears when James pulls you aside and hands you a mirror.

“I’ve been trying to call him using our two-way mirror. He been ignoring me. But he just might listen to you.”

Taking the mirror into your hands, you stare into your reflection and in a soft whisper, you call his name. You call, you beg, you plead, but all you see in return is your own, worried gaze peering back at you.

“Sirius,” you rasp and your voice is three octaves lower, “I know you’re scared. But I am too. Have you ever thought about that? I have no idea what I’m doing, nor do I know what the future has in store. All I know is that I love you and this baby and I need you. Please come home. I miss you.

You give the mirror back to James and flee before he can see your unshed tears.

You’re sitting on the railing of your balcony when he comes and for a moment your foolish heart believes it’s Sirius. But it’s James. He stands there with his hands in his pockets looking guilty and nervous and your heart sinks.

“It’s Sirius,” he murmurs, “We found him.”

You leap to your feet and follow James into the apartment and toward the living room, out the door and into the street. Then, he throws the invisibility cloak over the two of you and you mount his broomstick.

James kicks off the ground and soars into the sky and you wrap your arms around his waist, clinging to him because, all of a sudden, you feel lightheaded. Your eyes are closed but your heart is screaming and after ten minutes or so, you feel as though you’re descending. When you open your eyes, your on the ground. In a park. In the middle of nowhere.

But there he is. He’s standing there with Remus and Peter and when you slip off the broomstick, he inhales heavily, nervous energy sparking in the air.

“What the hell is this?” You demand, marching toward him. “You disappear into thin air and–”

You’re interrupted when you realise where you are. It’s not just a park, it’s a botanical garden. And there are fairy lights hanging from the trees and hundreds of candles glowing like small tongues of fire, flickering in a summer breeze.

“(Y/N),” Sirius murmurs, taking your hand, “I know I’m not perfect. And I’m sorry that I ran away. But I needed time to set this all up so that I can redeem myself for being such a prick…” You blinked and Sirius continued to explain, “The truth is, I love you. I love you more than words can express. And this baby means more to me than my own life does. I want you both to be happy, so…”

Sirius dropped to one knee and you finally understood what the fuck was going on. “Will you, (Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N) marry me?”

You stared at Sirius, at his wide, hopeful eyes and his nervous smile and you wanted to punch him. You wanted to kiss him. But you did neither.

“You go missing for forty-two hours and then you propose to me? Sirius, do you realise the mess I was in when you vanished? When I thought you weren’t ever going to come home? When I thought you’d gone forever…” Sirius stared at you, his hopeful expression dropping, eyes averted in shame. He said nothing, so you continued. “Which is why I’m saying yes. I will marry you.”

There were cheers of joy and happiness as Sirius leapt to his feet, took you into his arms and kissed you passionately, twirling you as you held onto him with a tight embrace. When you both parted, Sirius pressed your foreheads together and cupped a hand over your belly as though he were hugging his child.

“We’re going to be a family,” Sirius beamed.

“Yes,” you grinned, “We are…”

Except, you wouldn’t be. Because, of course, Life is sinister and cruel and nothing more. But you were used to life and its wicked games, and so was Sirius. You were both survivors, and survivors always stick together. 

yo yo yo hmu with some prompts

The X-Files and Stranger Things exist within the same universe and here’s why:

Hawkins, Indiana 1983

Eleven escapes from a US Department of Energy National Laboratory and over the course of the series we discover that she exists as a weapon to fight against the Russians in the cold war. But is that really her purpose? We’re supposed to believe that she developed telekinesis in the womb due to LSD and sensory deprivation experiments on her mother? Why is she Eleven and and not One and how many others are there? Who is authorizing the men who run this “US Department of Energy” lab in Hawkins? 

The X-Files can answer these questions.

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Addiford 27 I'm pregnant

Adeline took several deep breaths while she waited for the results. Her entire life seemed to hinge on this stupid little stick. A night of passion and romance two weeks ago was suddenly becoming a night of regret. 

No, not regret. I don’t regret what happened. 

She smiled softly as she recalled that night. They had almost died out in the woods, some unimaginable beast of nightmares having trapped them both in a cave. They were stuck there for a few days, both thinking they wouldn’t survive. Either they’d die of starvation, dehydration, or that monster. What happened next was very spur of the moment. Confessions were admitted… One thing led to the other…

He said he loved me… And I said it back…

They were saved when Dan and Fiddleford showed up looking for them the next morning. They were still cuddled up to each other, disoriented from the lack of nourishment and the little sleep they had gotten the night prior.

Her smile widened before going into a mild frown. 

She was late. At first she thought it may have just been a result of all the stress she’s been under, what with the Portal and taking care of a rambunctious shapeshifter along with Stanford and Fiddleford. But she knew that couldn’t be it. They’ve had far more stressful times and this didn’t happen. 

She sighed again. Would it really be so bad if something more permanent resulted from that night? Adeline imagined a child with her eyes and Ford’s hair and hands running around the house. Shifty would be ecstatic at the thought of a younger sibling but then Addi thought of Ford. 

How would he react? This whole venture with the Portal was to help benefit mankind along with his own future. Sure, Addi could handle being a mother. It wasn’t like she didn’t have the funds or experience. She’d be fine with raising a second child while continueing her life and career as Ford’s assistant. But what about Stanford? He had his whole life ahead of him. They hadn’t been “together” at all while raising Shifty, more as co-parents than an actual couple. That gave Ford all the freedom he needed while also giving him the chance to be a father to Shifty. It worked. It always HAS worked. 

But this time would be different. He wouldn’t be able to break off ties if things got too heated. This child would be HIS, no question about it. And what if he didn’t want a kid? What if he thought stopping the entire pregnancy would be a better option than raising another child with her? She shivered at the thought. If she was pregnant and he didn’t want the baby or her, she’d simply take Shifty and leave. This child wouldn’t pay for the mistakes of their parents.

She looked down at the test finally…


She held her head in her hands for a few minutes, letting the anxiety and torment take her in. She was going to have a baby… With or without Stanford… She felt the tears well up and fall. Even that monster wasn’t as terrifying as the thought of Ford rejecting the baby… How was she supposed to tell him he was going to be a father?…

Knock, knock!

The sudden noise on the bathroom door made her jump and drop the test. 

“Wh-who is it?” She could hear the panic in her voice.

“Addi? Everything okay? You’ve been in there for a while. Fiddleford and I were starting to get worried.” Ford’s voice rang through the door with obvious concern.

“I’m fine. Just, you know, lady business.” Her voice shook while she said that, causing Ford to worry more and come in. Luckily she had already redressed herself. “See? I’m fine. Nothing to worry about.”

“You’re a terrible liar, Adeline. What’s going o-” His words stopped the second his locked on the pregnancy test on the floor. The two pink lines stared right back at him almost mockingly. 

“Stanford, I can explain! Y-you see, I was late and I got worried… and-and-and… I-I was just b-being stupid a-and…” The tears were coming down in full now. She hugged herself and tried to make herself smaller. 

“You’re pregnant?…” His voice sounded so quiet, the shock finally setting in. That was worse than if he were yelling at max volume…

She nodded slowly. “Y-you don’t have to worry about anything… I-I’m not going to expect anything more or hold you back… You deserve to have a full life and I-I’m not going to interfere with that… I’m sorry, Stanfo-” 

Addi was interrupted by strong arms pulling her into a gentle hug. Her confusion just made the tears come harder.

“You’d never hold me back. And neither would this baby. I promise, I’ll be by your side through this entire thing. When I said I love you, I meant it. And I could never be happier than to start a family with you.” He smiled and cupped her face gingerly. 

The tears still came down as she smiled and wrapped her arms tightly around him. “I was so scared, Stanford…”

“I know. You don’t have to be scared of anything. This is the best thing to happen to us. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He hugged her close and kissed her happily.

Snippy Starters

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it seems as if kaneki didn't leave any strong fighters since hajime defeated some of them. I mean we might get to see some of them in the next chapter but leaving her alone, with her being pregnant, eating human food and all, I think that was a really irresponsible move from his part, imo. He should've stayed back and trusted the others. I'm sorry, I am just really sad for all of them esp touka and kaneki.

I’m sorry, I know you’re sad over this and I am too but I can’t really agree with this idea. Kaneki can’t sit back underground and watch over Touka 24/7 no matter how much we want him to be there to protect her. Even if this mission didn’t need Kaneki, the next one would have, or the next one, or the next one. If they’re going to survive down there, they absolutely need to find a food source. I can’t stress the importance of this enough- if people start starving, they’ll leave Goat, and if they leave they’ll either go further underground and be cannibalised or go above ground and eventually be hunted down by the Oggai. And then revolution over. It’s imperative that they collect enough food to see them through the next few months and so Kaneki being there to make sure it still succeeds if shit hits the fan is important. 

I’m sure they’ve left people there to watch over base, we’ve only seen 2 scenes from the 24th Ward this chapter so it’s not as if they left only Fuka and his 2 buddies. There’s not enough information given to come to the conclusion that Kaneki didn’t leave any strong fighters behind, especially considering this is a point he mentioned last chapter.

But it’s such that even if Kaneki was there with his whole force, it would still be a Goat slaughter. The Oggai are just too powerful and half of Goat can’t use their kagune efficiently because they’re starving. So I think it’s a bit unfair to blame Kaneki for this when he’s on this mission to ensure their survival into the future. I’m sure he’s going to blame himself for this enough to make up for it….

hang in there anon, we don’t know yet what the future (aka Ishida) will bring!

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for the prompts kuzupeko with 27?

27: “I’m pregnant.”

(Leave me a number and a pairing and I’ll write you a thing!)

The doctors tell them to be prepared. Emotionally, they say, as much as physically.

They are hand-picked by the Future Foundation, top of their fields and with crisp, direct bedside manners. (Kirigiri’s selections, not Naegi’s.) They mince no words; they are upfront about relative fertilities and the possibility of miscarriage. Their opinions all average to the same reality: after everything the two of them have been through, it may be difficult to conceive and carry to term. They should prepare for months or years of trying, with no guarantee of results.

They do. They prepare together, meticulously, and when the both of them are ready, they try.

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I'm the last person that want to be fair to this show, but to be fair, Jaime abandoning Cersei because she lied to Jon might be some sort of weird "redemption arc" for him as a kingslayer and shit. Like, he started the series as the man renowned for breaking his vows, and now he'd rather run away from his pregnant sister-lover rather than break his word or some bullshit like that. It's symbolic. And it's also dumb.

My main issue with it is the sheer randomness of the timing. Like, why didn’t his word matter in Season 6 when he used his love for Carol as the reason why he’d fling Edmure’s baby from a catapult? Why is doing the right thing important now when Cheryl was making very very reasonable points about the Lannister’s capacity to face this threat, about what would happen to them afterwards, and about what future there’d even be for their baby, but it didn’t matter when she blew up their family, the Tyrells, and apparently the entirety of the Faith? Why did we get two seasons in a row of him embracing fatherhood and his duty to his family, and why does that not matter now? If anything…it kind of makes him seem like a huge schmuck for abandoning her at the moment.

So yeah, it is dumb, and I don’t see it as particularly redeeming at all. Just kind of random and OOC.

Rain pt.4

Rain | Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 |

Well, finally the end xD not proofread but you already know that 

Originally posted by holy-yoongi

Jungkook came into the room with a wet towel on one hand, a glass of water in the other hand and a concerned stare.

“ It’s normal, Kookie. You don’t have to panic every time it happens ” You coughed, nausea taking over once more.

“ But you haven’t even eaten anything since morning ” You reached for the towel that he brought but he moved your hand away to wipe your face for you instead. He always seemed apologetic while doing things like this.

“ I know. ” You closed your eyes sinking back into the bed “Just lay with me okay ?”

The first four months had been the hardest for you since you constantly felt sick upon inhaling any sort of scent. Pleasant or not. And the hardest on Jungkook since you did quit – got fired – from your job. Though he would never admit it. Jungkook joked about it, teasing you every chance he got with remixed versions of “ You should’ve quit when I told you to ”

You were now half-way through your sixth month and still having occasional drawbacks that sent you over the toilet again. But it was less frequent and you were able to eat comfortably again. Your belly had also grown considerably which meant that most your clothes and half your shoes couldn’t fit anymore.

It always made you frown when something didn’t look as great as before but your husband was always quick to brush away those insecurities, like he always does, with random compliments and sweet kisses of adoration.

You had just came back home from another appointment with the doctor, where you were given the chance to know the baby’s gender which you refused. Jungkook had been on and on about it ever since you left Seokjin’s office and didn’t shut up about until you started feeling sick. Thankfully.

Jungkook made you rest your head on his arm when you couldn’t even move up to the pillows, laying down next to you. It was still the middle of the day but it was also his day off and you were technically unemployed so it didn’t matter. He gave you enough room to breathe but was also close enough for you to feel his warmth.

His hand sneaked up under your shirt, a new habit he discovered recently, fingers tracing random patterns on your swollen belly. You sighed in response, relaxing against him.

“ Squid just moved !” Jungkook shot up, abruptly moving you just when you got comfortable, with a smile and twinkly eyes. You groaned in frustration, reminding him that he was your personal pillow for now “ Sorry, I got excited ”

“ I can see that ” You laughed this time resting your head on his chest to let the familiar, soothing, heartbeat reach your ears. “ It happens more frequently when the baby hears your voice. I’m getting jealous of the two of you. Bonding without me, already ” You snorted jokingly.

“ You’re cute ” His hand was back again on your stomach. This time his open palm massaging the underside.

“ Don’t call me cute ” You hit his arm and he shrugged “ Have you thought of any names ?”

“ I was waiting to know the gender first ” He pouted and you rolled your eyes. There he goes again.

“ I want it to be a surprise. And it doesn’t really matter what gender it is ”

“ But it’s hard to-” He stopped, laughing, when you glared up at him “ Okay, okay. How about … Junghye for a girl and Junghyun for a boy ?”

“ Hmm …” You nodded as he stilled his movements. It calmed you, his touch, and you somehow knew that your baby liked it as well. Jin had told you that it could distinguish voices now so you let Jungkook go on and on about the different names he liked. All in hopes that squid would recognize his father’s voice just as much as he did yours. It made your heart flutter just thinking about it.

“ How about Jimin ?” You finally cut off the stream of names, your eyes feeling heavy again with sleep even though you had woken up just four hours prior.

“ For ?”

“ Both … It’s unisex ”

“ Jimin … Jeon Jimin … Sounds nice ” Jungkook kissed your head, carding his free hand through your hair in a way he knew you liked “ Jimin it is ”

“ Now are you going to stop calling our Jimin squid ?” You looked up at him, optimistic.

“ Nope ” Jungkook chuckled and you couldn’t help but laugh as well.

You fell back into silence as you enjoyed each other’s breathing and Jungkook’s hand on your bare skin. He knew you would be tired, you were always tired, so he let you sleep in peace. He understood that it was hard, in every aspect, and felt sorry. Especially that he couldn’t really do anything to make it easier.

However, to you, his presence was more than enough.


“ Let’s do something. I’m tired of just staying home all the time ” You stood up, as fast as your body allowed, stretching a little.

“ Jin told us to be careful in these last two months so nothing would go wrong ” Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows since last time you said that and you both got out for a stroll you ended up getting too tired and breathless. Which scared him to death.

“ I know but I’m bored. Let’s go shopping then ? We still need to buy some stuff for the baby ” You looked through your bag for a white envelope “ Guess who just, finally, got the payment for that internship I did a year ago and has money to blow ”. Jungkook just laughed saying he’ll be ready in a moment then disappearing into the bedroom then had to wait a whole hour for you to be ready as well. With no complaints.

It was more fun, and a lot more interesting, to shop for things with no knowledge of the baby’s gender. Jungkook soon learned to enjoy the mystery as well, even making bets on which it will be. Him saying that it’s a girl while you went for the other option. There wasn’t much time left before you would find out.

“ You think squid would love cars ?” He joked as you passed by one of the big toy cars that could probably fit three toddlers in one go.

“ I think that it will be very long before  Jimin would ride those. Move it.” You playfully hit his back turning him away before locking arms with him again. Channeling some of your weight on him. He was always giddy when you did. Most your discussions about it would just be :

“ It’s like I’m carrying the baby with you ”

“ No jungkook-ah, it’s not even close ”

“ But still ”

“ Put me down ! You’re making me dizzy ”

“ Jungkook ? ” A sweet and soft female voice called from behind you. Unfamiliar to you but apparently not to Jungkook, who froze immediately.

She was tall, pretty, and very attractive. All your insecurities came crushing down. More skin shown than covered, she walked towards the two of you. Her eyes scanned over the two of you with a mockingly offensive grin and you knew that it was her.

“ What are you doing here ?” He asked, his voice was stern and emotionless, cold even which came to a surprise to her and she paused.

“ I work here. If you had payed more attention to that instead of just fu-”

“ I guess I wasn’t that interested after all ” The flustered look on her face should have made you feel better but both their words cut deeper than you thought and you hand fell from Jungkook’s, who looked down at you with worried eyes.

“ You’re the wife. I don’t think we officially met ” She sheepishly smiled at you like some innocent angel. Something inside of you wanted to strangle her right there and then.

“ Do they allow you to dress like that around children ?” You returned the mocking stare, speaking like the mother you were going to be, it has somehow became a part of you. To speak like a mom.

“ It attracts the dads so they don’t mind. I sell more.” The way she spoke the words, her eyes fluttering over to jungkook who was stiff besides you, his eyes fixed on you. You clenched your fists but relaxed again. You weren’t able to do anything to her, it’s not like it’s her fault alone. It was the both of them, deep down you hated Jungkook a little again. You now had a face to go along with the nightmares and you could feel a slight ache in the pit of your stomach. You wanted out.  

“ Jungkook-ah ” You looked up at him and smiled, forced of course, “ Have a nice chat, I’ll wait by the car. I don’t want to get anything for our baby here ”

“ Y/N, w-wait …” He laced his fingers with yours halting you and turned to look at her for the first time “ I was out of my mind then. Sorry to have left like that but I’ve never loved you.” I got more important things now His eyes found yours again.

What if he goes back to her ? You looked down at your pregnant belly, already too big for comfort and a tear made its way down your face. Jungkook was focused on driving but his mind was racing with a million thing he should be saying. None of them seemed completely appropriate.

“ Jungkook-ah ” You hated how your voice came out broken so you wiped away the tears away and cleared your throat “ Do you regret it ?”

“ Don’t say that ” Jungkook was glad you spoke out, but was rather unhappy with the words themselves “ Don’t ever think for a second that I’d prefer be with her than you ”

“ You-”

“ Never. I love you so much and you’ve given me so much ” He reached for your hand holding it tightly  while he pulled over to put all his attention back on you “ Even now, you even gave up a big portion of your life to grant me … us … Jimin. Which I can never repay even if I tried for the rest of my life ”

“ I … you just seem very tired lately and sometimes unhappy ” You finally confessed what had been worrying for the most time in the past few months of him constantly working and taking care of you at the same time. You felt like he would grow tired of you.

“ I have never been happier in my life than this moment, with you and with our Jiminie, and work … ” He paused, unsure if he should say this already or wait “ I’ve been working harder for our future, to compensate you for everything, not that I can and not that it would ever be enough ”

“ What ?” You furrowed your eyebrows.

“ I’ll show you tomorrow. Let’s go home for now, you’ve been walking around for quite sometime ” He started the car again “ You need to rest and forget about what happened … I’ll help you forget ”. Jungkook smirked nodging your shoulder.

“ you do realize I’m almost nine months pregnant right ?”

“ And your point ?”

“ Pervert ” You snorted.

“ You’re still as gorgeous as ever ”


You woke up to a rustling sound of metal falling to the ground and judging by the sunlight eagerly spilling into the room; it was morning. You opened the window to let out the weird smell that accumulated in the room. It was similar to a burning scent. It was weird because you kept no food in the house because of your morning sickness then it turned into not keeping it there so you would have to spend that time together.

You heard the rustling once more and slowly made your way out. Jungkook goes to work early these days so you didn’t know what to think of the sudden noise. However, there he was, only in his sweatpants on while his shirt had been abandoned on the floor, shuffling through the kitchen like a lost puppy. You lost count already of how many time he burned his fingers just from the moment you stood by the door watching him, oblivious of your presence.

“ Why are you awake babe ? ” Jungkook sat next to you on the couch as you were watching the T.V, peacefully until now, later that night. “ Are you still upset about what happened in the shop ?”

“ No, kookie, I’m not. I knew I would meet her one day ” You sighed switching the volume down even more so the two voices wouldn’t mix in your head and turn into a headache you didn’t need.

“ I’m sorry ”

“ Stop apologizing” inching a little to rest your head on his shoulder.

“ Today was supposed to be special but I ruined it ”

“ I still enjoyed it so it’s okay ” You were mad, that much was obvious, but you couldn’t let it spoil it for you. You had been mad for too long, now you need to be happy.

“ I’ll make it right ! How about a late night snack ?” He shot up with overflowing energy and a bunny smile.

“ How about you stop moving every time I find a comfortable position ?” You glared but it quickly turned into a failed one when he giggled.

“ Sorry, love ” Jungkook moved the biggest pillow back where he sat before to let you lean on it “ Are you craving anything ? ”

“ I do … but you can’t make it. I don’t trust you enough. ” You chuckled.

“ Try me !”

“ Seaweed soup ” He suddenly looked drained with hunched shoulders and a frown.

“ Okay maybe I can’t ” Jungkook pouted as he slowly sat back down.

“ Y/N, why are you crying ?” Jungkook’s soft tone brought you back from your thoughts and you wiped away the tears you didn’t know were falling until he pointed it out “ Are you that touched by this ?” He smugly smirked.

“ It’s the hormones okay ?” You sniffled walking to him, he just shrugged turning around with a whisper “ yeah right ”.

“ You’ll get fired if you keep taking days off continuously ” You mumbled feeling the unfairness of it all, in fact Jungkook couldn’t get fired since he was the owner of his own company so he could just take how many days off he wanted, unlike you who was fired for throwing up on the job. Okay maybe you threw up on an important client but still.

You stopped behind him trying to backhug him but your pregnant self had other thoughts. You couldn’t even reach around past your belly to him.

“ I can’t even do this ” you sighed frowning “ Sorry ”

“ But I can ” Jungkook turned to look at you after turning off the fire and smiled. He would’ve called you cute if he knew you wouldn’t hit him for it so he just settled for changing positions with you and hugging you closely. “ You smell so nice ” Jungkook breathed out against your shoulder sealing his lips into deep kisses to your neck. You relaxed against him, leaning your head on his shoulder and sighing.

“ What happened to your shirt ?”

“ I spilled soup on it, it burned me so I threw it off ” He sounded like he was angry at the shirt more than at himself for spilling.

“ You really made seaweed soup ?” You arched an eyebrow, suspicious.

“ Well … hmm … I tried ?” That didn’t sound so convincing you thought as you broke away from him. “ Sit down, I’ll bring it to you ”

You moved to the table waiting with wide eyes, and a worried heart, for whatever poison he was about to feed you.

“ Okay this looks normal ” You spoke as you twirled your spoon around the suspicious liquid. Jungkook smiled widely with anticipation gesturing you to taste. You hesitantly did so, with caution because counting ramyun out jungkook was not to be trusted in the kitchen.

“ So ?” He impatiently said.

“ Maybe it only looks good ” You put your spoon down, fighting back a gag, and pushing the bowl to him “ Taste it ”

“ That’s so salty !” He screamed scrunching his face in disgust “ how could you eat that so normally ?”

“ I couldn’t hurt my baby’s feeling after all that effort, could I ?” You smiled and he stood up reaching over the table to capture your lips into a kiss.

“ You taste salty, go away ” You pushed him away licking your lips

“ You do too so shut up and kiss me ”

“ Forget about that, you told me you would show me why you’ve been so busy today ”

“ Right, I did ” His face lit up in a proud expression you haven’t seen since he got his last promotion to CEO “ Get ready, this will be good ”


“ We’re here !” Jungkook yelled out opening the large but short wooden door that lead to a big garden.

“ And what is here ?” You asked following right behind him.

“ Our home ” He said with an air of utter proudness.

“ What ?” You stopped him to turn and look at you.

“ I wasn’t busy because it became hard to take care of you but ” he hooked his arm around your shoulder leading you towards the way-too-big-for-two-people-and-and-a-baby house “ It was because I was trying to get my hand on this

“ You … Jungkook-ah …” Tears gathered in your ears and your voice was caught in your throat.

“ You don’t need to say anything. It wasn’t really that hard. And I wanted to do something for you ” He kissed you temple rubbing his hand over your belly “ For us ”

“ The second floor is ours, to live in but most importantly, the first floor ” He pointed at it and the space around it “ Can be turned into a coffee shop, if you want to ”

The walls were mostly made out of reflecting glass and opened onto the back garden. You followed Jungkook to tour it as he spoke about the many plans that he had in mind. Dogs, mainly dogs. You felt the swelling in your heart grow with each word as you kept your eyes on him wondering what you did to deserve it.

Jungkook stopped in front of the front door and glanced down at you with a witty expression.

“ Let me carry you in ” He giggled “ Like in the movies ”

“ Babe, I need to tell you this again, but I’m nine months pregnant ” You rolled your eyes at him “ I’m too heavy for you and I still need you in one peace ”

“ Please ”

“ Jungkook, no ”

“ Just one step ”

“ Jungko-ahh” His name turned into a painful gasp when you felt like your insides just did a full flip, then it just turned plain painful.

“ What ? What happened ?” He gripped both your arms in his firm hands, coming down to eye-level with you “ Does it hurt ?”

“ I … call Jin … ”

“ Why- ohmygodokayokay” Jungkook’s hand trembled as he saw that your water broke. He was prepared for this moment, well, he thought. When confronted with the reality that you were indeed about to give birth he panicked.

You took his arm, gripping it so hard that you were sure it will bruise but you couldn’t find it in you to really care as another wave of pain spread across you.

“ Car, now ” He said as he helped you down the stairs, slow enough for you not to hurt but fast enough so Jimin would be born in the garden of your house.

“ It hurts ” You chanted as he repeated for you to breath and that everything will be alright, you swore if he told you to bre-

“ Y/N, just breathe ”

“ I’m fucking breathing ! ” You screamed at him at full force unable to control your volume.

“ Okay but Jin told me to ”

“ I don’t care what he said, you better shut the fuck up or I’ll kill you ” You didn’t calm down until you were on the bed with everyone moving around quickly to get your prepared since in the words of your doctor “ The little one is eager to come out ” and Jungkook reappeared again, dressed in the same outfit as the other nurses.

“ Jungkook-ah, I’m scared ” You stuttered through heavy breath and excessive sweating.

“ I’m right here, everything is going to be okay ” He let you hold his hand as tightly as you wanted while he whispered words of encouragement with concern. Avoiding whatever was happening down there because he found himself lightheaded every time he glanced down.


The sound of loud crying tore you both apart from the deep sleep you were in, just a few hours after you put Jimin to sleep, just when you could finally catch a glimpse of sleep. You groaned turning in the bed to meet Jungkook’s, just as frustrated as you, glance. You silently nodded before sitting up, both eyes half shut with exhaustion.

“ I’ll go ” Jungkook stood up removing the sheets from himself and making you lean back “ I’ll go ”

“ I can … ” He hushed you with his lips, cupping your face in the dark and shaking his head.

“ Go back to sleep, love.” He pat your head and smiled as you closed your eyes again.

“ I love you, kookie.” You said quietly as he walked out the room but he suddenly stopped and peeking back through the door.

“ I heard that. ”

“ I said it to be heard ” You laughed “ Go check on Jimin before he drowns himself in tears ”

“ I love you too ” He called back while hurrying to the other room.

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Laughing at the Rain ~ Hakuouki Vignettes ~

by ImpracticalOni
4th Entry in Hakuouki Vignettes

Words ~ 1700 | AO3 Link | Fanfiction Link

Author’s Note:

For @thesweateristoobig ~ Happy Birthday! ~ I hope you enjoy this!

Prompt: “can you give me a little Heichi fluff… based around this song: Fireflies by Ron Pope”

Quote (verse 1 & chorus):


When the street lights come on and the fireflies flicker
I am walking her home
Making plans

With her shoes in her hands I am watching her dance
As the hem of her dress gently kisses the grass

It suddenly rains on us
She is laughing and turns up her hands

Like autumn turns leaves
Winter will breathe cold on our necks
Snow in our paths
Wherever she goes
All that I know about us is that beautiful things never last
That’s why fireflies flash

Laughing at the Rain

It had been a strange afternoon. Shinpachi had come to see them, and at first Heisuke hadn’t been sure quite how to behave or what to say. After all, he was still a fury—more or less, although it seemed to be rather less than more these days—and Shinpat had been against the furies, even against Heisuke’s taking the ochimizu to save his life. But without the ochimizu, Heisuke could not have defeated Sannan-san. He couldn’t have sat in a sun-dappled garden with his friend drinking sake almost a year after the war had ended. He wouldn’t have Chizuru.

Chizuru had put things right, as she so often did. She had cried when Shinpachi had arrived, looking curiously about him as though unsure that he had arrived in the right place. When the two men had greeted each other awkwardly and traded cautious smiles she had laughed at them and scolded them and dropped everything to make Nagakura-san (“please, just Shinpachi is fine!”) comfortable so that he could talk with Heisuke. She had cried again, of course, when Shinpachi had told them that Saitō was alive. They had heard the news of Hijikata-san’s death, but not the news that Hajime-kun had somehow, miraculously, survived the slaughterhouse of Aizu. Heisuke had wanted to cry as well—it was such an indescribable relief to know that they weren't all dead.

They had invited Shinpachi to stay the night, but he had declined.

“I have other business in the area,” he’d told them, although it was unlikely to be true. “I’ll come back another time, though.”

Chizuru had believed the last part; Heisuke wasn’t so sure. He’d walked quite a ways down the path toward the road with Shinpachi when he’d left. Away from Chizuru, they were less at ease, but they could drop the pretence. They could discuss the fact that Shinpachi had been a fugitive for over a year, although he was likely to be pardoned shortly, along with Hajime-kun. And Shinpachi could ask him directly how he was finding life as a fury. The question had been hovering between them all afternoon, really.

“Not so bad, I guess,” Heisuke had told him, shrugging. “I don’t mind the sun now, which is great, but I get tired pretty easily during the day still, which kind of sucks. Also… I’m not sure how long I’ll be around, you know? So I worry about Chizuru.”

“Do you want me to keep an eye on her?” Shinpachi had asked, accepting the truth of Heisuke’s situation without wasting time on exclamations. His tone had been sympathetic, and as genuine as Heisuke had ever heard it.

For a moment, Heisuke had wrestled with unexpected jealousy—he didn’t want anyone to look after Chizuru but him. But he’d overcome it quickly.

“Yeah… I’d appreciate that. She’ll probably be okay though. And who knows? We may still have a lot of years ahead of us. You know me—I like to venture into the unknown kind of thing.”

“Still Master Forerunner?”

“Yeah, kind of. We have a good life, though. Don’t really need to chase stuff much these days.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how you’ve stayed so scrawny, really, with Chizuru-chan feeding you up like that and nothing to do but loaf around!”

The rest of the conversation had deteriorated into inconsequentialities. Important inconsequentialities though, if there were such a thing. It was still a little weird. Those last two years had changed everything—their lives, their livelihoods, their goals… Japan itself. Only after Heisuke had said his final goodbyes and turned to go back to Chizuru had Shinpachi stopped him and told him, haltingly, that at some point in the future he thought he’d like to at least dedicate proper monuments to Kondō-san and Hijikata-san.

“We didn’t always agree,” Shinpachi had muttered, as though dedicating monuments was somehow shameful, “but they were damn good warriors. They… they deserve to be honored like the samurai they wanted to be, you know? It’s too bad that they—Kondō-san mostly, I guess, but Hijikata-san was his man through and through—well, it’s too bad that they kind of got to be a little bit too much like the old samurai if you know what I mean.”

Heisuke had just nodded. His own time with the Shinsengumi hadn’t exactly been without its difficulties and differences of opinion. But he had grieved over Kondō-san’s merciless beheading and Hijikata-san’s death in the far north on the isle of Ezo. They had been titans, and they had also been men that Heisuke had known personally, had obeyed loyally and had admired deeply.

He returned to find Chizuru waiting for him, her face calm, but her eyes a little worried. He’d wound his arms around her and they’d stood like that for several minutes, enjoying the very last rays of sunlight and the touch of a cool evening breeze.

“Let’s walk, Heisuke.”

“Yes.” He leaned his forehead against hers. “How do you feel?”

Chizuru smiled at him and pushed a stray piece of hair behind one ear, a futile gesture, as she well knew. He was happy that she cared; so very happy that she wanted to be with him. He straightened and pretended to frown, which only made her laugh.

“I’m fine, just fine. I even managed a short rest once you and Nagakura—I mean Shinpachi-san—got to talking in earnest.”

“I’m glad,” Heisuke murmured, trying not to feel guilty that they’d ignored Chizuru for long stretches of time over the afternoon. Not that she would have minded; if anything, she was probably pleased that they’d managed to relax together for a while—he and Shinpat-san, that is. However… “I can’t help but worry.”

“I know. But I feel perfectly well, and quite rested, and I want to see the fireflies down by the river.” Seeing that he still looked a little uncertain, she tucked her hand into his. “I expect the baby would like to see the fireflies too…”

That made him laugh, even though the idea of Chizuru being pregnant still scared him whenever he thought about it too closely. Especially since if anything went wrong—and things did go wrong, sometimes—it would be his fault. Well, his fault that she was pregnant in the first place. Involuntarily, he glanced sideways at the girl beside him. Even now, she looked too young and too innocent to be living with him like this and especially too young to be a mother.

Chizuru tugged at his hand. “I know what you’re thinking. But you know, Shinpachi-san didn’t call you a ‘kid’ once this afternoon. That’s pretty amazing, really.”

“Well I'm not a kid!” Heisuke replied reflexively. He grinned ruefully. “Yeah, I get it. Even old Shinpachi-san could tell that we’ve grown up a bit. Alright, let’s walk. But it’s not a river. A creek at most!”

It was a long-standing and entirely amiable argument. They held hands the whole time, picking their way along the now-familiar path to the river-creek that provided Heisuke with the water that seemed to have partially reversed at least some of the effects of the ochimizu. When they got to the water, they walked along the bank, greeting their favourite trees, admiring the way that the flowers grew especially well in one particular place, pointing out the birds heading home to their nests for the night. Fish leapt into the air from time to time, feeding on softly buzzing clouds of insects.

Eventually, they saw the fireflies, dancing around one particularly gnarled white willow. With a quiet hum of delight—as though she hadn’t seen them many times before!—Chizuru started to hurry forward. Heisuke caught her up short and put his arms around her waist, pulling her close.

“A kiss for good luck first.” He’d gotten better at telling her what he wanted, and it had worked out well for them. An unexpected flicker of desire made him blush when she tilted her face up towards him without hesitation.

Soft lips, soft skin… the scent of the day’s warmth in silky dark hair. The mood shifted as his kiss became more passionate and less playful. They’d learned each other’s needs and wants over the past two years, and Chizuru obviously sensed his unsettled state. Her fingers stroked his neck and wound themselves in his brown hair. After several minutes, they broke apart slightly.

“Ah… the fireflies will be here another night,” Heisuke suggested tentatively.

“Impatient?” Her teasing was always very gentle, and he loved the fact that he was the only person that she teased.

“A little.” He was about to say more, when the breeze suddenly carried the scent of rain to him and he noticed that the fireflies had disappeared. “I think we’d better hurry—because of the rain, of course.”

Chizuru looked puzzled for a moment and then she blinked as a drop hit her cheek. “Oh!” With a laughing glance back at her lover she darted away toward the house. He caught up to her with ease, thanks to her rather confining kimono, and swung her up into his arms.

“Now then. Home!”

Chizuru laughed up at him. She was so much more open with her smiles now that it was just the two of them. He loved it. He loved her. He wished that they could be together forever and then set that thought ruthlessly aside. Right now he had everything he wanted. Why waste time demanding more?


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Random thoughts on Episode 7
  1. Tyrion shines when he’s in King’s Landing. Tyrion Lannister is that guy who makes brilliant independent films but bombs the one time he tries to make a superhero film. 
  2. For someone whose entire life thus far has been a covert mission, Jon for sure isn’t very good at them. You had one job, boy. When even Dany can see that you’re being stupid, you’re being stupid. Unless you’re not being stupid and you’re listening to Sansa and playing us all in which case, respect
  3. Why do they keep bringing up the fact that Dany thinks she can’t have children? Is this just terribly obvious foreshadowing that Dany will get pregnant or terribly boring red herring where they want us to think she will and she won’t? Either way it’s so fucking annoying to keep seeing women reduced to their reproductive system. Cersei’s thinking about babies, Dany’s thinking about babies, meanwhile Sansa out there thinking about the North and the long night to come. Priorities people, priorities.
  4. Sansa and Arya being in cahoots was amazing but I don’t think I’ll forgive the writers this easily for butchering characters to further the plot? Though I’ll admit the way Arya said “my sister” warmed my cold, unloving heart. 
  5. Sorry Bran you may be the three eyed raven but Samwell Tarly will always be Westeros’ biggest know-it-all (in the best way). Bran spilling his guts to Sam was hilarious though. It literally took him three seconds after seeing Sam to tell him a secret he hasn’t shared with anyone yet. This made me think maybe Bran is alive in there somewhere, and while Arya and Sansa were having their petty drama *cough* playing littlefinger *cough*, he just really wanted to tell someone. 
  6. We need a Braime sex scene? Like yesterday? They’ve been building up to it for ages and idk I just need it to happen before I combust from the tension.
  7. The wall breaking was fucking awesome but dang the WW crossing through was scary as fuck. I kept thinking, I hope Jon’s taking his time with his aunt cause the only UST in his near future is some severe eye contact with the Night’s King.

lumosshadow466  asked:

I don't even know why this popped into my head, but what are your thoughts about Jason as a father? Like if he had a kid with his S/O.. Or if he'd want one? Would he be great? Or would the idea freak him out? Like maybe he'd want to be the best he could.. But have that fear that he'll mess up. Would he act different depending on gender? Sorry for this, I'm just curious to your thoughts on the matter ^^'

OMG omgomg ok I am SO ABOUT JASON AND KIDS like they don’t even have to be his, I just want to see him hold a baby because he’d be super awkward and so nervous because he wants to be so very careful because babies are so fragile and it’s a lot of pressure tbh

Realistically, I can’t see Jason ever wanting kids. I don’t think it’s even a thought in his mind. He doesn’t seem like the type to think “I’m going to settle down and start a family.” It’s just not an appealing situation to him. Even if it did cross his mind, he knows that he isn’t a good role model and wouldn’t want to put his child in danger if something were to ever go wrong with his vigilantism so he would reject the idea. 

But for the sake of cuteness – If he ever had a child, it would most-likely be because of an accident (most-likely ineffective birth control, because you can be damn sure that he always remembers to use protection). He had probably discussed the idea with his s/o a few times, but always hypothetically. Just imagining what it would be like to have a child someday, but never seriously considering doing it in the foreseeable future. When he finds out that his s/o is pregnant, he’s terrified. His entire life is coming to a screeching halt and he’s so unprepared. Though he’s not resentful; he wants to make sure that he’ll be the best father that he can be, his lifestyle considered. His fear outweighs his excitement a majority of the time, even after the baby is born, but he is so overwhelmed with love for them.

When his child is a baby/toddler, he’d have so much fun teaching them things and playing with them. He’d make himself a giant jungle gym once they learn to walk/run/climb. He’d lay on the floor with them for hours, building block castles, reading them stories, and letting them jump on top of him and climb all over him. Once they’re older, he’d be a firm believer in teaching them real life lessons, not being too overprotective, but sheltering them just the right amount. He’d shelter them in ways that he wishes he was sheltered growing up, but doesn’t hide a lot from them. He values street smarts and knows that it’s important for his child to know the dangers and corruption of the world, especially when living in a place like Gotham. 

Baby too Soon │Part 5

Okay, so this is the final part for Baby too Soon. I really hope you all enjoyed this short multi-chapter fic. Thank you to everyone who read and the feedback. :) <3

Word Count: 4,181

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4

It’s been days since I left. Lucas has called every day, and I send pictures of Thomas to him. Our calls last no more than ten minutes and consist of mostly silence between us. The silence between Lucas and I never bothered me before. It was something that I always found comfort in, but now it’s different.

The silence that lingers between him and I now have been scary. It’s almost like the ability to talk to one another disappeared, and neither one of us knows what to say. Actually, it’s almost like we aren’t comfortable speaking to each other, and it hurts because speaking to Lucas is one of my favorite things in the world and I just want to get back to where we were. But, I’m worried that maybe we can’t.

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Percabeth as parents/having kids headcanons!


  • Annabeth is terrified. Percy knows she’s terrified and he doesn’t want to pressure her into it at all and is willing to accept it if they never have kids, but oh my gods oh my gods he wants them so badly.
  • Annabeth knows, of course she knows, but she’s so nervous that she avoids talking about it at all costs. Percy would never push the topic on her and tries to somehow communicate this nonverbally, because if he addresses it it would be breaking Annabeth’s rule.
  • The thought of maybe maybe please please someday is always in the back of his mind. It’s easy to push it away though, because just being with Annabeth is so much more than enough.
  • He’s very careful to avoid mentioning kids when they talk about the future. He slips up once when he’s trembling and half delirious. It takes Annabeth a long time to get back to sleep.
  • Navigating their own relationship through college and work is tricky enough, not to mention managing their relationships with everyone else they love. As it is they never feel like they have enough time together, and they certainly don’t have enough time for friends and family, so thoughts of parenthood are far from both of their minds.
  • And then they get an apartment, and it’s so exciting and blissful that Percy couldn’t feel like anything was missing even if he tried. It also changes their relationship dynamic ever so slightly, and redrawing boundaries and establishing new rules keeps them pretty wrapped up in each other for a few months
  • Not to mention the luxury of being alone together in their home. As much as Percy wants children, he’s definitely happy to savor that for a few years.
  • Annabeth starts working on New Athens, and although they never talk about it, the unspoken excitement that that’s where they’re going to live is definitely mutual.
  •  Percy starts to think about it again. Kind of a lot.
  • They start thinking about their future more in general, because their future is actually here now and all those choices they used to fantasize about are ready to be made.
  • Annabeth starts to get the feeling that they’re outgrowing their apartment, the same way they outgrew the camps.
  • They get engaged
  • It comes up in a post-orgasmic conversation when they’re discussing wedding plans, when Annabeth finally gets the courage to broach the topic. By then she’s grown enough that she’s not paranoid that Percy’s going to up and leave her every time they disagree and also her afterglow always turns her into a sap. Percy tells her that he’d like nothing more than starting a family with her, but for the record, they already have one, so whatever she decides is fine by him.
  • He means it, and she believes him, but the small insecurity lodged under her skin starts to act up again
  • And then once they start talking about ideas for their house, Percy feels that old longing come back with gusto. They’re both holding their breath when they’re discussing how big it’s going to be.
  • They visit the construction site several times, and Percy finds that he really cannot stop thinking about the patter of little feet running around down here. It’s virtually impossible to picture the finished product without some combination of kids playing in it.
  • Everyone knows, too, especially Annabeth. Sally, Paul, and all their friends keep giving them knowing glances.
  • Some jerks tell Annabeth that her clock is ticking and while it infuriates her, it definitely gets to her because she’s not sure what she wants and they’re not talking about it and she’s so afraid.
  • She finally breaks down one night because she wants to be a mom but she doesn’t know how and she’s not sure if she’ll be any good and she can’t decide if that’s a risk she’s willing to take.
  • Percy assumes she’s just working herself too hard and she lets him, because it isn’t a complete lie and she just wants to be taken care of without having to have The Conversation.
  • She really does start working herself too hard between her job and working on expansions for the camp, and one day she’s ranting to Piper about how she’s just so tired all the time and she’s sore and uncomfortable and doesn’t feel like herself. She finishes with, “gods, I could use a drink,” and Piper winces softly and says, “Honey, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.”
  • She buys four different brands of pregnancy tests and locks herself in the bathroom and her heart is pounding and there’s bile in her throat and her whole body is shaking
  • It comes back… negative.
  • She just stares at it for a few moments.
  • It takes her awhile, but she finally identifies her feelings as disappointment.
  • She just sits on that for awhile. She only sends one text to Piper telling her it’s a no go, and keeps it to herself.
  • Percy definitely knows something’s up. It lasts for about a week before he can’t take it anymore, and says, “Are you going to tell me in your own time, or are you waiting for me to ask?”
  • She bursts into tears and everything comes tumbling out before she even has the chance to think about it.
  • When she finally calms down, he kisses her forehead and says, “It’s okay, we can do this, you can do this.”
  • She gets pregnant that night soon after and they’re like, deliriously happy, oh my god I hate them they’re disgusting.
  • She tells him by mentioning that she’s going to need to make some expansions on the blueprints.

Bonus: Percy is a stay at home dad, they plan on having three kids but end up with five because Percy and Annabeth never do anything half way. The “third” ends up being twins, and everyone is crushed that they’re jumping straight from four to six because they’ll never be the Jackson 5. The last one comes later, like years later, late enough that their oldest goes, “Oh, god, gross,” when they tell them. Everyone is thrilled that they’re not denied their Jackson 5 jokes after all.

Interpreting M3LL155X by FKA twigs

hello ladies,

So like everyone else, I was completely snatched by the long awaited M3LL155X today. The visuals were not only wickedly stunning but also so deep with meaning that it’s been driving me crazy. I don’t post much on Tumblr, but I thought i’d do this since no one else has really tried to decode it yet? Here it goes…

Part 1: Figure 8 - Her Twisted Fate & Destiny 

Figure 8 is such an amazing way to start off M3LL155X. Visually, we’re introduced to an angler fish looking woman resembling a witch or psychic? Throughout this whole sequence, she’s pretty much throwing stank faces to the camera and showing how much she despises everything like any other witch would.

From what I see, she is supposed to represent the forces throwing Twigs into her future destiny and fate as an artist. She literally hurls a fetus of Twigs out of her mouth into pitch darkness alone. Clearly anything coming out of this woman is fucked up and demented, so we know what Twigs is in for. 

Let me live / Through your vice / Mass appeal / I feel in 10 breaths, it’s a miracle if we’re still alive / Can you touch it? / Is it real?

These lyrics represent the delusion and paranoia she is feeling about chasing that destiny. She has to live through the vices and prices that come with fame/rising up and enjoy that pain. She has to live and breathe mass appeal if she wants to stay alive in it. But will she ever reach it? Will it actually happen? 

Part 2: I’m Your Doll - The Abuse 

Here comes the pain. You’ve gotta go through hell to reach paradise; You wanna fuck with the eagles, you better learn to fly etc. 

In this part, we see Twigs is sadly diminished into becoming an inflatable sex doll. A typical asshole-ish looking man appears out of no where and she forces herself to seduce him. However, we realize that he’s taking things out of control and completely destroying her apart. 

Twigs is just laying there traumatized and completely out of it. Clearly, this represents the sexual and emotional abuse she had to face to make it through the industry. You could literally feel all her pain and disgust by just watching this sequence. So disturbing. 

I’m your doll / Wind me up / I’m your doll / Dress me up / I’m your doll / Love me rough / I’m your doll

This is pretty self-explanatory. She must become a dress up doll to the industry if she wants to make it. This may also have a context about how she is treated as a woman in the industry, where she is a puppet to their own desires for her work. This continues to follow her into her next path. 

Part 3: In Time - Popstars & Idols

Twigs suddenly wakes up pregnant in the middle of a stage, representing the development of her work and finally being given her platform now. 

However, the platform they give her is commercial pop as hell. Sonically, In Time gives off pretty obvious 90′s R&B vibes. Twigs is styled like any typical R&B all-female group member with her backup girls a la Destiny’s Child or TLC. They’re even doing super routined choreography and walking around like puppets to the cameras. 

Above them, it looks like they’re being watched by their “target audience.” This part of M3LL155X is very much related to the idea behind Video Girl from LP1. She’s clearly shading the cliché routine of the pop music life, which she dealt with when she was a backup dancer for pop stars a while ago. 

We get constant back-to-back shots of Twigs dressed as an R&B pop girl and her pregnant as well. 

Unable to fit in with this lifestyle, the Pregnant twigs begins to feel uncomfortable and suddenly starts bleeding a colorful ass mess from her womb. She begins to slip around and clearly struggle with the mess occurring, symbolizing her failure in this pop lifestyle as she’s being judged by her audience. 

The general public is repulsed whenever an artist wants to be vulnerable and strong in their work. They would much rather see them ‘play it safe’ as Twigs does through her R&B girl alter ego and mainstream choreography than through her more advanced work. 

Part 4: Mothercreep (Intro) - Birth to Herself As An Artist

Flash forward much later and Twigs is about to give birth to her metaphorical child. The child symbolizes the birth of her true artistry, which comes in the form of colorful scarves that mystically develop into the vogue dancers. 

Moments in change / I’m still chasing / I’ll be home soon / I’ll be there soon

These lyrics pretty much describe this entire sequence well. She’s at home now where she belongs in terms of her work after chasing it for so long. Although she has much more to go, she’ll finally have it soon. 

Part 5: Glass & Patron - Her Identity 

Twigs is finally at home and doing what she wants to do. She broke away from that routine pop lifestyle and is with an amazing crew of people. She emphasizes on voguing because of its free form choreography that goes completely against pop choreo, which she had to go through for many years as a backup dancer. 

I wait all week for a moment’s break away from being told who I am / So do you have a lighter? / Am I dancing sexy yet?

Twigs was tired of being told who she was and being a doll to the industry. She gets hella sarcastic, playing along with that conventional image of a trendy popstar. 

“Teach yourself to rise from ashes built from lust and hurt”

Flashback to “I’m Your Doll” and the Abuse sequence. She’s used all that lust and hurt as a muse for her work now. Although she’s finally found the light, she still has a piece of that darkness in her artistic identity. 

Nature plays a wicked game / Swallow spartans for the pain
A nod to “Figure 8″ and the wicked nature that threw her into her bittersweet life now. Although the game is fucking wicked, she’s still a spartan in the end. 

If you’ve ever attended an FKA twigs show (ESPECIALLY CONGREGATA), you’ll definitely understand how intricate she is about everything going on. Every little detail matters so much and M3LL155X is such an amazing example of that. Anyways i’m out and I hope y’all enjoyed this.

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i love this blog so much! I'm new to stucky but very interested, do you have any must reads that every stucky shipper has to read?

All three of us worked on this for a while. It’s so tempting to just list everything we love, but that’s what the rest of this blog is for! So here’s our attempt at putting together a must-reads list: stories that are so outstanding that they’ve influenced lots of other writers, or spawned running fandom jokes, or drawn new people into the fandom, or are just universally beloved. We’ve left out a lot of our personal favorites, especially things that are too recent to have been influential.

Not Easily Conquered series by dropdeaddream, WhatAreFears

In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.

In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter.

In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

4 Minute Window series by Speranza          

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”  

(tbh, we recommend everything Speranza has ever written, but this is a good starting point.)

The Man on the Bridge series by boopboop

Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door in the middle of the night might be a bit out of character, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Stranger things have happened.

Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door with an amnesiac assassin - who may or may not have some of Tony’s personally designed hardware attached where his arm should be - well that’s just far too interesting to turn away, even if Tony is trying to avoid all things S.H.I.E.L.D these days.

United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015) by fallingvoices, radialarch                

The Associated Press @AP
Winter Soldier set to stand trial for Washington D.C. massacre and treason apne.ws/1og6SWE

Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail series by owlet

The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect

It’s Not Linear series by chaya

Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. Bucky tries desperately to let him.

Close to the Sun by thebrotherswinchester      

Steve’s known Bucky his whole life.        

Building from the Ground Up series by EmilianaDarling

He is the Winter Soldier.  

He is James Buchanan Barnes.

He’s not one and he’s not the other, and he’s not sure if that makes him anything worth saving.

Parallel Constructions by freshbakedlady

In the absence of orders, the man wearing the face of Bucky Barnes must figure out who he will be. The answer, mostly, is “somebody Steve Rogers can love.” Nothing so easy should ever take this much work.

To Be Vulnerable Is Needed Most of All by perfect_plan  (modern AU)

Steve is a shy comic book artist and meets his new neighbour, Bucky Barnes.

In which there are awkward longings, meddling best friends, comic conventions, heartache, lemons, video games, dorkiness, dancing and two cute boys.

At Ease by derekstilinski   (modern AU)

Steve frequently sends out care packages for the troops, and when he learns about the penpal program, he’s quick to fill out an application. He’s assigned Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes. Everything grows from then.

Just Say You Do by biblionerd07 (modern AU)

Steve just wanted a job. He wasn’t expecting a marriage proposal. And he certainly wasn’t expecting to accept.

I’ll Be Here When You Wake Up by notoska        

Some days Bucky wakes up and remembers nothing, not even the name of the naked, suspiciously well-muscled guy in his bed. Steve calls them zero days. So when Bucky just happens to hint that he’s into lap dances, Steve goes full-on superhero-strategist to win Bucky’s heart on a zero day and give him the lap dance he deserves. (This is not an AU! Steve actually teaches himself how to give an ace lap dance.)

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Banana by surgicalstainless

The Winter Soldier had a hell of an arm.

There was a heavy silence in the kitchen, a pregnant pause as they all watched the (now badly deformed) banana sliding slowly down the window glass.

Tony let out a long, low whistle.

Perfectly Right Wrong Number by melonbutterfly  

It all starts because Steve is too dumb to handle his smartphone.

A wrong number AU in which Bucky Barnes doesn’t enter Steve’s life (meaning: Bucky wasn’t born until the eighties, but Steve is still Captain America) until Steve accidentally dials the wrong number. Wherein there is a lot of texting, some advice via Natasha and Darcy, a bit of pining, and a first date in an amusement park. Oh, and on top of being a disabled veteran, Bucky is a professional catwalker. Literally.

First, Do No Harm by BarqueBatch, SkyisGray  (modern AU)

James Barnes should be just like any other patient Steve sees in his Brooklyn clinic, but the mob enforcer bleeding all over his waiting room chair apparently didn’t get the memo.

pull apart the dark by togina

Steve’s unending faith in his best friend was beginning to look less like hope and more like fantasy. When they’d caught the Soldier – in a fire fight that still gave Sam nightmares – the only thing the man seemed to recall was how to hit exactly where it hurt.

Four months later, Barnes still refused to speak English. Refused to heed anything but Steve’s voice.

So, all in all, it was not a great time for Hydra to attack New York. All in all, Sam really wished they’d just killed him, instead of turning Captain America into a baby.

rate of recidivism by alcibiades

(TW: Rape/Non-con & food issues)

So here you are, in the future. The rest is more complicated.

OR: Bucky Barnes learns how to be angry again.

Five Time Bucky Didn’t Understand by burbs, Wishdead

+ one time he did.

Becoming Human by StarsAlign (WinchesterFeels)

When Bucky shows up on Steve and Sam’s doorstep half-conscious and severely ill, they don’t know what to do. They call up their friends and start down a crazy path they never thought they’d have to walk. All the while, Sam is on a mission to help Steve find his happy place.

Five Times Bucky Hurt Someone With His Arm, and One Time He Didn’t by MyriadQuiddities

Five separate times and people the man known as James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes or the Winter Soldier hurt someone with his metal arm, and the one person and time he didn’t.

Through the notches in your spine by caughtinanocean

Bucky Barnes has been broken down to nothing, and he has been pulled back together again, and this—this is the part where he lives.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Steve asks, stroking the point of Bucky’s hipbone with the pad of his thumb. He is naked and he is perfect and sometimes Bucky isn’t sure that he knows how to want things anymore, but Bucky wants him.

took my love, took it down by LaughsAtThunder

The problem, Bucky thinks now that he has most of his memories back, is that his whole entire world has always revolved around Steve Rogers. Steve has been always been half of Bucky’s identity. Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ best friend. Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ wingman. Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ teammate. And now, well, now Steve had other people to fill those positions. And of course, of course he’d always been a little bit in love with Steve. So when he overhears Steve telling Natasha that he’s finally found someone he’d like to date, someone with similar life experience, Bucky clings blindly to the hope that maybe, just maybe, Steve is talking about him.

We recommend pretty much anything by Kryptaria. They’re amazing and if you like angst or quirky AUs - you’ll love them.

And, if you like smut, we recommend OhCaptainMyCaptain’s Stucky Porn Prompt Challenge series (including After Hours and Is It Pretending If I Already Want You?) Heed the tags and warnings, though.

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I'm going to give you a cute request so you don't have to deal with sadness while you're sick :* Overprotective sweet dorks (Gom, takao & kiyoshi-your bae-) freaking out over seeing their scared s/o (you can choose whatever scared them :o it can be a mix of serious & silly). Thank you senpai!

YES YES. THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF ME as I am currently wrapped like a burrito under my blankets. 

Aomine: You looked like you were about to cry - your face a sickly, pale white as you came out of the bathroom. “Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked, noticing how quickly your cheerful mood left you. You were borderline shaking, your hands were trembling by your side. He rushed up next to you to touch your shoulder delicately. “Babe?” he questioned again. “Dai, I’ve forgotten to take my pills,” you responded shakily. “What pills?” he asked nervously. Oh god. The last thing he had to know was that you were diagnosed with third-stage liver disease and you were going to die if you didn’t take your pills and… Your voice cut across his running imagination. “Birth control pills, oh my God Dai, and we just did it yesterday too. I’m going to be PREGNANT. IN COLLEGE. AN-” Now this time it was his chance to shut you up. “If you get pregnant, I’ll just take care of you, no big deal,” he said, rolling his eyes. He picked you up, bridal style, and headed back towards the comfortable couch. “Scared me shitless for a second there.” He paused, “Oh, and that weird tea you always drink? Your mom told me it helps with birth control.” 

Midorima: “Shin, I’m scared,” you whispered into his collar early that morning. It was the day of your law school exam, and this was the determining factor for your future. In the past week, you weren’t even able to swallow your food correctly, never mind study. You could only hope you were prepared enough. Midorima, however, didn’t help the situation by abruptly sitting up in bed, and throwing your head off his shoulder. “I’ll be right back,” he said, swinging his legs off the mattress and walking his way to his office, where you heard a bunch of objects being clattered around the floor. He returned with an armful of dream catchers and a stuffed turkey, which you presumed to be your lucky item. “Just fall back asleep, ____. These will help with nightmares,” he commanded. Annoyed, you threw the pillow you were sleeping at his face. You couldn’t believe he didn’t remember. Because he wasn’t wearing glasses, he couldn’t dodge the white, fluffy piece of mass. “SHINTAROU, I HAVE A TEST IN THREE HOURS. I CAN’T SLEEP.” 

Murasakibara: Atsushi was prepared to dig into the souffle you had made for him, but his purple eyes instantly perked at your nervous expression. You seemed, quite frankly, scared. “____-chin, you alright?” he asked. You only gulped and nodded nervously. Just as he was about to slice his fork into its surface, you stopped him with an intake of breath. “____-chin, you didn’t poison me, did you?” You shook your head fervently. Atsushi immediately appeared concerned. “What’s wrong? Your face is wrinkly because your eyebrows are creased together.” You closed your eyes, and confessed, “I think I accidentally used expired cheese in your souffle.” His purple eyes widened. “I JUST REMEMBERED IN THE CAR. I’m so sorry Atsu-” The boy simply spooned himself a large chunk of souffle. “It tastes fine,” he acknowledged, munching pieces between his teeth. Two hours later, his stomach wasn’t fine. 

Kise: “Why do you look so nervous, ____-cchi?” your boyfriend asked your awkwardly shifting frame. You were about to leave his modeling shoot, but the group of growing teen girls outside were making your nervous. In fact, some comments you overheard were particularly mean and downright nasty, aimed at you because you were Kise’s girlfriend. The worst ones were about egging your car or leaving threatening packages at your house, though, but you didn’t want to worry your boyfriend with that. “Nothing, haha. I’m just…a bit cold that’s all,” you said, bouncing on your heels to hide your nervousness. “Cold? You want my jacket? I don’t want you getting sick…” He followed your eyes towards the doorway and noticed the growing crowd. Something flashed behind those topaz eyes. “I don’t want you coughing or anything either,” he continued, wrapping his jacket around your frame and pulling you outside the door, his arm around your shoulders. “Last time, you got something particularly nasty and it stayed with you so long that I couldn’t even kiss you for a week!” You tried to shush him, but you couldn’t. He kept up the tone while taking you to your car, parting the crowd of people. “I won’t let anything happen to you, so if you ever need anything, just call me okay?” You nodded, and handed him back his jacket. “Bye _____-chi~!” 

Akashi: He noticed you stiffen visibly when you entered the elevator. As more people began to file in, your legs began to buckle. Immediately, before you could stumble to regain your balance, he swung you up in a bridal position, almost taking out an old lady’s head with your heels. “Excuse me, please exit out of the elevator. A person is in need of medical assistance.” When only a few shuffled out, Akashi, annoyed, began to bellow out. “Please exit out of the elevator. If you do not do as I say, you will all be pressed charges for not evacuating during an emergency.” At that statement, people began to file out quickly back into the concert hall. As soon as the air cleared around you, he noticed you regaining consciousness. “It’s just fucking claustrophobia, Sei,” you mumbled, trying to pull yourself together. 

Kuroko: You tried not to scream at the gruesome display in front of your neighbor’s house. It was dark, the night before Halloween, and as much as you expected that bloody hand to extend from out of the ground…you still screamed. Then, you heard the drop of something liquid right behind you. Turning around, you saw Kuroko’s vanilla milkshake on the ground. Your boyfriend’s eyes were wide open, staring at the thing on your neighbor’s lawn. “Wh-what is that, ___-chan?” Before you could respond, he took your hand and pulled you away. “Come on, let’s go,” he mumbled, leaving his poor milkshake behind. 

Takao: “I can’t believe you forgot the way to our car,” you muttered to your boyfriend, as you both continued walking down a shady street in the downtown district. In reality, this was not a safe place to be, especially for two teenagers when it was near midnight. The possibility of getting mugged was unnervingly likely. “I’m sorry,” he said, gripping your sweaty hand tighter. “I’m really sorry. I’m an idiot,” he mumbled, pushing a hand through his dark hair. You could tell he was starting to walk faster, eyes averting the homeless people on the sides of the street. “This way,” he whispered, maneuvering around a bus stop where a drugged old man sat. “Kazu,” you whispered urgently. “Kazu!” He shut his eyes a second longer and reopened them. “If we get mugged and hurt, it’ll be my fault. I know,” he said again. “Kazu, I just remembered I dropped a pin at our parking spot on my phone.” You saw him audibly breathe a sigh of relief. “Well…lead the way mad’am.” 

Kiyoshi: As soon as he heard your high-pitched shriek,he immediately dropped the game controller and rushed into the bathroom. You were on the floor, hair a dripping wet mess. “____, are you hurt?” He picked you up off the floor and onto your bed. His concerned, brown eyes skimmed over your body for any signs of injury. A second later, it focused on the growing bruise on your right kneecap. “Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?” he asked. You were visibly confused, blinking rapidly at his sudden statement. “Wait, what? Teppei?” Kiyoshi took this as a sign that you weren’t going to tell him what had led to your injury, so he just simply reached from under the bed, pulling out some medicinal oil and gauze. “You know, if you don’t bandage it and keep walking on an injured knee,” he continued, oblivious to your confused expression. “You’re going to get hurt even more.” “Teppei,” you managed to force out, after your brain fully registered what was happening. “Teppei, I screamed because there’s a spider in the bathroom, and if you don’t kill it…” Suddenly, his bright, brown eyes snapped towards you with understanding. “Why didn’t you just say so in the first place?” You rolled your eyes. Damn it, Teppei. 

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Hello!! I am so so happy I found this page! UGHHH so happy! Okay. So my birthday is July 12 and I would really like a fic where Katniss and Peeta are newlywed, struggling college students and Katniss is pregnant. And could you include a birth scene please! Sorry if it's too soon I'm just a major procrastinator and I don't want to forget.

Your amazing birthday story was written by @katnissdoesnotfollowback, enjoy!

Four Minute Lull

Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoy your present!

RATED: T, no trigger warnings

This story is set in the early 1950’s. There will be time jumps between present and past events. Hope it isn’t too confusing.

Keep reading