when i'm leaving in like 3 months

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bully do you have stretch marks?? cause I do and i'm so insecure of them they're not cute subtle silvery stripes they're like ugly and big and red and so gross :/ when ppl think "thick" they think of smooth skin ://

tmi alert but I got mad stretch marks on my TITTIES. Apparently a middle schooler going from a B cup to a DD in a matter of months leaves its own little souvenir, but I learned to love them after my mother showed me her own “tiger stripes” <3

  • chowder: u have to leave dex alone he's sad and when he sad he talks like scottish twitter
  • nursey: i'm sure its not—
  • dex: Dead unfair how my tummy looks reasonably flat in the morn then after like 3 rice crispies a look like am 8 months gone with twins x
  • nursey: Jesus Christ

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hey there! I love your uniform au (like really really love it, it's great) and I was wondering, how come Sakura is looking for Arthur? did he forget to mention he was moving or something? why hasn't he kept up contact? (sorry to bother you but i'm really curious!)

So Arthur and Sakura met online they been dating for I think 3 years but never met in real life. That was sopose to change in April when Sakura comes to England to visit. But unfortunately a month before in March, Arthur’s brother Scott dies. Leaving the Penny Bakery in his will to Arthur.

 So Arthur planned to visit America sell the bakery and get back in time to meet his sweetheart. Only problem is Scott was in debt to Vargas family who want Arthur to repay them. To assure they get their owed cash Romano and Veneziano rob Arthur of his passport so he now can’t leave America. After manly failed attempts to burn the Penny Bakery for the issuance money  Arthur is forced  to try to make the place a success. 

Not wanting to seem like a delinquent and worried about Sakura’s safety (He dose not know she’s part of a high profile gang herself)  Arthur starts making excuses why they can’t meet up in person. Sakura becomes suspicious and investigate by flying to England anyways. Where she finds out that Arthur is in America. Furious that Arthur has been lying to her she beings to hunt him down.

Another One Bites The Dust (aka Why I'm Upset That Paige May Be Leaving PLL)

When I first heard that Paige may be leaving PLL, like any Paily shipper, I was upset. I was upset for two reasons. First, it seemed entirely unfair that not only does Paige get less screen time than any other love interest the other girls may have, but that the 3 months Paige supposedly had remaining was fast forwarded into one episode. I know there are other factors to consider, such as Lindsey’s schedule and all that, but as a fan, it’s very upsetting to see Aria and Ezra have episodes devoted to various storylines, and Emily and Paige get all but a few minutes every episode for theirs. Especially with how they make big shows of Caleb or Toby leaving, and then compare that to this fast forwarded thing we get. To me, it’s either the product of schedule conflicts and external factors or lazy writing. I’m holding out hope that it’s the former rather than the later. 

Secondly, I’m upset because I am losing one of the only characters I have genuinely been able to connect and see myself on TV in. As a Paily shipper, am I upset that Emily and Paige might not end up together? Of course, but I’m not upset cause Emily might end up with Alison or whoever (honestly I stay out of shipping wars because they ruin the fun of the fandom for me) by all means, if the writers want to take Emily’s character with a different girl go ahead. After all, that’s the reality of growing up, we get together with different people, and some people stay, some don’t. So yes, while I’m upset for the loss of Paige and Emily, I am more upset about the loss of Paige herself.

I liked Paige even without Emily. I don’t need Emily around Paige to actually say I love her character. Everything from Paige’s struggles, to her demeanour, to her awkwardness was something that when I saw on TV, I went, “Holy shit, that’s me.” To me, Paige has been one of the realest characters you will ever have a young, growing lesbian ever relate to because her struggles, her demons, her overall personality is something that you can say you see in people you actually have in your life. I knew I was definitely a Paige McCullers the moment she told Spencer, “I prefer to fly under the radar.” cause most of the time, that’s who I am, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. Paige went through the pain of bullying, self-harm, unrequited love, self-hate, the struggles of getting the girl, trying to keep her, and  balancing it with everything else going on all while trying her best to survive being the awkward turtle that she is. She’s one of the very few characters on TV that I love cause I see myself in her, and that fact that I may be losing her? You better damn well believe I’m upset. 

I really hope Paige isn’t leaving, or that if she is, it’s temporary, and all part of the creative process or whatever. Because the writers have to understand that the characters they create, don’t just stay characters. They become symbols in the lives of their viewers. Their pain, joy, and experiences connect the viewers to the show, and allow them to say, “Hey, I’m not alone in this. Because that’s my story too.” , and Paige is one such character that does this for some on an extremely powerful level. 

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I've seen that you have been on several trips, and I would like to ask, how have you packed efficiently? What are the most essential items? I'm leaving for two months (longest I've been away) and I'm not sure how to go by it! Any help? Thank you!

Sorry for such a late response! Packing is difficult, especially when you’re travelling with a family like mine that insists on only bringing one carry-on. So, typically on the 10 day trips that I usually embark on, I only bring the basics. However, if you’re gone for two months, I recommend bringing a couple suitcases. As for clothing and other items, here are my suggestions:


- Neutral t-shirts/v-necks/tank tops/camisoles 

- Gauzy button-down l/s

- 2/3 nice tops

- Light cardigan

- Crew neck sweater

- Denim jacket

- Army jacket

- Rain jacket / windbreaker


- Dark wash jeans

- Chino pants

- Denim shorts

- Chino shorts

- Flowy skirts 


- Leather sandals

- Birkenstocks

- Sneakers

- Ballet flats

- Short boots

- Wedge sandals  


- Light scarves

- Sunglasses

- Tote bag/cross-body bag

- Leather belt

- Dresses than can be dressed up or down

- Athletic clothes

- Socks n underwear

- Travel journal

- Headphones

- Good books