when i'm bored i photoshop

Megalovania with intro
Megalovania with intro

I got bored and decided to play around a little with audacity yesterday. I’m a huge fan of @paper-mario-wiki‘s voice work, especially his take on Sans and Papyrus. So I thought it be kinda cool to add part of his take of Sans’ speech to the beginning of Megalovania as a bit of an intro to the song. It ain’t much but figured I’d share it, cause why not.

Art by @balatronical

WAIT. WAIT. I can use Photoshop again!? Is this the real life!?
It’s still laggy and a bit hard to use, but. It’s working and I guess thats enough. <3

Fan cover for the fanfic which’s possibly my favorite 10/Donna fic EVER. I already reread it like three times, no kidding. If you never read “To Err is Human”, go read it NOW.
Unless mature content isn’t your thing, that being the case you really shouldn’t read it.

I couldn’t find the Catherine’s Wild West screencaps I wanted, but this one’ll do.