when i'm already dead

it has been confirmed: it was indeed too much to ask of d&d to make theon and jon even mention their mutual best friend, the one who they have both shown great loyalty and love to in the past. who is robb stark? don’t ask jon or theon, they certainly don’t know, or care.


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[If you loved me, why’d you leave me? Take my body, take my body. All I want is (all I need is) to find somebody]

Fanart for the second chapter of Right in the head, by the amazing mysecretfanmoments


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LAY YOUR WEARY HEEEAAAD TO REEEESSST *heart shatters in chest, shredding you up inside*

DON’T YOU CRY NO MORE *deaded in a pool of tears and feelings*

—  the entire Supernatural fandom, all of a timezone at once, that’s it, the hunters are extinct, we’re all deaded

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Hurry up and call the police. I'm already dead and how do you expect when they can't see me, turd..

Animals can see ghosts, h A! -

What if I just lead their way to u. WhAt if the poLicEs R anImaLs like m E. U got trapped, nerd.



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(made up fic title) No Longer Morn for me (When I am Dead) bonus points for low levels of angst I'm already feeling pretty miserable : ( also I love your blog and fics

Solangelo - Princes of Life and Death AU

No Longer Mourn for me (When I am Dead)


This has….such good potential for angst. ILL TRY TO KEEP IT MINIMAL.

Okay, so, immediate death vibes here. Course. I feel like this would be a really good fantasy au? I’m thinking Nico as the Prince of the Underworld\Death, Will as the Prince of the Heavens\Life. Human life is chaos, the Earth is beginning to reject\attack itself. Humans are predicting the end of the world soon.

And without humans, the gods have nothing really. They have to fix it.


An arranged marriage between the two princes is proposed - a union of life and death would surely balance out the chaos of the world, bring peace.

Neither of them want this. But Will loves humanity, and Nico has unwavering loyalty to his family, and he understands his duty. So they marry. And they hate each other.

Will hates how cynical Nico is, and Nico hates how annoyingly naive the other boy is, despite being older than Nico. They clash and argue and fight and purposely provoke the other. It’s messy, and half the gods have a betting pool on what will actually happen when life and death separate for good (bc surely these two won’t be able to survive each much longer)

They have a Persephone-esque arrangement - half the year they stay in the heavens, the rest of the year in the underworld.

It takes a long time for them to start to like each other. Centuries. Millennia.

But, slowly, they begin to rely on each other. They start to like each other.

Will begins to understand Nico’s negativeness - after personally witnessing so much violence, betrayal, horrible death since the beginning of time - he’d be hardened too.

And despite what Will’s seen - he is the prince of life, after all, and life is anything but neat - Will’s eyes still glow gold at every birth he tends to, still blesses babies and smiles as they giggle up at him. He’s still soft, despite the life he’s seen.

It’s slow, I think, when they grow to love each other. But they do, and it’s as fierce as if Aphrodite herself kissed upon their temples.

I’m a sucker for a good fantasy au. I’d work in the title late in the story - after thousands upon thousands of years, when their souls are tired and worn and they’re ready to pass on their titles, they will be at peace with their deaths, as they go together, one last time, into the underworld. 

Thanks for the question! <3


You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

*thinks about how jack’s connection with cas is what literally woke cas up from the fucking dead in the empty yet the next episode there was nothing about their relationship at all and cas was going on about how the winchesters need him with no mention of jack whatsoever even though cas was completely devoted to jack the last time we saw cas alive (plus, hello!!! JACK is the one who needs cas; like, that’s literally WHY cas even woke up in the fucking first place because jack needs HIS DAD!!! WHICH CAS IS!!! CAS ACCEPTED THAT ROLE WHEN HE PROMISED TO RAISE JACK!!!) and not to mention how it was already fucking canon that cas chose jack over the winchesters anyway*