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unpopular opinion: i detest emma watson


You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

why did I look at the reblogs on the original dante post

anyway whatever dear tumblr

friendly reminder that *falling in love with someone you met twice* isn’t creepy if it’s a middle ages work

it’s called courtly poetry

it’s a trope

the basic point is that the dude idealizes a woman he perfectly knows he cannot have because I mean it’s the middle ages and he does that because he knows he can’t have her and it doesn’t matter if she knows he exists or not because that’s not the point of that trope at all and if she actually loved him back the entire thing wouldn’t hold up

like it’s not creepy it’s a trope repeat with me beatrice probably didn’t even remember dante or have a clue that dante was gonna use her as a muse and she certainly didn’t feel bad about it same as petrarca’s laura if laura was even real in the first place

I mean ffs do you even know your own stuff, what happens when courtly love turns into real love is lancelot and guinevere and their romance is seen as having negative consequences all around, because you’re not supposed to bang the woman you idealize as it has to be 100% pure approved by religious feelings TM love, not carnal love

ffs I’m really fucking tired of this ‘let’s apply modern concepts to middle ages/ancient roman/ancient greek/NOT MODERN culture’ trend going on here like really fucking tired