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Ayy if the ask box is still open, may I request some fluffy or general hcs of Rohan and his s/o as parents?

I kind of went overboard on this one, sorry ( ´ ∆ ` )ノ

- Rohan hadn’t previously given any thought to the idea of being a father. However as he holds his child for the first time he feels an unusually tender feeling rise up within him
- This child is going to be dressed in nothing but brand name clothing the second they come into your lives. At first Rohan had gone with you to the store so he could nitpick all the clothes you picked out and when you couldn’t go he’d drag Koichi out to help him, which really just translates into him making poor Koichi stand there and listen to him complain about ugly clothes for a few hours
- Rohan decorates the bedroom himself, pulling out his brushes to paint a mural across all 4 walls. After that’s complete he hires a custom decorater to assist the two of you with picking furniture that compliments the paint job he’s done
- Rohan keeps crayons and paper in his studio so that his child can draw as well and even though it’s just a mess of scribbles he still keeps every last one of them
- The two of you visit Reimi’s grave often and you take your child with you. There’s been more than one occasion in which you swear you could feel her presence as a faint bark echoed through your ears. When your child gets older some of the pictures they draw for Rohan include a girl in pink with her brown dog and you know for a fact that they’ve never seen a picture of Reimi and Arnold. It doesn’t bother you though as the guardian angel of Morioh has now become the protector of your child
- Most families only hang up pictures of themselves, which you do as well, but there’s also many family portraits hanging around that Rohan sketched and colored
- He’s not very good at actually telling the people he cares about that he loves them. He expresses it in other ways, like purchasing a matching headband when the kid shows an interest in his, or by bonding with them over the shows he likes and finds inspiration in
- There won’t be any pressure from him for your child to pursue art as he wouldn’t see the point in forcing them as it would mean their art isn’t a genuine expression of their mind
- Parent teacher conferences are an absolute pain. You actively try to discourage him from going but he comes anyways. Half the time he picks fights with the teachers, telling them that their teaching methods are atrocious and they’re unfit to be teaching any child, especially his child. It’s only thanks to your quick talking that things don’t devolve into an actual fight or that Rohan doesn’t pull out Heaven’s Door
- Whenever you need a babysitter the first person you call is Koichi. Both of you trust him and your child adores him. However he’s not always available and as much as it pains Rohan you insist on calling Josuke to see if he’s available as you’d rather not call in a stranger to watch your child. When Josuke arrives to your house Rohan glares at him even as you drive away. Before the two of you leave though he makes it very clear that if anything goes wrong, Josuke will regret it. Josuke is a great baby sitter as it turns out and your child grows attached to him, insisting that he come over again sometime, which irritates Rohan to no end
- Family vacations happen often, the 3 of you traveling the world together to experience many new things as a family
- He’s far to proud to actively try and interest the kid in his manga. However if they do like it he’ll be incredibly smug, because of course his child would have good taste in manga, something they clearly inherited from him
- If your child decides to pierce their ears, he’ll present them with a small package, casually tossing it to them before disappearing into his drawing studio. Inside is a pair of earrings to match his. When he sees them wearing it the next day he won’t comment on it in front of them but he will tell you, quite proudly, that they’re wearing what he had gotten for them

This is late but I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

I was imagining this as…like Goku was asked to be the Easter Bunny and hide chocolate eggs for the little kids, and while he did that he’d also sample some.

When confronted he’d reply, “but I am children?”

Clearly this is the Goku who’s being raised by Gen. Also ignore the fact that the egg is super big? Goku deserves giant chocolate eggs.

Iwa-chan, do you remember how we first met? How you’ve been the light in this stuffy, dim club; still burning with the passion of your performance?
And I knew I was doomed the moment you smiled shyly, abashed over my interest for your music.
And how I wanted to kiss Tetsu-chan for introducing us? And how I wanted to beat this stray cat  for introducing us when he told me later to not get my hopes up ‘cause as far has he knows you are not into guys? 
Of course you don’t remember. How could you remember something you don’t know.

“And every song you write without me,
Just another sad song to me.
And every song you write without me,
Sound like who I’ll never be.” [x] 
(Atmopshere - “Who I’ll Never Be)

Hip Hop AU - random fact 7

NaLu Week | Bonus Prompt: HIGH SCHOOL


haha I actually had the idea for this prompt before any of the others I just wasn’t sure if I’d have time to do it but last minute I decided to pull it together. Originally it was going to be a non-paintery drawing but I found myself struggling coloring in SAI so I switched to CS5 to finish it and I’m really happy I did.

Anyway, another of Natsu’s pranks went wrong and hit Lucy instead so to make up for it, he promised to take her out for some karaoke and let her pick all the songs. And of course, to really make him sorry, she chose all the most annoying songs available. 

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Would you mind telling us your brush settings (for your sketches)? I love how smooth your drawings look and I've been searching for something similar for quite some time. Of course I'll credit you when I'm using them! Btw I just disscovered your art and I'm already in love with it! Can't wait to see more >\\\<

oh, sure thing! :0 I have to note though that I mess around w my brush settings all the time and I jump from one brush to another a lot LOL.. my process is very inconsistent, but I can show you the settings for 2 brushes I often use w the settings as they were from my last drawing??

this may not be very helpful at all and as said they change all the time, but hopefully you can test these out and see if you like them! no need to credit me for the settings, but thank you anyway!! also I’m super glad to hear you like my art, that makes me really happy, thank you lots! :D

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a small witch, Lyra Cloud

she is 14 years old, blind and brilliant, especially good at sound-based magic and likes to fly Iron Man style even though she has no idea how Iron Man flies

she tried to enchant a pair of glasses once, to help her see of course, but it didn’t work out, the glasses got sentient instead (and they are very annoying, although they do help her with getting around in the town and such when she decides to take them along)

I wanted to draw something frilly in pencil, but only managed the second part :D will colour her later digitally :3

comission info :)


Eeeh I decided to post some of my headcanon designs for some of the Tolkien elves. Those are just some quicker or slower sketches [that’s why most of them are so horribly horrible :“‘DDD] with flat colors slapped on them, generally I’m not sure, I might redesign some of them o: And clothes, oh god, how do I clothes.

  • Fingon [to whose braids I forgot to add some gold, sigh], Maedhros, Aredhel, Amarie
  • Findis, Fingolfin, Lalwen, Finarfin
  • Olwe, Earwen, Thingol, Luthien
  • Indis, Miriel, Elenwe, Galadriel
  • Luthien, Amarie, Anaire, random Teleri lady [whose design i like so maybe I’ll make her a someone], two Avari ladies [that are 100% done with the Exiles’ shit]

And I know most of those designs are far from canon but um. Headcanon, right? 'w’

I got inspired to animate a little something, so of course I thought I’d draw Chara, and at the last minute I decided to put them in what I headcanon as their pre-Underground clothes.

The quality could be better, but free gif programs can only do so much I suppose, haha!

(It looks better when you click it.)