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strangers to lovers:

‘Til I Tasted You, 14k
if i had the chance, the things i would do to you, 14k
Hold My Heart, 14k
Hit the Heartbrakes, 13k
Just a Fine and Fancy Ramble, 13k
i think that possibly maybe i’m falling for you, 11k
Right Side of the Wrong Bed, 10k
All the Lines We Cast Will Bring Us Home, 10k
Ever Since, 10k
Nothin’ I Would Rather Do, 9k
there was a reason i collided into you, 9k
Down the Field, 9k
Spin Me Like A Record, 8k
Second Time’s the Charm, 8k
i’ll bring the bread because boy, you’re the jam, 8k
Like A Crow on A Wire, 7k
The Way You Make me Feel, It’s Real, 7k
Tesco, 6k
Cake Sword, 6k
Ain’t My Fault, 6k
I made a map of your stars, 5k
You Spin Me Right Round, 4k
Puzzle Pieces, You and Me, 4k
In This Light, 4k
What more can I do?, 4k
my song has not been sung, 2k
Check Please, 2k
cause you cut through all the noise, 1k
Push And Pull Like Magnets Do, 1k   

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Do you know what makes me the giddiest about the CS Wedding? It’s that fact that now and forever, when I rewatch my favorite episodes, it’s going to be like this:

The Crocodile - the camera pans up from those black boots and leather clad legs to that windblown hair. Emma Swan is going to marry that.

Tallahassee - all of it - They’re gonna get married! They’re gonna get married!

In the Name of the Brother - he’s in the hospital bed and she pokes him in his broken ribs - Ha! She’s marrying him!

Straight on Til Morning - the whole being a part of something speech - CRYING

Good Form - That was a one time thing - 4,000 kisses and then they get married!

Dark Hollow - “When I win your heart, Emma…” - He so did - and she married him!

New York City Serenade - “Perhaps there was another man you loved…” - Perhaps? MARRIED! (and she wasn’t even close to running out on either of those proposals.)

CS Movie - Emma never stood a chance. *sigh*

White Out - From the ice bucket comment, to the loot conversation with David, to David lifting Emma into Hook’s arms and all the canoodling afterward - She’s got it soooo bad, and they’re gonna get married!

The Apprentice - after the kiss - You know it, girl. You know this is THE guy - the one you wanna marry guy.

Darkness at the Edge of Town - look at happy Emma, getting her jacket, meeting her boyfriend with the coffee and the little kisses right out there on Main Street. Hee. Married!

Poor Unfortunate Soul - “Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you!” Crying! Because, MARRIED!

The Price - coming down those steps at Camelot - Her first wedding gown!

Broken Kingdom - the ultra romantic kiss amidst in the Middlemist field - Her second wedding gown! She’s getting her white picket fence married life!

Last Rites - he is returned to her and she is so overjoyed all she can do is kiss him all over his face -  He is SO hers. She’s gonna marry him!


All these years. All this time. We have been witnessing the creation of this incredible fairy tale - this story of Emma Swan and her romance with Captain Hook. From that first Neverland kiss to Emma’s breathless response to When I win your heart…, from New York rescues to You gave up your ship for me kisses, from first dates to Don’t you know Emma it’s you?, from tearful I love you’s to Camelot kisses that light the Promethean flame, from passing a true love test created by the gods to Zeus sending Killian to Emma, and from living together to TWO proposals…and pancakes! All those times they fought their way to each other…and all the times that they met each other! Plus, we got a CS movie for crying out loud! All of it.

Yet, still, it is overwhelming to me that Once gave us its first and only musical episode in celebration of Killian and Emma’s wedding, and her journey to this point. In a million years who would have guessed that - for the episode we’ve all waited all these years to see - that you could buy and sing along with songs that were written to mark the occasion! 

By far, this was the most incredible couple to fall in love with, and we are so lucky to have such a beautiful story to look back on. I hope for many more stories to come for Captain Swan.

I get why people are salty. I’m a little salty too.

But here’s the way I see it, A&E are never gonna stop writing plastic angst, but at least where Killian is concerned, it always leads to good things. It’s been the pattern since season 2. We find out that Killian did a bad thing, or has the potential to keep a big secret, he comes clean either a few scenes later or at most a couple episodes and we get awesome Killian character development, and then we get cute, romantic and awesome captain swan moments

Season 2

1) Zomg, Hook stole Aurora’s heart, so evil, he’ll never be redeemed.

2) Even at the beginning of his arc, when he was still technically a villain, Killian chose to do the right thing and saved Aurora’s heart

3) We got some cute CS sword fighting banter

Season 3A

1) OMG Neal is alive and now Hook is the only one who knows. He’s so selfish, and he’s gonna keep the secret so he can try and trick Emma into loving him He’s irredeemable.

2) Literally, the next scene, Killian tells everyone that Neal is alive, and helps the nevengers to find and save his boring ass. We get the the amazing bridge confession.

3) We get the cute when I win your heart scene. 

Season 3B

1) Killian screwed over Ariel and Eric, in the very recent past, OMG he’s so selfish and he’s never gonna be fully redeemed. It comes back to haunt him in present day.

2) Killian tries to help fake!Ariel find Eric, apologizes to fake!Ariel and we get amazing character development.

3) Killian gets cursed literally because of his love for Emma Swan.

Season 4

1) Oh my god, Killian screwed over Ursula, and now he’s keeping a secret from Emma. He’s so horrible and they’re gonna break up.

2) Reunites Ursula with her father and helps get her voice back.We get the amazing character moments when he confesses that he’s afraid of losing his happy ending. And the brotp scene with Ariel, further showing how far he has come.

3) We get the “Killian’s happy ending is Emma Swan” scene and one of the cutest cs kisses ever.

Season 5A

1) Killian is about to go full Dark One and destroy the town and all his loved ones. 

2) Resists the ultimate darkness, and his ultimate personal weakness for vengeance, and is “being the man he wants to be” and then sacrifices himself to save everyone and goes to literal hell.

3) We get the one of the most beautiful, epic and heartbreaking captain swan scenes of all time, and then Emma goes to literal hell to save him. 

Season 6A

1) Killian holds onto the shears, Omg, he’s taking away Emma’s choice, he is so selfish.

2) Has his adventure with Henry, and he and Henry decide together that they will find another way, he drops the shears and Killian confesses to Emma about keeping the shears.

3) Emma forgives hims, says she would have done that same, and we get a cute reassuring hug. 

Season 6B

1) Zomg, Killian killed David’s father (he obviously didn’t know it was David’s father at the time, it was just some random guy), he’s gonna keep this a secret so that he can marry Emma. He’s so selfish.

2) LBR, Killian is gonna tell Archie, then tell Emma, and then probably go on a quest with the princess squad and Liam II to find a way to break Snowing’s curse, and tell David the truth and apologize and the curse will be broken.

3) He is going to propose to Emma, she will say yes, and everyone will be a big happy family together.

So yeah, I get why people are annoyed by the plastic angst, and it feels like a poor writing choice. I’m not saying it’s a good writing choice, but it has been in the writing of Killian’s character arc since the beginning, and the ride always leads to awesome things for Killian and Captain Swan.

So do I like it? Not really. But am I gonna enjoy the ride by seeing more of Killian continuing to demonstrate how much of a hero he is, and captain charming, and the epic captain swan proposal that we will get at the end of this ride. HELL YES.

So sure, be salty if you want, you do you. But know that it’s gonna be okay, and it will be resolved. It’s all in the spoilers.

•~ Prompt List #3 ~•

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A/n: I was up a good it of the night adding onto this, and as usual a lot of these are quotes from various media sources and a few of them are from my own brain, so I hope you like them.


#1: “If true love was easy, we’d all have it.”

#2: “She was sweet to me, reminds me of you.”

#3: “Oh, well thank you, no one ever really notices me like that.”

#4: “I’m sorry, but she’s very little and YOU’RE HURTING HER!”

#5: “I make no apologies for how I repaired what you broke”

#6: “Don’t feel stupid because you don’t like all the things everyone else does.”

#7: You’re strange…I-I didn’t mean that in a nasty way!“

#8: “This is the dream. It’s conflict and compromise and it’s very exciting!”

#9: “I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m pretty good at knowing when someone is lying to me.”

#10: “It’s pretty strange we keep running into each other.” “Maybe it means something?” “I doubt it.” “Yeah, I thought so.”

#11: “Oh, well you’d never want to burn a bridge you’ve fought so hard to build.”

#12: “I can’t let you do this.”

#13: “I’m so sorry, but I don’t love you anymore.”

#14: “I thought I could make it work, that we could make it work, but we can’t.”

#15: “I really don’t mean to bother you, but can I stay the night?”

#16: “Well, what do you keep telling me for? What am I supposed to do? I’m nothing special.”

#17: “You need to leave me alone.”

#18: “Please go away.”

#19: “I knew the moment I saw him, that I never stopped loving him.”

#20: “So when I win your heart, and I will win it, it’ll be because you choose me.”

#21: “I want to tell you that I love you, and I that I want to marry you and grow old together, but you’re not ready for that. So go, live a little and I’ll be waiting for you”

#22: “You wanna know the truly sad thing? When I met you I thought you were the person I would spend the rest of my life with. But I guess not.”

#23: “This, whatever this is between us, it’s over.”

#24: “I never want to see you again.”

#25: “So go find someone else. Someone who will love you the way I never have, the way I never will.”

#26: “I have loved you for so long, but you. You’ve never even noticed.”

#27: “You know, I styled my hair differently because I thought she’d like and I don’t even think she’s noticed.”

#28: “It’s okay. If I can’t make you happy anymore than I have no right to keep you. You deserve so much better than that, so it’s okay. You can go.”

#29: “Choose me, I’m the one that’s always loved you and always will.”

#30: “Please don’t give up on this, on us.”

#31: “I love you so much it physically hurts to not be around you.”

#32: “Even the idea of you being with someone else is enough to make me wish I was dead.”

#33: “I was just really trying to impress you.”

#34: “You have no idea how wonderful it feels to finally have someone around who knows what the hell I’m talking about”

#35: “It’s not that I don’t feel the same, it’s that you deserve more than me. You could find someone much, much better.”

#36: “You’re all I ever wanted.”

#37: “Tell me what I have to do to get you to forgive me? Want me to jump off a cliff? Done. Want me to hit your ex with a chair? Deal.”

#38: “There’s nothing that could make me stop loving you.”

#39: “Why don’t we just fly away somewhere?”

#40: “I really didn’t mean to ignore what you were saying, but your eyes look really lovely in this lighting.”

#42: “No, no. Please tell me everything about it.”

#43: “I swear to god I’m smart.”

#44: “I don’t need anything else, just hold me for a little.”

#45: “You know for someone so tall you’d think you’d be use to ducking underwalls, but here you are with an ice pack and the doorway has a knick in it.”

#46: “Have you really read all these books?”

#47: “This is going to sound really crazy, but I overheard your conversation and I knew if I didn’t at least attempt to talk to you I’d go crazy.”

#48: “What? You can’t just leave whenever you’re the only person who understands me.”

#49: “You didn’t even say goodbye.”

#50: “Please don’t go, I need you.”

#51: “It was just so painful, knowing everyday I was losing you a little more and there was nothing I could do because you stopped loving me.”

#52: “So what if you’re a boy? I can damn well buy you flowers if I please.”

#53: “Loving you was like walking into a battle I knew I wasn’t going to win.”

#54: “I don’t know what’s more annoying. You not realizing how long I’ve been into you or you trying to push me away because you feel the same and it terrifies you.”

#55: “I know it’s petty to be jealous over you since we’re not dating, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t wanna knock that guy’s face in.”

#56: “I just needed something to be wrong with him, that way I had justification for not liking him.”

#57: “Promise me we’ll meet again?”

#58: “I’d like that.”

#59: “We’re never going to see each other again, are we?”

#60: “Oh no. You don’t get to waltz into my life and make me love you only to tell me you’re leaving.”

#61: “Talk to me, please.”

#62: “If you’re not even going to try and help yourself and least let me try.”

#63: “No one’s ever complimented me before.”

#64: “I’ve just always assumed no one would ever want to flirt with me, so I’m sorry if it came off like I wasn’t interested.”

#65: “You’re just so beautiful and you don’t even realize it.”

#66: “I could make you happy.”

#67: “Don’t go where I can’t follow.”

#68: “You make me want to love again.”

#69: “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore. These past weeks without you have been absolute misery.”

#70: “Close your eyes, it’s a surprise.”

#71: “And just when I thought you couldn’t any more wonderful.”

#72: “I would never do such a thing. I would never leave you.”

#73: “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

#74: “I couldn’t find you.”

#75: “I really thought you’d always be the one who was there for me, but you weren’t.”

#76: “You were missing for over sixteen hours, how the hell do you want me to react?”

#77: “Oh I’m sorry, I’ve just been in love with since the moment I saw you. So, forgive me if I’m not overjoyed to hear you like someone else.”

#78: “I don’t care if it’s selfish, I want you and your attention all the time.”

#79: “Can’t I have one good thing in my life?”

#80: “It’s strange. I didn’t realize how much I needed you until you weren’t by my side.”

#81: “Say you’ll move in with me.”

#82: “Will you stop looking so surprised, it’s not like I’ve never worn a dress before.”

#83: “Well it’s not my fault I act 20x more clumsy when you’re around.”

#84: “C'mon, I’m adorable, you can’t stay mad at me.”

#85: “I can’t explain it. But ever since you came into my life, it’s like seeing color for the first time or diving head first into the sea.”

#86: “I forgot what being lonely was like after I met you, and I never want to go back ever again.”

#87: “For a moment there I thought I lost and it killed me a little.”

#88: “Good morning, sunshine.”

#89: “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

#90: “My apartment’s heat turned off and we’re in the middle of a blizzard, would you mind if I slept with you?”

#91: “You think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

#92: “I never planned on someone like you.”

#93: “Save your heart for someone else. I’ve got no use for it.”

#94: “You don’t get to take cheap shots at me because you’re hurting.”

#95: “Excuse me? You were the one who left me.”

#96: “Every day since you left I thought about where we went wrong and how I could get you back.”

#97: “We’ve already had enough bad timing.”

#98: “Don’t run, stay with me.”

#99: “This is about you needing to feel like a hero again.”

#100: “This, this is exact why I’m leaving you, because you lied to me again.”

#101: “Don’t be scared, I’m right here.”

#102: “This is as brave as I know how to be.”

#103: “I know it’ll hurt you, but please, be a little proud of me.”

#104: “You will not insult my memory, there will be no revenge. I will die and no one else will suffer.”

#105: “This isn’t you.”

#106: “If you love me in any way, you’ll come back.”

#107: “Some men might take your silence as off putting, but I’ll have a challenge.”

#108: “I mean why would you choose me over him. He’s broad and far more handsome than I am.”

#109: “Seeing you laugh and shine by just being in his presence killed me.”

#110: “I just wanted to be chosen.”

#111: “I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good.”

#112: “I deserve more than to be your second choice.”

#113: “I think about you all of the time, I don’t even have to try. You’re just always there.”

#114: “Tell me that you need me.”

#115: “You never needed me.”

#116: “I’ll make two cups.”

#117: “I am never letting you leave again.”

#118: “All I need is possible.”

#119: “The minute I stop believing things will get better is the minute I know they want.”

#120: “I don’t feel so alone right now.”

#121: “I just can’t help but feel so insufficient compared to you.”

#122: “I never took a liking to him because I knew he was intended for you.”

#123: “What are you doing here?” “I was just passing, saw your light on.” “What? Halfway up a hill, at two in the morning?” “Alright, I drove over. I was hoping you’d still be awake Don’t be a twat about it.”

#124: “I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, and I’m sorry but I think I’m going to need some space for awhile.”

#125: “I’m going away for a while.” “How long is awhile?” “I don’t know.”

#126: “Was it something I did?”

#127: “Why don’t you love me anymore?”

#128: “I would give anything to see you smile.”

#129: “Don’t cry, then I’m gonna cry and I’m supposed to comfort you.”

#130: “Come here, lemme fix it.”

#131: “How do you make this look so easy?”

#132: “Where did you learn to do this?”

#133: “Look I don’t think you understand, I’m in love with you.”

#134: “I understand if you don’t feel the same, but it would be really nice if you did.”

#135: “I could make you happy.”

#136: “Not you, anyone but you.”

#137: “You deserve so much more than you give yourself credit for.”

#138: “Because you deserve a happy ending.”

#139: “I got because it reminded me of you.”

#140: “Promise me you’ll write.”

#141: “I don’t think I can handle another heartbreak.”

#142: “Why can’t you just tell me you love me back?!”

#143: “I didn’t mean to yell at you, I shouldn’t have done it.”

#144: “You’re not scared of me, are you?”

#145: “I’ve got your back.”

#146: “I’m sorry, sir. But there’s been a shooting.”

#147: “She didn’t make it.”

#148: “She’s dead! She’s dead and she’s never coming back!”

#149: “Come back to me.”

#150: “If you wanna hurt them, the way you’re hurting. Shoot me, I’m your eye for an eye.”

#151: “Thank you for not dying.”


Fandom List: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/159317647777/fandom-list

First Promt List: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/153373686902/prompt-list

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A Love Story in the Making

In honor of their wedding, my top 5 Captain Swan moments…in no particular order (and subject to change):

Number Five: Happy ending

The guttural noise of happiness I made when this scene went down is something I’ll never forget.  It was such a pure and wonderful moment and the first time Hook “kinda, sorta” said he loved Emma.  

I mean…she’s his happy ending…like, good-freaking-bye.

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The rest under the cut, cause it got kinda long…

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All That’s Dead, and Gone, and Passed

Summary: One-shot. They’ve reached the end of the book and gotten their happy ending, but Emma doesn’t know how to not worry about losing it. Fluffy, feelsy, future fic inspired by the song “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.

Word Count: 1639

Rated: T

A/N: I was watching The Voice the other day and one of the contestants performed “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars and I was reminded what a beautiful song it is. So, naturally I listened to it on repeat a few times and ended up getting Captain Swan/end of the book (seriously was anyone prepared for that Isaac/Henry scene at the end of the episode?) feels. 

While this isn’t the first fic I’ve written, it is the first I’ve felt brave enough to post! I would love feedback! Thanks for reading!


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Things may be angsty at the moment, but my absolute favorite ouat brotp, hookriel, is being reunited Tomorrow and I am beyond ecstatic!!! But while we’re talking about everyone’s favorite little mermaid, let’s take a moment to appreciate that Ariel is basically the CS goodluck charm. Every episode she’s in has some sort of milestone…

  • Ariel - Hook confessed that he was falling in love with and to one Emma Swan. “I kissed Emma… Until I met you…”
  • Dark Hollow - Vows to win her heart. “When I win your heart, Emma… It won’t be because of any trickery…”
  • The New Neverland - We begin to see that the feelings between Hook and Emma that flourished in Neverland, are still at the forefront of their thoughts. They’re both realizing that this isn’t simply a fleeting attraction.  “I’m in this for the long haul.”
  • Jolly Roger - Swears an oath that he’s still in love with Emma Swan. Emma takes the step in saying she’s ready to move forward. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT ALRIGHT. This episode was the missing year, when Hook was ready to give up on himself, this is when he tried so hard to convince himself he was nothing more than a pirate, started to believe that was all he would ever be. And what is happening now? Hook is oceans away from Emma, with the exact same doubts unearthed. He thinks he’s not good enough, but he loves her with such desperation. “I swear on Emma Swan.”
  • Poor Unfortunate Soul - Confides in Emma that she is indeed his happy ending. “Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you.”

Ariel is noted for being optimistic and bubbly, honestly one would think her the exact opposite of our beloved brooding brigand. Yet, she understands him, she sympathizes with him, she sees past his own doubts, and (aside from the occasional slap) she never begrudges him. Her radiance will do him a world of good as he wrestles with trying to be the man Emma deserves. There is a definite theme of personal revelation in each episode Ariel is featured in, and I can’t wait to see what this next episode brings!

While I’m nervous as to why we haven’t got a press release for 6x17 yet, I think we’ll be getting something good for this episode.  Andrew Chambliss is writing this one.  

Let’s look at what he wrote in terms of CS stuff:

  • The Outsider (The hospital room scene)
  • Lost Girl (’Just who are you, Swan?’)
  • Dark Hollow (The ‘When I win your heart’ speech)
  • The New Neverland (Emma feeling the pangs of jealousy) 
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green (Killian offering to tell Henry about Neal.  Also, what personal space?)
  • Kansas (’Come back to me.’)
  • The Apprentice (The big CS date)
  • Family Business (Making eyes, and Killian comforting Emma over lingering scars)
  • Unforgiven (Choosing to see the best in each other)
  • Poor Unfortunate Soul (’It’s you.”)
  • Lily (Saying goodbye)
  • The Price (Dancing at the ball, and two TLK attempts)
  • Labor of Love (’When you love someone, you know.’)
  • A Bitter Draught (Smiling at each other, and Killian supporting Emma’s decision to have sessions with Archie)
  • Dark Waters (Domestic CS.  And ‘I’d have done the same thing’)
  • Ill-Boding Patterns (The first proposal)

I think it’ll be a safe bet to say we’re probably going to have a good CS reunion in this one.

Prompt fill for @dome04

Takes place late S1 or an alternate S2 where Destiny/the kiss never happened.

Jealous Sara & “So when I win your heart, and I will win it, it’ll be because you choose me.” said by Len
Captain Canary

               Sara watches as the other woman laughs at something Leonard has said, making it a point to touch his arm or brush her shoulder with his as often as possible. The dark haired woman has been fawning over him all night, and Sara’s hand itches to take a swing.

               But they need access to the other girl’s apartment. Which is why they’ve attended the party in the first place. She and Len have been undercover as a couple for three days now. And it’s nearly killed her. Having him so close all the time, hand sliding easily into his, or his arms at her waist from behind. He’s slept on the couch, and they haven’t kissed, both of which she counts as a blessing. She’s not sure her control is that strong.

               “Jessica,” Sara stands, offering and overly polite smile. “I was hoping to freshen up a bit, which way to the ladies room?”

               “Oh,” The other woman motions down the hallway, “Second door on your right.”

               “Thanks,” she makes her way toward the room, slipping soundlessly into the study on the left instead. Rip had sent them for some sort anomaly, a tiny rip in time. She had no luck in the study, moving next to the spare bedroom, but coming up empty again.

               Her phone buzzes, and she easily pulls it out to read the message from Leonard. Found the breach, in the kitchen, taken care of.

               She nods to herself, and makes her way back through the house once more. “Leonard, dear.” She walks into the kitchen where Jessica is still making doe eyes at him. “It’s getting late.”

               “Of course,” he turns to the brunette with a charming smile. “Thank you so much for dinner, the evening was lovely.”

               She’s grinning back at him, “Anytime Leonard, it’s been a pleasure.”

               He walks over and links his hand with Sara’s, then with another round of goodbyes finally move down the hall to their own apartment. The moment they are inside Sara sags and falls onto the couch, unintentionally pulling him down by their joined hands.

               “You alright? You seemed on edge all night.” He comments, looking down at where she’s taken up two of the cushions.

               “I’m fine,” it comes out colder than she means. “It will take more than you flirting with a would-be model to ruffle my feathers.”

               His brow raises, “Sara, why would I-”

               “I don’t know Leonard,” she cuts him off. “Maybe for the same reason as this,” she lifts their still entwined hands. “The same reason you’ve continued to touch me, or whisper in my ear, even when it’s only the two of us. Whatever game this is to you.”

               “Game?” he chuckles, “Is that what you think this is?”

               “Isn’t it?” she asks, “Playing house for the sake of the mission.”

               “Maybe a little,” he shrugs, “After all, we wouldn’t live in this apartment complex. And I definitely wouldn’t be making dinner plans with our neighbors.” He sighs, “Sara,” his voice drops, and it catches her attention. “My intentions will never be to make you feel inadequate, or to manipulate your feelings.” He lifts their joined hands to press a kiss to the back of hers. “When I win your heart; and I will win it.” Sara’s feels her skin flush beneath his intense stare, the satin of his voice. “it will not be through a game or trickery, it will be because you’ve chosen me.” And then he smirks, bending down to press the lightest of kisses to her lips. “Goodnight Birdie,” and makes his way down the hall.

               For a moment Sara can’t move, her mind simply replaying his words over and over. Slowly a smile takes her lips, and she looks toward the bedroom. “Like there could be anyone else,” she laughs quietly, swinging to her feet and following him. Maybe tonight having just one bed wouldn’t be so bad after all.

whoaa slow your roll there buddy boo

i most only watch clips of the show.

i stopped seriously following it when s5a hit. the only episodes of that season i willingly subjected myself to had next to nothing to do with the main plot.

i don’t care about anon hate. i simply can’t be bothered lol. just bc you took the time to come into my inbox and make your argument doesn’t mean you’re going to change my opinion and especially not by insulting my intelligence. i’m actually kind of flattered you feel threatened enough to send me a message so congrats buddy you failed in not only making me feel dumb but hurting any feelings i have left lmao

i am not the right person to come to on this. as much as i love analysis i’m not even moderately good at it. i can’t provide pages upon pages of proof to debate with you because what you want me to address is not my area of expertise. i really like regina, and i really despise hook, but i simply cannot be as thorough in my response as others can. so while i can’t shut you down, nor do i really want to tbh, you still picked a losing battle.

while you’re here tho… i’ll do my best?

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                                                     when I win your heart, Emma
                                                                 and I will win it
                                                it will not be because of any trickery
                                                   it’ll be because you want me