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I sort-of low-keyed shipped cs when they met, but it wasn't really until 3x03 after the whole "Just who are you, Swan?" scene that they became my OTP. I knew right then and there that I would ship them until my dying breath.

Oh that’s great. I became a CS shipper right when Hook turned his ship around at the end of s2. I became CS trash, however when they were in Neveralnd and he went all “When I win your heart […] it won’t be because of any trickery, it’ll be because you want me.”

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this for a ship before and I have had ships in the past that felt simple and lowkey. But Captain Swan is the OTP. They are it for me.

What about everyone else? What CS moment was it for you?


When I win your heart Emma, and I will win it. It won’t be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.
                                                                                  - Killian Jones


From the moment I understood the game, I knew United were the one.

You find something that you can identify with, something that resonates in your chest every single time you watch them emerge from the tunnel and walk onto the pitch. Something that is capable of making your heart burst at the seams in an instant for two directly oppositional reasons. When you hear your home stadium erupt into life, when you can feel the atmosphere bringing you to the verge of tears, when your entire body is immersed in goosebumps, when the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention, you know, you just know.

I don’t know how a football club can take over every single emotion possible, but it happens week in, week out. I find myself anchored to this club, attached by my heart strings. It is agonisingly painful in defeat but euphorically beautiful in victory. To remain so staunchly proud of a team that has not rose to the occasion and has let you down. To still have an immense amount of adoration for all the times you have been left bitterly disappointed with a rival defeat. For all the times your team has took you to that cup final and lost on penalties. When they do lift that Premier League / Champions League / F.A Cup, when Van Der Sar does save that critical penalty, when they decimate the rivals, when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer steals that last minute goal to solidify that victory, the colossal amount of elation and exhilaration is absolutely boundless.

Football is the most beautiful, powerful, evocative and emotional thing I have ever loved. People who are worlds apart figuratively and literally, join forces and unite to celebrate their devotion for not only their club but their country. Brought together for that same passion, pride and love that you are so honoured to possess. Enriching every single life that it touches, there is simply nothing else like it in the world.


“When I win your heart Emma, and I will win it. It won’t be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.”   - requested by actualswanprincess


CS + “It won’t be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.”

Dedicated to the amazing misspo0ky

I love the fact that the request was for this part of the sentence (although we are all in love with the “when I win your heart” part) because this right here was the moment that I knew CS was canon.

When Hook promised Emma the way he was gonna do it, I just knew that it was written for a reason and that it was a sign of what’s to come. Characters don’t just give declarations like that unless it’s about to happen exactly as they say it will except for game of thrones where the most valuable character can die for no reason

And Hook indeed lived up to his promise. That sentence wasn’t only about the part of the “without trickery”, as he promised, he made her want him. Him, as he is: The comforting man, the helpful man, the protective man, the encouraging man, the honest man, the loyal man, the selfless man, and the one who is with her through everything.

Hook has showed Emma all of these qualities of his that, as he promised, were not a pretense so that she would care for him, but his true nature that was only waiting to burst for the right person and because of the right person. 

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A dead heart shouldn’t break.

But then again, Killian Jones has never really been one for “shouldn’t”

He should have died centuries ago, been nothing but bones and dust long before she was even born. He should have despised her for her betrayal, leaving him chained like an animal at the top of that beanstalk with words that smarter far more than he cared to admit. He should have sailed off when he had the chance, with the magic bean in his hand and all the realms at his feet. He should have taken what he wanted like the pirate that he was, not ceded his hard-won ground to his rival and given up his pursuit, his pledge, his oath.

When I win your heart….

He shouldn’t have fallen in love with Emma Swan.

Her final kiss tastes of salt, from her tears or his (it’s both), her skin is warm and alive under his hand when he touches her cheek, her hair is the sunlight he’ll never see again, as bright as the break of dawn over the bow of the Jolly. Her love fills the empty space in his chest as she sought to fill it with her own heart, cleaved in two and offered without a moment’s hesitation.

I love you

He brushes his lips across her knuckles, a gesture he knows is old-fashioned by her standards, a remnant of another time and place. They shouldn’t have had this time at all, he is dead, he died by the hand he holds until she is pulled away from him at last and the light fades away.

She shouldn’t have come here at all, shouldn’t have risked herself for him….but she did.

His heart shouldn’t break when she’s gone…but it does.


20 reasons why… Killian loves Emma

Dedicated to the sweet @justcheckingstuffcs

I want to talk about something that has been bothering me a lot in the last two seasons. I’ve been thinking a lot about the change in Hook’s attitude from season 3A to season 4 and 5, and by that I mean his overconfidence of winning Emma’s heart in 3A to the lack of it during seasons 4-5. I really tried to understand what made the person who told Pan that Emma finally starts to see him for who he really is - a man of honor, to the person leaving her that message on the phone in 4x08, feeling that he’s unworthy of her. Or what happened to the person who confidently said “When I win your heart, and I will win it”, to the one in 4x13 afraid to let her know about his past with Ursula because he fears she will change the way she looks at him. I think only now while I was thinking about things to put in this gifset, I finally have an answer (or at least I think so). 

You see, the guy in season 3A was in love with Emma, but while he wanted to “win her heart” and thought he could do it, he had no idea how intense this love will become, hers and his. As the time passed, however, that love became stronger and stronger. The girl who started as someone who constantly run away in panic from him, transformed into someone that adores him like no one did since Liam (and yes, I also dis-include Milah here for a reason, which I won’t get into on this meta). In fact, Emma became for Killian what Liam was for him before he died. She became his role model, she helped him become a better person, and bring out good things out of himself. But as the love of them has grown, so did his insecurity. Because the more love he got in return, the more unworthy of it he felt. It was one thing to “win her heart”, an entire different thing to bring her to the point where she wants to literally split her heart in half and share it with him. And the more love he got form her, the more his past came to hunt him. Because unlike Regina who was whining about not being able to be happy because of her past, Hook felt unworthy of the happiness Emma gave him because of it. 

I think that although Killian has always wished that Emma will love him, at the same time he felt like no one could ever love him, at least not that intensively (aka nothing but a pirate). So when he realized how much she truly cares for him he began to panic that it will fade away when she learns some truths about his past life. This is why I think the most significant phase for him was to truly understand that this love is not only true regardless of his past actions, but it also increased because of his remarkable development. 

Knowing that there’s a person in the world that accepts you for what you became and overcame and truly loves you for it, is something that only now Killian starts to realize that he deserves. I can’t wait to see him reaching the point in which he also truly loves himself for this remarkable transformation, and I have no doubt that Emma will bring him to that point as well, with the help of her love for him. 

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                                                     when I win your heart, Emma
                                                                 and I will win it
                                                it will not be because of any trickery
                                                   it’ll be because you want me


«Conjuring magic is not an intellectual endeavour. It’s emotion. You must ask yourself, ‘Why am i doing this? Who am i protecting?’ Feel it