when i watch this video i cry

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)

Thank You

@crankgameplays it is currently 12:49 in the morning and i just really want to fucking say thank you. I came across your channel a little less then a year ago. When i cam across you i was really shy, never talked to anyone, scared to make new friends, and very very self conscious. Then one night at like 3 in the morning i said to my self, “I want to get into a new gamer on youtube” so i grabbed my laptop and went to youtube and searched Gamers. Your channel was the 5th one to show up. I clicked on it and watched your newest video at the time. The static speaks your name. I had no idea what this game was but i said fuck it and watched it. The game was so emotional i started to tear up. When you finished it, you gave a little speech like you always do in more serious videos. What you said moved me so much i started crying. I wasn’t in the best place when i discovered your channel. I was really depressed and just wasn’t happy with anything i did. Then i found you and fell in love with your videos. They always make me smile and laugh my ass off. Now today, i am really hyper and energetic and i’m always happy. Ethan, just thank you so much for everything you have done not only for me, but everyone in th community. Stay Cranky for as long as you can because that is what makes Ethan Nestor…well Ethan Nestor. You are so amazing Ethan please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you so much, the community loves you so much. Keep up the amazing work on your videos. Stay Cranky! <3


vixx → music videos

not to be offensive or anything but do you ever just think about the mine music video and how the little girl grows up watching her parents fight until they finally separate and then when she’s actually in a relationship and they have their first big fight she runs out crying, terrified he’s gonna leave, because it’s “all she’s ever known” but then he takes her by surprise and tells her he’ll never leave her alone because sometimes I think about that and cry my eyes out okay bye

Oh gosh…  I got sucked into reading the posts on Hamilton’s Facebook page.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

  • A lot of people are going to “boycott your stupid play.”  Not sure how that works when it’s sold out for a year, but…Um…Yeah, okay….
  • The actors were evidently spewing hate and whining?  Did anybody else watch the same video I did? Because I’m pretty sure they were classy af.
  • Evidently a lot of people are “going to NYC this weekend” and will “NOT BE GETTING TICKETS.”  Yeah.  We already knew you weren’t going to get tickets.  Welcome to the club.   We’ve all “not been getting tickets” for a long time, friend.
  • For a bunch of people that complain about liberals and safe spaces and how much we cry and bitch…  They sure are doing a lot of crying and bitching.
  • Apparently entertainers are supposed to be dancing monkeys.  “I pay you to entertain me.”  No, you pay to get the privilege of watching us perform, and we get the privilege of sharing a story with you.  Don’t get it twisted.  I’m not a monkey.
  • A lot of people who have never heard or care about Hamilton somehow are really invested in hating it now.  A lot of people who have never stepped foot in a theatre are invested in hating theatre now.  A lot of people who would have never bought a ticket to see a show, let alone a thousand dollar ticket to see a show, are now intent on boycotting a show. 
  • Apparently these actors will have “very short careers” because of this move, and they “better apologize if they know what’s good for them.”  Hm.  I didn’t know that’s how this country worked.  I’ll shut my mouth now before I get detained for being disrespectful.
  • A lot of people are boycotting this show from the rust belt.  I didn’t know Hamilton was playing in Indiana these days.  Better watch those ticket sales, folks.

This is a train wreak.  

okay i know i keep saying how got7 are like a family but it’s so true like after watching these videos and seeing how they interact with each other just shows us a glimpse at how strong their relationship is, like jinyoung knows how sensitive jackson is and told jaebum that jackson just wants to be loved and if you show him that, he’ll show you the same amount if not more back to you because that’s just how he is and when youngjae was talking about how bambam came all the way from thailand to become an artist but sees all these negative comments about him and gets sad, youngjae looked and sounded genuinely upset because he doesn’t want bambam to be sad and how jackson is always supporting jinyoung because he knows how hard jinyoung is on himself and how bambam and yugyeom are always supporting each other and saying that they’re best friends and how mark, youngjae and jaebum are always encouraging each other and being a shoulder to lean on for the other like there’s so many more instances but got7 truly care about each other and their relationship is so strong that nothing can break that

Oh hey @taylorswift! 💛
I’m Christian, I have 13 years 🌟
(yes, you’re lucky number) 😏
I just want to tell you that it makes me incredible happy that you’re back in tumblr! 😇 I made my account in the correct time! 😉 This is my 1st selfie that I post here on tumblr, holding my favorite Christmas presents that my parents gave me this year! 🎄 I WAS CRYING WHEN I OPEN THE GIFT, IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! 😊😭 I already watched all the videos of the album, and it makes me so so so SO proud because you have gone so far, making your dreams more bigger than you did when you were 13! 🌞 Thank you, thank you for always make me feel special, loved and important! 😚 I love you so much, never forget that my love! ☺ With love Christian! 🇲🇽💚


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I just wanted to thank you for existing and doing what you do! The very first time I felt truly and completely validated was watching your videos! My mother is very accepting and supportive of my gender and sexuality, but sadly I can't say she made me feel really validated as a genderfluid individual. So, I actually cry when I watch your videos! I just feel so validated, and it makes me so happy that I actually start crying! So, again, thank you for existing and doing what you do! <3


I am so lucky to have you in my life. Knowing you’re out there makes me so happy💛💛💛💛💛


I’m watching this video by Supergymmie and I absolutely love how, alongside the amazing gymnastics, she’s (and I’m assuming Supergymmie is a girl because I don’t actually know for sure who’s behind the channel) captured such sweet moments from the Rio Games. I’m going to go ahead and list them all (in case you can’t/don’t have time to watch the video), because it’s just so beautiful. Truly the spirit of the Olympic Games.

- Sophie Scheder crying when she won bronze on bars (the music here really hammers it home and made me tear up)

- Simone waving to the crowd after her final routine of her Olympic Games

- Sophie smiling when Aliya kissed her gold medal

- Amy grinning at Simone showing the camera that she’s won four gold medals

- Simone beaming as Sanne kisses her gold medal

- Tears from Sophie on the podium and Amy after the floor scores were finalised; really shows how much these unexpected medals meant to these girls.

- Catalina giving Sanne a long hug after the beam final

- Marine Boyer being a cutie and waving either at a camera or someone in the audience

- Aly and Simone hugging/waving to the crowd after the AA

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the beam

- Aly in tears after her AA floor exercise (still crying over this)

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the bars

- Simone and Aimee crying when Simone won the AA

On another note; for some reason, this video really shows how incredible Simone was over everyone else BUT, also lets me marvel at the freaking HEIGHT Aly gets on her double pike Arabian!!

if there is anything, in all seriousness, that I will truly ever mean, it’s that i am so thankful that dan and phil are willing to give their time to us, tell us things about them, and let us into their lives, even if we barely get to see anything at all.

i am thankful for the light they have brightened my life with.

i am thankful that Dan and Phil don’t pretend to be polished, and they’re not.  we know dan is a “failure” and that phil doesn’t always fully believe in himself.  we know that they’re humans; i know that they’re like me.

i am thankful that, even in my darkest moments, i can find room to smile when i watch their videos.  i can cry, but from laughing too hard, when i watch their videos.  i can feel okay, if only for the ten minutes their video plays.

i am thankful that i have gotten to meet so many lovely, beautiful people through dan and phil.

i am thankful that i have learned that it’s okay if i don’t know where my life is going quite yet, and be okay with that, because of them. i do not have to expect the best out of myself all the time.  i do not have to be alone all the time.

i am thankful that i found them.  i wish i could thank them more, and that they could truly understand what they have done for me.  however, as long as i know, i can just push myself to thank them one day.

NCT U as things I have heard my friends say

Taeil: “Well I for one find myself very funny.”

Taeyong: “I just have a lot of emotions, okay?”

Doyoung: “I wasn’t trying to offend you, but consider it a secondary goal.”


Jaehyun: *Crying while watching a video of a puppy.* “It’s legs are just so tiny…”


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how dare you reblog boncas and make me feel things?? I still remember I was watching evan's livestream and he gasped so loud when it happened and I bolted upright and almost screamed with my whole family home... it was wild, they did that. my heart is so full

i remember i was in the car when the first few videos of phil calling dan to stage for the first award and i was crying in the car and then when i got home there were videos of phil calling dan up for an award he hadn’t even won…….insert my longest cry ever


Yoonseok 161202 💚

This night was full of Yoonseok 😢
First the legendary moment of Yoongi crying (who didn’t tho), but he went to Hoseok the person that won’t judge or make fun of him for doing it 😍😍😍
Then when they came down HS hug him *those beautiful smiles* 💖
But my favorite one, how Mr. Hoseok grab Yoongi neck to “pass to the other side”…but i can’t with the look on YG face 😢 he looked directly at HS eyes, and then he just lower his head and smiled 😌🙃
I don’t even know how to explain how i feel while watching this video…Sope is life ❤

Why I Believe In What Jungkook Appears To Feel For Jimin

That’s because (and I know I might stir some hate from Jungkook fans because of this) I don’t find Jungkook to be a good actor. Not at all.

Yes, he’s had some good ones, but most of them didn’t require him to sustain the acting that long. I remember his preview/teaser clip for WINGS, which I could barely finish watching, and the behind-the-scenes version was even harder with that longer video of him crying.

It’s the same reason it hurts a lot to see him cry during concerts; to see him fall into an emotional breakdown because I know it’s not an act at all.

That’s why I trust his gazes, his giggles when Jimin laughs, his funny acts that he appears to be doing to make Jimin laugh, his gestures of concern, his past moments of hesitation to connect with Jimin, and even the moments that imply a show of his jealousy (debatable as a lot of them may be).

Jungkook does great in a lot of things, but being absolutely subtle isn’t one of them.

Of course, I might be wrong and that he can actually be so good in acting that he can act like he’s not good in acting. What are the chances? Hehehehe

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Sick ethan hc! Where he's dating the reader!

 I’m crying I love sickgameplays

  • Eth refusing to admit hes sick bc you’ll make him calm down with all his editing
  • forcing eth to lay down
  • “babe i reeealllly gotta record videos” “how are you gonna do that when you’re losing your voice?”
  • force feeding eth soup
  • eth being a cuddly sick baby
  • “(y/n) come spoon and play with my haaaiiirr”
  • eth curling into a ball and whining when you stop playing with his hair
  • Eth just wanting to cuddle and watch spongebob
  • Ethan falling asleep with his head on your lap
  • Pouty eth asking for hugs while you do chores around the house
  • “(y/n)?” “yeah baby?” “thank you for taking care of me”

the sweetest smol sick bean