when i was watching it

Yvonne Strahovski - The Handmaid’s Tale: Promotional One Sheet

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please don't not finish whms bc every time u upload a new chapter i read the whole thing again and i fear what's going to happen when you're on the like 758th chapter will i live will i die

how the FUCK do people do this

u for sure know my fic 10x better than i do

I was gonna reply the user, but I don’t like discourse and arguments and didn’t want to lose followers because of a fight, so I just blocked them.

But like why in the world would you add a completely negative reply on my post that’s me just to be positive (and it was not the first time I saw this user doing stuff like that on Arc V posts).

There are anti-tags, or you could just rant about it on your own blog so for the love of god don’t add onto my post about your bitchness that I couldnt give two fucks about.

Is Arc-V perfect? No of course not it has a lot problems, including Yuzus writing. But newflash: none of the YGO series are perfect and it all depends on the person on which one is your favorite (I absolutely loathe the terms ‘best’ and ‘worst’ because you’re just trying to make your opinion a fact).

But Arc V makes me so happy just thinking about it, and that’s what I care for in a series. Arc V this semester has been my grounder for when I got to anxious or my RSD started acting up, and I’ve met so many awesome people cause of it and got back into writing fan fiction because of the series.

Morale of the story, don’t put your negativity on someone else’s post about something they enjoy you don’t know why they like the series so much and most likely don’t appreciate you trying to ruin something they hold dear. Also either I’m either getting really bitter or tired of people’s bullshit because as of now I’ve blocked more people in the YGO fandom then any other fandom and I’ve been here for like six months

I love how study blogs have this pretty note taking photos and pages are really well-designed, colourful with many stickers etc etc then sometimes you decide to read them and their to-do list/schedule has things like “watch netflix” “eat pizza” like what are you trying to schedule exactly?

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I'm mostly a Heith/Klunk/Hance shipper but you reblogging Shunk art has made me fall into Shunk hell what have I become??


It’s more of a canoe or paddle boat, really, but still well-loved<3 It’s honestly one of my All Time Favorite Ships… I mean, I love all hunk ships, but shunk holds an extra special place in my heart

anyways, might I direct you to one of my absolute favorite fics (that is a shunk fic^^) by the lovely @bosstoasterAll About that Space

also, i just wanna get this out there, but i am always ready and willing to chat about hunk/hunk ships, they’re my loves<3


not to be dramatic, but when i first watched this i always imagined myself being the little chinese girl and peter saving me :’(