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Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 89 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!!)

Here is your translation summary for this month’s chapter of Ao no Exorcist.  As usual, I’m writing this up as I read it, so there could be mistakes or typos.  I’m also kind of tired right now as I spent most of yesterday on a plane or waiting in airports, but I wanted to get this out asap so I can get caught up.  Here it is:

Blue Exorcist 89:

Happy (Merry Christmas) Birthday

The chapter starts out with Rin cooking as Kuro looks on excitedly.  Everyone is doing their part to set up the Christmas party and it looks amazing.  They all go to get dressed (although Yukio refuses) and Rin puts on some reindeer ears.  Shiemi comes back in full Santa costume with a bag of presents and thanks Nii-chan for his hard work.  She says she’ll get him some water but then…everything goes wrong.  Nii-chan rolls over, which tips the tree, which catches the decorations…etc etc etc.  The tree even catches fire.  Shiemi falls flat on her face, and the only thing left untouched is the cake.  That is, until Konekomaru trips and knocks it over.  Everything’s a mess.  Shiemi is beside herself, but Rin and everyone else start laughing.  “I can’t believe it…in one moment, everything was gone…!!”  Rin says some stuff survived (the food), and that they would have a nabe party instead.  So, we see everyone cooking up nabe (which is a sort of community hot pot dish).  Mephisto, Shura and Lightning show up.  Shima gets a call from Juuzo asking him, Suguro and Konekomaru if they are coming back for New Year’s.  He tells them that he and Mamushi are having a baby and they want to celebrate.  He then puts them on with Mamushi and she asks if they can come, and when Suguro starts to say he can’t, Lightning interrupts and says he’s “sleeping” for now and to go home because family is important.  Everyone congratulates them and then they open their presents.  Shiemi then says “Oh, I forgot, I have a present for everyone”.  It’s a four-leaf clover.  She tells everyone good luck on their tests, and Rin gets upset and asks her if she doesn’t want to become an exorcist because she’s dying.  She’s shocked, and says that she’s sorry that she can’t tell them the reason, but she’s not dying, and that she’ll be there.  “Even though I can’t fight by your side, I’ll be supporting you with equipment and medicine from the exorcist shop!”

Later on, Rin says he’s really worried about Shiemi.  Just then Shura comes in and says she drank too much and wants some water.  Rin asks if it’s okay that she hasn’t gone home at this hour and she says she lives there on the second floor.  Yukio asks “Didn’t you know?” and Rin replies that he didn’t.  Shura says “You guys are 16 years old now” and says that she should give them a present since she’s dressed like Santa.  Then she drops a bombshell on them by telling them that she met their mother once…and her name was Yuri Egin.  Yukio practically yells at her “How did you know her!?  And why did you wait until now…”  She replies that it wasn’t a big deal and that she only spent a little time with her.  She asks them if they want to hear it, and while Yukio is very adamant that he does, Rin agrees in a very disinterested way.  

18 years ago, Shirou had brought her to Yuri asking for a favor.  He asked her to do something with Shura (because she stank) and that he didn’t know what to do because she was a girl.  Yuri gave her a bath and told her that her red hair was beautiful.  She found her some clothes while Shirou grumbled about picking her up during his mission and that Mephisto said he was stuck with her since the institution was full.  Yuri makes them food and Shirou asks Yuri if she can take care of Shura, and that if she can’t, he’ll have to put her in an asylum.  Shura screams “NO!!” and grabs onto him.  Yuri laughs and says that he’ll regret it if he lets her go.  Shirou is taken aback but then Yuri asks her if she wants to live there with them.  “Shirou would be your father, and I would be your mother…doesn’t that sound fun?”  Shirou then says “…that doesn’t sound fun.  Don’t make such stupid jokes, you perverted woman” (he’s really kind of cruel here).  Yuri just says “I guess you’re right, even though it would be wonderful”.  Shura says “your mother was a wonderful, kind, beautiful woman” and that she could never match up with her in her entire life.  She says that Rin has her eyes, and that Yukio has her facial moles.  That’s the entire story, and she tells them happy birthday and leaves.  

Later, Yukio asks Rin if he’s awake, and what he thought of the story.  He says he’s glad to know her name and what kind of person she was.  Yukio then asks him if he wants to know the details of their birth.  Yukio says “I want to know how I was born and why it’s a secret”.  He then says to Rin “…you still don’t see any need to find out, do you?”  and Rin replies “that’s right”.  Rin sits up and says “It’s obviously not a happy story, and nothing good will come out of knowing about it.  It’s enough for me to find out on our birthday that our mother was a beautiful and kind person.”  He then says he has to pee, and Yukio suddenly screams at him “Don’t fuck around!!  What birthday!  We don’t even know when we were really born!!!  Even though you run off as usual without ever thinking, why…why are you so half-hearted!  Which one of us is really afraid!!!!”

And that’s the end for this month.  Wow, Yukio really loses it in this chapter.  Nice to find out some backstory on their mother, although I feel like Shirou and Yuri have some history going on for him to treat her like that.  I’m glad that Rin asked Shiemi straight up if she was dying, but that just leaves us with the bigger question on why she’s leaving.  That’s it for this month, I may or may not write up a review of this chapter depending on time constraints.  Enjoy!

Issues - Part Eleven


Negan x you
When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.
Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  
Word count- 2,456

Read Previous parts- HERE

Part Eleven

The sea air blew my hair as the sun warmed my skin.

God I loved it here.

I could hear Mum laughing as she threw some stale bread at the seagulls. She was happy here.

Bang Bang Bang

What was that?

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s a Match!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS @neverbetheexpectation!! I was your Secret Santa for @mlsecretsanta​. You mentioned wanting some Lovesquare fluff so I thought I’d take this old Tinder headcanon that I had and turn it into a little multi-chapter for you! Since I got a little carried away, I’m going to post one chapter of this everyday until it’s all done!

I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing it :)

[Chapter 2] [Chapter 3]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s a Match!

Summary: “Oh my God, I just matched with Adrien Agreste, oh my freaking God! Chat!! Chat, come come come! Look look!”

But Chat Noir wasn’t paying her any mind. Because the moment she started screaming about her new match, Chat Noir tried to quickly exit out of his matches page so that he wouldn’t see who popped up. But it was far too late, because right when he blinked, his phone buzzed with an excited message about his new match.

He was not expecting it to be Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Chapter 1: Match

“Oh my God, what is with all the abs?”

“Ugh, you’re getting ab pics? No fair….”

“…I’m on the men filter.”

“So? Do you know what I would do to get a picture of a pretty girl flashing her abs at me?”

“Okay, fine, but on guys it just looks douchey.”

Chat Noir frowned and gestured for Ladybug’s phone. “Let me see.”

Ladybug clutched the phone to her chest. “No! You’re gonna start swiping right on creeps again! That wasn’t funny, by the way, one of them sent me a super inappropriate picture.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just gonna look.” He had the decency to wince. “And I apologized to you about that, I didn’t think he’d be gross. And anyway, you got back at me for that by sending me the photos.

Ladybug smirked and shrugged. “You didn’t believe me. I had to prove it to you.”

He rolled his eyes and plucked the phone out of her hands. He tapped on the profile, swiped through all of the shirtless photos and snorted. “If you’re gonna swipe right over a set of abs, they need to be way better than these. That’s barely a four pack.”

Ladybug cackled and collapsed against Chat’s shoulder. “So six pack or no deal?”

At least!” Chat Noir scoffed. “If you’re gonna demand that women treat you vainly, you need to be on your game.” He tapped his abdomen proudly. “ Some of us are never off it.”

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Mystic Messenger Fanfic: Kingdom of Words

Pairing: Saeran/MC

Rating: G

Other places to read: AO3

This fic is a gift to @an-ambivalent! I’m one of your @mystic-messenger-secret-santa (the mysterious anon hihi) :3 Sorry this is so late, dear! I tried to include as many of your preferences as I could, so I hope you enjoy this not so small fic I wrote for you ♥

The first time the words appeared on Saeran’s arm, he panicked. His only warning had been a warm, itchy sensation that’d made him look down, only to find a black scribble on his skin.

Can you see this?

He screamed. He couldn’t help it - as much as he rubbed, the words wouldn’t come off, nor did his hand get dirty with ink. Saeyoung rushed to his side, eyes wide, but once Saeran explained what was wrong, he hesitated, his gaze fixed at the point where Saeran could see the dark words in stark contrast against his reddened skin.

“I can’t see anything, Saeran.”

Before Saeran could process what Saeyoung had said, their mother came. He should’ve excpected it, should’ve known better than to make so much noise. His ears hurt with her screams, louder than his own; still, he tried reaching her - arm extended, he tried telling her about the words, tried asking her what they meant.

His only answer were two days without food, getting by with only the scraps Saeyoung managed to sneak him behind their mother’s back.

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This was the other outline I had for my original secret santa prompt and even though I went with my other idea I just couldn’t let it go- so credit for this existing goes to @pozolegirl whose prompt this is also based on ^_~ 

Anyways enjoy this last little bit of holiday cheer. ^_^ 


December 1st 9:24 p.m.

“Do you really think these terrible lines of yours will ever work Chaton?”

Chat grinned as Ladybug once again rolled her eyes at his flirtation.

“Eventually,” he said lightly, leaning in so that their noses were almost touching.  

“How? They are terrible! Why would anyone think that combining puns and pick up lines is attractive?” She put a finger square in the middle of his chest and pushed him, flicking his bell once he was back to his original position.

“Because it’s funny. And everyone knows women love a guy with a sense of humor.”

“Aww poor Chaton. Looks like you will die alone.”


“I’m just teasing minou. There must be some poor soul out there that will put up with you.”

“Are you offering?” he asked, already bracing for yet another rejection.

“Ha. Hardly.”

And there it was.

For all their flirting- and Chat would argue to his dying breath that for all her denials she was definitely flirting back- he had never managed to get past the suggestive bantering stage of his courtship. After a year and a half of attempts it was beginning to get a little disheartening.

“Come on my lady, give me a chance? One kiss. We can call it a Christmas Miracle.” He hoped his voice didn’t sound as desperately pathetic to her as it did to him.

“Ok, you want a Christmas Miracle?” she asked, giving him a serious once over, “If you can come up with one of your horrible puns that actually makes me laugh between now and Christmas eve, I will kiss you.”

“Are you serious?” he gasped.


“That’s it? Just make you laugh?” he ask, waiting for some sort of impossible catch.

“With a pun.”

Ah. There it was.

“How many am I allowed to make?” he asked cautiously, already forming a plan in his mind. It was difficult certainly, but not impossible.

“As many as I can stomach I suppose,” she replied, shrugging her shoulders and giving him playful smile.

“You must really want to kiss me after all my lady,” he teased, grasping her hand in his and brining it flirtatiously to his lips.  

“No I just know that your jokes aren’t that funny. Perhaps this will teach you that as well and I can finally be free of them. It will be my Christmas present to myself.”

“We shall see, My Lady.”

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why wrapped around your finger is about muke: a shitpost
  • it’s basically just michael and luke singing. calum doesn’t have a solo, and neither does ashton.
  • it’s pretty much a conversation between michael and luke. they’re talking about what happened “that night” (michael: “you met me in your backyard that night … you looked just like an angel in disguise”) and (luke: “you were mine for a night / i was out of my mind … making all our plans in the santa cruz sand that night”)
  • and they talk about it being this one night thing, so probably michael and luke had a hookup and realized that it could ruin their careers so they had to make it stop (or keep it very secret)
  • luke: “i thought i had you in the palm of my hand that night” - that night was the “perfect” night where they forgot about everything and made plans for the future. luke thought that it could work (but just for that night)
  • “i told myself that i’m never gonna be all right” - again, luke, but this is when he realizes that it’s not going to work between them and he has to let it go (”i don’t know how to say goodbye”)
  • so they had to stop it even though both of them were sad about it, but they both still have feelings (obviously, the line “wrapped around your finger” from michael), and again “i told myself that i’m never gonna be all right” from luke
  • this tweet from michael, in 2015 (over a year after the song came out) (can u believe this tweet was actually about luke)
  • i feel like this tweet also belongs here because i’m 89% sure that luke hacked michael’s account and wrote it (have you ever seen luke in an interview he would honestly laugh so hard at that)
  • basically this entire song was written about muke, by muke, and it’s a masterpiece that was forgotten too soon
Merry Christmas Indeed ➸ Nick Amaro


Dear Sadie,

It’s me, Mariam! Your Secret Santa :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, you deserve the world. Here’s your gift :)

Warnings: smut, friends w/ benefits, angst, fluff, Amaro being sexy as fuck



Originally posted by zolozaynnn

He was here again. In your apartment. Maybe it was because it was lonely. Maybe because it was Christmas. Maybe it was even because he missed you. And you couldn’t say you didn’t miss him too. But that was besides the point.

It started when you were sitting on your couch. It was a damn comfy couch. There’s a knock on the door and naturally you roll your eyes, trying to find the will to get up and answer it. So you do. You get up and walk towards the door, grabbing the gun under your coffee table along the way. You glance through the peephole and release a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.


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Take What’s Yours - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts

Words: 1208
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: yelling, fighting, angst, breaking things, drinking, mention of guns
Requested by anon
Could you do a Bucky x Reader imagine where they get in a big fight and its all angsty and whatnot and the reader tells Bucky to “Take what’s his and leave” and he picks up the reader and legit walks straight out the door and it ends with FLUFFFLUFFFLUFF 😂 btw I love your writing sm omg
Authors Note: I loved this request omg. Also, I definitley don’t think this is anything Bucky would ever do but hey that’s why they’re called imagines, yeah? ;)


“I can’t believe you right now!” You shouted, “You’re making excuses!”

“For your own safety!” Bucky shouted back.

“If you have to lie about where you are and what you’re doing, then I don’t know why you think that’s keeping me safe!” You rolled your eyes, tears starting to form.

“I was at work!” Bucky argued, “I was following a new threat!”

“Then you were out drinking, for hours! When I called your team to ask where you were, they had no idea!” You yelled, “You had me so worried!”

“Well sorry, I was trying to protect the world!”

You groaned and fell back onto the couch. “Bucky, when I found you, you were clinking drinks with the drunk asshole sitting next to you. That didn’t look like work.”

“Okay, so, I got a little sidetracked!” Bucky’s hands flew in the air, angry that you would turn on him like this.

“I can’t argue with you right now; you’re still half-drunk. I’m going to bed, you can stay on the couch,” You stood up, walked out of the room, and slammed the door shut.

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Josh x Reader

Prompt: You’ve decided to do a Sidemen secret Santa with the boys for the bants, with a $50 budget, but when your gifts turns out to be the expensive DSLR camera that you’d been wanting, you go on the hunt to discover who’d purchased it for you.
Note: The last of the Christmassy imagines I promise lol. This is long but I’m v proud of it.  Day 2 of Sydneyxix’s 12 Days of Ficmas. [day 1 imagine]

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Secret Santa

Originally posted by 5sos-place

absolutefandom-trash said:

Hey could I request a Mikey smut? Like Christmasy or like he has a “present” for you?
sure thing b !


Everyone was being greeted or greeting anyone they ran into. The champagne glasses were being passed around as I talked with Becca, “Are you and Michael doing anything special this year?” She asked. “I don’t know, he told me he had a special present for me.” I mentioned. “Exciting.” Becca rolled her eyes. We were interrupted with Michael and Calum.

“Hi baby.” Michael kissed my cheek. “Hi my cute boy.” I smiled at him. “Hey, why don’t I get anything special like that!” Calum pouted. “I’m sorry, do you want a kiss too?” I laughed. “Actually..” Calum started. “Yeah no, she’s mine mate.” Michael pulled me back. “Anyway, you excited for Christmas?” Becca asked, already knowing the obvious answer.

Michael smirked, “Yeah, I have the best gift right here.” Calum and Becca shook their heads, “you and your sex drives, Clifford.” “I agree with Calum, I’m not a toy.” I defended. “Anyway, let’s go get something to eat?” Becca offered.


The party ended, and Michael was rushing me to get home. “I can’t wait to give you your gift when we get home.” Michael growled in my ear. “What is it?” I pushed. “You know I can’t tell you, or else it wouldn’t be a surprise princess.” Michael said. “Okay, give me five minutes to help Becca, and then we can go.” I tugged on his tie. “Ugh, baby girl you know I hate waiting.” He groaned. “C’mon, for me, daddy.” I kissed him. “Fine, five minutes.” Michael conceded.

Those five minutes flew by, and Michael practically dragged me out of Becca’s house. “God I can’t wait for you to put on what I have at home.” Michael smirked. The drive to Michael’s was very short due to the fact that he took every short cut there was. “Upstairs and wait on the bed. I’ll come up with your special gift.” He smirked before kissing me.

I rushed upstairs throwing off my clothes all over the apartment. I made my way up to his room and sat on the edge of the bed. He came in with a black box with a white ribbon tied around it. “Open it.” Michael said handing me the box. I took the box, untied the ribbon and slid the box open. My eyes were met with a solid red lingerie set.

“Go put it on, I’ll be here waiting kitten.” Michael patted my bum towards the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and set the box on my makeup vanity and rid the old set that I’ve had for a while now. The delicate fabric left my skin smooth as it slid up my body. Once I finished setting up for Michael, I ran my hands through my hair roughing it up before walking out.

Michael bit his lip looking me up and down, “Fuck I knew you would look good in it.” He moaned. I strattled his lap, kissing his neck while my fingers ran down his torso. His hands unclipped the red bra, and let it drag off my shoulders. “God you’re so beautiful, I’m so lucky, fuck.” Michael mumbled kissing my collar bones. I snaked my hands up his shirt, feeling his torso before peeling the material off his body.

He started unbuckling his jeans before my hands took over to pull them down. He stood up, pushing his boxers down as he was back at my eye level. His hand grabbed the back of my head, forcing eye contact as he licked his lips.“You’re gonna take those pretty red lips of yours and show me how good you can put them to use.” He demanded before pushing me down to my knees.

I forced most of him in my mouth, grabbing what I couldn’t fit with my hands. He grabbed my head again, shoving himself further into my mouth, causing me to gag. I looked up to see him biting him lip as he guided my head at the pace he wanted. I swirled my tongue around him as I felt his cock throb. He grabbed my shoulders as a string of moans left his mouth as he reached his high, filling my throat with his cum.

He pulled out of my mouth, the rest of the cum left dripping on my chest. I stared at him lustfully, not sure what he would do next. My hands were pulled above my head, being held at the wrists by Michael. He used his free hand to rip my panties off before positioning himself at my entrance. “I don’t want you to make a sound, got it, princess?” Michael growled, his finger trailing down my slit again. I bit my lip to suppress a moan, nodding.

With barely any time to brace myself, Michael slammed into me. I hastily breathed out, forcing the moan at the back of my throat to stay there. He barely let me adjust before continuing. Pain quickly turned into pleasure the longer Michael worked me. I bit my tongue as I felt him hit my g-spot, desperately just wanting to let it all out. My eyes focused on Michael’s lust filled gaze as he licked his lips again. His face lowered back down beside my head, his lips dangerously close to my skin.

“How bad to you wanna just scream out right now?” He asked, biting my ear lightly after he did. He had stopped moving, his pulsing cock staying in my pussy. “So bad.” I squeaked out, earning a chuckle from Michael. “Tell me.” He growled, his finger going down and brushing against my clit.

“Fuck me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow. I don’t wanna be able to see straight, destroy me Michael.” I breathed out, my filter non existent anymore. He pulled away, looking at me surprised. I stared at him lustfully, my eyes narrow as I bit my lip and that seemed to do it for him.

“Scream for me baby.” He purred, hitting my g-spot again. His name went from being moaned out to being screamed as I felt a familiar, satisfying warmth building up in the pit of your stomach. “Fuck Michael, I’m gonna-” I was cut off as his lips attaching back to mine. I didn’t realize how much I missed the feeling until it was back.

My walls clenched around him, making me pull away from him, screaming as I reached my high. l was brought into euphoria as Michael screamed right after, reaching his high as well. l rode out our highs, moving my hands to his waist as l caught my breath. As my breathing got back to normal, Michael grabbed my face, not getting enough of my lips. It wasn’t rough and erotic but more passionate and light.

“God I love you,” He whispered. “I love you too,” I smiled back.

Little wolf -Derek Hale Imagine

Originally posted by hoechlder

Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale

Word Count: 1527

Warnings: Fighting, death, reader killing people

A/N: I wrote this in a attempt to get rid of my writer’s block. Hope you enjoy it :) I still have a Theo request to write, which will hopefully be posted sometime next week. 

There’s still time to enter the secret santa writing challenge! 

Read more about the challenge

“Do you have to go?” Y/N asked softly, her eyes focused on her boyfriend’s back. Derek turned around at her words, while putting on a shirt. 

“I’m afraid so, it’s a packmeeting” He replied, walking up to the bed where she was seated. He placed a gentle kiss to her lips. 

“I’ll be back soon, I promise” He smiled. 

“Fine. I’ll just stay here and eat all of your snacks” Y/N winked.

“As long as you stay out of trouble, you can eat how much you want”

“Like I would get into trouble” Y/N scoffed. Derek sent her a knowing look.

“Alright fine! But that wasn’t my fault. He asked for it” 

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Good Enough (b8)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight;part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

You woke up abruptly to a heavy weight jumping on your stomach. Reaching out in the air, you found one of the giggling culprits and wrestled them onto the bed beside you, finding their weak spots and tickling them into submission. “I thought we agreed no bed jumping this year,” you muttered sleepily, trying to stifle your wriggling children by pulling the covers up over your shoulders. You didn’t know what time it was but it was definitely too early.

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Bad Santa

Y/N:Come upstairs

 Roman: Babe the game’s just started.

 Y/N: Please! I’ll be 2 mins

 Roman: Can’t you come down? Can it wait?

 You thought about it but no; you held the phone camera away from you and took a picture of your outfit, well the top half; your red fur lined bra and sent it to him. 

 Y/N: You really wanna wait?

 He didn’t waste time; you heard his footsteps thudding as he ascended the stairs. You took your position, standing by the bathroom door-frame with your arms folded and a stern expression painted on.

 He paused immediately at the sight of you, even the visible print in his sweatpants swelled. You salivated at the sight, knowing just what he could do with it and that’s what you wanted. It was only a matter of minutes. 

 "What’s this?“ He asked, his voice higher than usual. "Not that I’m complaining. Is today my birthday?”

 "I heard you’ve been a bad boy Mr Reigns,“

 His face lit up, "Me? I…I don’t think I have been,” he cleared his throat. “Who told you that?”

 "Well, that is a secret, and as for your bad behaviour, that’s for me to decide. Take off your clothes,“ you instructed him.

 Just like that? He wondered, but he didn’t argue. He took his shirt off, sweatpants too as he walked towards the bed, stopping at the edge. 

 He was left in his boxers, with a taunting smile, he looked at you, "Are you gonna spank me? Cos if you are, we need to level out the playing fields here, you take something off,’ he said scanning your sexy Santa outfit. He couldn’t decide what he wanted off first; the bra, the little skirt, stocking or triple decked platforms. Either way, suppose he didn’t mind. Sooner or later they’d all be on the floor anyway.

 "You first,” you dared him. “You talk too much, I’m already starting to believe the rumours Mr Reigns…you are trouble.”

“Only when I have to be,” he shrugged. “So you gon take that little skirt off?”

 "I’m calling the shots here,“ you glowered at him, and then crossed the room in a sashay towards him, accentuating each swish of the hips until you were face to face, inhaling each other’s scents. 

 "I’ve never had sex with Mrs Santa before,” he said, breaking out of character. You shushed him with a finger to his lips. "So hypothetically, what would happen if you were to encounter a naughty boy, Mrs Santa? I’m just asking for a friend.“

 "Shall we find out?” you said mischievously, pushing him back onto the bed and climbing on top of him. Your authority on him sent shivers through his form, his member throbbing desperately. You didn’t even know how you’d composed yourself so well; you’d been hungry for him since you’d planned this little charade. Taking him by surprise, you slipped your hand underneath the pillow and pulled out a satin tie and waved it in front of him. 

“Let’s put this on, shall we?”

 "I think I’m going to enjoy this,“ he smirked, cooperating as you tied it on. 

 "Wait and see pretty boy," 

 You gyrated your hips against him, achingly slow and eliciting a deep groan from him. It felt intense on his part because of the blindfold, heightening his other senses. His hands went to rest on your waist, whilst yours reached underneath the pillow again. You bent down to kiss him, lifting his arms above his head as you did and locked them in handcuffs against the bed frame. 

 "No hands," 

 "Shit,” he cursed, followed with a small laugh. “This is so hot,”

 Your lips trailed down from his lips, jaw, neck and down his ripped abdomen, stopping just above his boxers. Those damn boxers. You slipped your hand inside them, and rubbed along the hard length of him. He hissed and flinched at the contact. 

 "Does that feel good?“

 "Mhhh,” he breathed deeply. “Keep going," 

 With that impetus alone, you freed him from the tight constraint of his boxers and he bobbled free; erect and ready. You didn’t hesitate, you sucked him into your mouth and the warmth of it against his sensitive nerves made him shut his eyes tightly to create some distance so he wouldn’t cum so quick. He at least had to put on a fight, but given the circumstances; the scenario and roleplaying, that was going to be a battle. 

"Shit, fuck fuck!” he expressed frantically, short of breath. “I gotta say, if this is my punishment then I like being a bad boy, fuck that good boy shit!" 

"Is that right?” You asked, a brow quirked as if he could see.  

He replied with a simple nod and guttural groan. Your stroking came to a sudden halt and you positioned yourself above him, your wet crevice above his hardness. You rolled your hips on him, you could tell from the way he sucked in his breath and chewed on his bottom lip that he was in euphoria.

  He responded by sucking his bottom lip, savouring the feeling, trying not to come undone. You trembled at the sensation on your clit, which made you want him right then, but for that comment he made, he was going to beg for it. You surprised him by wrapping your lips around his length again; looking up and watching him as you traced it to the hilt, sucking in your cheeks. You enjoyed the way he shuddered, the stuttering indrawn breath, and illegible and profane curses. It only lasted so long before he started asking you to let him inside you, you defied. He asked you to let him hold you. You defied. Then he begged, pleading that he just wanted to hold you and that’s it. 

 You were such a fool for believing in him because as soon as you freed him, you were on your hands and knees with one hand chained to the bed-frame, gripping it, holding on for dear life. He’d managed to restrain you with one strong arm as he mimicked you in tying you to the bed. You knew you were gonna get it.

  He didn’t waste anytime, he pummeled into you; venting off the frustration you’d built up in him. He didn’t bother with a condom. He pushed your little red pleather skirt up to your hips, your thong drawn to your knees and bra strewn somewhere in the room. You screamed his name with every pound; you were hopeless, weak, a pity. But for what it was worth, you couldn’t careless.

  "Ain’t that funny? How the tables can turn so quickly?“ he humoured himself.

 You looked back over your shoulder at him and he was wearing that annoying pompous grin that he mastered so well. 

 He pulled out slow, making you feel every inch of him against your walls; as if wanting you to memorise it. It felt so good, you felt your knees weaken and body tingle. 

You ached to rush headlong into it, but he was enjoying you like this; falling apart bit by bit as he teased you. He would slide into you with only the tip, holding it there as you responded vocally and pulled out. Then he’d ram back in viciously. He repeated those motions until you couldn’t take anymore and you tried to push back into him to feel him all the way inside you. But he stopped then, and settled for running his shaft along the length of your pussy, as if that wasn’t more teasing. 

 "I want you baby,” you moaned, a fruitless attempt to get your own way. He responded with a dark smile, you knew there was no winning your way with him when he went into this mode. “Please?”

 He didn’t respond. He stopped and withdrew away from you; you whimpered at the feeling of emptiness. Seconds later you felt him grip your thighs, his head buried between them as he sucked, licked and slurped to taste you until you were dripping everywhere; into his mouth, down his chin and onto the satin sheets.  Your body tensed, clutching him between your legs as you quivered in ecstasy. 

 "I want you on your back,“ he said.

 "Whatever you want,” you said desperately. 

 He reached to undo the cuffs and then stopped, “Handcuffed, so don’t try any games with me.”

 "Yes daddy,“ you agreed, up until he freed your hand and threw you on your back you wanted you revenge; you wanted to roll over on to his back like he was originally so you could call the shots, but he caught you too fast, handcuffing both hands this time.

"Bad bad girl,” he shook his head at you, face glassed over with disdain. Your body was now pinned between him and the mattress. “Bad Mrs Santa, there you were tryna scold me about being bad, little did I know that you missy, are a naughty little freak." 

 "Well, stop playing. If you’re gonna fuck, fuck me properly,” you ordered. 

 "Damn, that’s the kinda language that earns you a spanking,“ he said with a small laugh, shocked that you were still trying to call the shots in your current predicament. 

 "Well what’re you waiting for?”

And just like that your wish was his command; you winced at the sting caused by his palms against your naked butt.

 "Aaw smile baby, ain’t that what you wanted?“

 Before you could respond, his hard dick sunk into your crevice again, his palm colliding with your ass again - you retorted by gripping him with your walls. At this point you were both holding onto your control, whatever that meant, by a very thin thread. 

 You snapped your legs tightly against him, but he withdrew, pulling them apart, "Keep these open wide for me,” he propped them wider, hips rolling into you.

 You felt full, his rod filling you to the very end, from wall to wall, tapping your g-spot and sending you on a high. Then you both snapped. You quivered with each titillating stroke, but circled your hips to meet him halfway and he pounded back into you with all the vigour in his body. It was a game of who could make who fall first. He was at an advantage because at the top, he could lean and suck on your nipples, bite your neck - an all around access to your body to do the little things that drove you crazy. But in the same doses, you knew how to respond to his touch by clamping onto him, he loved it when you did that, but also hated it for the same reason because it could make him cum just like that. 

 Your breathy arousals and roars filled me the air, urging each other on, but it wasn’t long until he could see the strain on your face. Your moans growing louder, laced with bliss and frustration too. 

 "You wanna come baby?“ he said, twisting your hair around his fist and drawing you into him.  

 You nodded, your eyes welling up. "Yes…”

 "I didn’t get that,“ he said, purposefully ramming into you with no mercy. You loved the sound of your bodies colliding.


 "Yes what?“ He said through gritted teeth, and you were sure the more he thumped into you, the tighter his grip on your hair became. 

 "Yes…I want to - shit, I want to come," 

 "Try again," 

 Just when you thought you could challenge him and put up a stubborn fight; he showed no mercy in pleasing you. Stealing your breath. Weakening your body. Disorientating you and clouding your thoughts.  Blurring your sight. Sending you to the Moon. Seeing stars and sending you back down to Earth. You writhed under him, arched your back, legs trembled and hands wriggled, fighting to hold him. Gripping the bed-frame wasn’t enough. You wanted him. 

 "Please,” you barely whispered.

 "Easy,“ he said through gritted teeth, more to himself than you. You were so close. He quickly released your hands, you sent them around his neck instinctively, gluing him onto you and your legs went around his waist. 

 "That’s it sugar…come for me,” he groaned with each word, punctuating it will a roll of his hips into you, his hands gripping your hips tightly. He could easily read the messages your body was conveying.

 Your eyes slid shut, almost as if to summon the climax quicker. 

 "Look at me, look at me…that’s it good girl, I wanna see you come undone,“

 "R-Roman,” you cried. 

 "Yes baby,“ but he closed his eyes too as he replied, savouring how he was having his way with you because it was coming to an end; he could feel his lower region tingling and yours throbbing. Though it seemed it was going to be him first who would snap loose because he lost control at the sound of his name rolling off your lips. "Say my name again," 

 "Roman,” you said more smoothly, but it was quieter as your voice trembled. He groaned in pleasure and fluttered his eyes open at you.

 "Keep your eyes on me,“ he commanded hypocritically. 

 You obeyed nonetheless, feeling your lower stomach tighten, your nails digging and scratching into him. You lifted your head to look down where your bodies where joined, slapping together; it was amazing how much pleasure you got just from that. At that point, he pushed in deeper and that’s when you both lost it. That thread popped. 

 "That’s it baby…” He hissed, his eyes closing again as both of your bodies tensed, each tightening your grips on one another until you were fully spent and limp, your sweaty bodies melting together into one. He kissed you sloppily and then crashed onto your chest, both of your breaths hilting. 

 "I need to tell you a secret,“ he said moments later, still clinging onto you.

 "What’s that baby?”

 "I’ve been a real bad boy,“ he said in a serious tone and looked at you with his big doe eyes. "I fucked Mrs Santa," 

 “Oh,” you gasped. “Mr Reigns, that’s very naughty,”

 “I think…I think I deserve to be punished.”

Day Ten: Snowstorm + Secret Santa

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 1,941
Warnings: Cussing. Mentions of blood. Violence.
Challenge: This was written for @waywardlullabies, @deanwinchester-af,and @loveitsallineed‘s 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. Day 10 of 12 Prompts: Snowstorm + Secret Santa.  

Thanks to @lucis-unicorn again because she seriously saved me from deleting this entire series in frustration today when I struggled with this chapter.  She listened to me stress, worry, overthink, and panic for the five hours I spent writing this.  She’s an angel !

The Twelve Days of Christmas Masterlist

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Fic: A BONCA Means They Love You

Summary: Phil’s perspective on the 2016 BONCAs (British Online Creator Awards)
Word Count: 2.2K
Tags: Established Relationship, BONCAs
Author’s Note: Written for @vivianadichiara in exchange for her help with a hush-hush Phandom Secret Santa project! I make no assumptions about Dan and Phil’s relationship IRL—this is purely a work of fiction.

A BONCA Means They Love You

As Phil put on his black jacket with its shiny gold embroidery, he realized that only his shoes remained and his outfit would be complete. He looked down at his socks and bemoaned the fact that they matched, but he didn’t think Dan would appreciate his whimsical fashion sense in that regard tonight. In fact, Dan had loaned him a pair of his own plain black socks for the occasion.

Dan was nervous, so Phil was doing his best to make the night perfect. He put on his shoes and walked out into the lounge. Dan was standing at the hearth, fussing at his bowtie in the Lego mirror. Neither of them had occasion to wear bowties that often, but Dan had insisted that they both wear real ones and not the pre-tied kind. If they were going to a fancy “do,” then they would do it right. As with the socks, Phil had acquiesced.

Luckily, Phil’s father had taught him to tie a proper bowtie, so he helped Dan with his and then stood back to admire the full effect of Dan in his silver sequined jacket. “You look literally dazzling,” he grinned.

Dan smiled, then sat down to pull on his shoes, still looking anxious.

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Starry Sky

This is a little fanfic hahaha it’s actually a kinds long lol for my beautiful Secret Santa from my Fairy Tail SquadDrum roll please!!! tun tun tun tun tunnnnn…. It is no one more but the beautiful Kim!!! aka @kipio aka one of my favorite artists. Seriously, she rocks. I love you so much Kim! I was so glad that I got to be your Secret Santa

Pairing: Nalu

Soulmate AU/Fluff

Word Count: 2318

The view from Erza’s penthouse was beautiful, the sky was full of stars up high and down earth it was illuminated with all the lights of all the buildings, it was as if Lucy was staring into two skies, it was really a sparkly New Year’s Eve. The music from inside the party resounded even outside in the balcony, with the glass doors closed. At one point of the night Lucy had decided to go out and take a breath because, as fun as it was dancing with her friends, the moment a slow song started playing and the air changed from Party mode to Romantic mode Lucy knew she didn’t belong there. Even her friend Cana had someone that showed her all the colors of this world! But Lucy was the only girl left alone in a monochromatic world. That was the curse they were all born with. To only see black and white until that oh so called soulmate came and gave you that fairy tale kiss that would wake up the color switch in your eyes. But for some reason that haven’t worked for Lucy, she had dated a few guys the last years, but apparently none were her soulmate, and now she was alone, one day before a new year started, looking at the stars. But for some reason the stars calmed her, they didn’t have any particular color, and the city lights in her eyes looked like stars too, it was delightful, such a calming sight.

“Hey, what are you doing here? Soulmate-less too?” A really good looking guy with a dazzling grey hair and a plain grey dress shirt appeared, slowly closing the door behind him. Grey, grey, grey. Lucy rolled her eyes, she was fine looking at the plain colored sky, just black and white, but grey? She could not stand the color, it reminded her that there was a color hidden under it, one which she could not see. But for some reason, as annoyed as she was of his appearance, she could not take her eyes off him. Maybe it was his wild hairstyle?

Lucy shrugged at him. “I may be not interested anymore.” She looked up back again at the stars, resting both arms on the edge of the balcony. “I think the stars can be my soulmates, for all I care.” She could feel the boy’s eyes on her. He came closer and rested his arms the same way she had done, looking at the stars above too, as if mimicking her.

“Well, that’s a shame.” He looked at her once more, with a very serious face. “I don’t think you can kiss stars.”

Lucy giggled. And there she thought he would say some cliche and romantic thing like “I wanted for the two of us to find our soulmates together” or “I will have to kill the stars to beat them into being your soulmate.” Thinking about it… She was glad he didn’t, that would’ve made her cringe into oblivion.

Then he laughed, it was really warm, it felt genuine, his teeth were really white and the sound that came out of his mouth made her somehow excited. His eyes were pitch black, that she knew for sure, since it was the color she saw the most, and it also was her favorite. His eyes made her really ecstatic for some reason, despite his grey appearance his eyes made her less mad at his arrival a few minutes ago. Lucy wondered what could he see when he looked at her. Her friends had told her she had a beautiful blonde her, but what was blonde? All she could see in her hair was grey. She hated it.

She turned to him and he mimicked her again. “What is your favorite color? I know the options are not many but–”

“Grey,” he interrupted Lucy. She felt surprised, why do you like it? It’s so plain and painful, that was what she wanted to ask, but before she could open her mouth again the boy took a piece of Lucy’s straight long hair and looked fixedly at it for a moment. “Actually, I really like this tone of grey, it’s brighter than mine.”

Lucy felt herself blush and a little smile escaped her mouth. “Is that so?”

The balcony door opened and the music that later it seemed to be muted now blasted in Lucy’s ears and instinctively she covered her ears and let out a little scream. The boy next to her reached in concern for Lucy but then the intruder talked.

“Lucy!” It was Erza’s voice. Lucy looked up at the party’s host and she changed her eyes from her to the boy next to her and to Lucy again and back to the boy. She seemed somewhat surprised for a moment, then seemed to remember the reason she was there and spoke.

“Natsu, Lucy, come inside, there are just 5 minutes left!”

They looked at each other and somehow she could tell that he was thinking the same thing as her. Their name. Natsu huh? It fits him well.

“Let’s go, Lucy!” His smile seemed brighter than before, and when he pronounced her name it felt like her name was a secret he discovered, as if it was exciting news. Why did he felt so happy about that?

But now then, Lucy felt the same way. “Yes, Natsu!”

Maybe it was her imagination, but as both of them got out of the balcony Lucy could feel Erza smirking.

Back inside everyone was holding hands and staring at the TV with the countdown. Just one minute and 7 seconds left. Lucy stood in the middle of the crowd, Natsu was at her right side and Erza, alongside Jellal, stood to her left. Lucy turned to Natsu’s direction and she could still see the sky from here, soon fireworks would be fired, they were still really close to the balcony. A new year was about to come, she would have more fun with her friends and she decided, after chatting with Natsu, that she will not worry anymore about finding her soulmate. Just being able to watch the sky tonight and be with Natsu was enough for her to have energy for this upcoming year. He gave her a very positive feeling, she would like to befriend him, he gave her almost the same vibes as Gray did, tho it was somewhat different, he was a great friend of her and maybe Natsu could be too.

Thinking about that made Lucy smile. A new friend. That is a good way to start the year.

“What are you smiling about, Lucy?”

She realized she was looking at his direction and beaming like a creep. How stupid of her, he might think she was staring at him. Oh God, how embarrassing.

“No, I– I was just looking at the sky.”

“Again?” He laughed. She chuckled and nodded her head.

Ten seconds left until the new year arrived.

“Hey, Lucy. Can I ask you something?” Seven seconds left.

“Sure, what is it?” Five seconds left. Everyone was holding tight to their respective partners. Lucy could see everyone in pairs of two, while Natsu and she stood individually next to each other. But she didn’t feel left out anymore, she was happy to have company in this black and white world. She didn’t need colors anymore, being friends with this guy will be as awesome as a colorful world.

“Do you mind if I become your starry sky?”

Lucy’s ears went numb, every sound was cut off and only his words she had been able to hear. “What do you me–” cut off again. But not by his voice this time. Not by the clock striking 12. Not by the sound of fireworks nor by all the people screaming Happy New Year. Not by any of that but by Natsu’s lips.

And that was it. Lucy’s eyes were wide open with total surprise and she could see it. Slowly, everything changed. Her mind started assimilating what she saw with names she never had the chance to use before. Erza’s walls turned light blue, her decorations were dark purple, the dance floor was full of rainbow colors that reflected with light under her. And then there was Natsu. His hair was the most beautiful pink ever. How did she know that? Suddenly all knowledge of colors came to her. Broken. This curse we were all born with was broken the moment his lips touched hers. Lucy looked at him and he had his eyes shut very tight, as if he was wishing upon a star. A star. That reminded her of what he said before he kissed her. Now it hit her, he wanted to be her soulmate. No, he felt that their souls belonged to each other, that they were the same color, the same vibrancy, made for each other.

He finally opened his eyes and was surprised with the sudden change of scenario. Lucy couldn’t help but burst out laughing and she jumped to Natsu, squeezing him with a hug, making them both fall on the floor. Tears were running down her face and dropped in Natsu’s shirt. She found him, or more like he found her. She had misunderstood completely what she felt when talking to him, the warmth he gave her was not the same that Cana or Gray could offer, it was her soul, banging out of her body, trying to reach its partner.

She could feel all eyes on them, maybe they thought they were drunk, but Lucy didn’t care at all for that. She looked at Natsu once again, and his eyes stayed the same black color she liked, but now it was surrounded by a beautiful tanned skin, a stunning pink hair, it was all too beautiful to be true. Lucy closed her eyes, tears still falling and kissed him again, she kissed him more and more, giving him a lot of little pecks.

“What a sparkly blonde hair you have.” Natsu was crying too. The moment she had always dreamed of finally arrived, just when she gave up he came and painted her life rainbow with his lips. Then Lucy looked at the balcony and there it was, the same steady sky, but… There was something more to it. Lucy got off Natsu, stood up and offered her hand to him and when he took it she held it dearly. That gave everyone in the room enough explanations of what their little scene was.

“Natsu, let’s go over there.”

They went back to the balcony and the view was something marvelous. The sky was not black, it was a deep blue, the stars were still shiny white, but it felt different, it felt as if the white had a new glow, one that she had never seen. And the most stunning part. The fireworks. There resembled exploding stars of all kinds of colors. Red, orange, blue, green, pink. All of them glowing in the dark sky and the shiny stars. Lucy watched them in amazement, holding tight to Natsu’s hand, knowing he was enjoying the show as much as she was. None of those colors were just black, or white, or grey. They all had their own diversity. And she could see all of them thanks to him. Suddenly everyone came out to the balcony, to enjoy the fireworks too.

The view was beautiful from Erza’s penthouse.

The colors Lucy thought she no longer needed were there, but the most beautiful thing was the person beside her. Gazing softly at Natsu he turned to her, when their eyes met she felt a big pang in her chest. This was the person she was willing to be with despite being in a monochromatic world, even if she didn’t understand their connection at first. But looking at his hair she could not be happier to have their curse broken. She knew that his pink would become her favorite color. As they smiled at each other Erza touched her shoulder from behind and she realized how stunning she was now, with her scarlet hair, her blood red dress and her shining smile; Finally she could understand the meaning of her last name. Lucy turned around to focus her eyes on all of her friends, she could see all kinds of amazing colors in their hairs, their skins, their eyes. Some hair colors made her laugh, they had the craziest colors ever! Blue, red, pink, purple! But they all had a color in common. Beside the multicolor glow of the fireworks reflected in their bodies they were all wearing the color red. Cana was right when picking that red turtleneck shirt Lucy was wearing, red was indeed the color of christmas, even if before the party she could not understand that. Natsu was also wearing red. It was a funny sight since his hair was pink, it was a really odd combination, but if it was him anything could be okay.

Lucy took a tight grip of his soulmate’s arm. She looked up at the sky and then back again at him.

“I think you could do a better job than the stars as my soulmate.”

“Do you really think so? I will have to work hard then, so you don’t change your opinion and decide they are better than me,” he said, pointing at the sky with his chin. “I wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity to see a blonde this beautiful.” He took a piece of her hair and gently kissed it. Lucy’s whole body shivered and her face turned completely red. She wrapped him in a hug and while the fireworks were still exploding in the air, while everyone was still talking, while the blowing wind gently ruffled my hair, her lips embraced him once more, whispering a quiet “Happy New Year” in between.

Secret Santa

Seduce Me Secret Santa

Okay so I had @lonelylittledemonwolf and I thought I would try to do something different. I went and wrote my first fan fic! I hope you like it and it is what you wanted dear. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great day❤️

“Why hello princess” you hear Erik say it this time not in his low seductive voice.
“E-Erik, w-what’s with that v-voice?” You ask
“Why what do you mean princess?” Erik questions
“T-that one…”
“S-S-Shhh princess there is no reason to be scared” as he says that you see him go into his demon form and you see his big purple tentacles.
“ERIK WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you scream
“I know you miss them, you miss all of them.”
“WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” Now you are starting to get scared at what Erik might do
“MY BROTHERS!! I’m sorry for raising my voice princess, but I know that it is true.”
“Well of course I miss them, but don’t you?” You are starting to get lost in what Erik is saying. You thought that he loved his brothers. Was this something demons did when they figured out what jealousy felt like? Whatever it is, it’s not the true Erik. Normally he doesn’t care, I mean I was always told that Damian was always the jealous brother and Erik was the least jealous.
“Why do you miss them princess? I mean aren’t you happy?”
“Of course Erik! I love you more than anything”
“More than them?”
“Of course.”
“So you wouldn’t care if I just went and killed them?”
“ WHAT THE FUCK ERIK!” He takes his tentacles and grabs you, and pins you to the wall while he goes and calls his brothers one by one.
“Raestrao, Aomaris, Zecaeru, Izroul!” You started to try and break free but Erik held you up tight and then you couldn’t see.
“Erik i-?” James was stopped by a yell
“Why hello brothers, I just wanted my sweet princess to see what happens when she thinks about you more than me.”
“Erik ple-” Damian was stopped
“Ahh brother please tell me who she is thinking about or you die first.”
{Damian please do it I don’t want you to die. Just lie and say that I am thinking about Erik all the time}
“You. She is thinking about how lovely you are, and can still be if you let go of her and us go”
“DAMIAN WATCH OUT!” Matthew screamed
Next thing you knew there was a blade through Damian’s head.
Then you knew what was happening, Erik was turning into some kinda Yandere and you were his Senpai. You remember what happens when Senpai freaks out after seeing a murder so you say
“No, no princess please!”
You wake up sweating with tears in your eyes and your heart is racing
“Just another fucking dream. God damnit.”
Then you feel something shift in the bed
“Mmm princess are you okay?”
“Just another bad dream.”
“Let me guess, I was Yandere again.”
“Princess you need to stop playing that game before you go to bed. Now lets go to bed.”
You lay back down and remember it was only a dream and you go back to sleep. Erik is now using his powers to keep the dream out of your head by showing him as a prince and you had his princess.

Edited: I realized that I didn’t tag Chris or Michaela and since Chris is the VA for the Erik and Michaela is the creator I should so… @thechristopherescalante @thebunnyofevil
Every Little Thing part 14

Summary: After an amazing holiday nothing can come between Y/N and Jensen, right?

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Cali, Jared, Gen, mentions of JJ & Daneel

Word Count: ~1,800

Warnings: Lots of fluff then some Angst, mentions of cheating and a surprise.

A/N: Time line is all off, I know, I’m sorry just works better like this. This isn’t one of my favorite chapter but I needed to post it.  I am also really tired and haven’t had time to revise so please forgive and errors.  As always this is a work of fiction and I mean no disrespect to Daneel or their beautiful family! All feed back is appreciated!!

Catch up here: Masterlist



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