when i was the prettiest


50 Films Challenge - First film I remember seeing in the cinema - Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron

I had been waiting so long to run free, but that goodbye was harder than I ever imagined. I’ll never forget that boy and how we won back our freedom together.

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.
—  Audrey Hepburn

boyfriend goals:

  • lee jong suk
  • not someone who acts like one of his characters
  • not someone who looks like him
  • lee
  • jong
  • suk
  • he is everything the hopeless romantic in me wants
  • lee jong suk is everything

anonymous asked:

I have a HC request! :) Yoosung or Seven or whoever you want honestly lol: MC and [RFA Member] are kids, about 10 years old. MC's reaction to finding out that [RFA Member] has a crush on her but she also has a crush on them. [RFA Member] may or may not have told MC themselves, she could have found out from somewhere else idk. Something cute, sweet, and innocent with the spark of love thanks to Valentine's Day xx

Doing headcanons for all of the members for Valentines Day ♡ 


✮ he had the biggest crush on you 
✮ he gushed about you to anyone who would listen 
✮ so it wasn’t really a surprise when you found out 
✮ you’d walked over to play on the playground with him when you heard him 
✮ “yeah, I just think MC is the prettiest girl in our school. we’re gonna get married when we’re older!” 
✮ and when he realises you’re there and heard everything he almost cries 
✮ but you say that you like him too 
✮ he constantly insists on playing games where you’re the princess and he’s your ~knight in shining armour~ 
✮ y’all walk around holding hands and all the adults think you’re the cutest 
✮ so pure 


✎ the friendship between the two of you was pretty normal 
✎ and she just thought ‘hey, she’s my best friend. obviously’ 
✎ but then jaehee began to notice how much more she wanted to hug you 
✎ and kISs yOur chEEk?! 
✎ she was 100% confused 
✎ and she felt weird asking her mum about it (bc she was young and her mum is still alive)
✎ so she kinda went up to you and she was super awkward
✎ and you were like ????? wot up
✎ ‘MC… can I hold your hand?’ and she was s o scared
✎ and you’re like ‘yeah of course!’
✎ so y’all walk around holding hands and being super cute
✎ and of course adults are like ‘aw look at those best friends. gal pals forever’  
✎ she just admires you so much 


✿ your friendship started because you didn’t treat him differently 
✿ because this was when his mum was really getting to him and he was insecure 
✿ and he felt like he could talk to you about everything and anything 
✿ and so obviously it grew into a fondness 
✿ he always bought you flowers and other things he thought were pretty 
✿ he just was so taken by you !! 
✿ he told his older brother who would just coo and told zen he had a cruuuuuush
✿ zen was in F U L L  D E N I A L
✿ this nugget actually asked you if he liked you 
✿ ???????
✿ ‘hyun… how am i supposed to know?’
✿ y’all think about this conundrum together for a little while
✿ eventually you’re like
✿ ‘well… do you think I’m a princess?’
✿ and instantly he’s like ‘yeESSSS OF COURSE’
✿ so you’re just like ‘cool. i’m the princess and you’re my knight’ 


₩ this little rich boy 
₩ he doesn’t get along with a lot of other kids because even from a young age other kids were made by their parents to befriend him to further their careers
₩ and then he comes across this angry little girl at one of his father’s parties
₩ you’re pouting in this cute little dress and he’s just very curious about you 
₩ he asks why you’re so grumpy 
₩ you tell him that you don’t like being around all the serious adults 
₩ he agrees 
₩ y’all run around in his backyard and then become best friends 
₩ you yell at the people who make fun of him for being a ‘robot’ 
₩ he talks to his dad about his weird admiration for you 
₩ realises he might…. LIKE you??!??!?!
₩ he collects some of the flowers from his garden and invites you out for a tea party (omg) 
₩ his face is so red as he shyly hands you the flowers 
₩ and he’s like “i think i really like you” 
₩ you just take it at face value and kiss him on the cheek
₩ everything’s basically the same except now you run around his garden while holding hands 


⌨  how would this work??
⌨  y’all met at church 
⌨  and he began to look forward to seeing you every sunday 
⌨  to the point where he told you about saeran 
⌨  and he obsesses about the fact that you care so much 
⌨  but unfortunately you can’t do anything to help 
⌨  so you hug him for as long as you can during mass 
⌨  he just really loves the attention 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna leave when he gets older 
⌨  and he hates it because you cry 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna find you and you’ll get to meet saeran and you’ll be their queen 
⌨  it’s just really pure and full of hugs and holding hands and being sad but supportive of each other 
⌨  even if you only get to see each other once a week 
⌨  you both treasure that one day 
⌨  it really was the Lord’s day 

I honestly had no idea how to do Saeyoung but I hope the other ones are alright! 

Happy Valentine’s Day ♡♡



“You’re Gorgeous.”

Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on
That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong

Not requested, but these lyrics were stuck in my head all weekend for no reason so this imagine happened. 


After the party last night you were so exhausted you barely managed to remove all the makeup the makeup artist had put on, shrug out of your dress, and collapse into bed. This morning, you wake up before Shawn, still tired from the long day before. Realizing you’re not going to be able to fall back asleep, you get out of bed and take a shower. When you finish showering, you throw on a pair of sweats that you only ever wear at home and a tank top. Exiting the bathroom, you pull your still damp hair into a messy bun, securing it with a hair tie before going to the kitchen. You’re hungry, so you have some cereal before taking a seat on the couch and turning on the tv, just killing time until Shawn wakes up. 

An hour later, Shawn finally emerges from the bedroom. Still wearing only the athletic shorts he fell asleep in last night, his hair a complete mess, and his eyes full of sleep. “Morning,” he says, walking over to the couch and leaning down to greet you with a kiss.

You tilt your chin up to stare at your boyfriend. You find yourself just smiling up at him for a moment, realizing how much you love this boy standing in front of you.

He looks down at you for only a second before leaning down to kiss you again, like he just can’t help himself. When he finally pulls away, he straightens up again, saying, almost under his breath, "God, you’re gorgeous.”

You unconsciously scrunch your nose at his statement. “I look like a mess.” You retort, “I’m wearing sweats, and my hair is in a bun. And I’m not even wearing any makeup.” You say, almost confused by why he would say what he did. “I wouldn’t have questioned you if you said that last night, but now?” 

“I love the way you look right now.” He responds with a shrug, then adds, “And I did say you were beautiful last night. Because you were. But I just love you like this too.” 

You grab his hand and pull him down beside you on the couch. “I love you like this too,” You say, leaning into his bare chest as he instinctively wraps his arm around you. 

This is the Shawn no one else gets to see. And in moments like this, you love that he’s yours. You love that he’s yours at a party at midnight when you’re both dressed up and your hair and makeup are done, but also at eleven am on a Saturday morning when he still has sleep in his eyes, and you’re wearing the most comfy sweats you own but would never be caught in public in. He’s the one you want by your side in the midst of parties and success, but he’s also the one you want to come home to after a long day and wake up to after a dreamless night. And the way he’s looking at you now, like he’s never seen anyone more beautiful is the same way he looked at you last night when you had your makeup professionally done and were wearing a dress worth more than you thought you’d ever be able to spend on one. You know he looks at you the same because when he looks at you, he doesn’t only see a pretty face. When he looks at you, he sees you, all of you. 


“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”