when i was the prettiest

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.
—  Audrey Hepburn

boyfriend goals:

  • lee jong suk
  • not someone who acts like one of his characters
  • not someone who looks like him
  • lee
  • jong
  • suk
  • he is everything the hopeless romantic in me wants
  • lee jong suk is everything

50 Films Challenge - First film I remember seeing in the cinema - Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron

I had been waiting so long to run free, but that goodbye was harder than I ever imagined. I’ll never forget that boy and how we won back our freedom together.


Aaron Dingle - prettiest flower in the garden (✿◠‿◠) 

I was rewatching some epis the other day and I noticed that in a lot of Aaron scenes there are always pretty flowers in the background or next to him, so here have a Aaron + flowers appreciation post, even tho no flower in the world is as beautiful as him.

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I have a HC request! :) Yoosung or Seven or whoever you want honestly lol: MC and [RFA Member] are kids, about 10 years old. MC's reaction to finding out that [RFA Member] has a crush on her but she also has a crush on them. [RFA Member] may or may not have told MC themselves, she could have found out from somewhere else idk. Something cute, sweet, and innocent with the spark of love thanks to Valentine's Day xx

Doing headcanons for all of the members for Valentines Day ♡ 


✮ he had the biggest crush on you 
✮ he gushed about you to anyone who would listen 
✮ so it wasn’t really a surprise when you found out 
✮ you’d walked over to play on the playground with him when you heard him 
✮ “yeah, I just think MC is the prettiest girl in our school. we’re gonna get married when we’re older!” 
✮ and when he realises you’re there and heard everything he almost cries 
✮ but you say that you like him too 
✮ he constantly insists on playing games where you’re the princess and he’s your ~knight in shining armour~ 
✮ y’all walk around holding hands and all the adults think you’re the cutest 
✮ so pure 


✎ the friendship between the two of you was pretty normal 
✎ and she just thought ‘hey, she’s my best friend. obviously’ 
✎ but then jaehee began to notice how much more she wanted to hug you 
✎ and kISs yOur chEEk?! 
✎ she was 100% confused 
✎ and she felt weird asking her mum about it (bc she was young and her mum is still alive)
✎ so she kinda went up to you and she was super awkward
✎ and you were like ????? wot up
✎ ‘MC… can I hold your hand?’ and she was s o scared
✎ and you’re like ‘yeah of course!’
✎ so y’all walk around holding hands and being super cute
✎ and of course adults are like ‘aw look at those best friends. gal pals forever’  
✎ she just admires you so much 


✿ your friendship started because you didn’t treat him differently 
✿ because this was when his mum was really getting to him and he was insecure 
✿ and he felt like he could talk to you about everything and anything 
✿ and so obviously it grew into a fondness 
✿ he always bought you flowers and other things he thought were pretty 
✿ he just was so taken by you !! 
✿ he told his older brother who would just coo and told zen he had a cruuuuuush
✿ zen was in F U L L  D E N I A L
✿ this nugget actually asked you if he liked you 
✿ ???????
✿ ‘hyun… how am i supposed to know?’
✿ y’all think about this conundrum together for a little while
✿ eventually you’re like
✿ ‘well… do you think I’m a princess?’
✿ and instantly he’s like ‘yeESSSS OF COURSE’
✿ so you’re just like ‘cool. i’m the princess and you’re my knight’ 


₩ this little rich boy 
₩ he doesn’t get along with a lot of other kids because even from a young age other kids were made by their parents to befriend him to further their careers
₩ and then he comes across this angry little girl at one of his father’s parties
₩ you’re pouting in this cute little dress and he’s just very curious about you 
₩ he asks why you’re so grumpy 
₩ you tell him that you don’t like being around all the serious adults 
₩ he agrees 
₩ y’all run around in his backyard and then become best friends 
₩ you yell at the people who make fun of him for being a ‘robot’ 
₩ he talks to his dad about his weird admiration for you 
₩ realises he might…. LIKE you??!??!?!
₩ he collects some of the flowers from his garden and invites you out for a tea party (omg) 
₩ his face is so red as he shyly hands you the flowers 
₩ and he’s like “i think i really like you” 
₩ you just take it at face value and kiss him on the cheek
₩ everything’s basically the same except now you run around his garden while holding hands 


⌨  how would this work??
⌨  y’all met at church 
⌨  and he began to look forward to seeing you every sunday 
⌨  to the point where he told you about saeran 
⌨  and he obsesses about the fact that you care so much 
⌨  but unfortunately you can’t do anything to help 
⌨  so you hug him for as long as you can during mass 
⌨  he just really loves the attention 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna leave when he gets older 
⌨  and he hates it because you cry 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna find you and you’ll get to meet saeran and you’ll be their queen 
⌨  it’s just really pure and full of hugs and holding hands and being sad but supportive of each other 
⌨  even if you only get to see each other once a week 
⌨  you both treasure that one day 
⌨  it really was the Lord’s day 

I honestly had no idea how to do Saeyoung but I hope the other ones are alright! 

Happy Valentine’s Day ♡♡

Do you ever get jealous of the natural world?

Like why can’t I be as interesting as a fungi or as lovely as a frog? Why can’t I be as ephemeral as a damselfly or as delicate as moss? Where was I when they were handing out all of this? The prettiest part of me is my eyes and my bones and you can’t even see my bones.

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what are the weirdest things that have happened to you here in tumblr dot hell

i have a fuckn list omg

  1. that one time some random anon went around telling my mutuals that i had died in a car accident and made a few of my friends cry, all while i was asleep
  2. that one time so many of you started submitting my name to akinator that i actually turned out as a result for a few weeks but i’m probably not there anymore 
  3. that one time someone made a literal hate blog for me, saying i was a bad influence bc i was promoting pedophilia bc i was 18yo dating a 26yo (i wasn’t)
  4. that one time someone made a callout post for me because i was appropriating mexican culture when i’m mexican
  5. that one time i got nominated for the prettiest on some fandom “awards” (never asked anyone to do it and never asked ppl to vote) and got so much hate for winning that i had to turn off anons for a month and still got hate afterwards
  6. that one time some anon claimed to be stalking me, saying they could see me through my windows and shit
  7. that one time some random anon started submitting my selfies to porn blogs lmaooooo
  8. that one time someone accused me of not being mexican and lying about it for attention and so many people believed them that i had to post a long ass snap story showing i live in monterrey, and still got hate for it
  9. that one time someone made a fake blog pretending to be me ??? they didn’t do anything “problematic” with the blog but it was still very very weird 
  10. that one time some anons kept messaging my irl friends asking for my nudes, private information, etc, and sent them hate when they refused lol
BTS: Reaction to kissing you for the first time

Hey y'all! So I love reading reactions and scenarios lately. They give me butterflies 🦋 I write fan fiction elsewhere (which I may share some on here eventually) but for now I wanna write some reactions 🙏🏼 I hope you all like it!

•Kim Seokjin: He would move in hesitantly, afraid of messing up. This was the first kiss you’d be sharing together and he had to make it perfect. His soft lips pressed against yours, perfectly fitting your needs. Suddenly you started to laugh against his lips, making him panic. He pulled away just enough so he could look into your eyes without going cross eyed.“Did I mess up?” His voice was filled with fear.“No, I just can’t believe I’m doing this with you…” you whispered while cupping his cheeks.“Well get used to it because it won’t be the last time.”

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•Min Yoongi: He was quick and smooth. While you were blabbing on about how nervous you were about kissing him, he swooped right in. His lips fit yours perfectly. You hesitated at first but it didn’t take very long to melt right into it. You put a hand on his cheek and moved your lips against his. Right as he pulled away, you grabbed his jaw.“Not yet…” you whispered before kissing him once more. He smirked against your lips and slowly kissed back.“I knew you’d be asking for more.” He teased, earning a slap on the arm.

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•Kim Namjoon: He was very caring and sensitive. He didn’t want to mess up what he already had with his beautiful princess.“We can wait.” He said while rubbing his thumb over your knuckles in a soothing motion. Only a few seconds later, you pecked his lips. You looked into his eyes with your own, caring eyes.“I’m impatient.” You said with the cutest smile he’s ever seen. He chuckled and sighed in relief.“Come on, that was barely a kiss. Let me show you how it’s done baby girl.”

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•Jung Hoseok: He was very excited. He just knew that the second his lips touched yours, you’d be his forever. He was pretty cocky about his ways. He had his elbows up on the table, and his head resting in his hands as he watched you sip away at your milkshake.“Ahh my baby is so cute.” He would say the most random, cute compliments to make you blush. “When does Oppa get his kiss?” He tilted his head in a cute way, puckering his lips and closing his eyes tight. But he got what he didn’t at all expect. When your lips touched his he jumped, letting his back hit the seat. He held a hand over his heart and looked at you in shock as you laughed.“You can’t move away if you want a kiss, you’ll hurt my feelings.” You took another sip of your milkshake. You felt a strong hand on your jaw, and suddenly a kiss to be remembered was planted on your lips.

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•Park Jimin: He was kinda shy all day. When he looked at you his cheeks would turn pink, and his squishy smile was squishier than normal.“Jiminie?” You stood in front of him with pouty lips and lightly stomping your feet. “Why are you so weird today?” You hugged the stuffed animal he won for you close to your chest. He looked into your eyes momentarily before softly chuckling and rubbing the back of his neck.“How could I not be when all I can think about is kissing the prettiest girl in the world?” He rhetorically asked. You slowly smiled and batted your eyelashes.“Then what’s the holdup?” You spoke innocently. He looked in your eyes, searching for sincerity; and when he was sure, he leaned in to kiss you. You both started to laugh, and he brought you into a bear hug.“Your lips are soft.” He mumbled with a smile on his face.

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•Kim Taehyung: He was humming as he held your hand, and swinging your arms back and forth. Taehyung was always a happy guy but something had him really goin today.“What is it Tae? Did something good happen to you today?” You squeezed his hand and looked up at him questionably.“Yeah… but something better is about to happen.” He squeezed back.“Better?” You were completely oblivious. You took your hand away from his and wrapped it around his torso, letting his arm wrap around your shoulders.He didn’t answer with words. Instead he leaned down and kissed you, tightening his grip around you. He only got your top lip, making you giggle.“Ahh, sorry I’ll do better this time.” He said against your lip before moving back slightly, then moving right back in to puzzle your lips together. Perfection.

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•Jeon Jungkook: He kept touching his hair and tilting his head. He avoided eye contact as much as possible. You started to think that maybe he was losing interest in you and it scared you.“Kookie am I that ugly..?” You gave him the saddest look you could manage. He looked at you with a shocked expression.“Who told you that?” He was ready to stand up for you. You sighed and looked down, fiddling your fingers together.“You won’t look at me…” you chewed on the inside of your cheek. He lifted your chin up and bumped his nose against yours, gulping nervously.“I’ve just been thinking about kissing you.” He mumbled. You hesitated, but you pressed your lips against his before he could pull away. Neither of you wanted to part. But you needed air. “I found a new addiction.” He whispered with the cutest bunny smile.

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I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.
—  Audrey Hepburn

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Piggybacking off of the last request about the Audrey Hepburn quote, could you possibly Write about this one? "Don't forget to smile, you're the prettiest when you do." I don't know who wrote it or if that's correct but I love it and could imagine Jughead using it to help Betty feel better after being teased by Cheryl or something like that. I love a good fluff piece. Love your writing and you!

Aww that’s beautiful! You got it!


Stupid Cheryl blossom and her stupid, perfect body, and perfect hair, and perfect face. Betty mumbled under her breath, slamming her gym locker shut and putting her flats back on her feet.

Of all days for Cheryl to be on a rampage, she had to choose today. Picking at everything Betty did, criticizing every aspect of Betty’s body and face. Normally she wouldn’t let it get to her, but today

It was her birthday.

She didn’t mind that no one remembered, it’s not like she mentioned it. Her birthday was always a touchy subject for her. On this day two years ago, Polly had been taken away, never to be seen again.

So yeah, she didn’t really talk about her birthday, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be treated like trash on it.

The day hadn’t started off great, her dad had gone away on business last night, which just left Betty and her mother alone in the house. Alice woke her up to tell her she overslept and was going to be late for school, the only reason she knew her mother remembered her birthday was the quick “happy birthday” she threw her before walking out the door.

Veronica didn’t know it was her birthday, Betty had never told her, so obviously she couldn’t count on that, and Archie well, he just forgot. It wasn’t his fault. He had a lot on his mind.

She knew she had to look nasty, her face a permanent frown, cut her some slack, if she wanted to be miserable she was gonna be miserable.

It was her birthday after all.

Walking through the halls, Betty ran her hand across the cold metal lockers, suddenly she spotted the familiar beanie of Jughead jones.

She smiled slightly, but even his presence couldn’t keep a smile on her face.

“Hey juggie.”

“Hey green eyes, what’s with the frown.”

She sighed leaning against the locker next to his.

“Just Cheryl being Cheryl, apparently my legs aren’t straight enough and my face isn’t pretty enough.”

He snorted ,drawing her attention to his,

“Yeah, you not being pretty enough, makes total sense.”

She smiled, smacking his shoulder

“Thanks juggie.”

“So Cheryl’s the reason for your grumpy mood?”

She nodded

“You sure it has nothing to do with today being your birthday?”

Her eyes snapped open, connecting with his.

“You remembered?”

He smiled at her, digging in his pockets before pulling out a folded up book with a little ribbon on it

“Happy birthday bets.”

Her eyes watered as she took the present from his hands.

It was an original, Holmes and Watson.

She instantly had her arms wrapped around him.

“Thank you juggie, you didn’t have to.”

He rested his hands on her hips, pulling away slightly.

“I like to see you smile.”

She beamed at him

“You always look the prettiest when you smile.”

Laughing, she pulled the book into her hands instantly digging into it. Smiling brighter than she had all day.

Never Been Kissed

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Pairing: Archie x Reader

Word Count: 372 (sorry it’s so short!)

Warnings: uh…. the word ok is used like a lot.


You giggled at something Archie had said while you both sat down at the park. He was a newer friend of yours, a cute one at that. “Ok my turn.” He grinned as he tried to think of an easy question he could ask you. 

“Ok I got one. Why did you move here?” You smiled softly. “My dad got transferred here, for work.” “It must suck having to move and leave all your friends.” Archie said with sad eyes. You shrugged. “I can talk to em’ over the phone.“ You said with a fake smile even though deep inside you were still slightly upset at your dad for moving you. 

 "Ok, my turn… who would you consider your best friend?” “Oh! Jughead for sure. We’ve been friends since we were little.” Archie answered with a grin. “My turn, when was your first kiss?” You froze. “I, uhm. I’ve never been kissed.” You said slowly hoping he wouldn’t make fun. 

“Wait really?” “Yeah, I guess just no ones ever been interested in me in that way before.” You said as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “I don’t know how. I mean you are by far when one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen.” “Oh stop.” You said while blushing. 

“I’m being serious y/n.” Somehow his face was even closer than before. “You really think so?” You whispered knowing he could hear you by how close he was. “Oh, I know so.” He replied before his lips landed on yours. 

You didn’t know how to respond so you just did what felt right. You kissed back lightly, not exactly knowing how to go about doing that. His lips left yours and he grinned. “Ok let’s try again, follow my lead.” He said before placing his lips on yours once again. 

There was a slight pressure on your lips this time but you liked it. Your eyes shut as instinct took over and you were kissing for what seems like hours but was only minutes. 

 After letting go for need of air he looked down at you with a smile. “You’re a pretty amazing kisser for that being your first.” You replied by pulling his lips back to yours.

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  • Percy : 'follow me on the snap @ waterboih2o !!!'
  • Annabeth : 'that's called a book. you should pick one up sometime'
  • Grover : 'lmao she said 'go outside' bitch no'
  • Nico : 'i hate myself enough i don't need you'
  • Will : 'why is this song six minutes long fuck does he think he is'
  • Clarrise : 'i'm gonna fukin assassinate you'
  • Travis : 'nah, i stole that shit'
  • Lou Ellen : 'julia stop fucking making 11:11's that shit isn't gonna come true'
  • Katie : 'tastes like i got a face full of fucking grass'
  • Jason : 'bro i can't fucking see. oh wait i don't have my glasses on.'
  • Piper : 'i'm stuntin on these hoes with messy hair and gucci bags under my eyes'
  • Frank : 'ya did this to yourself and dun fuckdeded up'
  • Reyna : 'we're gonna fight on sight bitch stop playin'
  • Rachel : 'how the fuck do you draw hands. asking for a friend'
  • Drew : 'how are you two wearing makeup and i'm still the prettiest one in the room?'
  • Thalia : 'when i die i'm gonna be a fukin orange tree my guy'
  • Luke : 'um, i think i might've fucked up but like, i didn't see this coming'
  • Tyson : 'ain't nothin wrong with being a friendly bitch'
  • Ella : 'deadass this bitch robbed a library. every time i see her she got a new book, ain't nobody got that many books'
  • Octavian : 'leave me and my pale self alone'
  • Coach Hedge : 'bat or metal rod. your choice'
gay girls in that skam show that I think are cool and should hang out w me on Thursday when I'm free

- jamilla… the most lesbiatic… prettiest… she invented black lipstick… lowkey futch.. she runs a secret tinder for gay muslims in nissen and thats what the “”“hijabi police”“” really means… she INVENTED the gay movement

- laila… bi-autiful… never said one mean thing in her entire life. is completely unbothered by the white nonsense she’s surrounded with. high femme queen who refuses to ever wear anything from forever21. snorts when she laughs.

- SANA. with the nnnn. like binch. like bi… she is a known sapphic… a sun and sports bi…. she loves girlsz… tis confirmed… she told me through the muslimah telepathic net

- chris. nb and pan… they help girls at parties bc they always have an extra hairdo around for gay soft purposes… they are cute and worthy of love

- linn. lesbian cryptid and depressed trans mom.
mothers of several gays. identifies as in instant noodles defender and maintains it is as a coherent class under capitalism.