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Sweet Pea Imagine: reader is SP’s serpent girlfriend & gets jumped by the Ghoulies after Archie snitched at the race

a/n: this is my first fic & a new tumblr. be nice (: & send me requests if u want

You’re sitting on Sweet Pea’s lap at the Whyte Wyrm, watching Fangs play pool with Toni. You glance down at your phone and notice it’s 9:50 PM.

“Shit. I have to be at work in 10 minutes!” You exclaimed, jumping up and grabbing your stuff.

Sweet Pea reaches for your arm as you walk away from him, “When do you get off?”

“3 AM.” You responded.

“I’ll come pick you up when you’re finished.” He offered.

“No,” you shook your head, “you have school tomorrow. You need to sleep.”

Sweet Pea rolled his eyes at that. “Are you sure? I don’t mind.”

“Yes, I’m sure. I’ll see you tomorrow, babe.” You kissed his cheek and went to leave. He grabbed your arm and pulled you back, giving you a passionate kiss. You smiled before pulling away. “Love you, Sweets.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

You walked out of the bar and speed-walked through town to your job as a waitress at a cheap restaurant called Jerry’s. You walked in the back door, exclaiming, “Sorry I’m late!”

The night went by pretty quickly. After closing time, and cleaning dishes, mopping floors, etc.; you grabbed your purse and walked out of the restaurant in the direction of Sweet Pea’s trailer.

The sounds of the night were eerie; in addition to the sound of your feet hitting the ground, you could hear distant yelling, an engine revving nearby, glass shattering. You shivered, partially from the brisk air and partially from fear. You didn’t bring your pocket knife tonight, you were so rushed when you were running late for work it completely slipped your mind.

Picking up your pace, you turn a corner to take a shortcut through an ally. Before you can register what’s happening, there’s three guys grabbing you. Two of them grab each of your arms, holding you in place, while the third guy says, “You Serpents think you can snitch on Ghoulies without retaliation?” proceeding to knee you with all his strength in your gut. You struggled against the guys holding you but they were way stronger than you.

The Ghoulie that had been talking raised his fist and hit your temple so hard that your knees buckled and you fell to the ground. At that point, all three of them started kicking you as you fought to maintain your consciousness.

All of a sudden a voice rang out, “Hey!” I vaguely recognized it as Fang’s voice. The Ghoulies quickly hauled ass out of there, having completed their task.

“Y/N. Y/N!” Fangs’ worried voice sounded distorted to your ears. The last thing you felt before losing consciousness was Fangs lifting you off the ground.


Sweet Pea was half-asleep, some B-list movie playing on TV.

Suddenly, he heard someone knocking fervently at the door of his trailer. “SP! Open up!”

He got up, rubbing his eyes. Looking at the clock, he noticed this was about the time Y/N should be getting off work and coming over. He opened the door to see a terrified Fangs holding an unconscious Y/N.

Sweet Pea’s heart felt like it was going to explode. “I didn’t know what to do man, there was three Ghoulies kicking her when I found them. She passed out as I was taking her here. I know Serpents aren’t supposed to go to the hospital unless they’re dying, but she might have a head injury or something, I don’t know!” Fangs hurried comments barely registered in Sweet Pea’s mind, all he could see was your bruised and bloody face.

“Give her to me.” Fangs placed your body in Sweet Pea’s arms. SP carried you to the couch and laid you down gently. “Get a warm washcloth.” He ordered Fangs.

All the commotion caused you to finally open your eyes, muttering a groggy “what happened?”

“Shh, baby, it’s okay. I’m gonna help you.” SP whispered into your hair as he kissed your head. Fangs came back with the washcloth and handed it to Sweet Pea.

He slowly and carefully wiped the blood off your lips and under your nose. “Where else are you injured?” He asked softly, after your face was clean.

“Um.. I don’t think I’m bleeding anywhere else. But every time I take a breath, it hurts. It feels like my ribs.”

“Fuck. You could have a broken rib or two, it’ll heal on it’s own but it’ll hurt like a bitch.”

“It’s okay. Thank you for taking care of me.” You smiled at Sweet Pea, reveling in the gentleness of his current mood.

“Don’t thank me. I should have been there to pick you up. I hope you realize you’re never walking home from work alone again. I mean that.” SP’s eyes darkened at the thought of something like this happening again. Or something worse.

“Babe, can you tell me what happened?” He asked you. You braced yourself for the anger he was surely soon to feel when you gave him the details.

“Well, I was taking the shortcut through that ally by the Wyrm, and before I could do anything there was these Ghoulies, three of them. They said it was retaliation for the race. I tried to run but they held my arms. One of the guys seemed to be calling the shots. He’s the one who broke my rib when he kneed me, and he got me good in the temple. I fell at some point, I think they were kicking me. I only vaguely remember Fangs showing up and scaring them off.” Before you even finished your last sentence, Sweet Pea was heading for the door.

“Those fucking pieces of shit think they can jump my girlfriend and live? Let’s go find them,” he directed towards Fangs, as he opened the door to his trailer.

“Sweets, wait!” You called after him, stopping him in his tracks. “You don’t even know who it was. Don’t just go attack random Ghoulies and piss them off further, what if these guys decided to do it on their own?”

“Are you seriously defending the Ghoulies after what just happened, Y/N?” Sweet Pea yelled at you.

“The North and South sides are already heading towards civil war. Even more in-fighting between the Serpents and the Ghoulies is the last thing we need.” You argues back.

“So they should just get away with this? Fuck that.” SP looked at your injuries again, reinforcing his anger.

“No, but be smart about it. Talk to Tall Boy before you do anything rash. I can probably identify the guys that did it, they looked our age so I’m sure they go to Southside.” You reasoned.

“Y/N, you ruin all my fun.” SP said in a defeated tone, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“So, you aren’t leaving to go on an anti-Ghoulie rampage?” You asked sarcastically.

“Not if my girl doesn’t want me to.” You smiled and kissed him deeply.

“Whipped much, SP?” Fangs said from the doorway. I had forgotten he was even here.

“Get out of my trailer, Fangs.” Sweet Pea said over his shoulder before kissing my neck and making me giggle.

Fangs made a gagging noise as he closed the door and you called out, “See you tomorrow, Fangs!”

Sweet Pea kissed you once on your neck, then your cheek, then your lips. He backed away a few inches and looked into your eyes. “If you hadn’t been okay…”

You interrupted him, “but I am.” He gave you a look.

“I’m serious. If you weren’t okay, heads would roll.” His tone was dead serious. I didn’t want to think about what could’ve happened either. You kissed him on his lips, and then got up off the couch.

“C’mon Pea, let’s go to bed.” You said, holding his hand as you both finally laid down and fell asleep.

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Since watching yoi, I've learned a lot more about irl figure skating and how the score system works and honestly the more I learn the more pissed off I am about the GPF result >:( like am I seriously supposed to believe Yuuri's SP dropped TEN POINTS when the only mistake was a hand down on the ice??? and JJ still getting bronze despite popping 90% of his jumps is just a joke omg. otoh Yurio's mega inflated score is actually pretty realistic for tano jumping Russian teenagers so...

This is all entirely true lol. YOI is relatable with its Rusflation, Canflation, and underscoring of the Japanese skater. 

Re: Yurio’s inflated score. Even with Rusflation it’s impossible.  The max PCs a short program can have is 50 points, which means that Yurio would have to have a TES score of over 68 points. With the technical content of his program, even if he got a perfect PCs score (which doesn’t happen lol), he couldn’t possibly get a TES score of 68 points. 

Considering the tiny margin between Yurio and Yuuri in the final results, not only would Yurio’s victory be considered unfair, it would be against ISU rules. 

That being said, one more thing about the inflation is that Yurio’s SP with a fall at Rostelecom got 98.09, which was higher than Yuuri’s score SP score in the GPF, despite Yuuri having a substantially more difficult program and a smaller mistake. lol. 

By the way JJ’s score was also impossible. Even if they marked him as high as possible with those mistakes (which would not happen), he would have to get PCs of like… 53 if I recall. Keep in mind that Yuuri’s highest SP score before this season was, by process of deduction, around 84.00. His protocol sheet we see in ep 4 has only one major mistake, an error on his triple axel. Yet that’s lower than what JJ got. 

YOI is my fave ever but IDK what they were doing with the scoring in the finale. It’s not like Sayo especially doesn’t know the rules too. She’s super knowledgeable about skating…. so *shrug* 

Nugget (Shawn Mendes Imagine) - Part 3

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Summary: “someone once told me ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, but they never told me how it also makes me weaker”

Requested: yes, thank you guys for the response to this! x

Warnings: sadness?, swearing?

A/N: so i was supposed to update secrets but i never keep promises when it comes to this lol. This might be the last part unless anyone wants more but tell me what you think and if you want more!

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

Loneliness was a common mood of mine due to my best friend (and love of my life) constantly being on tour or working in the studio, but that was a different type of loneliness, nothing compared to what I felt last night.

I brought my loneliness upon myself, I pushed Shawn away and hurt him. I selfishly kept such a big thing from him and now I have to face the consequences.

I tossed and turned in my bed all night, I could hardly sleep just thinking about what Shawn was gonna say when he comes back. I know he wouldn’t leave nugget, he loves this baby more than anything, it’s so apparent. But he could leave me. He could decide he no longer wants to be with me and instead co-parent separately to raise the baby. That was my biggest fear.

It was almost 11am and Shawn was still nowhere to be seen. I had tried distracting myself since the time I left the bad to avoid stressing about the situation too much but it was no use - I had been out the bed since 6 and nothing could distract me; I took care of myself, I watched a movie, I made lunch and I even cleaned up the house a bit.

I was starting to get impatient, I needed Shawn to walk through that door right now and tell me that it’s all okay. So I texted him:

Y/N: morning, just wondering when you’re gonna be here?x

Shawn: soon

Y/N: ‘soon’ meaning?

Shawn: do you have anywhere to be?

Y/N: no…

Shawn: then don’t worry, I’ll be there soon.

He’s still pissed. Potentially more pissed than last night and that only made things worse.

It was now just past 1pm and Shawn still hadn’t shown up, I was laying on the couch just staring at the moving pictures on the screen, not even aware of what was happening in the show.

Suddenly, I hear the sound of the keys entering the lock. He was here. I sit up instantly and dry seem as though I’m not as sad as I feel, I don’t know why, but I want him to think I’m okay. The door fully opens and shuts within seconds. “Y/N?” He calls out, his voice quiet and laced with nerves.

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The next morning, Michonne was up before Rick. She hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before because her thoughts were swirling around what she’d learned.

His high school sweetheart. How come he never mentioned her to me? Is it because he’s over her or because it’s just too painful to bring up? We tell each other everything…or at least I thought we did. What else is he hiding from me?

Michonne was staring at Rick when his eyes began to open. He gave Michonne a slow, sleepy smile.


“Good morning.”

Rick sat up and stretched. “I can’t believe you woke up before me. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.”

“I had a lot on my mind.”

“Is everything okay? Anything happen with your family?”

“No. It’s nothing like that.”

“Then what is it? You know you can tell me anything, Michonne.”

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*shoving in your ask box* Revus showing tumblr to Ignis.

Get cozy for this one. 

Ravus showing Ignis Tumblr:

  • Ravus was surfing Tumblr when Ignis walked into the room. He tried to hide it; it did not work.
  • “Your username on Tumblr is The-High-Commander?”
    • “For some reason, people think I enjoy smoking cannabis because of it.”
  • “These are your likes?”
    • “Don’t click that!”
    • *clicks* *sees naked Ignis fanart*
    • “Is that supposed to be me?!”
    • “Well, you see–”
    • “I’m exposed– And you. You liked it!”
    • “…”
    • “…”
    • “Well, fuck me if I am going to confirm or deny that statement.”
  • *has no idea how to navigate* *doesn’t ask for help*
  • “Oh, people post recipes here.”
  • “Forget it, the outcome looks awful.”
  • “Goodness, does no one have proper grammar?”
  • “I don’t understand what hashtags are.”
  • “I can follow chefs I admire! How practical and accessible.”
  • “Why is it that when I search ‘apple pie’ both desserts and pornography appear within the same tag?”
  • *clicks reblog* *edit screen pops up*
  • “I don’t know what I did.”
  • *sees a blog called we-love-ebony*
  • *clicks it*
  • *more porn*
  • “This…this isn’t right.”

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back when my friend and I worked together at the same convenience store we were probably the best workers in the store. i really dislike bragging, but honestly, we worked in tandem perfectly and did everything we were supposed to on top of being polite and helpful. So... we did what employees were supposed to be like. Everyone else slacked off a lot or avoided tasks. Unfortunately, this meant that for every stressful corporate visit, she and I were put on shift. Fuck unreliable coworkers

I don’t think Tyrell will blame Elliot

Assuming Tyrell is going tell the fbi he was held hostage, how could he blame Elliot for that, when he went to prison a few days after the hack?

Plus the fbi have their phonecall, how would Tyrell explain his ability to contact Elliot, or why he sounded so happy to talk to him?

I suppose Tyrell could take responsibility for the 5.9 hack, admitting he and elliot were working together. But then Elliot wanted to blow up buildings, and when he tried to stop him Elliot took him hostage.

But the idea that Elliot, was responsible for planning not only for an attack on that scale, but was also able to hide the most wanted man in America, even creating a whole restaurant as a cover, is pretty unbelievable.

Only someone with a lot of money, power, influence and resources could pull that of. Plus Dom wouldn’t just take Tyrells word for it, of course he would deny his involvement when he has been caught.

So for Tyrell to get out of custody so quickly, he would have to blame someone who would completely turn Dom’s investigation on its head…Agent Santiago

He told Irving that his collegues were already suspicious that he just happened to be in a meeting during the shooting in China. So it makes sense, that the darkarmy would pin the blame on him now he has furfilled his usefulness.

Also if Tyrell finds out during the interrogation it was Santiago’s decision to keep Joanna’s death under wraps, and for his son to be taken into care. That would give Tyrell a reason to want revenge.

Tyrell wouldn’t even have to lie to Dom, he could tell her when he tried to escape Santiago tracked him down, killed the cop that caught him, and took him back to the cabin.

I don’t think it would take much to convince her either, considering Santiago didn’t want her to go to the redwheelbarrow restaurant, and told her to go back to hq while he continued investigating. It looks like he was trying to cover up his involvement.

you’ll be coughing up bullshit for-freakin’-EVER

something that actively really annoys me about a lot of documentaries i see about columbine is their use of the hitmen for hire footage. they always use the clips of eric and dylan screaming at the camera for dramatic effect, but i just think it’s misleading, and even a little bit dishonest. 

they’re acting in those clips. they’re reading lines written. it especially pisses me off when it comes to dylan. the boy messed up like, two times trying to read off the script, because what he was saying was so stupid and corny. like, c’mon. “you’ll be coughing up dandruff for four freakin’ months” is supposed to inspire fear? it just makes me snort. 

like, i get why they used the footage and i get the layout. the footage works well with the narrative they’re spinning. i just think it’s a bit stupid. sure, they look a bit unhinged screaming at a camera like that, but it was for a short film - it was acting.

the whole point of why i post on this blog, and write the things i do, is because dylan and eric weren’t these psycho freak monsters. they were normal kids - which you can see from the various clips these documentaries DON’T show you of them fucking around and messing up lines. they were normal kids who ended up committing a horrific act of violence. i think that’s important to highlight. and you can’t really do that when everyone else is trying to portray them like blood-thirsty psycho monsters. they weren’t. not until the very end. and i don’t think it’s wise to take that end and spin it into their whole lives. how are we supposed to understand how this happened if we literally just lie about this shit? it’s infuriating.

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what did your art look like 4 years ago

begone. i know who you are. 

Bust seriously, thankfully, most of my art perished when I moved (since I work traditionally) and most of my terrible digital attempts died with that computer.

That being said…


You guys are in for a treat. 

These are all from 3-4 years ago. 

These aren’t so bad, right? Well… WELL… 

me rn ^

but seriously– 





  • Father Gabriel: I've killed before, but that's not my greatest sin. I locked my congregation out of my church when this all just started. I listened to them die as I cowered.
  • I failed them. I failed God.
  • And every day, I work to lessen that failure, to be of service and purpose.
  • Now I offer you the assurance of a pardon, penance, and absolution. I will go with you.
  • I will show you that working together as equals is the only true way to grace, to a future.
  • I will do this if you confess.
  • Negan: Jesus, Gabe.
  • What you did, that is some horrible, cowardly, spineless shit. But I guess that's what a confession's supposed to be, right? My first wife was a real wife.
  • My only real wife.
  • Till death did us part.
  • It was before this.
  • I lied to her, I screwed around on her.
  • And she was sick.
  • And when she went When she went, it was during this.
  • I couldn't put her down.
  • That is how I was weak.
  • That is what I will confess.
  • Because, yeah, maybe we do bite the big one here.
  • [Door opens] [Growling continues]
  • Father Gabriel: You're forgiven.
  • Negan: Thanks.

Later that night…

Isla: “Hey everyone! I’m home from work! Aaaaaand, I have a surprise for one special person in general.”

Fíona wrings off her wet hands on the dish towel and walks over to her wife, while the rest of the household is enraptured in front of the TV. Her arms are folded and eyebrow is raised as she studies Isla, her eyes eventually falling onto the tiny, meowing bundle in Isla’s hand. 

Fíona, in awe: “Isla….is that…..is that a kitten?”

Isla, grinning from ear to ear: “Yes, yes it is! A hairless one, too. Meet Maple, a….parting gift from Hobbs when I quit today.”

Fíona, eyebrows knitting together: “I…what? Uh…can…can we talk about this in our room for a second?”

I love kids but I also would very much like to no longer be with the one I’ve been with for 90 fucking minutes past when I was supposed to get off work.

Honestly Chris Wood with facial hair only makes his forehead more noticeable. Like half of his face has everything and then half is just a oily piece of nothing aka his forehead and that’s not how faces are supposed to work. I feel so uneasy when I see photos of him.

White Noise - Chapter 1

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12779217

Different people have different ways of expelling frustration. My Father, as he demonstrated today, cools feeling through verbal abuse. I once witnessed Alton, the head cook of the castle, throw an entire fruitcake onto the floor because one of his workers fumbled the icing work.

When Mother lost the twins she had been carrying, a boy and a girl, she had allowed herself one time to weep before returning to the composure demanded of her as Queen.

Even though I was four years old, and supposed to know nothing of the matter, I had crouched outside her chamber and listened to the horrific moaning. After that clear but bitterly cold winter day, she spoke less.

I suspect that not all of her pain was carried off with her tears.

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mdc2046 replied to your post: “to be very clear this is not and never has been:

the people who attack you on the basis of elitism or ableism really show their cards by 1. revealing their lack of true engagement with these critical concepts leading to 2. committing the same errors that these concepts are supposed to critique. the sense of *work* has been gutted from writing and thinking and it’s sad because you’ve worked hard to refine your critiques and people feel entitled to that labour. do they expect to understand these concepts by psychic osmosis or something??

right like when this happened on my post about accessibility I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head

effingdeixis replied to your post: “to be very clear this is not and never has been an educational blog….”

that last sentence, after the final dash, so aptly describes 99% of the people reblogging your posts with commentary and/or sending you anons, good lord.

is there a term for that particular brand of derailment because there should be

IT DOES and it is so endlessly frustrating!! & yes there should be, I know “sealioning” describes asking basic questions in the context of a more involved discussion but I’ve never seen people talk about asserting basic things in the same context

nvm i’m too loopy from hunger for that. i thought it would distract me bc i cried from rage and sadness like an hour ago. i have nothing to do now. i’m too braindead-ish to really read or write or chat or sew or work on my readings/recordings. watching something is passive but i’m distracted and don’t feel like it. i have a mild adrenaline rush and a headache so i can’t sleep either. and i don’t really want to go out when i feel weak.