when i was little i couldn't bring myself to throw it away


        100 lyric starters taken from ‘wild world’ by bastille. change pronouns/sentence structure if necessary!


❝ so, what would you little maniacs like to do first? ❞
❝ what’s gunna be left of the world when you’re not in it? ❞
❝ every minute and every hour i miss you more ❞
❝ if you want to be a party animal you have to learn to live in the jungle ❞
❝ stop worrying and go and get dressed ❞
❝ you might have to excuse me, i’ve lost control of all of my senses ❞


❝ think about the power of your words ❞
❝ oh my god, i can’t quite believe my ears ❞
❝ you’re making me feel nervous ❞
❝ i need to clear my head ❞
❝ how can you think you’re serious? ❞
❝ do you even know what year it is? ❞


❝ kind of hoping this will turn me round ❞
❝ and now it follows me every day ❞
❝ it caught me by surprise ❞
❝ my back’s up against the wall ❞
❝ i feel guilty ❞


❝ never good, just the bad and the ugly ❞
❝ nothing quite like seeing the world through the tv’s window ❞
❝ i can’t stop thinking about it ❞
❝ tell me, did you see the news tonight? ❞
❝ hold me in this wild, wild world ❞


❝ did you ever feel like they were ringing true? ❞
❝ not everything had gone to plan ❞
❝ we made the best of what we had, you know ❞
❝ all their words were glory ❞
❝ stop looking up for heaven ❞

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Now Or Never pt.1

author’s note: Y/N was Shawn’s ex-girlfriend and Shawn visits them in their uni to get her back.

Word count: 1184



“This will lead into a huge drama, Y/N, again.”

Olivia replaced back my books on the shelf while I was writing down again some cringy notes of Philosophy. Highlighting last words, making it look more fierce and more on point.

“Shut up, I’m not the one here who thought it was good idea to bring up this fucking piece of delusional topic of I don’t know why I came here so I will just stay here until you talk to me. No, mister Mendes, this is not how it works.”

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futureboy  asked:

jeremwood + “Quit moving, I’m trying to sleep. Wait…are you…what?!”

Wow this only took Me approximately 38 years to get to this

Ryan moaned, his alarm blaring loudly on the night stand. For a brief moment, he considered just burying his head under his pillow and going back to sleep, but the piercing sound rattled its way through his brain and he gritted his teeth. At the very least, he had to turn off that fucking alarm clock.

He thrust his arm out, ready to either shut it off or maybe break the fucking nuisance. He didn’t particularly care which at the moment. But, he was extremely confused, and more than a little concerned, when, instead of grabbing at the smooth plastic that he was used to, his hand slapped against skin with a dull thud.

The body next to him groaned, shifting and pulling the blankets off of Ryan. Which was a dick move, thanks, as it currently felt like a fucking walk-in meat freezer in his room.

Ryan tensed, keeping his eyes screwed shut. He doesn’t remember bringing somebody home last night, nor was he exactly interested in one night stands to begin with. And, considering he doesn’t drink, he’s relatively sure he’d remember something like this. As it stands, he very much does not.

He does remember leaving the rest of the crew at the bar, too tired to deal with their drunken bullshit for any longer. There was only so much you can take hearing the same alcohol-fueled arguments over and over again, and Ryan had reached that limit a solid two hours before he actually left.

He remembers driving home, alone, and walking in, also alone. He remembers drinking his diet coke alone, and eating a dry bowl of cereal over the kitchen sink instead of at the table, still alone. He got undressed alone, and he sure as fuck went to bed alone.

So, who the fuck…?

Whoever it was clearly didn’t want to kill him, or if they did, they were doing a real shit job of it, so Ryan didn’t exactly feel compelled to grab his gun yet.

He turned over, ready to put this mystery to rest. He winced at the sunlight on his face, and wiped his eyes blearily. He looked over at the body, and sighed.


Alright, he thought, watching Jeremy snore and burrow deeper under the covers, that answers ‘who the fuck?’

Ryan poked his shoulder experimentally, snorting when Jeremy, still very much unconscious, just weakly swatted his hand away.

That still doesn’t answer why the fuck, however.

He poked him again, and when that yielded the same results, Ryan began shaking him, calling his name.

“Quit moving, I’m trying to sleep.” Jeremy muttered sleepily, pulling the blankets tighter over him. There was a beat, and suddenly his eyes snapped open. “Wait… are you…” He stared at Ryan blankly, frowning. “What?!”

Ryan just watched the realization flit over Jeremy’s face, equal parts amused and frustrated.

“Ryan,” Jeremy asked, tentatively. “What are you doing in my room?”

Ryan rolled his eyes, sitting up just enough to lean his head against his hand.

“You’re in my room, asshole.”

“No, that’s not–” Jeremy looked around, eyes widening. “Oh.” He breathed out. Another pause. “Ryan… Why am I in your room?

“Good question there, J. Was wondering the same thing myself, actually.”

“I don’t,” Jeremy rubbed at his temple. “I don’t really remember much from last night. We were walking home? And, Michael and Gavvy were arguing-”

“Shock.” Ryan interrupted, drily.

“Right?” Jeremy smiled. “And, like, the argument turned to me, I guess? Gavin bet me that I couldn't…” He trailed off, grimacing. “Uh, Ry? Can you, uh, tell me if your window’s open?”

Jeremy…” Ryan warned, eyes narrowing. His gaze darted to his window, and, yup, it was, unsurprisingly, wide open. That explained why it felt like the fucking tundra in there.

Jeremy looked up at him sheepishly. The hand Ryan wasn’t leaning on came up to pinch the bridge of his nose.

Jeremy,” he started slowly, closing his eyes. “Did you, by any chance, fucking climb in through my window last night?”

“You don’t know that.” Jeremy immediately denied. “Could have been anyone.”


“Listen, Ry. I don’t know why you’re accusing me here, but I will not stand for it.”

Ryan opened his eyes just in time to watch Jeremy struggle to sit up, the blanket wrapping around his legs.

Jeremy Dooley.” Ryan huffed angrily, nostrils flaring.

“No, it’s too late for apologies, Ryan.” Jeremy backed away from the bed quickly, tripping over his own feet. “I’m leaving. I know when I’m not wanted.”

“No,” Ryan growled, glaring at Jeremy’s retreating form. “You obviously don’t.

“Maybe your window shouldn’t have been so easy to open, Ryan, think about that?”

Jeremy yelped when the still ringing alarm hit the wall next to his head, and he ran out.

Ryan sighed, throwing his head back against the pillows.

At least the alarm finally shut up.

the obligatory rebelcaptain x-files au

@operaticspacetrash i may have made a post about it already, bUT 

- I imagine this au constantly, but I don’t want it to be an exact carbon copy of txf with just different character names, SO i imagine this takes place modern day, not the 90s (sorry 90s lol). 

- I feel like Jyn would be the Mulder, since she seems a bit more in tune with her faith, a bit more rule-breaking and has less of a regard for herself. 

- Her mother is still alive I think in this universe, but her father disappeared when she was eight and ever since, she has been convinced that he was abducted by aliens. 

- the Erso’s are originally from England but immigrated to USA when jyn was young. she went to university, eventually, joined the FBI. 

- She’s known for being a bit unpredictable. She has a hard exterior, has had to look out for herself for many years, and comes off as prickly. She’s also fierce though, dedicate to the job, and at least people can appreciate that about her. Sure, sometimes rumours go around saying that she’s crazy and worships the occult or that she believes in aliens or something, but she’s typically a respected cop. 

- She finds the x-files. Hidden away in the basement one day, she realises that there’s answers out there, that her father’s disappearance could be explained. She asks to be assigned there and the higher ups say yes just to stop her from going on about it 

- bUUT they don’t count on her dedicating her life to it OH SHIT. She starts to dig through files, take on cases they’d usually throw out the door. She starts to peice together the truth and they don’t like it. 


- Cassian is straight-laced. He’s proud to be a part of the FBI because they try and help make the world a better place. Sometimes you have to do questionable things, but it’s all worth it right? 

- idk I think he would suit being the Scully here, since he’s more by the book, does whatever authority tells him to do etc (UNTIL HE DOESN’T, but we’ll get to that lol) 

- so he’s assigned to the x files to reign Jyn in, question the validity of her work etc. 

- Is Krennic the cigarette-smoking-man??????? 

- omg and Mothma as skinner!!!!! like Draven would also suit that role, but imagine MOTHMA AS SKINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Cassian and Jyn meet and naturally it’s an instant connection, he thinks she’s nuts and is gonna get them killed, but she’s genuine and there’s real work here to be done. She thinks he’s a spy, knows he’s there to shut her down but lets face it, they fall in love instead and eVERYTHING IS AMAZING!!!! 

- Baze and Chirrut are totally the Lone Gunmen holy shit 

- Bodhi is just Bodhi in this au, Jyn’s best friend who she met at uni. He becomes a kind of ally, definitely would believe in everything they ever come across. Maybe he’s a journalist and gets mixed up in the media conspiracies every now and then??? he and Cassian get along and Bodhi TOOOOTALLY ships it! 

- Luke is definitely a part of some kind of ‘Abductees Anonymous’ club LOLOLOL 

- the plot is kinda all about being assigned a case, only it somehow manages to have a connection to her father’s disappearance 

- ALL THE CONSPIRACIES AND SHADY GOVERNMENT, basically Galen was in on the whole alien colonisation plan but opposed it when he realised the gravity of what it meant and tried to #expose them 

- SO THEY GOT THE ALIENS TO TAKE HIM AWAY (lets keep this simple and not pull a chris carter yo) 

- Cassian and Jyn work together to find her father, loads of UST and gazing, mAYBE CASSIAN GETS ADBUCTED O SHIT 

- and it’s an amazing fufilling plot full of aliens and eventually they find her father along with a bunch of other abductees one of whom is possibly a little 8 year old girl called sAManThA O YES I FUCKIN WENT THERE 


- anyway 

- and there’s lot of sex because lets face it if there was anything that would have made the x files better, it was 100000% more sex 

- and scene 

- (……….plus sequels where they solve other kooky cases and eventually save the world from alien colonisation) 

anonymous asked:

I saw you're asking for prompts! How about Cullen following Dorian to tevinter to become his bodyguard because being part of the Lucerni is dangerous business. Dorian is upset that Cullen did it, but at the same time he couldn't be happier.

My inbox is always open for prompts, though I can’t always swear I’ll fill them. This one, though…this one definitely ran away with me. It’s not as silly as it was supposed to be, but I think it fits the prompt. And it’s still pretty damn fluffy.


Interviewing prospective guard captains was supposed to be tedious. It was supposed to involve long hours talking to people he would have to trust with his life but with whom he had little in common, and then longer hours talking to his spies to find out if the most likely candidates had any unfortunate family ties, or even-more-unfortunate debts. Family could be forgotten or scorned or ignored–Dorian would know–but debts had a habit of coming due at inconvenient moments. And when they came due, there was no telling who might end up paying.

Boring the interviews might be, but excitement is exactly what Dorian was trying to avoid by hiring a guard captain in the first place. The Lucerni are all targets right now, and he and Maevaris are the largest. Mae has her own protections, but he hasn’t been back in Tevinter long enough to really establish himself. After two assassins made it close enough that Dorian had to deal with them himself, he finally admitted that a guard captain, with some accompanying guards, was perhaps a worthwhile investment. His life could do with a little less excitement.

Which means that the man currently following Dorian’s assistant into the office is exactly what Dorian doesn’t need, no matter what traitorous and decidedly un-magisterial flips his heart might be doing.

His assistant stops, blinking at whatever she sees on his face. “Is something wrong?” Her eyes flick to the man now standing at parade rest in the exact center of the rug in front of Dorian’s desk.

Dorian gives himself a mental shake and sets down his pen, aligning it precisely with the edge of the paper he’d been writing on. “No, no, nothing’s wrong.” He sounds convincing, because he wants to be convinced. He wants this to be right, even though he knows it isn’t.

But his assistant doesn’t need to know any of that. “Thank you, Lucia, that will be all for now. I’ll let you know when we’re through.”

She gives him a doubtful look but bows herself from his office, closing the door quietly as she goes. The silence in the room is so complete Dorian can hear the latch click, a silence that continues unbroken for a long, painful moment. His visitor stands with his feet slightly apart and hands clasped behind his back, waiting with a trained soldier’s patience.

Dorian breaks first, as he always has when it’s just the two of them, though he manages to keep his tone calm as he folds his hands on top of his desk and asks, “What are you doing here?”

Cullen blinks as if the question puzzles him. “I thought it was obvious.”

It’s so infuriatingly Fereldan, Dorian wants to laugh. Or throw something. “Why are you here?”

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He Remembered And I Didn’t? *Loki x Reader*

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

(Requested by georghiousophia) Hey I love your writing !!!!! It’s so good. And I was wondering if you could do a avengers/ Loki one shot for me as its the readers birthday and she didn’t want to tell the others because she thought they had better things to do but Loki remembers and although he knows all the avengers dislike him he comes to Midgard and then there is loads of fluff happens ??? Sorry if this sucks its my 16 birthday and I just wanted a birthday imagine 😂😂😂 xx
Warnings: Probably swearing- kinda swear a lot, Loki fluff and Birthday banter
Admin Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY -whenever it is/was. Hopefully this up around the weekend time, and its not too late, hopefully this is good enough for you also. Also this is my first time at writing a Loki, so if its bad… I am deeply sorry, hopefully I do everyone’s favourite Avengers villain justice. Decided to make it a whole AvengersxReader thing also, but mainly Loki fluff will happen!

“You guys all busy today?” You asked casually, all the Avengers- minus Thor looked up from their; newspapers, breakfasts and conversations to look at you, a small smile on your face as you looked at each of them. Today could be considered important to the average person; to you it was just a normal day that indicated you were one year older, well that’s how you used to feel about it… now you actually have a bunch of really great friends, best friends actually, so maybe celebrating becoming older could actually be fun.
“Sorry (Y/N) but most of us are pretty busy today” Steve announced folding his paper in half “A lot of paper work and training to be done” he gave a sad smile, you nodded with a shrug, you had guessed a lot of the people here would be busy.
“Why?” Pietro asked, you shook your head not wanting any of them to feel bad for being busy today, after all you never made a big deal about today before and you’ve said previously that you don’t care for Birthdays all that much.
Just wanted to chill, that’s all, its fine” you smile through the disappointment “I have this new TV show I wanna watch anyway’s, we can all chill some other time” you walk out of the kitchen still smiling at them all.

“I feel like there was more to that than she was letting on” Clint spoke up and Pietro nodded in agreement, Natasha just shrugged alongside Bruce, leaving the Maximoff’s, Steve and Clint all deeply concerned for you but they eventually dropped the topic. 
You sat down in one of the many rooms that held a TV, clicking on Netflix you scrolled through the selection, you didn’t expect anyone to remember your birthday; you hardly ever mention the date but it would have been nice to have someone hug you, to wish you a happy birthday, to spend a few hours with you. 

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Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a request. I hope you’ll like it.

Lori sends you to collect Shane’s laundry from his tent. When suddenly Shane tries to force himself upon you, pressing his lips against yours, Daryl comes to your rescue.

word count: 1203

tw: rape

I’m not sure if this needs a trigger warning, but it does include Shane forcing himself upon the reader implying that it might lead to rape if it weren’t for Daryl to step in.

“Hey sweetheart”, I heard a voice from behind calling me. Lori was sitting on an old tree stump doing laundry.
„Hi Lori“, I waved back at her.
“Can you come here for a second? I gotta ask you a favor”, Lori gestured me to come closer and I did as I was told.
“Sure, what is it?”, I asked standing only a few inches away from her.
“Shane asked me to do his laundry too since he’s really busy teaching everyone how to shoot, but he hadn’t brought it over yet. Could you go and ask him for me?”, she explained raising her hands to demonstrate how busy she was herself.
“I don’t have anything else to do anyway, so yeah, I’ll ask him”, I replied with a smile. I didn’t really like Shane but I didn’t see why I shouldn’t walk over to his tent quickly and get his laundry. I walked past a lot of tents before Shane’s even came in sight. It stood even further away than the last time I had to visit him.
“Where are you heading towards?”, Dale asked peaking down from his van.
“Shane’s”, I replied”, but I didn’t remember it being so far away. When did he move out to…you know…the furthest spot he could find?!”
“Since he feels rejected and patronized by everyone.”
“His paranoia is really getting out of hands lately. Someone should talk to him.”
“Sure..sure…”, Dale said looking down. “Well, I gotta… go back to watch now.” Dale turned around and left me.

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  • Yang: *During a battle with the white fang and Adam, Yang and Blake hide within a abandon store as They treat wounds they have received after an ambush.* Well that could have gone better. GRR! *Yang groaned as Blake tightened a rag bandages around Yang's leg.*
  • Blake: Sorry. Sigh This is all my fault. *Blake Apologized as she removed her coat, hissing in pain with the cut on here arm to which her blonde girlfriend removed her scarf and used it to stop her bleeding.* I should have known Adam would be here and wouldn't face us fairly.
  • Yang: Well. To be fair, is was two on one.
  • Blake: Yang I'm serious! Even just the two of us are barely an equal to Adam and that was before his semblance was fully charged. *Blake gritted her teeth as her eyes water slightly at the memories of Yang flying across the air before a red flash and her falling to the ground with her arm falling else where.* I can't let that happen to you again.
  • Yang: *Yang watched her girlfriend before surprising her with a soft kiss on her lips Blake's cat ears shotting straight up before relaxing as Yang smiled, wiping a stray tear from Blake's cheek.* That's not going to happen this time Blake, nor will it ever again.
  • Blake: But Wha-
  • Yang: Don't worry. *Yang interrupted as she looked around the abandon store they were in and smiled as something could her eye.* After what happened I learned that you don't always have to charge head on to a problem to solve it when you can get around it.
  • Blake: *Blake raised an eyebrow at Yang before following her gaze at what she is smiling at.* What are you- Oh... You thing it will work?
  • Yang: *yang stood up and walked to the item* Oh Yeah. Goat boy isn't the only one with a maxed out semblance. I'll just have to bait me a little.
  • Blake: And how are you going to do that?
  • Yang: Well I have an Idea but you're not going to like it. *Yang Smirked and then giggle at Blake's grump cat face.*
  • ~later~
  • Adam: *Adam with a half broken mask and torn clothes walked down the street alone, his man finishing loading the stolen weapons they have taken, as he followed a trail of blood drops of Yang and his ex partner.* Come out. Come out. Where ever you are. *Adam called out.* There is no use hiding your pet, my love. You know how this will end.
  • Yang: With my foot knocking your teeth out? *Adam heard whipping his head around to spot Yang standing on the side walk smiling as she punches her gauntlets together* Causes That's kinda the plan.
  • Adam: Hmph. Blake's pet. In a hurry to lose your other arm I see. *Adam smirked while turning towards the young huntress.*
  • Yang: It's Yang but you can call Sir, Goat boy. *Adam's smirk disappear, moving his hand to rest upon the handle of his blade.* And trust me, that won't happen this time Because I got three things you don't.
  • Adam: Oh Really? And what would those be.
  • Yang: Well the first being the Promise I made to Blake and myself Of bringing you down! *Yang Began to say before quickly firing out four round, all of which Adam swiftly avoided.* The second being That I won't lose to you ever again! *She then kicked a near by trash can towards the bull faunus along with shooting two more blast from her gauntlets.*
  • Adam: *Unfortunately, Adam easily batted the trash can away with his sheathed sword and unsheathing it half way to absorb the blasts* And the third being? Huh? *He asked only to Find Yang no longer standing where she was but is now at the entrance of an alleyway.*
  • Yang: The third Blake giving me the two things she's never give you! HER LOVE AND HER V-CARD, GOAT BOY! *Yang shouted proudly flipping Adam the middle finger before seeing his grip his sword tightly and charge at her with all the red on his body glowing.* Uh-oh. *Yang muttered before quickly rushing into the dark alley.*
  • Adam: Nevermind your arms! *Adam growled as after only two second of enter the alleyway after briefly losing site of Yang before spotting seeing her blonde hair few steps away.* I'LL JUST CUT OFF YOUR DUMB BLONDE HEAD! *He shouted as he unleashed his semblance cutting with the blonde and both buildings beside them. However, Just as a evil grin appeared on his lips it disappeared just a quickly as the two halves of the blonde.* What!?
  • Blake: Ahem. *Adam snapped his head up to the sound of Blake's voice to find the cat faunus standing on the ladder of a fire escape as she pulled off a blonde wig.* You missed. *Blake stated simply dropping the wig infornt of her ex partner.*
  • Adam: *It was at this moment as Adam watched the wig fall an burst of flaming aura appeared in front of him revealing a crouching red eyed Yang with a drawn back burning gold right fist.* SHI-
  • Yang: Pay back's a bitch. *Yang spoke just before dashing forwards throwing with all her might a flaming right punch straight into Adam's right shoulder.* This is for making my girlfriend cry. *At the moment of impact, a blast of aura flames erupted launching Adam's sword to the top of a building across the street as well his his arm crashing through a third story window and the rest of him landing on the other side of the sidewalk, scorched from Yang's semblance. Meanwhile, Yang panted heavily, the power she unleash all in one attack taking a toll on her wounded body while her mechanical began to cool down before loudly expressing.* Daaaaaaaaamn that felt good!
  • Blake: It was oddly satisfying to see. *Blake admitted as she hopped down next to her girlfriend, catching her as she was about to fall.* I'm glad the plan worked but are you alright? *She asked worriedly*
  • Yang: *Yang panted a little more before taking a deep breath.* Oh yeah... Totally fine... Just... Never actually used my semblance... all in one shoot...
  • Blake: Good. *It was then Blake proceeded to pitch Yang's cheek.*
  • Yang: OW! What was that for!?
  • Blake: THAT was for using the fact I gave you my virginity to bait Adam for this plan to work. *Blake said with her ears straight back with frustration before they returns to normal as she spoke softly.* And this is to thank you. *Blake then turned Yang's face towards her and gently yet passionately kissed her girlfriend's lips.*
  • Yang: *Once they broke apart Yang couldn't help but grin happily.* It was my pleasure.
  • *The rest of team Rwby and jnr along with police arrived shortly after, stopping the white fang and arrested Adam. Afterward, Yang and Blake returned to the Inn they were staying in and slepted the entire night cuddling in eachothers arms.*
My theory on The Heir's ending...
  • This is the first time in my fiction-reading life that I cannot choose or predict with confidence who I think would ultimately end up with the protagonist.
  • ((Curse you Kiera for creating such adorable guy contestants!!!))
  • But my bet is that Eadlyn would ultimately choose between Kile and Erik, two of the guys I believe she has the most chemistry with, but at the same time both have to overcome respective conflicts to be together.
  • To be honest, when we were first introduced to Kile, a guy Eadlyn wouldn't want to be with who happened to be Marlee's son and was conveniently placed into the Selection, my first reaction was "Oh no, this love story is gonna be sooooo predictable."
  • But as the story went by, I felt myself rooting for Kidlyn. Unlike Aspen in the first trilogy, Kile was interestingly different and quite out of the norm from the regular predictable love interests. His chemistry with Eadlyn during the Selection was surprisingly exciting, although for now it's mostly physical.
  • Kile might fall for Eadlyn for real. But we all know he's not the type who would want to be roped down by the Royal Family, and he's made that very clear. People may think that since Kile's the "childhood friend", he'd automatically belong to the trope where he'd never in a million years be chosen in the end by the protagonist.
  • What they don't understand is that Kile doesn't exactly fit that trope. Sure they grew up together, but up until the Selection, they didn't like being with each other. In fact, both abhorred the thought of them getting paired together (I really think either Josie or Marlee put his name in the Selection).
  • But unlike the "Childhood Friend" trope, Kile isn't a bland character who you would immediately toss away as soon as you find out he's in love with the protagonist.
  • And unlike the "Hate-At-First-Sight-Which-Turns-To-Love" trope AKA the Tsundere type, Kile DOES know the real Eadlyn, mostly her negative side, and honestly it's more or less justified. And he's DEFINITELY not pissing her off because that's how he shows his affection.
  • He said it himself, he let his frustration for being trapped into the castle walls into his actions towards Eadlyn.
  • His actions are quite understandable, and it's great how even though he's known as someone Eadlyn grew up with, we're still getting to know this love interest, and only during the Selection did both Eadlyn and Kile realize that there really is more to a person when you get stuck in some bad situation.
  • Plus, they'd make a really good Designer couple <3 they could collaborate and make beautiful creations together!
  • Erik, while a part of me hoped that he didn't start developing romantic feelings for Eadlyn in this book (I wanted a slow, gradual pace. But I still ship them too), I knew that something was going to happen between the two the moment they first met.
  • As their relationship developed, especially when Erik led Eadlyn to safety during the Kitchen wars, I began thinking "Oh, maybe there really is hope between these two!".
  • Erik has somewhat became Eadlyn's safety blanket during the Selection, a genuine friend who has no ulterior or romantic motives to become close to her, which is what exactly Eadlyn needs at this time. I don't know if Eadlyn realized that her feelings for Erik have turned romantic, but it's obvious that Erik has fallen for her.
  • Except (gasp!) He's not part of the Selection. The only reason he's there was to be Henri's translator (whom I absolutely love in this book! Henri's just an adorable sweetie pie!). It's clear that this guy's struggling between the rules and his feelings, also since he adores Henri as well.
  • Which brings him into the same category as Kile in which either one of the two contenders or Eadlyn would have to sacrifice something huge in order to be with Eadlyn.
  • The easiest route for Eadlyn would definitely be choosing either Hale or Ean. But we know these two would never really have a chance, although I guess we can't say for sure about Ean but we'd definitely know that it wouldn't be because of love.
  • Henri... as much as I love him, he's never gonna be it (although a little part of me wants him to be The One).
  • It all boils down to Kile and Erik, two people whom Eadlyn would have to sacrifice for if she decides to choose either of them.
  • So my theory about the conclusion is... *drumroll please*
  • That Eadlyn would NOT become Illea's future Queen.
  • I believe that the crown would be passed down to Kaden.
  • There MUST be a reason why Eadlyn keeps complaining about having this responsibility, and why Kaden seems to be so wise and knowledgeable about the kingdom's problems WITHOUT being forced to, even moreso than Eadlyn.
  • Simple as that, if Eadlyn abdicates the throne, then there wouldn't be a problem with her choosing either Kile or Erik.
  • Now I know this would not sit well with some readers especially feminists or plain ol' readers who're sick of seeing female protagonists throw their rationality out for love.
  • I mean, why would she give up the throne (not to mention becoming the first female ruler of Illea) for a bunch of losers whom she's fallen in love with???
  • Well, I would've been the first to complain if it weren't for the fact that Eadlyn keeps complaining and complaining about becoming Queen to the point of irritating me.
  • If anything, the fact that she's the future Queen isn't something positive for her even though it's supposed to be. Rather, it destroyed something inside her that could've made her happier as a human being even without romance to think about.
  • Not every person is fit to rule a kingdom or rather feels forced to do the job but is somewhat failing. It just so happens that Eady's one of them, and coincidentally she's female.
  • I'm not trying to put down women since I'm a girl myself. What I'm trying to say is that man or woman, this could happen to anyone. It's just a cause of bad timing.
  • So in conclusion, I think Eady's not going to be The Heir. She may choose a guy during the end of the Selection, but that doesn't guarantee that everything will sail as smoothly as Maxon and America's love story.
  • Now returning back to Kile and Erik, although it's really difficult to decide whom Eadlyn might end up with, I'd have to say that I'm leaning a tad bit more to Kile.
  • It can't be a coincidence that America and Marlee's offsprings are given a chance to develop feelings, or the fact that both are interested in designing (granted, in different courses) and freedom beyond the castle walls.
  • Erik may be a really nice guy whose understanding, comforting personality compliments Eadlyn's rather outwardly harsh but surprisingly fragile personality.
  • But Eadlyn might not really need that anymore when she's free of her reign.
  • Kile already understands Eadlyn, not to mention they have been technically living together since they were babies. They'd definitely relate to each other more than Erik would, and seeing their progress in The Heir, it wouldn't be so far-fetched to see them grow together until they just couldn't bear to leave the other.
  • So there. That's my take on how The Heir series would end, or rather who Eadlyn would end up with. Note that this is only a theory and does not have to be taken seriously.
  • All this aside... HOW CAN I WAIT ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR FOR THE NEXT BOOK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

emersonwatts  asked:

"I was afraid that you didn't care about me."

“I can do this myself, you know.”

“Yeah, sure, if you don’t want to breathe properly for the rest of the day. Just hold still, this won’t take long.”

Annoyed, Nico lets out a huff, but slowly lifts his arm, wincing as his ribs ache in protest. Beside him, Percy lets out a low whistle at the sight of his bruised side; it must look particularly awful in the camp fire’s flickering light.

“You’re so fussy. Last time I take hit from a hydra for you,” Nico jokes darkly, idly studying his scraped knuckles on his other hand. His nails dig into his palm when Percy’s calloused hands gently touch his side, feeling for cracked ribs, and he fights the urge to lean into the older man’s touch.

“Pretty sure you said that after you got those empousa bites too, yet here you are again,” Percy chides. “Stop being my human shield and take care of yourself, will ya? Annabeth will kill me if I bring you home all beat up again.”

Percy’s hands pull away, and Nico peeks through his eyelashes at the other man, watching as he digs through their dwindling first aid kit and pulls out a roll of tape. He measures off a length, and rips it off the roll with his teeth. Not the most hygienic of options, but they don’t have a lot of other choices deep in the wilderness like this.

“Well, maybe if you’d watch your back for once,” Nico grumbles halfheartedly, but he knows Percy’s right.

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You’re just a number 8/?

Summary: AU Some say it was fate, others say luck, most say it was just a wrong number (basically Caroline and Stefan meet over a text sent to the wrong number)


The whole room grew silent, the hustle and bustle of people leaving the hotel slowly fading away as her eyes locked on the figure in front of her. Her breath hitched in her throat as she absorbed every inch of him, his hair perfectly quaffed, his dimples forming as he smiled, his suit that carved the outline of his body, he was utterly beautiful. It was strange for her to think that this caring and charming man was in love with her. After 5 minutes of just staring she had fully excepted that yes, it was possible to fall in love with someone you had never met. 


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