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Hello hello hello ! I’m looking for friends and blogs to follow. I follow back and want to get back to my fandoms. I am in these fandoms so I post about : 

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I am also looking for anything with fanart , aesthetic , memes , video games and ocs. Please reblog this post ! I lost my followers when I deleted my old account by accident.

Wanna know my thoughts about the timing for releasing Harry’s ad?

I don’t think Baby2 was going to get much press coverage in the US, because a) no one outside of this fandom really knows who Cheryl is and b) like everyone used to say about louis, the GP may generally know who Liam is, but he’s not a big name on his own. But, it would probably be major news in the UK, and Harry dropping his ad right after would help take those headlines/stories/water cooler talk away a bit. (I’m not in the UK so I might be totally off base with this.) But that’s exactly what it did in my corner of the fandom. Again, I don’t follow *a lot* of Liam or Niall blogs, but from what I’ve seen that’s what happened. 

And, it’s not like Louis was going to get headlines for doing Ultra. He wasn’t a headliner. He wasn’t a performer. He did one song (I’m so proud of him! He did so good!) but like that’s not… NEWS that a major news outlet is really going to report on outside of probably like EDM sites. I really can’t remember a time when something minor scheduled to happen at a festival made major headlines after the fact.

So I don’t think they’re fighting for the same market space with those two events. 

Seems to me like both the Liam and Harry news piggybacked** off a time when they knew at least a portion of the fandom would be online and actively engaged; and then harry was able to overshadow the Liam news while also indirectly giving money to Simon’s competitor. (It aired during The Voice.)

And those of us online and ready for Louis’ performance were all still able to watch Louis because it happened 2(?) hours before. It’s not like it happened 15mins before. And it maybe could have brought more people to the Louis performance–if they were online to talk about Harry but their dash was an echoing cavern of the same gif and picture reblogs, maybe they’d take a few minutes to watch when it started.

Anyway, I think this was super smart coordination and i want to applaud whoever came up with it.

** This is also reminiscent of the Brits voting when Louis told everyone to tweet and then lots of people 1D adjacent tweeted about it. I think they know that Louies will fight for him and back him and are actively engaged in every move he makes. I think piggybacking off of Louis and Louies on Saturday was a super smart move.  

like i remember when pop culture first came out and i kinda flipped??? and i was like super new to edm and went to my dad and asked him wtf is this how does this work and my dad went like oh its a sampler you know i used to have stuff like that??? that day i learned that my dad knows stuff about music production and worked as an actual sound guy on gigs and stuff???

long story short ive finally brought myself a launchpad and im cryING