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remember when it was 2004 and you were a deeply closeted canadian preteen and you listened to this album b/c you thought it would make you look cool (and it DID make you look cool) and this song definitely resonated with your feelings of adolescent inadequacy and inexplicable alienation from your peers and your family but also the whole time you were kind of just like, man i wish the main singer in this band had a better voice :/, and then you would go back to listening to hannah montana and high school musical? but then when you were 17 and you’d been reading pitchfork for a couple years and you owned the first vampire weekend album on CD so you were a little more inoculated against indie singers with weird voices, you came back to it and you were like, “holy shit” and then for a solid year of your life you listened to funeral and neon bible and the suburbs and nothing else. and then you got really excited for reflektor but it ended up being kind of shit so you sort of fell off the wagon until it was time for album #5 and you initially didn’t care at all but then you put on funeral again and heard those first tinkling piano notes and you were like, okay yeah, arcade fire owns this ass and has owned it for 13-ish years? remember when

When she finally finds Nymeria again, or Nymeria finds her, and she of course wants her to come back home with her and be her loyal companion again, but Nymeria’s found her own life.

oh these dumb motherfuckers lol. the direwolves were never simple “companions” for the stark children. “these wolves are more than wolves YOU MUST KNOW THAT”!!!!!! they’re actual extensions of their souls. they’re bonded that deeply. its a marriage! they wed for life! the old gods sent them to the starklings to protect them which is more important during winter than ever before but these idiot writers just write them off with bullshit fake deep excuses. when the least they could do is just being honest and say they can’t afford to keep them in tbh. because they’re hugely crucial aspects to the stark kids character arcs so the fact that they’re all been ignored reflects how wrong they’re doing their stories. 

nymeria can’t be too wild for arya. she’ can’t have her own life. they’re two halves of the same whole. they belong together. 

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u moved? what kinda place r u at now?

yup! since I couldnt get the loans i needed to go back to school this semester, I moved out of my mom’s house and about an hour south into my girlfriend’s house. it’s a really big and really old 2 story 3 bedroom house in the middle of fuck-nowhere. We’re splitting rent but thankfully it’s super super cheap cause the landlord is a close friend of my gf’s family. The last renter was a compulsive hoarder and the house was in really fucked up shape when my gf first moved in, but she’s done a TON of work to fix it up all by herself, im really proud of her. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to live here, like…. a queer WoC and a white trans woman, in their 20s, living in a HOUSE… in 2017… paying their own rent…. like i can’t believe i’m even standing here right now, i’m absolutely amazed and incredibly grateful

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ive been struggling with my focus and memory and i show a lot of/most symptoms of ADHD-inattentive type, so i talked to my parents about it and we set up an appointment to do a screening and the only thing the doctor asked me was if i did well in school?? and when i said i was an A-B average student, he said that "i didnt struggle enough" in school to have ADHD and i feel like hes wrong??? should i go back for another screening or just not?

Yeah, he’s wrong. WTF. That’s not a part of the diagnostic criteria at all. I hate when doctors do this. Insist on a proper screening. (My GP tried to pull that on me when I asked him for a referral at age 28. He was an asshole. I fired him and found a new doctor.)


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hi dads my best friend texted me recently saying that i’m flaky, and that i’m hurting her feelings by cancelling plans all the time. i cancel because of social anxiety and because i have a back disease that makes me bedridden some days. we haven’t spoken since then, and i’m really nervous that when we go back to school in a month it’s going to be awkward because it feels like we aren’t even friends anymore. what do i do?

Oof, looks like you’re in a bit of a tricky situation there, kiddo. Balancing the wants and needs of both yourself and others can get exceptionally difficult when the venn diagram of what you want to do and what you are able to do becomes anything more than a circle. Now as to what you should do:

Honestly, your old man is a little split on this one. Part of me wants to say that a friend who isn’t willing to understand your disability is not a friend worth having. As your dad, I feel like you deserve better, like you shouldn’t have to deal with people who make your life more difficult than it already is. The tough thing here is that while your friend doesn’t seem to be behaving fairly, it doesn’t seem like you’re setting whatever boundaries are best for you either. And that isn’t a judgement, by the way- setting boundaries is hard. But don’t worry, you can do this!

My advice would be to talk to her, and to start off by thanking her for being so patient. Even if she hasn’t been, it’s important to make sure she knows that you recognize how you needing to cancel sometimes makes her upset. That said, try not to apologize quite yet; you haven’t done anything wrong in putting your health first. Once that’s done, see if you can’t find a compromise. Are there any activities that you can do together that don’t risk your well being? Think things that you can do while bedridden- watching movies together online, playing a game you both enjoy, or anything else that will keep you two connected without putting you at risk. 

If she isn’t willing to compromise, then it might be best for you to take a break from her. You don’t have to end your friendship with her forever, but you have to make it clear that if she values your feelings and not just her own your friendship, she needs to work with you here. Now remember, there’s still a whole nother month of summer around the corner. If you don’t start talking to her right away, you can still bring it up after a week or two of taking some time for yourself. If you don’t talk to her, that’s also an alright choice- but that doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for. 

Oh, and honey? We’re proud of you for caring about your friend and still trying to find ways to have a good, healthy friendship. Take it from us, people aren’t easy. But that’s okay, cause you’ve clearly got a big heart, and we’ll happily stand by you as you navigate your way through whatever difficult situations you find yourself in. 

-Dad Alexander

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Imagine of Eric cheating on you, so you break up with him and you run to Dylan for comfort, and that's when he confesses his feelings for you? But after he tells you, Eric starts trying to win you back?

I had another Eric cheating request so I’ll just going to combine the two❤️

You were going over to see Eric as a surprise. He had just came home from visiting family in another state for a couple weeks and you had missed him so much. You had already rung him mom to make sure it was okay and she agreed, telling you it’ll just be Eric home but to just go straight in.

You dressed up nicely, putting in an effort. You wanted to make your boyfriend happy, so going all out seemed like a good thing.

When you had eventually finished getting ready you left the your house, and started to make your way over to Eric’s. Nerves and excitement filled you. You hadn’t see Eric in what seemed like forever and you wanted this to be special.

It felt like an eternity to get there. But you eventually did. You quickly climbed out the car, going to the trunk and getting out the donuts, vodka and music. You couldn’t wait to see his reaction and spend some quality time with him.

After getting the items, you slammed the trunk with your spare hand and practically ran up his drive to the front door. You knew he’d be in his room, but you pressed your ear to the door anyways just to make sure he wasn’t in the living room.

Once you knew it was clear, you carefully opened the door, a smile spread across your face, and made your way over to the entrance of the basement and slowly opened the door, being carefully not the make any noise.

You then proceeded down the steps still being quite. Eventually the last step came and you took a deep breathe, getting ready to surprise Eric.

But what you saw next surprised you instead.

Eric was there. With a girl. In bed.

You just stood there, mouth open, as they shared an intimate moment. It seemed the blood was drained from your body and you were numb. Your heart gave a kick beat before it stopped. You were dizzy and everything was just blank.

How could the love of your life do this to you? After everything the two of you had been through. He just throw it all away. You had no idea why.

Eric still hadn’t realised your presence until the girl opened her eyes and saw you, she quickly pushed Eric away with alert in her eyes.

Tears had already filled yours as he turned to look at you, still covered by the bed sheets. You had no control over anything.

You dropped everything. The vodka smashed to the ground and formed a puddle. The white box was ruined and the cds had broke.

“Y/N!” He said, shock apparent on his face.

You turned away from him and ran up the stairs and into the living room. He followed you up and had put on boxers in the process.

“Y/N wait! I’m so sorry!” He shouted after you.

“Fuck you Eric. I hate you!” You yelled back and ran to your car.

“Please stop! I can explain! Please baby. I love you so much!” He said, it looked like he was crying. But you didn’t care. You just hid the pedal and drove off, sobbing.

You wish you had just been in a car crash that very second. You wanted to die. It felt like the whole world had been destroyed and you were just left, lonely and desperate with no one.

Then it sprung to your mind. There was always someone who cared for you when Eric couldn’t and constantly looked out for you. He’d know what to do.

/ / / / /

“Y/N? Are you okay,” A confused but concerned Dylan opened the door.

“Dylan,” you cried,“I don’t know what to do!”

“It’s okay, just come inside,” he pulled you in and you both went up to his room,“What’s happened.

You both sat in the bed and you tried to catch your breath,“E-Eric….he cheated on me,”

“What? No. He wouldn’t,” he said in disbelief.

“He did! I went over to surprise him…a-and he was there…with some girl I don’t even know in bed together,” you started to cry again. It was too much for you to handle.

“W-what?….like…doing it?” He asked.

“Yes,” you looked down at your lap,“Am I not good enough for him? Am I not giving him what he needs? What’s wrong with me Dylan?”

He quickly grabbed your hand,“Nothing is wrong with you, I promise. It’s him. He’s a fucking jack ass, a stupid one. Why would he ruin things with you? You’re fucking perfect”

You looked at him with big eyes. Right now that’s exactly what you needed to hear. It felt good to know somebody admired you.

“Thank you so much Dylan,” you were still crying but you wrapped your arms around him as he rubbed your back. He made you feel calm and protected, like everything was going to be okay.

“Eric doesn’t deserve you. You deserve someone who really loves you,” he mumbled into your head.

“No one likes me. Why would they?” You were getting his shirt wet.

“That’s a fucking lie,” he said, semi angrily.

“What?” You laughed,“No it’s not,”

He pulled you away from him but held your wrists,“I like you…okay? I like you so much. I know you wouldn’t like me back. But you should know that someone likes you. And respects you,”

“Dylan…I like you too…you mean so much to me…you are perfect in every way and I can tell how much you care about me. But even if we did go out. What about Eric. Imagine how pissed he would be. I’d have betrayed him just like he did with me. I don’t think it would work. Not right now anyways. But I love you a lot okay?” You placed your hands on his knees.

“I love you t-” he got cut off by loud knocking and then the door opening and footsteps coming up the stairs. You pulled away from Dylan and stared at you lap again.

“Dylan…man I fucked up so much” A familiar voice shouted out before the door burst open.

Eric. He stood there. Fully clothed this time. His cheeks and eyes red and the rest of his face pale.

“Y/N…I’m so sorry…please let me explain myself. I love you so much,” he walked over to you and knelt down, holding your hand.

You pulled it away and refused to look at him.

You heard him sigh before Dylan spoke,“Eric…you should leave,”

“W-what?” He stared at his bestfriend with disbelief.

“Leave.” Dylan said more abruptly.

“Dylan you don’t understand. I need to talk to her,” Eric stood up shaking.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you. Look at what you’ve done to her,” Dylan stood up and towered over Eric.

“Whatever,” Eric muttered to Dylan before speaking to you,“Y/N…baby, I’m so sorry. I love you so much. I’m going to explain this to you eventually. Please be okay. Nothing meant anything. Okay?”

He looked at me for a few seconds and because you just ignored him, he kissed my forehead and walked away.

When he left and his car drove off, Dylan sat back down,“Are you okay y/n?”

“I will be…thank you Dylan,” you kissed his cheek and stood up,“I should go home. I’ll ring you later,”


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A/N: I had to be nice to Rowoon this time around. He’s too tall. Mari comes back from vacation today and Admin Bee is a mess so here’s this to make up for not posting anything Sunday.

  • So first when I say I come up with weird scenarios in my head I mean it
  • This is also bullet point because I’m too lazy to write a full scenario for this and I am on vacation while writing it so
  • We’re gonna say you’re in highschool and you have to go and get volunteer hours outside of your school in order to stay in the honor society bc I’ve been there and done that
  • Your teachers are helpful and they give you various in school opportunities but with the new semester beginning you know you really need those out of school hours
  • Your parents and your aunt are talking about it at some family gathering and your aunt says “oh you can help out at your cousin’s school since that will count” and you think ok cool and ask what you’d have to do and your aunt replies “you’d help run one of the tables at the fair the school is holding to raise money”
  • And you agree because you were promised the leftover cookies

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do you have any links or accounts that are for motivating and preparing to get back to school? i'm honestly one of the laziest people when it comes to school and i don't want to be it just is how i am lol :( i looked through your faq and didn't see anything like this but maybe i didn't look hard enough?? if so sorry and i will look again! love your account btw it's so relaxing to go through and you're so down to earth 😊

pls check out my motivation + advice tag!! there’s lots of masterposts there as well as motivational quotes that should hopefully help u get back into the swing of things 💞  ps thank u for reading the faq ur a gem!!!! and skfdgjslkdfjgldfg thank u so much omg ur too nice :((

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Hey! I've been loving all your posts about conversion. I've been thinking about converting since I was about ten, and I keep coming back to the idea again and again. If it's not too personal to ask, how did you decide conversion was right for you, and how did you go about finding a synagogue and rabbi?

It was sort of a weird breakthrough for me. But I looked into different religions and the idea of atheism before I decided anything. When I was in middle school and high school I considered Islam (which I still have a great love and admiration for), but I realized it wasn’t quite right for me. I learned a lot about norse polytheism from my former roommate, and again, I have a great admiration for norse polytheism but I discovered through looking into that religion that I’m very much a monotheist and that one of my issues with Christianity was that it wasn’t monotheistic enough. Judaism I had been interested in for years, since elementary school and really what stopped me from converting earlier was I still lived with my parents and I wasn’t ready nor courageous enough.

What made me start my journey towards Judaism was the last time I went to church with my mother (who is still Christian). She goes to an Episcopal church and you say the nicene creed every Sunday as the basic affirmation of the Christian faith, and I couldn’t say it that day. I realized I believed in none of the basic principles of Christianity and it was ingenuous to pretend otherwise. And I felt this TUG in my chest and the only thing I could think was “you need to talk to a rabbi, you need to see for sure if Judaism is right for you.” So I started talking with Jewish friends and exploring the different sects of Judaism and found that reform really aligned so closely with what I personally believed about g-d.

The first synagogue event I went to was Torah study, and Torah study is so infinitely different from any Christian bible study I’ve ever been to. I could argue with g-d, disagree and be angry with them or the idea of them, and that meant the world. It solidified my decision after talking with my rabbi.

So while that moment in church was a breakthrough, there was a lot leading up to it, and my rabbi still tells me that even though I want to convert, there is no pressure and I can back out whenever or find a different rabbi if I need (I love my rabbi but it’s great that he’s leaving the door open).

Deciding to convert is a very personal decision and will be different for every person. The point is that there is no rush, do your research, talk with a rabbi or different rabbis, listen to what you need.

Oh and for me it was pretty straightforward to find a rabbi as there is only one synagogue in my town, the reform one I attend, and a conservative chavurah. I knew that I wanted either a reform or Reconstructionist synagogue after doing research and since the reform was in my town and I like Reform Judaism, I chose that, but my rabbi has offered to get me in touch with conservative or orthodox rabbis in other towns if I’m ever interested.

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Hi Kalyn, I first of want to say that I love you very much, and your videos. Some days when I'm down or just in a bad mood, I go straight to one of your videos and my mood is 100 percent better :-) So I have watched ALOT of your coffee talks even on your vlog channel. I'm going into high school this year and I just feel like it's going to be a big slap in the face, and I'm not sure how to stop having this fear. Any ideas?

Imagine yourself 5 -10 - even 20 years from now looking back on your high school years.  You’ll appreciate the growth that took place, the challenges you faced and the person it made you.  This includes overcoming the initial fear of going in the first place.  The thing about high school is these are going to be some of the best years of your life and some of the most eye opening.  You’re about to learn so much about yourself, create so much more character within yourself and create memories you’ll look back on for a lifetime.  You have absolutely nothing to fear and everything to look forward to.  These are some of your only selfish years.  To be in that sweet spot of freedom without too much responsibility.  Look at this as a new beginning or chapter in your life.  A chance to reinvent yourself and start becoming more of the person you aspire to be.  An opportunity to make new lifetime friends and set new goals and ultimately move into the chapter that takes you to the rest of your life.  Soak it all up, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  

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As much as I want Alex to live I personally don't think they'll go in that direction because the show is about how committing suicide can have drastic permanent changes and how it can ruin everyone in your life's life if they made Alex survive it's gonna not only be unrealistic but also kinda back track the whole message of the show anyway like idk maybe he does survive but this is my personal opinion

I don’t mean to disagree with you here, because I understand what you’re saying. But, I think keeping Alex alive would be perfect. They’ve already gone through the story of what happens when you successfully commit suicide, but what happens when you’re not successful? What happens when you go back to school to the same people who made you feel like shit? What happens to your family, friends, enemies, teachers, future. How does the therapy go, and how to people change the way they act towards you.

The crew of 13rw talk about wanting the keep the suicide discussion going, I’m afraid if they kill Alex they won’t have anymore new points to make, and that the conversation will die down. That’s the last thing they want. I might be biased, because I love Alex, but I think it’d be a horrible mistake to kill him off. However, it’d also be sucky if they just had him miraculously recover, with no rehabilitation or anything, because I’m sure a bullet in the head would have some impact on his brain

“I always wanted to be a mental health therapist.  Ever since high school, I’ve enjoyed encouraging people and giving them hope.  But I lost my way.  I got caught in a world of addiction.  I lost ten years of my life to drugs.  I stopped when I became pregnant with my child, but by that time it was too late to go back to school.  I started working as an office manager.  I never completely lost my dream.  But I just put it on a shelf for thirty years.  Then five years ago I to…ok it off the shelf.  I heard a lady in my choir talking about how she enrolled in community college.  I drove there the very next day.  I was so nervous when I filled out the application.  I was so nervous the first day of class.  All the old voices were telling me: ‘You never finish anything.’  But I said ‘fuck you’ to the old voices.  And I started getting A’s.  On my first test, I got the only perfect score in the class.  I graduated at the age of 50.  I got my Masters at 55.  And just last night I completed a mental health first aid course.  I’m so close now.  There’s still fear there.  I used to be afraid of it never happening.  Now I’m afraid of it happening.  The old voices try to come back sometimes.  They tell me: ‘You can rest,’ or ‘You’ve earned a break.’  But I’m not stopping this time.  Somebody out there is waiting for me to finish because they need my help.“


Even “casually wearing my boyfriend’s clothes long before we were official Bech Naesheim

The new school year is slowly but surely approaching, so I wanted to make a list of some things that could help you to prepare for the new school year and make going back to school easier. 

1. Start fixing your sleep schedule early
We all love to sleep in late during the summer, but once school starts we cannot really stay up until 3am and still be in bed at 11am. Try to start fixing your sleep schedule at least two weeks before school starts. Start with going to bed 30 minutes earlier or sleep with the blinds open. 

2. Finish all summer homework
Please, please, pretty please, finish your summer homework as early as possible. You will be so happy and feel so relaxed when you don’t have to rush finishing your summer homework and pull an all-nighter during the first week.

3. Buy new school supplies
No matter how much you hate school, getting new school supplies just feels so good! You don’t need to get anything fancy (or expensive), even something as little as a new pen or a notebook can make you feel so ready for school.

4. Clean your room/study space
By cleaning, I don’t mean pushing your papers and notebooks to the back of the closet. Go through every single box and drawer and throw away everything that you don’t need. You will feel so much better when your room and/or study space is clean and not full of old papers and pens that don’t even work. 

5. Do some pre-reading
You don’t have to read the whole textbook before your class starts or do anything crazy like that. Something as simple as reading the titles and subtitles, or summaries of the chapters will help you to get an idea of what you will study during the year.