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HC where the Russian team plans a surprise birthday party for Yakov and Yuuri has to distract him for the afternoon

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Headcannon: Yuuri talks to JJ after his panic attack at the Grand Prix, and they become Anxiety Bros and good friends. All the other skaters get jealous when only Yuuri and Viktor are invited to JJ's wedding, but they eventually realize that they were kind of jerks to him and apologize. (and Phichit gets #JJStyle trending)

Yesssss <3 Omg I love this so much!!!

I’ve been headcanoning them as anxiety bros since episode 11 and just…them getting along is the purest thing ever <3

JJ probably didn’t want to invite Viktor at first either, but Yuuri is one of his closest friends now, and he knows they’re a package deal. Yuuri being there on his special day is far more important to him than his discomfort around Viktor, who (along with all the other skaters) has admittedly treated him like shit until then.

EDIT: I made a short comic on this AU that you can read!

An idea I’ve been kicking around while waiting for the final episode but

once Viktor and Yuuri retire (for real real.  I feel like they’ll be the Peyton Mannings of ice skating) they move into a little house back in Hasetsu and visit the Ice Castle from time to time to skate together.  The triplets let them have the rink to themselves before they open on the weekends.

Hana is a young skater who trains at Hasetsu and dreams of competing but her family doesn’t really have the funds to get her proper coaching, so when Hana sees these two skating she insists on them coaching her.  I feel like she wouldn’t exactly know WHO they are for a while (until everyone swarms them at her first competition like HOLY FUCK IT’S VIKTOR NIKIFOROV AND YUURI KATSUKI) bc to her they’re just the disgustingly over-affectionate old couple who live by the beach with their billion poodles.  Hana basically becomes their unofficial granddaughter.

I guess this AU-thingy is called Hana!!! on Ice


Tbh I’m slightly perplexed by Yuuri’s parents when it comes to skating. Their son is arguably the top Japanese skater. And his room looks like this:

So how does Toshiya not recognize Victor??? (even if he’s more into soccer)

Meanwhile, Hiroko jumped straight to Vicchan within hours of meeting him.

That is really informal for a guest at the inn.

UNLESS Hiroko has had to put up with years of Yuuri hero-worshipping Victor, giving him pocket money to buy posters and magazines of Victor, cleaning his room and going “Oh, look, Yuuri has put up another poster of Victor”, dealing with his sudden desire for a poodle (because come on, parents are usually the ones who actually take care of pets), smiling along as Yuuri gets all excited and shiny-eyed watching Victor skate on TV, listening bemusedly as Yuuri rambles on and on about Victor’s skating “first he did a quad loop, then he did a lutz, then…” while having no clue what her son is saying but only that he is happy.

Which will explain her expression after The KissTM

She may know nothing about skating but she knows her son. And she knows what makes him happy. 

#best mom ever

I love how the entire plot of Yuri on Ice went from 

“Depressed Japanese figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, has his idol, world champion Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov fall in love with him when he becomes his coach after seeing a viral video of him skating to one of his routines”


“World champion Russian figure skater, Viktor Nikiforov, falls in love with a drunk Japanese figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, at a banquet party and decides to become his coach a few months after not having seen him, upon seeing a viral video of him skating to one of his routines, ultimately making Yuri fall in love with him as well.” 

In just one plot twist.

  • <p> <b>Yuri:</b> I've been thinking and... Maybe what they say about Victor is true. I'm just one more of his-<p/><b>Phichit [get's serious] :</b> Really?<p/><b>Yuri:</b> ...<p/><b>Phichit:</b> are you serious?<p/><b>Phichit:</b> he saw you perform one of his routines and in less than 10 days he sold his apartment, shipped his stuff to Japan, took his dog, spent more than 4,000 dollars on a 10hr flight and dedicated himself to only you when literally the whole world wanted him back.<p/><b>Phichit:</b> the best figure skater in the world is by your side and hasn't asked you for a penny yet<p/><b>Phichit [cries] :</b> it's called love you lucky bastard.<p/></p>

Okay, so my mom also watches Yuri on Ice and I just wanted to share something about her reaction to episode 9.

In general, she loves the anime - the skating, the animation, the characters, the humor, just everything. She says it’s her favorite and the best anime she’s ever seen (she watched like 20 other series upon my recommendation, including all the big sports anime). When I asked her for her thoughts on episode 7 she said she really liked it and she liked the way they handled Yuuri’s anxiety and his fight with Victor and all the other skaters. Then I asked her about the kiss (she didn’t initially notice that it was kiss and thought it was just a hug) and she said “Well, I think it was really nice how Victor ran to Yuuri and tackled him out of joy and everything but I’m not really into watching two guys kiss.” This saddened me a little, but I couldn’t really be mad at my mom and I ended up explaining why it’s a big event and in the end she understood and said that it was actually really cool of them to do that.

Now, when she watched episode 9 I didn’t have to pry to get her to speak. She called me on the phone (we live in different countries at the moment) when she finished the episode and just went “Okay, this was a really moving episode. I really loved Michele’s Free Skate and the part when Yurio went out and found Yuuri and gave him the Japanese-style pirozhki and tried to comfort him and and the last scene in the airport where Yuuri and Victor locked eyes the moment they saw each other and just desperately ran into each other’s arms, that was really sweet, and and then Yuuri asked him to be his coach until he retires and Victor said that he wants him to never retire and God, it was just so sweeeeet. They’re so sweet and beautiful.”

And I think that’s the proof that love wins. That a single scene can make my 58-year-old mom recognize a gay couple and call it “sweet and beautiful” and actually call me up just to fangirl and squeal (I shit you not when I say she squealed) about how she loved the scene and was moved by it.

Sometimes we don’t need explicit kiss scenes to prove that our ships are real and beautiful. Sometimes a really well-made scene of being reunited at the airport will be the thing that makes the real difference.

What if Viktor’s arm isn’t censorship but an artistic decision? As in it’s his choice to hide the full view of the kiss.

They’re on international television and the kiss is a last minute decision Viktor makes with the intent of surprising Yuuri. I don’t watch a lot of competitive figure skating, but I’m fairly certain there’s a camera when skaters get off the rink to film their reactions. Basically what I’m saying is, Viktor’s arm is there as a way of self-censorship - he’s protecting them from the glare of the cameras because it’s a private moment.

  • what they say: I'm fine.
  • what they really mean: victor probably fell in love with yuuri during the banquet a year ago and that would mean that the advances that he made on yuuri weren't just pointless flirting, he probably thought that yuuri remembered that night as well but he didn't and that's why victor was so shocku when yuuri said that he didn't remember.victor didn't go to Japan to coach some random skater on a whim. he said that yuuri gave him both life and love, the two things that he had been lacking for the past 20years and that's how much he loves yuuri. fuck. fuck. fuck they've been canon since day1. fuck.
What If...?

I don’t usually like to come up with theories myself, but I was wondering about the scene in Episode 10 when all of the skaters were walking towards the ice rink and the intense “build-up” music was playing in the background. 

The writers really like doing that subtle foreshadowing thing, so what if the way they’re ordered here is correlated to their upcoming ranking? 

JJ gets sixth. Makes sense at this point, since he suffered a huge blow during his last skate, and I’m not sure that he can make up the points now. (Sorry JJ)

Chris gets 5th. Maybe that mysterious suited guy (the one who “comes too early” (yeah nice subtlety writers)) will have something to do with his performance? The man seems like an extremely random character to throw in last moment, and the implications almost make it seem like he’s Chris’s lover. Maybe something will happen between them that messes with Chris’s performance?

OR, MORE LIKELY, Chris may just end up losing the motivation he once had while he was competing with Victor. It’s said multiple times that they tend to thrive off of one another, and if Victor isn’t there, maybe his will to fight will diminish. 

Otabek gets 4th. We still haven’t seen his free skate, and we still don’t know much about him, but they certainly haven’t built him up as much as the other skaters (at least in my opinion). So honestly, I can’t really see him coming in on the podium. Frankly, if he does, I think a lot of people would be disappointed, since he seems to exist as a device (I’M SORRY I STILL LOVE YOU) for Yuri’s development. 

Phichit gets 3rd. Personally, I would just love to see him next to Yuuri - they’ve shown us how long these two have been together as friends, and now that we’ve seen more of Phichit’s backstory (PRECIOUS BBY), this seems more likely. Of course, this correlates with my HAMSTER META THEORY where phichit is gripping his “bronze” hamster: (I KNOW I’M FCKN PATHETIC OK)


Yurio comes in second. It would make sense considering he just broke Viktor’s world record. I’m almost 100% certain that this angry muffin isn’t going to get gold, because he’s simply too young and he’ll have plenty of opportunities to try and receive it in the future, as opposed to Yuuri or Chris, who are much older. And then, finally…

Yuuri takes the gold with a perfect performance of Yuri on Ice! It would make sense, since he’s flubbed his free skate every single time we’ve seen it (not usually to a huge extent, but enough). If it’s true that he and Victor’s story (whether it be as coach/student or otherwise) is coming to a close, and is no longer developing, I’m guessing this means that Yuri on Ice is going to be finally complete, and he’ll pull off his best performance yet. 

I didn’t really think much of this scene until they threw this at us again in the final OP in the same order, starting with JJ and ending with Yuuri.

So, really, I wonder if the writers are trying to point something out to us? Or maybe I’m just over-analyzing like everyone else haha. 

OK THIS PIECE OF FANART HERE MADE ME THINK, WHAT IF VICTOR WAS ACTUALLY FORCED TO CUT HIS HAIR (totally doing a blind guess here), but just what if… we know he’s had long hair for some time now, and he’s 27, so there might have been a period of time when for a skater his age still having long hair was no longer needed, or maybe people were expecting a change.

And it got me thinking of Yurio, remember episode 3.

We know Yurio’s body is changing and has yet some time until it matures completely. He still has time to grow taller, get some more muscle, so of course this boy is trying to take advantage of his young age, and his looks which are still delicate an can pass as a more “feminine stance” at the stereotypical eyes of the public, in order to perform a certain style. And this, I’ve mention it before, but I’m sure Yurio is not the first one to stumble when growing up, he’s not the first one to struggle to reform his own skating style while his body increases in stature and it becomes heavier to handle.

And we don’t know but this case might have repeated itself with Victor (I repeat only my guess). But if you remember Victor mentions having outfits which wanted to portray both male and female genders at the same time. And yeah we know both his looks and long hair were able to adopt the act at that time. Victor is shown in a pretty delicate manner when young and with long hair in comparison to years later when you see him with short hair. Of course he is still tall, and graceful, but his slender form has now turned into a more muscular one. His facial features have now become more mature and elegant, he’s no longer a child.

He’s body started to outgrew his younger looks, of course, and what if… for him to match his current age change he had to cut his hair short, not because he didn’t like it, but because of what others expected of him.

And we know he is quite sensitive when it comes to things like his hair. “Is it getting that thin?” remember? So I’m sure he had a reason to keep it long and of course he took good care of it.

Besides, we all remember what Victor thought about skaters having fragile hearts, and what Lilia’s ideal was regarding skaters, how some have to throw their old selves in order to get to create a whole new image to satisfy the public and win. And Victor’s been doing this since he was 15, now he’s 27, is logical to think he may have had to change from that young skater he used to be, in order to get to the top, even if it meant changing little things about himself along the way.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into the details, but I just get this sense Victor’s long hair was a big part of him as a skater, and having to change it, wonder what made him take the decision.

At this point in episode 5,

I hope I’m not the only one

who actually thought (or rather wished for) that Victor will appear, and grab Yuri’s waist.

Okay, I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but when Victor says this line:

he sort of speaks like that doesn’t concern him? Although logically speaking, Victor’s heart would also be fragile, since he identifies that as a characteristic of skaters, and even before being a coach he is first and foremost a skater. Or is he trying to say it like “all skaters except for me”?

But what makes it interesting is what he says next:

Does that mean that he’s speaking from his own experience? That the Victor we know now is a skater whose heart had been shattered sometime earlier in his career? Is that why he initially thinks it’s a good idea to threaten Yuuri? Because he became the person he is through having been shattered?

And it gets even more interesting if you remember the line spoken by Yurio’s ballet teacher/coach in episode 4:

Does that mean that Victor, just like Yurio now, was taught by his Russian teachers that in order to become strong, to become better he must die and be reborn? Is that part of the reason why he can be so insensitive at times? A part of him remains dead after all the things he went through?

Am I overthinking this or are we seeing a parallel between Victor and Yurio and a glimpse into Victor’s past, upbringing, and his current mentality???

I remember when before episode 10 everyone was like:

“oh is there also a Kazakh skater? Ah he not seems so cool”

And during episode 10, when otabek made his appearance, the reaction of all the fandom was:

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*whispers* he’s hot even when he skates..

Viktor Nikiforov is the dork we love.

My favourite Viktor moments are when he is an adorable idiot.

I love exploring Viktor’s character because despite being the most senior character among the skaters and being seen as the one to chase and look up to, this boy truly does a lot of stupid things. To be fair, 27 is still quite young. It’s a shitty age when everyone plus their dog seems to think you know what you are doing except you. I can tell you all the weird decisions and unnecessary drama people have and get into at 27, but then this post will never end.

Now, we know about the whole banquet fiasco and the whole impulsively flying to Japan arms open, dick out thing, not to mention the whole car park “let’s shatter his heart” shenanigans, but I also have these screencaps stewing for maybe a month in my phone because I remember I was rewatching the show and these just made me go, “Oh, Viktor.”

Okay, so we know Hot Springs on Ice all started with Viktor’s idea…

…to which Yurio gamely accepts the challenge and issues his own (while Yuuri adorably panics in the background like the puppy he is)…

…which Viktor also accepts.

Look at him all excited.

Here, though, is where Viktor gets himself in trouble:

He’s been riling Yurio up the entire morning that the kid just up and threw a tantrum and demanded this prize. But then, no problem, since it’s not like Viktor had to accept or anything–

Yuuri’s face when Viktor agreed, though.

*sigh* Same, Yuuri. Same.

It seems that it’s not until later that Viktor realises the trouble he put himself in. At this point, we didn’t know yet just how invested Viktor was in Yuuri Katsuki (i.e., very invested and nursing a weird kind of crush, probably) and how important it is that he doesn’t coach just anyone, but Yuuri Katsuki only. How ever good Yuuri could potentially be, however, there was still a big chance that he could actually lose to Yurio. Yuuri sometimes choked during competition. Yurio, on the other hand, was the juniors gold medallist. There was a very real possibility that Yurio would win and Viktor to have to go back to Russia.

Having realised this, Viktor then began to sport this face:

Yeah, tell me about it.

This is Viktor during Yurio’s performance:

At this point, Viktor didn’t know yet that Yuuri had a breakthrough on his Eros performance. As far as he knew, Yurio was the one who found his Agape. While Yurio’s performance was not perfect, he was doing well enough. But Viktor does not want to go back to Russia. He wants to stay in Japan and get to know Yuuri Katsuki. He can choreograph for another skater, sure, but he does NOT want to be Yuri Plisetsky’s coach.

That, right there, is what Viktor Nikiforov looks like when he knows he is in very deep shit.

What’s interesting though is that these expressions were not really blatantly pointed out in the show. No one notices this, and Viktor just stands in his corner looking like that. With what knowledge we had at episode 3, we don’t know, maybe he just looks thoughtful because Viktor Nikiforov is just a mysterious character. Lol, but rewatching this after season 1 is over?

Yeah, Viktor. Because of you, for about an entire episode, we were in danger of never having the events that would lead to the kiss at the Cup of China, the exchange of rings in Barcelona, and the glorious masterpiece that is Yuuri’s record-breaking free skate. Viktor, Viktor, Viktor… sometimes just… *facepalm*

Thankfully, Yuuri DID find his Eros at the last minute, wins the competition, and consequently saves Viktor’s gorgeous but impulsive arse and gives us the wonderful events of season 1. Thank you, Yuuri! ♡

Lol, look at how happy and relieved this dork is:

There he is, ladies and gentlemen, our Viktor Nikiforov - king of impulsive decisions. For a long time we thought he was such a mysterious character. Now, we just… wtf, we know him better and we love him very much, but sometimes

Viktor, no. For fuck’s sake.

*sigh* Same, Yuuri. Same.

Bonus: Viktor during Yuuri’s Eros performance. He probably realised he’s safe at this point, and I bet he was enthralled again, and possibly getting turned on by Yuuri Katsuki falling in love again.

Oh, Viktor.


If only yuri knew how often and how highly people, especially his peers, think of him. I mean, he’s the first person phichit wants to share his dream show with. He took up half of yurio’s thoughts during his free skate. There, we get a glimpse on why he’s been acting the way he is with yuri: he’s seen this katsudon’s potential and it irks him that yuri couldn’t see it for himself.

If you haven’t yet read the newest interview summary with Mappa’s producer Otsuka (who also worked on Yuri on Ice) then I highly highly recommend reading it (it’s so good). Allow me to highlight a few of my favorite points from it:

  • Yuuri keeps surprising Viktor both as a skater and in private, and Viktor is drawn to him as a person and influenced by him
  • Yuuri’s and Viktor’s relationship is drawn around love, and bonds with others. Yuuri and Yurio’s relationship is about doing one’s best
  • For Viktor and Yuuri, their coach-skater relationship is just the outer layer of their connection 
  • They met when Yuuri was miserable and Viktor felt that he was losing sight of something in his life; when they both needed change
  • They completed each other and found a new path to follow ahead of them
  • Viktor’s and Yuuri’s relationship has transcended love and gone even beyond that. They push each other in the best direction possible

All of this confirms what I’ve been thinking for a while now, but couldn’t quite express. The line “their coach-skater relationship is just the outer layer of their connection“ is exactly what I needed though. Because yes, they are coach and skater but that is just one aspect of their relations.

Some people will only see that “outer layer” of their relationship, and will refuse to see the love that lies deeper, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s there. They love each other as skaters, as competitors, as coach and student and as humans - as two people who are in love.

Their love is not just simple romantic love - it is more than that. Their love is bigger than that. Their love is complex and multi-layered and it is in no way inferior to clear-cut romantic love.

And I just… appreciate that so much.

The more I look back at YoI, the clearer it becomes how unreliable a narrator Yuuri is, especially in the first episode. We should have realised it right from the off that something wasn’t quite matching up between what he was saying and what we were seeing.

Lemme have a quick look:

“I’m one of the dime a dozen figure skaters certified by the JSF”

Dime a dozen. Right, kiddo. When you have groupies who are the rising stars like Minami-kun, who recognise good skating because they’re trained to, I suspect you may be understating how good you are. When your home town plasters your imagery all over the place because you are their famous skater, you’re more than a dime a dozen.

Also, let us take a moment to remember that he made it as far as the Grand Prix final. We learn in later episodes how many competitions you have to win to get through to the Grand Prix Final. He won. He won lots. He did *well* right up until the Grand Prix. The commentater even comments that he wasn’t himself at this one significant event.

This anxiety-ridden little moppet even explains why: the death of a beloved family pet and grief threw him off, and I suspect his natural anxiety was the nail in the confidence coffin. But he still blames himself, despite a run of horrible circumstances, grief, isolation and the insane amount of pressure he was putting on himself to get his ‘big day’ right.

“I was an idiot to think I could finally meet my idol on the same playing field…”

Maybe Sochi wasn’t a level playing field, but it certainly wasn’t because of the skating. It was because of everything else crashing in on him at the same time, which meant his skating suffered. Then it became a domino effect of depression and anxiety and he lost again and again.

We know this because when he was trying to get his groove back, he took Viktor’s gold-medal winning routine and performs it to perfection. Lemme repeat that: a gold-medal winning routine and performs it to perfection. Which he is doing while not in peak condition and while significantly heavier than he had been during the competitions.

Yuuri is a badass-skater, but because of his spiral of depression and anxiety before the start of the series, his narration about himself and his career naturally skews to the negative. And we believed him. We fell for it, because he believed it himself.

How wrong we all were.