when i walk into the club

Things I’ve Done as TDI Characters
  • Emma: Replied with only sarcasm during an hour long conversation
  • Jules: Made like a hundred pancakes and only ended up eating one
  • Cristina: Gave someone a sincere smile before pointing the middle finger at them
  • Mark: Got yelled at by my mom for making a mess in the kitchen, and then got yelled at for not knowing how to make a decent sandwich
  • Ty: Spent hours at a library just reading books
  • Livvy: Chased my brother while applying the snapchat filters on his face
  • Dru: Got approached by an attractive guy at the club, when he introduced himself and said hi, I literally turned around and just walked away
  • Tavvy: Curled in the fetal position for hours on end
  • Kieran: Threw shade at my friend's friend
  • Malcolm: Ate a large pizza while contemplating my life choices
  • Diego: Strutted around the house in my sexiest outfit

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I hate old people so much. They're rude, conceited, they stand in the way of everything to talk and refuse to move (this isn't a social club, fucking get your shit and leave you old bat) and they take all my small carts using them as walkers or sit around in our mall for hours. That 1. Makes my job harder because i'm constantly harassed for them 2. Have to walk huge distances because they fuck off with them off the property or just dump them away from the bays. So fuck you lot. Fuck the fuck off

Oh my God. OH MY FUCKING GOD! THE CONGREGATERS! I fucking hate it when old people do that! As an employee AND as a customer. Get out of the fucking way, you wrinkly ass cheek! It happens at any age, but 90% of the time it’s someone that’s probably picked out their own casket within the last week. Makes me want to rip their tongues out and throw it for them to go fetch. Let me do my job or let me just grab that one box of cereal! It’s so rude and so fucking selfish. Most sane people either go somewhere out of the way or, hell, go out for coffee if the conversation is actually any good. Instead you hear the most mundane boring or weird shit coming out of their mouths. Was your cat’s hairball texture really worth blocking the spaghetti(actually happened, I’m not kidding)? I could write a goddamn book on this I swear. I know they’re probably lonely, fair enough, but coffee and lunch is way better than talking about your dry skin in the middle of the bread aisle. -Abby


Morgan & Reid »  [4.09] 52 Pickup

See, there you go. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s called game.


Maybe some of you will know, I am a model and also have done a bunch of commercials, so I know about this stuff. I wanted to inform you girls though. This pic is of an actual fake dollar that’s printed for use in film when they need to show or use, well, money!

I met with managers at my club for something unrelated last week and saw two $100 bills pinned to the wall in the office. I immediately recognized it as this stuff. ^^^ I asked, the managers said customers paid girls with these bills on two separate days and the girls didn’t realize until the end of the shift.

I just want to caution you: every time a customer pays me, before I walk away from them I count and touch every bill they gave me. This stuff is impossible to spot in the day, it really looks real!! Different story in the dark though. IT FEELS LIKE WAX PAPER. If you touched it you would immediately know it was fake!

And, a lot of the movie money is actually old bills instead of these new ones that have the blue strip on them, FYI.

Don’t let them hustle you, we all know it doesn’t work like that!!!!

bruce “bitch you thought” wayne

Hello, Baby. Part 1.

This is my first story, ever. So please be honest. I went kind of light on the smut and language. Just kind of wanted to get a feel for it. 
Im sorry its so long.
I love having details in stories and having the back story, so i just ran with it. 

Let me know what you love & hate.

You start walking home from a long night at work, thankfully you only live a couple of blocks away. But no matter what, you always walk past HIS club, morning or night. You just want to be able to see what everyone talks about. 

You want to see the green hair, the cool white skin that sends chills down your spine when you imagine it, and clear ocean blue eyes that you can see yourself melting in. You feel your heart rate increase just thinking about him. You were drawn to a man you have never met, have never even seen.

 You know if you could just afford to get in his club, you could see him. Touch him. You can feel the warmth between your legs grow as you think of running your hands all over him. It feels like the people around you can hear what you are thinking. You put your head down and head home. 

 You toss and turn as most nights when he is on your mind. The morning comes quick and you wake up unrested. Time to get ready for work. Your long black hair is tied up in a tight bun on top of your head. A light foundation, blush, mascara and a light purple lipstick. One last glance in the mirror before you turn and lock your door behind you. 

You start your walk to work and find yourself in front of his club again. Like it should surprise you. 

It is so mysterious. The outside is dingy and dark other than the double green doors and a tilted J at the top of the building. There are huge windows across the entire second floor and from seeing it morning and night they must be tinted or mirrored because you can never see in. You straighten yourself up as your mind has wondered far now and get back to your routine. 

Work is a small dinner; you never make much and rarely make any tips, but this job keeps a roof over your head so you keep the job until something better comes along. Your shift seemed to go by quickly, there were many people that came in from out of town. A huge smile starches over your face when you see the tip money tonight, rarely does this happen, but when people make this place their rest stop, the money is nice. You count it out evenly between you and the cook, you smile and say your goodbyes and head home.

 You were going out tonight! 

As soon as you get home, you throw off your clothes as fast as you can. You shower, wash your hair and shave everybody part you would want him near. The thought makes you tremble a little. Trying to calm your nerves you tell yourself ‘maybe he won’t be there tonight of all the nights I decide to go.’ You straighten your hair, letting it fall down to the small of your back looking like black silk. You find a tight black dress and some bright red heels that would match your lipstick. You spritz perfume on your collarbones and inside your wrists. You give yourself a small pep talk before heading out. “He will be there and I WILL meet him. Ugh, how badly I’ wanted this! I can do this. Be mysterious. And don’t drink. Well, don’t drink a lot.“ 

You walk up to the green doors and realize there are gold specs all over the door. The J at the top is lit up in purple that is so bright it almost hurts to look at. You hand the guy at the front door the cash. He looks at you questionably and you think he’s not going to let you in. 
He asks “you alone?”
Your voice is quiet from being nervous and taken aback. ‘Is this guy hitting one me right now?!’ you think to yourself
“Um, yes.” Your voice squeaks at the end.
He nods and let’s you in. ‘Weird’ you say under your breath. 

 It’s beautiful inside, huge chandeliers; elegant cage dancers, gold and purple cover the club so tastefully. It is far from what you expect a club to look like, it is well lit, almost like a dewy gold lighting. The dance floor is packed and it reaches all the way to the bar. Everyone seems happy or drunk, or both. Quickly you scan to the upstairs, more freaking Windows. 'I can’t see a damn thing!’ Frustrated, you head to the bar.
“One shot of any kind of vodka” 

You are stuck watching the cage dancers, glitter all over them; their hair is up like it’s in some sort of fashion show that no one would ever wear on a normal basis. They move effortlessly. The way the lighting hits their bodies and the glitter it almost makes them seem unreal. You immediately wonder how close they get to him. You shift in your seat trying to get the thought out of your head.

One of the girls gets off her platform, a large man in an all black tuxedo escorts her. 'Screw this, who the hell knows when I’ll get back in here!’ You say to yourself. You order another shot. You make your way through the crowd. You ask the guy next to the cage to help you get inside it.                                       “Do you work here!?” He asked “No I don’t. I…” You trail off thinking how crazy you seem right now. 
He brings you back from your thoughts,
“Do you want a death wish then?!” His eyes are wide.                                        
“I know what I do want. Him” ‘I just said that aloud. Yep, he heard me. Yes, I am crazy. Crazy for a man I have never even seen!’ You are screaming at yourself in embarrassment. 'What the hell am I doing!’ Runs through your mind for a split second. Too late, he pushes you up in the cage.
“Your funeral.”           

 You panic at first. People are starting to notice. There is a lump in your throat “Now or never, right!”                                              
You start moving your hips, your arms above your head, you let loose. You actually are having fun; you really let go and kept thinking how grateful you are for having rhythm. For a second you actually forgot about him. Only a second. You body sways with the music.                              
‘Time to shine baby!’ You are not sure if that’s you talking or the vodka. You drop down and slowly lift your ass facing the windows hoping that he is there, watching. You realize the man in the black tuxedo is opening the cage reaching for your hand.        
“Don’t make this difficult.” His voice is low and serious. You understand, you feel a rush of emotions flood you as he helps you out. You’re being thrown out and you didn’t even get a glimpse of him. The man takes you firmly by the arm, being gentle at the same time. He leads you away from the front door. Your heart feels heavy, almost broken. He brings you to an elevator and pushes you in before him. 

This is not out. A smirk comes across your face. The elevator opens up, it’s almost like another club up here. Definitely VIP, or people that do not want to be seen here. It’s a lot darker, a lot more secluded areas. Of course more cage dancers. As soon as the doors open all eyes are on you. 

You flush red. 'Shit.’ You keep your head high acting as if you are ok, even though your insides are screaming and wanting to vomit. You walk past the first section of people, second and third section as well… There is a thick purple curtain that is touches the roof as well as the floor. Your heart is racing. You feel almost like a surge of ecstasy has run through your veins. The man in black opens it up only enough for him to see inside.                                             “She’s here boss. Where do you want her?”                                                  
Your heart is pounding and you are sure the man next to you can hear it. Little does he know it is out of excitement, fear is the last thing on your mind right now. He looks at you and nods you in                                                            
“Mr. J would like to speak with you.”                                                                   'Mr. J’ you say repeatedly in your mind. You walk behind the curtain and the man is fast to close it shut behind you. 

 He is real. He is right here. Right in front of you. Right now. 

His back is to you and he’s looking into the club from the windows. His hair perfectly in place and bright green. You just want to run your fingers through it. The thought sends a warm chill through your legs. His pale skin drawing you in, the lights from the club giving him a sense of warmth. He turns to face you, still across the room, but you feel his eyes scan over you as you do the same to him. He is gorgeous. Your knees feel weak. There isn’t a single imperfection on him. He is better than any image you could of pictured.                                “Well, well, well, well.“ 

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He walks towards you. He is standing so close to you. You now notice the smaller tattoos on his face, his jaw line, the scars, the jewelry, the details on his coat, his scent. Oh, how he smelled. He smelled of cologne, sweat and power. It’s was intoxicating. Your eyes were trying to devour him, making sure you didn’t miss a single detail on him. He noticed.                                             
"Slow down.” His voice low,  
Your eyes snapped up and met his. He reached up and pushed hair behind your ear. His touch soft and cool. A strong shiver took course of your entire body. You wanted to reach up and touch him, you knew he probably wouldn’t like that and you don’t even know what side you are on with him.                                     “Did you enjoy yourself out there?” His eyes intense.                                         “I-I did.”                                                                                                     “Mmmm” he growled softly                                                                               “Do you go into a restaurant and just head to the kitchen and start cooking?” His stare was starting to burn but you couldn’t look away. You don’t want to seem weak, even if you were ready to pass out.                                             “No, I don’t.”                                                                                        
“Interesting. Why did you see that tonight’s performance was welcomed?”     He walked to his desk and gestured me to sit in the chair in front of him.        
“I-I just wanted to have fun, forget about… Everything.” You hope that sounds convincing as you take a seat in the cold leather chair.                                   “Are you sure? Don’t lie to me. I hate, hate, hate liars.”                                 “Well, I also wanted to…” You trail off and look away.                                      
His voice is frustrated now. “Darling, you can come into my club, take one of my cages and dance for all sorts of people, but you can’t tell me why. You will not keep my patience long. Try again.”                                                                 “I wanted to see you!!” You almost yell.                                                               He doesn’t seem bothered by what I said, nor does he seem to care.           “Why, why would you want to come pay a visit to the Clown Prince?”             You figure you are here might as well just tell him the truth. He will either let you live or kill you.                                                                                                    
“I-Im … I think im obsessed with you.”                                                              
He shoots you a sharp look and walks behind the chair your in. It takes everything in you to not let your eyes follow him. You can feel him so close to you.                                                                                                                    
He whispers in you ear “Obsessed?”                                                              
He moves the hair away from your shoulder and neck. He leans in even closer. You are able to feel his lips on your ear as he speaks.  
“Obsessed. Mine. Mine. Mine.”                                                                         You tried hard to not let him see how he affected you, but you were wet. He ran his cool hands up and down the sides of your arms and softly kissed your neck. “Answer me this Doll, have we met before? Do you even know who I am? What I am capable of?”                                                                                                
“I have never met you, I have lost sleep over you. Clown Prince, as you said before. Yes, I do. I figure I might as well be honest now. You will either kill me or let me live, but either way at least I was able to see you.” You keep your voice soft. You can feel that he is still close behind you.                                             He begins to rub your shoulder in a good way; it almost does help you relax but it not helping the fact that you are still wet. He reaches down and starts leaving small bites in your shoulder and neck, you cant help but let out a moan.   “That’s what I wanted to hear Darling.”                                                          
With that he reaches his hands down the front of your dress taking each breast in his hands. Your nipples are hard and he has his thumbs working them. You keep letting out soft moans, hoping this isn’t a tease.                                            
“Tell me, how is that?”                                                                                      
You let out a moan that is louder “Don’t stop. It feels so good!”                      
He takes one hand out and begins to reach up your dress.                         “Ahhhh, you have been waiting patiently.” He says as his fingers run up and down your slit. 

“Uh, Boss?” You forgot you were at his club. The voice pulls you out from your trance for a brief second.

“Moan for me.” He whispers in your ear.                                                          
He doesn’t stop, and neither do you. You keep moaning as his fingers circle your clit.
“Yes Jay!” he says sharply                                                                            
“Your business is here. What would you like me to tell them sir?”                
“That my hands are busy!!” his voice is full of sarcasm and switches back to serious in an instant. “Send them up in 3 minutes.”                                           He rams 3 of his fingers in you. Your back arches and your hands reach up to find his shoulder.
You dig your nails deep into his skin and you can hear him growl. “That’s a good girl.”  
You cum on his fingers and he licks them “So sweet darling.”                                The room is still spinning and you are trying to find your breath when he tells you “Get under my desk doll. You pass this and I might take you home with me.”                                                                                                                   You do as your told, your mind begins to race as you think you know where this is going. He sits in his chair and you can see the massive bulge in his pants. “Send them in boss?”                                                                                       “Yes Jay, send them in!” He responds quickly                                                       You take that as your cue. You start to unzip his pants as he tells them to take a seat. His dick is big. You let the spit build up in your mouth as your run your hand all over him. You can hear the other men talking but you aren’t paying attention to the words, just focusing simply on his reactions. You slowly take the tip and swirl your tongue around it, he reaches down and squeezes your arm. You keep doing it, adding more into your mouth until you cant fit anymore. You can see his eyes close almost all the way in pleasure while he keeps his focus on business. You grip the base as you nod your head up and down on him keeping your hand in sync. He grabs the back of your hair and you feel him tense, you push him as far back in your throat as you can and he lets go. He lifts your head up under the desk to look at you and nudges your mouth open with his thumb, you open up showing him what he wants to see. 

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He bites his lip and lets a grin appear on his face. You swallow. 

The voices of the men in the room sound nervous. He nudges you from under the desk to come up. A small sense of panic sets in as well as a rush of excitement. He scoots his chair back and you can hear the men in the room shift.                                                                                                             “Excuse me men, this darling here seems to need some fresh air.”                 You get up, lightly resting your hand in his lap and he lets out a small grunt. He pulls you by the waist and sets you down in his lap. The men in the room try to not let their expressions show.                                                                       “Now say hello to my Doll here.” The men all give off weak hellos.               “Nice to meet you guys!” you say with a bit of pep.                                        
You have no idea where that even came from. He smiles at you and gives you a slap on your ass                                                                                            
“Now let me finish this up and we can head home, ok baby doll?”                
You wink at him and leave the curtain. The man in the black tuxedo is right there, grabs you by the arm gently, and has you sit in the chair by him.         “You must be Jay.”                                                                                              He nods.                                                                                                          
“So friendly! I am Katrina.” You are on could 9 right now and your voice and attitude show it.                                                                                             “Don’t get too comfortable.” That’s all he says with a stern voice.                     “Is this nor….” 

You cover your ears from the sounds of gunshots and Jay has your chair pushed in a corner with him in front of you. Jay’s composure is calm yet protective, everyone else is calm as well. You are so confused.                           “What the hell just happened?! Is he ok? Should you go check on him?! Let me go see him!!” your heart sinks. You can feel your eyes start to water.
‘I just got to meet him. I felt so good with him. Why!’ you kept asking yourself question after question. It felt like hours went by but it had only been a few minutes.
“Where is she?!” His voice is loud but emotionless                                         “Got her right here boss.”                                                                                
You push Jay out of the way and run at him, you wrap your arms around his neck.                                                                                                             
“What happened! Are you ok?!” Your voice is shaky                                          
“I am fine doll, this is business. This is what I do. What I am capable of.”         He pulls you off him and sits you down and he paces in front of you. The others up there try not to look but are definitely listening.                                               “I don’t love. Never will. I will never love you. You are merely a thing, possession, possibly an obsession one day. I can live without you, I do not need you. Do you understand that? I am not a fairy tale. You cross me and I will kill you. I am a businessman, not a family man. Do you get that baby doll?” His voice is stern, almost angry.                                                                             “Yes. I have no intention on changing you.” Your try to keep your voice strong but there are hints on weakness across your face.                                            
“If I choose you, IF I choose you. If I choose you. Baby this life ain’t easy. Like I said, I don’t need you. However, if I choose you, you will be mine. Is that clear?” He is so hard to read. His face says one but his voice says another and you can’t tell which one he is hiding behind.                                                         “Yes.”                                                                                                                 “Jay pull the car around.” He reaches for your hand and you take it.             Once you are up, he places his hand at the small of your back and leads you to the elevator. ‘What did I just do?’ You keep asking yourself. He puts his jacket around your shoulders as you exit the club. Jay pulls up in a black unmarked car. He opens the door for you both and he lets you in first. Your mind and emotions are having a hard time finding a balance. It is not silent long.         “You can call me Mr. J, or J for short. Usually you have to earn those names baby doll, but you did one hell of a job in my office.” He gives off a smirk as if he is having a flashback.                                                                                
“Ok, Mr. J.” you reply with a full smile on your face.                                    
“What shall I call you darling?”                                                                   “Katrina or Kat, since I think you earned that.” You say it with such sarcasm. “Oh. Kat.” There was a small pause. “Daddy doesn’t think you have earned enough to back talk me.”                                                                               Before I could say anything Mr. J slapped me across the face. I could taste blood. I could feel my eyes well up from shock and pain. Before I could even speak again we pulled up to his place. 

Similar to his club it was very dark and dingy on the outside. It almost looked vacant, but im sure the inside would say otherwise. Mr. J opens the door and extends his hand, I take it. I’m not sure if it was out of fear or because I was still so confused. He brings me to his side and we walk inside. His hand never leaving my back. His place is perfect. High ceilings with big, beautiful chandeliers. Bright white marble floors covered the entire house; the décor was rich and warm but still felt like him.                                                               “You’ll be sleeping in my bed, is that a problem?”                                           “Not at all Mr. J.” You reply.                                                                                   He reaches for your face and you flinch a little. He ignores it.                     “Come here.” he says he walks toward the bedroom.                                      
“Ill be right back, do not move.” He went to go turn and stopped at the door. “Are you forgetting to say something Kat?” His voice is neutral, like he is tired. “Sorry. Yes, Mr. J”                                                                                              
He turns and keeps walking. He comes back a few moments later with an ice back and a purple towel.                                                                           “Change into this, we will get your clothes and everything else in the morning ok baby?”                                                                                                     “Thank you Mr. J” You slip off the little black dress and slip on the shirt he gave you. He lets out a small growl and you feel in in your bones. ‘How can someone that just slapped me make me weak with just a noise?’ You brush off your own thoughts. You glance up at Mr. J and his eyes are fixed on you.                         “Is everything ok Mr.J, did I do something wrong?”                             “Absolutely not baby. You are just on hell of a sight.” He sounds tired now.   “May I get in bed Mr. J?”                                                                             “Please do.” His eyes still glued to you.                                                          
You lay down and face inward. Your face still felt like it had a heart beat from where he slapped you. He brushes your hair out of your face and places the ice pack wrapped in a towel gently on the side of your face. You wince at the pressure. You look at him and he looks as if he wants to say something but doesn’t. A few moments pass by and your eyes are closing.                       “Good night my sweet.” He says as he kisses my forehead, still holding the ice pack on my face.

 “Good night Mr. J.”

Jokers Daughter Imagine: We Stand Up For Each Other

Request: (anon) I have a request of the Joker being “accidently” disrespected during business and his daughter steps in before he does (like the club scene in the movie). Your writing is beautiful and so are you!

Thank you hun!!


The music in the club was pounding making Jokers heart beat fast as he watched Harley dance. He looked over and saw you at the bar with your friends laughing and having a good time. He gripped his cane when Monster T walked in and reached out his hand.

“He don’t shake hands, sit down and have a drink.” Frost said before sitting off to the side next to Joker. He took a seat on the booth across from the clown and prince and waited for him to say something. When he got nothing but silence he turned to see what Joker was staring at. He saw you and your friends all dressed up having a good time. “You have some fine pieces in this club Mr. J.” he said not knowing who you were.

You turned around to check on your parents and saw your dad staring, you smiled back at him to let him know you were okay and saw his face change from protective to rage. You saw the the man was sitting with him and immediately knew something was wrong. You threw back your drink and told your friends you’d be right back.

Joker stared at the man with blood boiling before he began to speak “Oh I know you didn’t meant that….” Joker said putting a sadistic grin on his face.

Monster T still didn’t realize what he had done and laughed thinking J was joking with him. “No J I mean it, how do you get all this hard candy in the club? Which one is yours and can I get a taste of one?” he said pouring his drink down his throat. Frost made an audible gulp noise that confused T.

“Which one is mine? Well considering that’s my daughter, she’s mine. And since those are her friend, they are not yours.” He leaned forward and rested the tip of his cane on the mans neck pushing in slightly. Frost stood up ready to do something.

Monster T could feel his heart sink into his stomach. “J… I didn’t know I uh..” he struggled to get the words out.

“You didn’t know? So you just go around lookin at young girls in my club.” he stood up and approached him slowly.

You stepped into the booth just before he lunged at him. Joker looked up and his face softened when he saw you.

“Daddy what’s going on?” you said concerned.

Monster T turned and he couldn’t stop himself from looking you up and down and immediately shook his head knowing how stupid that was. 

“You can’t help yourself can ya hunka hunka?” he laughed wildly and you smacked the mans face back when you noticed him staring at you.

He stood up and it surprised both you and your father. 

“Listen I came here for business, how was I supposed to know J? You let slutty girls run around this trash club all the time!” he puffed out his chest in anger, his ego was bruised after being bullied by the clown and you.”

Joker walked up inches away from his body and poked his chest with his finger. “You insult the clown princess and me and my club? You must have a death wish mother fucker.” Joker pulled out his gun and put it on T’s temple and got ready to fire.

Suddenly a glass came shattering across the mans head and he dropped into the booth. You stood over him with blood running down your hand and without a second thought grabbed your fathers gun and started pistol whipping T’s skull in. 

The Joker watched confused as his daughter got covered in blood and kept beating the man up. He wasn’t sure how to process what was happening. He thought about late at night when he tucked you in as a little girl and he’d tell you he would always protect you. You would look up at him and put your little hands on his chest and say that you would protect him too. He’d laugh to himself and brush it off. 

Now that you were before him defending yourself and his honor he realized just what that meant. That your loyalty and your love for him was real. It was hard for him to accept that a creature like you could feel sympathy for him. A part of him wanting to jump in and pull you away and protect you from the violence unfolding, but another part of him: the stronger part, liked to watch you prove your kingship to him. He took a moment to breath in the scene, the clown family was actually real and it was all his.

“You don’t talk to me like that!” you screamed at the body below you “You don’t talk about my father like that!” he lost all the strength in his body and slipped to the blood in a pool of his own blood. You took your heel and kicked him in the ribbcage “and that’s for my mom just because!” you couldn’t tell if he was dead or not but you stopped when you felt your dads hand on your back. You turned around and saw the puzzled look on his face and felt guilt. “oh… I’m sorry daddy I just couldn’t control myself what he said and how he looked at me I….” you noticed the blood down your front “I’ll clean all this up I promise and I won’t interfere again I was just worried about you and.” you were cut off when your father wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into him.

You felt the comfort of his strong arms around you and sank into the hug. Frost left the booth more stunned than either of you and called for some goons to get supplies and to give you two a moment.

“You don’t need to say sorry princess.” he whispered in your ear.

“You’re not mad? But look at the mess I made!” you said wanting him t be honest with you.

The Joker closed his eyes and breathed in to focus his head again. He wanted to stay in this dream like state of admiring you, but he had a job to do. He was the Joker. He belted out the most maniacal laugh he could muster and pulled himself away to look you in the eye. 

“Mad?? I’m flattered! I guess you have more in me than I thought. Plus baby red was always your color!.” he put his smile tattoo over his mouth and you giggled back at him before placing a kiss on it and going back to resting your head on his chest. 

“I said I’d protect you too remember?” you said softly holding on tight to his shirt with your bloodied hands. “Clowns stand up for each other.”

BTS Reacts To You Being On The Bad Girls Club

A/n: It’s the reunion and they’re in the crowd when you fight.

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Rap Monster:

He watched from the crowd on the edge of his seat. 

“That’s not what I’m saying.” He heard you defend yourself. He noticed how you started to shake your head and bit your lip. That was a sign.

The girl got up and walked over to you. 

He shook his head and silently prayed that she’d sit back down. 

It was like slow motion, he saw her arm swing and saw you hit her in the face and her fall.

He stood up and grabbed you by the waist when you kept trying to get around the security guards.

“No Namjoon, let me go! “ You screamed and he tightened his grip on you.

“Fuck her, keep doing your thing baby.”

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He got uncomfortable when he saw you arguing with the girl. He wish’d that she’d just drop it because if she didn’t.. he knew you’d drop her.

“Nah fuck that bitch!” The girl screamed and Jin’s eyes got wide.

“I’m not about to be one too many more bitches.” You said, rolling your eyes.

As soon as he blinked the girl had stood up and you punched her. The security guards grabbed you and pulled you back. 

“You’re lucky they grabbed me!” You shouted. 

Even though he was disappointed you had to fight, he was proud of you.  He fixed your hair and winked at you while you were being taken to the back.

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“Stand up then.” You said calmly. 

He looked at you and then looked at the girl who had just made the mistake of standing up.

His mouth hung open slightly as he watched her stand up and you.. sit her back down. 

He blinked as you hit her, he felt sorry for the girl but she stood up.

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You sat silently as the girl across said how she’d beat your ass and what not. 

J rolled his eyes. You looked at him and he said “ Get up boo.” 

Having his approval you stood up and beat the girls’ ass. 

He knew that you didn’t want to disappoint him so he told you to go ahead and handle your business 

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It was after the reunion and after you had won the fight you were in. Jimin was holding your coat just in case the girl tried to run up afterwards.

The camera focused on him and they asked him, “What do you think about what happened out there?” 

He smiled and looked at you in front of him. 

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

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This was his reaction when the girl said “Stand up Y/n!” 

He knew you would beat her ass and he couldn’t stand to watch it. 

The cringe was so strong as he watched you tear her apart. 

“ In all honesty, I feel bad for the girl. Y/n doesn’t play and.. Damn… I just hope she’s okay.”

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The security guards broke up the fight and were pulling you off the stage when the girl you fought threw something at you. 

“You called her a punk and yet you threw something after 1, you got your ass whopped and 2, she is being held back. Fuck outta here with that shit.” He laughed at the girl as he went to the back to make sure you were good.

Tired of hiding

This one is for the lovely anon who sent me the prompt. I really really hope it lives up to your idea and how you imagined it. *crosses fingers* *worries*

(Note to everyone else reading this - the idea and most of the storyline isn’t mine)

Summary: Baz starts going to an LGBT+ club at Watford, Simon finds out and it changes the way he sees Baz

Warning: homophobia (well… kind of. It may all just be a big misunderstanding)

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18th Advent Joker Imagine

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Your P.O.V.

I got a new job in Gotham city, a bartender at a popular club. Rumor said it was owned by Joker the clown prince of crime himself. I got the job by filling an online format and here I was. Today was my first shift and I was kinda nervous. I was wearing black clothes, just jeans and a button up shirt. My hair was in a ponytail (if possible) and I looked kinda boring. But I was working, not clubbing.

The music blasted through the building and I was serving people drinks. So far everything was great, expect for the one glass I nearly broke. I was kinda clumsy, but I tried to be as good as possible for now. Around midnight I got a special roder to the VIP area. I put ten shots on a tray and then I started walking to the VIP area, table 10, the special one.

I was lucky not to fall over when people came from all directions. I got safely to the VIP area where I then stopped in my tracks, nearly dropping the tray. The table I had to go to was taken by a green haired man I knew too well. It was the Joker. So it was true!

My eyes widened and my heart started beating harder. I was kinda scared, but I had to go there. He was wearing a white button up shirt, a brown west, black pants and loads of golden jewelry. He had company by some men that looked dangerous as well with their poker faces.

I leaned down and put the tray on the table. I felt their eyes burning holes on my skin as I stood there. Who knew what could happen. What if he decided to shoot me because I did one wrong thing? 

Just as I turned around to leave,someone spoke up. ‘’Y/N’’ I heard a raspy, deep kinda sexy voice. A shiver ran down my spine and I turned around. My shoelaces had opened and I nearly stumbled in the process. I cursed under my breath and quickly caught my balance again. Great I made a total fool out of myself. Joker here was smiling, probably finding this amusing.

‘’I’m sorry about that’’ I apologized awkwardly, feeling how my cheeks burnt red. ‘’Don’t worry about it’’ Joker chuckled and then played with his purple cane. My heart was hammering hard in my chest as I stood there, scared for my life but kinda enjoying this as well. Joker had always interested me for some reason. I’m not sure whether it was his mysterious past or the way he did things, perhaps both.

I watched as he stood up and kept his icy blue eyes on me. His friends changed nervous looks and it made me nervous as well. ‘’Tell me..’’ Joker started and stopped right in front of me. I gulped the lump that formed in my throat and tried to keep my eyes on him. I was really shy and awkward so I was kinda confused about what was going on. People were watching us!

‘’..would you want to be my friend?’’ His red lips curved into a smile and he flashed me his grillz. I felt like I should answer smartly, but I couldn’t think straight. ‘’Sure..I mean..i-if you want to..’’ I stuttered quietly, but felt stupid. He would totally kill me now. Instead of seeing him angry, he just smiled. ‘’You’re different’’ He noticed and put his hand on my shoulder. Oh shoot.

‘’Don’t kill me’’ I whimpered and tried to smile. First he looked at me darkly which really scared me. That’s when I cut the eye-contact and stared at the floor at my boots that weren’t tied well. ‘’Why would I kill you doll face?’’ Joker purred, grabbed my jaw and forced me to look at him again. ‘’Because I’m kinda awkward’’ I whispered which didn’t really help at all. ‘’I find you interesting’’ He admitted, making my heart jump to my throat. No one ever said these things to me. So the first one being Joker made me feel weird. What was I supposed to do?

‘’You could be a good girl for daddy and be my company’’ He whispered into my ear so I felt his breath on my skin.My breath hitched in my throat and suddenly my knees went weak. ‘’What do you say?’’ Joker smirked and put his hand on my lower back, bringing me closer to his strong body. ‘’Okay’’ I answered shortly, trying not to make this even more awkward by being the idiot I could be.

‘’Relax pretty I won’t bite’’ He chuckled and started walking back to the table, his hand still on my back. ‘’Unless you want me to of course’’ He was quick to add.

Scorpio & Leo
  • Leo, crying while looking at old photos: Scorpio, walks into her room with snacks: Hey Leo- whoa, what's wrong?
  • Leo, not bothering to wipe her tears: Today is the day my old cat Mikey passed away when he went outside and got hit by a car...
  • Scorpio, nods his head as he walks over to her: I'm sorry for your loss, but it would be better to think that he went to a better place, yeah?
  • Leo, glances up at him: Like a kitty strip club where he meets a stripper named Diamonds and helps her get out of the pimp game? Then propose to her and have kittens?
  • Scorpio: Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night
You are busy at work, cataloging the last inputs; ready to call it a day when your fiance walks in to your office.”Finn, what are you doing here?” You ask as you approach him for a kiss.”Just stopping by to check up on you since I couldn’t go to the performance center today.” He leaned down; pecking your lips.”Why couldn’t you go? Are you coming down with something?” You place your palm against his forehead; his temperature stable. Without warning, Finn lifts up his shirt revealing long, red scratch marks on his back.”Someone was a little rough last night.”

anonymous asked:

RFA + Going clubbing with MC? MC wears a classy af oufit, reactions? What do RFA members wear? It turns out MC is a GREAT dancer, reactions? What about when other guys/ladies approach MC wanting to dance or buy them drinks?

Haha I don’t know what one wears to a club, so I just YOLOed. 


  • he’s only been to a club ONCE with a party club he joined at school
    • yoosung got piss drunk and ended up staying at a friend’s house
  • and he knows you have never been to one
  • but you walk out with a sweet, classy dress and he’s blushing like crazy
  • “Hon’! Where have you been hiding that dress?”
  • he feels so underdressed because this nugget is wearing a plain shirt and jeans with a jacket
    • keeps his jacket because he wants to give it to you on the way home 
  • you find out you actually BELONG at a club
  • you drag Yoosung on the dancefloor and he’s so shocked how good you are
    • whereas he’s too stiff
  • when you two get a little tired, the dancefloor switches to a booth in a corner
  • uh Yoosung that’s vodk–Ooookay you’re taking shots…
  • starts to get tipsy and you just enjoy his ramblings
  • guys don’t see Yoosung as a challenge so they approach you like he doesn’t exist
    • if anything they think HE’S bothering YOU
  • he just stops talking and does this death stare with his arm on your shoulder
  • they get your his and leave you two alone
  • when WOMEN approach you, he gets so shy
  • “N-No…she’s…she’s… m-my….errmmmmmmmmmm”
  • on the cab ride home, he gives you his jacket and collapses his head on your lap


  • she was the one who actually picked the dress out for you when you two went shopping
  • but is just in awe when you had your hair and makeup done WITH THE DRESS ON
    • Baehee like VERY much!!!!!!! 
  • she wears a sensible dress that allows her mobility
  • she tries to dance but it’s sort of not her thing
    • but you’re SO good at it
  • you have to guide her through your moves until she feels comfortable
  • it’s one of those nights where you two are tired quickly so you sit at the bar for a glass of wine
  • guys that approach you think she’s your friend
  • Jaehee politely tells them that she’s with you and you were just resting your feet
  • some understand and walk away, one or two are very persistent
  • all Jaehee had to do is get up from her seat while cracking her knuckles before they run off
  • on the upside, both of you get free drinks for the night
  • the girls that approach you, actually make her feel jealous
  • because you’re talking back with them
  • but they always leave
  • at least THEY could tell you two were a couple
  • your clubbing date ends pretty early and you two are in bed a little after midnight


  • gawks at your dress with those damn peepers
  • “Oh babe~you don’t know what you’re doing to me with that dress”
  • he wears a white button up and black trousers
  • Zen is a really good dancer too so you become the power couple on the dance floor
  • some of Zen’s fangirls are there
  • while he politely declines their offers to dance with them
  • he sees you have a few fans of your own who wanted to buy you drinks and dance with you
  • cue protective Zen
  • he never leaves your side and no guy goes near you the rest of the night
  • narcissistic Zen thinks any girl that approaches you two is for him
  • but is taken aback when they start flirting with YOU
  • cue protective Zen
  • both of you have some liquid courage to keep the night going
    • zen needs more than you
  • your night ends when the club was going to close in two hours
  • Zen and you take a cab home
  • you were about to go get ready for bed when Zen stops you
  • “The night doesn’t end here…” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • clubs are too dirty for the mighty trust fund kid
  • but when you put on that dress, all bets are off
  • why don’t you wear that dress around him more often???
    • Jumin no, JUMIN YES
  • he wears basically a suit without the tie, and with a few buttons on his shirt open to make it casual
    • which you had to do for him
  • yeah…he can’t dance…not…just no
  • but he’s pretty impressed with how you dance
    • finds it rather hypnotic
  • he can sense when the commoners’ eyes are lingering on you
  • so he tries to stay around with you as much as possible
  • even if he doesn’t want to dance
  • he’s glad when you got tired and the two of you sit in the VIP section
  • you lost track of how many glasses of wine Jumin has
  • if someone sent you a drink, Jumin would refuse to have you drink it
    • what if they slipped something in there???
  • he can handle his liquor pretty well so no drunk Jumin tonight ):
  • pitches a club for cats
    • …maybe…
  • when it gets boring, Driver Kim takes you two home
  • when he opens the door he sees the both of you asleep, you on his shoulder with his arm around you


  • you were surprised when Seven suggested date night at a club
  • like this guy barely leaves the house why a club???
    • oh of course Tom was going to be there
  • it was the night you were going to try to knock his socks off
  • so you put on your classiest dress
  • “OOOooooooooooooo”
  • “ooooooOOOOOOOO”
  • wears his everyday clothes but he has his jacket off most of the time
    • it’s just his beater to sport off of his guns lol
  • you’re actually caught off guard when he knows his way on the dance floor
    • ???
  • “MC you’re really good!”
  • yeah but you’re better wtf I’m trying to impress you here!!!!
  • sits at a booth with Tom and Seven
  • at first, the free drinks were cool because you would just give it to Seven or Tom
  • but when guys try to ask you to dance, Seven puts his arm on your shoulder
  • tilts his glasses down to get a good look at them
  • “the Great Protector 707 finds this man unworthy…NEXT”
  • same goes for when a few women were added to the mix
  • “honey, if you can’t pull off that top then you can’t pull off dancing with my beautiful MC”
  • you two stick around even when Tom leaves
  • end up leaving when the club kicks you two out at closing time
  • spends the rest of the day in bed together
Blood, Sweat, and Tears

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(Request: Hi! Can you write a Newt x reader where the reader and Newt are in the Dueling Club and everyone wants a duel between them just because their classmates want to see the shyest kids fighting. )

(A/N: As soon as I read this, I had such a huge idea! I tried to make it as action packed as I could- but I epically failed. Thank you for the request! This was so much fun to write! xx)

Your breathing seemed almost ragged as your palms sweated nervously. As you walked up the steps you recited three things in your mind.

‘Bow, wand at the ready, and strike.’

When your headmaster had announced that there was going to be a Dueling Club at the school, the Gryffindors let out a huge cheer, eager to show their own magical abilities. The Slytherins muttered to themselves enthusiastically as did the Ravenclaws and the Hufflepuffs.

Never in a million years did you expect Newt to run up to you with a massive grin on his face and say, “I’ve signed us up for the Dueling Club!”

At first, you doubted Newt was actually willing to commit to the club- it wasn’t because Newt wasn’t good at Dueling, it’s just that- Newt was the more peaceful type, he wasn’t one to condone for violence.

Standing on the long, risen floorboard, you stared nervously at your peers below you. A few of your Slytherin friends were giving you the ‘thumbs up’ sign, with huge smiles on their faces, while others stared back just as nervous.

Really you had gone today to the meeting just to accompany Newt, never did you actually think the Professor’s teaching the class would pick you out of all people, to be the first to ‘try it out.’

The Great Hall had been converted into a makeshift Dueling stage by the professors and you nervously stared at them as they whispered amongst each other.

Chatter was happening among the students who were below you, and you couldn’t help but flush bright red as you heard someone say: “ten sickles that the Hufflepuff knocks the other one over.”

“No way,” replied the person, “(y/n) isn’t that good.”

It was only moments later until one of the professors teaching the course, Professor Amherst, came up to you with a small smile on his face.

You tried to not look terrified in return.

“Everything in order?” He asked quietly, raising an eyebrow, his piercing blue eyes penetrating your own.

“Um,” you responded, “if you want me to lie, then yes, I’m ready.”

“Don’t sass me, (y/l/n).” Retorted the Professor with a pointed look.

“I’m sorry! I’m just nervous, I’m not much for fighting.”

Professor Amherst gave you an apologetic look and sighed. “Look,” he started saying, “we’re not having the both of you use unforgivable spells, right now let’s focus on disarming and blocking.”

He pointed at your opponent and said, “the both of you will be fine, you’re just showing the other students how to do a fair fight. Don’t panic- just breathe and your instincts will kick in.”

You gulped and took a shaky breath, “I won’t worry then.” You concluded, shaking your head slightly, to which Professor Amherst responded with, “you’ll be fine.”

As soon as Professor Amherst left and loudly said, “I want a clean fight! Focus on disarming your opponent, only to disarm!”

‘Bow, wand at the ready, and strike.’ You recited once more as you stared into your opponents hazel eyes.

You kept taking shaky breaths as the Professor kept explaining the rules. “It’s so weird to see two Hufflepuff’s fighting- aren’t they the nicest ones of the bunch?”

“Newt and (y/n)? Yeah!”


You bowed.


You drew your wand and held it up next to your face, just as Newt did the same with his own wand. You could feel your heartbeat beating a hundreds miles a minute.

The both of you walked to the corresponding end of the stage and raised your wands.

Newt was unrecognizable as he stared at you with his light eyes, his jaw was clenched and eyebrows furrowed.

It was then that you realized that although the both of you were the best of friends, in an actual fight, you wouldn’t be fighting your best friend.




Pairing: Reader X Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Prompt: You and some of the other Sons get arrested for trespassing and while being held at Charming P.D., Sheriff Roosevelt decides to interrogate you and Jax. During the interrogation Roosevelt uses you in hopes that he could get an assault charge out of Jax which would cause him to be locked up for even longer. 

Warnings: Swearing, mention of possible rape/sexual act

A/N: Sorry this is kinda short and kinda sucks!

“Listen man, me and my club are here on trespassing charges, I’m not talkin’ to you about anything but those charges.” Jax spoke calmly, his eyes tracking Sheriff Roosevelt as he walked around the interrogation room slowly.

“Which are bullshit.” you muttered from where you sat across the cold metal table from Jax.

You, Tig, Chibs, and Jax had been working surveillance on a certain cigar shop when the cops showed up spewing some shit about how the parking lot you were in was private property. A quick argument later and all four of you were in handcuffs on your way to the police department. It wasn’t like this was the first time something like this had gone down. Hell, it seemed like almost everyday cops were popping up out of no where just to make your lives a living hell. A task that they were beginning to succeed in doing. 

You glanced up at Jax just in time to see him mouth the word ‘behave’ to you. He had a warning look on his face, like the one parents give their children when they begin to countdown from 5.  

“You got yourself a feisty one Teller. I always thought the club was men only. Or is she just one of those, what do you call them?” he asked, stepping towards you and placing his hands on top of your chair. His figure leaned over yours so his face was now no more than a foot away from yours. “Croweaters right?” he smirked, his warm breath hitting your neck and causing a chill to trail down your spine.

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“Back off man.” Jax spoke, aggression filling his voice. You watched as Roosevelt’s head snapped to look at Jax whose jaw was clenched down tight. The two of them stared each other down for several moments before Roosevelt stood back up and began to walk around the room once more, his pace not changing from what it had been before the little encounter. 

“So I take it Ms. (Y/N) is more than just a croweater.” he spoke calmly, his hands folding together behind him as he walked. He kept his eyes glued to Jax as he circled.

“It doesn’t matter what she is, just back off.” Jax responded harshly, his nostrils flaring. Roosevelt stopped dead in his tracks, a large smile curling onto his face.

“Well this is just fascinating.” he chuckled. “Big bad Jax Teller finally got himself an old lady.” he paused, his eyes finally breaking from Jax’s and instead looking at you. You shivered the moment you saw him give you a once over, his eyes lingering over your entire body. “And a pretty one at that.”

“She ain’t my old lady and I would really recommend you shut your mouth.” Jax snapped. He noticed the unwanted once over as well and could feel his blood slowly begin to boil at the thought of Roosevelt undressing you with his eyes.

“Oh really? So if she isn’t your old lady you wouldn’t mind if I asked a guard to escort you from the interrogation room for a few minutes? Give me and Ms. (Y/N) some alone time.” Roosevelt smirked, stepping closer to you. 

That was all he had to say.

Jax stood up rapidly from his seat, the chair toppling over underneath his sudden movement. Before he could move to get his hands on Roosevelt you pushed yourself in front of Jax, your hands coming up to his chest.

“Jax, don’t.” you said firmly, pushing against Jax’s strength to the best of your ability. You looked up at him only to see his eyes still targeted on Roosevelt who was laughing behind you. “He just wants to get you locked up for doing more things so he has more time to ask questions and try to get under your skin.” you spoke, your voice calming in hopes that Jax would calm as well.

You felt his pressure let up against you, his muscles untensing as his eyes remained locked onto Roosevelt’s.

“Sheriff.” a new voice suddenly spoke. You glanced in the direction the voice came from only to see a young police officer standing in the now open door way. Roosevelt’s smile dropped at the sight of the officer. “Their bail’s been paid, they’re free to go.” the officer informed before exiting from the three of your sights. 

“Lucky shits.” Roosevelt muttered angrily under his breath before returning his eyes to you and Jax. “You heard him, you’re free to go.” 

You nodded your head before returning your eyes to Jax. You brought your hand up to his cheek, your skin gently touching his and causing his eyes to fall onto you. 

“Let’s go home.” you whispered with a little smile on your face. Jax nodded in return before following you out of the room. He made sure to give Roosevelt one last glare before he left however. 

Roomies - PCY

{ A/N: sorry if this is bad i re-read it like 500 times but there still might be typos lololol oops !! }

Genre: Fluffish 
W/C: 1.4k
Summary: Chanyeol and his roommate were the best of friends; But Chanyeol has been getting too drunk and having sex with strange women from the club. His roommate loves him, does he love his roommate? 

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Best Friend Series; Woozi/Jihoon

- you met jihoon in high school and you’ve been best friends ever since
- you already knew about him but you never talked to him
- jihoon was known as that gifted kid like he gets straight a’s and wins all the awards in almost every category because he’s super hard-working and a perfectionist
- everyone’s intimidated by him because all he does is work and since he hardly talks people get the wrong impression and label him as cold and snobby
- one day you were looking for a quiet place to study after classes
- the library’s full and your house is loud and like a bunch of classrooms are occupied for club meetings and stuff like that
- you give up searching in that building because it’s always filled with people so you’re like i’ll just go to the other building then it’s a long walk but wtvr as long as you get studying done right
- when you reach that building you’re twisting every doorknob to see if any aren’t locked when you hear BEAUTIFUL piano playing and you’re like??? who’s playing that???
- you follow the sound of the piano and find yourself standing in front of a door left ajar and when you peek inside you see JIHOON PLAYING THE PIANO
- you’re like HOLY CRAP HE’S AMAZING!!! and you’re listening in but somehow you lose your balance and fall forward and the door swings wide open
- jihoon stops playing and looks down at you who’s on the floor and you’re looking at him too and it’s just quiet
- but then you scramble to your feet and start clapping and you pretend that you never fell in the first place
- then you’re like “you play the piano so beautifully!!!! you’re really talented!!” and jihoon just blinks and says nothing and you’re like omfg i shouldn’t have said anything it’s over now he thinks i’m a creep
- but then he smiles and says “……thank you” but then he goes serious again and says “how did you find this place?”
- and you’re like “i was looking for a place to study because everywhere else was fully occupied…. and then i heard you play and followed the sound. you’re really good. what song is it??”
- and jihoon just says quietly “…i made it.”
- you’re like NO WAY YOU COMPOSED THAT BEAUTIFUL SONG??? and he just nods
- he says “i call it adore u. no one ever goes in this part of the building so i just go here to practice. i only have the first verse and chorus down though, i’m still trying to complete the song”
- you compliment him a few more times and then sigh when you look at the time “anyways good luck with practice i have to go look for a place to study now”
- before you go exit the door jihoon says “wait” and you stop to look at him and he says “you can study here…… i hope you don’t mind me playing piano in the background though”
- and you just smile and go like “oh thank you!! and i don’t mind i listen to piano covers while studying anyway it isn’t any different”
- when it’s time to go you and jihoon say goodbye to each other and you’re like…… he’s not as bad as people say
- the next day you go back to the piano room and you grin when you see jihoon there
- you say hi and start studying while jihoon continues to practice his song and tries to come up with the beat for the second verse and bridge
- you guys meet up there every day and eventually become BEST FRIENDS WHOO
- jihoon used to eat lunch alone but now you would sit next to him with your friends seungcheol, jeonghan and the famous booseoksoon trio and you’re happy to see that he’s slowly coming out of his shell
- since jihoon’s a straight-a student he doesn’t mind tutoring you in things you don’t understand
- he’s scary when he’s angry so when he is you know to stay away from him
- when you make fun of his height, he silently sabotages you
- like you’ll tell him “holy crap my textbook was missing a page so i couldn’t finish the class exercise in time!! seungkwan scanned it for me but now i have to finish it as hw ughhh i have so much to do already”
- and jihoon just says “oh…. i wonder why you don’t have that page….”
- cringes at every lame joke you tell him
- but sometimes you actually do manage to make him laugh and he gets so angry
- “laughing hurts my pride”
- when he’s really stressed, he takes it out on you sometimes and it makes you sad
- but then he feels really bad about it afterwards and treats you out to lunch or buys you something
- you do lots of aegyo just to see his reactions and he either walks away or cringes really bad
- remembers every single one of your achievements, and unfortunately every single embarrassing thing you’ve done
- “hey remember when you did—” “I DON’T WANT TO REMEMBER THANKS”
- honest and never sugar-coats anything
- “why would you do that are you stupid???” “thanks jihoon that’s exactly what i wanted to hear”
- he only gives genuine smiles to you and all your classmates are like holy crap how did you do that???
- jihoon teaches you how play the piano and you get so excited
- but then you learn he also knows how to play the guitar and drums and 17394 other instruments and you’re like just wow
- you guys share your favorite songs and artists and you guys sing along to them together and that’s when you find out about HIS VOICE
- he always studies and works until like 3am and you scold him for it because JIHOON YOU HAVE TO GET ENOUGH SLEEP OK
- always buys things for you but never for himself
- like it’d be extremely cold and your ears are freezing and his are too but he’d only buy earmuffs for you
- so in return, you buy him a bunch of random things and he pretends he doesn’t like them but when you meet up with him after school to hang out he’s wearing the wristband you got him and you tease him about it
- he never wears mittens in the winter and you’re like “jihoon i will break your fingers YOU PLAY INSTRUMENTS YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS”
- and he sassily replies back “if you break my fingers i won’t be able to play either” and you’re like “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”
- you buy him coffee whenever he’s feeling down or stressed
- you make an extra lunch for him because sometimes he skips it to study or practice piano
- you ask him how it is and he replies “it’s edible” but he always finishes the whole thing (basically HE LOVED IT AND IT WAS DELICIOUS)
- he may not show it often but jihoon really is glad you’re in his life
- he can’t say it to your face because he gets really embarrassed
- but once when you slept over at his house, you were trying to fall asleep and jihoon, who thought you were already asleep, says “i’m glad i met you, (name). i adore u.”
- and of course you laughed and jihoon couldn’t face you for three days
- finally finishes composing adore u and performs an acoustic version of it on your birthday
- “oh shut up”