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What I Never Said - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Hey can you do a Fred imagine where the Reader is his close friend and has a huge crush on him? But then he leaves Hogwarts with George (cause Umbridge) and you become rather depressed? So you start talking to George via Letters and Fred accidentally reads one (which contains your feels for him), and comes to visit you at Hogwarts? Thanks!


School was gloomy and dreadful, the days dragged on as if they were being pulled down by sand bags. Classes last longer than ever before and all y/n wanted was to be with her two best friends. There was no reasonable explanation for her to take pity on herself for being alone at Hogwarts and twinless, technically she wasn’t all that alone but that was how she felt. When the Weasley twins had originally asked y/n to leave school with them to help start their joke shop, y/n was beyond thrilled and practically tackled George when he gave her this proposition, so she gave the information to her parent’s full heartedly assuming they’d say yes but was rather shocked to hear them turn down the opportunity telling y/n she had to stay in school and finish her last year, despite her high notes in almost every class. The boys smiles basically deflated the second y/n told them the bad news. They offered to stay with her through the rest of the school year so she wouldn’t be alone but y/n refused to allow this. That last few days, the joke shop was all the twins could talk about and y/n was happy for them, truly she was. But that didn’t help bury the mournful feeling that ate at her through the night. You see, y/n had a bit of a crush on the infamous older of the two twins, Fred Weasley. From y/n’s perspective, Fred just saw her a close friend or maybe a little sister like Ginny but that was it. Little did she know, Fred saw her as so much more than a friend. So the Weasley twins left in the middle of the school day sometime after the Easter holiday.

Hermione entered the bright colorful dorm room she shared with y/n and the youngest Weasley Ginny, to see all the curtains pulled close and a dark dull tone settling over the flat bed y/n sat in criss-crossed with a stack of blankets resting on her lap under a hard cover book she was using as a surface as she wrote out on another sheet of paper with a stack of fully written papers to her left. Ginny followed in closely behind eyes widening at the sight… not that she could see much anyways besides the few lit candles that illuminated the space around y/n’s figure. Hermione shared a worrisome look with the ginger in the door way before speaking up and addressing the situation,

“Y/n can you please come outside with Ginny and I and go for a stroll or some tea in at Hogsmead, maybe? At least come out of this room, it’s our last week here at school and your last year. We’d love to spend some time with you before the twins steal you from the summer… I hate seeing you so-“

“Depressed. Emotionless. Glum. Miserable. Oh, disconsolate! That was a good one!” Ginny screeched beyond proud of her deep thinking and vocabulary. Hermione rolled her eyes taking a candle off the window sill to help aid her over to the distracted girl. y/n had barely noticed her roommates enter, looking up she nodded politely then continued on with her scribbling. Ginny sighed walked over to the bed, but not before tripping over a pile of books causing a small giggle to escape y/n’s lips but as soon as it was there, it was gone and her lips were pulled in a straight stern line. Refusing to address the situation, she stacked together the messy piles of papers into one, waving her wand over the mound of letters, turning them into a single piece of paper written fully back in front with neater font that still captured everything she had written before. Taking the paper and folding it hamburger style, y/n sealed it into an enveloped licking it shut and handing it over to Hermione,

“That sounds lovely but I think I’ll pass today, while you’re out could you drop this off at Owl Post Office, I’m not exactly sure where Eleanor is at the moment (her owl)… I would really appreciate it if you could send it to George Weasley that would be splendid! Thank you so much!” Y/n threw her legs off the side of the bed walking over to the two girls, setting the letter in Hermione’s grip and lightly pushing them out of the room. Ginny gave in, pulling the bushy haired girl along with her.

Y/n kept the door open waving goodbye to them with a fake but half convincing smile plastered on her face, then when they were out of sight, slammed the door slumping back over to her bed, letting the tears soak her pillow as she drifted off to sleep.


Light glistened through the blinding apartment the Weasley twins shared together that was located directly above their new, soon to open shop. Fred’s bed room was closest to the living room while George’s was closest to the kitchen.

An alarmed blared in the distant causing Fred to stir from his peaceful sleep, into reality. Matter of fact peaceful wasn’t exactly the right word choice. More so… omitted or remote, like something was missing from him. The think was, Fred couldn’t figure out who that feeling of lacking someone belonged to. It was as if he’d lost something he’d never even realized he had, someone he’d taken advantage of. Someone he longed to have back in his arms… or at least by his side.

Rising from his bed, stretching his arms, and throwing some clothes on, Fred retreated out of his room ready for a day’s work that lied ahead of him. Swinging his bed room door open and padding across the floor, Fred’s eyes landed on a number on envelopes shoved under their apartment door. Curiously, he snatched the mail snatching over each and every piece looking for nothing in particular, until one bold letter stuck out. It was a maroon red that brought back memories of his not too long ago, Hogwarts days. The thought of his beloved school and brave house caused a wave of emotions to rush over him as the thought of one girl came to his mind. y/n y/l/n. She was by far the most beautiful girl in the school to Fred and had a smile like none other that could automatically make Fred’s whole day. She was kind, caring, generous, down to earth, and humble while all at the same time she remained strong, quick witted, thoughtful, and at times sassy when standing up for herself or others.

Fred ventured aimlessly over to the glass coffee table, picking up the letter that had caught his eye before and without hesitation, ripped it open ignoring the fact that it was clearly addressed to “George Weasley” and from y/n y/l/n.

“Dear George,

School has been terrible without you and your brother here, but thanks for asking. How’s everything going on down there? Everyone seems to have lost their humor and Umbridge is even more bonkers than before! I know sounds impossible but it’s more than true. Ginny’s been good and is staying out of trouble for the most part. Haven’t seen Ron for a while, but I’d assume I would hear of it if he wasn’t alright or got into any sort of mischief. I hope all is well with you and Fred. I miss you two more than anything! I pray you haven’t spilled the beans about my feelings towards Fred or I’ll have to come over there and kill you myself. Has he asked about me? I was pondering the thought of writing a letter to him but I wasn’t sure if he’d be up to talk and write one back, he never seemed like the letter type of person. Anyways, tell him I say hi and that it’s great to hear that the shop is doing well and that I’m outstandingly proud of the two of you! School ends on the 13th of June this year and my mother gave me permission to help you guys out at the joke shop! Love you and see you soon!


y/n y/m/n y/l/n”

Fred rubbed his eyes re-reading the paper making sure he had read it right the first time, which he had. Did y/n have feelings for him? No, he thought, that’s impossible… why would she like me. Not that Fred was complaining, truthfully it felt like his lifelong dream had come true. With this new hopeful information, Fred glanced at the calendar on the wall with a 13 circled indicating that it was indeed the 13th of June, grabbed his coat from the hanger by the door, scribbled up a tiny note for his brother explaining where he would be and left heading for King’s Cross Station.


-Daizy xxx