when i touch you


In which Bakugou is me


2 times when Even probably took Isak’s hands 


Thank you Minako-sensei. 

I feel like Chris is so loved by his fans, coach, and mystery man. 

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙



cant decide on a bg so just. heres the transparent version so you can slap it on whatever. preferably smthing warm bc its hecking cold over here jfc 

Merry Christmas @slightly-awkward-sunshine! I’m your secret santa for @mlsecretsanta! Have some Ladrien fluff!

I looked through your art tag, and I was so impressed. I really wanted to make something worthy of you. Hair is hard and so are clothes, but I tried really hard, I can tell who they are and what they’re doing, so I’m gonna go ahead and call it a win for as good as I can do! ;D

I totally thought I was already following you when I got your url, but apparently not! lol.


The first time I saw you was a dull Sunday afternoon
You walked into the room with your hair trailing behind you in a luminous halo, reflecting the fading sunlight

The first time we struck a conversation, you laughed so hard on my shitty jokes you ended up complaining of how much your cheeks hurt

The first time we kissed, your nose was red from the cold, and your fingers trembled slightly when they touched my neck

The first time I knew I loved you, you were wearing sweatpants
your hear was pulled back in a messy bun
your feet were perched up on my dashboard
and you were giving me hell for my shitty taste in music

The first time you said you loved me,
the sky was drowning in stars
And I was drowning in you

The first time we f**ked, it was a thunderstorm
The world was on fire
The galaxies were exploding

The first time you left, my pain could have engulfed the universe

The first time you came back, I thought it would be the last

He tried so hard to be what his father wanted him to be. So talented, so bright, so strong. Worthy of his father’s pride. But in the end, it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t enough. And never would be.


NHK Trophy 2016: Scott giving Tessa a supportive pat 


No, thank YOU!