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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 17)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 792

‘#DateMeBuckyBarnes’ Masterlist

A/N: Okay, I may or may not be straying away from my original plan with this story now. Uh oh…

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“Maybe it’s a mistake. You know how the media can be sometimes. They just like to stir up trouble,” Daisy reasoned as she paced back and forth in the living room, her gaze flitting over to you. “It’s probably old photos that they used in the articles.”

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Rotten Judgement - part 2

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,630

Warnings: Language, Angst, Slaves, Demonic creatures, Mythology , Attempt Assault 

A/N: Seriously guys, thank you so much for the nice feedback. I hope I tagged everyone, sorry if I didn’t :/ (As usual some quotes from the movie)

“I know who you work for,” Brock Rumlow, notorious human trash bag, hissed as he pinned you with the weight of his body against a brick wall.

He put his big, calloused hand around your throat and tightened his grip until you were gasping for air. You tried to pull yourself free, but your hands were trapped behind your back. He was breathing so close to your face that you could feel his clammy breath on your skin.

In hindsight, you should have known that Rumlow wasn’t going to be easy an easy target. He was a murderer and a thief, he probably didn’t even have a heart. Your targets were usually old people or horny men, this was a first and you couldn’t understand why Bucky needed his heart. It was most likely all black and corrupted.

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Bts “Cheating” on you-Reaction

Requested by anon

This is like a mini scenario/reaction

scenario: You have been seen with a guy. Fans automatically assume the worst. Bts member decides to hire an actress to kiss him as you walk in the door. As soon as he sees your eyes regret fills him immediately. You leave to another Bts members house whom you are close with for comfort, he finds out this “guy” was your brother. What happens now?


He pushed the actress away and tried to go after you. He didn’t know the exact truth but he knew you were hurt. You soon left his eyesight and he called all the members until he found out you were with Namjoon. By the time he gets to Namjoons house, you were asleep on his bed, snuggling his Ryan Plushie. Tears of regret stung his eyes and he cuddled you close. By the time you woke up, he was explaining everything whilst kissing you.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know”

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He figured he did his job when you left. He paid the actress her money and she left. His heart was shattered at the idea you cheated on him. Though he got his revenge, there was a hole in his heart. He was taking out his feelings when he receives a call from Taehyung:


S: What?

T:YOU BROKE HER HEART MAN *explains how it was your brother and you’re  crying in his arms*

Suga hangs up the phone and quickly went to Tae. He felt like an a**hole and he held you in his arms explaining everything and blaming himself. 

“I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions babygirl..”

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He was mad at you. How could you walk out acting hurt when you did the same thing?? He scoffed, paid the actress and started to pack your things. He tries to call you to tell you your stuff is here. He’s shocked to hear a yelling Yoongi answer your phone. The minute Yoongi said “your brother” Namjoons heart broke. He understood why you left hurt when he thought it was acting. Namjoon went to you, sat you down and explained everything. He made sure that he would regain your trust.

“You’re my entire world, nothing can replace you.”

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Regret filled him as you walked out crying. He thought he was just getting revenge, He didn’t know what he did wrong, but he knew something wasn’t right. He texted you and the members and finally gets a response, from Jimin. Hobi went to confront you, He heard your side of things and he broke down crying. He felt like the worlds biggest idiot. He cried in your shoulder and whispered so many apologies. 

“Please forgive me”

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Just like Yoongi, he’d feel proud. He made you feel what he felt and it was over. That is until he gets a text from Hobi who seemed pissed. Jimin tried to have his own back and argue with Hoseok about you. Hobi sends him a picture of you asleep, your eyes still wet from the tears and Jimin just turned into a soft baby. 


Jimin went to you, smuggled you, kissed you, whispered so much reassurance in your ear. You ended up falling asleep in his arms on Hobi’s bed.

“Mine forever. I love you and you only”

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He didnt know what he was doing. Everything seemed so right while it happended, but the way your tears fell, he knew he wasn’t a victim at all. He knew that you didn’t cheat. He ran to you before you could go to Jungkooks house. He let you explain because he only knew what other people told him. He trusted you but Jealousy took over in the moment. He’d pray you’d understand.

“I know i should’ve confronted you, it was my fault. Please still love me the same.”

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Confused. Hes like Tae in this sense he knew that he wasn’t the victim, but didnt know why he wasn’t the victim. He gets a call from Jin, who isn’t yelling, but lecturing him on what actually happened and what he should’ve done instead of hire an actress

Jin: Like seriously, kookie, WHO DOES THAT!?!

Jungkook knew he had to make it better, and would try to make sure sure you trusted him again before things go back to normal.

“I’m an idiot, but you love me still, right??”

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Parent Trap

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Request: Imagine co-parenting with Happy after you break up from Happys infidelity.

“What do you mean you don’t have your schoolbag?” You demanded as you walked around the dining table, wiping the surface with a cloth as you went.
“I don’t have it mama.” Your daughter answered.
“Where is it?” You asked and turned to your daughter, a spitting image of her father and you laid your hands on your hips.
She shrugged, letting her dark brown curls fall off her shoulders.
“It’s at daddy’s.” She told you as she looked up at you through thick lashes.
You sighed and tossed the cloth towards the kitchen sink and wiped your hands on your jeans.
“How many times have I told you to bring it home, Harley?”
She smiled, almost smugly, and shrugged again.
You rolled your eyes and reached out, ruffling her soft hair before turning her towards the front door.
“Come on, we’ll have to grab it on the way or you’ll be late.”
You grabbed the car keys off the counter and shuffled your daughter towards the door.
You had never been a morning person, and lately you had been fighting to keep your cool as you got Harley ready for school. Especially because she had started to make a habit of leaving things at her dads house every time she stayed there.
She was only six, but she was smart and you couldn’t help but feel she did it on purpose.
Co-parenting had never been part of the plan. God, back then everything had been so perfect.
You were his old lady and he was your old man and he had been so happy when he found out he was going to be a dad. Even the rest of the boys had been in shock by how much Happy Lowman was smiling for almost your whole pregnancy, especially when he found out he was having a little girl.
He was a good father, he had spent all his spare time with her and he had even cut back on his involvement with the club.
But that hadn’t stopped things turning bad.
Harley was four years old when you broke up.
The ‘What happens on a run stays on a run’ rule had gone out the window when that blonde whore had turned up at the clubhouse and your heart had been left broken and shattered on the floor.
He had always been faithful to you, at least so you thought but he had admitted to sleeping with the girl when they had gone on a run the month before.
It hadn’t been an easy decision to walk away but you knew you couldn’t be with a man that couldn’t be faithful to you.
You had loved him, God how you had loved him. Deep down you still did, but your mother had raised you to know you deserved better than to be cheated on and so you had taken your daughter and left.
Of course you still let him see her. You had grown up without a father and you never wanted the same for your daughter.
You hadn’t bothered going through the courts, you knew Happy wouldn’t fight you and you didn’t want him to. He saw Harley every week, she’d stay with him on the weekends and you’d have her on the weeknights while she was at school so her routine wasn’t disturbed.
But Happy still came over at least once a week to have dinner with her and you loved watching the two of them together.
She had his eyes, and his smile and your heart melted every time you looked at the two of them giggling together.
Harley Lowman was definitely the love of Happy Lowmans life.

The lot was empty apart from the row of bikes when you pulled in.
It was still early and you silently prayed that there wouldn’t be crow-eaters scattered over the floor when you walked in.
You parked in your usual spot and jumped out before letting Harley out of the car.
She hopped out happily and practically dragged you to the clubhouse doors.
She was a daddys girl and she could never hide her excitement to see her father.
It used to make you jealous but now you were used to it and honestly you were happy they had such a good relationship.
“Hurry up ma!” She cried and you rolled your eyes and pulled the door open.
She dropped your hand and ran inside, heading straight for the dorms and you followed behind her slowly.
It was always a familiar sight and it always made you nostalgic when you walked into the clubhouse.
You had so many memories here and it would always feel like home to you, but that part of your life was behind you. Thats what you had to keep reminding yourself. You weren’t an old lady, not anymore. You were just the mother of a members child, simple as that.
The place was quiet but you were thankful you didn’t see the remains of another wild SAMCRO party.
As you entered the hallway you saw Harley banging on her fathers dorm room door and you couldn’t help but smirk at the excited grin on her face.
You walked closer and leant on the opposite wall.
After only a moment the door opened and your breath caught in your throat when you saw him.
Happy opened the door in only his boxers, his ripped stomach exposed and he wiped his eyes sleepily.
You gulped as your eyes ran down his toned muscles and his intricate tattoos. You could never deny that Happy was sexy as fuck.
“Daddy!” Harley cried and hugged his legs tightly.
Happy smiled and ruffled her hair before lifting her into his arms.
“Morning baby girl.” He said quietly, his voice husky.
He looked at you and nodded his greeting.
“She left her schoolbag.” You explained.
Happy stepped back and gestured for you to enter the room and you stepped past him.
The room was the same as it always was, everything in its place and the faint smell of leather.
Happy followed you into the room and walked to the desk, Harley still in his arms and he reached down and grabbed her pink school bag off the floor.
“This is becoming a habit.” Happy said to his daughter.
She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled into him.
Happy smirked and looked towards you.
“I’ll make sure she brings it home next time.”
“Thanks.” You smiled back. “We should get going.”
“No!” Harley yelled.
Happy raised his eyebrows and pulled back from his daughter so he could look at her.
“You gotta go to school,” He told her sternly.
Harley stuck her bottom lip out and fluttered her eyelashes.
You shook your head but couldn’t help the smirk from forming on your lips. She might be like her father but she definitely got the pouting techniques from you.
Happy put her down and ruffled her hair once more.
“C’mon. Listen to your mom.”
You held out your hand and reluctantly she took it.
Happy handed you the schoolbag and you smiled at him thankfully.
“See you tomorrow for dinner?” You asked.
“Wouldnt miss it.” Happy said.
Harley glared at both of you and tugged on your hand. She always got grumpy when she didnt get her way and you both laughed.
“Say bye to your dad.” You told her.
“Bye daddy.” She said grumpily and Happy waved back, a smile on his face as he watched you both walk out the door.

It was just after lunch and you had almost made it through the stack of paperwork your boss had left on your deck when you heard a knock on your office door.
You looked up and smiled at the receptionist as she poked her head through the door.
“Theres someone here to see you,” Lara told you.
“Send them in.” You said with a smile and took a sip of coffee.
The door opened wider and you almost spat the coffee back into the cup when Happy walked into the office.
He closed the door behind him and looked at you, an amused look on his face.
What are you doing here, Hap?!” You asked and stood.
“You weren’t answering your phone.” He said with a shrug.
“My battery died.” You told him and smoothed down the pencil skirt you were wearing and you stepped out from behind the desk. “Is there something I can help you with?”
“We gotta go to school.” He said casually and leant against the wall. A toothpick sat between his lips and he twirled it across them as he looked at you.
“Is Harley okay?” You asked as concern filled you.
“She got in a fight.” Happy told you and you could almost detect the pride in his voice.
What?!” You practically yelled.
She was six years old! What on earth could she be fighting over?!
You stepped behind your desk and grabbed your handbag and slung it over your shoulder hastily.
Happy watched you as you rushed around grabbing your things and although his face was blank his dark eyes were filled with amusement.
“Lets go!” You said and rushed towards the door.
Happy stood straight and followed you, strolling casually through your workplace while you practically ran.
“You wanna ride?” Happy called to you as you pushed through the doors to the car park.
You turned back to him, one eye brow raised.
“In this skirt? No way.” You rummaged in your handbag for your keys and Happy smirked as he walked to his bike.
Finally you reached your car and you quickly started it and wound down the window.
The roar of Happys bike filled the quiet street and for a moment you wished you had taken him up on his offer. You missed riding on the back of his bike, the wind blowing through your hair as you clung to him.
But that life was behind you now, you reminded yourself. Plus, it probably wasn’t a good look to turn up to your daughters school on the back of a bike.
Happy pulled into the street and you followed him, driving quickly to the school.

“You gonna tell me what that was all about?”
Harley ignored you and walked into her room, dragging her school bag behind her as she went.
You sighed and leant against the wall.
She had been sulking all afternoon, and she hadn’t said a word in the car on the way home.
The principal had told you and Happy that Harley had gotten into a fight with a girl in her class, and she had started it but neither of you were sure why.
She wasn’t hurt, neither of the girls involved were but you couldn’t help but be concerned.
Your daughter had never acted violent before and you couldn’t imagine what could cause her to react like this.
The familiar roar of a bike echoed through your street and you opened the front door, waiting for him to pull in.
You watched as he pulled into your drive, cut the engine and swung his leg over his bike before walking towards you.
“She say anything yet?” He asked you.
You shook your head and crossed your arms over your chest.
Happy neared you and he reached out to squeeze your shoulder.
“Mind if I try?”
“Go for it.” You said and stepped aside so he could enter your house.
He walked softly across the carpet and headed straight for Harleys room.
You followed slowly but you didn’t enter. Instead you leant against the wall, deciding to let him speak to her alone.
Inside, Happy knelt next to the bed where his daughter was curled up and he stroked her hair gently.
“What happened?” He asked softly.
Harley sat up and grabbed her favourite soft toy and squeezed it to her chest, but she still didn’t say anything.
Happy continued to stroke her hair slowly.
“You wont be in trouble, but you need to tell us what happened.”
Harley turned to her father, her dark eyes filling with tears.
“She said we weren’t a real family.” Harley said. Her voice was quiet but you could still hear her and you bit your lip.
“She said we would never be a real family because you and mommy don’t love each other.”
Outside the room your heart broke as you heard the sadness in your daughters voice and you couldn’t help but feel tears fill your own eyes.
Happy wiped the tears from Harleys cheek before he spoke.
“Thats not true, baby girl.” Happy told her. “We will always be a family.”
“I love you, Harley and I love your mommy. I always will.”
Harley looked at her father.
“Do you promise?” She asked.
“I promise.” He told her and kissed her forehead.
Harley smiled and lay down on her pillows. It had been a big day for her and she was exhausted.
Happy sat with her, stroking her hair til she fell asleep before he stood quietly and left the room.
He closed the door quietly behind him and he stood in the hallway, opposite you.
“You hear all that?” He asked you quietly.
You nodded and met his gaze.
“(Y/n)..” Happy said, “Do you love me?”
You scoffed.
“Of course I love you, Hap. That was never the problem.”
His jaw clenched and he stepped closer to you.
You stared into his eyes, the same familiar darkness you had looked into so many times before and your heart began to beat faster as his hands reached towards you.
His fingers gently grabbed the fabric of your shirt and he lifted it up to show his crow you had had tattooed on your hip so many years ago.
His finger traced over the design and you gulped.
“Ive done a lot of things in my life, (y/n). A lot of bad things. But theres only one thing i regret.” His words echoed through you and you couldn’t help but place your hands on his chest, clutching at his leather.
“I’ll never forgive myself for hurting you. But I want you, (y/n). I want you back.”
You couldn’t deny the way you felt about Happy. You had always loved him and as he stood before you, vulnerable and close enough to kiss that desire took over you.
His jaw clenched again and just like that you lost it.
You crashed your lips against his and his arms wrapped around your waist, holding him to you tightly.
A moan left your lips as he ran his tongue along your lower lips and you pulled him closer to you.
“Are you sure?” He asked you between kisses and you smiled against his lips.
You pulled back from him and grabbed his hand, dragging him as you walked backwards towards your bedroom.
“Im sure, daddy.”

The Party

Sirius Black x Reader

My heart was beating faster and faster as we walked into the family home of the Blacks. I glanced nervously at the crowd .


I hated these pureblood parties that my parents dragged me to. They were excrutiatingly boring, and so dull. The pureblood families got together every now and then to brag about their riches and accomplishments. Boring stuff. And it was another excuse for parents to find suitable brides and grooms for their children.

My eyes went through the crowd of people, searching for just one face.

Eventhough I shouldnt be doing that.

Its been over a month since I last saw him, and we had had an awful fight  before vacation began. He didnt even write to me. And his silence just drove me mad.

I found myself in the huge dining room. The long table was laid out with lots of food, and people were already sitting around it, talking and eating.

Thats when I saw him.

Sitting at the table, with a bored expression. Leaning back lazily on his chair. He saw me and sat up straight, running his fingers through his silky black hair.

“Y/N ! Come on now !”

My mother’s sudden appearence startled me. I stood staring at her with a hand against my chest.

“What is it, dear ? ” she asked, seeing my expression.

“You scared me, Mum !” I said, as she took my hand and led me towards the table.

Most of the seats were taken, except for one where my mother sat, and two others on either sides of Him.

Sirius Black had that smirk on his face now. He knew I will have to sit next to him.

“Sit !” Mum urged me, as I hesitated.

This is going to be a long night, I thought as I walked up to the empty seat and sat. He looked at me, and I just gave a nod of acknowledgment.

Sirius and I were pretty close. We were very much inseparable. We have been together for 3 years now, and he still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

We had quite a nasty fight about a month before school closed for summer. I happened to see a Ravenclaw girl pushing him against a wall like she owned him, and trying to kiss him. I was way beyond jealous, and we got into a fight. I knew it wasnt him who did anything. But I  didnt see him pushing her away either. I was just too heartbroken to reason with anything. And we havent spoken since. He tried while at school. But I didnt give in.

I tried my best, but I just couldnt resist sneaking glances at him. Both of us played with our food. I took ocassional bites to satisfy my mother, who was eyeing me from across the table.

Just as I was about to put the spoon to my mouth, I felt his hand on my knee. I dropped my spoon and it hit the plate with a loud clang. Several guests looked up at me, and Mum was glowering.

“Alright there, sweetheart ?” she asked in a sickly sweet tone.

I nodded, and I felt his fingers tighten around my knee. I bit my lip, not knowing what to do. I grabbed my goblet and took a big sip of water.

His hand slid up.

Thank god for the elaborate and frilly table cloth !

“Sirius, dont you dare !” I hissed at him, swatting his hand away.

He smirked again.

An old wizard sitting next to Sirius’ father Orion Black, asked him something. Sirius turned to face him, and spoke. His fingers were still stroking my thigh, and it was sending shivers down my spine. I put a hand over his, and squeezed it, to stop his fingers from moving. He continued talking with the man, as his fingers slowly intertwined with mine.

I missed this boy. I missed the way he touched me, and said my name. I missed everything about him.

As I felt a heaviness in my heart, he moved his hand again. My stomach did flips at that. I knew this wont go well here.I held his hand again, and moved it away from my leg.

I got up.

Excusing myself, I almost ran out of the dining room.

It was my first time in his house, so I didnt know where to go. I just went up the stairs, and found a door that opened into a small balcony. I stood, with my hands on the railings, breathing heavily.

I didnt know how I managed without him for this long. I couldnt do it anymore. I needed him. I needed Sirius Black.

Just as tears began to sting my eyes, I felt a pair of arms around my waist, and Sirius’ scent filled my nostrils. He pulled me against his firm chest, kissing the back of my neck. I just held his hands to me tightly, not wanting him to let go.

“You’re bad Sirius Black” I said.
“You’re so bad”

“Im sorry, Princess” he said, and turned me around to face him.

“Forgive me”

He leaned forward to kiss me, and he lifted me off the floor. I pulled away, hearing some footsteps.

“Someone will see us ” I said, looking over his shoulder.

“Come on” Sirius said, taking my hand.

We ran up the stairs. And he opened a door, pulling me in with him. And I immediately knew it was his room.
Before I could actually take a look at it, he pushed me against his door, and kissed me again.

“Owww” I said against his lips, making him laugh. He moved his lips down to my neck.

“Sirius ! Our parents are downstairs !” I said, pushing him away.

“So what ?!” he said, grabbing me again.

“No !!” I said as he came forward again.

He stopped, and pouted.

“Where have you been ? Did you even bother to write to me ?!” I asked.

“Im sorry Y/N!” Sirius said, looking defeated. “I didnt know what to do ! You wouldnt even look at me ! Besides, homes been hell -”

I knew what it was like for him, and I felt bad for being so hard on him.

“Please, Y/N?” Sirius said, takng my hand in his, and kissing it.

“I missed you, idiot” I said, hugging him.

Sirius smiled and pressed his lips to mine again. His hands arms came around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I love you, baby” he said, kissing my nose.
“I love you too ” I said, smiling.

                               * * *

I stood in front of his mirror, fixing my hair, as he sat, watching me.

He strolled towards me slowly, with a sad look on his face.

“ I dont want you to leave” he said, standing behind me, with his hands on my waist. “Lets run away”

I turned around and kissed his cheek,laughing.

“We might have to” I said, and put on my shoes.

“Just a month more till school starts” I said, and went to the door. “Love you, Black”

                                * * *

“Where have you been, Y/N !” Mum hissed as she saw me.

“Umm…bathroom” I said, shrugging.

“Come here ! There is something important” said Mum, grabbing my arm and leading me into the dining area.

“Found her, have you ?” Walburga Black was speaking to my Mum.

“This is her” Mum said, giving me a little push.

“Hmm” Walburga said, as she touched my cheek, trying to bring out a smile. “She is perfect !”

I stood staring at Sirius’ mother.

“Ah ! There ! SIRIUS !” she bellowed, making me jump. I turned to see Sirius looking at us with wide eyes.

I was sweating now. Shit, have they found out about us ?!, I thought, my heart racing.

Sirius came to us slowly. He looked at me cautiously.

“Mary, I hope you’ve met my son before, Sirius ” Walburga said, and Mum nodded, smiling at Sirius.

I felt another hand on my shoulder, and turned to find my Dad, smiling down at me. Why were they all so happy ?

“I think its time to tell them, Orion.” He said. Sirius’ father nodded and looked at his wife.

“Well, we have decided to join the Y/L/N and the Black family ” Walburga began. “And as the two of you are so well suited for eachother…”

Sirius and I stood frozen.

Is this for real ?!

“The wedding will be soon after your education at Hogwarts is complete !” Mum added happily, smiling at Walburga.

Sirius and I exchanged glances, still unable to react.

Walburga came forward to hug me.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N” she said, struggling to bring about a smile.

Sirius finally smiled as my parents embraced him.

“I think this is great !” Mum exclaimed. “We have so much to do now !!”

Just as our parents began their own conversations, Sirius looked at me.

“I cant believe it ” I said.

He laughed.

I had to join in. Sirius put his arm aound me, kissing my forhead.

Maybe this wasnt such a bad party, after all.



Castiel embraces Y/N with his wings when she is freezing in a motel room and helps her fall asleep.

Words: ~1900

Warnings: none really, maybe slight wing!kink and FLUFF!!!

A/N: Again with the typical fanfiction stuff. But I just love Cas and his wings, especially the idea of them being so fluffy and warm. I hope you get what I mean. ;)


I laid in my bed in the poorly decorated motel room, shivering and cursing.
After our vampire hunt on the way back to the bunker, Dean decided that it would be better to check into a motel for one night due to the fact that we were all wasted and it was in the middle of the night.

So here I was now, Dean and Sam sharing a room while I had privacy, freezing to death.
I’ve never had any problems with having my own motel room, of course. It was way more enjoyable than sharing a room with the boys, including one of them having to sleep on the couch (or even the ground) or sharing a bed with me.

I didn’t mind but, honestly, I loved having my own room. However, today I just wanted to be near Dean or Sam, cuddling and getting some body warmth.

While I listened to the clattering of my teeth I actually thought about going to the boys but I was too wrapped up in my blanket and didn’t want to bother them.

Like I expected my thoughts started to drift around Castiel even though I fought against it. I couldn’t help it… My huge crush made it impossible to think about something else.
Thinking about his mesmerising blue eyes or his dark curly hair made me shiver even more.

I sighed as I imagined him being here and holding me in his arms. I wished I could feel his chest against my cheek and his hair between my fingers.

Knowing that his handsome vessel was rather cold, I still wanted to snuggle up into his body. I knew I would warm up just from his touch.
And I couldn’t stop thinking about him keeping the cold away from me and laid there for god knows how long, laying on my left side pressing myself against the cold matress.

“Oh, Castiel, I whish you were here.”, I whispered absently and I had barely ended the sentence as I heard the familiar flutter of wings, instantly making me smile.

“Y/N, are you alright? Did anyone hurt you?”, he spoke quickly as he rushed to my side, his concern sending blood to your face.

“No, I’m fine.”, I chuckled, “Well, not fine but not hurt… It’s so cold.” The last part came out as a whimper, Castiel ’s filling with more concern while i hesitantly took his hand. Cold just like expected but the touch made my cheeks warm up.

When he took his hand away I felt embarrassment rushing through my body but the second his hand touched my cheek it vanished.
“Your body temperature is dangerously low.”, he mumbled, his eyebrows narrowed.

Even though his hand was cold I let out a surprised whimper when he took his hand away again to press two fingertips onto my fore head. Apart from the cut on my tigh healing I felt nothing else.

“It doesn’t work.”, I groaned before I tugged at my blanket to pull it over my nose but Castiel was sitting on it.
“Take off your clothes.”, Castiel demanded as he stood up, his hands reaching to his neck to loosen his tie.

“What? W-Why… should I…?”, I stuttered, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “I’m going to use the body warmth of my vessel to warm you up.”, he explained simply while pushing the trench coat off his shoulders, “It’ll be easier without so many layers of clothes between our skin. Just take off your hoodie and jacket.”

“Okay…”, I hesitated, afraid of the cold and being too nervous.  Feeling his eyes burning into my side, I slipped my arms out of the sleeves and hesitated again. He was making me nervous. Very nervous.

I felt my heart skipping a beat when Castiel suddenly stood in front of me half naked, taking his shirt off before opening his belt.
Instantly my cheeks were on fire while his facial expression was staying completely neutral.

“Move.”, he mumbled before I carefully scooted over, the blanket wrapped around my small body. While I watched him, only wearing boxers and sitting down next to me, I held my breath.

Before I could say something else, his arms sneaked around me to pull me close. “Now, rest.”, he whispered as I touched his unusually hot skin and closed my eyes, sighing as I already felt the warmth spreading through my body. He pressed my back against his bare chest and let out a deep breath, making me shiver.

“Are you still cold?”, Castiel wanted to know and I only shook my head. “But you shivered-?”
I closed eyes in embarrassment before interrupting him, “I’m better now, Cas. It’s just… uh,you know. The difference… it’s so cold and you’re- your body is so hot.”
I felt him nod and before he laid back on the bed, the sound of a flutter of wings filled the room again.

Laying now on my back, as well, on top of him, I opened my eyes to see two enormous wings embrace me. I felt the fluffy feathers brushing over my skin while warmth spread from Castiel’s vessel.
      I had seen his wings quite often already, it was somehow natural to me. But I didn’t remember a time when his wings were so close to me, I had never even touched them.

I turned my head that laid on Castiel’s shoulder a bit, looking at his profile. “May I touch them?”, I wanted to know quietly, sounding like a little girl asking for permission to touch a bird with a broken wing.
“Of course.”, his deep voice allowed me, “But be careful. I don’t like it when-” A slight groan interrupted him after my hands had reached out and my finger had vanished between the soft, dark feathers.

“You okay?”
“I’m perfectly fine. But my wings are very sensitive.”
“Should I stop?”
“NO! Don’t… It feels nice.”

I felt him squirm beneath me when my fingers started to run through the feathers again. “Some spots are more sensitive than others.”, Castiel mentioned, his chest vibrating from a low chuckle.

“I didn’t know that angels are ticklish.”, I smiled, turning around completely and lying on my stomach on his chest. My hands laying folded on his chest and my chin on top of my fingers.
“Some are.”, he said while his blue eyes stared at me.

“It kinda makes you human.”, I mumbled while I watched his lips form into into a smile and then he hummed in agreement.
His vessel was breathtaking, and I tried so hard listening to the story about a very ticklish angel that fell in love with a young woman.

“So, that angel fell for her because she tickled his wings all the time?”, I asked, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“No, he already fell in love with her before. But then he realised… that maybe… maybe being ticklish wasn’t so bad.”

“Wow… this is kinda sweet.”, I breathed out before resting my left cheek onto his bare chest and watching the fingers of my right hand disappearing between his feathers. He shivered as my fingertips slightly pressed against his wings.
“Indeed. It is my favourite story, somehow it always made me feel better even though I didnt understand it back then.”, he mumbled, taking a deep breath while my fingers still stroked his wings. “I don’t understand… I mean… what did you not understand?”

A small moan escaped his lips before he could answer. I smirked to myself, trying to memorize the spot where I had gently tugged at his feathers.
He cleared his throat awkwardly and I looked at him innocently but his eyes were closed. “That Love isn’t evil. There was a time when I believed that it was - for us angels at least.”, he answered, “But it isn’t… It is innocent and pure. It… makes me human.”

“Cas! What a romantic, little angel you are!”, I quietly exclaimed and shifted my weight to look down on his smiling face, his eyes still closed.

I rested my head back on his chest when he didn’t reply. In my mind I went over the story again, while the room was silent. I remembered how the angel in the story got used to the ticklish feeling and his wings weren’t so sensitive anymore after a longer period of time.

“Cas? How often did someone else touch your wings?”, I wanted to know and I looked at him firmly.
“One time.”, Castiel answered without hesitation, leaving me confused.
“Does that mean that I-”
“Yes, you are the only one who has ever touched my wings apart from me… since it is a very intimate experience. But… I trust you.”, he explained while a deep tone of red appeared on his cheeks and I searched for suitable words.

“You… make me human.”, he whispered suddenly.

I felt my heartbeat stop at his words, my head trying to process them. With a little smile on my lips I looked down on my half-naked angel in disbelief.

“Really, you do. You make me human.”, he repeated, “Your touch makes me human. The way you talk makes me human. I change around you… And then you look like an angel in my eyes.”

My smile grew wider and Castiel chuckled nervously before my fingers ran through his dark hair. I thought about his words as I smiled at him and he was right. He did change around me. He was different somehow. More… human, just like he said.

“I love you.” were the only words that left my mouth, making Castiel’s lips form into a smile and his eyes fill up with joy.

I pressed a kiss onto his lips and he jumped slightly, his wings suddenly opening up. And even though his body kept me warm I shrieked as my back hit the freezing air. “Uh, sorry. I couldn’t-”, he mumbled, a little bit embarrassed after he embraced me again.

I couldn’t help but interrupt him with a kiss, my lips moving against his this time. It didn’t took him very long to response, kissing me back slowly. My heartbeat quickened when his hands started to move over my back and then ran down my sides. His chest lifted me up with each quick breath and suddenly, I felt his tongue sliding between my lips. I hummed in surprise, not expecting him to be this straightforward while my mind got dizzy.

My hands wandered from his hair to his cheeks before my right hand felt his wing again, searching for this one particular spot. He sighed loads of times, squirmed occasionally and then I found it. He moaned loudly into the kiss when I tugged at the feathers, rougher this time. His wings twitched around me while the kiss got hungrier causing me to let out a couple of moans as well.

I pulled back due to the lack of oxygen, still being near his face and rapidly breathing the same air. “I’m tired.”, I sighed tiredly and Castiel nodded in understanding. “I’ll stay with you, my little angel.”, he promised after I nuzzled my face into his neck.

Thinking about this breathtaking kiss and this unbelievably cute angel I fell fast asleep. Protected from the cold and everthing bad by this fluffy, warm feathers.

Mess with Them - part 10

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: This is a re-write of Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship.

Word Count: 990

Warnings: None

A/N: Last chapter. I’m sad that it’s ending but it was a really fun story to write and I hope you enjoyed the ride. Love you guys! (Dialogue from s5ep14) *coughs* epilogue *coughs*

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Epilogue]

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Steve entered the bathroom, cringing as Wanda told him to grab a few condoms. You were sitting on the edge of the bathtub and stood up when he closed the door behind him.

“Babe, I’m so proud of you.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and planted a deep kiss on his lips.

“She asked if I had condoms.” Steve blinked rapidly, chasing the images away.

“Top drawer of your nightstand, though they might be a few months old, you should check the date.”

He stepped backwards, an incredulous expression etched on his handsome face. “I’m not gonna use ‘em!” He struggled to keep his voice low.

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Fratboy!Niall oneshot (smut)

- yea, took me MONTHS, im aware
- 3.5k
- written from Y/N’s pov
- can’t find a title. sue me.
- SMUT. just in case you didnt see.
- i don’t find this that bad but i prefer to warn ppl, name calling, dirty talking, blablabla.
- i didnt proofread. i never proofread. i hate to proofread.
- feedbacks? likes? reblogs? comments? asks? PLEASE? :)
- IMPORTANT: read what i wrote at the end in bold! 


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Never Stop Loving You

Requested: Nawh.

Imagine: When sent down to the ground, you’re faced with someone you never thought you’d see again. Faced with the decision to face him or hide, you choose to ignore him. Knowing there was no way he would forgive you for what happened.

Warning: Angst.

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You laughed, your giggle echoing off the walls as you leaned back in pure enjoyment. Despite being stuck on a floating space-station that limited your life’s options, you were still overjoyed and happy as you sat next to your boyfriend. Leaning against him for support as you nearly fell off your seat in confusion.

Bellamy chuckled next to you, shaking his head at your clumsiness as he grabbed her shoulders to straighten you out. You blushed from light embarrassment, you were always so clumsy and though you were embarrassed, you knew that Bellamy wouldnt really hold it against you.

“Be careful,” he chastised. You looked up at him, a certain awe struck expression in your eyes as you stared lovingly at him. You were completely mesmerized by him and nothing would ever convince you otherwise.

“I love you…” You whispered in a daze. He looked shocked, probably not expecting something so random but affectionate, before he smiled. Grabbing you around your shoulders and leaning down to place a soft kiss on your forehead. you leaned into the warmth, reminiscing in the moment.

You sighed, lightly pushing away from the kiss, before leaning down to continue tying your shoes. You were having fun, but you needed to get back home before your father started to worry where you had run off to. It wasn’t very often you got to spend time with Bellamy because of how you had to hide it from your parents, or per say your father, who you didn’t know what he’d do if he caught you.

You’d spent the night at Bellamy’s last night. Aurora, his mother, though was anxious of someone else knowing about Octavia, did like you even if she was constantly watching you. Nonetheless she was more of a parent than your actual father was, so if that in returned meant her being wary of you, you didn’t care.

“Do you have to go?” Bellamy sulked from behind you. Placing his hand on your lower back, the bottom of your tank top ridden up from sleep. You giggled lightly, knowing what he was trying to do, before you pushed his hand away and stood up, turning around to face him. You placed your hands on your hips, fixating him with a teasing glare.

“Yes,” you sighed, “you know i have to. If not, my father could find me, and that wouldn’t end well.” You shook your head, suddenly gloom at the thought of your father. You weren’t close with Kane, your father, but he still was your family and you hated hiding things like this from him. 

Bellamy stood up, his height suddenly towering over you greatly as you leaned your head back to stare at him properly. “What could go so wrong?” 

Shocked, you cocked your head in disbelief. “What?”

“I’m tired of hiding our relationship and not being able to spend more than a few hours every few days together.” He sighed, stepping up to you and placing his arms around your waist. You frowned, letting your hands fall on his forearms as you nodded. “I know.” You whispered, gripping his arms slightly.

“I think we should tell him.”

You snapped your head up, your heart racing. “Bell, if we do that, he wouldn’t accept it. And even if he did, you know he would just watch my every move. I can-” Bellamy cut you off by placing his lips against yours.

“Yes.” He murmured against your lips, “but we can’t live like this forever.” You nodded, knowing that everything he said was true. “I love you, Y/N. And I plan to spend the rest of my life with you.” You blushed, the biggest grin coming upon your lips as you stared up at his beautiful auburn eyes. “Oh, you do do you?” You teased, smirking as yuh poked him in the stomach.

He was so sweet, and you didn’t know what you did in your past life to deserve him but you were glad you did. He made your life, boring, trapped life, exciting just by being within your presence. You nodded, “then… Maybe we should go find him?”

Bellamy’s face lit up as he tightened his grip around your waist. He picked you up with excitement and you giggled, slapping him as a sign to put you down. He complied setting you down, before grabbing a t-shirt and throwing it over his head. You let your eyes wander on his flexing muscles for a minute. He grabbed your hand, leading you out of his room. “Let me just go tell mom, and we can go.”

You nodded, following him with ease. Though your heart was beating against your chest, and there was this slight panic within you that everything would go wrong, you had a smile on your lips as you walked to the kitchen which only took two seconds.

Though the smile immediately disappeared off your face when you saw your father standing in the doorway, two guards standing behind him. Looking to the left of the door you saw Aurora, shaking as she held up her hands in surrender. You blinked, your heart suddenly beating much faster as you felt Bellamy’s grip on your hand tighten.

You let your gaze look around for a moment, trying to search for Octavia secretly hoping she was already under the floor. But froze when you heard light breathing behind you and realized she was only just out of view from your father. This was bad.

“Y/N…” Kane whispered, his voice laced with a hint of anger as he clenched his fists. Though it seemed as if he was trying to hide his anger, which confused you. Your father had never been one to hide how he was feeling.

Bellamy moved to stand slightly in front of you. You mentally thanked him, you didn’t have enough guts to face your father and secretly you were scared of him.

“Sir, we ha-” Bellamy stepped up, most likely trying to explain what you two had previously talked about. Only to be cut off when Kane held his hand up and waved his hand at you, directing you over to him. You blinked in confusion.

“Come here now, Y/N.” Kane said, his voice much calmer and collected now. You opened your mouth before he told you to come over again. “Father, no.”

“You’ve done your part now, Y/N.” Kane started, “you can stop pretending now.”

“Pretend what?” You asked, your voice laced with bewilderment. Just what was he going on about?

“You led me to them. Now come here and we can get this over with.” You felt your breath hitch in realization, did he mean to blame you? For what? You felt yourself asking as Bellamy turned to stare back at you and you felt the increasing tension in the room. “You can lead the girl out as well.” All feeling left as you stared in complete shock at your father. The guards raised there guns, and you could only stay frozen in shock as you could hear Octavia’s whimpers of fear behind you. All you could think about was how had he found out? Had you said something? No you’d never be as stupid as to let something that important slip..

Bellamy turned to you, the expression on his face unforgivable as you shook your head. “Y/N…” He started.

“You bitch!” Aurora lashed out, moving over to and raising a hand to you before one of the guards grabbed her and placed cuffs on her. You felt the world spinning as another guard came up to you and shoved you out of the way. You faintly heard Bellamy’s grunt as Octavia was roughly grabbed. She looked at you in hurt as they placed cuffs on her.

You watched all in helplessness as Bellamy was shock-lashed for trying to save his sister. You didn’t even feel your father grab your upper arm until you were dragged out of the room, Bellamy’s expression of betrayal filled your mind. “Wait!” You screamed suddenly finding your voice. Looking at Bellamy you pleaded, “Bellamy you have to believe me! I didnt do this.” You scream, trying to break free from your fathers grip.

Then, when out of view. Guards came, handcuffing you as you bellowed in fear. “Stop!” You yelled as they manhandled you. You stared in absolute shock at your father as they dragged you. “Y/N, you’re arrested for the treason of aiding the help of criminals.” Pure hatred filled you as you were dragged off.

You were meant to be killed. But somehow, somewhere someone was watching you and your day never came. You sat in the cell for days, weeks, maybe even months. Everyday an anticipation if guards would come storming in to take you to your death. Except it never did.

Then one day, guards came in and you struggled in fear as they dragged you away. You’d never felt more scared but part of you was happy, what did you have to live for. The only person who’d truly ever cared about you probably hated you for the thought that you’d betrayed him, you’d gotten Bellamy’s mother floated, his sister arrested and you never found out what happened to Bellamy.

Then you were thrown on a drop ship and sent to the ground. The ride was bumpy but you had kept to yourself, not truly caring. You’d been sent down there to die, so die you would. Part of you wondered in Octavia would be there but figured even if she was, she wouldn’t want to speak to you. Not to the person who’d gotten her arrested for being born.

You didn’t even know why you were here and not floated.

When you finally landed, you almost immediately unbuckled and stepped off. When you came to the bottom level you saw them, you saw Bellamy and Octavia standing there as they shared a hug of reunion. You felt your heart break at how beautiful but worn Bellamy had become and you immediately sunk into the ground with the rest, not wanting to be seen.

You avoided being seen as much as possible. Stayed away from the crowds and just did your part by helping around camp. Neither Octavia nor Bellamy had noticed you and you would keep it that way as long as possible.

It hurt. Seeing Bellamy everyday, one place where you two could’ve actually been free but having to hide knowing that he wouldn’t want to see your face ever again. You felt guilty for not even doing anything, but even if you tried to explain to him. Why would he listen? It was his family that got separated. Yours already had been so you had nothing to loose. Everything pointed to you except for the fact that you really loved Bellamy but who was he to believe you?

So you didn’t make yourself known.

You talked to no one and only when you had to contribute. Your tent was far away and it was almost as if you were invisible.

That was until one day you’d been out gathering herbs. You’d never talked to Clarke but she asked you to do this one favour for her seeing as the boy in the dropship, Jasper? Was in serious danger. You complied.

It was quiet and peaceful. You’d nearly forgotten about everything when you heard footsteps behind you. Scared you snapped up, turning to see if it was the grounders. Only for your breath to leave you when you saw it was Bellamy and his expression was just as shocked as yours. You took a step back in fear, not wanting to have to face him you dropped the herbs in shock.

“Y/N..?” He whispered, taking a step towards you. Oddly you saw no incline of anger or hurt, or revenge only shock and relief? But still, you backed up until your back hit a tree. 

“Umm.” you stammered, looking around you for an escape root. Taking every opening as a chance you moved to run only for your arm to be grabbed by Bellamy’s and him to pull you towards him. You flinched, closing your eyes not wanting to see the look of hatred on the face of the one you loved. “I’m sorry!” You yelped out, tears building up.

You needed to get away. You were willing to live with the hatred of him if you never had to see the actual hatred. If you never had to witness the anger, you would willing live your life as a shadow.

“Y/N..” His voice gentle, you tried to calm yourself down as you opened your eyes but kept your gaze on the ground. “I’m sorry,” you whispered. “But I need to go.”

A hand grabbed your chin, directing your gaze up to his. You braced yourself only to come out confused and baffled when all you saw was relief. Your heart raced as a small smile came across his features. “I thought i’d lost you. i thought they floated you…” He whispered.

Shaking your head, you felt your tense shoulders relax as you breathed heavily. “Don’t you hate me?”

He shook his head. “Y/N… i know you didn’t tell Kane.” With wide, doe eyes you looked up to him. Suddenly remembering how much you loved his much taller figure. The familiarity of his warm body so closed to yours gave you chills as you let yourself completely relax.


“A guard told me. Told me the truth. That’s why I came down. For you and for O.” He explained.

“I thought you were arrested.” You shook your head, suddenly confused. You never found out what happened to Bellamy but you had always just expected he’d been arrested.

“No, but was sent to janitor’s duty.” 

Suddenly you felt yourself tear up as you crashed into him. He immediately hugged you back as he breathed in your scent. “I’m sorry.” you sobbed.

“I love you, Y/N. You never needed to be scared of me.”

Leaning back from the hug you nodded, trying to collect yourself. “I just always thought you’d stopped loving me. That you would never believe me.” Bellamy shook his head, grabbing your head inbetween his much larger hands.

“I could never stop loving you. Remember, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

There you go! My second Bellamy Imagine!

I’d Like to See You Try

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Summary: Trope-tastic Chapter 1 ~ Dean + 8. “If we’re just friends, then why are you jealous?”

Dean was pissed off in a major way. He was pretty sure that if you looked close enough you’d see the steam coming out of his ears. He was gripping his glass of whiskey so hard his knuckles turned white. The glass itself was in danger of shattering.

Across the room, Y/N was sitting at a separate table, talking to Jack, the young hunter she and the Winchesters had teamed up with to take down a djinn. Dean barely bit back a growl as Y/N laughed, reaching out a putting her hand on Jack’s shoulder.

“That’s a serious case of angry face you got there.” Sam teased, placing his own drink down and joining Dean at his table.

“Shut it.” Dean said through gritted teeth.

“Woah. What the hell happened to you? We just finished a case successfully and we’re in a bar full of women you’d normally be all over…” Sam speculated, studying his brother.

“Why did we even decide to work with him? He didn’t even do anything on the hunt-”

“Dean, he killed the djinn.”

“Yeah, ok. But we hurt it enough beforehand so that he could kill it.” Dean grumbled, crossing his arms defensively.

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Looking among the tiny, dimly lit space about him, the blonde couldn’t help some nostalgia rising in his throat. A place named home, was never easy to stroll away from, particularly for someone like Naruto but knowing somewhere deep inside, carved in ink to his soul, beckoned him to ponder, constantly, that this wasn’t truly home…

These walls bore homage to his suffrage, his loneliness, no one but he had ever lived here… No one but him. It also was a testament to where this sadness and heart break had also blessed him…Iruka, Jiraya, Sakura, Kakashi…His friends….Sasuke…

Sighing, he looked out the open window, feeling this chilled breeze of the end of spring, whisp across his whiskered, chiseled cheeks. The sweet, smell of Fall approaching from the darkening tree leaves, the sun rays dancing across his resolved and solemn features.

With the lethal grace of the lynx, Naruto jumped from his window,

‘Hold on’, he murmured to his spirit, somehow knowing Sasuke was listening and he was

For he could feel the echoes of the blonde surge within his every vein. It was a magnetic connection, like one has to their own soul, as if they somehow existed within one another.

Cloaked in black, he stood at the gates, Kakashi and Sakura bidding him a farewell for the time being. He had not been surprised Naruto did not accompany the two, they had of course argued of Sasuke leaving again, leaving so soon.

Sakura offered to join him, despite how leaving Ino ached like drinking poison but she had also known the wiser, the best he could offer was not companionship but affection. His heart already claimed. Itachi would have smiled and mocked him for using his same avoidance of emotion, of the distance he kept and now that Sasuke himself had taken habit too.

Sasuke gave them an honest smile before turning away, but it hurt.

Naruto did not call for him again, all he could feel was something like bitter sweetness, only more bitter than sweet. Yet that came from himself, part of him always died when he left Naruto.

As he walked through the bushels of the edges of the forest surrounding Konoha, an all too familiar chakra soared up his spine.

Leaning against a mighty oak tree, stood the boy of his dreams and his nightmares. Blue eyes focused and serious.

“I didnt think you’d come,“ Naruto raised his brows at the statement, feeling one another and their shared residual anger and the distraught, soul scorching feelings that still pulsated between them.

The night before, Naruto had tears in his eyes as Sasuke explained he was leaving again, Naruto had felt it, seen it in every shared look before the day came he told Naruto they had to talk…

“Sasuke what could I do to make you stay? I thought you wanted to do this with m-…together, fix the council…clear Itachi’s name….?

Sasuke would grit his teeth, fists clenched to the point of leaving bloodied crescent moons across pale skin.

All of Konoha, who thought he could be tamed, irritated him, perhaps his burn had begun to fade but this was still no place for him, walking the ground still soaked with so much fucking blood, the blood constricting his chest making his insides crumple in on themselves.

His mind going back to that dangerous place, a place of his sweet mother, smiling… The tainted dirt of the people who had forced his beloved elder brother into genocide, will always haunt each step he takes upon this soil, it was too much, too much.

But how could he explain this, when Naruto was so very different, so bound to the concept of saving every broken and corrupted thing that crossed him?

Compensating for the childhood consumed by knowing he was feared, hated, unwanted…

The night before, when they had fought, Sasuke had lied, lied because for some reason he hated himself, lied because he saw the love of his life through his dead brothers eyes.

“Naruto.” He had said, with a sigh for the ages. “There is nothing here for me now, being here does not make it any easier and - I let you follow far to close, and because of that, I returned only for you but now, we’re getting older, Naruto and I need to see this world, I wont be bound to this place I have nothing else to say.”

Naruto’s eyes stung, his entire body had trembled at Sasuke’s words…

There is nothing here for me now, nothing here for me…Those words kept chanting inside the blondes head.

“You have nothing here now?”  He growled.

That’s when things snapped, Naruto pushing Sasuke against his apartment wall, hard, gripping his jaw with rough fingers, hearts pounding.

“So you give me an ultimatum stay here without you or leave my home and you have nothing else to fucking say?”

“I never said any such thing, you moron.” He spat, tugging harshly at golden locks.

Sasuke was ready to fight, but his body had other ideas and they had crushed mouths instead, leaving this friendship, the possibilities… slipping through their fingertips.

Back in the present of the shaded forest, the two boys stood face to face.

“I came to give you this.” Unruly, blonde hair swayed in the sudden bite of wind and Sasuke eyed the object with surprise, with love, with so much sadness that is was beautiful.

“I cannot believe you kept that thing.” Sasuke murmured, keeping his voice from breaking, all these years…Naruto had held onto this, onto him..

With a smile so soft and tender, he took hold of the headband, brushing fingers with the other, something like euphoria snaked into his soul, and he spared his soul mate a glance.

Who he now noticed, wore a knapsack across his back, a beige travelers coat, a few weapons, supplies and a headband tucked into his waistband, it looked almost as though Naruto were going on a mission, and Naruto never removed his headband during a mission, Sasuke gave a questioning glare but Naruto was not looking at him though, but at Konoha.

“Even when I hated this place, I always loved it. I guess its not goodbye though, I’ll be seein ya, ya know. I promise.”

Could he be seriously…? Sasuke’s eyes widened and all the air left his body.

“Naruto, I would never ask of you to leave behind your dreams for me, you’ve done enough for me, for us.”

“And i’ve done enough for our village.” Naruto retorted, casually.  “I’d say, they can be without me for a couple years. Shikamaru, Sakura and Kakashi…I have faith in them, and ….”

Pausing briefly, bright blues casting a look towards Konoha, once more, “We’ve only just begun to get close again, and well…you know, I’ll miss home, I’ll miss everyone and Ichiraku and Iruka…”

Looking back to Sasuke, Naruto smiled, a little sheepish and then rolled his eyes in seeming frustration with himself. It made Sasuke grin.

“I cant think of anything more painful than watching you walk away from me again. I want to make all kinds of memories with you, like I made traveling with Jiraya, I want to combine our dreams.”

Sasuke did not realize a tear had cast its way down his cheekbone until a soft, warm thumb brushed it away.

“Ready?” Naruto grinned, eyes which rivaled the sun in their piercing, gold warmth.


Grabbing for Naruto’s hand, the blonde intertwined their fingers as they began, slowly, at first, walking through the forest, the lovely hum of nature dancing  about them.

“Oi! Sasuke we have to go see Gaara first!.”

“Hn.” Sasuke smiled. “Sounds like a good start and then you should have a proper meeting of my old team, Karin is actually an Uzumaki, just as loud and stubborn.”

“What?” Naruto shouted, elbowing his bestfriend, roughly “You have to tell me all about them!”

“Relax dobe.” Sasuke demanded, rolling his eyes, shoving his shoulder into the other “We have time.”


Back in Konoha, Iruka was running to the Hokage’s office, a letter gripped in his hands, he was crying yet somehow happy, still.

Dear Iruka,

Iruka, if it wasn’t for you, for you showing me kindness, and love, I would not be who I’ am. I don’t intend to ever abandon you and Konoha, and yet I need and hope very much you can understand why I cannot watch Sasuke walk away again.

I leave the village to Kakashi, Sakura, and Shikamaru, I really believe in them. I know you will continue being the teacher and the guardian angel for all the kids like me, like Sasuke.

Let let them all know I love them, tell the old hag I’m sorry I broke my promise about becoming Hokage, it may still be possible, I’m not sure what this path will lead me.

I just know i have to take it, or it will break me and I would regret it forever.

I’ll keep in touch, eat lots of ramen for me and tell the old man i’ll miss him most of all haha.

Bye Iruka, ill be seein ya.

Uzumaki Naruto

The Beginning of the End

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Mark x Reader x Jinyoung

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Mark waited on the roof top of the JYPE building.

“Where is she? Why is she so late?” he thought to himself as he constantly checked his phone for messages. He had just come from  meeting JYP-pd and he needed to tell you something right away. Everything was gonna be different now. You two have been dating secretly for 2 years. Both of you decided it was best to keep it a secret from the public and the members while GOT7 was just debuting. As well just like the rest of the members Mark signed a No Dating contract.

Mark’s phone rang “Ah, Jinyoung-ah I’m still at the JYP building, I’ll come back to the dorm later tonight.”

“No problem, I just finished dropping Y’N off at the airport. Just wanted to know if you wanted to meet for a late night meal”

Mark’s heart dropped. “What do you mean you just dropped Y/N off at the airport?”

“She’s leaving hyung, she was in a hurry but she told me she couldn’t say bye to the rest of the members, I’m not sure why she’s leaving but she looked so distraught.”

Mark hung up the phone and immediately ran down from the roof and out of the building, hailing a cab and got in. “The airport! Hurry!”
“Y/N hurry up! Manager-hyung is already here to take us to the set” Jinyoung’s voice echoed through the hallway.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” You said walking out the bedroom, clipping your earrings on. You stopped and faced the mirror by the front door. Looking yourself over once more.

Jinyoung came behind you and slid his arms around your waist, nestling his head on your shoulder. “You look beautiful my love”

Your turned around and faced him, wrapping your arms around his neck, “are you sure? Will I live up to the expectations of being Park Jinyoung’s girl?”

He smiled softly as he pulled you closer towards him and planted a kiss on your forehead, “well, you exceeded my expectations. ”

You gave him a quick peck on the lips then untangled yourself from him and made your way towards the closet. “I still can’t believe you talked me into this, a celebratory couples game show? I’m not even a celebrity.”

“But you’re wonderful boyfriend is, manager hyung and the publicists say it will be good for us to show the viewers our relationship more publicly, so that hopefully they will come to support us, Mark hyung and Julie will be participating too” Jinyoung said as put on his coat.

“Oh yeah” you said trying to conceal your distaste. “Alright, let’s go show everyone how in love we are” you teased as you kissed Jinyoung on the cheek and walked out the door.

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Saeyoung Wedding Dance: One Shot

Hello everyone c: since the munchkin war has ended not so long ago, I decided to get started on the Wedding Dace One shots :,) In case you missed the others here they are, Saeran Choi, Jumin Han, Jihyun Kim/V , :) In my personal opinion, this is the most emotional wedding dace one shot I have ever written…  I cried so hard writing this one shit…some of the emotions come from within me… I hope you guys can feel the emotion :) Thank you - Savior Saeran 

Why cant I fake my smile around you? Why did you have to be my biggest weakness. I am suppose to be the strong one but when it comes to you, Im always weak. What have you done to me? 

I breathed in and out watching how my body slowly releases the stress that it has been carrying. However, that moment of release only last a few seconds and then the stress comes back again. I looked at the mirror and saw myself. If people saw my reflection, they would see a clown who is always happy with life no matter what. Sadly, that’s not even the truth at all. When I look at my reflection, I don’t even realize who that person is. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard my best man knocking at the bathroom door. I opened the door and saw my brother/best man, Saeran Choi, and I give him a big old welcome smile. He didn’t even look at me while he walked in and closed the door “How are you feeling?” he asked with sincerity. I gave him a quick glance and walked towards the sink to take a better look into the mirror “The real question is ‘how are you feeling brother’, you look like an adorable penguin!” I managed to say with a chuckle. I noticed his stern face expression because of the mirror and I noticed him walking towards me. He put his hand in his pocket and took out a long black box and opened it. I was shocked seeing chain with a cross in the box.  He looked into my stunned eyes and took out the chain from the box and showed it to me “I know that I caused a lot of trouble for you and (y/n) and I may not say it often, but I appreciate the both of you so much. You two are my family and I uh love you um b-brother” he said softly. He then proceeded to put the chain on me “Now while I fix this, why don’t you tell me how you are really feeling?” he looked up with a smile on his face. There are only two people who can knows the real me: my brother who has a special place in my heart, and the love of my life, (f/n) (l/n), who has the power over my body and soul. I looked at him while my act slowly breaks apart infant of him and he pulled me into a hug and I hold on tightly crying, mumbling my fears and joys. He held me tighter and I cried harder. 


The exact moment when I heard the double doors open and the church/space station was playing the wedding song, I saw the birth of a beautiful angel. An angel god sent me and my family, to help us continue on with life. Many hours passed and we made it to our reception. Thankfully god made (y/n) perfectly for me because she didnt get upset when I mentioned months back that the wedding dance song will be a surprised. I know she may be thinking we are going to do something silly but she will be wrong. I need her to know how much I love and appreciate her. I guided her to the middle of the dance floor and signaled for the lights to dim down a bit. I looked at Saeran so he can signal the DJ to start the song for our first dance: Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

For all those times you stood by me, For all the truth that you made me see, For all the joy you brought to my life, For all the wrong that you made right, For every dream you made come true, For all the love I found in you, I’ll be forever thankful baby, You’re the one who held me up, Never let me fall, You’re the one who saw me through through it all

She looked so beautiful that I wondered what exactly did I do to deserve to be her true ending. She could of had anyone but she choosed me out of billion of people out there. (Y/N) decided to spend the rest of eternity together with me and I am truly blessed. I gave her a twirl while we were dancing and when she came back to me I leaned in closer so she can hear my words “Can I show my true feelings for you” I asked softly. You looked at me with your beautiful eyes and tip toed to my ear “Of course my amazing husband” you said sweetly. Ugh. Your voice makes my heart melt. I brought you closer to me and gave a heavy sigh “ Im honestly really scared to tell you but I need you to know this because you are stuck with me till we get grey and old. When I had to search you information before you can officially become an RFA member, what caught my attention was your facial expressions. It had so much sincerity that it astonished  me that someone can be so pure. After having the honor of meeting you, I pushed you away because I wasn’t worthy of your love. I was suppose to be miserable because I don’t deserve happiness. You slowly became my happiness and I resented you for it because I didn't want to taint you with my darkness. I would never of imagined in a million of years, that my God sent me you to prevent myself from being consumed in darkness.” The memories of our journey was hitting me like a ton of bricks. I brought her closer to me just imagining if my greatest fear did come true. What happened if I actually love my brother and my love? The thought of that made me crack up the chain I had around my heart that only I could ever open. 

You were my strength when I was weak, You were my voice when I couldn’t speak, You were my eyes when I couldn’t see, You saw the best there was in me, Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach, You gave me faith ‘coz you believed I’m everything I am, Because you loved me

I was scared to show her how I truly felt because what happened if she realizes that I’m only alive because of her? I decided to ignore my negatives thoughts and lightly gave a quick dip and then brought you back to me. I caressed your beautiful skin that somehow belong to me now “Thank you (y/n) for accepting all of me. You were the only one in the RFA to laugh at my jokes and never once, never fucking one you called me weird or made fun of. You actually understood me and that scared me. It scared me because you saw through the many mask I had and I knew I didn’t deserve you. I was too broken for you or for anyone else to fix. Somehow you saw past Agent 707 and Luciel and noticed how fucked up Saeyoung Choi really is. You didn’t care how much I hated myself because you were always there. You were there when I cried myself to sleep, when I tried to take my life away, when I tried to push everyone away…. you were always there. Why did you pick me? Why did you decide to make me your final route? There is a saying that whoever you made your final route is the one that you were always destined to be with. Thank you for allowing me, no I’m sorry, for giving me the honor to be your soulmate. If it wasn’t for your love (y/n) I wouldn’t have learned to love myself. I wouldn’t  even have my brother back in my life. If it wasn’t for your help, we would be distance but you helped us became a family again. Damn (y/n), I owe my life to you and I’m not afraid to admit it. Thank you for making me feel human.”

You gave me wings and made me fly, You touched my hand I could touch the sky, I lost my faith, you gave it back to me, You said no star was out of reach You stood by me and I stood tall, I had your love I had it all, I’m grateful for  each, day you gave me, Maybe I don’t know that much, But I know this much is true, I was blessed because I was loved by you

Just feeling your arms intertwined behind my back felt like a dream. Did I really deserve this? If this was a dream, I’m going to cherish this moment forever because if I wake up and you weren’t next to me, I would at least have you in my dreams. Call me selfish but I’m glad you chose me in the end. I will forever thank the man above for allowing me to be your true ending.  Looking at your face lend against my chest while we move around in circles sends chills throughout my body. Knowing for a fact this is reality brings tears to my eyes and its finally time I told you how much I truly worship you.

You were always there for me, The tender wind that carried me, A light in the dark shining your love into my life, You’ve been my inspiration, Through the lies you were the truth, My world is a better place because of you

I grabbed your hands from behind my back and brought them to lips. I kissed it ever so gently and looking into your beautiful eyes killed me. I am alive because of your beating heart. I am happy because of you gave me a reason to be happy about something. Just waking up next to you, whether you are snoring or not makes me happy. When we have petty arguments it made me happy because it just meant that we were going to come out of it stronger. Emotions started to flow throughout my body because the chain around my heart finally broke. I fell to my knees and started to sob while my hands clenched around yours “You were always there for me, when I thought all hope was lost, I looked for your hand to hold to reassure me that everything was going to be okay. You are my strength (y/n) choi and every ounce of cell that created me belongs to you. You own me because you prevented me from giving up hope on love and life.” Tears and love were flowing out of my body because I was finally giving my all to you. I hold your hand even tighter because I’m not finished yet “The tender wind that carried me, when I was down you helped me get back up. You were there defending me from the world because you knew how badly the world hurt me. You looked past my faults, and accepted me for who I am!! You are my shield and I promise you that I will catch every star and hand it to you. You deserve every thing in the world and I promise that I will fight for you and make sure you are happy, because your happiness fuels me into becoming a better person (y/n). A light in the dark shining your love into my life, when you tried to love me I tried to stop you because how can you love someone who died many years back? You didnt care because you knew there was still life in my trying to fight the darkness and I couldn’t do it alone. You extended your hand to me my love and I thank you for not letting me die. You’ve been my inspiration, through the lies you were the truth, you were the one (y/n) to show me the truth of it all. When I found out the truth about Rika and Jihyun, you were there to keep me steady. You were also there to show me that its okay to be sad. That its okay to feel worthless because they are all reasonable emotions but you also showed me that I cant be in that state forever. You helped me become a better Saeyoung and I will forever worship the ground you walk on. I look forward to the day I can tell our children our love story. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you (y/n). My world is a better place because of you, and when I take my last breath looking into your eyes our story will rewind quickly in my head before I close my eyes for the last time. Just know this (y/n), when the time does come for me to leave this earth, just know my soul and heart will forever stay with you. Just know I will be protecting you and my brother even when I’m not there. Just know, I will be waiting for you my love so we can spend paradise together”. 

I’m everything I am
Because you loved me

You helped me back up and embraced me into a hug. I hold you tightly wanting our body and souls to become one. I notice that you pulled away ever so slightly giving room for your hand to signal someone to come over. I tried looking but the tears in my eyes were giving my vision a hard time. I then felt a delicate hand wiping my tears away and I was able to see my brother having tears in his eyes. I cleaned his tears away just like when we were little kids. I then grabbed (y/n) and Saeran closer to me into a big hug “Thank you for everything. I will am forever thankful for the both of you. (Y/N) I love you and thank you for making us a family again” I felt the arms of my brother and my wife wrap around me and I knew from this moment I had two rocks in my life. I would die for this two people. They are my biggest weakness and I will forever show them how much I love them till my last breath. 

Thank You. 

Thank you (y/n). 

I’m everything I am, because you love me (y/n)

I love you my angel. 

Anon Submission

I (15/m)was home alone with my sister. My parents went out of town for the week and the neighbor was supposed to check on us every other day. Our family is not extremely but somewhat open about sex. My sister (whos 14) obviously has lost her virginity but she doesnt really talk about it. Being the annoying brother i am i spied on her while she was masturbating in her room.

It was so hot, she shaves her pussy already and that turned me on so much i couldnt resist. I whipped out my dick standing behind the door. And watched my own little private show.

Later on she asked me if she wanted to play a game, i asked what game and she said truth or dare. I agreed and she started, at first it was just random questions and stupid dares. Eventually it was my turn and i chose truth, she asked “have you ever masturbated before?” Which i have almost on a regular basis. I said yeah.. and she glanced down for a millisecond at my crotch.(I was sitting in my foldable gaming chair on the floor and she was kind of leaning against the wall) she chose truth and i asked, have you ever used a dildo? She surprisingly said yes, i dont know how she did it.

Id also like to addon she has some mega nice tits. Little on the petite side but god they were like minature domes on her chest. It was my turn and i said dare to spice it up. She said “i dare you to take off your clothes for the rest of the game.” I mustve had a really skeptical look on my face because she said what? You dont want to show me your cock? I glanced at her tits again and did as she said.

I went to sit back down and she said “no no no, hold on.” She came up really close to me i started backing up against the wall. She leaned against me and gently glazed her palm against my scrotum. She pressed me against the wall and straight up kissed me. It was a solid 6 second kiss id say. She must have thought i felt disqusted by a look on my face or something. Because she stood back and ran up to her room.

I felt really bad because i felt like i made her cry because she just wanted to love her brother. Truth is i wasnt disqusted, i was surprised, my heart was racing a million miles a minute and my lustful sister just kissed me. I decided to make it up to her. We stayed away from each other the rest of the afternoon. She was in her room most of the time. I made her dinner because i knew she wouldnt come downstairs so i tapped on her door and left it there.

About 11 oclock i figured she was asleep because she obviously didnt want to stay up. I crept upstairs and went into her room. Sure enough she was asleep. I kneeled down next to her and kissed her. She opened her eyes and pulled me down onto her. She normally sleeps naked so she threw off the sheet and we kissed a whole lot. She took off my gym shorts and held my cock in her hand like she did before.

I sat up a bit took off my shirt and gently rubbed my scrotum on her body. It seemed to really turn her on because she was biting her lip and i could tell one hand was underneath her fingering her butt. I leaned down and kissed her, i kept kissing her down her neck and her body. I kissed down her thigh and her tightly shaved pussy. I rested my cock on her pussy lips and just rubbed up and down. I pushed lightly inside of her going deeper.

Once i got as far as i could, i went faster. We ended up fucking really hard that night. Both did oral, and anal (note shes already had many a dick before me)but boy when her lips let go i blew a load bigger than i ever have. After that we got in bed together and curled in the sheets. Naked under the sheets without a care in the world, just rubbing our boddies together making love.

Best. Night. Of my. Life.


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Genre :: Angst 
Pairing :: Taehyung x Reader
Warning(s) :: Strong Language, Violence, Drugs reference, Some Sexual Content (mostly later in the story)

Author here~~ I hope you enjoy this series TuT im working hard on it i swear, PT 1 is a little bit of a mess just bare with me <333 Ok ily all

12 years ago
Loud crashes and bangs rumbled in the lower area of a some what drab house. The creaking of floor boards was loud against the crash of plates and chairs being thrown about. This was your lullaby, your drunken mother throwing fits, combating your older sister as she struggled to get her to take her medicine and sleep.. Usually these fights lasted no more than an hour, but tonight it felt like an eternity.
You, 8 years old at the time, pulled your gray covers up to your nose, tear soaked cheeks burning with anger and sadness. The frantic sound of your creaking stair caught you by surprise. The door to your bedroom flung open before quickly slamming shut, the lock clicking. You pulled your covers over your eyes, closing them tightly as you heard your drunk mother screaming from the base of the stairs. Your sister stumbled towards your bed, taking you in her arms to embrace you, “Y/N, look at me” She pushed your hair from your face, looking at your doll like features, such a young child… “Just go to sleep ok, no matter what you hear just sleep” She kissed your forehead softly, tucking you in…
She stood, despite your begs for her to stay she opened the door, clicking the lock and shutting it once more…

“You bitch what did you tell her!”

“Nothing, go drink yourself to sleep!”

“Im not a drunk!”

You had enough, you pushed yourself from your bed grasping your school bag, slinging it over your shoulder, you took a blanket in arms… You quietly tiptoed to your window, opening it causing it to creak softly.. Lucky for you, your living room/kitchen area was more like a luxury basement (meaning it was underground) so you could carefully step out of the window.. Once you did you took off down the road, you didnt look back, not even for a moment.
You ran all night, sleeping on a bench near your school, the only place you knew in town besides the slums you lived in..
“Y/N-ah~ Wake up you cant nap outside silly!” a little boy’s voice echoed in your brain, prying you from your sobbing slumber. You linked your eyes open, wincing at the light in your eyes.. “Taehyungie?” you grumbled pushing yourself up, wiping the crust from your eyes.. “Come on Y/N-ah its time for school” He said gripping your wrist, pulling you towards the building.. Taehyung was too a boy of a not so good past, only having his sister and her shit bag of a boyfriend. Always pushing him around, hitting him, yelling at him… You two lived in the same ratty neighborhood and had been friends since you could remember…
You yanked your hand from his grasp “No Tae… I-I cant go to school..” You turned away heading towards town when you heard his bag jingling behind you-

“Well i guess ill just have to come with you- where are we going?”

“i dont know..”

Present Day-

The yell echoed from the bathroom of your apartment, you rolled your eyes at the call. You and Taehyung, ever since that day, had been together, when your sisters found you, when  you graduated, when you got jobs, met your bestfriends, entered college, and now in this apartment.. You werent dating, but you were very close, if that wasnt obvious enough-

“UNDER THE SINK TAEHYUNG I TELL YOU THIS EVERY TIME, I swear you shirt wayyyy to much”
You heard the cabinet door slam then the flush of the pipes, the door to the restroom creaking open. “I heard that you know” Taehyung huffed adjusting his belt. He wore a blue leather jacket, black jeans, and a white crew neck t-shirt. You only chuckled at him, the boy smirking at you as you walked closer to him.
You gripped his jacket at the collar, adjusting it so it folded evenly, moving your hands to smooth out the leather on his shoulders. “I know, you were meant too” you smirked up at him, he only offered a roll of his deep brown eyes as he playfully nudged you.
You chuckled turning on your heels heading for the kitchen. “Y/N-ah you should get dressed, we are meeting the boys for dinner rememberrrr?” he cooed to you from the doorway of the long horizontal hallway which had your bedrooms, bath, and a small closet.
You turned towards where is voice was, the small open area of your apartment was quite simple. A couch, small coffee table, a lamp, tv, and a large bean bag chair was all that took up the living area.
As for the kitchen it was simple, the counter covering the small wall near the entrance of your apartment, an L shaped bar area branching off along the wall the hallway entrance was located on. Of course you had your fridge, oven, sink, but other than that was a small fold-able table with 2 plastic chairs. You looked to where your balcony was located, a wall of windows with a rickety old sliding glass door. Out side the vertical shades was another small table and two chairs, just for when you too wanted to laze about.
The walls were a meek off white, faded in age, the floor scratched but still a deep brown…

“Hello? Y/N?”

“Oh yeah, i should change”

A few hours had pasted, you all had finished your dinners and you were now sitting at a long table just hanging around, 6 boys, not including Taehyung, were seated around you. Along with 2 girls, clung to the arms of Jungkook and Jimin. It hurt a little to see them laughing a kissing, that emptiness in the pit of your heart ached everytime. However, Taehyung was there to remind you he had your back…
You were seated close the wall, a close friend Yoongi sat on your right, Taehyung to your left, and in the three seats in front of you were Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok.. Leaving the love birds at the far left side. The boys were all talking and having fun, reminiscing about the old neighborhood you all lived in, the school you went to which was now shut down, even the old park you all played in… You were all so grown up now, but they all agreed the one that neer changed was you..

“Y/N is still as quiet as she was in school”

“Yah! She really still is”

You just smiled, resting a hand on Taehyung’s knee, he offered you a smile as you rested you head on his shoulder. The whole night you had been pretty quiet, the only thing crossing your brain was how many times you beat Tae in games of rock paper scissors you held under the table.

“so are you two a thing?” The girl linked to Jungkook asked, gesturing to you and Taehyung.. You just looked at each-other for a moment, smiles creeping onto your faces as you both busted into laughter. Your loud chuckles echoed in the drab and rather empty restaurant, the girl, Jennie, was rather new to the group, so this sparked a confused look on her features.
Through loud chuckles you spoke “Oh nooo, Taehyungie is my bestfriend” You wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tightly
“Yeah Y/N-ah and I are just friends”

“Shes too cute for Taehyung anyways” Yoongi said slyly, craning his head to smirk at Taehyung, they always teased eachother. Even when you all were younger, Yoongi was 2 grades ahead of you and some of the others. But him and Tae always playfully butt heads, especially over you.. You found it cute, even now, knowing they couldnt possibly be serious… right?

“Hey now” You said gently shouldering Yoongi as you settled back against Tae, you played with his long fingers, gently tugging them and moving them, in your own little world.

‘Tae youre drooling over there’
'am not’
'are too’

'stop fighting like children’
'youre not my mom Jin’
'might as well be’

You looked up at them all, heart strings being yanked in all directions as they all talked, “Joonie” you said softly, reaching your hand out to touch his. He looked at you a bit puzzled, smiling, cocking a brow. His dimpled tan cheeks a little red from your sudden touch, “Ah, Y/N what is it?” He asked leaning back in his seat, his gaze was always so seductive, even when just casually speaking, it was a quality about him no one could take away really-

“Why dont we go explore the old school or something, we havent really gone on an adventure and Jin’s truck has enough room”

“Ah that sounds fun!” the boys all rejoiced in agreement, however Jennie shifted a bit looking at Jungkook, then to Jimin and JiSoo, she seemed to whisper something to them before standing, “I-I think i might just go home”
You almost forgot, Jennie wasnt from around here, so she didnt go to school with all of you… You felt embarrassed, reaching across the table to grasp her wrist, “Hey, Im sorry, itll be fun we can show you around” You said smiling softly… It took a bit of convincing but before you knew it you all piled into the truck, You, Taehyung, and Hoseok sitting in the Bed of it while the others crammed into the cab.

As the car pulled into the abandoned parking lot and everyone made their way out of the truck, you yourself jumped out of the back, only to be confronted by a horrid scene. You felt your heart stop as a few figures came towards your group. The man in the middle of them stood with immense swagger, wearing a black crew neck, navy blue ripped jeans, and some sneakers… You knew exactly who he was by his slicked back blond hair which was under a backwards cap..

“Y/N, Hooligans, Fancy meeting you here~”

to be continued

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

Summary: Chapter 3 of Trope-tastic ~ Bucky Barnes + 5. Person A and Person B have to huddle together to keep warm in the cold

It was the mystery that drew Y/N in. Bucky Barnes was an enigma wrapped up in an impenetrable emotional wall. The super soldier he had seen so much, and held so much guilt inside.

He was quiet, and apart from the occasional greeting when Y/N would smile at him in passing, Bucky barely said a word to the SHIELD scientist. Nonetheless, she still made strides to befriend him, hoping that somehow she could learn more about Bucky.

Perhaps that was why he requested that she come with him on the mission. He knew that she didn’t want to know the Winter Soldier, she wanted to know Bucky Barnes. The man who had gone away a long time ago and was struggling to come back again.

“Are you sure?” Steve asked, wanting his friend’s first field mission back in Russia to go as smoothly as possible. The blonde captain didn’t know Bucky had even met Y/N in the first place.

“I’m sure. Besides, it’s a simple mission, we’ll be in and out in no time.” Bucky said with a shrug, hoping that his words were true.

“Alright, if you’re sure.” Steve agreed, getting up and going to brief Y/N on the mission.

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for @carryon-valentines day 1 :D so excited thank you guys for planning this fuck i love this fandom

summary: baz needs help. penny punches baz in the face. just some good ol penny and baz bonding time. you know the works

fyi ive given up on the basic rules or english so fair warning

words: 850 ish

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Alternate Ending for "Breaking"

(Sorry if there is any misspellings! ❤️)


The number of years after I realized I loved you. You forced yourself to keep going.


The number of baby’s breath you gave me on our night in the garden. You thought you could see them.


The number of times I had to betray you. You stumbled a bit but kept running.


The years that we’ve been together. You could see him, he raised his gun in the air. You saw a flick of color out of the corner of your eye, but you ignored it, focused on your love.


The amount of flowers that were in my hair when you first kissed me and told me you loved me. You saw them marching away from each other, you changed your direction slightly left.


The number of Hamilton children who love me. You were only a few feet away from him, he saw you. But before you could run in front of him, before you had the chance to block him from the incoming bullet, someone else appeared.


Your eyes widened, seeing Angie run in front of you. She looked determined, giving you a glance out the corner of her eye. She winked.


The bullet echoed through the air. Philip was pushed out of the way, Angie taking the shot instead of him. You could hear her screams in the back of your head as you stumbled towards her.

“Angelica!” Philip yelled, turning his back towards George. His arms wrapped around his sister, as she squeezed her eyes shut in agony.

What have you done?What have you done?What have you done?
What have you done?What have you done?What have you done?
What have you done?What have you done?What have you done?

“Oh no, Angie…” You finally made it to their sides, falling onto the ground next to them. Blood stained her left hip, pouring on to the annoying bright, green grass. You looked at her, touching her cheek.

“No…no, please no…” Philip mumbled, kissing her forehead. He was breathing heavily, looking at every inch of his sister.

Your heart was beating quickly. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Angie was not supposed to be here, she want supposed to know.

Angie smiled at the two of you, crimson staining her teeth, “It’s okay, I’m fine. A little bullet won’t sto-” She coughed, her face distorting into a pain expression.

Philip looked back, seeing the doctor standing there in shock. “What are you doing? Help her!” He quickly pulled himself out of his shock, appearing by Angie’s side.

You were speechless.

“This is very serious; we need to get her to a safer location. Is there anywhere close by we can take her?” The doctor questioned, looking at the two of you.

“Philip’s, Philip’s aunt’s house. We can take her in the carriage!” You yelled. Philip nodded, lifting Angie off the ground. The doctor, you, and Philip, ran to the carriage, you holding the door open. Once you entered and Philip yelled at the man to hurry, you looked back down at Angie. Her eyes were fluttering, barely able to keep them open.

Philip held her hand, touching her hair softly, “Don’t fall asleep, Angie. Keep your eyes open for me, don’t stop looking at me,” she struggled, her eyes flicking back and forth, “Don’t look at the doctor, just pay attention to me and Titania, okay?” She smiled, and the doctor began to remove the bullet from her side. She screamed in pain, her voice ringing through your ears.

She squeezed your hand, making it turn purple. But you didn’t care, you just wanted to make sure she was okay.

“I know, I know it hurts Angie! But it’s going to be okay! We’re going to go back to town and get you the gowns that you wanted, everything is going to be fine!” You said, looking at her. She was grinding her teeth, tears pouring down her face.

“You’re right, TT. But, why are you and Philip cry..crying?” She touched Philip’s cheek, her hand trembling.

The carriage stopped, and you opened the door, letting Philip jump through. He looked at you, panic in his face. One of the boys, Jamie, came in, asking questions. Philip was confused, too much commotion going on. You told him to get Alex and Eliza, and he ran out quickly to retrieve them.

Philip carried her into the next room. You quickly ran to push off the blankets and clothing piled on the bed, letting her rest there easily. As the doctor examined her, she was whispering, saying incoherent things.

The doctor began cleaning her wound, and she looked at you.

“TT…” She whispered, and you came to her side quickly, putting your hand in hers. She was blinking slowly, mumbling. She winced when the alcohol was poured on her side. The wound was still bleeding, as the doctor struggled to stop it from happening.

She, she was dying.

“TT, promise me you and Philip will be married. And, remember what you prom..promised?” She whispered, and you nodded, the tears falling from your eyes.

“Y-Yes, you would be the maid of honor.” Philip gave a weak smile to the two of you, and Angie nodded, turning her head to Philip. Anything to keep her from thinking about the wound on her side. The doctor looked at you, shaking his head slowly.

“Philip? Are we still going to the market? W-We, we didnt get my petticoats yet…”

He kissed her forehead, his hands shaking in hers, “Of course, Angelica. And we could get the blue one that you wanted.”

She smiled, “The one with the flowers?”

“That’s the one.”

She coughed, and began to cry, “I, I don’t want to die yet. I don’t want to leave any of you,” her eyes widened, “Rosemary, where is Rosemary? I have to, I-” She screamed as the doctor dug in her side.

Footsteps were heard in the background, and you turned, seeing the door slammed open. Alex, Eliza, AJ, Jamie, Lizzy, Willy and Johnny stood there, concern on all of their faces. Your family was there.

“Philip, Titania, what’s going on?” Alex asked, looking down at his daughter, he quickly strides over, next to Philip’s side.

He shook his head, “I did exactly as you said Pop…I held my head up high, but, but Angie just pushed me to the side before the count of ten…” Alex touched her face, his eyes looking over her body. He was crying, stroking her cheek.

Eliza ran over, and you moved out the way. She fell to her daughter’s side, Is she going to survive this? Who did this? Alexander did you know?“ Her words were becoming mushed together, unable to be understood. Angie eyes were closing, and Eliza squeezed her hand, "Please, stay with me honey. It’ll all be okay.”

“I, I want to say a lot to all of you, but I don’t have the time,” she was being brave, even after all of the pain she was going through, “I left a letter to all of you, it’s in my room, on my desk…” She took a deep breath, trying to talk through her pain.

“Honey, it’s okay, save your strength,” Alexander said, touching her hair. The other children ran over to you, wrapping their arms around your waist. You looked at the family, your heart beating fast.

She didn’t have much time left.

And you couldn’t do anything about it.

This is your fault. This is your fault. This is your fault.
This is your fault. This is your fault. This is your fault.
This is your fault. This is your fault. This is your fault.

“Mommy,” Angie whispered.

“Yes, dear?”

“Do, do you remember the day TT…the day TT warmed up with us?” Eliza nodded, biting her lip to hide her cries, “Can, can we all sing together? It…I would feel much better…” She groaned, biting her lip.

“Yes, anything for you.” Her voice cracked, looking at the rest of you, “Are you ready?” You all nodded, the children’s hold tightening on your side. Philip looked at you, his face distraught.

“Un, duex, trois, quatre, cinq…” Eliza started, the rest of you joining in. Alex tried to sing, but he could, placing his head next to Angie. Philip was crying, struggling to sing through his cries.

You whispered, “Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…” You sand, and Angie looked at you.

“Good…” She mumbled, her eyes moving slower.

“Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq…” She was smiling, her eyes closing.

“Angelica?” Alex asked, touching her face. She didn’t respond, the smile still on her face. Eliza screamed, pushing her face into her body. Philip dropped onto his knees, and the rest of the children screamed, looking at their now passed sister.

You ushered them out of the room.

You could not stop the tears from falling.

-I’m on the bus, trying not to cry oh no it’s NOT WORKING!!!!-

Pairing - Hoseok x Reader

Genre - Murder AU

Word Count - 3k

Part 4/?

Synopsis - When y/n’s husband is accused of murder she’s sure he’s innocent. But as detectives find clues that point to him as the perpetrator, will she stand for her husband or against him?

A/n - Idunno if anyone reads this but if you do enjoy (:

Preview Part One Part Two Part Three



a feeling or thought that something is possible, likely, or true.

Trust is one of the most important things you can have in a relationship. Without it, it is impossible to have a healthy relationship.

I wish I could say that things got better when Hoseok picked me up but it didnt. At least I was able to sleep, as soon as we arrived back to our house I passed out. I was drained and my bed never felt so comfortable. In the morning Hoseok woke me up, letting me know that he had the maid run me some warm bath water and breakfast was being made for me. The bath was relaxing, I was able to clear my mind even if just for a second before Hoseok came into the bathroom with a cup of coffee in hand.

“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked handing me a mug full of the black liquid and sitting in the love seat I had in my bathroom. His eyes furrowed a bit as if he was worried but also upset.

“I’m fine just a little headache.” I answered taking a sip of the coffee. It was bitter and disgusting, I hated black coffee and my husband knew that. I wasn’t sure if he was punishing me for getting so drunk or if he just wanted me to sober up. Maybe both.

“I’m so sorry that my actions caused you to feel the need to get so drunk. Ive never seen you like this before.” He said. He seemed extremely apologetic and my heart hurt a little.

“I just, I just thought I was over what you did to me. But now it feels like I’m reliving it, and I thought I could trust you but I can’t.”

“I’ll do whatever I need to do to regain your trust. I may have not been honest about how many times I was with her, but I want to be honest about everyting moving forward.” He said.

I wanted so badly to believe him, to put all of my faith in him and never think about the situation again. But we had tried that. I thought that I knew the whole truth and was blissfully unaware that I was in fact, being decieved.

“Okay. What else do you want to tell me?” I asked.

“Well I wasn’t completely honest about where I was the night Mina died.”

“Where were you Hoseok?” I asked sternly.

“I went to meet her.” He said.

“You cant be serious?” I said rubbing my head. I thought that my headache was fading but it had only gotten worst. The pain was a pulsating ache and everytime I would look Hoseok in the eye my head would throb.

“Im serious. She sent me a text saying that she needed to talk to me about something important. I went to meet her at a location she sent me but she never showed up.” He stated.

“Hoseok why would you try to go and meet the woman that you cheated on me with?” I was really trying to understand his logic at this point. I never asked him to stay away from her. He was the one who told me he wanted to stay away. So why would he feel the need to sneak around and meet her. Was he seeing her again?

“I know it was stupid. I was worried because she never called me, she never even talked to me. We both agreed we wouldn’t talk to one another after the affair and I worried that something was wrong if she was suddenly requesting to meet me.”

I thought about it for a while. That’s why he was running late to meet up with me the night of the charity event, because he went to meet her.
What else could he be hiding? I wondered.

“What else are you hiding from me??” I demanded an answer.

“Jagi, that’s everything. I swear.” He said grabbing a hold of my hand. “I’ll never hurt you again.”

I closed my eyes taking in a deep breath. I wished I could believe him, that everything could just go back to how it was a few days ago but I couldnt, we couldn’t.

“I just need time.”

“Okay, I understand that.” He said.

After exiting the bath, Hoseok finally went to work and I had the house to myself, with the exception of our housemaid. I went to look for her, I wanted to apologize for all the craziness that’s been going on with the police coming over and what not. Our home usually wasn’t this chaotic.

I saw her as I entered the kitchen, and she noticed me as well greeting me with her warm smile.

“Feeling better Mrs. Jung?” She asked. I wondered if I still looked like hell, considering how drunk I had gotten last night I was sure that I did.

“A bit, Mari how is everything going?” I asked sitting down at the kitchen bar as she continued to clean and then pausing to answer the question.

“I’m okay, Mrs. Jung. How is everything?”

“It’s a little hetic right now but Im managing. I just wanted to let you know that we have officers coming over again later today. I wanted to warn you ahead of time so that you weren’t alarmed.”

“It’s no problem, I knew that they cops would have to interrogate Mr. Jung after everything.” She stated and her sentence caught me off guard.

“Everything?” I wondered what all she knew about this entire situation.

“Yes well since you and Mr. Jung were really close to Mrs. Kim.” Close? I’m not sure if I would use that word to describe Mina and I’s relationship, especially after the affair.

“I guess you could say we were kind of close to her. It’s just so unfortunate that this happened to her.” Even after finding out that her and Hoseok had seen eachother on a regular basis I still felt geninuely bad about the gruesome way in which she died.

“Yes it is, do you know how Mr. Jung is going to be prosecuted?” She questioned causing me to look at her as if she had lost her mind.

“Prosecuted? Why would Hoseok be prosecuted.”

“I just thought, I thought that… ” She started. But stopped as if she was afriad to speak. Any thoughts I had that Mari didn’t have an clue about the situation were quickly cast out of my mind. She knew something, possibly more than I and I needed to find out what.

“Mari, I’m getting the feeling that you know more than I do. Please tell me everything that you know.” I begged.

“But Mr. Jung instructed me not to tell you.” She said. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There was some type of secret that my husband had instructed our housemaid to keep?

“He did what? Listen Mari, I promise he won’t find out about this conversation. But now you need to tell me everything.”

“Okay.” She stated sitting down next to me.

“It all started a couple of months ago. Mina would come over often and Im sure you are already aware of what they would do. But lately they would aruge a lot, I overheard Mrs. Kim say that she didnt want to be involved anymore because she loved her husband. But Mr. Jung was very upset and he told her she had no choice but to continue seeing him.”

My heart was hurting and I was struggling to keep up with what Mari was saying without changing my demeanor and expression because I honestly was hurting and disgusted all at the same time. Mari noticed and stopped talking.

“Im fine, please continue.” I spoke.

“The last time it became violent. I believe you were out taking care of business when she came over. I tried not to easedrop but I heard Mina crying. She was saying that she was sure she was pregnant and knew that It had to be Mr. Jung’s child. He become so upset, I could hear them shouting from the living room. He told her that she needed to get rid of the child or else he would.”

“Oh god, no.” I breathed out in total distress.

“Mrs. Jung please don’t tell Mr. Jung. That night when he had seen that I was in the kitchen and had heard everything he warned me against telling anyone. He said that he would let me go and I can’t afford to lose this job. I have a family to provide for.” She reasoned.

“Don’t worry.” I said softly taking slow and steady breathes to calm down, you aren’t going to be fired. I really appreciate you letting me know all of this Mari.“ I said forcing a smile to reassure her.

I let Mari go home for the night, she usually stayed in home with us but her husband and children lived on their own so she would occasionally go visit so I decided that it would be best for her to do that. When she was gone I took out my phone to call the detectives who were assigned to Mina’s case and they told me they would be over shortly.

The time I waited seemed to go on for forever. And while I waited for them I thought over and over again about Hoseok. Was he really capable of killing someone? I believed he was the most warm hearted and caring person on the planet. He hardly ever raised his voice and was so mild tempered. The person that Mari described to me when she went over his conversation with Mina was not the Hoseok I knew. He seemed harsh and aggressive and I didnt know what to think.

A year ago I would have said that there was absolutely no way my husband would be capable of hurting anyone. But lie after lie he was breaking my heart and losing my trust and I didn’t know what to do or how to feel.

The more I thought the more I wondered if I was making the right decision in acting so fast to reach out to the officers. I didn’t know what I was doing or if I was making the right decision. The doorbell ran interrupting me mid thought and I knew that there was no more time for pondering. I needed be an adult and handle this situation so I calmed myself and went to answer the door.

I filled the officers in on every unpleasant detail that the maid had shared with me. I hated to do this to my husband but Mina was pregnant and her murder was gruesome. Whomever was responsible for that, may it be Hoseok or whomever else needed to be held accountable.

After hearing everything that I had to say the detectives said that they needed to do a search of our house so I waited anxiously until they were finished. Namjoon returned with something that was in a plastic bag. I could not tell what It was from a distance but as he got nearer I realized that It was a hammer and my eyes widened.

"Mrs. Jung, are you familiar with this?” He asked giving me a closer look and as I inspected it I saw very visible blood on it and my heart rate started to increase.

“I um - I think that could be ours. Where was that?”

“It was in hidden in your fireplace. We believe that this could be our murder weapon and based on this and your statement today we are going to preceded with an arrest.”

My hand quickly covered my mouth and a stumbled back, Namjoon reached out to help me. “You are going to arrest him?”

“We have the murder weapon and plausible cause. We are going to get a warrant and we should be back shortly.”

This was all happening so fast and before I knew it the detectives were leaving, and I was staring out of my dining room window waiting for my husband to arrive home. His car pulled up moments later and he entered the house taking off his shoes and heading towards my direction

“There you are baby. I’ve been trying to call you to see if you had eaten. I picked up take out.” I heard him place something on the table but I didnt turn around I couldn’t bring myself to look at him.

“Are you still upset?” He said approaching me from behind and wrapping his arms around my waist. I finally spun around to face him my eyes were watering and I knew that he could tell something was up.

“Y/n, are you crying? Baby I know you are upset with me. But please don’t cry. He said wipling away at my tears.

"Did you - do it?” I finally managed to say.

“Did I do what?” He asked genuinely concered.

“Did you kill her Hoseok?” I asked.

“What?” Hoseok said as if I was telling some sort of joke and he couldn’t understand the punchline. “You aren’t serious are you?”

“You cant lie to me anymore, you have to be honest now.” I said through tears.

“I didn’t kill Mina!!” He yelled and I immediately shut myself off. I didn’t want to hear the lies I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I remained silent fixing my gaze back on the window.

“Look at me y/n. You have to talk to me.” He said but I continued to ignore him.

“Turn around and talk to me.” Hoseok demanded as I looked out of the window. I didn’t want to look at him, if I did I knew that I would be moved by his soft features, the face that I had fallen in love with.

“What have I done to you? What could I have done to make you believe that I could be capable of doing something this horrible?”

“Look at me!!” Hoseok yelled as he hit the dinning room table causing a glass to fall and shatter on the floor. I jumped in fear from his actions. In the entire time I had known him I had never been so afraid.

I felt a wave of relief but also nervousness as I heard police cars in the distance. The cars approached our mansion and I saw that the gates were opened and they were coming  in. Moments later they entered the room.

“Jung Hoseok you are under arrest for the murder of Kim Mina.“ Namjoon said.

"What the hell is going on?” Hoseok yelled.

“You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.”

“Did you do this?” Hoseok asked as the officers started to secure handcuffs on him.

The look that he gave me wasn’t one of anger. I think that I could have handled that a bit more. The look that he gave me was one of pure hurt, it was as If I had taken a knife to his abdomen. I felt absolutely horrible and refused to look at him.

“Y/n please look at me.” He said as he was being dragged out of our house by Taehyung and another officer.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at him and I could only look out of the window. I watched as they dragged him to the car and before they put him in the back seat he looked at me and I that’s when the tears I held in started to pour down my face.

I let out a loud sob breaking down and Namjoon just stared at me as if he wasn’t quite sure what to do. He finally walked closer to me and after what seemed like minutes of uncertainty he pulled me into his arms allowing me to sob on his chest.

We stayed like that for a while before I calmed down a bit and was able to sit on the sofa.

"I’m sorry that you have to go through this, but regardless of what happens you are a very brave person y/n.” Namjoon stated.

“Brave? All I did was turn in my husband.”

“You are seeing that Mrs. Jung’s family gets justice for her murder even if that means that your husband is taken away from you. That’s bravery y/n.”

“Well thank you.”

“If you need anything, anything at all.” Namjoon said placing his hand on my shoulder. “Don’t hesitate to give me a call.”

Namjoon left and I was alone. Being alone is the worst possible thing to he when you have so many thoughts in your heard. Because you have no one to distract you from everything you were thinking. I tried to turn on the Tv just to have some sort of Distraction but I just stared at it blankly as I pondered my current situation.

Was Hoseok going to be convicted for Mina’s murder? If so how long would he be in prison? Did I need to call a lawyer to get divorce papers? And how is Jin going to feel when he finds out that his best friend possibly murdered his wife?

So many questions, so many thoughts. It was all too much and I wanted nothing more than to run away but I couldn’t. I couldn’t change anything about my current situation and it left me to wonder

Is life going to get any better?