when i think of you i don't feel so alone

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Hey Viria, sorry to bother you but this is something I really need to talk about with someone and your blog has always been a safe space to me. I'm turning 20 this year and I've never been in love, nor have I had a boyfriend/girlfriend before. I don't know, if I'm too picky or if my standards are to high, but I never felt something like a crush before. I don't know if it's normal but I really just want to feel having butterflies in my tummy. I don't know what to do or what is wrong with me.

there’s nothing wrong with you, please don’t think this way! 

There are few things I can offer about this:

- don’t feel alone if the insecurity you feel is connected to the age, you aren’t alone, there are so many young people in their twenties who hasn’t been in relationship before. Even for me, even though I had minor school crushes, I only had one relationship and it wasn’t serious and I now know it wasn’t love. So for me it happened when I turned 22.

- it might be that you feel the red flags about people and haven’t met someone you connect to yet. I know a few people who are close to their 20s but haven’t had crushes before, it’s normal too, we all are different.

- movies always make us feel like we have to be in love to be complete, because EVERY teenager is in love in the movies. They show the morally high educated girls and say they always have to be in love to be good. Don’t be too pressured by the movies; they aren’t real life.

- as for butterflies: they aren’t always good. I mentioned minor crushes I had: I used to have all the knees buckling, heartbeating too fast, and I have to say that it wasn’t the healthiest. With as much as I had of physical stuff happening, I could never even talk to that person. So..not feeling the butterflies, but feeling warm and cosy and content and just, very secure, is what I think matters more. Deep connection matters more. Attraction is important too, of course, but the physical stuff fades over time, bonding stays.

- THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Try looking up aromantiсism, asexuality, demisexuality. I am not the most educated person with this; but there are people who don’t feel romantic or sexual attraction towards others. There are people who need to really spiritually and mentally bond with someone to start being attracted to them. You might be aromantic or asexual or demisexual!

Hope it helps at least a bit, remember you aren’t alone and there are always people who feel the way you do! You will have it all figured out soon, don’t worry<3

And next thing you know, you’re awake, crying, at 3 am with no one to talk to and that’s when you realize that you’re completely and utterly alone.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7 // D.P
Don't Mess with What is Mine(Jerome Valeska x Chubby Shy Reader)

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Prompt: The reader and Jerome go to the club so Jerome can do business with some guys, while you walk around alone a guy is flirty with you and says inappropriate things to you, which doesn’t make Jerome react nicely.

Warning: Murder, mention of sex, I think some cursing.

Note: I love this little ginger asshole and would feel like a very protective boyfriend especially if his girlfriend was shy.

It really was a surprise to many of your friends and family when they found out you were dating Jerome Valeska. It was also a very big surprise to the public when the headline came out “PSYCHO CRIMINAL JEROME VALESKA MANAGES TO STEAL THE HEART OF SHY MRS. Y/L/N” You didn’t really mind being called the psycho’s girlfriend since you knew deep down Jerome was good. Also to many they said that you managed to make the maniac go soft but that theory was discarded very fast after Jerome went on a killing spree. But he was very sweet to you. God he loved you so much. He knew how shy you could be sometimes so he would always act so sweet around you. He really didn’t want to scare you off so he tried to be the best boyfriend there ever was.

Then on one Saturday afternoon, Jerome asked you if you would like to join him in going to the club with him since he had to do some business with some guys. He knew the club wasn’t really your scene but he wanted to ask you just incase. What really surprised him was when you agreed to join him in going.

So now it was later that night and you arrived at the club. Jerome accompanied you inside. One minute you walked in there was a lot of noise and people, which really wasn’t your favorite, but you still put on a smile on your face. That was something Jerome loved about you how you could make any situation, negative or not, positive. So when you were inside the club Jerome lead you to the guys he needed to talk to.

“Well hello Jerome. Who’s this lovely lady with you today. She is way to beautiful for you.” One guy spoke. His comment made you blush a little which Jerome noticed, and didn’t appreciate.

“This is y/n. My girlfriend, note MY girlfriend.” Jerome spat back.

“Don’t worry I won’t be stealing your girl. Now let’s get to business.”

Before Jerome started talking with the guys whispered in your ear “Hey doll there a booth in the back of the club, why don’t you go and save it for us ok? Then when I’m done here I can go buy a couple drinks. Would you like that.” You nodded and headed over to the booth Jerome was talking about. You took a seat at one side of the booth and shortly after a guy sat beside you.

“Hey sweetcheeks what’s your name.”

“My name is y/n and if you don’t mind I was saving that seat for my boyfriend.”

“Well I don’t see his name on it. Anyway how about you forget about your little boyfriend and let a real man show you a good time. I know exactly how to make a woman moan.” He moved closer into your face and moved his hand up your thigh.

“No-o thank you-u. Ummm I have to use the restroom if you excuse me.”

“Ok sweetheart don’t be too long.” he said winking at you. You quickly went to go find Jerome. The guy was lucky Jerome wasn’t there when he was flirting with you he would have been dead in five seconds flat. You spotted Jerome over at the bar ordering both of you drinks. You walked up next to him so quietly he didn’t even noticed. So you pulled on his sleeve to gain his attention.

“Oh hey sweetcheeks is everything ok?” Jerome asked. You shook your head and moved to whisper in his ear “After I sat in the booth, this guy just sat next to me. He started to flirt with me and made me feel really uncomfortable. Can we just leave?” You could see Jerome expression turned into a little jealous but mostly anger how dare someone make his sweet little y/n uncomfortable, that guy was going to pay.

“Yes of course doll we can leave but I have to use the restroom. Wait here a minute will you?” You nodded. Instead of heading to the bathroom Jerome headed over to the guy. When Jerome reached the booth he sat across from the guy. The guy was about to speak until Jerome interrupted. “So you’re the guy flirting with my girl. Let me just say it pal I don’t really appreciate it, you know. Hearing some lousy drunk idiot making an attempt to steal my girl isn’t the way I wanted to spend the night.”

“Oh so your the minx’s little boyfriend. Don’t worry she wasn’t interested. Well I might have persuaded her to come home with me, show her what sex is with a real man not some freak show like you, but sadly you showed up.” This guy knew exactly how to bush Jerome’s buttons. “Obviously you have had sex with her,” the guy leaned into the table. “tell me some tips, what makes her scream, what’s her favorite position?”

“Alright you asshole, stop talking about my girlfriend like that, she’s mine and if you make one more comment, your dead.” Jerome pulled out a knife hiding it under the table so the guy couldn’t see it.

“Oh sure what are you going to do.” That was the last straw. Jerome walked out of his seat and came right in the guy’s face, the knife facing his neck.

“This should teach you not to mess with things that are mine.” That being said Jerome stabbed the neck right into the guy’s neck. Before anyone noticed the scene Jerome walked over to you. “Alright I’m ready to go.” he said and he intertwined his fingers with yours.

“Thanks.” you whispered into his ear, while pecking his cheek softly, making him blush a bit. As you moved your head away from his face, you flicked your eyes over to the booth in the corner so he knew what you were talking about.

“Anytime, doll. Now let’s go home.” After he said that you both headed home, hands intertwined.

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Uncertain Feelings-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "Just curious, what do you think of me?"
  • "I think I’d miss you, even if we’d never met."
  • "I wouldn't mind being alone with you."
  • "What the hell did you do to me? Why do you make me feel silly?"
  • "Why do I like you? What's wrong with me?"
  • "You confuse the hell out of me, so why do I like it?"
  • "I want to stand closer to you. Do you mind?"
  • "I don’t know if I like you or love you, want you or need you."
  • "Why does my heart go faster when you look at me? Why?!"
  • "I want you, but I don't. I hate you, but I- don't."
  • "Somehow, I don't think I want you to leave."
  • "I shouldn't love you! How do I stop?"
  • "There's something I kinda want to tell you, but I don't know how."
  • "You make me want to be a better man. But, why?"
  • "For some reason, being near you makes me happy."

okay i was talking about this earlier and i’m still thinking about it

about the difference between the optimism of Carnival vs. Honeymoon. I remember how tense Yongguk was during the countdown to Carnival on V Live. I think it’s probably safe to say he was struggling with some anxiety by that point. And look, I love that album, it’s fun, it’s happy, it’s light, it’s probably all the things Yongguk feels most with the other members. I wonder if some of his anxiety that night was because he didn’t feel that way most of the time, so the music felt false to him somehow. Our “silence is better than bullshit” man would probably hate that.

But so then cut to the release of Honeymoon, how EXCITED and relaxed and happy he looked on that V Live. I think Honeymoon is just so much more HOPEFUL than anything else…the hope that you can go through some really dark shit and come out on the other side. It doesn’t mean you’re “cured” or whatever, but it’s something you can take with you even if you wind up in the dark again, even if you have to face it alone. You faced it before, you can do it again, and your people will still be there for you when you come out.

fuckingquitalready damnitfuckoff iswearthistimeimeanit forfucksakepleasegoaway

Please stop coming around

Stop trying to contact me

Stop popping up

Stop using that pet name because it used to be my favorite thing and I know that’s why you started using it but I’m really starting to hate it and you’re ruining things I liked long before you were even around so could you just not

I don’t want to see you

I don’t want to talk to you

Your voice makes me nauseous

I get those angry hot flashes when I see your name pop up on my screen

It’s annoying

You make me want to scream

So stop

Just stop

Let me heal

Leave me be

I’m not playing these stupid games with you

How long you can string someone along before they break because I’m there

I’m really truly there

I’ve had my breaking point and I just literally cannot even right now so could you please because this thing you’re doing makes me think and feel and say ugly things and I hate that because I don’t like being ugly but oh my freaking goodness can you just not because hello nervous breakdown here I’m not even breathing between monologues for shit sake

I’m not a play toy

I’m not a yo-yo

I’m not a piñata

I’m not a floor mat

This is not chess

or checkers

or tic tac toe

or monopoly because everyone hates that long ass stupid game and no you cannot monopolize me anymore either so don’t even start

or any other annoying game you can think of on how to manipulate me and emotionally and mentally abuse me









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I struggled with an abusive boyfriend that got me hooked on pills&pot. I'm 18 &I've already struggled with alcoholism and cigarette & weed addiction. Every time reality sets in that I'm here for the long run I have an anxiety attack & all I can think about is self harm or drinking or smoking. I pray all the time but I feel like I don't even have energy for anything anymore. I work out & practice healthy things but I don't know how to not feel guilty for wishing I didn't exist. I feel so lonely -

(- Even though I know God is with me. I don’t know how to stop feeling so alone)

I think this is a time for you to look at the promises in scripture… Because if you have excepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then you are not alone you have Christ and He is there with you always. So i encourage you to memorize some of these verse so when you feel alone you can recall these promises and take delight in them… Your in my prayers, God Bless. 

  • John 14:16-18  And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.  I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you
  • Psalm 46:1  —- God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
  • Psalm 27:10  Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me.
  • Matthew 28:20  and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age
  • Psalm 147:3  He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
  • Isaiah 54:10   Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,“ says the LORD, who has compassion on you
  • Psalm 18:6 In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears.
  • Deuteronomy 31:6  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
  • Psalm 55:22 Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
  • 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 

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Hello! I am not black, but I am Indian and I am very dark. A lot of people in my culture think that it is bad and I don't because I always come to see your blog because it makes me feel happy. When I see other girls comment that they aren't black and they love it too I feel less alone. So here is the message (Sorry for any bad English, I read and speak better then I can type, but I am learning!)

Thank you dear! 💙💙💙💙

random lyrics starter sentences
  • "I think I was blind before I met you."
  • "It's not right, but life's not fair."
  • "You never meant that much to me."
  • "You're too mean, I don't like you. Fuck you anyway."
  • "You're meant to be helping me."
  • "I'll be back tomorrow."
  • "Jesus Christ, that's a pretty face."
  • "How could I ever be mad at you?"
  • "No matter where you go, your lies will follow you."
  • "Explained, we just lack chemistry."
  • "You're a little much for me."
  • "I think I talk too much."
  • "Just know that I want you back."
  • "We used to joke and it felt like gold, but now you're fucking crazy."
  • "She's got you high, and you don't even know yet."
  • "We've got this crazy chemistry between us."
  • "You are everything I want 'cause you are everything I'm not."
  • "I'll be fine without you, babe."
  • "I hate to think about you with somebody else."
  • "Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?"
  • "I'll be the bigger man while you act like you're innocent."
  • "Honey, come put your lips on mine and shut me up."
  • "I think we're alone now. There doesn't seem to be anyone around."
  • "I know that you've got daddy issues."
  • "I act like I don't fucking care 'cause I'm so fucking scared."
  • "I don't wanna talk about it. I don't wanna think about it."
  • "Just tell me what you're doing with that other guy."
  • "Tell me all the things that make you feel at ease."
  • "I've been thinking we're meant to be."
  • "We don't have to say "love" 'cause the words only get in the way."
  • "You're my bad influence."
When they’d gone, Lady Sybil sat for a while staring at her hands.
(…) In many ways, she told herself, she was very lucky. She was very proud of Sam. He worked hard for a lot of people. He cared about people who weren’t important. He always had far more to cope with than was good for him. He was the most civilized man she’d ever met. Not a gentleman, thank goodness, but a gentle man.
She never really knew what it was he did. (…) He tended to drop his clothes into the laundry basket before he eventually came to bed, so she’d only hear later from the laundry girl about the bloodstains and the mud.
(…) There was a Sam Vimes she knew, who went out and came home again, and out there was another Sam Vimes who hardly belonged to her and lived in the same world as all those men with the dreadful names…
Sybil Ramkin had been brought up to be thrifty, thoughtful, genteel in an outdoor sort of way, and to think kindly of people.
She looked at the pictures again, in the silence of the house.
Then she blew her nose loudly and went off to do the packing and other sensible things.
—  From The Fifth Elephant.

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hello! i just found this blog and it's so amazing to see all the questions people have because then i don't feel so alone! but i haven't seen this question yet so my question is: can you go over the basic sentence structures for things? because sometimes i'll think i have it correct and then suddenly the words are switched around but then when i try /that/ method again, it goes back to the way i had first? like if i put verb before subject, then it says subject before verb? do i make any sense?

Thank you so much, love!! <3 

I’ll try to cover the sentence structure in Norwegian main clauses (the post would probably get way too long if I tried to cover subordinate clauses as well, though I could do that in another post if you want! The main clause is definitely the most important/basic one though.)

( Also, do keep in mind that there are always exceptions in a language, so you might stumble across sentences that don’t follow these rules - though most sentences should. )


#1 - Essentials. 

Like English, Norwegian is a SVO-language (though it can also act as a VSO-language in certain sentences, but more about that in #5)

To make a sentence in Norwegian you must have:

1 - A verb
2 - A subject (you can omit the subject if you’re ordering someone to do something (e.g. “Run!” or “Come here!”), but to make an actual sentence, you would need both). 

This is enough to make very basic sentences, such as:

“Han går.” - “He walks.” / “He’s walking.”

“Jeg spiser.” - “I eat.” / “I’m eating.”

“Du ler.”“You laugh.” / “You’re laughing.”

*!!! - as you can probably see; in Norwegian there is no past progressive form, so sentences like “Han går” can be translated into both “He walks” and “He’s walking”. 


#2 - Verbs.

- Verbs must be the second element in a regular main clause

- Verbs must be the second element in a question if it’s not a yes/no-question 

- Verbs must be the first element in a question if it is a yes/no-question

*!!! - “element” is not the same as “word”. The subject could be “Mary and John”, but it’s still only one element. 


A regular main clause:

Jeg bor hjemme.” - “I live at home.”

“Han spiste fisk.” - “He ate fish.”

“De løp rundt.” “They ran around.”

A regular question:

Hvor bor du?”“Where do you live?”

“Hva spiser du?” - “What are you eating?”

“Hvem er det?” - “Who is that?”

A yes/no-question:

“Bor du her?” - “Do you live here?”

“Spiser du fisk?” - “Do you eat fish?”

“Er det deg?” - “Is that you?”


#3 - Subject.

- The subject is usually the first element

- If it’s not the first element, it will be the third element, directly after the verb (this can happen when an adverbial or object is the first element etc.) 

- If the sentence has more than one verb and the subject is not the first element, the subject will be in between the verbs. 


Subject as the first element:

“Jeg liker iskrem.” I like ice cream.”

“Jeg liker iskrem nå.” - “I like ice cream now.”

Subject as the third element: (usually you would make a sentence like this if you want to put more stress on the object or adverbial (time/place/etc.))

“Nå liker jeg iskrem.” “Now I like ice cream.” 

Two verbs + subject as the first element: 

Jeg kan spise iskrem nå.” - “I can eat ice cream now.”

Two verbs + subject as the third element (subject between the verbs):

“Nå kan jeg spise iskrem.” - “Now I can eat ice cream.” 


#4 - Negation.

- In a main clause the negation “ikke” will usually come directly after the verb.

- If the sentence has more than one verb, the negation will split the two.

- The subject can sometimes split the verb and “ikke” if it’s the third element of the main clause instead of the first


“Jeg liker ikke brød.” “I don’t like bread.”

“Han snakker ikke mye.” - “He doesn’t talk much.”

Two verbs:

Han kan ikke lese.” - “He can’t read.”

“Jeg liker ikke å skrive.”“I don’t like to write.”

When the subject is the third element:

Nå lager han ikke mat.”“He’s not making food now.” 

“Denne boken liker jeg ikke.” - “I don’t like this book.”

*!!! - be aware that the negation “ikke” comes before the verb if it’s a subordinate clause and not a main clause


#5 - Adverbial. 

- Usually either the first or the very last element in a normal sentence.


“Nå leser han.” - “Now he’s reading.”

“Han leser nå.” “He’s reading now.

*!!! - when an adverbial is the first element, the sentence can turn into an VSO-sentence instead of an SVO-sentence.


Like previously mentioned, there are always a lot of exceptions in a language, but this should at least be enough to make and understand basic sentences! c:


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Is it bad that I get so sad sometimes? I don't have a hard life, I have great friends, and so many things to be grateful for. But when I'm alone I get to thinking about how lonely I feel. I always feel like nobody will ever love me. Guys don't think I'm pretty or cool or anything. And I know I shouldn't be upset over guys because I don't know one... but it's hard when you don't feel loved. I don't think I'll ever get a boyfriend or anything...

it’s normal to lose hope. but when i’m in this state, i try to pull myself out of it. sometimes your mind can be your worst enemy. if you just escape for a while you’ll feel yourself coming back together. wallowing in your misery is the most harmful thing you can do to yourself. when you find yourself overthinking, break down your barriers and step into the real world. spend some time w your friends. they’ll distract you from your mental state. don’t let your mind consume you. 

and do not do not do not seek validation from boys. or from anyone. guys are jerkssss tbh. you don’t need their opinion to feel better about yourself. i’m positive you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. it may take some time for you to realize that, but you will. 


'I Think You Think Too Much Of Me' lyrics sentence starters
  • "This is just another sad song."
  • "I've been thinking that, when we thought the world would break us, that we weren't wrong."
  • "I'm so sorry I can't find the time."
  • "I've been thinking 'bout how I'd react if you were me and I was ghosted out."
  • "I know I should try more, but I've been so caught in my own small shit."
  • "I can't see past the nothing around me."
  • "I've been trying really fucking hard not to try so hard."
  • "I've nowhere left to go."
  • "If I told you how this story ends, would you change a step you take?"
  • "If I could relive all of my days, I'd live them all the same."
  • "I'm scared of all that I don't know."
  • "I want it all, but all of it ain't gold."
  • "I'm learning what I should've long before."
  • "All we are is a light into the darkness."
  • "All we are is time that's counting down."
  • "It's wrong and we ain't been right for years."
  • "Let go, give these ghosts a new home."
  • "Let's bury our past and our fears."
  • "I should've seen it long before."
  • "This is my life; I will not run in circles."
  • "Love means nothing to me."
  • "Love means nothing to me 'cause I don't know what it is."
  • "I'm just dying to be all that I've been dreaming of."
  • "I'm still learning."
  • "I just feel so tired."
  • "You ain't you when you're like this."
  • "This ain't you and you know it."
  • "You don't know how to let go."
  • "Who said this must be all or nothing?"
  • "No, I can't tell you nothing."
  • "I'm a fucking mess sometimes."
  • "I could always be whatever you wanted, but not what you needed."
  • "I'm a fucking mess sometimes and I'll say what I don't mean."
  • "All these feelings don't mean shit to me."
  • "It's all just chemicals anyway."
  • "Make all this just go away and find another heart to break."
  • "I had nothing for you; I can't love."
  • "I can't love when I can't even love myself."
  • "I'm addicted to hurting."
  • "I'm a fucking mess sometimes, but still, I could always be whatever you wanted."
  • "I could always be whatever you wanted, but not what you needed, especially when you been needing me."
  • "Lying’s the only rush I need."
  • "I should've listened last night, girl."
  • "This is beyond belief."
  • "We keep falling for the lure of liquid confidence."
  • "If all we have is time, then we'll be alright."
  • "It's not much but it's better than nothing."
  • "We're running on fumes but we'll make it through the night."
  • "It's not love but it's better than dreaming."
  • "I just need time."
  • "We only hang in evenings."
  • "All these dreams and all these plans we shared under the moonlight."
  • "I just don't know if you'll feel right when I leave in the morning."
  • "Should've told you goodbye."
  • "We're both covered in sand
  • "I don't know just what I'm missing."
  • "They tell me I've got something more
  • "You could be loved."
  • "I just wanna live like the ones before."
  • "Maybe I could save the world or end it."
  • "Maybe they'll remember me when I'm gone; that's all I could ever want."
  • "So I got ten minutes to be all or nothing."
  • "I owe you nothing."
  • "I own my luck."
  • "You'll never be alone again."
  • "I don't think you understand me or what I fear."
  • "I don't want to lie to myself."
  • "I'm more than all the mistakes I've outrun."
  • "I'm only here for a minute."
  • "I don't care what you say."
  • "I can be my own kind of rock and roll."
  • "I don't really care if you say you don't fuck with me."
  • "I can say what the fuck I want cause it's down to me."
  • "I got love for you even if you are doubting me."
  • "I wonder how it feels to burn out young."
  • "I just wanna die before my heart fails from heartbreak or cocktails."
  • "Maybe you'll cry once you know I'm gone."
  • "I ain't scared of living."
  • "Does it get easier?"
  • "What are we breathing for if we ain't living?"
  • "I'll know the day I die, I lived through heaven and that I gave it hell."
  • "If it hurt, oh well; at least that's living."
  • "I'm not worried about you."
  • "I can’t find it in myself to wanna lie to keep this thing from going down."
  • "That girl took my heart and I ain't want it back."
  • "You say it meant nothing."
  • "I shoulda kept my silence."
  • "I guess I’m too attached to my own pride to let you know."
  • "All these words meant nothing."
  • "I've always been this heartless."
  • "We’re just having sex, I would never call it love."
  • "I think I’m catching feelings."
  • "Remember why you said this was the last time."
  • "I don’t know how to forget you."
  • "That girl took my heart."
  • "She's in love with the concept."
  • "We're in love, we just don't know it yet."
  • "How am I supposed to see the magic, 'cause I don't believe in it no more."
  • "It's easier if she thinks she won."
  • "I don't think I love you no more."
  • "You never seem to call me lately."
  • "I don't think you know me at all."
  • "I never thought I'd have to say this."
  • "I don't love you and I never did."
  • "Look at us, burning down in flames for kicks."
  • "So much for trying to keep this moving slow."
  • "I don't believe in her no more."
  • "I remember how we talked shit like we knew what we wanted."
  • "I'm no liar and I never hid anything."
  • "You should've seen it coming to this."

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I'm not really sure if this counts as something in the faq, so feel free to ignore it. I've been with my girlfriend for a few months now, and the idea of doing sexual things with her appeals to me. The thing is, it's kinda only in theory. If I'm alone and just thinking about it, it sounds great, but when I'm with her, even just kissing her sometimes weirds me out. I don't know if this could be asexuality, or maybe just a product of my anxiety? do you have any thoughts/advice? thank you.

That sounds totally normal in the ace experience. I think a lot of people will empathize with you. I’ve heard sex being described as a ‘bath that’s warm and pleasant when you first step in, but turns lukewarm and meh in a few seconds’. It’s normal to enjoy the idealized concept of sex, but not in reality.

- Fae

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I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years. We're currently long distance. We go through periods of barely talking because he just won't reply to my texts. He doesn't wanna ever call because he says he feels awkward. I've been going through a lot lately as I struggle with mental illness and he's the only person i have. A couple weeks he's amazing and sweet and the next he's gone. I need him but it seems like it just doesn't matter. I don't know what to do. I'm struggling so bad and I have no one.

When you think you have no one, please remember that you will always have someone!! I know the thought of feeling so alone in this world is overwhelming, and it’s hard to believe that people actually care about you. but I can promise you that you are not alone. For instance, you have me! This is something I tell my followers a lot, but if someone isn’t making a strong effort to stay in your life, then let them leave. Let em’ do what they want, because there’s nothing worse than trying to force somebody to care, to stay. Sometimes we need help picking up the pieces after we’ve been broken, but if you end up having to juggle the shards all on your own, don’t worry, You’ll be fine, it just might take a while longer to put yourself back together again.

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im a trans guy, but i have a condition where i pass out if i am standing or walking too long, so i am thinking of getting a wheelchair to help me get around when it flares up, without being as affected by it. I don't see a lot of guys in wheelchairs, and i have very fragile masculinity and feel a need to appear strong and tough, which i can't do in a wheelchair.....what do i do?

Hey! In all honesty I think that people in a wheelchair are the toughest people out there. I can’t imagine getting around in a wheelchair and I bet that most people would have so many difficulties, people make it look so easy! Also have you ever seen wheelchair basketball like damn they’re so brutal and tough as heck. I’m intimidated even watching them let alone playing with them. Just be yourself and don’t let people tell that you’re weak or not masculine because you’re amazing! 


Girls Do It Better (Snowbaz, gender swap)


A lot of things are unfair in this world.

The Humdrum stealing magic. Illness, poverty, war, discrimination is always on the list. Something unfair is when someone who is so beautiful is an evil plotting vampire. Tryphosia Bastet Grimm Pitch is the vainest, grandiose, and fancy person in the world who has tried to kill me numerous times and even pushed me down the stairs. This super villain had the longest legs ever and she wears heels to rub in the fact that I am a penguin in heels. The devil does wear Prada.

“And we set of frogs on fire using kitten fur as the kindling.”
“Wait, what?” I turn my attention to Perry who was sitting next to me.
“Oh, now she is listening to me. Look, Jasper, now she is finally listening to me.” I look at Perry and Jasper, who I didn’t notice arrived with his food. “You were staring Bastet again,” Jasper commented while shaking his protein powder in his drink.

“I was not,” I say, defending myself. Perry looked at me, shaking his head. “Your scone has been half way to your mouth for half a minute. That is half a minute too long for you hold a scone in your hand without eating it.” I take an angry bite of my scone before dropping my scone back on my plate. “You don’t get it. She stayed up for 3 hours yesterday with a single notebook. Don’t you think that is suspicious?”
“No. She was studying.”
“She was not studying, she was plotting.” I insisted.

Jasper sighed and sipped on his drink, wincing at the taste. I tried it once, I don’t know how he puts up with it. “Well, I am not saying that she is completely innocent and all, but I think you are getting way too paranoid with her over something she may not have done.” I feel like my insides turned a little cold for a moment but then grab my scone with extra butter and bite into it, following with my extra sweet tea. Just to rub it into Jasper who has a special diet he needs to hold for a few weeks for his lacrosse magical school championship. “Alright, guys. I am going to have to go. I promised to get to training early.” Jasper got up and left with his tan colored drink.

Perry looked at me and Jasper a few times. “Is there something happening between you two? That seemed unusually harsh.” I shrug, looking down to my food, avoiding Perry’s harsh glance. “It is nothing.” I didn’t want to talk about it and looked over at Baz, sitting with Naia and Devin. She noticed me looking and gave me a slight smirk before ignoring me completely. How dare she.


I could feel Sophia’s eyes on me every now and then, it was frustrating because I cannot slouch or relax even a little bit. If I don’t look picture perfect each time she looks, she won’t make that adorable grumpy face at me. I have been in quite the good mood this morning because of the relationship drama unfolding. I honestly cannot see what she sees in him, regardless of being gay. He seems like such a cliché on what is traditionally considered attractive and he is vain enough to agree with the fact. I finish my tea and head out, I could catch Sophia watch me leave. I headed outside to the lacrosse field.

         Jasper was stretching in the main field as some other guys were in the changing rooms. Passing the changing room is always unpleasant. The horrid things they say about girls. I have trained them not whistle after kicking someone in the balls in front of the whole team for ‘flirting’ with me. What kind of pick up line is “I know what you really want”? I really wanted to see him crying on the ground clutching his nuts. I sighed and smiled.

“Jasper, could I have a word?” I asked, maintaining a smile.
“Look, the football team promised that we could have more time on the field while we have our championship coming up.”
“Oh, I am not here about the field times. I just wanted to say how amazing it was that the team pulled through to the championship. Many people had been sure our team couldn’t make it, but I saw how much practice you have been doing and was sure it could have happened.” Guys are so very simple, you praise them a little and laugh at their stupid jokes. I could see it worked when he softened up.

“Thank you, the team has been working hard.”
“But I notice you have been really working hard yourself, it is impressive. You scored half of all the goals last match.” I wasn’t there, I just heard it. I couldn’t care any less.
“Thanks.” He looked like he was about to say something else and I waited, wanting this to be over so I could do literally anything else. “Would you like to come with me to the game?” I felt my smile drop for a moment and regained it in a bit. This is something guys ask their girlfriends since the game is out of Watford. I smiled again. “Sophia wouldn’t be too happy to see me there.”
“Sophia isn’t really interested. She didn’t say anything about it since I told her. I thought you might be more interested since you play sports yourself and maybe understand this better?”

I pretended to think about it. “Sure, I will go.” No way in absolute hell would I go. “Yeah? Cool. I will let the coach know.”
“Yeah, right. Great.” Whatever. What does Sophia see in this ass? How dare he ask me? But I’d still rub this into her face to bother her. Depends on how well it works, I might actually have to go to drive it home. I turned around to leave and I caught Sophia running away really fast in the direction away from the field. I turned to look at Jasper but he didn’t seem to notice. I couldn’t help the guilt twisting in my stomach.


I ran until I reached my bed and fell right in, face planting into my pillow and starting to sob. I really didn’t want to cry but I couldn’t help it. My entire mouth was bitter and my magic burned so hot it made the taste worse. I tried to breathe and not start a fire.

I probably should have locked the door or went into the bathroom because I felt her come in. “Snow.” Her voice was very disapproving. “Fuck off, Baz.” I wanted to flip her off but I couldn’t let her look at my face. “You cannot be this upset about a stupid guy.”

I sat up, furious. “How dare you? You are the one who went over to him and started flirting with him. I see why all the girls think that you will steal their boyfriends.”
“I have no use for anyone’s boyfriend.” She said like the boyfriend part bothered her more than anything else. “It isn’t my fault that guys like me and girls have a problem with it.” That sounds so incredibly vain. I felt so horrible I got honest. “You are right.”
She looked at me like I said I murder kittens. “I am a horrible girlfriend and I didn’t give Jasper attention and I…” I was so upset that I didn’t notice her take her pillow and smack me so hard with it that I flew off the bed.

“What the hell?” Damn the pillow fight exception to the anathema. She smacked me with the pillow again. “I can ask the same fucking this, Snow.” She threw the pillow outside. “What self-respecting girl blames herself for her boyfriend flirting back to someone?”
“So you admit you were flirting!”
“I fully admit I was flirting. I have no interest in him. I wouldn’t have done it if he would have flirted back.”
“You don’t even like him?” I demand.
“Not in the least bit.”
“That is even worse. You are leading him on by going with him!”
She rolled her eyes. “I am not going with him in any way, I never planned to.”
“Go fall in a ditch.”
I take my pillow and shove my face back into it. “Snow.”
“I am ignoring you.”
“You are not able to ignore me.” I sat up and glare at her. “Why do you tease guys this way when they like you? You went to the dance fifth year alone.”
“I was not alone, I was with Devin. Don’t say that like no one asked me. I got asked more than you did.” She has to always find something to rub into my face. “Why do you tease guys? This is why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

I really should have seen the pillow coming this time. “Ow!”
“I don’t want a bloody boyfriend!” She protested. I realize I shouldn’t mess with her business but I still wanted to know. “Why not?”
“Because I am gay.”
I think the world froze over a little and I was stuck with nothing to say. With that, she stormed out and I was left deep in thought, frustrated that I did not know.


Why did I decide to tell her? She would get extra paranoid with me. I don’t really care, I was not closeted, I just don’t wear a pride flag for a cape. I head outside and shiver at the cold since I took off my jacket in the room but kept walking away. I hate her so fucking much. Why does she need to be everything I could ever want?

         The space under the tree was free so I lay on the cold grown and look up at the sky and try to calm down. I need to feed tonight. My thoughts wandered and returned to Sophia. I give up. I cannot do this anymore. Each time I hurt her, I feel the pain on my own flesh and consciousness. “BAZ!” I hear her loud voice call out for me. How dare she interrupt my self-loathing.

I opened my eyes to find her already standing over me. I fight the urge to slide down a little and look up her skirt. “What do you want, Snow?”
“Why did you tell me?” I close my eyes and groan. “It is not a secret. I am not in the closet.”
“But you don’t…ugh…”
“If you say don’t look gay or something on the lines of that, I will kick you.”
“No. I, well, I…”
“If you are going to stand over me and mumble, I am leaving.” I already sit up to leave.
“Baz… I just… I…” If I had any blood in me, I’d blush. Her fumbling is irritating but incredibly endearing. I get up and start walking away. “Baz, wait!”
She chased after me, taking steps half the length of my marches. “Don’t follow me. I want to be alone.”
I suddenly feel her hand grab mine and that got me to stop, looking down at her hand and back at her. “Sorry.” She, unfortunately, pulls it away. “Snow, if you have something to tell me, go on ahead.” She couldn’t say anything so I felt before she could gather her thoughts.


I didn’t know what I wanted to say but when I figured it out, I realized that I wanted to talk to Jasper instead. I meet him after practice. “Hey, can we talk?” I ask. He walked in a sleeveless shirt in the cold weather after getting over heated at practice. “What’s up?”
“Why did you ask Baz to go with you instead of me?”
He looked at me like I said something weird. “Oh, come on. You don’t want to go. You have your own troubles. You care about Baz than you do about me.”
“That is not true!”
“It is too true. I know you have real things to do but you spend most of your time keeping tabs on Baz. So why do you need me?”
“What does that supposed to mean?”
“It means you never care what is going on with me.”
I get angry. “Well, you never care about what I do either! You always dismiss whenever I say anything about Baz when I honestly think she is up to no good.”
“Again with Baz. I cannot listen anymore.”
“Then don’t!” I turn in the other direction and start walking away. “If you really don’t care about me then I really cannot do this anymore.” All I could do was keep walking away.

In the return to the room and find Baz already in there since she must have gotten cold. She looked less pale than she did when she was outside. “I just broke it off with Jasper.”
“Congratulations.” She sat at her desk and was repainting her nails from black to a blood red. I flopped onto my bed. I was mad at Jasper. I was mad at Baz, partly because she is the root of the fight and because she can paint her nails perfectly without ever making a mess.

She got up and took a bag of crisps and threw it at me. “Here. Stop looking like you are bruised little rabbit. It is getting on my nerves. Do what most girls do during a breakup, starting with food.”
“Since when are you the comforting character from romcoms?” I opened the bag and started eating.
“I think you are confusing me with someone else. I am the alcoholic who is always with wine.” She pulls out 3 bottles from behind her desk. “How did you sneak that in?!”
“I turned into a bat and snuck it in.”
“I honestly have no idea if you are kidding or not.”
“And you will never know. Now don’t fight me, I am getting you drunk. Just because it is on my bucket list to see you drunk.”

I found myself taking one of the two completely full mugs of wine.

We finished the 3 bottles completely, finishing up the last one completely straight from the bottle. We ended up on the floor, laughing about nothing. Baz is more of a light weight than I expected. The room was swimming a little.

We were too close. I didn’t think when I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back right away. “Do you turn bi when you’re drunk?” She laughed.
“I don’t think the alcohol did that.” And we kissed again.

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I know people are gonna ridicule me but when phandom goes crazy with shipping one of them (esp Dan) I sometimes think if it's healthy for them to stay together? We suppose they are together but dan has eyes for so many people and whenever Phil is gone he talks about how he can't live alone. It makes me feel like Phil is his security blanket and I feel so uneasy. I don't know much about relationships but would you be happy if your husband were like Dan?

Believe it or not, good looks don’t automatically win you a wonderful life partner. I know plenty of attractive adults who are single and living alone for a variety of reasons, including a simple preference for solitude. Dan and Phil both seem like fairly introverted, socially awkward guys who, if they hadn’t met each other and bonded, would probably spend most of their time in their own flats, watching anime alone and playing video games against anonymous strangers on the Internet. And to be honest they might be happy that way—they’re probably just a lot happier being introverted and socially awkward together.

When Dan and Phil are apart, Dan does sometimes make comments about it. Something to remember here: Dan has what we call “a sense of humor” and a love of what we call “hyperbole.” It’s a type of sense of humor I share, so yes, even when I was just just living with a housemate (let alone a partner or spouse) I might have tweeted about absolute helplessness in the face of my fears or crushing loneliness.

The thing to notice here is that when you’re used to having someone around every day and night—someone who supports you and has your back, someone who cares about you and laughs with you and knows what you’re scared of—then it’s perfectly natural that you’re less happy when that person is not around. And if you’re someone like Dan, it’s perfectly natural to react to that unhappiness by blowing it out of proportion for comedic effect.

I don’t know the nature of Dan and Phil’s relationship or whether it’s emotionally healthy. I don’t think there’s any way for us to evaluate that from the outside, and I don’t think it’s our business anyway. But I do know with absolute certainty that a perfectly healthy, happy relationship (be it friendship or marriage) can look like this from the outside.

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Lately, I've been struggling with me mental health. I've never admitted it, nor realised it until recently. No one knows, no body because I have no one who'll listen (and well I myself never talk about my feelings with anyone). My family isn't understanding, and I've recently moved to a new city so I don't have anyone I can truely trust and open up to. Idk what to do, I've never felt this depressed in my life. Sorry for bothering you with this question, you don't have to answer it. I understand

Hi! You are absolutely not a bother. Opening up to yourself, let alone others, with mental health issues can be very difficult. Don’t punish yourself for taking your time. Moving is definitely one of the hardest things. I’ve moved overseas twice so I know what it’s like when you haven’t really got anyone besides family. I think using an online space to discuss how you’re feeling is a great place to start. Even if you just run a private blog for yourself to jot down your feelings. But if you ever need to talk, feel free to message me - anonymously or directly. If any of my followers have experienced a similar thing and wouldn’t mind helping, please like this post :-) x

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I don't know you guys, obviously, but I feel a strange connection to you through Harry. I'm an older fan (BSB chick from last night) and often feel a bit strange when most of the fans I talk to are so much younger than me. And some of them aren't shy to point out that maybe I should move along and focus on adulting. It's nice to know, that in this age bracket, I'm not alone and that it's okay to be a working adult AND a Harry Styles fan.

I think the biggest lesson you learn as an adult is that you are still allowed to like things and have fun and be a little silly! That’s what our blog is here for and we’ve met so many wonderful people.

You’re always welcome here when someone makes you feel stupid for liking what you like.