when i think of you i don't feel so alone

And next thing you know, you’re awake, crying, at 3 am with no one to talk to and that’s when you realize that you’re completely and utterly alone.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7 // D.P
When they’d gone, Lady Sybil sat for a while staring at her hands.
(…) In many ways, she told herself, she was very lucky. She was very proud of Sam. He worked hard for a lot of people. He cared about people who weren’t important. He always had far more to cope with than was good for him. He was the most civilized man she’d ever met. Not a gentleman, thank goodness, but a gentle man.
She never really knew what it was he did. (…) He tended to drop his clothes into the laundry basket before he eventually came to bed, so she’d only hear later from the laundry girl about the bloodstains and the mud.
(…) There was a Sam Vimes she knew, who went out and came home again, and out there was another Sam Vimes who hardly belonged to her and lived in the same world as all those men with the dreadful names…
Sybil Ramkin had been brought up to be thrifty, thoughtful, genteel in an outdoor sort of way, and to think kindly of people.
She looked at the pictures again, in the silence of the house.
Then she blew her nose loudly and went off to do the packing and other sensible things.
—  From The Fifth Elephant.

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name: shola
astrological sign: aquarius 
preferred type of dog: omg idk, i don’t really think about dogs a lot or what type i like…. (hate on me)
humming or whistling: whistling
do you play music in the shower: when I am alone at home yes
what do you put in your eggs: lol when i have sourcream i add sour cream (; but if i don’t then: salt, pepper, cheese and lots of maggi
pen or pencil: pen
do you wear makeup: yup
tumblr mobile or desktop: i don’t really care… desktop is a lot easier but im on both the same amount.
opinion on ducks: cute if they aren’t near me
if you could only see the world in 2 colors for the rest of your life, which 2 would they be: black and white (lame i know)
big or little marshmallows in hot chocolate: confession: never had them in my hot chocolate and we don’t have little marshmallows here
africa or asia: asia
bee movie but every time ____________________ it gets faster: confession: never watched that movie
unironic favorite pop song: idk?????

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I’m a performer. I sing my life. It’s like I’m having group therapy 350 days a year, and the people who come to the show get that, and they’re there for that – whether it’s to be lifted up, or to be lifted out, or just entertained or inspired, or to feel not so alone. That’s how I feel when I’m singing my songs: These people are all going through the same things I am. I’m not alone either. I’m getting something out of it too. – Alecia Moore

I used to feel sick to my stomach all the time. I felt nauseous waking up in the morning, I had trouble eating because everything made me feel sick, and I got motion sick very easily. Now that I moved out of the abusive household I was raised in, that doesn’t happen anymore. I’m starting to realize that all my health concerns stemmed from the abuse. I really have been sick this whole time and it’s because of how my parents treated me. I’m both disgusted and relieved.
—  Posted by Anonymous
The Librarian

I requested fluff prompts to combat the winter finale angst and a Nonnie sent this. 

“It’s my turn to open up the cafe today and you were sleeping under one of the tables when i came in and i don’t know what to say so i’m just sweeping awkwardly around you AU CS.” 

I changed the cafe to a library and used this as a chance to play with the idea of a Cursed!Killian in S1. Sadly it’s not terribly fluffy or Christmas-y but there is a big possibility this might become part of a larger fic at some point so I hope you enjoy!
1.2k | Rated T 

First thing in the morning the library felt almost like a shrine; quiet, somber, and full of mystery. The sun pouring through the high windows onto the meticulously organized shelves and the books just waiting to share the infinite knowledge and worlds between their covers. Each morning James would descend from his apartment over the library into the peacefulness, run his hands over their spines and breathe in the smell of the paper and glue. Sometimes he would pick one at random and take it with him to read over breakfast at Granny’s.

This morning the shrine is desecrated. The quiet pierced by a soft snore that sounds almost like a sigh. The organization of the town history section demolished with it’s entire contents scattered upon a table. He pauses and stares at the scene with a soft smile. Emma Swan’s face is curtained by her golden hair and planted in a large brown ledger–the town charter if he had to guess. He can’t see her face but last night dark circles ringed her green eyes and her mouth had been in a permanent frown. He had offered to help her search but she had waved him off. 

“Thanks but it’s official police business.” She had stuck her hands on her hips shifting so her badge was visible. James had thought that over the past months he and Emma had grown closer, maybe even become friends but everything about her stance and face had screamed that she wanted to be left alone. So he had pushed up his glasses and nodded. 

“Right. Of course. I’ll just be at the desk if you need anything." 

She hadn’t needed anything or at least she hadn’t asked for anything and he had left her alone until he was about to close. The mess of books on the table had made him wince; it would take hours to re-shelve everything. When clearing his throat failed to get her attention he had touched her shoulder and she had jumped a mile. 

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I think one of the main reasons I love Rey is because unlike Padmé or Leia (who I both still love), she is not a queen or a princess. Rey is no one, and she believes this herself. She is someone that has survived alone for so long and had to defend herself, her Force-sensitivity lying dormant. It’s only when she crosses paths with BB-8 and Finn that she begins to feel she has the ability to do something right for the galaxy; she sees potential within herself. Rey starts off believing herself to be ordinary and ends up evolving into someone extraordinary. 

How I found my closure

“ I think some people have such a majorly burnt past relationship or many that getting close and vulnerable scares them because they didn’t want to be put in such a vulnerable position again. And you know how a lot of people can’t stand being alone so they find comfort. When you get jealous or possessive after the fact they tried to cut you off I feel as if they feel insecure and it’s to much for them that they didn’t expect, or wanted to admit. They go looking for that attention to replace the thinking of what they have done. Telling someone they want to grow with you then bolt… Some people are scared to get to close after being burnt in the past simple as that. To you it seem like them finding an excuse to disappear on you and a ‘misunderstanding’ thing such a cop out. a simple ending with the explaination of "i cant be in a relationship right now…I’m not ready….i’m sorry” in a very sad and hurting tone wouldnt make me angry and would want me to give them their time and respect. But to immediately see them move on telling someone the same things they told you especially in the same week, no. Feeling lied to and betrayed terribly, then thats a whole other story. Just if you cared for them, even if the timing was off, even if you just couldn’t commit at that time, would you hurt them by using a misunderstood ending and not answer calls and please to talk? Frankly for them to do this to you, even if there was a legitimate reason is pretty thoughtless and alittle cruel. I’m beginning to be relieved. Nobody needs somebody who would just hurt you like this if they cared as much as they said they did. If you cared about someone, even if the timing was off, even if you just couldn’t commit at that time, would you hurt them by using “things are moving to fast” and that was the only answer you got. No answered calls or texts to explain the situation and how to fix it. But to see them with another person as if you never even existed. When they were your person. I don’t think people really realize we all have emotions and are all human. If you feel weak cause it’s hard to move on please don’t because there was no closure. Closure is everything to some people and others who don’t give it get either satisfaction out of it or they can’t and don’t want to cut you out of there life. But you ask yourself why does it seem like they we’re finding an excuse to disappear on you? I think they are scared and there ego gets the best of them as they’re vulnerable and to me I see this as a cop out. But the fact of the matter we have all been there and I don’t want to hold this against you or anyone because we all don’t know how to handle our emotions sometimes. Even if they never talk to you again, then it shows who they really are and where you stood in their life and I hope they can find themselves. I wouldn’t put my life on hold for anyone. You need let go and find somebody more mature for your needs. It’s a whole defense mechanism what they would do. You set boundaries of what behavior is acceptable for you and what’s inacceptable. If someone crosses that line you have to stand up for yourself! That does not mean starting a physical confrontation, it’s just the consequences aren’t worth it. Personally, I tried my damn best to reach out and got nothing and that says a lot and if you cut me off baby you handed me the scissors. I do not have an on and off button anymore. So this is my closure" 

 -Chenae (I’ve been waiting awhile to post this and I’m sure people can relate. I just want to say it gets better.)