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ON THE RUN; Chapter 16 (part 3)

Word count:  11497.

Warnings: Swearing, sexual content.


A/N: This is basically smut. Make sure you drink holy water after reading this lmao. Hope you likeeee ♥

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Chapter 16 (part 3).

     “Y/N” Harry said, shivering from a gust of cold wind.

     “I’m going to bed” You announced without looking at him, reading a text from Zoe informing you she had gotten home safely. Your feet started going upstairs and you weren’t impressed in the slightest when the door slammed shut.

     “Y/N…” He tried again in a normal tone. He was getting agitated by the sound of it, the material of his jeans rubbing together as he shifted his stance and then little huffs leaving his lips when he began following you.

     “Goodnight” you said robotically.

     “Y/N” It sounded harsher this time, and you felt yourself physically slouching to try and escape him because he was getting too close for your liking, but you straightened your back and continued your way up.

     “Don’t want to sound like your mother again, but don’t forget to take your medicine-”

     “Y/N!” He bellowed, stomping up closer to rip your phone out of your hand and throw it somewhere he didn’t care enough to calculate.

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