when i started this gifset i was like...no no this is no good this is not shippy at all..

God I was reading Yuri on Ice fanfic the other day and reminiscing, and I still get fucked up thinking about its plotline.

Like, okay, so the big twist that shook the entire fandom was that Victor had been in love with Yuuri from the very start, and Yuuri just didn’t remember what happened because he was blackout drunk. Which, if this had happened with a straight couple (if either of them had been women), would have been a twist, but not as big of a shock as it was with the actual show.

I mean, I started watching when episode 2 came out. The fandom was brand spanking new. There were some people already drawing fanart. There were a few shippy ones going around of Victor and Yuuri, but that wasn’t anything new. There were some gifsets that caused a few raised eyebrows, and some people in the tags were all “omg do the creators know how gay this sounds? Are they trying to make this suggestive??”

But everyone knows how silly the fangirls are, right? Haha, so crazy, no way would they make Victor actually be gay. It’s probably just something lost in translation. At best it’s good old fashioned queerbait with a sly wink at the fans. So crazy, no way they actually have sexual tension!

Knowing full well it would never be canon I still ended up watching, because I like sports anime and deliberately misinterpreting canon so I can read it as queer. Except. Except that Yuri on Ice wasn’t giving me much to misinterpret. Victor was outright flirting with Yuuri from episode 2 onwards. Yuuri definitely had some sort of crush on Victor. As everything ramped up to episode 7, the common mantra among the fans was “HOW MUCH GAYER CAN THIS SHOW GET??”

And then the kiss happened, and the fandom fucking exploded.

We had a canon kiss between two male characters in a sports anime, a really really good sports anime, and the creators were kind! And understanding! And clarified that it was a kiss (though slightly censored) and that their world was free of homophobia so we wouldn’t get wrapped up in the real life ramifications of such a kiss and just enjoy the moment.

And then episode 10 happened. The twist happened, and the show was put in a whole new light. Victor had always loved Yuuri, and the entire show he had been pursuing him romantically. It changed the tone of every single episode, to the point where a rewatch would change the tone of entire scenes for me.

It’s just amazing how Yuri on Ice changed the entire game, not by doing anything crazy like give their characters a near death experience or some sort of dark past but by just revealing a character’s romantic feelings. And they succeeded in part by having it be a queer relationship.

Lesson for content creators: surprise your audience by making your show actually gay.

Your Vagina is a Bigot; My Vagina is a Saint (Franzeska) | AO3
Bullying and the Co-opting of Social Justice Activism in Fandom: A discussion of bias in fannish meta, m/m vs. other pairings, shipping of POC, vidding characters of color, what it means to ship, and problems in Stormpilot fandom.

This really interesting meta is about shipping, gender, race, fandom dynamics, fandom data, and stompilot (so does this shorter stormpilot meta by the same author).  Also about the history of AO3 and the perceived femslash gap, and why writing non-white characters may often be harder than creating other fanworks for them (but also includes some useful examples from vidding).  And about how to effectively make changes in fandom. 

You will unfortunately need an AO3 account to read it.  A few quotes below the cut (bolding is mine), along with a few brief responses (more later, I hope) – quoted with the author’s permission.

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Why I Ship Skoulson

This is a thing we’re doing? Yippee!

Okay, so I guess I’ll start with the fact that I had a huuuuge crush on Clark Gregg, so I was psyched from the beginning that he was getting a show. I kind of loved Agent Coulson, even in the early stages. Clark is just that charming/adorable. 

I went to see the Avengers with a close friend of mine who had already seen it, and when I saw Coulson I got all excited and whispered “I LOVE him!”

She was like. “Mm-hmm.”

Then he died. BUT got a show!

Then I remember seeing the initial casting which, believe it or not (considering how the billing/advertising has been) had Skye as the co-protagonist. I mean

So yeah, a lot of Joss instead of Jed and Mo, but I looked at these two like “huh, who’s the lucky girl paired with Coulson?”

Then the show aired and I could see the seeds of The Big Three, but none of them interested me. I continued to love Coulson (even more than before) and quickly, loved Skye. Their scenes together were fantastic, and they just had such chemistry. 


And that just continued. I just saw it, they were great together, and I’m around the same age as Skye and, in her situation, would TOTALLY be crushing majorly on Coulson. 

As fanfiction started to pick up, and I saw the devastating lack of Skoulson, I tried SO HARD to like Skye and Ward. I’m a romantic, I want shippiness, and I want to supplement my viewing by reading about my ships making out. We’re all familiar. Deprived of this, I tried to like the ones that did have fanfiction. But I just didn’t. Back in the day, I was actually a Biospecialist shipper, I thought that was way more interesting than SkyeW*rd. Because Skye wasn’t as fun around Ward. I didn’t like the way he talked to her, and whenever she expressed interest, whether because of a lack of chemistry or clunky writing, I just didn’t enjoy it. 

So I kept shipping Skoulson. They had allll those tropes and glances and just fucking adorable scenes, and all the hard hitting emotional moments were between the two of them. I’ve always seen it romantically, so despite the overwhelming amount of Daddy!Daughter stuff I saw, I just couldn’t see it that way.

Then I discovered fuckyeahskoulson and HOLY SHIT I was so happy. And the fanfiction and gifsets were sooo goddamn good, I was finally like “Oh, thank god, I was right.”

This ship is just so satisfying to watch, and I just love the characters. When they’re in scenes together, they make each other better, which is my number one quality in a ship. Do they make each other better? Not try to change who the other person is, but of their own will try to be better for that other person. Do they treat that other person with respect, and learn something from them?

Ward would teach Skye to be an agent, but did it in a condescending way. Any smile she got out of him was reluctant and whenever she was talking with him, it came off that she felt judged. She needed to get better because he made her feel less. 

Coulson and Skye didn’t have that. They had mutual respect, enjoyed each others’ company, and looked at each other like this for God’s sake

So yeah. Sorry, damage was done early on. So when people were all like “FATHER DAUGHTER” I was just


And here is a super salty post about the way a lot of this fandom treats Tobin

That’s what this post is. See look ^^^^^ – it’s right up there in the post title. So if you’re looking for humor or anything but salt, scroll on. You shall not find it here, nope. And while I will be a C@ryl (look at me censoring my own ship tag!) shipper until the end of time, but this is not remotely a shippy post. Okay, good talk.

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