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#100 and space? Love your art!!

sleeping is for losers

ヽ( ´O`)ゞ Added it to the shop

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…I don’t know what this look is but I’m in love with it.

Strwb FINALLY gets to say hello! You may see her pop up occasionally on my Wife’s Beam Streams Here!

Interested in seeing all my rough animations and process for this? Or even the source files?

This is supposed to be a new follower animation, or new donation, or new subscriber or whatever, that pops up on her stream when that happens!

Who knows, I may make one for me and start streaming again soon.

I’ve been thinking about making little flairs like this for other peoples streams for awhile now. And I was wondering if anyone would be interested in custom New Follower-type animations for their streams, like maybe a little tracer blipping around, or a little mario spitting fires boogers. If I were to open up commissions, would this actually be something people would be interested in?

Thank u guys so much for all the love!! I just hit a hundred followers (well I had when I started to make this picture -this took FOREVER to make)
PS…I was gonna draw myself but this came out instead, isn’t it better though

PPS -her eyes were purple I don’t know what happened. `\_( °•°)_/`

I finished another power up earlier this week, a mirror that makes Carrie transparent for 11-13 seconds. In this state, she can safely pass through customers without needing to spin, making deliveries a lot easier. Make sure you mind when it starts to wear off!

I also managed to make a set of all character sprites for the game in a chibi-ish style. It’s not much, but I decided to update the Results menu with them

I think it’s cute.

Sorry for being slow and the lack of updates! I might not update next week actually… we’ll see. My classes this quarter actually have everything due a week before the quarter ends, so I’m trying to finish that first. It’s not something I can just bull either, both of them are fairly important. I might show at least one of them here… one pertains to my future project in fact! So look forward to that, at least.

Am i the only one who thinks that phil is like less happy now…. Like i dont know i may be COMPLEETLY wrong but doesnt it seem like sometimes durring like comicon and collabs with other youtubers or something he seems to have to push to get into the conversation like because hes sutch a sweet person that maybe theyre not taking him seriously, and he just doesnt laugh as much as he use to. Maybe its because dans laughing more so i dont notice it as much but i feel like phil maybe isnt as happy like somethings up. When they were makeing tabinof he was really tired and i started noticing this but people were just saying that he was just really tired and its still going on. I know alot of things are happening right now but if this is whats going on, or something like this is going on, phil i hope you phil better ;) *incerts more puns to make him feel better*


Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 23 - B for Boyfriend material


dirk gently’s holistic detective agency + character roles (insp./insp.)