when i smell food


Guess who turned 23 yesterday I did! I celebrated with a slice of cake that my best friend surprised me with the day before! Also no matter how much Mr.Odin begged he didn’t get any cake but he did get a plate of worms so he wasn’t left out of the birthday celebration too much!

Feed me!

All I want to do is eat. When I see or smell food, I want it. I crave it. I need to eat and eat and eat. I don’t want to stop. I love to eat. I love to fill my stomach with food. I love being stuffed and bloated. I love waking up with and even bigger belly than I had the night before. I want to be fattened up. I want to be feed day and night with filling foods. I want to grow a bigger and bigger belly. I want to pop buttons and rip seams. I want you to make me fatter. I want to feel your hands groping my swelong massive body, as you stuff my more and more. Don’t stop. Never stop.


More crawfish please! Here’s Odin showing some feeding mode behavior he’s smelling around for some more food after he got done eating those crawfish. When he is in this feeding mode he will bite anything that smells like food or chase any small moving objects.


i relate to this because i, too, am grumpy all the time and get happier when i smell food

Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie from Karamell-Küche located in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion.

Central Sensitivity Syndrome

Does anyone else have Central Sensitivity Syndrome? 

I get chronic migraines and we eventually found out they are because I can see the refresh rate in computers, tablets, and fluorescent lighting. I’m also sensitive to smells and sounds. I have an aversion to sudden loud noises (like thunder, fireworks, blenders, et cetera). I can feel very tiny sensations like an ant crawling on me. I can taste and smell when food has spoiled a full two days before other people can. 

If anyone else has this, I have a tip: Gamma Ray Glasses. I got mine on Amazon. They block out blue light (helping your melatonin levels stay normal so you can sleep) and gives everything a yellow tinge which evens out contrast (I have trouble with high contrast because the lighter colour will glow and obstruct the darker colour). They also block out some of the strobe effect from the refresh rate and protects your eyes from fatigue. 

Mine were $20 after shipping, compared to roughly $100 for Gunnars. 

dylanohcryin  asked:

YOU DONT LIKE RANCH DRESSING??????? bye I'm unfollowing

are you KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW OMG: first, for me enjoying the minions *FILM* and now for having an opinion on ranch dressing???

call out post for ranch dressing:

  • why it smell like that -_-
  • there are so many better alternatives

I usually call Plagg the black blob of green eyes but his full nickname is ‘black blob of green eyes with white dust whose skin probably feels like velvet’ lol.

He doesn’t even have a lot of teeth.

I love it when his mouth can do the perfect ‘oh’.

You think my obsession with legs stop at Adrien?



Someone tagged the Kwami Appreciation Post as bobble heads.

There’s just something fascinating about Adrien’s hands holding Plagg.

Or when Plagg is dead.

Or when Plagg get stretched.

Or when Plagg just flop.

Honorable mention!

Plagg and his cat son’s armpit.

Does it smell like cheese hmmmmm?

My face when I eat my favourite food.