when i see you smile i go oh oh oh

Shownu’s Thoughts When He Sees You

Request: “Can you do those dot points thingy (idk if it makes sense) on what would go on Shownu’s mind when y/n is his crush and he sees her.” -anon

Hey guys! I hope you guys enjoy this and I wish you all a Merry Christmas ^_^ I apologize for not posting this right away ;-;


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  • boy, this boy’s heart would beating loudly
  • and he wouldn’t stop staring at you 
  • a smile would always be plastered on his face 
  • and he’d always be giddy about the thought of you
  • but then when he sees you in unexpectedly 
  • he wouldn’t say hi to you
  • since he’s a shy boy
  • yes, he’s shy
  • BUT 
  • a lot of thoughts would go to his mind
  • dammit, she’s so beautiful.”
  • “oh, she’s wearing a…. fitting dress–”
  • “a fitting dress?!”
  • “oh god…. no, son hyunwoo, no.”
  • “but damn, she’s so damn fine.”
  • “oh! she’s looking at this direction *looks away* *acts like he didn’t see you*”
  • when you walked up towards him 
  • and greeted him with a smile
  • he’d be blushing so hard
  • that’d it be so freaking obvious
  • “hey shownu!”
  • “h-hey, [y/n]. I didn’t see you there” ‘she’s so pretty’
  • ‘wow, her eyes sparkle’
  • ‘and i didn’t expect her to be this beautiful up close’
  • ‘her eyelashes are long’
  • ‘and her nose is also cute’
  • ‘her hair is naturally brown’
  • ‘okay, don’t forget to breathe hyunwoo’
  • ‘let’s just keep on smiling and nod at the same time’
  • “earth to son hyunwoo, uhm, hellooooo?”
  • “o-oh, sorry… i was just thinking of you– i mean thinking of what you’ll get the boys for christmas” 
  • so smooth son hyunwoo, smooth
  • but then when you leave
  • she smells like apples’
  • ‘and her voice is so angel-like’
  • ‘wait, what am i doing here?’
  • ‘oh yeah, i have to buy some food for the boys.’
  • and he’ll go on with his day thinking about you from time to time
Shinee Scenario - Please Stop

SCENARIO:   When you have a date and you are about to do something embarrassing in public.

ON: smile and wave, smile and wave I don’t know this woman.

*pretend you’re taemin in this gif*
Y/N: Oh come on Jjong, have I ever embarrassed you?
JH: Ooh no. get away from me woman.

KB: Oh God, if someone sees me!!!

MH: Oh gawd! I can’t even bear to look!

TM: OMG This is going to be so embarrassing.

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  • Rhys: Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?
  • Mor: I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright
  • Azriel: When I see you smiling, I go
  • Cassian: Oh oh oh
  • Amren: I would never want to miss this
  • The Weaver: 'Cause in my heart I know what this is
  • Feyre: Hey now, hey now
  • Rhys: This is what dreams are made of
  • Lucien: Hey now
  • Tamlin: Hey now
  • Amren: *gags Tamlin & Lucien and sits on top of them* This is what dreams are made of
  • Feyre: I've got somewhere I belong
  • Rhys: I've got somebody to love
  • Rhys, Feyre, Az, Mor, Cassian & Amren: This is what dreams are made of
Exo reaction to mirror sex

Hello today is my birthday and i ask pretty sehun plz make me an EXO reaction when their gf asked them have sex in front of a mirror (guilty as charged for the kink) -Vanilla

A/N: Don’t worry my love I lowkey have this kink as well ahah. So here you are my love and have a wonderful birthday! 

-Sky x


Suho: Aw Jagi but then I will see myself! *embarrassed when he see’s himself but is turned on by the sight of you*

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Baekhyun: Oh wow oh oh okay *smiles cheekily* 

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Chanyeol: B-but I was going to suggest it! 

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D.O: Aish this girl~ Yeah okay jagi

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Kai: You. me. mirror. right now *kisses* 

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Sehun: You know…I’ve always wanted to have sex in the practise room…

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Xiumin: You know I’m going to use this against you right? *smirks*

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Lay: Oh my You wanna do this now? 

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Chen: Ah- so that’s what you like… are you busy right now? 

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Im not proud of this one but i hope you guys like it ahah

  • interviewer: iggy, can we get a little freestyle?
  • iggy: ok ok i gotchu
  • iggy: have you ever seen such a beautiful night? i could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright... when i see youu smiling i go oh oh oh... i would never want to miss this cause in my heart i know what this is.... this is what dreaaaaams are made of
When he sees you for the first time BTS..

A/N: uahaha  ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ If you guys want me to do some: scenarios/imagine/ships.. Just request!! 
I will do it! Promise  (◦'⌣'◦) OKAY! HERE WE GO ARMYs FIGHTING!

JIN: oh.. *spit water* is she an angel?

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“If I was not myself,”

“And you were someone else,”

“I’d say so much to you.”

“And I would tell the truth.”

“‘Cause I can hardly breathe,”

“When your hands let go of me.”

“The ice is thinning out,”

“And my feet brace themselves.”

“I’m there in the water.”

“Still looking for ya.”

“I’m there in the water,”

“Can’t you see, can’t you see?”

“You’ve seen this all before.”

“Life left on the shore.”

“We’re smiling all the same.”

“You sail away again.”

“I’m there in the water,”

“Still looking for ya.”

“I’m there in the water,”

“Can’t you see, can’t you see?”

“Oooooooooooooh oooh oh.” x4

“Oh yeah,”

“I’m dead in the water.”

“Still looking for you.”

“Oh still, looking for you, for you, for you.”

“Can’t you see, can’t you see?”

“I’m dead in the water,”

“Still looking for ya.”

“I’m dead in the water,”

“Can’t you see?”

“I’m dead in the water.”

“Still looking for ya.”

“I’m dead in the water,”

“Can’t you see?”

“Can’t you see.”

not to be fake deep but have you ever seen such a beautiful night? i could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright? when i see you smiling i go oh oh oh? i would never want to miss this cause in my heart i know what this is hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of

EXO Reaction: when they see you naked for the first time.

Baekhyun: “Damn how did I get so lucky to have you?”

Chanyeol: “Oh I’m smiling a lot? Oh sorry I’m just in awe of you sweetie.”

Chen: “Oh my god babe you are gonna give me a heart attack.”

DO: “Get your fine ass over here.”

Kai: “Have I told you I like to bite?”

Kris: “Babygirl you are so beautiful. I don’t think I’m going to let you get out of this bed in the morning.”

Lay: *just sits there and enjoys the view*

Luhan: “Ok ok you can’t just walk up in here like that without telling me first baby. I almost had a heart attack.”

Sehun: “I am so ready for this.”

Suho: “Alright I am ready for the show.”

Tao: “Aren’t you cold? Do I need to let you borrow some of my clothes?”

Xiumin: “Get ready not to be able to walk tomorrow.”