when i see the same post reblogged by two people i admire a lot i just

It was never about a TV show.

I’ve been in several TV fandoms over the years. Star Trek, Mork and Mindy, Beauty and the Beast, Moonlighting, Doogie Howser, 90210, Dark Angel, Ally McBeal, Doctor Who, House, Lie to Me, Burn Notice, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, The Office, HIMYM, White Collar, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Outlander, etc.

I’ve always loved watching TV shows with other people and analyzing the story, the characters, the ships, the writing…I get thinky and geek out. I love it. For almost a few decades, I’ve had my husband to do that with.

So, when my husband decided to stop watching OUAT with me after season four, I came here. Why? Because people out there think I’m weird when I talk spec, talk headcanons, multiship, get excited over a fictional wedding, or watch/read spoilers and talk about them. When I’m, y’know…me.

I’ve made some great friends who were simply fellow geeks. Why? Because you let me be me. You tell me it’s not only okay, but it’s awesome. Because you get the obsession, the excitement, the unabashed joy when a show or movie or book or comic series or game or thing is great. You get the disappointment, the sadness, the rage, the upset, the sick feeling in your stomach when something goes down and it means your favorite thing is about to change or go away.

When Star Trek: TNG went to movies and wasn’t my constant…

When my OTP finally got together on Moonlighting and then the writing went to shit…

When they cancelled Dark Angel just as the cops and the transgenics were at a standoff…

I rage quit Ally McBeal when RDJ went to prison and Larry left. That Sting solo is still my fave

FIREFLY. No explanation needed.

FUCKING DOOMSDAY. Pink and yellow papercut was my LOVE on Doctor Who.

(same show): When the Ponds got taken by Manhattan.

House and Cuddy. WTF.

When Matthew died on Downton Abbey, I didn’t watch for a whole season. I was in mourning.

Hydra Cap

And then Once Upon a Time killed Killian a handful of times, and killed Robin, and here we are.

I don’t know if I’ll watch season 7 of OUAT, if it happens. I might not like it. If I don’t, I don’t. I’ll figure things out. I get why Jennifer left, and that’s cool. She and I are the same age. I just made a huge life-change as well. It happens. It doesn’t mean I’m not worried about Emma, or Henry, or Hook, or the Charmings, or Regina, or Storybrooke.

But I’ve been here before, and I’ll be here again, I’m sure. So will you. The only constant is change.

So, I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine, no matter what show or movie or book comes next.

I’ll get sappy and personal under the cut:

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I'm tired of Muslims being demonized like this. A lot of Muslim countries are working towards being more progressive and it sickens me when people still bring up Sharia law and terrorism because so many Muslims are not terrorists and would never dream of it and only extremely conservative Muslim countries follow sharia law...

I think that the key difference that everyone needs to remember is not to demonise individual Muslims as people, or automatically presume that someone is “bad” if they follow Islam – that’s clearly anti-Muslim bigotry and totally wrong – but it is fair to reasonably criticise Islam as an ideology the same way that we should be able to reasonably criticise any faith as an ideology, and accept that there are issues within Muslim communities the same way that there are issues in all other religious communities.

Obviously not all Muslims are terrorists and it’s totally wrong to say that. The problem with Islam is that there hasn’t been a reformation the same way that there’s been reformation with the likes of Judaism and Christianity. 

For example: I and everyone with any sense recognises that there is some really awful things in the Torah and outside of the tiny fringe of extremist Jews, even the most Orthodox ignore them. Only utterly extreme Jews want to go around stoning people for breaking Shabbat. And even then, they’re completely condemned and seen as insane by the vast, vast majority of Jews. 

But with Islam, because there hasn’t been reformation, the worst verses aren’t (almost) universally recognised as such. Because the words in the Qu’ran are seen as “perfect,” there’s no margin of error, and the Muslims that sit and say, “Yeah, that bit’s not right, we should just ignore that,” are often attacked for doing so. 

Original Jewish law is totally outdated and if we followed the whole of that, we’d be barbaric, the same with original Christian law. Sharia law is no different, and there are real issues with Muslims that follow Sharia law even in places like the UK.

It’s a horrible fact to note, but right now, Islam is the cause of a hell of a lot of terrorism. If it wasn’t, terrorists would be shouting and blaming imperialism or whatever else when they carry out their evil acts, but they don’t. Islamic terrorists are manipulated into committing atrocities because radicalisers tell them that by doing those awful things, they’re being “good Muslims.” When people from the likes of the UK are sneaking out of the country to join ISIS, it’s because they’ve been convinced that living in a Western country is making them “bad Muslims.”

Away from Islam itself – because there will always be good and bad people in every single faith, and Islam isn’t special as far as that’s concerned – what’s caused a lot of backlash is the desperation of both Muslims and non-Muslims to pretend that Islam itself is perfect and that Islamic terrorism isn’t “really” Islamic, when that’s very obviously untrue. Most of that desire comes from a good place. It’s badly thought-out, but it’s people basically wanting to protect the good Muslims and separate them from the bad. It just hasn’t worked.

You see, the Westboro Baptist Church is Christian. You’ll hear other Christians say “They’re not acting like true Christians,” but there’s no huge drive to pretend that the WBC isn’t Christian at all. Everyone knows that they’re Christian. They use the Bible to push their disgusting agenda. They’re using their Christianity to preach bigotry, but they absolutely believe that they’re being good Christians when doing so. 

The thing is, I’m genuinely convinced that the only way that things will change is if more Muslims stand up and say that Islamic terrorism is wrong. Saying things like, “That’s not Islamic,” or “Those terrorists aren’t really Muslim” and trying to push that idea just doesn’t work. The “But terrorists mostly kill other Muslims” doesn’t work either, because it isn’t Muslim killing Muslim, it’s, sadly, “True Believer killing Apostate,” it’s “Sunni vs Shia” and then both against Ahmadi.

And don’t get me wrong. There are absolutely Muslims that stand up and speak out, but then they get death threats from other Muslims. They’re attacked and dismissed as not being “real” Muslims. There’s a huge culture of fear. 

You know, in all my time on Tumblr, I’ve only ever had one positive interaction with a Muslim user, which later turned out to be null and void. I’ve had a grand total of three private conversations. 

The first was friendly in private for months and then unfollowed me, blocked me and went on a rant about how evil Jews were on their blog.

The second was friendly, but told me that we had to be enemies because the Qu’ran said that we’d always be enemies.

The third was fine, until she returned and told me to delete all positive interactions with her on my blog because her husband hates Jews.

I have never, at any time, had an ask, even anonymously, from a Muslim that has said something as simple as, “I think antisemitism is wrong.” I’ve never had a private message from a Muslim saying that they want to offer support with no caveats.

What I do see, constantly, is maybe a handful of virtue-signalling “Reblog if you’re against antisemitism” posts on Muslim blogs before they then go into rants and spread antisemitism through lies or conspiracy theories “because Israel.” And I know for a fact that there will be plenty of Muslim bloggers on this site that are decent and hate all forms of bigotry, but I’d bet my last penny that they’re too scared of fellow Muslims to admit what they really think, so they keep quiet.

It’s a community issue. I’m sorry to have to say that Muslims need to do more. And I feel that I can say that because I’m fairly well-known by now, and every time I see the Jewish community on here being awful, I damn well make sure to say something about it, call out their intolerance or bigotry, and then stand by my principles, those other Jews be damned.

I know that you want to defend your fellow Muslims. That’s admirable, it really is. But if all you’re going to do is dismiss very relevant and real issues, all that anyone is going to see is that you want to ignore the bad and pretend only the good exists. And, as wrong as it is, that fuels the really horrible and hateful side of the political right wing, because they often use it as an excuse to generalise against people.

I mean, let’s be blunt here. I’m Jewish. There’s a huge amount of antisemitism in Muslim communities. I’ve experienced a ton of antisemitism from Muslims in the real world. They’re not isolated. They’re British citizens and, on quite a few occasions, were great, ordinary people until they realised that I was Jewish. So there’s a problem there. I don’t want to demonise all Muslims, far from it. But to be frank with you, I would genuinely appreciate it if there were even one or two Muslims that were happy to put a url to “It sucks that you went through that and those people were bad, antisemitism is wrong,” and nothing else, but I genuinely have never had that and that’s really saddening.

There are issues about anti-LGBT-phobia and sexism in non-Reform and non-Liberal Jewish communities. There are issues about racism in different Jewish communities. I’m against circumcision and kosher slaughter, and I count those as issues, too. 

I can’t pretend that there aren’t issues in Judaism and Jewish communities. I can’t pretend that the Neutrei Karta or other Jewish terrorist groups aren’t actually Jewish. I can’t pretend that the fundamentalists that use the Torah to an extreme aren’t Jewish. I also can’t pretend that it’s unfair to reasonably criticise those things.

And honestly, in regards to Islam and Muslim communities, you can’t pretend, either. 

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Hello Neo! How do you tell if a theme consists of "good code" or if the code is "well done"? Just curious :)

Hello darling ♡

All right so code healthiness is a subject that matters a lot to me, and I’m not saying my code is perfect or anything (my tutor scolds me all the time for many different things), but I think everyone that does code (on tumblr or anywhere else) should be aware of best practices etc.

For the theme I reblogged earlier, bad code would have been having two “sections,” one containing the large/permalink posts and the other the grid views, and therefore the theme would have been loading posts twice (once in the permalink section, once in the grid section) 

That said, tumblr’s themes do not evolve on the same level as actual websites’ codes, so it’s weird to compare them (reading between the lines: I need to chill), but when I do code reviews for tumblr themes, here are the points I check:

  • Generally: The code is indented logically, the code has been cleared of empty/useless divs/classes etc: all that remains makes sense
  • CSS:  Overriding values are at their minimum, when styles are used often (display:inline-block; vertical-align:middle;), their selectors are combined together, everything makes sense like there are no ???? things such as “position:fixed; float:right;”
  • HTML: Use HTML5. No empty/garbage divs. Also please save puppies and forget inline styling has been a thing 
  • Names: IDs are unique, IDs/classes are not named after any semantic elements (class=“label” instead of <label>, id=“section” instead of <section>), yet stay legible (you know what they’re about). They don’t have typos! Lastly, having one class instead of an ID is OK, but don’t have many divs with different IDs attached to one script/one styling: use a class name.
    > Fun story: At work, we had a coding logic on a site we worked on with classes called .box-master-prices-param1-param2.., and Smoll (a.k.a my tutor) made a typo during early development days on one of the master boxes’ param, like .box-master-prices-suqares instead of “square”, and because he was too lazy to fix his typo, he used his class everywhere. SCSS, Scripts, HTML… After like, 5 years of people too lazy to fix it, the code had evolved so much around this typo that it became quasi-impossible to fix it… lmfao
  • Scripts: Shortened/compiled when needed, externalised if possible, not too many shorthands expression (ex: if() without braces), “toggles” are bound to disappear so use if()/else instead, D.R.Y: Do Not Repeat Yourself — if a bit of code is used several time, it becomes a function on its own and is defined out of the event’s scope 
    It’s the hardest part, but a script is supposed to evolve with the website, so it must have a life on its own and not rely too much on the DOM elements… I don’t have an example up my sleeve, so I hope it’s clear :( 

As a side note: Good code is not about design or UX. Your website can be ugly/not responsive/not respecting accessibility constraints/shit for users to use and still be a case study with its beautiful, sharp, strong lines (…that’s a pun. you read it right.) of code.


  • Test your code. Users will never use your thing the way you expected them to, so your code has to be ready to be sprained, be twisted, be mishandled — it has to take it all without whining.
  • Have a friend that knows only the basics of HTML/CSS, and make them change the colour of the text or something equally benign. If they can’t do it in less than a minute, it’s not that they suck, it’s that your code isn’t organized well enough.
  • Use Caniuse to see what you can do to provide a consistent user experience on all browsers
  • Make your design responsive to provide a consistent user experience on all devices
  • W3C checker
  • Google Insight
  • Read these: What is good code?, Code checklist, 8 definitions of good code, how to be a badass developer, tips to write better code

The definition of “good code” on tumblr is VERY different of “good code” in general. Here, makers have a limited range of langages they can use (javascript/css/html, no preprocessors), so good code is more about using the right javascript functions, being clever in code organization, having your code as short and efficient as possible etc.
Talking about “good code” on tumblr is also a little caustic considering most theme makers are self-learning and do code as a hobby (side point: you guys are heroes for that), and you therefore can not expect theme makers to try harder than having the code working. As long as the code works it’s good. Like don’t stress yourself.

But like seriously, I work as a professional developer and I do bad code. I do bad code all the time. Sometimes I’m not even daring to look at my teachers in the eyes because if they knew they would be so disappointed in me. (it’s different at my job because when I do shits my coworkers know/can smack the hell out of me right away, so I trY MY BEST)
I just told you to make your themes responsive for a “consistent user experience on all devices” but do I do it? I don’t. I actually don’t give a damn, I’m too lazy to make my themes responsive. Priorities ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Keep in mind: Pure™ code DOES NOT EXIST. No one writes an absolute code, not even Paul Irish (and I admire Paul Irish so much I want to cry).

So here’s my take on good/bad code, but I said it before and I say it again: as long as it works, you’re good. Don’t break a vein over your coding style because you’re not a professional developer, you’re here to have fun and enjoy doing things, so if refractionating your code is a pain, then don’t bother doing it. It’s all good! :)

Practice Over Studying (Part 2) - Namjoon x Reader (smut)

here’s part 2 :) enjoy 

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Namjoon

Genre : Highschool!AU, Enemies With Benefits (?), Fingering

Word Count : 1493

Description : Getting tutor lessons because you’re falling behind in Sex Education? Alright. Getting tutor lessons from a classmate? Fine. Getting it from Kim Namjoon? HELL NO. But exactly he was the one your teacher had teamed you up with and you have no choice but going through several tutor hours with your arch enemy. The worse thing? It’s about Sex Education and soon you both find out, that hands-on training is much more effective than reading and looking at pictures…

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*still can’t get over this gif* 

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Submission: Tots 'n Dolls

(okay I was so happy with the response to the last fic I wrote I wrote another one immediately)

It was playtime yet again at Washington Daycare, and Aaron was once again simply reading and trying in not to engage with any of the other kids. And that was going just fine until Alexander ran up to him.

“Look, Aaron!” he said, pushing Aaron’s book down and shoving the cocker spaniel plushie into the other boy’s face, “Eliza put all these little ribbons in Philip’s fur!”

“Why are showing me this?”

“‘Cause he’s cute!”

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Why I will never again clarify that I disapprove of the actions of the fëanorians

Alright guys. This is it. It has been so long since I was last pushed to write something like this. It’s been a LONG TIME since tumblr pushed me into writing angry rants and I like to think that I’ve come quite a far bit since I started roleplaying here in 2012.

But here it is.

I’m angry.

And whether that’s because I’m currently on my period or not doesn’t really matter. This is something that has crawled under my skin for AGES now, and only now has it reached a breaking point where I have to say something or I’ll explode.
I’ll try to put it under a Read More, but knowing tumblr on my laptop it won’t put it in (which is why I can only RP smut on my phone, how about that~?)

So here goes.

Prepare the torches.

Ever since I got into the Silmarillion fandom on tumblr, I have been surprised by how nice it is compared to other fandoms I’ve been in. The amount of drama has been quite a lot less than it used to be in the Castlevania and Hellsing fandoms and for that I am grateful. Whether it’s because people in this fandom are more grown up, or whether it’s because I’ve allowed myself to become picky with what I feel comfortable with on here is unclear, but trust me when I say that I love the Tolkien fandom. I wouldn’t be on here every day interacting with the lot of you if I didn’t.
We have so many skilled artists, so many wonderful writers, so many AMAZING roleplayers, and honestly the lot of you spoil me every day and generally you provide me with a safe haven when I need it.
This fandom is usually my happy place. I love you.


Ever since the beginning there has been a clear hatred towards my favourite characters - The Fëanorians, and most prominently, Fëanor himself.

I am not of the delusion that all people must like the same things I do just because I like them. I am not so egoistic and childish that I will jump every thread that says they’re bad (though whether I’m childish or not for writing this can clearly be discussed, but that is of no importance at this moment).
No, if I see something I don’t like on tumblr, I simply do the very grown up thing of IGNORING or UNFOLLOWING rather than harass the other person that doesn’t like my fave.

A couple of days ago (I think it was just the day before yesterday) I went through the ‘Feanor’ tag again here on tumblr and was greeted with the usual stuff. Amazing art, fantastic drabbles about my favourite character, and mostly just very comedic things.

But then there were those things. The hate things put in the Fëanor-tag for some reason.

After a couple of moments of going through a dash that was pretty much 50/50 hate and love, I decided to write a tiny teeny post saying ‘I will defend the fëanorians unto world’s end’.

Many people liked it and some reblogged it….

And then, suddenly, it was there…..

“But I disapprove of their actions”

That right there made me see red.

Holy fucking shit I am so sick and tired of this by now!

Why do we need to clarify that we don’t approve of murder?

Why must we defend ourselves by claiming things that are fucking natural to human beings?!

Do you honestly think so lowly of other people that you think they approve of murder just because they tend to like a murderous character!?

I think it says quite a lot that I’ve gotten more criticism for loving the Fëanorians than I have for actively roleplaying disturbing threads as SAURON

….. Alright, let me talk through this calmly. Because this doesn’t just concern the fëanorians - it concerns internet community as a whole.

I don’t know if anyone else agrees, but I for one get really pissed off when people feel the need to explain to me that ‘It’s just my opinion’ and ‘you don’t have to agree with me’ and ‘it’s just my headcanon so please don’t take it seriously’. I did do that as well - I still occassionally do and I HATE that the internet can be so toxic that we feel the need to do that, or we’ll be lynched.

I find the term sincerely patronazing and downgrading honestly. Yes - we’re all (mostly) grownups. We’re talking about a book written in the 1950′s that doesn’t even have ONE line of canon, because there was once this letter and oh Tolkien changed his mind and then there was that one edition in which he tried a thing and later corrected it….

We KNOW it’s headcanons, darlings. We KNOW it’s just your opinion, that’s what we’re here for! If your opinion is that Galadriel is a character sent from the heavens above, while I rather see Fëanor as the very image of a perfect character, then yes! Sure! We’re both allowed to have those opinions! We can both have headcanons!

Hell have you SEEN how many Sauron roleplayers there are on this site? I could use up every finger on both hands and STILL not cover all of them! Does that get me hostile?

@dragonofmordor  has amazing headcanons about how sweet Angbang can be while @markedasinfernal has the most gruesome fantastic fanfics written about them, and they are portrayed QUITE differently! Even more so - Neither of them are my direct line of headcanons or opinions, but I still fucking love them because they’re awesome and thought through and they give me feelings.
I’m gonna go out and tell you right now, @misbehavingmaiar is quite possibly my favourite Sauron on this whole site, to the point where I’m too shy to even interact so all I can do is admire them from afar. Our Saurons are so vastly different that most would question how the fuck I can like big and ruff and gorgeous and manly Sauron, when my own is very sleek and obsessed with outer beauty, with his very feminine stature and corsets….
Because we should fucking embrace differences instead of flaming people who don’t agree, alright?
(sorry for tagging you lot in this rant - I love you senpais)

I would ask you not to misunderstand me. I am not angry at you for writing it and clarifying that it’s just your opinion - I am angry that you have been put through shit that made you scared to share ideas and passions without feeling the need to defend them. It disturbs me that you feel the need to do it because you’re scared of me…! It is INFURIATING that you have been pushed to a point where you have to defend yourself when you do what you love because people will hate on you otherwise!

I can redirect us to the whole debate that went on before about ‘whether Elwing was a shitty mother’ or not. I didn’t share my two cents with you back then, so Imma do it now.

I don’t care about her. At all. I don’t care about Lùthien and Beleg and their family line until we reach Elrond and Elros. That isn’t because ‘she’s a woman’ or because of her actions, it’s simply because I am a very emotion driven person, and they don’t give me any emotions or feelings at all.

But the fëanorians do.

They give me feelings - they invoke emotions in me - I feel sorry for them, I cheer them on, I mourn for them when they fall one by one, and I love them with such a passion that I have posted their pictures on my very wall and I use my Fëanorian cups daily and proudly.

Hell, you guys, I CAN EVEN TAKE JOKES! MOST OF US CAN! ‘Terrible dad fëanor’ was a fucking funny comic, even though I firmly believe that Fëanor was a loving and supportive dad and I love him with all my heart <3


My Mairon is married to Fëanor in a certain AU. Whoopdido, that is NOT very canon, but nontheless it happened and SilmRing sails happily.
You wanna know something funny?

Fëanor as a character gets more hate than Sauron does.


Why is that?

Why is the ARGUABLY ACTUAL EVIL character forgiven and excused? Why don’t I have to explain that ‘I don’t disapprove of his actions’? Is it because it’s a natural assumption to make? Is it because it’s a NATURAL THING not to approve of burning people alive, torturing people for fun, feeding people to spiders for personal amusement, and wanting to take over the world?

Why can we not do the same with Fëanor?


I’m going to do a little round-up summary kind of thing now just to conclude this very VERY long rant of mine, that was admittedly more angry than I usually like to be on here, but here goes:

TL:DR - Never ever feel the need to apologize for your passion with me. Never apologize for sharing your headcanons whether they align with mine or not.
You shouldn’t have to clarify to anyone that ‘it’s just your opinion’ and ‘I don’t approve of murder’, because unless the person you’re talking to is an actual infant they will understand that you’re not claiming your headcanons as ‘facts’. Even if you did, canon is not a fixed-in-stone-thing, especially not in the Tolkien fandom.

I’ve said it before - Love and let love. I may not follow you if your blog only consists of Fëanorian hate, and you may not follow mine, but that is all okay! We all like different things for fuck’s sake!
Many people have this fandom here as a safe zone where they can geek out and be happy.

Don’t ruin that. Don’t take people’s safety and happiness away.

@silver-vessel @first-son-of-finwe (tagging you cause I thought you’d want to see this)

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Hi. I dont want to be an asshole and Im sorry if I sound like one, since you seem to be a nice person. But I just read your twitter post about supporting each other in the fandom and it got me a bit.. frustrated. I never saw you reblog/support one other (unfamous)artist and I never understood why. Thats perfectly fine, since its your own choice. But that post..? It doesnt add up to that. People are supporting the shit out of you and you dont seem to give that back to them. Its really a shame. :/

Good evening! 

For this, I think I need to quickly clear something up before I give a reply (don’t worry, I am going to answer your question below!): with the tweets I made, I wasn’t talking about reblogging/exposure etc, I was talking about how artists communicate with each other and how you as the artist act towards people who do the same type of work. The point I tried to make was that if you’re an artist, in fandom especially, who comes across somebody whose art you admire, you shouldn’t see them as a threat, but as a source of motivation (there isn’t a reason why I made these tweets right now btw, nothing happened in particular, it’s just something I felt like talking about). 

I didn’t go into detail there, but with “supporting each other”, I was talking about directly communicating with other artists, as many people in fandom do. You ask others for advice, you share advice when asked etc, you share your experience with fellow artists so all of you can learn and grow, instead of being spiteful towards others.
Reblogging art is absolutely part of supporting others, but for the thread I made, that wasn’t what I meant, it was about another very specific part of being part of a fandom. I wasn’t very clear about that I, I should’ve clarified that somewhere.

But!! Your question still stands, and it’s a good question to which I can only give a half-decent answer I think? This is my art blog, where I post things I made myself, and that’s pretty much it. I only reblog gifts and replies to a post if somebody explicitly asks for my input. The reason for that is that I want to keep my things in a neat little spot so that if somebody is interested in looking for my work, they can easily find it. So reblogging other people’s art on this blog is not something I wanna do because, yeah, it’s my art blog.

I have thought about making a reblog-only-blog several times so I can share works I like with people, but I haven’t made one yet because I’ve been so horribly busy for the better part of a year now that I am completely not up to date with anything (I haven’t scrolled through my dashboard in months, I only ever see the first couple posts on my feed and that’s it). I’m aware that this probably isn’t a good reason, but I’m the type of person who feels completely blocked when a lot is going on in their life, and opening another blog and looking for things to reblog just wasn’t in the front row while I had so many things to keep in mind, I’m already struggling to keep the blogs I have active. I think this might be worth a shot though once I’m done with the projects I’m working on rn, for example, when I have time to sit back and take an hour or two to look through my dashboard and look at cool art. 

I do support other artists if it’s of any consolation, albeit through smaller things I suppose (I share what I know when I’m asked about it, I commission people for art and fics whenever I have the money for it, I try to explain what I’m doing during streams etc) , but there is absolutely more I can do, I completely agree with you there. I would need a separate blog for it though because, as I said earlier, this is my art blog. 

I hope this is somewhat understandable (my English starts to fail whenever I try to explain something in a long answer) and that I could answer your question! In short, I will set up a blog for reblogs etc once I have more free time.  

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Arya's chapters in ACoK horrified me. I watched the show first, and I really do think it affects people's views on Arya by changing it into the Tywin and Arya Variety Hour. It also takes away from GRRM's antiwar theme. Not only do we miss a lot of the trauma Arya herself underwent, but we also miss how destructive and traumatizing this war is to the smallfolk. Her storyline in ACoK is their storyline and centers GRRM's running theme of how war is, you know, really shitty.

Well, I think what happened is that so much of the fandom likes to ignore and downplay Arya’s significant trauma and abuse. In the show, it’s not shown, so people who already choose not to acknowledge it more or less block it out. And then there are people who just never cared for, read, and/or paid attention to Arya’s storyline who actually just forget that she underwent such horrors. It’s my only explanations to ridiculousness like all those posts in the Arya tag that state that they don’t remember anything significant happening in Arya’s storyline in ACoK and maintaining that she was never abused like Sansa.

And even just that post that I just reblogged about how there was no forced servitude for labour in Westeros, you actually have to ignore Arya’s entire ACoK arc to believe that.

I honestly think a lot of those people only skim (if they read at all) Arya’s chapters.

I feel you so much. My biggest issue with the show (and that’s saying something considering all the changes and the dramatic differences in Arya’s character and storyline) is what they did with the anti-war theme.

It’s not just Arya’s experiences Harrenhal, which is our view into the all but named slavery that so many people are forced into, it’s also the Brotherhood Without Banners and Gendry. 

The pre-Stoneheart BWB is portrayed as corrupt and hypocritical. Their entire message of helping the smallfolk is completely overshadowed when the sell Gendry. They are portrayed as liars and thieves, not Robin Hood types.

And Gendry… I just don’t know why. Gendry as a character is a symbol of the smallfolk. It’s no coincidence his name is a distortion of gentry. He serves to remind us of the callousness towards members of the smallfolk, the suffer for the lords and kings and all the nobility’s wars. He even serves as that to Arya. There are multiple times where he holds her somewhat accountable for nobility’s actions against the smallfolk (the Weasel Soup, Hoster Tully’s actions, the Northmen in cages.)

All that is lost.

And you know what? It’s a problem. One of the biggest themes in the books is that Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Tully, Tyrell, Greyjoy, whichever forces, they all have the goons that rape, pillage, and kill the innocent smallfolk.

A huge realization is when Arya comes to the understanding that they are all the same in their ingrained callousness.

Just look at the beginning of ACoK:

Dead men could not hurt her, but whoever had killed them could. Well beyond the gibbet, two men in mail hauberks stood leaning on their spears in front of the long low building by the water, the one with the slate roof. A pair of tall poles had been driven into the muddy ground in front of it, banners drooping from each staff. One looked red and one paler, white or yellow maybe, but both were limp and with the dusk settling, she could not even be certain that red one was Lannister crimson. I don’t need to see the lion, I can see all the dead people, who else would it be but Lannisters? 

Arya assumes without any doubt that dead people = Lannister forces. There are no other alternatives, the Lannisters are evil, they hurt her family and therefore are the evil people.

Not to mention how every horrible thing or person that is witnessed by Arya results in her questioning their connection to the Lannisters (she wonders how many “monsters” are on their payroll after seeing Vargo Haot, she wonders if the destruction caused by Hoster Tully was the Lannisters’ work, ect.)

But then by mid-ASoS we have this:

 It was the Mad Huntsman caught these wolves.”

Wolves. Arya went cold. Robb’s men, and my father’s…

“What did they do?” she asked him.

“They put eight people to the sword at Tumbler’s Falls,” he said. “They wanted the Kingslayer, but he wasn’t there so they did some rape and murder.” He jerked a thumb toward the corpse with maggots where his manhood ought to be. “That one there did the raping. Now move along.”

“A swallow,” the fat one called down. “Ha’ mercy, boy, a swallow.” The old one slid an arm up to grasp the bars. The motion made his cage swing violently. “Water,” gasped the one with the flies in his beard.

She looked at their filthy hair and scraggly beards and reddened eyes, at their dry, cracked, bleeding lips. Wolves, she thought again. Like me. Was this her pack? How could they be Robb’s men? She wanted to hit them. She wanted to hurt them. She wanted to cry. They all seemed to be looking at her, the living and the dead alike.  

Arya is at the point of tears with the realization that “Robb’s men” and “her father’s men” are capable of such atrocities. “How could they be Robb’s men?”

It culminates at the Red Wedding:

There was a rock in her hand, slimy with mud, and she didn’t even remember picking it up. Who do I throw it at?…

He wore a surcoat over his armor and she saw the two towers that marked him for a Frey. She did not understand. Her uncle was marrying Lord Frey’s daughter, the Freys were her brother’s friends. “Don’t!” she screamed as he rode around the wayn, but he paid no mind. 

When the show cut and altered so much of Arya’s storyline, the audience missed all of this. The point that GRRM drove home- that no force is better and the smallfolk suffers under all of them in war- is completely lost.

Oh, sure, there’s one moment in Brienne’s storyline about Stark soldiers killing Lannister whores, but the overall message is just gone because Harrenhal and the BWB was what really portrayed it.

So instead of having this strong no right or wrong, the smallfolk are the ones that suffer message, we have a vilified BWB, a way less traumatic Harrenhal, and lightened Stark forces.

The entire message is lost

This is my issue with the show sometimes. The big subversion of tropes is lost. The Stark forces are better, violence is cool, a young girl can go across country without being abused, lords will respect and treat their cupbearers if they’re smart.

And the worst- warrior women will A) look down on other women, B) look down on feminine things (Arya’s doll line ugh, she has a doll in the books) and C) won’t suffer for being different in Westerosi society (Arya’s outcast nature is completely ignored and Brienne’s is toned down.)  

Brienne and Arya are such strong subversions of the warrior girl cliche who admire women, serve women, don’t ever look down on them, and have feminine traits. In fact, they are considered deviations that struggle as a result for their differences. It’s not praised!

That first episode scene with Arya shooting the bow and arrow and everyone laughing… what?? Arya couldn’t pull back a bow, she’s too physically weak. And Catelyn, Ned, and even Robb/Bran/Rickon would find this strange, not laughable. Catelyn definitely wouldn’t have laughed at that. Even Ned would be uncomfortable. 

D&D like the cliches though. And the cliches say that portraying one side as better and morally superior all around is good.

Thus, we lost the powerful anti-war message. 

First of all, let me make it clear. I am making this kind of thing not because it looks like something that is trending on this site. I just want to tell these people how much I thank them, for making my experience on Tumblr is an awesome and amazing one. I have been in Tumblr since December 2012 in my first blog, but I had some sort of hiatus and went back to Tumblr by making this blog as my second one in February 2014.

There are some people in this list that I actually talk to, and there are some others to whom I might not really talk, but believe me, mostly it’s because I was way too shy to talk to you as I think you are just so cool. And I follow you for some reason, and that you have an amazing blog is one of it.

oceanoruins – I cannot make this list without mentioning this lovely girl. Monya, is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever known. We are virtual birthday twin! And she always knows how to comfort me when I feel low in my life. Monya, you have such a beautiful soul.

jamie-carragher – one of the people that was born to be a Liverpool fan since the beginning :p. Anda is one of the people that I love the most in this site, and sometimes I feel bad because I kept on running to her to annoy her with my whining when I feel like in my darkest night. Anda, you have no idea how much your kindness and words mean to me.

raatakelihai – we have been following each other since I was in my first blog, and Shiv, I don’t know whether you still remember it or no, but I still remember the conversation that we once had about spirits when I was still in my first blog :p

justkisa – let me begin by saying that her writings are just incredible, I can’t explain how much I adore her writings, and I often visit her blog just to read her tags (and Kisa, you have no idea how much I laugh on your tags about that boxing AU, please please please make the fic come true!)

lalis07 – Liz, we share the same obsession on that Spaniard, don’t we??? You’ve always been so kind to me, I can’t believe that I deserve that :’)

orestisskarnezis. – My first Indonesian friend who also lives on the States that I met on Tumblr! Niky is just such a cutie-pie that I love!

kroosrues – Maritza is that sweet lovely person that should be admired for her kindness. Without being asked, she is the one who will be there for you to make sure that you’re allright

angusgunn – one of the most dedicated City’s fan that I know. Amanda, I really enjoy reading your thoughts about City, the players and the games. And let me tell you how much I really appreciate your hardwork on making a sideblog for the Ladies team and our youth.

zabaleta-s , xavidodgers samir-nasrii  - Okay, maybe you will find this is weird. But I kind of think these three girls are like… The Powerpuff Girls :D (girls please don’t kill me!).  I see Sarah as Bubbles, Beth as Blossom, and Darya as Buttercup. You three are among the most adorable ones that I know. And yes, every time I see you in my dash, I kind of think quietly to myself, “Ah, so Bubbles/Blossom/Buttercup is online. Nice.”

tacklemeramos and off-my-mind – The truth is, I kind of think that you two are somewhat, a pair of twin that separated and meet each other virtually in this site. Sophie and Aurore, you might never know it, but to see you girls talking to each other by reblogging stuff and adding your comments in the caption are among the things that I enjoy the most in Tumblr. You two are just way too cute!

mcfc-bromance-chronicle – if you are a City fan and you haven’t followed this account, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? This, is practically one of the best blog to be followed for City’s fan. Whoever runs this blog, I want to thank you so much for all the amazing posts that never fail to make my day somehow brighter.  Thank you thank you thank you so much.

s86410 and myblueteam – City’s fans on Tumblr are thankful for your gif. You two are just so precious!

 dijamants cruyffs jamespmilner  ghyukumari jovetics lonelyjpeace      dahveed-silvaa sebwstan   – let’s think of Tumblr as a high-school. Then these people’s blog are those people who you can’t help but to admire for being the coolest ones (so guys, I might not really talk to you, but believe me, I really do think that your blogs are just super cool)

frommybeautifulmind – this blog is the first reason ever for me to create a Tumblr account. If you are looking for football fanfics, this blog, is definitely one that you should check!

wewroteitonpaper – probably the one that has the most high-quality writing in the football fandom., and apart from the beautiful stories, I want to thank you for your patience in replying my messages (even though sometimes it’s just those silly messages. Haha.)

futbolimagine – I can’t put into words how much I admire her creativity with all her brilliant writings. Thank you so much for all the lovely imagines that you keep on creating! You, my girl, is one of the most talented I have ever known. EVER.

tonikros – A passionate Real Madrid fan. A beautiful soul. And oh, how the football fandom has been so lucky to have her beautiful edits on picture. One of the loveliest people that always being so kind to her follower. You have my love and my support, dear.

hazardandkompany – how should I explain about this lovely girl? Never, ever questioned her passion and loyalty to the Belgian Red Devils. And let’s not forget how she is also a sweet kind girl that deserves all the love in the world.

I know that I have forgotten some. But all the blogs that I am following, I am following for a reason.

To all the people who own the above blogs I have mentioned, thank you for everything. You might not know nor realize that, but your presence means a lot to me.



He’s… Mercurial. Shear talent. A genius. One of the leading actors in the world. An incredibly formidable presence. A Porsche 911.

I think its time to repost and update one of my most reblogged posts of all times. Because I see all this hate for Benedict on Tumblr these days, mostly from people who havent even seen him in anything, and I want to inform them and remind his tumblr fans why we are fans.

He’s one of the most admired actors in the world, first and foremost among his peers and collegues. I know about two guys who went to acting school because of him,  because of the video of him doing motion capture for Smaug. Do yourself a favour and watch that Video, see what a true genius he is and why he gets big roles: https://youtu.be/FHuXSZv6Tqs.

He’s an inspration for artists all over the globe and he deserves more than getting irrational hate from People who know nothing about him.

So, here my post:

Great people about Cumberbatch.

“As well as Olivier, acting giants Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton drew audiences by their sheer strength of character. Today Benedict Cumberbatch is doing the same.”
Joanna Read, Principal of LAMDA acting school

“Hands down, I believe that he’s the most versatile, surprising and charismatic actors of our time.”
Christina Bianco, actress

“Benedict transforms, he doesn’t act. He becomes Turing.”
Morten Tyldum, director

“There’s a dignity about him, a correctness.”
Steve McQueen, director

“After [Benedict] left, [executive producer] Stephen Broussard and I looked at each other and said, ‘I think Doctor Strange was just here. (Strange) gets into a horrible car accident and his hands, the tools by which he can do amazing surgeries, are mangled and destroyed. That starts his downward path, and that’s why Benedict is such a great choice - you can go to the highest heights and lowest lows with him and he won’t lose you.”
Kevin Feige, Marvel director

“Even as a 13-year old, he was obviously an outstanding actor - a combination of intuition and intellect. It’s probably once in a lifetime that you find a boy actor as magnificent as this. I don’t think I had to speak or work with him in any way when I was directing him. I felt like I was working with a fellow professional rather than a schoolboy.”
Mr. Tyrell, Cumberbatch’s acting teacher in Harrow

“Benedict Cumberbatch… is amazing. Amazing. Beautiful man, beautiful heart, soul… and how giving he is as an actor…”
Johnny Depp, actor

"You want an actor who can bring a lot of intelligence, a lot of character to it. It’s important with the dragon that he’s smarter than Bilbo.You wanted a sense that Bilbo was up against a very formidable foe. So literally, we wanted somebody scary. He’s like the Hannibal Lecter of the dragon world. And Benedict has just got such a great voice and he’s got such a great, sharp mind that we was able to contribute a huge amount to the role.”
Peter Jackson, director

Benedict is witty, mercurial… thoughtful and expert. He’s very intelligent but he doesn’t let it show by commenting on the character he is playing.”
Richard Eyre, theater director

“He has a sensibility and an oddness to him… and a directness and a fantastic sense of humor (…) So I respect him on a pretty fundamental level (…) He’s an actor who has the ability to play in the outer field of basic acting work (…) He is a very generous, very sensitive, very thoughtful, focused, disciplined actor and, you know, when you work with somebody like that it’s just like playing… like Ronnie Scotts with B.B. King… it’s just a question of when or if… you know when someone’s got it and he’s got it.”
Tom Hardy, actor

“He’s a fabulous actor and happens to have the zeitgeist. Sherlock has lifted him into a global star but he manages to combine stardom with utter brilliance which is really rare.”
Hay Festival director Peter Florence

“Cumberbatch is a remarkable actor. He can quietly project the inner turmoil that more animated actors can only mimic.”
Matthew Gilbert, TV critic

“Benedict Cumberbatch is shear talent. I mean he’s such a fantastically talented actor. He has a marvelous look of course, he has cheekbones you could shave Parmesan of and he’s just a magnificently talented actor. I’ve seen him do so many different things, with such style and he’s also an incredibly nice man and he deserves the enormous acclaim he receives around the world.”
Stephen Fry, actor

“He is phenomenal. The amount of work that goes into his roles, he has a great work ethic and a genius mind, he is so inspiring. He really raised the bar for me and he had this integrity and genuineness. I feel really blessed to have worked with him.”
Adelaide Clemens, actress

“Everytime Benedict Cumberbatch opens his mouth it is positively electric… At the time I was getting really into Sherlock series one and I was just totally hypnotized by Benedict and I said to JJ ‘You gotta watch this guy, and one thing let to another and… Thank God! …. All credit goes to Benedict but I was smart enough to realize he is a genius.”
Damon Lindelof, screenwriter

"I didn’t really know him as a stage actor. I knew what a fine screen actor he is. But there’s a physicality involved in the theatre. It’s not just about mannerisms or impersonation, which screen often is: it’s about sustaining a narrative with mind and body. When I saw him for Frankenstein, that was the only thing I wanted to know. Did he have that physical capacity? And of course he does. We met and I asked him to do a few things and he was extraordinary in the room. He’s as fit as a boxer, which you have to be for the stage. You have to have an internal fitness that allows you to carry the story so it never sags. He had this combination of the cerebral and the physical which you can see when you look back at his screen work – in Hawking, it’s there. Frankenstein was a great one for using it. That’s why he’s now what he is: one of the leading actors in the world.”
Danny Boyle, director

“He’s a genius. There are certain actors who have the ability to take a line of dialogue and add a ring to it that you didn’t even know you put into the dialogue, into the line. And he’s one of those really brilliant actors. Just listening to him talk…you could enjoy him reading the phone book.(…) And he’s an incredibly formidable presence. He’s amazing.”
Alex Kurtzman, screenwriter

“We found Benedict Cumberbatch fairly early. We needed a very good actor, someone young enough to be believable as an aristocratic, an almost slightly dislikeable character who is an adolescent in terms of his views of the world, his upbringing. But we also needed someone who could hold the screen for four and half hours, in every scene. We needed someone with experience who was not only a very good actor, but also with terrific comic timing. Benedict was the ideal answer to that.”
David Attwood, director (To the ends of the earth)

“Everyone just looked at it and went “Oh. All right.” Meryl looked at me and gave me a big smile, which is Meryl’s way of saying “Well done”. It was not the best quality you’ve ever seen. And his face was very close. But he was wonderful. At first I didn’t realize that he was British because his southern Oklahoma accent was very good. There’s nothing guarded about him. It can be a little daunting because you have the clear impression at all times that he might be more intelligent than you are.”
John Wells, director, about Cumberbatch’s iPhone auditioning for August: Osage County

“The difference between stars and just great actors is that stars can make parts into them, rather than themselves into parts; they make those people them. They never quite play it like you expect them to, so it becomes very much Benedict’s Sherlock. Look at how Sean Connery owned James Bond.”
Steven Moffat, producer and writer

“He’s a stick shift; he’s changing up and changing down. He’s a Porsche 911.” Gary Oldman, actor

“I would like to officialy declare my love for Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, that’s right. I’m in love with him.”
Paul Feig, director

“He’s an immersive actor; he’s physical. You have to keep feeding him, trying to keep him stimulated. The engine has to be stoked all the time. The joke is that Hollywood thinks it’s investigating him right now to see what he’s made of. The truth is: He’s investigating them.”
Danny Boyle, director

“Watching him physically train to play James (He dieted, ran the cliffs and swam in the cold sea), and also delve into the meaning of every line in rehearsals, and then plot the effect of his illness on his body and mind as it would be in each scene (shot in the wrong order), while all the while being a joy to be around was impressive to witness. To see it as one performance in the final cut was remarkable. - He is rare even amongst the acting breed. If the character description says handsome: he is. If it says Nasty: he is. Older: he is… Younger: he is. For this reason I just can’t wait to see what he will become.”
Vaughan Sivell, producer and screen writer („Third Star“)

“Being on the set with him… I think everyone was bringing their absolute A-game. I think, frankly, in a way, [his] presence sort of elevated everything. Time and again, every scene, Benedict brought a surprising, unexpected, grounded, real and often terrifying aspect to the role. So we are incredibly grateful, all of us.”
JJ Abrams, director

“Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my very favorite — excuse me, favourite — actors today, and he brought his brilliant mixture of confidence and strength to Khan in a way that, with all due respect, Montalban never did. Never once does Cumberbatch make the obvious choice, his performance is always subtle, always controlled, and when he finally goes full-Khan, scary as hell.”
Will Wheaton, actor

“I think he’ll be one of the guys who lasts, that’s my take. It’s what George [Clooney] said to me ten years ago: If you can pull off ten years in this business, then you’ve done something, and we both kind of agreed that that was kind of the benchmark. And I think [Cumberbatch] is of the new crop.”
Matt Damon, actor

“Benedict Cumberbatch is truly one of the greatest actors I’ve ever seen. And my favorite thing about him in this movie is that instead of his bad guy being adorned and wearing some crazy mask and costume and hair… he is just a simple man standing in a black shirt and black pants, just a common man… and his performance is so powerful in it’s simplicity… and that to me was an incredibly exciting thing to see: how little he needed to be that powerful.”
JJ Abrams, director

“When he was at school, parents came to see him in plays their own children weren’t in - THAT is how good he is.”
Tatler magazine

“Yes, Benedict has darkness. He has a light, brilliance, wit, sophistication, an imposing presence. He’s threatening; he’s physical. He’s also sympathetic. He does these things and makes it all look so damn easy. And the other actors … it was so funny. Every time we were doing a scene with Benedict, they were standing a little bit taller. He has a presence that is ridiculous and that voice, oh my God. There wasn’t a day working with Benedict that I didn’t think, this is insane. He elevated that moment. He made that thing that I thought was going to be really hard, authentic. He’s not like his character in any way, physically or emotionally, but he transformed himself physically. He was suddenly this wildly intimidating big guy. And he’s not. When you talk to him, he’s sort of slight. But in the movie, I spent a year editing him (Benedict’s footage). So it was like I got to see him every day. I got so used to him as that character. So when I saw him again recently, I thought, God, he’s so small, compared to how he is in the movie—he’s so epic. He is an utter chameleon who I think can do anything. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen, let alone worked with. He was able to bring all of these incredible nuances and attitude to a role that in lesser hands would not have worked remotely that well.”
JJ Abrams, director

Recently I’ve taken a lot of steps to eliminate the negative aspects from my tumblr experience. Below I’ve listed some of the changes I’ve made, some big and some small. They’ve made tumblr much more manageable for me and I think they could really help you do the same. It’s quite long, but please take a look!

Keep reading

Oh hello! I decided to do a little follow forever thing. Not for any special reason other than I felt like it. I have a huge long list of people to address personally, so that may take awhile. Bear with me (see what I did there?)

@zenlikejen- My Jen. We came into this fandom around the same time and kept liking and reblogging each other’s posts before one of us finally sent a message. The rest is kind of history, I guess? We scream together, cry together, laugh together. She tells me to go to bed when I’ve had too much to drink, which is more often than I’ll say. Tumblr besties, more like sisters really. She never, ever makes me feel silly, small, or stupid. She always listens to my ridiculous theories and research. She encourages me to see the positive. She is the Niall to my Liam and I love her very much. Jenlee is the realest.

@larrymama- Speaking of sisters! My sister doesn’t get the credit she deserves, really. Talk about someone who never makes me feel silly and usually comes up with the best parts of my theories just by making these little land mine suggestions. It’s so wonderful to have someone “in real life” who I can talk about all of these things with and whose so encouraging and lovely. She’s just my favorite person in the history of ever. She’s always there, she always listens. I’m just really fucking lucky to have someone like her in my actual life off of the internet, ya dig?

@lululawrence- Susette, my doll face. My warm cinnamon muffin. My sugary sweet apple strudel. You are one of the most affectionate, warm, caring people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet! When we met, I squeaked because I had been seeing you everywhere on tumblr. Thank you for always making me feel safe and cared for. Thank you for being a shelter for me to feel heard, understood, respected, and loved. Thank you for always being the kindest person I’m blessed to know. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for being the Rry to my Li.

@ilove1dalmation- Jeni, I don’t honestly know what the fuck I would actually do without you. The two of us are so much more similar than I could have ever known standing outside a Detroit bar this August. All I knew was there was this bouncing girl who was super smol and in a rainbow tutu with the best laugh I’d ever heard. And now look at us. I get sad on days I don’t hear from you. When I’m mad about something, you can make me laugh more than anyone else. Your voice messages are some of the things I look forward to most every day. Thank you for always understanding. Thank you for being the Lo to my Li.

@someonethatsfunny- “Like Zayn, but in the best way”. You are so much more bright and cared for and carING than you give yourself credit for. Smart and sharp as a whip, you remind me to always be happy and screaming about the good things. You have fire and passion just like me, you get super mega pissed about the same things I do, and I know you’re always good to talk to. You’re one of the best people I know for bouncing ideas off of and you also remind me not to take everything so seriously. Thank you for always checking on me. Thank you for being my Z. I love you very very much.

@saracha33- I don’t even know what to say about you. When you swooped in to back me up about what Liam was actually saying at GMA, I had no idea that you’d become one of my best friends. Southern hospitality with a razor’s edge of sarcasm and a biting tongue and I love every bit of it. You never fail to ask someone about their mother, brother, significant other. You remember things I always forget. Your knowledge base is truly astounding and even if you’ve got personal things going on, you always think of other people. I’m usually in awe of you, that’s become a regular thing for me. Thank you for grounding me and being a sounding board. I love you.

@bearmustard- My favorite Strayan! You’ve taught me more about myself and how to get to know myself than I think I’ve ever told you. You’re so incredibly intelligent and you think things through in a way that I could never stop admiring. Your sense of humor is wicked and out of the box and even though your intelligence is a thing of great envy for me, I think it’s your humor that made me love you as much as I do. You, Sarah, and I have been through a lot and I remember well the day we all thought for sure BG was ending and it didn’t and my emotions went haywire and you brought me back. I never said thank you for that: so thank you for being you. I love you, too.

@silentlarryshipper- Tin Tin! Every time someone asks me one of the nicest people I know in this fandom, you are my response. Every time I can’t remember something and need an answer, you’ve already got that answer. You’re so incredibly giving and kind and I’ve never heard you utter a bad word about a single person. I think more people deserve the chance to know you because of how truly wonderful you are. You never fail to send me a message to check on me if I’ve said I’m sick, under the weather, sad, etc. You never fail to congratulate me and celebrate with me if something good happens. You’re the best.

@daysundercover- Daylet, friend, you’re amazing. I don’t think I ever thanked you for calling me to calm me the fuck down the day BG dropped. I was so ready to walk that day, and your phone call kept me here. You’re as funny as they come and every bit as smart as you are funny, too. Your knowledge base is truly astounding and your ability to analyze and think critically is one of the many reasons I admire you as much as I do. You keep me grounded and inspire me to emotionally unwind, devest, and recharge. Basically, you keep me sane most of the time. In a world where insanity and chaos rule, people like you are so, so important. I’m super thankful we started talking because without you I basically would have been “fuck this shit, I’m out” by now.

@jackstylinson- Jacky! I’m so glad you came to that group chat. Truly. You make me laugh out loud on an almost daily basis. You’re super chill most of the time, which I love, but you know when it’s time to lose chill and freak out. (I’m not sure how you have that down so perfectly, but I love it!) Sometimes you say these head canon-y things that make me want to hug you and punch you at the same time and I’m pretty sure you’ve started building a home on the naughty step since we’re constantly yelling at you to go there, but you bring an ability to laugh to our conversations that is crucial. Thank you so much.

@breathing–for-this-moment- Jamie. Listen to me. There is no other person in the world I would have ever, ever, ever let see me that drunk besides members of my own immediate family. You are a beautiful, artistic, lovely soul of an individual and I am privileged to know you. When I see your name start typing, I get happy and excited because I love talking to you that much. Funny as can be, smarter than you give yourself credit for, every bit as sweet and thoughtful as you are intelligent. I’m just really super lucky to be able to call you a friend of mine. Thanks for staying up with me late at night and having some of the best conversations. I’ll cherish them always.

@stylinsoncity- Chelsie, my love. I underestimated you once because I didn’t know you. My (huge, gigantic, awful) mistake. You are so, so, so smart. And amazingly kind. You make me laugh. We have similar tastes and outlooks on things, I could tell after one sort of long-ish conversation. I think perhaps my only regret is that we don’t talk more because, much like Jamie, every time I see you’re around, I’m happy that you are. Your presence is valuable, to be cherished. You’re filled to brimming with so much amazing potential and I think if I had to place confidence in any one person, it would be you. Mature beyond your years and someone I’m eternally thankful for.

@tositandadmire- Bec, I know I said Clare was my favorite Strayan, but you are gunning for that title. You’re such a wise, insightful human, and your presence has an instant calming effect over my mood. I feel much less chaotic when I speak with you, and the value of being able to have a calm, collected adult conversation with someone who sees me as an equal and treats me as such, there’s no replacement for that. And truly, there’s no replacement for you. Thank you for being there, you really have no idea how very much you mean to me and to many other people.

@stunning-stylinson- My Sugar Beet! Babe, I miss you when you’re gone. You are one of the funniest, kindest, most considerate people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. I know you doubt yourself a lot, but please don’t because I’m telling you, you’re amazing. I wish I had known half as much about myself when I was your age as you do about yourself. You have such amazing potential and you act on it every day by being such an encouraging presence to me and so many other people. Precious cinnamon roll, too good and too pure. I love you!

@conscious–ramblings- Sheena, I feel much about you the same as I do about Bec. There’s something inherently calming about your presence. When we talk, I feel like I can express myself in a much calmer, more efficient manner and that’s such an important thing. You are, perhaps, one of the smartest people I’ve come across in this fandom and I value your knowledge greatly– not just of this industry, but of life in general. Thank you for creating a space around yourself that feels very safe and welcoming. It does not go unnoticed.

@nooelgallagher and @yoursongonmyheart - I’m putting the two of you together for obvious reasons. Chels, you make me laugh basically all of the time. Your background knowledge in this fandom and its history is second to none and should never be underestimated. Vicky, I found my brain twin when we started talking. Every time you say something I find myself basically clapping and shouting amen like I’m in church. The two of you together are simply diabolical and unable to be matched in humor and critical thinking.

@jawsandhobama - Jay, I remember the day I found out how old you were, I was astounded. Your maturity makes me envious, truly. Your self-awareness is something to be envied and your intelligence blows my mind. You’re kind and thoughtful of all people that surround you, able to set parameters and borders of safety so much better than I was capable of at your age. Which sounds antiquated but is really a way of me saying I have incredible amounts of respect for you. You stand up for yourself and what you believe and try to engage people in conversation in a way that I will always admire. Thank you for reminding me that respectful dialogue is crucial to peace and harmony.

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough about specific people. Just because these people don’t have paragraphs next to their names doesn’t mean I love them any less, just that I may know them a little bit less, and I plan on changing that if people are up for it! I’m not going to do any bold or italics because everyone’s my favorite! Also, no alphabetical order because nobody’s got time for that. (Except the people who do it every day. Respect!)

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*I’m so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone. It’s never, ever intentional.

Fan Art - Sharing Etiquette

A lot of people seem confused about how/where they can share other people’s Fan Art on Social Media, and a lot of other people don’t seem to even be bothered by the need to credit someone for their work. So, as an artist whose work has been shared without permission or credit a number of times, I thought I’d share my own opinion on the subject for the main different types of social media:


- You can reblog til your heart’s content, but please don’t create your own post with someone else’s art.

- If you want to re-post art with a story/something else, ASK. We will all appreciate your intention better if you simply ASK, and most of us will probably allow it, unless, for example, it’s art that was specifically made for someone else.

This just happened to me not two days ago. I made three different manips for my OQ Secret Santa giftee, a gift to someone I’d been getting to know for the past month and wanted to do something special for.  Next thing I know, the manips were all over Twitter and Instagram without any kind of credit, one of them was even taken without my knowledge to serve as cover art for someone else’s fanfic gift in the Secret Santa… it’s not nice to take someone’s gift and use it to enhance your own, guys (the person who did it was unaware that it wouldn’t be ok, and has apologised, but that’s another reason why I wanted to make a post like this).


- Most of us prefer you don’t post our art on your own account at all (unless, of course, you ASK and that particular artist tells you it’s okay).

- Thankfully, there is a repost option that you can use, so if you’d like someone’s art to show on your account, all you have to do is use Repost for Instagram and it’s just like a retweet or a reblog.

- If you absolutely have to post someone’s art without asking them (which is not really excusable but it happens) the least you can do, is to PLEASE credit the artist in your caption.  It doesn’t take long to write “art made by *name*” in the description. Don’t just tag the artist’s account in the picture, because that could mean anything, be specific in your crediting so that it’s a proper nod to the artist.  We put a lot of time into making these pieces for you, and it really sucks when someone just randomly tags you in your own work without actually crediting you for it, especially when they’ve posted it to their account without asking you if it was okay.

A lot of people don’t understand how something so small makes such a big difference, but it does, so please consider that before you post someone’s hard work to your account without permission.


- Personally, I like seeing the likes and comments on the art, so I don’t mind you posting it to your Twitter account, as long as you @ my username, but again, with proper credit, make it clear that it was made by me and not you.

- What is said above is my own personal preference, other artists may not feel the same, so please always always ALWAYS ask the artist before you post their stuff on Twitter.

Several times, my art has been tweeted to a celeb I admire, and they have favourited/retweeted it. And while I am truly happy that they have seen it, it’s disappointing and frustrating that they have no idea it was made by me and probably think it was done by the person who posted it.


- It is NOT credit enough that you haven’t cropped my tag out from the picture.

- If you don’t know who it is made by so you can’t credit, please just don’t post it at all.

- Read the full post before you save any art to re-post. A lot of artists will use the original post with their art to say if it’s ok with them if you share things or not.  And again, if they don’t, ASK. We don’t bite, we just want our efforts to be properly acknowledged.

- If someone has posted their work on Tumblr but not done so on Instagram or other social media, that doesn’t mean that you should take it upon yourself to do it for them, there may be a reason that they have chosen to wait, and you should RESPECT that choice.

Please note: Like I said, these are my personal preference. Some artists may feel differently about it all, but most of the artists I know and have spoken to about this, feel the same as me.  So please, PLEASE guys, respect the artist and grant them the proper credit for all the work they put into the pieces they make.

Thank you for reading/sharing and thank you to @repellomuggletum15​ for helping me write this! 

greetings & salutations. 

heyo. :) i’ve written and rewritten this about a million and two times, so hopefully this will be the last time. 2014-15 has been one of the worst years of my life so far for many reasons, and i found myself coming to this site often in order to have a couple laughs and smiles i couldn’t find in my personal life outside of tumblr. as someone who knows what it’s like to feel insignificant, i want you all to know that none of you are insignificant to me. if you’re on here it’s because you’ve impacted my life for the better, and always manage to get a smile out of me. i’m a really corny and extra person, so to prove my point further i thought i would write a little something about everyone that i’m tagging. ctrl + f to find your url. i honestly adore you all so much, and there aren’t enough words in any of the languages that i know that can adequately express how thankful i am to have crossed paths with you all. god bless, and let’s hope 2016 doesn’t suck total ass. this is in no order, and remember i really do love you all. x

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anonymous asked:

‘I think half of my anons are from the same person and I’m trying to track you down’ AU

[AO3] & [FFN]

It’s all Octavia’s fault, really. She’s the one who introduced Clarke to Tumblr in the first place, and she’s the one who suggested it’d be a perfect place for her to display her drawings and paintings. Octavia even makes an account for her and directs her to some other artists Clarke might be interested in, and it kind of spirals from there.

Before she knows it, Clarke’s running a very popular art blog, rebloging other artists’ work that she thinks is beautiful and thought provoking, and posting her own. She hasn’t felt this inspired since her dad’s death two years before, and she’s actually enjoying art again.

That’s when the trouble starts. And it’s not like it’s serious trouble or anything. Clarke doesn’t feel bad after receiving the messages. In truth, she kind of wants to laugh after reading them most of the time. It is, however, getting slightly annoying having someone troll her like this.

“O, I got another one,” she calls to her best friend and roommate.

Octavia, watching television across the room, perks up. “What does it say this time?” she asks with a curious smile.

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