when i say this is my favourite i'm not kidding tho

dan and phil on the 'creating a community' panel at playlist live 2017: a summary



could they literally be sitting any closer together i think not

dan asks the crowd how they are

dan and phil are the only ones that have spoken so far why is everyone else rude

phil again shifts closer to dan

julien and phil bonded over hamsters backstage

dan and phil are by far the most charismatic why is everyone else so sad

– the lag is fucking ridiculous i’m so sorry if i miss anything –

– the stream has broken –

– the stream is EVENTUALLY back –

dan says the cat whiskers are really bad for pores

phil is speaking about people making friends because of his and dan’s videos and fandoms are a reason for people being artistic

“i was a sad lonely teenager” - dan

dan calls phil out on being in the buffy fandom when he was younger

dans crossy legs i love it

i can’t get over his shirt it’s beautiful

and phil’s bomber jacket suits him so well i’m gonna cry

dan is so engaged in this panel he’s so intently listening to everyone else

“shoutout to the mums” dan says with a wink, “… and the dads”

“that is a good cube” - dan

dan snorts at the host calling creators ‘talent’

“you have responsibility now” dan says as a fan catches the microphone

“wow cool!” dan says as a fan reveals they’re from new zealand

phil says julien and jenna’s hamster looks like an anime hamster (“we all wish we were as beautiful as that hamster, it’s so perfect” - dan)

wow tom roasts phil for being on youtube for so long

when tom passed phil in subscribers in like 2008 he posted on phil’s channel saying 'suck it phil’ (“that’s why i avoided you for three years… kidding” - phil)

phil speaking about people being inspired by his videos is so cute i love him

dan and phil do sound effects as the cube microphone is thrown

– more lag ugh playlist please sort out your shitty wifi i have people depending on me to summarise

dan and phil lean in close to one another to talk as the microphone is thrown

fan: well for dan we all know what inspired him (dan doesn’t argue but does 'that’ face) but phil is there a moment or something that inspired you??

– i’ve switched to a periscope because the main stream kept freezing i’m sorry i’ve missed phil’s answer :( –

dan is doing a lil foot wiggle

this periscope isn’t lagging half as bad tho thanks to the streamer

dan takes the piss out of the sponsor

dan is speaking about the bristol book signing and an emotional mum and the impact his and phil’s videos had on her kids after a shitty year and it’s really stuck with him when he doubts the quality of his content i’m nearly crying he’s so humble

phil fixes his fringe


dan’s reaction to the bird is priceless

the host says sad mum is back in bird form…..

dan is embarrassed i think lmao

a bird has met my faves before me like the bird doesn’t even want to fucking be there

dan waved to the bird he’s so cute

dan keeps looking into the audience as people laugh

this panel is so nice and wholesome i love it

the host asked dan if he wanted to throw the microphone and he said “haha no”

dan waves to the fan with the microphone

dan says kanye would be a terrible present (“he’d be terrible and i’m a kanye fan”)

dan is sad that the sad mum was the best part of his career and it’s now a meme

phil calls himself a nerd

dan and tom discuss oldschool tumblr

dan’s favourite colour is black - “is that a colour or just the absence of colour?”

the cube mic has gone

phil likes “a greeny blue” or green and blue i can’t tell which he said

phil is still just smiling

dan is laughing at something

phil prefers twitter for communicating over all other social media

it’s gradually ending

“believe in yourselves, stay hydrated” - dan

they thank everyone for coming out

dan waves goodbye

the lights are out

it’s over :(

matt0044  asked:

So what's this about Simon Says being episode 10? Doesn't seem that big of a deal. Only ones out of place are the Origins on Netflix and those were always all over the place to begin with. That said, it shouldn't be too hard to navigate for any casual new viewer.

Well i mean… they’re not the only ones. i’ve only watched the first two eps, and already it’s got a pretty obvious error.

Ep1 is Stormy Weather, which is cool. It’s a good intro point cos it spells out a lot of things and the duo are still kinda clumsy/feeling out their dynamic. A+++ intro ep, 5 fists of the north star.

 But then… ep 2 is Evillustrator? For some reason??? Evillustrator opens with Nathanael drawing/daydreaming about saving Marinette from Stormy Weather and…what’s this, Alya as a villain? Does he not like Alya? what is this?

Now, as a person who has seen the show, I know it’s Lady Wifi. Cool for me, who knows why he pictures her this way, but for someone who has never seen it, it’s a bit confusing…like, gosh, what does he have against Alya??? But when the Lady Wifi ep rolls around, what? I guess he’s clairevoyant? lmao no, anyone with half a brain is immediately going to realize it’s just completely out of order, that’s all. and it’s off putting when that happens. [note: it happens on netflix with other shows sometimes too (usually an ep or two) and it’s always, always annoying]… all the other versions at least have some semblance of an order. Lady Wifi is before Evillustrator in every other country, for obvious reasons. 

and mind you i have only watched the first two eps, i’m sure there’s more and i’m justggfdjghdk

Okay sorry for that tangent lol. onward to your actual question… you asked about Jackady (Simon Says). And the thing with this episode, is that is heavily implies that Gabe has figured out his son is Chat Noir. 

[gifs from this post]


Very, very heavily.

There is no way around that. He knows. Hawkmoth or not, Gabriel at least suspects it’s the ring [which he knows about because he has a book on the miraculous]. 

Now…the problem with this being episode 10? It’s because after this, the rest of the season, he’s just gone. He’s not seen again until the final episode lol. Bubbler is episode 9 [so right before this one]. And Mr Pigeon [the only other ep he really appears in] is episode…5? 6? I forget. 

Again…Hawkmoth or not, it seems really…odd??? for it to be so early on lol. For him to know for all that time and do literally nothing about it. And don’t pull the “lol but he doesn’t care what Adrien does” cos i will fight you. He’s distant and yes totally neglectful and downright emotionally abusive [tho unintentionally i imagine] but he’s not a heartless monster. He cares about his kid.  

But yea, originally it was episode …18?? for the english version [according to the wiki], which is a bit better. French version was directly before Volpina, the ep in which he is studying the book with the miraculous in it [probably researching whether or not he was correct about the ring lol]…it’s just like, the further away from Volpina the ep is, the less sense it makes to me??? It loses it’s relevance the further away it gets, so it just really fuckin baffles me. 

Also, as a personal note, i could honestly ramble and rant about the Agreste family drama for days, cos it’s literally my favourite aspect of the show… i love it more than the love square, i love it more than fuckin adrino and chloenette, i love it more than butts i love it more than air. so just… mashing it all together right in the beginning, instead of spreading it out and letting it breathe a little…. idk it just fuckin gets to me ok? it bothers me a lot.

But maybe that’s just me tho.

Aw, I love that! I did base this off of Disneyland, hope it’s fine!  enjoy ^^

Aoyama - goes on one spinny ride but then gets a stomach ache and throws up :( spends the rest of the day going on easy kids rides and looking through souvenir shops
Ashido - drags everyone onto the biggest roller coasters! She enjoys every single one of them, and insists they sit in the very back where it’s scariest.
Tsuyu - loves all the water rides! She doesn’t mind big roller coasters, but doesn’t love them either. Probably the person who makes sure no one gets lost.
Iida - when he enters the park, he grabs a map and tries to think of the most efficient route to get to all the attractions they want to see. He doesn’t mind waiting in line if it means going on the ride they want to go on!
Uraraka - She loves most of the rides! Her favourite are the ones that go up really high and then suddenly drop. She also loves trying on accessories (like Minnie Mouse ears!) in the souvenir shops.
Ojiro - enjoys exciting rides, but is a little frightened of the really big rollercoasters. Unless someone drags him on one, he won’t go.
Kaminari - is a little frightened of the really big rides, but goes on them anyway! The Bakusquad sticks together and they all go on the rides together. Kami loves looking at the pictures taken on the rollercoaster and teasing Bakugo about his expression (but he never buys them)
Kirishima - also loves the big rollercoasters! He is happy to go with his friends, but he also wants to go on as many rides as possible, including the kids ones. If he gets a bit scared on the rollercoaster he just hardens his grip on the handles and feels safer already
Koda - not a fan of scary rides, but he loves the kiddy ones! His favourite is the Snow White one. He likes calm rides, and will only go on a rollercoaster if his classmates literally drag him onto one.
Sato - goes on all the rides, but prefers kiddy rides to rollercoasters. He’s a sucker for those Mickey Mouse shaped waffles that are horribly overpriced but look really cute and taste delicious!
Shoji - enjoys the rollercoasters, but his favourite thing is walking through the park and admiring the decorations. He also enjoys the maze from Alice in Wonderland, it’s nice (and a fun opportunity to scare his classmates just a little)
Jirou - loves the high speed rollercoasters! She likes to challenge Kaminari as well, and they go on increasingly scarier rollercoasters together to prove they’re not cowards. Jirou wins.
Sero - his favourite ride is the Buzz Lightyear shooting game one! He likes the atmosphere in there, it’s very heroic, and it’s fun to have a ride that’s more of a game than just sitting in a car.
Tokoyami - he’s not a fan of rollercoasters, although he does agree to go on some of the calmer ones. He likes slightly creepy rides, such as the Haunted House.
Todoroki - he’s never been to a theme park before, so he’s very much in awe of it all. He wants to see the entire place and go on as many rides as possible, including both rollercoasters and kiddy rides. His favourite ‘world’ is FantasyLand.
Hagakure - loves the character parade! She also loves meeting the characters (Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, etc) and taking pictures with them - they make for really cute mementos! Like Uraraka, she also loves trying on accessories and probably buys one.
Bakugo - roller coasters are definitely his thing. He’s not actually scared on them, even on the biggest ones, but he loves yelling things out (as it’s very acceptable to yell on a roller coaster). But after he swore at the top of his lungs a couple times, some of the park personnel pulled him aside and reminded him there’s a lot of children around so he shouldn’t say those words. 
Midoriya - not a fan of roller coasters. He really likes the kiddy rides that tell a story (like Pinocchio and Winnie the Pooh), but because Uraraka drags asks him to go on scary rides, he does.
Mineta - he’s too short to go on any of the big roller coasters :( he makes a fuss of it saying how he’s not scared of them at all and the only thing that’s stopping him from riding the scariest rides is the height, but in reality he’s glad he can’t go since he’s scared.
Yaoyorozu - she’s so in love with the theme park!! The rides are all great too, sure, but Momo loves the atmosphere and park decorations the most. She takes pictures of everything, and nearly cries when she has the chance to take a picture with a princess.

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Hey, what was the context of Jemma saying 'I'm a tart for a laugh' at the talk on Saturday? could you do like a summary of things she said? xxx thanks!!!

I can absolutely do a summary!! The ‘I’m a tart for a laugh’ was in response to what her favourite role was, which was a farce that she did many moons ago (I cannae remember what it was called tho)

I’ll stick the rest under a cut here, bc it’s about to get long lads (99% of this is paraphrasing bc i have a brain like a sieve):

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Reborn and elDLIVE is NOT The Same!

ya know people probably won’t even compare eldlive with khr so much if it wasn’t made by the same person and some stupid khr fans just thought that hating on eldlive means they support khr which is a very dumb and completely ignorant act, and is not gonna do amano or any of us any good  because the series are nothing alike

In fact, here are some of your favourite comparisons debunked

1. Chuuta is a carbon copy of Tsuna

Yes people keep saying they’re literally the same character, well, they’re not.
First, the fact that they have no friends. No one wants to be friends with Tsuna because he’s dame, whereas Chuuta chose not to have friends (even though he really wants to) because he was deeply traumatized after the Taketori incident. We can see this when he always reject others’ offer of friendship, heck, he even wanted to decline joining eldlive at first. One was friendless by an unfortunate fate, the other friendless by choice.

And then there’s the fact that Tsuna is useless, while Chuuta is average. There’s a difference there, Tsuna’s school records are always below average while Chuuta’s score are that of your usual middle school kid; not too high, not too low. I remembered someone saying that people thought Chuuta was also dame due to a mistranslation in the first chapter where Misuzu said something about Chuuta’s score being “below and average” but was translated to “below average” in some translations, thus causing the misconception. I don’t remember who said it though so I can’t be too sure.

When people praise Tsuna (this happens in the daily life arc so it’s normal if you guys don’t remember, I try not to remember that arc too) what happened to him? He got a bighead and wants to show off more by using the drying will bullet again. We can see that he wanted more appreciation, which is understandable, I’d do the same if I lived my whole life being called useless. When Chuuta was praised, what happened to him? Well he was shocked, he was touched, he was deeply moved he was just

poor cinnamon roll must be protected

He didn’t get a bighead. He was grateful enough being acknowledged, referring to it as “a nostalgic feeling”. He thought of himself “undeserving” of such things, because he still thought of himself as the person who made everything go wrong. 

Tsuna is a boy wanting to find a place, and people, where he belongs, Chuuta is a boy not daring enough to even want friends, but slowly tries to overcome his trauma. Not fucking carbon copies. Do you even read the first chapter???

2. Dolugh to Chuuta is like Reborn to Tsuna

Reborn is dumbledore is all-knowing and is obviously a mentor character, while Dolugh is just as clueless as Chuuta (other than that he can sense SPH, which is an ability all aliens have) he’s more like Chuuta’s partner. Reborn encourages Tsuna so that he can become stronger, Dolugh encourages Chuuta because he was curious. 

“Chuuta, join eldlive! (and risk your life every single day capturing these weirdo outer space criminals even though you’re underage and has schoolwork and all but we can deal with that later)” 


“It seems interesting!!”

This is because Dolugh is a monitalien, whose job is to gather information and curiosity is in their nature. Reborn is curious in things that can cause Tsuna to grow stronger, and encourage him to do it for that reason. Dolugh is more like that annoying kid who told you to do stuff because they want to know what would happen if you do it. 

Dolugh is also considerably more selfish than Reborn, as seen in the first episode where he told Chuuta to escape (and save their own lives) and leave Tateyan.

3. Gucchi looks like Yamamoto!! EVERY ELDLIVE CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE A KHR CHARACTER!!1!!111

I just want to defend Amano a bit here, but everyone has that spiky haired sidekick/friend/rival like, always. All the time. To name a few:




Wait they all start with “Ka” I smell a conspiracy

Anyway, just cut Amano some slack. Most of the eldlive characters that look like a khr character looks like so probably because Amano have a very specific art style. I’m shocked people aren’t actually comparing Bnha’s Kacchan and Deku with Gucchi and Chuuta when I can see a lot of similarity appearance and personality wise (well gucchi is more like proto!katsuki tho) plus they’re each other’s childhood friends.

Hm, I wonder why no one compares Gucchi to other spiky haired characters? Was it because some people are just searching for reasons to compare eldlive and khr? Nah, no way.

(Also Amano actually confirmed that Laine is based on Dino so your suspicion for that one is actually legit)

4. The story is exactly the same

Proof that you hate on eldlive without even giving it a try. I’m not even going to bother with this one.

5. elDLIVE’s art style copies KHR!

Look, guys, this is pretty saddening but I saw this kind of post/comment/shit twice already. I… I don’t even know. My faith in humanity is nearing zero.

Yeah eldlive is such a copy cat, Amano should file a lawsuit against herself.


Well those are some of it. Note that I’m about 99% supportive of people who compares the two for fun, this post is directed to those who compares them to make eldlive as some sort of “shittier version of khr”, which it is not.

To KHR fans, you can dislike eldlive, but you can’t hate it because it’s not KHR.
elDLIVE is made by the person who brought you your beloved series, and just hating on it is not gonna bring KHR back. It’s just going to hurt Amano’s reputation and lowers the chance of any studio ever giving KHR a reboot/continuation. Plus it drives khr fans who also like eldlive away. You’re actually making the fandom smaller by hating on eldlive.

If you support KHR, support the person behind it. Give eldlive a try, and if it’s not your cup of tea, you know what? it’s okay. At least you’ve supported Amano by reading it, and that’s awesome.

Don’t be a dick!

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I'm late to the pokemon generations party, but after binge-ing all the episodes, I started liking Lance, Eusine, Buck and N. Do you have any fluffy or romantic hcs for them when they're with their s/o? If there are too many characters, just Lance and Eusine are fine. I liked Reawakening. Cheryl's ep was super creepy tho. Which episode was your favourite?

i never finished generations actually i’m a huge fake fan...but i think the most impactful on me was the first episode, just because it was the first time since i was a little kid that i was blown away by the concept of a pokemon show. Like, it ebbed a little bit as I watched more of the season but I was almost in tears with the way it recaptured the same feelings i had when i first watched pokemon and the pokemon movies - like specifically the first pokemon movie

But Anyway! Onto the HC’s!


- this is a mature man who knows where his responsibilities are in life and wants to do his best to fulfill their requirements. this means u found yourself a real one bless (hand emojis). this  is a grown man who, once he knows your as serious about it as he is, is going to make you his number one priority. the only thing you might have to compete with is the village but :)

- since he’s got his shit together, this means you can depend on him. and that’s essentially the one thing he wants from his S/O. he wants a capable S/O who Chooses to depend on him, because it makes him feel needed and wanted. so this means he loves pampering his S/O just a little bit, taking care of everything he can without making too big of a deal about it. Mostly just picks up the slack in the little things that slip his S/O’s notice and he absolutely preens when he’s appreciated for it - tries to play it really cool all the while though. 


- idk how u managed to lock down this dude when he’s clearly in love with suicune but kudos my friend

- the way you know this dude is about you is that he isn’t actually spacing off every minute when he’s with you, not looking off into the distance dramatically, or saying unnecessarily cryptic shit whenever you just want to know what he wants from pokemon!tacobell. like, he’s in the moment With you, when he’s with you.

- probably invites his S/O to come traveling with him, and it gets to the point where he’ll get two of everything (two tickets, two bed hotel room, two kitschy water bottles with some local tourist trap logo on it) because even if his S/O couldn’t/just didn’t come, he wants to be ready the second they change their mind and doesn’t consider it a burden - if anything his favorite thing on the road is going to sleep alone and waking up with them next to him


- Buck is a proud guy, we know that. what that means though, is it’s going to be like pulling teeth to get this guy to compromise on anything in the relationship/flirtation. if he gets flustered while flirting, he’s the first to start deflecting any part he had in the act. if he wants the arm rest in the movie theater, he will make a scene right in the middle of Cars 3 so he can put his dr pepper there. 

- but, when he starts finally getting serious about his S/O, that pride extends to them too. he’s probably matured a bit if he finally managed to commit (not that he wouldn’t but he would take a while to settle down) so he’s slower to get worked up than he used to be, but he when his ire is raised on the behalf of his S/O, it’s like Cars 3 all over again. he thinks of it as being ‘protective’, chivalrous even, but he’s even more overzealous if he has a particularly shy or lenient S/O who won’t speak up for themselves. 

N Harmonia

- a very romantic man, very over the top in his approach to the relationships he’s in but he’s so casual about it that the sense of suspended disbelief sticks around even when everything inside you is pointing out how ridiculous everything is

- he’s somehow both touch starved and afraid to touch his partner, and it shows. like when he’s walking with his S/O, he’ll never grab their hand and will pull away if they try to hold his. he will, however, calculate the perfect distance to walk from his S/O so their hands will brush against another every so often. you can only tell he’s enjoying it because of the dusted blush that will stain his cheeks - the dude’s mad cute. 

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I'm sorry I always ask for this but ✩JJBellaOtaYuri? (Obs skip the sex questions if they make you uncomfortable ❤️)

babe listen to me you can ask me about the one true ot4 any time about literally anything i will talk about them for hours


Who is more likely to raise their voice?

yuri raises their voice first, and jj raises it too to try to talk over him and calm him down

Who threatens to leave but never actually does?

yuri with his impulsive mouth lmao

Who actually keeps their word and leaves?

as said before otabek is the one who needs his space to calm down so he leaves for 1-2 days for everyone to Chill Out

Who trashes the house?

no one!

Do either of them get physical?

again, yuri tends to punch/kick walls

jj gets a bit physical with himself, he tends to clutch his own hair really tightly when he’s stressed out so he does this often during big fights

How often do they argue/disagree?

disagreements between them happen pretty often but its never anything extreme

Who is the first to apologise?

bella tends to apologize first even when its not her fault - hell even when the argument doesnt involve her. it usually spurs the people who are actually in the argument to make up

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-Who are you kidding? Girls can’t play softball.
-What did you say?
-I said girls can’t play softball.
-Uh oh.


• believe it or not, sehun is actually going to be v nervous about asking you for children

• he always asks kai questions like “do you think she wants them ???” “what if she thinks its too early ???//?” are you sURE, 100%, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE SHE’LL AGREE W ME ?/?/////???”

• he popped the question about a year after he asked you to marry him and you’re just washing the dishes when he comes home all like “yo”

• he’s gonna come over and press a kiss to the back of your head and start off as a mess ok he kEEPS STUTTERING

• “jagi??”

• “yes sehun”

• “what do you think about — uhhhhHH ,,, about – being a mom, like, bearing my children ?/ sHit wait let me word this correctly…. like what do you think – about ,,,,, having children ???”

• you’re kinda standing there in awe bc wOw he actually wants children !!!!

• “yeah i want them too”

• and just that statement literally just carries a whole burden of worries off his shoulders bc since he’s not used to getting said no to, if you said that you preferred it to be just the two of you, he’d be like “oh”

• not to mention it’d be hella awkward 

• and literally through that whole nine months through your pregnancy, he will be clueless and a nervOus wRECK // plus he’s gonna ditch his tsundere personality just for the time being, yenno, supporting his wife just like the doctor said

• he really ReaLLY wants a girl to spoil the hell out of

• so when the doctor tells him that your firstborn is going to be a girl, he is so fUKCN IGN excited and keeps asking the doctor if he’s serious and he’s not just kidding w him bc sehun alwAys tells him that a female child is what he hopes for // he will still love the child if it was a boy tho ofc

• so when you’re going for ultrasounds and he comes with you and you see the little fetus, he’s just amAZED

• “thats her ?? thats really her ??? thats OUR child that YOURE carrying that came from US”

• he’s honestly way more excited for this than you are

• and when you do the thing where you put his hand on your tummy and he feels her kick, he just kinda jumps back like oh gOd shE MOVED

• “sehun, theres no need to be afraid. this is your child I’m carrying”

• “yeah but she’s ,,,,,, moving —-”

• if he’s already this nervous while you’re like 5 months into your pregnancy, imAGINE HIM WHEN ITS TIME FOR THE CHILD TO COME OUT

• you’re both just watching tv at 12 midnight when your water broke and you look down like oh shit and he notices you look uncomfortable so he looks down and he’s like oH SHIT 

• he’ll be rushing you to the car and he’ll be getting your overnight bag and fumbling his keys while trying to start the car and you’re just like sEHUN CALM DOWN CHRIST


• so while you’re in the hospital and in labour, he just sits outside the room on the phone with kai for like three hours who finally calms him down and he’s just waiting there and even though he’s composed himself, his knee is bouncing like crazy

• the doctor tells him that he can go inside the room and you’re laying there and your child is in your arms and sehun’s worries are literally just washed away with just one look at them bc thats his child yo and she’s so freaking cute

• when you finally bring your child home, he literally doesn’t want to spend a sEcond away from her

• he’s just gonna be looking at her from her crib smiling like crazy and playing with the baby’s little tiny fingers and his heart absolutely cannot handle it when she sneezes. he literally needs to turn away for a second and hold his heart bc — ouch —

• at her first birthday, he just invites everyone he knows and shows off to every single one of his friends

• “look, its my baby’s first birthday :)))) she’s so cute :)) my wife is so cute :)))) my whole entire family is so freaking cute :)))))”

• but then when she turns four and already learns how to walk and talk, he suddenly doesn’t know what to say bc since he’s her favourite parent, she copies everything sehun says and does bc daddy’s girl :)))

• one time sehun dropped something and said agh shit and his daughter was tailing right behind him

• so she dropped the toy in her hand and said agh shit 

• but you and sehun both heard it and you both just looked at her in horrOR and from then on, both of you always had to watch your mouth around your child 

• she’s scared of monsters under her bed and thunderstorms so she sleeps in your room a lot bc she wants her dad to sleep in her room but sehun is like “no way in hell am i sleeping in her tiny bed by e “ and you dont have a problem w sleeping in it but ur husband is a bitch abt it bc you’re his body pillow and he kind of needs you

• so when she comes padding along to your room, he’s like “why aren’t u asleep” and she says “daddy, I’m scared”

• so he kinda sighs and makes room in the middle but this child wants to sleep at the edge on her father’s side

• he doesn’t want her to fall off the bed so he holds her v close and she falls asleep almost immediately and he kisses her hair and dozes off as well

• you were awake to experience the whole thing but sehun would be embarrassed as hell if he knew that 

• so you dont mention it but when he seems annoyed at his daughter for always sleeping in your room, you just smile bc you know he secretly enjoys it and finds it cute as hell :)))

star-bucks-whore  asked:

Hi :) I have a question,.i've just seen ur post where u say people r asking u to leave joss whedon alone. I'm sorry, im just curious becaue idk much about the subject but I thought joss whedon was like, a nice guy, a feminist and all that. Recently tho, ive seen lots of posts that are insulting him, but idk why exactly. Mostly i just want to know ur opinion on the matter because im a bit confused, thanks :)

…stop with the :), it’s hard to take you seriously.

A lot of people say they’re feminists, use all the right terminology and then just fucking fall on their faces because they don’t actually follow the ideology.

[Like, as you will notice if you go into human services, you will find many abusers learn the right words to say to get out of situations or gaslight their victims. The trick is knowing when they’re actually full of shit.
Like how fuckboys are now asking for nudes, but putting it under the flag of feminism by claiming not sending them nudes is ‘like, misogyny’ and they should be proud to send them feminist nudes.

Knowing the lingo does not constitute being something.]


Joss Whedon is pulling a Moffat, he is God of Marvel in his own mind.

Here are the original posts about it.

Although, if you have not yet watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, then you should know they are 100% not spoiler free, and more like spoiler-full.


1) Original Issues with A:AOU and it’s portrayal of females

2) Additional Point That Should Make You Angry as Fuck

3) The problem with Apolo-Joss-ts


In short, he’s being quite sexist, misogynistic, and blatantly problematic… 

But he’s got fans runnin in to defend him left and right in a way that eeriy feels like when Chris Brown beat Rhianna, or when Justin Bieber did all that shit he did… 

Rather than accept that these are issues, and call him out on them (it is only through criticism that you can change), they apologise and say ‘but he wrote buffy? and firefly? what is wrong with you?’

Well great he did a vaguely-alright thing in the past (and you should hear some hella racist comments he made about the females of Firefly, btw, especially Summer Glau). Let’s excuse everything he ever does from now on…


The movies are fanfiction. His fanfiction.

And you know the most important thing about fanfiction?

Reviews, Critics, comments… the ones that say, “I see what you were going for, and I liked this bit (x, y, z) But you sincerely fucked up (k, p, l), and here’s how you can fix it…” 

If someone’s writing shitty fiction (eg My Immortal) and you heap undeserved praise on it, then they continue writing shit like My Immortal. There is never any improvement whatsoever.

You can’t improve if you continue thinking nothing is wrong, and you are god.

[It’s why I can’t watch Doctor Who anymore, because Moffat just… the writing of Clara and the interactions with her is downright terrible. I’d need a whole other post to talk about it… because his writing of women is either ‘weepy lovesick doctor lovers who can’t do shit for themselves’ or ‘badass chick who falls over herself to get the doctor’s attention’, and ugh. 
We need Donna or Martha back… because they took no shit.


Joss is there.

He fucking wrote Agents of SHIELD but wants to pretend Coulson still being alive isn’t canon. He wants to pretend 90% of the MCU isn’t canon so only his work is… his fanfiction…

He still writes Tony as Pre-Iron Man 3, when he was still an arrogant dick (and not the epiphany-having Tony who realised he fucked up).

He took Black Widow ‘his favourite’, and just… pissed on her.

Literally write in an incorrect non-canon ship with no foreshadowing, no lead-up, no anything… JUST to (SPOILER) make angsty silly-girl-in-love pain for Natasha. And the Goddamn MONSTER comment, oh m god, I could throttle him…

As someone on tumblr once said, Use the KISS Rule when writing relationships.
If they have to kiss for you to realise they are in love… then you wrote it wrong.

He took Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and made it a creepy twindependence thing that left you questioning if this was more than siblings, given her complete inability to think or exist without him.

He completely whitewashed Wanda and Pietro, gave them weird accents… took two canonically Jewish kids and made them NAZI-SYMPATHISERS.
Despite their father, Magneto, being a holocaust survivor, a child tortured in the concentration camps… 

He took Hawkeye, and just went ‘fuck canon, have a family, no homo’.
And didn’t even bother to give them the Dog.
[Probably in response to the Hawkeye Initiative…]

We’ll never get Bi-Cap at this rate. Unless the Russo Brothers are ore LGBPTAce inclined… 

He wrote Cap weirdly, and washed any chance of Falcon being in the movie, out (he’s an avenger ffs, why not?)

He couldn’t even have been bothered to get Pepper Potts or Jane Foster into the movie (two highly successful female characters), even for a cameo… and made them both into a pseudo ‘mine’s bigger/better than yours’ comp/joke.


Joss is to the Avengers, as [whoever directed that disastrous The Dark Knight Triology] is to Batman.

Ignored canon. Didn’t even bother to research the characters, their storylines, how everything usually plays out. That’s lazy.

That’s like someone coming in and writing a Harry Potter spinoff where-… no, I’m thinking of My Immortal again. Imagine if the writer of that wanted to pretend the original books were not canon, but their fanfic was…
‘Nothing is canon but my work, look at it, love it, you have no other choice’.

It’s that arrogance that’s killing the fun of it… 

…such high hopes, and he ruined it.