when i say no i mean no

if you ever ask a woman who’s clearly in a bad mood “are you ok” and she says “i’m fine!”, she’s not trying to like, wrap you into her unwinnable haunted carnival game of emotional manipulation. she probably immediately began to second guess every contributing factor to her bad mood when you pointed it out

you could have literally slapped a strangers ass and then called her dog a slut and in the .5 seconds she takes to collect her thoughts before the “i’m fine!!!” she thinks well maybe there was a bee on that butt and i mean coco is kind of promiscuous for a schnauzer yeah i’m fine i’m fine (she’s not)

isak is such a hypocrite for saying “you guys need to start getting chicks yourselves” like he didn’t fucking BLUSH every time even so much as looks at him,, like the Kitchen Scene where he deadass could not lift his head and look even in the eye never happened,, we see right thourgh u bitch

I don’t get crushes.
That is a line from Jughead Volume Two issue nine.
You know what else Jughead says in Jughead Volume Two (issue eleven page ten if you wanna get real specific)?
“I don’t go on dates, Sabrina. I don’t like people that way, you know?
He didn’t say "I don’t get crushes on girls” or “I don’t like girls that way”. He said he doesn’t get crushes, period. He said he doesn’t like people that way. That’s just about as close to saying “I’m aromantic” as you can get without actually saying “I’m aromantic.”

So in conclusion: Jughead is canonically aromantic and I have the proof on my fucking bookshelf and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Hey who wants to start using an Official™ Overwatch code/etiquette system with me

These are mostly for those who might not enter the voice chat for various reasons, and can only communicate with using the text chat and voice options.

I’ll start, suggestions/additions to this post welcome:

  • When you say your ultimate is ready (100%) THREE TIMES IN A ROW, you are about to use it.
    IE: “Zarya: Graviton Surge is Ready! (x3)”
    “We’re on the objective and Zarya’s saying she’s got her ult, I guess she’s about to use it, so I should take advantage with mine too when she does”
  • If you are on The Objective™ during a skirmish, that means you actually want to fight with others to practice the character you chose.
    IE: If you’re skirmishing in Ilios, and you step into the lighthouse, it means you want to practice
  • If a Healer character is saying “I need healing,” ESPECIALLY if they are the only healer, that means THEY ARE IN DANGER and need immediate help.
    IE: “Mercy: I need healing!”
    “Why is our only healer telling us I need healing? OH SHIT Tracer’s shooting her to death! We need to kill the enemy Tracer!”
  • Please ASK or TELL your team that you’re going to play Hanzo or Widowmaker on Offense, so that they can coordinate with you. It’s far better to know a sniper is being chosen by someone competent AND considerate.
    IE: “I’m going to play Widowmaker to get a lot of picks to help you out” “Okay but swap out if we’re not making progress” “Got it”
  • In Competitive Play: state which characters you might swap into in advance so that others will know how to work with you and coordinate their own character choices as well, if you wind up switching.
  • In Comp: ask about, establish or suggest potential strategies for the team so that there’s a range of options to try.
    IE: “Hey, are we going to the left, right, or up the middle? Who should be the distraction?”
  • If someone asks you if they can use the character you picked- ACTUALLY RESPOND TO THEM. You’re allowed to say “no,” but that person is asking and expecting an answer. Please give them one.
    IE: “Hey, can I try Genji?” “Sure”
  • In Comp, if your teammate(s) or opponent(s) state that they have a troll/griefer on their team and they ask everyone in the match to report them- if what they say holds up, then do it, as well as blocking them. You don’t want to wind up with them on your team as well later on.
  • IE: “Opponent: Hey, our Roadhog player complained when our team asked for their help, and then they left the match. Can everyone please report him?”

anonymous asked:

How do you deal with hate? I get really upset when people on here are horrible to me and I don't know how to deal with it.

That’s what some people don’t understand. Being horrible may mean nothing to them but it upsets some people. Honestly, if people are rude to me, I just block them because I don’t want that kind of negativity on my blog. I don’t like arguments. I don’t like rude people. If I see something on someone else’s blog I disagree with, I scroll past it because I understand that people can say whatever they want on their own blog - some people cannot fathom that and feel the need to spew their input, even on strangers blogs…

At the end of the day, they’re clearly unhappy in their own lives that they feel the need to be rude or horrible to strangers online. Try not to let it get to you because I can guarantee, you’re a much better person than they are and when they mature, they’ll realise that.

Regarding College AU questions:

I get super stoked to answer questions for it, please ask anything any time! I love to talk about this ‘verse with people! :)

BUT sometimes I don’t answer for 2 reasons: 

1. I’ve already answered the question multiple times (ex. What’s the endgame ship? It’s Mc/Hanzo. )

2. The answer is coming up in future updates and I don’t want to completely spoil it. 

Usually if the asker is off anon I can let them know there’s more info in the future, but when it’s on anon I don’t want to keep clogging people’s dashboards up with a million posts saying “check back later” since there’s no private answering there. So if you’ve asked me something and I never got back to you, I’m really sorry! I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t have a means of telling you I’m working on something similar to what you’re asking. All I can say for now is thanks for being patient with me!

Also, thank you to everyone who’s sent me such sweet and kind messages, they make me so happy and get me excited to work on stuff. I really appreciate them so much, and I hope everyone who’s sent them has a really good day!

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I think they cut something out of the club scene tbh. So when they're all sitting at the table talking and Veronica is saying how her mom makes her name mean nothing, and suddenly she's sees Betty across the room. She stops talking, and says she has to go address something and she goes up to Betty and dances. And she says: "Thank god you're here, Reggie is terrible arm candy. He is far from gorgeous compared to you" And they dance the night away. Sadly it was cut. idk why

Yeah that’s super weird I hope we see it as a deleted scene soon 😕

I think people need to understand the difference between not enjoying something and having a “fanboy rage” (or fangirl rage) over it.

When someone says “If you don’t like it you don’t have to see it” they probably are not meaning that in a way of “You should only go watch things you are 100% sure you will absolutely love and see no flaws in”

They probably mean it in the way of “If seeing this thing will just piss you off and make you miserable and rage, you probably shouldn’t see it”.

I won’t even frame it just in terms of others attacking DC.
Like I’ve mentioned I no longer enjoy the Marvel flicks like I used  to in large part due to the fandom.

To me, a lotof the stuff that I presume Marvel fans still see as positives I find as flaws and frustrating as hell.

Every time there’s a scene that someone or a lot of people should have been killed or injured and it’s just glossed over or ignored? That to me is a flaw and pisses me off.

Making awkward jokes that are meant to draw laughs from awful things (Example: “He’s my brother” “He killed 80 people in 2 days” “He’s adopted” To me that’s no longer funny, that’s laughing about murder. And yes some can say I’m taking crap too serious, but is that that really any more nitpicking than people upset about color coding on DC’s movies?)

The fact most of the villains actions tend to exist only to make the heroes look good. (Ultron ignores the body he wants to kidnap Widow for no reason other than to let the heroes get to his hideout before he has his body. Ronan just stops dead because someone is dancing. Aliens that don’t care about human life kindly avoid hitting buildings and causing damage)

Now, what would me going to say, Spider-Man: Homecoming accomplish? Especially since I, in particular, hate Peter Parker as a character and am sick of him as a teenager.

I really doubt I’d put together some critique  that’d actually change the minds of anyone, most would just write it off as hate from someone who would never enjoy the movie anyway.
And  they really wouldn’t be wrong.

The only thing it’d accomplish is pissing me off, giving money to something I don’t like, and at absolute best pissing off fans of the thing I dislike during a time they should be allowed to enjoy the stuff they like.

And I’m just someone who no longer likes the MCU, I’m not someone who actually believes it shouldn’t exist, I’m not someone who thinks people who do enjoy it are mindless drones (at least, not most of them), the just enjoy different shit than I do.

So how much worse is it for those who genuinely hate something so much they hate that it even exists to go review something?

metaphoricalpluto  asked:

I'm just wondering, why do you ship sans x alphys and/or when did you start shipping them? I'm sorry if this comes across mean or rude, I'm just interested as it's a ship I don't really come across that often ahha (btw I love your art and your comic series so far :D)

Nerds, science-buddies, years of friendship, possible roleplayers and watching anime together… As in how I started shipping them all of a sudden? Have a look, please :3

— Here —

It says the date right there. In that moment when I brainstormed about Sans having a crush then -BAM-! XD Even if this post was A JOKE  at first lol but there will always be random moments when you can’t help but fangurl over minor things XD (I guess it’s prolly ‘cause I managed to discover the chemistry between two characters). 

I honestly have no idea why I like The Walking Dead so much when I’m so frustrated with the writers. I just think of all the missed opportunities with plot, character development, and relationship development and it makes me want to scream. There are so many awesome characters that just don’t get enough screen time. I mean, Lost had a large ensemble cast, but I never felt like there were so many characters that were just ignored or pushed aside as I do when I watch The Walking Dead. I don’t know, I still love the show but I’m just so frustrated and I’m sure like 80% of it is Caryl related. But I mean, Carol/Melissa McBride deserve so much more screen time and aside from “Say Yes” Michonne hasn’t been getting as much either and it’s just….uggggggghhhhhhhh. I just really miss the earlier seasons when the cast was smaller and you could really connect to the characters. 

I’ve known you forever. There is something in your soul that is so familiar and it cannot be just the trace of our existence. I struggle to say this because how can I put such a feeling into words?

“I love you” does not always mean I trust you more than I should. It does not include the feeling of emptiness when I am not holding you. It does not even begin to describe the fact that coming home feels like you. No, I love you is not enough – it feels shallow and overused on my tongue because I have not meant it too many times. And if I do not say it this time, it is because it feels like it is too small for what I have, for what I am willing to give to you.

Forgive me if I burn the world down, I heard you like flames.

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Hey don't you think the "I need to move on" in the 6x15 promo has been edited so that it sounds like she's saying that but in reality it's from two separate sentences? When you listen to it, it looks like it might be that. Because it would be a weird thing for her to say, even after what happened in last night's episode... Well we'll have to wait until next Sunday to know of course, but I was wondering if I was the only one thinking that haha. (I love your Tumblr btw :3)

Yes, I do think it’s two sentences put together. Maybe she’s saying Killian was having a hard time trying to move on from his past? I mean, don’t quote me, because she really could be saying I need to move on. But something tells me that it isn’t really as it sounds. We will see! I’m trying not to worry because I DO know it ends okay. We just gotta get there. Deep breaths. WOO SAHH HELP. OK. I’m okay. lol And thank you so much! xo

I need to start using the word ‘joyful’ more. I mean… I can talk about feeling ‘happy.’ I can say that being with my sweethearts makes me ‘happy’ but sometimes it doesn’t? Sometimes things are hard. Sometimes when I’m with them we have to tackle some really tough things and it’s not any fun whatsoever.

But still, even when things are full of hardship and pain having a deep friend I can rely on and be close to is a good thing and making it through a difficult time in our life together gives a sense of wholeness and… joy.

So yeah… Joyful. I think I need to start using it more often.

grimoireofalex  asked:

... Ummm... 😭 I forgot what I wanted to say! ...OH YEAH! Bellies being used as a drum, yea or nay?

HAHAH I think when someone else does it can be funny! If you mean more on the kinky side, then I like it when the guy like pats his belly or proudly slaps the sides of it and the thud that makes shows that it’s drum-tight. So all around this gets a yea from me~

I mean I can get how someone seeking attention could be annoying especially if they go about it in manipulative ways or otherwise do it in ways that cross a boundary.

But people need to understand when I say I need attention and validation to live… I’m not exaggerating. I have bpd and honestly I’m still pretty seriously questioning npd traits and those are both disorders where lack of attention can literally plunge a person into suicidal ideation. I know it’s not an excuse to cross boundaries but as long as my attention seeking is harmless it’s not a bad thing and I’m not a bad person for needing that attention to survive.

Everyone needs attention and validation to a certain degree and trust me I don’t want to need it this badly but I can’t exactly just like return my bpd. Need for attention is one of my symptoms and it’s probably not going anywhere.

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Hello! I saw you are looking for headcannons! I have a slightly angst one. How do you think the RFA+Saeran would convince MC she should leave her (non RFA) s/o for them? (Please give a happy ending because I am so awful with angst without one) Thank you for always posting such great stuff!

(Thanks! Don’t worry I’ll end them with fluff! ALL DA FLUFF!!!)


  • This puppy knew you had a boyfriend
  • But he was kinda a dick
  • Like he flirted with other girls with you right next to him??
  • WTF
  • Decides to call you instead of playing LOLOL one night
  • “MC?”
  • “Mmm? Yoosung? Wha time is it..” You say groggily
  • Apologizes
  • Tries to explain why you should leave your boyfriend without being rude
  • “Plus if you were to date me, I….I would never compare you to Rika!”
  • You giggle and say it’s ok as long as it’s not all the time
  • Faints when he realizes this means you will date him
  • “Y-Yoosung?!”


  • Has met your boyfriend
  • Thinks they are cool
  • They tell him that they have a crush on someone else but are afraid of telling you
  • Decides that confessing to you would solve the problem
  • You get kinda mad at Zen when he first tries
  • Like everyone could tell he fucked up
  • Eventually talks you into it
  • You’re happy
  • He’s happy
  • Your ex is happy


  • Wat
  • You have a boyfriend?
  • Too much of a gentleman to convince you
  • Pines from afar
  • When you break up
  • You go to him for comfort
  • Confesses then


  • Good.
  • You won’t get close to him because you have a bf
  • Until he finds out your boyfriend is cheating on you
  • Dis boi
  • Shows you the evidence
  • Later
  • after you are dating
  • Hacks everything this guy has


  • “Wanna date?”
  • Says it in front of your boyfriend
  • Boyfriend goes to attack him
  • Saeran knocks your ex out
  • Yes
  • EX
  • As he was now dating you
I got my SECOND SRS letter

Just got back from the hospital and the psychiatrist there is gonna write me my letter

He’s also gonna add some language in it that means I can use the letter as evidence for my change of gender in my passport (i.e., saying my change of gender will be permanent)

That means when I get that letter, I can put down my deposit for SRS later this year

I’m so stoked, it took a long time and lots of effort to get here but it’s happening!

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Robert and Liv cures me. I feel alive when they're onscreen. I feel like if Liv can find a way to forgiving him Aaron will be able to too. Also don't you just think Roblivion are like that kid at school with the painfully cool parents whose house you'd simultaneously desperately want to go over to and also at the same time be shit scared to venture in because you know your own (terribly uncool) parent would be there in their Volvo the next day to pick you up?

this is… the perfect metaphor… 

although i’m sorry but if my parents looked like robert and aaron i don’t think i’d ever get any of my friends to leave my house bc damn

(give me fic where any friends that liv makes develops some sort of crush on one or both of them and it’s the biggest earthly nuisance)