when i say mostly

My favorite thing in Spanish [I think this is mostly Spain?] is when you hear someone say madre mía as an expression because it’s like “oh wow” or “oh my gosh” but I just imagine people going “MY MOM, would you look at that!”

Day 47 of #365Days
& Day 5 of Rizumo Week

They say you draw what is in your heart, then your body follows.

// The dream all Rizumo Shippers wants to see. XD

Rin, visiting Izumo at the middle of the Night (after Izumo’s Arc)

Izumo: Rin, what are you doing here? It is the middle of the Night.
Rin: Nothing. *kisses Izumo* Just making sure this is real.
Izumo: I am alive Rin, you saved me. Everyone had save me. Thank you.
Rin: Haha. You’re right, this is real.

This is real.


@betweentwoears Offers a Picturesque Perspective on the Irish Countryside

To see more of Alex and Ben’s jaunts, follow @betweentwoears on Instagram.

Between the ears of Alex Calder’s (@caldalex) trusted chestnut thoroughbred Ben lies one of the finest views of the Irish countryside. “Where we live is an old part of Ireland, and it’s quite historic,” says Alex. “It’s where the Vikings came when they landed in the 800s or 900s. There’s an old, ruined castle, an 800-year-old church and an old corral, which apparently King John of England camped in.” Her scenes from the saddle on @betweentwoears draw inspiration from “The Finest View in Europe,” a painting by English artist Charles “Snaffles” Johnson Payne. “It’s just the horse’s head and neck and ears, and he’s looking over the fields. I always think of it when I take photos,” Alex says.

Luckily, Ben is mostly patient during impromptu photo shoots on their rides. “You can see how alert he is,” she says. “When I stop and take pictures, he sort of sticks his head up and pricks his ears.”


yes that hair destroyed my entire being im deceased but i hope nobody else is

Pluto is becoming my favorite planet in astrology. I love everything that it symbolizes. Of course there are bad things that come with Pluto (like every other planet, if not handled properly) but I just like the darkness of it and the mysterious power that it exudes. And I like the drastic transformations that it brings, to help us confront our darkest demons, to overcome the ruin that we’ve experienced or are experiencing. Any aspect to Pluto is the most interesting to me. Instead of Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune….. give me Pluto! There is nothing more satisfying than bringing your deepest issue(s) to light and finally defeating the monstrous forces that constantly try to drag you down into intense pits of despair, to come out stronger and be a more improved version of yourself.

An Open Letter to The Phandom:

2016 has been a crazy year and it is coming to an end. I saw TATINOF this summer and that’s when I really fell into the Phandom, and I fell hard. This year has easily been one of the best years of my entire life, and I have you all to thank. This is the year that I have really fallen into the Phandom, and I’m so happy for that. This year I created a tumblr account and now there are almost 10,000 of you following me, which is insane. You guys are all so important to me, each and every single one of you. Thank you to everyone who follows me, likes my posts, or messages when saying nice things and brightening my day. But mostly, I want to thank Dan and Phil for helping to create this amazing community. Thank you everyone for making this year amazing! Repost this if you can relate to how I feel and I urge you to share this with all of your followers, whether it’s 1 or 100,000, to let them know that each and every single one of them is loved and appreciated.


Well well…this thingy kinda went into my head when I had a little conversation with @xladymalice..
She mostly says no when I ask her if she loves me. But that time it was so icecold and that image came into my mind.
Don’t get me wrong~ we’re best friends…but if life were a video game she probably would’ve shot me a couple of times. Just for fun…
well I guess I will upload some more of this because I still have a little idea but this shall be it for today~

Please remember that what you see on people’s blogs isn’t an accurate representation of their lives what you see is just a minute fraction of their lives that they choose to share.

Like the saying goes “everybody has chapters they don’t read out loud”

You know, when I say a SU episode is bad I’m mostly refering to it in context, like… I didn’t like Dark Souls 2 much even if it was a great game because in comparison to the first it wasn’t AS good. Simiarly with SU episode I think that even the bad ones would be decent episodes in other series.

Not this episode. This was just straight up bad.

So yeah, I have a new worst. Congratulations House Guest.

Conversation with my brother while I'm sick
  • <p> <b>Me while looking through old school work:</b> *groans* I hate DBQs<p/><b>Bro:</b> What are those?<p/><b>Me:</b> Document Based Questions, or in the case of this one it's DBA<p/><b>Bro:</b> What, Document Based Assessment<p/><b>Me:</b> No Document Based Essay<p/><b>Bro:</b> So you mean DBE<p/><b>Me:</b> Essay starts with an E?<p/><b>Bro:</b> Yes...your delirious<p/><b>Me:</b> H20 delirious?<p/><b>Bro:</b> I was just about to say that<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I was just wondering what pens you used in Sai (I presume?) for that Kecleon and Sealeo art? Thanks a lot, it looks really good!

These are the two brushes i used for that art piece, n my other “christmas-ified” requests too, altho i use both of these brushes frequently for most of my art works along with two more. The crayon brush was for lineart n coloring, meanwhile with the water color one i added the nice effects n textures to it~ Tho the water color brush is also suited for shading and blending colors, which it does very well i might add!! Also the crayon one has a weird brush setting that i downloaded a year ago n haven’t found since, but the option “Fuzzy static” works just as well, and it’s part of sai by default, it gives the same effect almost!!

Also here’s my other two brushes that i use just because~

These are all the brushes that i use for when i work in sai, mostly, unless i’m experimenting n stuff, hehe!!

You don’t need to use a gun to kill someone you know...

I don’t get it.

Has no one in Alexandria seen an ep of Law & Order: SVU?  There are so many, many, many ways to kill someone, or even a group of people.

When I say this, I’m mostly thinking of Walter White’s ricin.

Eugene would be the one to engineer that kind of thing–something touched or ingested…why aren’t they plotting away at a plan like that?  Something they all take at once–in the alcohol they can steal (ooh, like Gus Fring) or something like that?

Sometimes, it takes more than a bullet.  Why don’t they have their thinking caps on?

*pointedly looks at Rick and Michonne*

it’s gonna be kinda weird, cause while i do like it a lot, i’m not super into drawing sonic stuff, but i think i might cling to it for a bit to try to bring myself out of this creative funk. i realised going through my art that a lot of my improvement shows most in those couple of sonic things i drew.

The Years Keep On Turning

I’m late, but oh well. Life happened and it was shitty, so I wrote this to cheer myself up and I hope it works for some of you as well. It’s not betad, so the copious mistakes are all mine. A birthday vignette in honor of our beloved muse, Katniss Everdeen. May she never be without her toastbabies, her dandelion in the spring, and plenty of delicious food. RATED M for smut.


She plays in the meadow, twirling and leaping, pretending to have wings like a bird so she can fly. Her father needs only a word, though, to draw her from play and into their chores. The flying girl doesn’t view the chores with distaste at all. She rather enjoys them, especially the moments of free time they get to savor the woods. Like today.

“Come down from that tree, Hummingbird,” the girl’s father calls up to her, his hands cupped around his mouth to amplify the sound. She grins and flips so she’s hanging from the branch by her knees, completely missing her father’s gasp of fear and the handful of running steps he makes towards the base of the tree before her giggle stops him.

“Your Mama’s waiting with your birthday surprise,” he admonishes, the fear of a moment ago making his voice harsher than intended. The girl sobers, hearing the subtle difference, and swings her feet over her head to the branch below before scurrying down the trunk and landing with a soft crunch of leaves, next to her father.

“I’m sorry, Papa,” she whispers, her expression contrite.

“It’s okay, Katniss,” the father says, picking up the girl’s game bag and handing it to her. “But we should get going.”

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womanoflettersisahufflepuff  asked:

I just started watching your videos and you are all so amazing! :D Anyway, I have two questions: a) How long, or if you do, do you take to prepare before filming a video? & b) Is it hard to stay in character when doing some videos like your taste test or yoga challenge videos? Thanks!

It usually takes us maybe half an hour to get ready? We’re not very efficient (it’s more fun to run around and chat, misplacing ties and whatnot in the process) and depends who we are cosplaying (Remus, Harry and Draco require more make up). Staying in character is not very hard (except maybe for Draco) as we all have the traits we’re showing off and the whole group dynamic comes naturally after 8+ years of friendship :) I do have a habit of sometimes letting some Swedish slip out when I taste test something really disgusting XD mostly saying “nej” instead of “no” and more Swedish sounding cries of disgust haha we break character more while filming skits but it’s then more a matter of forgetting lines and getting frustrated X) /chris