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I Got You On My Mind [Part 5]

Jungkook Soulmate AU (Angst)

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Summary: You and Jungkook plan another date after exchanging numbers. Since you’re under house arrest, Jungkook decides to spend the evening at your place. And things seem to go perfectly–until they don’t. 

Word count: 2.1k words

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After you hobbled home from the music building, your body was exhausted. But you were still thrumming with excitement, clutching your cell phone tightly in your hand. You had finally gotten Jungkook’s phone number, and he finally had yours.

With great difficulty, you managed to pry off your shoe and make it to your bedroom. After carefully setting your crutches aside, you fell back onto your bed. Holding your phone above your face, you couldn’t help the huge smile that spread across your lips.

You opened your contacts, pulling up Jungkook’s profile. He had snapped a silly selfie when he put his number into your phone, and you stared dazedly at your soulmate’s photograph, feeling more fond than you thought was appropriate.

Hesitantly, you composed a new text message. You began to type a quick greeting, but it seemed too formal, so you erased it. “Hey soulmate,” you tried, then immediately cringed. Backspacing quickly, you stared at the blank text. Maybe it would be best to wait for Jungkook to text first.

Letting your arm–and your phone–fall to the bed, you stared up at the plain ceiling and tried to remember Jungkook before the car accident. After racking your brain relentlessly, you were left with a headache and no answers.

That only made you more curious–what was your first encounter with Jungkook really like? He seemed to like you enough now, so surely it must’ve gone well.

With thoughts of Jungkook on your mind, you slowly drifted to sleep, the world around you fading to black.

You woke with a start, your eyes shooting open. Beside your ear, your phone was vibrating loudly. Exhaling shakily, you placed your hand over your racing heart. Eventually, you picked up your phone from beside you, checking the lock screen for notifications.

When you saw what had set off the alert, you nearly dropped your phone.

Jungkook had texted you. Excitedly, you unlocked your phone and opened your messaging app.

Hey Y/N 💩

You laughed at Jungkook’s poop emoji and quickly composed a response.

SENT 1:44 PM
Hey 🍪

What’s with the cookie?

SENT 1:45 PM
It’s u

SENT 1:45 PM

You blushed, wondering if the nickname was a bit too much. Suddenly, your phone buzzed, but this time, it was a text from Jieun. Confused, you opened the new chat.

Are u talking to Jungkook? He’s sitting a row in front of me. He’s staring @ his phone and MAD blushing

Laughing, you felt your embarrassment fade away. You quickly replied to Jieun with an affirmative and closed the chat. Returning to your conversation with Jungkook, you saw that he had already responded.


So I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime. Haven’t seen you in while

SENT 1:49 PM
Like a date? Or are we aiming for platonic soulmates?

Another alert from Jieun appeared on your screen, and you cackled as you went to check her update on Jungkook.



SENT 1:50 PM
Jieun wtf

You squirmed around on your bed, feeling happier than you had since you left the hospital. The smile on your face seemed permanent, and you grabbed your pillow and squealed into it. Still, it was kind of depressing that texting your two friends could make you so excited.

Grabbing your phone again, you checked to see if Jungkook had summoned enough courage to respond. He had.

Yes, like a date.

SENT 2:01 PM

When Jieun had come home, she frantically shoved the mess in the living room into her own bedroom while you limped around the house, dusting things. It was the most you had ever cleaned since you had moved in together, which was saying a lot.

Then, she had helped you into the shower, making sure you stayed upright as you bathed yourself. Your friendship with Jieun was a true one–both of you had long graduated any feelings of embarrassment around each other.

By the time everything was said and done, it was almost time for Jungkook to arrive. Jieun helped you onto the couch, setting your crutches against the wall beside you.

“I’m going to go to Lisa’s place for awhile,” Jieun said as she flopped onto the couch beside you. “Just call me when you’re ready for me to come home.”

“You don’t have to leave, you know,” you frowned, turning to look at your friend. Jieun just rolled her eyes at you. “I’m serious! I don’t mind.”

“Yeah, but I’m sure Jungkook would,” Jieun snorted. “I’ll let you soulmates do your thing. Just…be careful, okay? Don’t jump headfirst into something you’re not ready for.”

“I’m not going to sleep with him,” you replied, a little incredulously. Jieun winced at that. “We’re just going to watch a movie and talk, I guess.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Jieun said, standing up. She walked over to the foyer and grabbed a jacket from the closet. “Don’t let yourself get swept away by the emotions of the moment.”

“Wow, you’re pretty insightful today,” you commented, trying to lighten the mood. “You should write this shit down.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Jieun laughed. She slipped into her coat. “I’m going to head out now. Call me later, okay?”

On cue, there was a knock at the door. Jieun shot you a serious look before she turned to open the door, but you couldn’t read it. Then, she swung the door open, revealing a slightly nervous Jungkook, still dressed in all black.

Jungkook glanced down at Jieun, who said something quietly to him. From where you were sitting, you couldn’t hear, but you just hoped Jieun wasn’t threatening him. Jungkook frowned and said something back, and then the two brushed passed each other.

Jieun left, shutting the door behind her quietly. When you turned your gaze back to Jungkook, he was smiling lopsidedly at you.

“Hey Y/N,” he said, holding up a plastic bag in his hand. “I brought some Chinese. Hope that’s okay.”

“If I had any doubts that we were soulmates before, I’m completely certain now,” you replied, eyeing the bag hungrily as the scent of Chinese food wafted around the apartment. “You know the way to a girl’s heart.”

“Didn’t think it would be that easy,” Jungkook laughed, stepping out of his shoes and making his way towards you. He set the food onto the coffee table in front of the couch and sat down beside you. “So, what’s the plan?”

“Eating,” you replied immediately, still staring at the takeout. Jungkook laughed again, and when you glanced at him, his eyes were crinkled into crescents. If your heart clenched at that, no one needed to know.

“There was a really good movie I watched recently,” Jungkook said, unpacking the food that he had brought. He popped open the lids, revealing black bean noodles, sweet and sour chicken, and broccoli and beef. You could feel your mouth watering.

“I’m down for anything,” you replied, picking up your laptop from the coffee table. You turned on the screen and opened up your browser. “What’s it called?”

“The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,” Jungkook replied, breaking apart a pair of chopsticks. “Classic.”

“Seriously?” you asked, turning to gawk at him. “Are you a closet weab? How come you never told me before?”

“It’s embarrassing,” Jungkook said, blushing slightly. “I mean…do I look like I watch anime?”

“That’s true,” you agreed, reaching to grab your own set of chopsticks. You split them easily, resisting the urge to rub them together because you had heard it was a rude gesture. “Still, who am I to judge?”

“So you’ve seen the movie already,” Jungkook surmised, popping a piece of beef into his mouth. “I have a billion other suggestions.”

“I haven’t watched Your Name yet,” you commented, fishing out a piece of broccoli. “I heard it was really good.”

“Yeah, I loved it!” Jungkook exclaimed through a mouthful of noodles. “I’ll watch it again, I don’t care.”

And so you pulled up the movie on your laptop, streaming it to the TV in front of you. You and Jungkook ate quickly as the movie played before you. Paying more attention to the food, you startled when Jungkook began quietly singing the opening song along with the movie.

Discreetly, you glanced at Jungkook as he sang. His voice was beautiful, to say the least. He sang effortlessly and melodiously, his clear voice floating around the room. Eventually, the opening ended, and he nonchalantly returned to eating.

“Your voice is beautiful,” you remarked softly, still awed by Jungkook’s performance. He turned to you, his cheeks full of food, and blushed slightly.

“Oh, thank you,” he managed, voice muffled by his full mouth. He chewed with some difficulty, and once he swallowed, he spoke again. “Well, I am a music major.”

“Still,” you sighed reverently. “Some people are just born with nice voices. Damn, I could listen to you sing all day.”

Jungkook’s cheeks darkened, and he coughed awkwardly and turned back to face the movie. “I wouldn’t mind singing for you again,” he said quietly after a few moments. “You know, if you want.”

“Yeah, I’d love that,” you replied honestly. You and Jungkook turned your attention back to the movie with small smiles.

After the movie ended, you and Jungkook just talked for a few hours. You reminisced about the old memories you shared together, and you learned a few new things about each other, too. Like Jungkook was a good artist, and you could play more instruments than he could.

Eventually, you and Jungkook both realized it was time for you to part. It was getting late, but neither of you wanted to say goodbye.

“I should really go now,” Jungkook said again, although he made no attempt to move. “Like, I really should.”

“No one’s stopping you,” you replied, quirking an eyebrow. Jungkook pouted at you–a habit of his you weren’t sure if you’d ever get used to, since it seemed so out of character.

“Rude,” Jungkook said, actually standing up this time. He extended his arms and helped you to your feet, reaching around you to pass you your crutches. “But I guess I do need to leave. Jieun’s waiting to come back, isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” you confirmed. “I’ll walk you to the door, since that’s as far as I’m allowed to go.”

You and Jungkook made your way to the foyer, and he began to put on his shoes. The sight evoked a strange sense of deja vu, but you shrugged it away.

“Tonight was really fun,” you said, and Jungkook smiled up at you from where he was kneeling. Once ha had finished tying his Timberlands, he stood back up.

“I thought so, too,” Jungkook agreed. “I wouldn’t mind doing something like this again.”

“Maybe we could actually go out somewhere if my house arrest is lifted,” you laughed.

“I’m fine anywhere, as long as I’m with you,” Jungkook said shyly. And it was so cheesy, but you couldn’t help but blush. When your eyes met Jungkook’s, his were serious. “Is it okay if I kiss you?”

“Y-yeah,” you stammered, shocked at Jungkook’s request.

His hands came up to gently cup your face, and he stared intently down at you. Slowly, he moved forward, and your eyes fluttered shut. His soft lips pressed gently against yours, where he lingered for a moment. Then, Jungkook pulled away. When you opened your eyes, Jungkook was grinning at you.

“I’ll see you later,” Jungkook said softly, turning towards the door.

“Bye,” you said, your voice nearing a whisper. But Jungkook heard, and turned back to smile at you one last time. Then, he turned the doorknob and slipped out of the apartment, closing the door shut firmly behind him. Again, you were struck by a strong feeling of deja vu.

Then you realized–it was because you had seen this all before.

Jungkook in your apartment, standing in the foyer, putting his shoes on. Jungkook looking at you, a very different expression on his face. Jungkook, your soulmate, turning away from you and slamming the door as he left, his cruel parting words echoing loudly in your mind.

You remembered.

And suddenly, for the first time in weeks, you heard the whispers of Jungkook’s thoughts in the back of your mind. Quieter than before, but present nonetheless. Focusing, you were able to make out your soulmate’s voice.

“Fuck. I really, really, really like her.”

Tears began to pool in your eyes. You weren’t sure what to believe.

- Girl in Luv

Writing about Chinese food made me so hungry. But I can’t even eat anything good because I’m on a damn diet. ANyway, hope you enjoyed this instalment of the series! Sorry it took so long to write. Also this is unedited, so I’ll go back and make any corrections later. I’m going to try to wrap this story up in the next few parts. Let me know if you liked it! Thanks always for the support, and happy reading 💛

Stage Door (Daveed x Reader)

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Summary: The whole “you see color when you touch your soulmate” deal. It’s fluff (and smut. There’s some in there).

A/N: Thank you thank you thank you for reading. You’re all too cool for me.

At least it was Friday. You just had to get through a day of work, then you could come home and binge-watch Netflix.  The entry level job you had been given was not challenging, and you spent a majority of your time reading or listening to music.  Though it was tedious it paid well, and you couldn’t complain about being able to make rent for once.  

“Your shirt and pants don’t match.”

You sighed.  Your cubicle-mate had recently met her soulmate, and every day for the past week she had criticized your choice of outfit.  

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Full of Surprises

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none really.      

Word Count: 1003 (exact cause I know steph - sorry bout the 3 girl!)

A/N: This is for one of the best people I have met on tumblr. She is the first friend I gained on here and she has put up with my ass ever since. It’s your birthday Stepie so I am gonna say this even if it is gonna make you barf. I love you so so much <3 Happy birthday @torn-and-frayed Hope you enjoy your Jensen you impossible woman ;)

Psst the aesthetic I promised you is at the bottom of the fic. It is kinda a give away so I hid it :P

Thanks a billion to the sweet @impala-dreamer for betaing this one for me <3 I owe you one Beka!

“Jensen! You missed the turn,” you scolded as Jensen blew past your street and continued into town.

“No I didn’t,” Jensen merely replied, making your blood boil. You knew he had wanted the two of you to go out on your birthday and make some big deal out of you turning 30. You had steadfastly refused. It was just another birthday and you hated all the fuss. You didn’t wanna be the center of attention all night long. Your idea of a perfect birthday was sitting in front of the tv, eating pizza with your boyfriend. You knew Jensen knew that and you couldn’t believe he didn’t wanna accept it.  

“Don’t make me jump out of a moving car, Jensen. Take me home,” you warned him, just enough anger in your voice for him to nervously shift in his seat.

“You don’t wanna go home, babe,” he answered you in a slightly shaky voice.

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Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad - Chapter 9

The song On My Mind by Ellie Goulding inspired this chapter. Totally suggest to listen while reading!

Chapter 9 - On My Mind

It was fun while it lasted, but all things must come to an end. We gathered our belongings and placed them by the door. Dasha and Sydney’s parents picked them up. And it was just Allegra and I.

“Allegra!” Mr. Leto called from the kitchen. “These clothes need to be washed.”

“Yeah, but who’s going to walk Kerri home?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s right.” He crept around the corner as he dried a bowl with a paper towel.

His head rested against the wall as he looked at me. His grin stretching from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat himself. “I’ll walk her home,” he said.

“But Dad!-” Allegra whined in protest.

“Sorry honey.” He cut her off, still drying the bowl. “You need to hit those clothes. They’re a mile high!”

“Fine.” She fumed.

“Besides… it be nice to see Ms. Sanders and Nico – it’s been a while,” his eyes lit up as he thought.

Apparently, I had no say in this matter. I stared back at Mr. Leto, trying to see what lurked behind his eyes. Was there another trick up his sleeve?

“Just give me 5 minutes Kerri and we can head over.” He told me before quickly shuffling away.

After Allegra and I said our goodbyes, I fetched my things, making sure everything was packed. I didn’t live far away at all, like 2 ½ blocks down, but I guess no neighborhood not matter how nice is safe to travel alone in the evening.

Butt up and head down, I bent over, trying to squeeze everything in my bag. There was this one section that just wouldn’t zip. It was stuffed to the max. I thought I heard something behind me but I was too focused on this. If Allegra wants to make a joke about how silly I look, so be it. I placed the bag between my legs as I pushed down with one hand and tried to zip with the other. Once it finally fit, I stood up straight, and flung my hair back. I turned around and to my surprise, I saw Mr. Leto there leaning against the wall.

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Two Moons (pt.1)

Word Count: 1144

Genre: Fluff/Angst (?)

Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader/Sehun ft. EXO

Summary: You’ve been dating him for two years, but now you see him less and less. You try to adapt and live your life normally with the boys at the apartment. 

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Pairing: Thor x Reader.

Warnings: A lot of fluff.

Summary: Stars are your thing, and what a better companion than a man who lives up in space? Well, him and a group of not-so-sneaky avengers.

A/N: Gifs not mine,

Originally posted by dangered

“Do you need a sparring companion?” Thor startled you as he let the gym doors close with a loud thud. “Sorry, I should’ve announced myself.”

“Don’t worry,” you breathily smiled, “I was just finishing anyway, but thank you.” You held on to the punching bag and leaned your head onto it. “Uhh… what’s up?”

“I was just passing by and…” he suddenly became nervous and you saw how he scratched his head and forehead, “and I thought that… I could keep you company! But I see you’re… just about to leave, so uhh—I might—”

“You can walk me to my room?” You offered with a smile. “I mean, if you still wanna keep me company.”

“Yes!” He replied gleefully. “I’d love to do that!” He pointed the way out. “After you.” You bowed your head and led the way out of the training room.

You two barely spoke on the way there and god knows it was a long one. What you did do was sharing furtive looks and silly giggles as you walked together. You had some sort of notion about Thor’s feelings towards you; you were not a blind idiot, and the Asgardian wasn’t a quiet lover, so to speak.

You “accidentally” overheard a conversation he was having as he sparred with Captain; his movements were sloppy and Rogers almost had him against the ropes, but Natasha urged you to turn on the volume of the security cameras of the training room and that’s when the news hit you like a snowball right in the middle of the face. Thor was confessing Cap about his feelings for you, while the super-soldier only tried to kick his ass.

You too were very fond of him; he was a great sparing companion –though not the fairest one— and not to mention how much of a great team you were in battle. You had some sort of natural ability with all things related to the soil and ground, so moving boulders and creating great barriers of stone were a good way of keeping each other safe and having some sort of fun.

More than once, one of you got injured and there you were, cleaning each other wounds and just being a ball of fluff with each other. About five months went by from the accidental overhearing, and as much as everyone teased the two of you, no move was made. Until that day.

“So, did you have an enriching training?” He dared to ask. “You looked really good.”

“You mean all sweaty and shit?” You cocked an eyebrow.

“I thought you looked pretty—invincible.” He blushed. “Yes, pretty invincible.” You laughed nervously, not sure of what to do or say next, but luckily he was eager to erase from your mind that awful attempt of flirting. “Uhh… you know, I heard on the TV there was some huge star happening tonight.” You looked up at him, with a glimpse of a too obvious excitement in your eyes. “I believe you’re a bit interested.”

“Uh—yeah.” You tried to play it cool, and failed miserably at it. “I might be a bit interested… I mean, astronomy is my favorite topic and all that… and yeah—I was aware of the cosmic happening tonight.”

“I know a thing or two about stars so… may I keep you company tonight?”

“Like a mere companion or…?” Your voice faded in perfect timing, because Thor began to speak almost cutting you off.

“Would you prefer a date?” You were startled by the same man two times in just one day, and it was a bit obnoxious. “Or not?”

“A date would be just fine.” You nodded. “So, this is my room, I gotta get changed…” You said, still a bit reluctant to let go of him and his company. “So, this is my room… thank you for the company… I’ll see you tonight.” You bit your bottom lip and stepped on the tip of your toes to kiss his cheek.

“Did you do this all by yourself?” You asked, still a bit shocked by how neatly prepared the picnic was. There were sandwiches covered with paper towels and he had a bottle of wine and glasses for the two of you perfectly set. “Thor, this is gorgeous.” You looked at him and smiled widely. “Oh lord… uhh—I just don’t know what to say man,” you covered your mouth with your hand, “I love it, all of this.”

“I’m glad.” He smiled and invited you to sit down on a blanket.

He had made sure there was no storm that night, not even a bit of rain and no cloud up in the sky, and thanks to his great imagination, he headed to a hidden spot of the compound. Anyone would’ve thought he was trying to get in your pants, but actually the spot was great for stargazing. The cosmic ballet was about to go on.

You took out your camera and made the special arrangements to capture each little star in the night sky that you’d later post on social media. Thor looked at you with fascination, and as he smiled to himself he grew fonder of you. He already was, and he already loved you, but seeing you enjoy so much with such a little thing was what he liked the most about you.

“How did you guess that I liked to do this?” You asked, not even daring to face Thor. It was dark enough to hide the redness of your cheeks, but your voice gave you away. “I mean… I’m not good at telling.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, chuckling with you, “but I’ve seen you watch that TV show about the universe and the stars and all that, and remember I told you I saw on the news this event. It’s fascinating to see how you humans want to know so much but still get so little.”

“Dude, you’re fascinating.” You sighed, leaning your head on his shoulder and letting him cross his arm behind your back. It was cold, and you could use the warmth of his huge body. “Thank you, this has been a great night.”

“You deserve it, princess.” Thor squeezed you closer and placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head. “Are you cold?”

“Just a bit.” You shrugged. But he immediately took out a blanket from the basket and extended it over your back, you were a stargazing double burrito and you loved it. “Thanks.” You looked up and only saw a pair of eyes shining and getting smaller as he smiled.

Out of a sudden, you two hear something like a twig breaking, or more than one twig. Following that, indistinct murmuring and some heavy steps that turned into clear whining. The steps came closer only to reveal a pair of mischievous avengers that hid behind the bushes.

“Enjoying the lightshow, stargirl?” Tony teased. “It was about damn time you two snapped out of it and decided to go on a date together.”

“What?” You squealed. “What are you guys doing here? Get the hell out!”

“Stop pestering us with your childish nonsense.” Thor rolled his eyes. “(Y/N) and I were having the time of our lives before you two came in.”

“Yeah, no shit you were.” Clint teased. “You’re gonna make her see other kind of stars later on?”

“Barton!” You scolded him, thanking the night for being so dark that no one would see the furious blush on your cheeks. “That is none of your business!” You inhaled sharply, trying to keep yourself together. “You better get going, Odinson and I were on a date.”

Clint and Tony reluctantly left, slapping each other for their lack of spying abilities. Thor scratched the back of his head and stuttered for a while before he could finally say something.

“Thor, calm down.” You tried to sooth him down by placing your hands over his. Worked perfectly.

“Uhh… do you prefer lying down?” He sheepishly asked. “I mean, I’m not trying to take advantage of you, but I believe the warmth of the blanket would be better that way…”

“Only if I can rest my head on your chest…” You set the condition. He let out a breathy chuckle, feeling the relief that your words gave him and nodding.

He was the one to lay down on the cloth first, and then you snuggled over him, and then Thor placed the blanket over the two of you, paying special attention to your coverage. He crossed an arm behind your back and pulled you close enough to kiss the top of your head again. You tilted your head upwards and found his eyes looking at you with such love that you’d probably melt right there. It was now or never, and you were ready to give your all. You sneaked your way closer to his face and pressed your lips against his, regretting having taken so long to do that.

The Met Gala

I was sitting at home, in my small apartment waiting for my friend Justin to come by. I had known Justin since I was 19, which wasn’t such a long time since I recently turned 20, but it was like we had known each other forever!

It usually took Justin about 20 minutes to get here, but weirdly enough he was late, and usually he was never late?

I decided to call to see what he was doing, but he wouldn’t pick up his phone, which made me worried, but not even a few minutes later I heard a knock on my door. I went out to my door and opened it, there he stood, looking good as always. Okay, I might have had a little crush on him ever since I met him, but I knew I wasn’t his type, so I just acted like nothing was happening.

“Hey Y/N/N,” Justin said as he attacked me. We had actually not seen each other for a while because of Justin’s tour, but it was fine.

“Hey,” I said, then I went inside my apartment and sat down on the couch.

“So, you know I have this event in like a week, right?” Justin asked me as he sat down beside me.

“Yeah, you’ve been talking about it since forever,” I told him with a chuckle. Justin chuckled, too, then he cleared his throat and looked me directly into my eyes.

“I just found out Selena is coming, too,” he told me, which made me furrow my eyebrows.

“So?” I asked him, which made him sigh.

“You know I’m still in love with her,” he told me, which made a big knot form in my stomach. I gulped and looked down at my lap.

“What do you want me to do? I can’t do anything about it” I told him, then I grabbed the TV-remote and started looking through the different channels.

“You can do something about it, go with me as my date,” he told me. I turned around with my mouth wide open.

“Are you serious?” I asked him as a smile formed on my lips.

“Yeah, then maybe Selena can see that I have "moved on” and then she’ll get jealous, and then we’ll get back together,“ he told me with a big smile. I rolled my eyes, but eventually I nodded my head and faked a smile.

"Sure, I’ll go with you as your "date”,“ I told him as I rolled my eyes once again. Justin smiled widely, then he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight.

"Thank you, you have really saved me,” he told me, then he pecked my forehead and grabbed the TV-remote.

Tonight was the night of the big event that Justin had invited me to. I had used the whole week trying to figure out what to wear until Justin finally told me that it was a formal kind of event.

I decided to let Justin see a side of me he had never seen before, so I went all in with the makeup. Also instead of just curling my hair, I decided to also wear a hair chain. My whole outfit was kinda boho, and I honestly loved it! I was wearing the most beautiful navy blue dress from Koh Koh and my shoes were from Louboutin.

And as a surprise for Justin, I had gotten a lip piercing, which was totally not my style, but I honestly loved it, it complimented my lips, there, by the way, were these really cool ombré lips.

Justin picked me up at 9pm, in a limousine. When I had opened the door for Justin he literally dropped his jaw.

“Whoa,” he said as he kept looking me up and down. “You look absolutely stunning!” he told me, then he took a step closer and pecked my cheek. “Thank you,” I told him, then I grabbed my clutch and went out of the door. Justin closed the door behind us. he was completely shocked, which made me smirk. I had mainly got this dressed up to impress him because maybe that would make him realize what he’s missing out on. A girl’s allowed to dream!  

Justin opened the door into the limousine for me, then he got in himself.

The whole ride he kept complimenting me, which I had nothing against, it just made me feel good.

“But seriously Y/N/N, you look really good!” Justin said, which made me blush, but only a little!

“Justin, I think I’ve got it now! You’re not used to seeing me like this” I told him with a chuckle. “I’m not, I mean even though you aren’t wearing outfits like these every day, you’re still really beautiful,” Justin told me. I furrowed my eyebrows and giggled.

“You think I’m beautiful without all of this?” I asked me as I pointed at my makeup and clothes. Justin nodded his head and grabbed my hand.

“Of course,” he told me, then the driver pulled up in front of the red carpet.

“What is this event exactly?” I asked him as I looked out of the window.

“The Met Gala,” he told me, which made me widen my eyes.  

“Why didn’t you tell me before?!” I asked him as I started squealing.

“Because I knew you would react like this, and then you would deny going with me because you would realize your biggest celebrity crush would be there,” he told me. I immediately stopped squealing as I realized Zac Efron would be there.

“OMG, I’m not going with you! Zac can’t see me like this, I look horrible!” I told him as I started hyperventilating. Justin chuckled, then he opened the door and went outside and onto the red carpet. He reached out his hand for me to take it, I hesitated a few seconds, then I grabbed his hand and let him help me out of the car. The screams around us got wider as we walked down the red carpet. After taking a few pictures Justin saw Selena and ran off leaving me standing there completely alone, but fortunately, Zac came down the red carpet. He saw me staring at him and came over to me.

“Hello, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before, what’s your name beautiful?” he asked me as he grabbed my hand, then afterward he placed a kiss on it.

“Y/N,” I told him. Zac looked up at me and smiled. “What a beautiful name,” he told me.

We started talking, and I told him he was my all time favorite celebrity, but unfortunately we got interrupted by Justin.

“Y/N, are you ready to go inside?” he asked me. “You just go, I’ll be there soon,” I told him, then I went back to my conversation with Zac.

“But we need to get some other pictures taken,” he told me, then he dragged me away from Zac. “I’m sorry Zac, talk later?” I asked him. Zac chuckled and nodded his head, then he waved and turned around.

“Why would you drag me away like that?” I angrily asked Justin as we waited in line to get our picture taken.

“Because you were supposed to help me get Selena back, not flirt with Zac!” he told me. He grabbed my hand tightly, which made me groan.

After we got our picture taken we went inside. We sat down at our table, where Justin immediately started apologizing. Throughout the show, I believed Justin was forgetting everything about Selena. We both truly had an amazing time, and the night ended way too soon. Justin and I were now on our way back to my place, but when 20 minutes had passed, and we were still not at my house, I realized something was going on.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked Justin as I looked out the window.

“Nowhere”, he told me, but soon a recognized the street. We were on our way to his house.

“Why are we on our way to your house?” I asked him as I leaned back in the seat.

“I heard you say that you thought the night had ended way too soon, so I thought we could continue the fun at my house,” he told me. I smiled and nodded my head. “Sounds like a plan,” I told him.

We arrived at his house a minute later. Justin helped me out, then he said goodnight to the driver. He grabbed my hand and followed me up to his door. Butterflies were flying everywhere in my stomach, which made me smile. Immediately as we had gotten inside Justin did something unexpected. He pulled me into his arms, then slowly he leaned in towards me.

“What about Selena?” I lowly asked him. “She made me realize that I wasn’t in love with her, I was in love with somebody else,” he told me, then he placed his lips on mine and slowly we started making out.

“Do you realize that this could end our friendship?” I asked him. Justin just nodded, and then he kissed me again, which made me smile.

“I don’t mind ruining our friendship now that we can have a relationship” he told me, then he picked me up and carried me into his living room and laid me down on the couch.

I finally got my prince, my one and only!

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Not In That Way | Part 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Your big sister was certainly cheating on her boyfriend, but there were two things that didn’t make this indifferent to you. One, he didn’t know. Two, you were in love with him.

Words: ~1800

Warnings: Angst throughout the series, cheating, nothing really serious in this part.

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A/N: This is one of my favorite fics so far! Part 2 comes depending on the feedback this part gets, so if you want it, let me know! Your sister is Amelia from the original SPN with my own twist, sorry if you like her! Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go on with this one, love you all xx

Feedback is always appreciated, enjoy! xx

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She was cheating. 

You wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t said his name on the phone.

The conversation seemed like everything was normal. Amelia, your sister, talking to her boyfriend Sam on the phone, flirting and sometimes throwing a dirty comment, but this time was different.

She didn’t call the person on the other line Sam, she said Jake… or John. Whatever, what mattered is it wasn’t Sam.

She was cheating.

He didn’t deserve it, not at all. He was the best boyfriend ever, giving her love and support, remembering every anniversary and birthday, buying her flowers and presents.

And you cared, for all that mattered. Why? Because Sam was like a friend to you.

You were there anytime he needed someone and Amelia wasn’t there, whenever he wanted to get pizza and your sister wasn’t hungry, when he bought tickets for a movie as a surprise and she didn’t want to go…

Of course, “like a friend” meant that you loved him.

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BTS reaction to when their crush has a weird laugh

Request said: BTS/EXO reaction to their crush/friend cracking up at something they said and they realize she has a weird and loud laugh? (Sorry if this request is weird 😂)


Jin: He told you a joke of his, but you did not expected to be so funny, you tried so hard to keep it in but ended you ended up failing and your laugh sounded like a dying squirrel. “Is that really your laugh?” he started laughing because of your laugh but in the end, he loved it because both of you had very different laughs from the rest of the guys. 

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Suga: “Y/N…” he started to say but when he heard your laugh, he immediately crap up laughing (At the time he was in the mini studio of your shared apartment so he went to the living room searching for you), he found you watching one of those funny videos but you keep squealing/laughing. He immediately started to tease you about it. But he actually enjoyed watching you because you looked so cute.

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J-Hope: “OH My….” you started to laugh as a retarded seal because you saw  a funny commercial on TV. “What the…” Hoseok followed along because of your laugh. You keep laughing for at least 2 more minutes because the commercial keep replaying in your head, until you couldn’t breath anymore. He keep watching you the whole and also laughing because of your reaction to it. But then he will kiss your cheek  reassuring you it wasn’t that bad. 

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Rap Monster:  “Hey, Y/N watch my new moves” he would say as he put on the music and started dancing. You tried to contain yourself because some of the moves were hilarious (I am not saying his dance skills are bad is just that the videos I had watched about him and the music they put behind it, makes its super funny) Until you couldn’t any longer, and your burs-ted laughing and it sounded so much as an evil laugh, that he stop dancing and laugh because of your weird but deep laugh“Why you haven’t laughed like that in front of me?” he said laughing harder. “Because I don’t like it” you responded drying your tears because you laughed so hard. “Well is kind of sexy” he said grinning. 

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Jimin: You were with the guys, in the dance practice and you were scrolling on your phone but suddenly one of those super funny memes came into the view and you couldn’t help but laugh. Your laugh made everyone laugh because it was one of those weird laughs but at the same time one of those contagious laughs but Jimin keep saying that it was a cute laugh while the guys keep saying no with their faces and still laughing. 

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Taehyung (V): “ Y/N…” he pleaded as he tried to capture your attention. “What?” you would say. He would smile and say “Would you like to join me and the guys tonight?, we are planing to watch movies and eat popcorn…” “Of course I would love too!” you would say as you kissed his right cheek. The time came around and you guys were all ready settled on the couch and floor in order to watch the movie that they have chosen. The movie started to play and immediately you knew it was a comedy, your favorites, but you tried to hold it in. But failed at the 5 minute mark letting all of your hold up laughter out and surprising the guys. They even had to pause the movie in order to know if it was you and not Jin. And when they saw it was you, they all laugh but then V reassured you that he loved to see you laughing because he saw the happiness behind it and not the sound.

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

Jung Kook: You were spending time with Jung Kook and the guys, and they were all joking around. But every time when V, Namjoon and Hoseok started to make funnies faces and things, you always crack up, but you always keep it lady like, not trying to scare anyone around you, but today it seemed funnier and you lost it and started to laugh so hard that you had to take deep breaths and you even cried because of it and your face was so red in the end you felt a little bit of pain in the stomach. The guys were kind of worried, because this wasn’t the way you usually reacted but they eventually also laughed. 

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A/N: Exo’s version will be up soon!. Also the Reaction Requests are still open. 

PROMPT: “My kid followed you out of the store because you’re wearing the same coat as me and they got confused” AU

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I know, I know, I promised this week’s (months) ago but I’m literal trash and have so busy but I hope you guys like it!! tw: abusive past relationship.

- Remus couldn’t stop smiling all day.

- Sirius had texted him first thing that morning, then continued throughout the day.

- It started off with Sirius wishing him a good morning and talking about last night.

- Then they started flirting, talking about what their first date would be like and how Sirius would definitely woo Remus with all the chocolates.

- Then they started sending silly joking messages that made Remus let out a breathy laugh each time.

- He could feel his stomach fluttering and his cheeks heat up everytime his phone buzzed in his pocket.

- Dora kept poking fun at him, but kind heartily.

- She was over the moon that Remus finally seemed to let someone into his life.

- He had a rough past when it came to relationships.

- He’d only ever been in one real relationship, and that ended badly.

- To be honest, the whole relationship was bad.

- Dora despised that man that Remus used to be with when they were 16.

- The way he used to treat Remus disgusted her.

- Fen was older than Remus by at least 5 years.

- At the beginning, Remus felt special that an older man wanted him.

- That was until 5 months into the relationship when the abuse started.

- It was a long three years when Remus was with Fenir Greyback.

- He tried to leave, but he couldn’t. 

- Fen had a hold over him that frightened everyone.

- Since the end of that relationship, he decided to never to get involved in another one.

- And that was over ten years ago.

- He had the odd fling now and then, but nothing note worthy.

- But since having Teddy, the flings had stopped.

- This Sirius person, however, seemed to be wonderful and really captured Remus’ affection.

- And for that, Dora will always be grateful to them.

- Teddy was sat on a cushion on the floor in the living room playing Batman Lego and chatting out loud to anyone that would listen.

- He couldn’t stop talking about how fantastic last night was playing with Harry and Padfoot and kept mithering about when they could go visit again.

- Sirius texted and asked Remus the exact same question.

- Remus was sat in the armchair watching Teddy play his game and holding his phone to his chest, awaiting the next reply.

- Dora walked into the room holding a brew for each of them.

- She placed Remus’ down on the table next to him and earned a “thanks love” in reply, though he didn’t look away from the TV screen.

- “Go out with them tonight, Remus.” She pushed.

- Remus looked up with a start.

- “Don’t you think it’s too soon though? I mean, we only met yesterday …” Remus fretted whilst picking at the edges of his phone case.

- “Does it feel like it’s too soon Remus? Honestly?” Dora placed her open palm on his shoulder. 

- “I think they really like you, and I think you really like them. You owe it to yourself to at least try.” 

- Remus was silent, but nodded slightly.

- Dora sighed heavily and dropped down into Remus lap.

- “You’re insufferable, Lupin,” she complained. 

- “Yeah, whatever Tonks,” he rolled his eyes and nudged her with his shoulder.

- She chuckled lightly and ran her fingers through his hair as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

- “You’re scared it’s going to be like last time, aren’t you?” She whispered so Teddy couldn’t hear.

- He had finally stopped chatting about Harry and Padfoot and was enthralled in his game.

- Remus bit the inside of his cheek and stared down at his phone.

- “I don’t want to loose myself again, Dora.” He confessed, “I have Teddy, you and Fleur. I don’t want to loose my independence and become solely reliant on them.”  

- He sighed heavily and leant around Dora to pick up his cup of tea and took a small sip.

- “Fen was nice at first, too.”

- “I know, love. But I think Sirius will be different. They already sound amazing.”

- They fell silent watching their son who was oblivious to the melancholy mood that had fallen over the room.

- The front door suddenly opened with a call of hellos.

- Teddy gasped and jumped up in cheer and ran towards the hallway.

- “It’s maman!” he chanted. 

- “Salut la famille!” Fleur smiled as she walked into the living room, Teddy attached to her hand, looking up to her in awe.

- When she saw Remus and Dora cuddled up on the arm chair, she threw her hand to her mouth with a comical gasp.

- “Unhand my femme, Monsieur Lupin!” She playfully scowled and pointed at him.

- “Never!” He wrapped his arms around Dora’s waist to keep her from moving who jokingly squirmed in his grasp to reach her wife.

- “Teddy! The terrible Pirate Monsieur Lupin has taken me hostage!” 

- Fleur fake gasped and bent down to Teddy’s level.

- “Theodore, whatever shall we do to recuse the fair maiden?!”  

- “I’ll save her, Maman! For Mummy!” He howled his battle cry and ran towards his Daddy.

- Remus chuckled and held his hands up in mock surrender.

- Dora quickly jumped up and over to Fleur and planted a sound kiss onto her lips.

- Teddy screamed with laughter and dived onto his Daddy, tickling his small fingers under his arms. 

- “Argh, ye got me, ye got me! I handed da booty!” He chuckled like a pirate, tickling Teddy’s sides in retaliation earning childish squeals in return.

- “How was your trip, love?” Remus smiled whilst manoeuvring Teddy into his side for a cuddle.

- Dora pulled Fleur over to the sofa on the wall near the chair and wrapped herself around her.

- “It went well,” she smiled, settling herself against Dora’s shoulder, “anything exciting happen whilst I was away?”

- Remus blushed slightly whilst Dora beamed.

- “I made new friends, maman!” Teddy pushed out his chest with pride.

- “And also ran away from Daddy whilst at the supermarket, didn’t you mister?” Remus furrowed his eyebrows with a mischievous smirk.

- Teddy bit his lip with a shame face.

- “Teddy.” Fleur scolded.

- “But, that’s how I met Harry and Padfoot, Maman!” He whined.

- “Ooh, Harry and Padfoot? Is that your friends dog?” She smiled with genuine interest.

- Remus barked with laughter whilst Dora giggled into Fleur’s neck. 

- Fleur furrowed her perfect brows with confusion.

- “No,” Teddy said as-a-matter-of-factly, “Padfoot is Harrys God-Daddy! He’s is Daddy best friend and his Papa’s brother, Harry told me!”

- “Yeah, and Remus and Teddy went over for a play DATE yesterday, didn’t you?” She winked at Fleur, hoping she’d pick up on her meaning.

- Which of course she did if her bright smile aimed at Remus was anything to go by.

- Remus blushed even harder than before and sunk a little lower in the chair, jolting Teddy on the way.

- “Yeah, and it was soooo much fun! Daddy made hotpot!” Teddy patted Remus on the head in a loving gesture. 

- “Oh, hotpot,” She groaned, “what I wouldn’t do for some of your famous hotpot, Remus. I haven’t eat properly all day!” 

- “There’s some left in the fridge that I can warm up for you, Fleur,” he smiled, standing to his feet whilst picking Teddy up and putting him down in between his Mum’s. 

- He quickly placed a kiss to Fleur’s cheek and walked in to the kitchen.

- “I saw Daddy and Padfoot nearly kiss yesterday, maman!” Teddy whispered when his Dad left the room.

- “Really?” She cooed, her eyes shifting to Dora’s. “Do we approve?”

- Dora shrugged, cuddling Teddy tighter to them.

- “I haven’t met them yet, but they sound lovely. Remus looks positivity smitten today, and Teddy likes them, don’t you?”

- “Yeah, they’re cool.” Which was high praise from him.

- “Their name is actually Sirius, apparently Padfoot is a nickname but, yeah. They sound like they really like Remus, keeps asking to go on a date with him.”

- She heavily sighed and picked at a pick of fluff stuck in Teddy’s hair.

- “But you know what your Daddy’s like, don’t you pal?”

- Teddy nodded. 

- “But I think he should date them. I don’t like him being lonely.” 

- Fleur’s face fell. 

- “Your Daddy isn’t lonely, bébé. He has you! And us.” She caressed his cheek.

- Teddy sighed dramatically, leaning into her palm.

- “I knows, but what about when we go back to our house? Daddy’s on his own thens. He must get a little sad.”

- Dora lifted up her head at that. She hadn’t thought about that before.

- “Well, why don’t we go and set a little date up for Daddy with Padfoot then, hey?” She winked with mischief. “It’s got to be a secret okay? Can’t tell Daddy. It’s a surprise!” 

- “Yeah!” He cheered loudly, then slapped his little hand to his mouth.

- “Yeah” he whispered again, earning a giggle from his mum’s.

- “Come on then you. Let’s go see Sirius. Fleur-”

- “I know, I know, I’m distraction.” She winked, kissing both of their cheeks and walking into the kitchen after Remus.

- Dora gave herself a second to stare lovingly after her beautiful wife, before jumping off the sofa with Teddy in hand.

- They quietly snuck out of the front door and ran over to Sirius’ house next door, both of them tripping up over the step to knock on the door.

- The door open slightly where a person with a furrow eyebrow stood.

- “Oh hello again Teddy, you must be his mum.” They said, flinging their door open wider with a larger smile.

- “Wotcher Sirius!” Dora beamed, “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Tonks. Remus and Teddy haven’t stopped talking about you all day.” 

- Sirius blushed prettily and ran their hand through the back of their hair.

- “O-oh, really? I hope they said only good things,” they bit their lip with a smirk. “Please, come in.“

- “Of course,” she winked and stepped over the threshold. “You’ve a lovely home.” 

- “Thanks.” He smiled brightly.

- “Anyway, I’m here to ask if you have any plans for the evening? Remus would love to go on a date with you, but he’s a little shy, bless him.”

- “Oh,” Sirius sighed a little, “are you sure it’s just being shy, and not the fact he just doesn’t … you know, want to? Go out with me, I mean?” They shifted a little awkwardly.

- “Definitely not!” Dora rushed. 

- With a quick look down to Teddy, she turned back to Sirius to whisper.

- “It’s not my place to say, but Remus hasn’t had good … experience when it comes to relationships or anything.”

- Sirius nodded and listened intently to her.

- “Do you think he would want to try? With me?” They seemed uncertain.

- “I think if he were ever to try, it would be with you.” She beamed. “He’s smitten for you.”

- “Yeah! His face keeps going all red when you text, like this,” Teddy rubbed his hands on his cheeks very fast so when he pulled away, they were red raw.

- Sirius chuckled.

- “Is that so? Well then, in that case.” They winked.

- “Brilliant! Say 7pm pop over to pick him up? I’ll make sure he’s ready. He likes Indian food.” Dora smiled.

- “I’ll be there. Thank you, Tonks.” 

- “Just make sure you treat my baby Daddy right, okay? I know where you live” She grinned.

- “I promise.” 

- Dora walked towards the front door, Teddy holding her hand again.

- She stopped with a jolt and turned back.

- “Wait a minute, Sirius … Sirius …” She mumbled to herself. “Is your last name Black?” Her eyebrows furrowed.

- “Erm … yes?”

- “Holy shit.” Her eyes widened.

- “Mummy! That’s a bad word!” Teddy scolded.

- “What?” She confusingly turned away from Sirius to her son, then back again, “Oh, yes, sorry, sorry Teddy you’re right, I meant shoot.”  

- Sirius sighed heavily with a dejected look.

- “I guess you just realised who I am and want me to stay away from Remus, right?“

- "No, it’s just-”

-“It’s okay. I get it. Its because I’m the elusive ex-heir of the Ancient and -”

- “-Nobel house of Black.” Dora unconsciously finished. “Yeah … this is going to sound crazy but … we’re cousins.”

- “What?” Sirius and Teddy both said in unison.

- “I’m Andromeda’s daughter.” 

- Sirius’ eyes grew twice their size.

- “Nymphadora?”

Tiny cliffhangerrrrrr, I hope you liked it! Sorry it took so long, don’t hate me

Nobody's Perfect!

Prompt: Waking up after staying over at their house for the first time (after the fist fight with the mob), and trying to sneak out to avoid embarrassment. You end up getting caught and interacting with them. 1000% fluff

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad

TW: Spicy language, moderately bad French, reference to bruising due to fighting, ADORABLE FLUFF AND BAD MEMES

A/N: you don’t have to read the previous fic for this to make sense, but here it is if you’re into that: https://hamilkilo.tumblr.com/post/159215378999/brawl-in-the-streets Anyways, thank you for reading, as always. Thank you for all the support and kindness y'all have shown me on my previous posts! I love you! Also, If you want me to tag anything, let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! Please enjoy!

Word Count: 2792

The morning after you fist fought the protestors, you woke up in a ton of pain. Everything hurt. In retrospect, you wished you had eaten four or five dozen eggs as a child so that you could’ve been as large as Gaston, but you didn’t. You barely even knew how to fight. Your face showed that.
You groaned as you sat up, feeling your pulse in your face. You knew it was going to be a swollen mess. Your mouth felt full of cotton, and your head was pounding. You looked over at the nightstand to see that the digital clock read 5:14. You groaned again. You were awake with pain, and you knew you wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. You figured it was for the best. This way, you could sneak out like it was a one night stand, only a lot worse.
You got up, wincing and cursing the entire way, and limped your way over to your clothes, wallet, and phone on the love seat. They really did have a nice guest room. Come to think of it though, you don’t remember their house being all that big. Did they each have their own rooms, or did they share rooms and have bunk beds? You guessed it didn’t matter. You quickly, well, as quickly as one in your condition could, changed and crept to the door. The room was fairly dark, but due to the open blinds, the moonlight spilled on the floor. You pulled the door open slowly, and thanked the universe for the fact that it did not squeak on its hinges. You tiptoed and groped your way down the dark hallway, then frowned when you saw dim light coming from the living room. You moved slowly, trying not to give yourself away to whatever, or whoever, was in there. You slowly peaked around the corner and saw Alex sitting on the couch, typing away on his laptop. There was a small burrito of John curled up against him and out like a light. A kid’s show played on the TV in the background. Maybe, if you were lucky, you’d be able to make it to the door without being detected. The couch was forward far enough that you’d be able to go behind it to reach the exit. You began to ninja your way towards the door, crawling on your hands and knees behind the couch when a floorboard creaked, and the typing stopped.
“Laf?” Alex’s voice was soft and raspy from how tired he was. You were frozen in your position, holding your breath. After a moment of silence, he returned to typing, and you let out a sigh of relief. You began to move again, your muscles tight and sore. You bit your lip to hold back the pain, desperate to get out of this awkward situation.
“Hey, Alex?” You heard a groggy voice from the couch. Shit. John must’ve woken up. You really picked a shitty time for your escape.
“Dearest?” If you weren’t in so much pain, you would’ve cooed out loud at how adorable they were.
“It’s late; we should go to bed,” John mumbled before he yawned, and without warning, he began to stretch, and he managed to bap you in the face. You cried out in surprise and pain, causing both of the boys to leap off the couch.
“Y/N?!” Alex was incredulous. He couldn’t fathom why you’d be behind the couch.
“Mornin’,” you greeted them both sheepishly. So much for a stealth escape.
“What are you doing up?” John asked as he came around the couch to stand in front of you. He squatted down beside you and gently grabbed your chin. “I didn’t hurt you, did I? Jeez, I’m so sorry! I’m such a klutz!”
You blushed and picked yourself up, stumbling in the process. John steadied you and held onto your arm. “No, no. I’m fine. I was… uh… just going for my morning stroll!”
He frowned at you, “Do I look like an idiot?”
You bit your lip to keep from giving him a sassy response, and instead, you shook your head. “I was actually going to go home. I’ve caused y'all enough trouble lately-”
“Nonsense!” Alex interrupted you. He had joined the two of you behind the couch and grabbed your hand in his. These two were turning out to be very touch oriented. “You threw rocks at bigots! That’s iconic! And, now you’ve been in a fight! You’re bad ass, Y/N!”
“Alex, shhh,” John shushed him since he was getting excited. He didn’t want to wake the others.
“Right,” Alex gave you an apologetic grin, “Anyways. Do you want some coffee?”
You shook your head in bewilderment. “It’s like five thirty in the morning on a Saturday…”
“Exactly!” He looked at you like you’d just stated that the sky was blue. “I do my best work when I stay up all night.”
“That’s arguable,” John grumbled, and you giggled. “Your typo count goes up when you don’t sleep. Your writing starts to sound paranoid and-”
“Everyone’s a critic!” He scoffed, and John rolled his eyes.
“Come on, you go to bed, and I’ll get Y/N some coffee,” John offered, and Alex scoffed this time.
“Do you even know me?” He demanded, throwing his hands on his hips. This was like the opera, only better. So much drama. And for free!
“Alexander, don’t you sass me!” John scolded him. Then he leaned forward and put his lips by his ear. In a voice you could barely hear, he growled lowly, “If you go to bed right now, I’ll do that thing you like later tonight.”
Alex’s eyes got wide, and he blushed deeply. You bit your lip to keep from squealing. Why didn’t you have a guy like that?
“Good night, John! Good night, Y/N! See you in the morning!” He rushed out, and he leaned over and pecked John on the lips, before he tensed like he caught himself in a mistake. Then, he turned to you and quickly pecked your lips, too. You didn’t move, you were too stunned. He quickly went off down the hallway, and you heard a door shut.
“Well,” John cleared his throat, ducking to hide his slight blush. “Let’s get you some breakfast, shall we?”
You held up your hands, “It’s fine, really-”
“No, I insist! It’s the least we can do. Come on!” He sounded almost offended, and you relented.
You followed him into the kitchen where he opened the cabinets. “What are we feeling today? Cereal? Waffles? Pancakes? Eggs? Tequila?”
John gave you a sly smirk on the last one, and you couldn’t help but giggle. “Cereal is fine.”
“Awesome. This one’s actually my favorite!” He pulled down a box of Lucky Charms and put it on the counter. He brought down two bowls for you, then he got the milk.
He poured you some cereal, and you grinned. “For some reason,” you began, “I feel like that Jefferson guy would be the kind to pour his milk first, then the cereal.”
John paused in pouring the milk, and you cringed. Why did you even speak? You probably offended him. Way to go. Then, he dropped the carton on the counter, milk sloshing out, and he began to absolutely cackle like he was losing his mind. You watched him in mild alarm as he gripped the edge to keep himself from falling over. Then, you found yourself laughing with him. You were being loud, you knew that, but his laugh was just so contagious.
“John! What’s going on? Are you okay?” Hercules came running into the kitchen, baseball bat in one hand (a/n low key considered putting “dildo in the other” but refrained, yw), teddy bear in the other. He let the bat drop down to his side when he saw the both of you rearing like hyenas.
“Y-y-y/N,” John stuttered between fits of laughter and gasps for breath, “Tell Herc what you told me!”
Herc looked at you in anticipation, and butterflies filled your stomach. You managed to stifle a nervous giggle, “Jefferson’s the guy that pours his milk before the cereal-”
“POURS HIS MILK BEFORE THE CEREAL! AHAHA!” John lost it again, and you followed suit. Herc just looked between the town of you in fear, then he chuckled to himself.
“You two are something else,” he said as he propped the bat against the counter.
“John,” you wheezed, hunched over the counter in another peel of laughter, “the cereal’s going to get soggy-”
“Just like JEFFERSON!” He hollered out, erupting at the end of the phrase again, and this time, Herc’s booming laugh followed.
“He probably indulges in soggy cereal!” Herc added, laughing with John and you.
“Qu'est-ce c'est?” You turned around to see Lafayette slowly approaching the kitchen, his hair up in pig tails as he rubbed sleep from his eyes.
“Um, comment est-ce tu dit… Jefferson aime le soggy cereal?” You managed to form half of a sentence in botched French, which, unknowingly to you, made it unbearably hilarious to Lafayette.
“Mon Dieu! Merde! C'est marrant!” And soon, the four of you were laughing your asses off in the kitchen, the cereal long forgotten. By some work of God, you’d managed to not wake up Alex. That kid could sleep like the dead.
After what seemed like forever, you had managed to calm down, and John dumped the soggy cereal in the sink.
“So, eggs?” He offered, and you smiled at him.
“Do you have hot sauce?” You questioned, and Hercules laughed before high fiving you.
“Bad ass!” He exclaimed, and you giggled again. For some reason, these boys just put you in such a good mood. You couldn’t believe that you’d tried to sneak out.
“Uh, tu aimes les omelettes?” Lafayette asked. You thought it was cute how French he was in the mornings.
“Don’t mind him,” Herc cut in, “He tends to slip back into French more when he’s tired. Besides, it’s hot as hell!”
You laughed, then turned to Lafayette. “Oui, je préfère les omelettes, mais j'aime les œufs. Et toi?” You knew it was sloppy and horribly mispronounced. It had been a while since your French class.
“Oui! Moi aussi! Tu es très adorable, mon ami!” He pulled you into his arms, squeezing you tightly, causing you to groan out in pain. He let you go quickly, muttering apologies in French.
“Sorry,” you admitted, “I’m not very good at French!”
“Non! C'est stupide! Ce n'est pas mal!” He ruffled your hair in response.
“Oui, oui, hon, hon, baguette, Eiffel Tower!” John exclaimed as he slid a plate with a cheese omelette to you. Hercules laughed and kissed John on the cheek before sliding the hot sauce to you. You couldn’t decide if they were all in a relationship together or if they were just really tight bros. Once again, you scolded yourself for sticking your nose into other people’s relationships.
You poured hot sauce on your omelette and ate it quickly, finding yourself ravenous. Lafayette rambled on about God only knows what in French, much too fast for you to comprehend any of it. You picked up on a few words, but none of them made sense in combination. You just smiled and nodded in between bites of eggs.
Once you had finished, the sun was starting to rise outside. “Thank you for the breakfast, but I’m afraid I really should be going.”
You didn’t want to overstay your welcome or take advantage of their hospitality, and you felt guilty for getting them all up so early.
“Hold on! Let me put on some shoes, and I’ll drive you to your car!” John offered, but Hercules stopped him.
“Nonsense, John. You didn’t go to bed last night. Go get some sleep, I’ll drive her,” He put his hand on John’s back and gently nudged him down the hall. How did Herc know that John hadn’t gone to bed? Whatever. John didn’t argue with Herc. Instead, he grabbed Lafayette by the wrist, Herc’s bear with his other hand, and walked off. Maybe they were room mates or something.
“Come on, Y/N,” Herc said as he took your hand and grabbed his keys from the counter. He was wearing loose, blue pajama bottoms and a navy shirt that said “Salty.” He led you out the door and opened the passenger door to the SUV. After you’d climbed in, he shut the door and started the car. He handed you the aux chord, and you froze. Oh no. You didn’t need this kind of pressure. He put his arm on your seat before he turned and looked out the back window, backing down the driveway.
“What do you want me to play?” You asked timidly, searching his face, almost like you were hoping his favorite band would just be scrawled across his forehead.
“Um, I don’t care. Surprise me! Whatever you like!” He glanced over at you with a laid back smile, and you gave him a weak one.
You scrolled through your low-charged phone, then threw all caution to the wind. If you embarrassed yourself, you never had to see these people again.
“Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, one two three four!” Hannah Montana shouted over the radio, and you began to cackle. You had to do it. You just had to. Do it for the meme.
You looked over, expecting to see Herc giving you a look, but instead, he was grinning from ear to ear. He sang along to the next lyrics, “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, everybody knows what-what I’m talking about, everybody gets that way!”
You screamed in awe, causing him to look over at you with a dazzling smile.
“Betcha didn’t expect that, did ya, darlin’?” He drawled, and you shook your head.
“Okay, Mr. Big Shot, how about this one?” You switched the song to a different one, smiling down at your phone.
The intro played, then when the lyrics started, Herc, to your utter disbelief, nailed it. “Make it count, play it straight, don’t look back, don’t hesitate, when you go big time!”
You shrieked again, utterly delighted. You couldn’t believe it.
“What? I’m cultured in my memes, Y/N,” he teased you, and you grinned.
“I’m bringing the big guns,” you told him with a smirk, and he mirrored it.
“Do it!”
You were ashamed that you had this saved on your phone, but it didn’t matter in that moment.
The disco track started playing, and Herc cried out, the emotion unfathomable.
“We’re no strangers to love,” you both wailed, cackling and carrying on. Embarrassingly, you were both able to sing the entire song. On the final loop of the chorus, Herc pulled up beside your car and parked. He turned the radio down and gave you a small smile.
“So this is it, Y/N,” he sounded almost disappointed. “Thanks again for taking on the mob.”
You cringed at the memory, “I’m sorry for dragging y'all into that-”
“Don’t be! No worries! Besides, if you didn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten Rick Roll’d this morning!”
You laughed again, undoing your seatbelt. “Thanks for making sure I didn’t die in my sleep and for the ride to my car.”
“No problem! Hey, if you want, give me your number; I’m sure the guys would love to grab coffee with you!”
You smiled bashfully, amazed any of them would want to keep in contact with you, especially Herc, after you made the entire car ride a meme. You really were meme trash.
“You sure?” You mumbled, cheeks red.
“Yeah! You’re fun to be around! I’ve never seen John laugh that hard about anything in my life!”
You bit your lip and nodded. He gave you a grin before he unlocked his phone and handed it to you. You filled out the contact, putting hearts around your name. You loved yourself that much. Then, you passed his phone back.
“Hey, let us know if you need anything, ‘Kay? Like, even if it’s stupid, like you’re bored one night, and you want some drinking buddies. Let us know, and we’ll be there!” You glanced up at him to see him giving you a soft smile that caused your stomach to churn. You opened the door and got out, giving him a soft “okay”.
“Bye, Herc,” you called over your shoulder.
“Bye, darlin’!” He called as you shut the door.
He waited until you started your car before he left, wanting to make sure you would be able to get home. You plugged in your phone and played Taylor Swift’s “Enchanted” the entire way home. You smiled all day long.

Ice Princess

Title: Ice Princess

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Rating: PG

Type: Fluff (the only thing I know how to write, apparently)

Inspiration: Tae’s love of Gucci, his frugal & filial ideal type, my summer finance course (lol, I’m not on the MC’s level at all), Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (specifically Park Hyung-Sik’s young CEO character).  This one took me a little while and was harder to write than the first two I did. As always, please let me know any  constructive writing feedback you have <3 

You sighed and stretched out in your California king bed, and rolled over to check the time on your phone. 4:45AM. Why was it that you could rarely sleep through the night? Knowing that it was all the rest that you would be getting for the night, you padded over to your desk, flipped open the computer, and started reading through financial reports. Not the most glamorous way to be spending the wee hours of the morning, but it was one that had led your family’s business to unprecedented success. You had taken a small mom-and-pop operation, and turned it into a national chain, and then an international conglomerate based on investments and acquisitions. Luckily you had your parents and older brothers to be the public faces of the operation, with only those on the Board of Directors knowing that you were the brains behind the company’s continued success. It wasn’t that you had set out with this secrecy, but it had sort of evolved after realizing how difficult it was to “wheel and deal” at the highest levels of this patriarchal society.

On the other hand though, you were still in your early twenties, and longed for someone to communicate with. Your non-stop work managing the company was your passion, but it had come at the expense of friends and romantic relationships. While you knew that you had chosen your priorities, you still hoped that you could “have it all.” Part of the main challenge was that you had two different personas- your in-office, immaculate professional, and then the person you were outside of work. You dressed simply and casually. Though your family’s net worth was in the nine digits, on your rare days off you wore white tees, gray hoodies, and black jeans. it was a standard, simple uniform, but it was comfortable, and more importantly, cheap. You hadn’t gotten the family business to thrive by wasting money on fashion or other frivolities. The paparazzi had quickly become bored of your austerity, and had moved on to the scions of other chaebols, whose lives provided much more interesting fodder for the tabloids.

After reviewing spreadsheets and flipping through the top articles of the day, you glanced at your Google calendar, and froze. Out of all the things you remembered to do  day in and out, you couldn’t believe that you forgot that today was your mother’s 50th birthday. You had remembered that your father had been planning some sort of intimate family dinner at one of the most exclusive restaurants in town, which of course had been a source of contention between the two of you, since you hadn’t wanted to randomly spend the money, but now it all made sense. More importantly though, you realized that you had no gift, and the rest of your afternoon was booked with conference calls and meetings, so it was now or never. You sighed and went to your closet. Even though you preferred comfort and utility, you also knew that where you were going, you would need to look good to get the best/quickest service. Time to go to “the Rodeo.”

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Chris Evans- The Meeting (part 1)

I smoothed out my black pencil skirt as I stood in the elevator, straightening out my blouse and letting out a shaky breath as I rehearsed everything in my head. This is the most important interview I’ve been to, so I need to make sure I say all the right things. I closed my eyes and recited everything in my head, breathing deeply.

The lift came to a stop and the doors opened with a ding, and I opened my eyes only for my gaze to land upon a tall, suited figure who was stepping into the elevator. My breath hitched slightly as I took in the appearance of the man who had not yet spared me a glance. His beard was scruffy, his light brown hair perfectly styled. Whoever he was, he intrigued me. He was clean cut, wearing a blue suit with polished black shoes and a perfectly aligned spotted grey tie.

The man pressed a button for his floor and turned to face me as the doors closed, my eyes suddenly meeting his beautiful blue orbs. His lips instantly turned up into a small side grin.


God, his voice was sexy too. The lord is either with or against me right now.

“Uh, um.. hi.” I stuttered out, face palming internally at how pathetic I sounded. Nice going, jackass. My cheeks heated up while he chuckled deeply.

“I haven’t seen you here before, are you new?” His voice was rough but velvety soft, it was the most audibly pleasing sound I’ve ever heard.

“No. Well, erm- I have an interview today.” Smiling nervously up at him, I mentally applauded myself for managing to form a sentence without sounding illiterate.

Just as I answered him, the elevator dinged and the doors opened. I cleared my throat quietly and once again smiled at the stranger, whose gaze was on me the whole time.

“Well… bye.” Could I have sounded more awkward? Probably not. I went to step into the hallway as the man’s voice blessed my ears once again.

“Good luck,” the stranger grinned at me from inside the lift, “and relax. You’ll be fine.”

As I smiled back at him, the doors closed and I was left staring at my hazy reflection in the shiny metal. Jeez, that was the most awkward encounter of my entire life, but his looks made it worth the pain my pride felt.

Taking a deep breath, I walked to the reception desk and I was asked to take a seat in the waiting area while I waited for the interviewer. My foot tapped nervously and five whole minutes passed before someone came to get me and I was taken to a quiet room at the end of a long hallway. Closing my eyes briefly, I somehow calmed myself and entered the interview room with a friendly smile on my face. Thankfully, the interviewers were incredibly nice and seemed pleased with the answers I provided to their questions.

“Well, thank you for your time miss. We will have someone call you with the news before this evening.”

Saying my goodbyes, I left the room feeling confident and proud of myself. Upon leaving the tall company building I hailed a cab to take me back to my apartment that I shared with my friend, Chrissy. The cab dropped me off on my block, and I quickly paid the driver before hopping out and practically running into my apartment.

“Chrissy!” I shouted as I slammed the door shut and slipped my shoes off before running into the kitchen, finding her sat on a stool eating cereal in her pyjamas.

“Blimey, what is it? Was it an ex? Did you see Lady Gaga?!” She stared at me wide eyes in shock as she threw questions at me.

“What? No! Ok, brace yourself. I saw the most attractive guy EVER today. I’m talking ‘instantly drop to your knees’ kind of attractive. Tall, sexy, UGH. I’m still in shock.” I held my hand to my chest and babbled to Chrissy as she took huge mouthfuls of cereal, listening intently.

“Mm,” she held up a hand to stop me as she swallowed, “sounds gorgeous. What colour were his eyes, what was he wearing?” Her eyes narrowed as she grilled me and took another mouthful of food.

“This amazing fitted blue suit. Let me tell you, his biceps looked so good. Oh, and he had blue eyes,” I sighed as I remembered how gorgeous he was. Chrissy groaned as she chewed; we have similar taste in men.

“God, blue eyes are my weakness. They’re like an ocean I would gladly drown in.” I giggled as Chrissy wiggles her eyebrows at me and stood to put her bowl in the sink. “So, how’d the interview go? Did you get the job?”

“It was great, actually, they’re gonna call me sometime today- which reminds me,” I rummaged through my bag to retrieve my phone, “I need to make sure my ringer is on.”

“Girl, you’re gonna get it. You have way too many pros in your resume not to, it’s like a hundred pages long!” Chrissy exclaimed. I have to admit, I feel pretty confident about this.

“Thanks, Chris. You got any plans today? I’m thinking, Man of Steel and pizza.” I wiggled my eyebrows at her and watched her eyes light up at the mention of her favourite movie.

“Bitch, you BET I’m free. Get your pyjamas on, I’ll set it up and order the pizza!” She squealed and ran off to set up the TV. I laughed at her excitement and quickly changed into short pyjamas, throwing an oversized tee on and putting my hair up in a high ponytail. Within an hour the pizza had arrived and we were ready to start watching the movie, and I made sure I had my phone next to me so I wouldn’t miss a call if I received one.

“Ugh, what a MAN. Seriously, if he crashed into my back yard, I’d give him much more than a place to stay.” Chrissy mumbled as Henry Cavill came on screen, almost making me choke on mine.

“Honestly, I can’t disagree. I’d let superman snap me like a twig.” I put down my pizza slice and got up from the couch.

We finished Man of Steel and watched a few episodes of The Vampire Diaries. I stood up and stretched a little, and realised how thirsty I was after the pizza.

“Hey, you want a drink?”

“Nah I’m good babe, be quick or you’ll miss the good b- ooh, my boy Matty blue is on, be quiet!” Chrissy shooed me away as I laughed and made my way to the kitchenette. I grabbed a glass and was filling it with water when I suddenly heard my phone’s ringtone go off loudly, making me drop the glass which somehow didn’t smash. Bolting over to the couch, I grabbed my phone as Chrissy paused the movie.

“Hello?” I tried to sound as polite and friendly as possible, and like I hadn’t just ran to pick up the call.

“Miss Y/L/N? Hi, it’s Evans & Co. here. We’re calling about your interview this morning.” A pleasant female voice informed me from the other end. Chrissy stared at me expectantly as she took another bite of her pizza.

“Oh, hello! Thank you for contacting me.” I made sure to smile as I spoke- mom always said they can hear the smile in your voice.

“Well, we have good news- you got the job!” I gasped quietly and jumped up and down briefly before she began to speak again, “are you able to start on Monday at 9am?”

That gave me two days to get some new clothes for the office and celebrate.

“Yes, of course! Thank you so much for this, I’ll be there at 9am on the dot!” Grinning from ear to ear, I said goodbye and hung up the phone.

“You got it?!” Chrissy stood up, dropping her pizza slice in the process.

“Yes! I’m staring on Monday! This is amazing, we are DEFINITELY going shopping!” I exclaimed and hugged Chrissy, the two of us jumping up and down excitedly.

“Congrats! Oh my god, we have to go out and celebrate. It’s nearly,” she paused to check her phone, “4 o'clock now, why don’t we get ready to go for dinner somewhere?”

Briefly discussing where to eat, we agreed on a nice restaurant in the city, and ran off to get ready. We both take ages to get ready, so there was no rush.

We left the flat at 5, and managed to get a table at this restaurant which was rather busy tonight. Chrissy insisted on getting a glass of champagne each, so we both sipped our champagne while we ate.

That night when we got home, we were ever so slightly tipsy, but I had the best sleep ever.


Monday morning rolled in, and I woke to my alarm at 7am feeling somewhat refreshed having gone to bed early. I groggily dragged myself out of bed and showered, yawning as I got dressed in my new clothes I had bought on Saturday and dried my hair. Applying some makeup, I made sure I looked good enough for an office but not too glam. Subtle glam. Yeah, that’s totally it.

Slipping on my court heels, I scribbled a note for Chrissy and slapped it onto the kitchen counter before checking the time; 8:15. I grabbed my bag and shoved my phone in it, checked my appearance once again, and set off outside. The cab I had booked the day before was waiting for me at the side of the road, and I jumped in and gave the driver my destination. I arrived at the large company building at 8:50, thankfully I was on time. By the time I got to my floor, it was 8:55, and I stepped out of the elevator only to see the woman who had interviewed me.

“Ah, Y/N! My name is Lexie Hardwell, call me Lexie. I’m in charge of this floor, so I’ll give you a tour and then you can get to work!” Lexie beamed at me making me feel much more relaxed.

The tour of the floor didn’t take long, and I was soon sat at my very own desk. During the lunch break I managed to chat with my new coworkers, who were thankfully very nice. The day passed surprisingly quickly and I was loving the new job, which consisted of sorting paperwork and doing online work with a bunch of figures.

“So, how was your first day?” Lisa, my new coworker, was chatting to me as we left the office and made our way to the elevator.

“It was great! I really enjoyed it, I’m so glad I get on with you guys as well,” I smiled at her as we waited to reach the ground floor.

“Oh, just WAIT till you meet the boss. His name’s Chris Evans, he owns the company. He is so dreamy,” she pretended to fan herself as she chatted away. “He’s tall, handsome, and his voice alone could make your knees weak. Trust me.”

I chuckled and told her I hadn’t, but I was now very intrigued. Hopefully soon I’ll meet the almighty Chris Evans.

As we walked through the lobby, in the corner of my eye I saw a familiar figure quickly approaching from my left. I nearly choked on air as I turned my head to look at him, only to see the sex god I shared the elevator with on the day of the interview. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as he walked toward me like a freaking runway model and his eyes met mine, and he winked at me as he walked past me toward the lifts.

Lisa grabbed my arm and practically dragged me out of the building and the evening sun hit me as we stood by the entrance.

“Girl, did you see him?!” She whispered loudly, “isn’t he so hot?!”

“Um, hell yeah! I’d have to be blind not to see how good looking he was,” I breathed out and looked through the glass door into the lobby, remembering those crystal blue eyes. “Who is he?”

“He- who is he?! It’s him. That, honey, was Mr Evans- our boss.”



Legit just decided to write this because Chris is ultimate daddy and I love daddies lmao

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anonymous asked:

since it's october, may i request the mc getting scared after watching horror movies late at night and the rfa members trying to comfort her? i love your blog a lot and your writing is very well done btw !!

Hello!! Firstly, thank you for your kind words! I love being an author. And yes! I love horror movies so this was fun to write. I hope I fulfilled your request. This got super long, I didn’t know if you wanted a scenario or headcanons so I just went with what I thought worked best! I hope u liKE IT 

  It was 1am. You should have been resting with your beloved, but here you were instead, intently munching on snacks and watching horror films … alone. October had been in season and the movie specials were already getting shown, why not have some free time to yourself to watch them? Of course, Yoosung would be too afraid to accompany you, so he was already resting up in bed. Horror movies never particularly scared you all that much anyway. I mean, they’re just movies, right?
  One movie after another, the characters seemed to be lacking more and more intelligence. Why did they go into that room? Why didn’t they turn on the goddamn lights? Why the hell do they think it’s a good idea to do any of this?! Their thoughtless actions made you cringe, but what made you cringe even more, was the gore. It was an unsettling amount of blood that made your stomach turn. As the movie progressed, the plot grew thicker quite surprisingly. It left you craving for the answers to your unsolved questions and urged you to continue watching. God damn it! They killed your favorite character off! The only one who seemed to have a decent amount of brain cells. But just when you thought the worst part was over, the jumpscares had just begun. One after another, after another, after another the intimidating creatures started to appear on the screen so suddenly. You squealed loudly and clutched at the closest pillow you could to muffle your shrieks. You shut the TV off immediately after seeing a very unsettling image of some corpses. Okay, maybe watching horror films this late wasn’t that good of an idea.
  You scattered off to Yoosung’s room, hoping to find him asleep at such an ungodly hour, but alas, he was deep into another LOLOL game. You stood in the doorway trembling, on the verge of tears. You could barely whimper out his name and you felt so embarrassed by it. “Y-Y-Yoosung … sweetheart?” you stuttered, eyes pooling with tears. Yoosung could hear you very vaguely through his headset, which made you sound really muffled. He took them off and rotated his chair to face you. As soon as he saw your tears, he shut off his computer promptly and ran to your side.
  “Honey, what’s wrong?” Yoosung whimpered, kissing your wet cheeks. He hated seeing you upset, it was always that way. Whenever you got sad, he got sad, and vice versa. You grabbed at his sweater like a child and buried your face in it, your tears staining the fabric. He smelled faintly of your own perfume, what a lovely fragrance.
  “Horror movies are really scary. I see why you don’t like them. The monsters … they won’t come get me, will they?!” you cried into his sweater. He brushed his fingers through your messy hair and kissed the top of your head. He used his index finger and thumb to gently grasp your chin to adjust your face so it’d face upwards towards him.
  “Not on my watch. I’ll be your watch dog and protect you always!” Yoosung smiled. It comforted you so much. He rested his head on yours and inhaled the soft aroma of your shampoo. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

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“Just friends” *WARNING: SMUT

Request from anon: Could you do a Sammy visual or regular smut where y/n is Nate’s little sister and all the guys come over for their traditional movie night, but y/n and Sammy have always flirted and so they cuddle during the movie and Sam starts to tease y/n when almost all the guys are asleep and he fingers her? LOL uh, 


“What’s up sport?” Nate walked in the house, rubbing my head, messing up my hair. “Ugh, hi,” I said annoyed because he knows I hate when he does that to me. Just then the guys started walking through the door too. As a routine, as each walked by living room table, I would hand off to them their favorite snacks and drinks. This wasn’t my first rodeo for these kind of nights with these boys. Every other Saturday was movie night at the Maloley house hold here in LA. Everyone was invited, even the couples. It was basically our only tradition as a whole family. We may all be doing our own things, but in the end, we will always come back to each other where we began. I love doing it. I love hearing the stories, hearing the laughs, trash talk, and “OH!” I squealed out, snapped out of my thoughts to my ass getting slapped. 

I turned to my left and smirked, “Missed me much?” I said, looking at Sam. Sam and I have an on and off flirtatious relationship. There are times where we’ll be really flirty and there are times where we are just friends. Those ‘we are just friends’ moments are when Stass, Jordyn, and or Kylie are around. Sam turns into a whole different person when he’s around those 3. I don’t know why but I really don’t question it. For the past couple movie nights, he would bring one or all of them. It’s not that we didn’t mind, we did sometimes, but we just didn’t want to piss him off that he wasn’t allowed to bring people he wanted. Nate and I love them, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes, it would be nice if it was just the crew. But the crew has been adding numbers to the crew so we don’t question it. 

“What’s on the menu for tonight?” He looks down at me with hungry eyes. He plants his hand on my ass cheek and squeezes it. I just bit the bottom of my lip, “Me.” I winked, and walked away to the living room where the guys were. I sat down on my usual spot and Sam walked in front of Johnson, “Move.” “What? This is my spot. This has always been my spot.” “Tonight, your spot is next to Hayes. Come on man.” I watched them argue back and forth. “Give me your gummy bears and it’s a deal.” Johnson said and Sam threw him his bag of gummies. Johnson smiled and got up to switch spots. Sam quickly sat down next to me on the two person couch and looked at me, and I looked back at him. “Oh no.” Nate said, getting up and sitting between us. “Nuh uh.” He crosses his arms, looking back and forth to Sam and I. Nate knew Sam and I were flirty with each other but it never went that far. He always prevented us from sitting next to each other or walking with each other or any of that. 

I just laughed at his childish big brother ways, “Oh Nathan. Nothing is going on between us. Swear.” I threw my hand up. “Then why did he switch seats with Jack?” He looked at me. “I was tired of the side view of the tv. I wanted front row seat this time.” Sam said behind Nate but he didn’t turn his face, still looking at me. I stared back at Nate, “We are just friends. Can you relax?” I put my arm around his neck and leaned my head on his shoulder. “I love you big brother.” I said sweetly. “Fine. Just friends?” He looks at me again. “Just friends.” He gets up from between Sam and I, slaps Sam on the side of his head, and goes back to his regular seat. Sam and I look at each other and burst out laughing. 

Whoever was the last game night champ got to pick the movies. Harry Potter SERIES. We started the first movie, and everyone was focused on the tv. My legs were wrapped under my blanket that I always use, sitting criss cross on the couch. The couch is so small for a 2 people couch, that my left bent knee extended onto Sam’s lap. But he didn’t mind. I didn’t notice that during the movie, he placed his hand over my thigh and just left it there. It didn’t bother me, he likes to do that a lot, so I am used to it. 

As the night went on, everyone got more comfortable in their seat, to the point where they started falling asleep. At the beginning of the second movie, I saw that everyone was sleeping, light snoring, heavy breathing, slow breaths, eyes closed, no response to my calls. Then I looked to my left and saw Sam wide awake. “So,” he says. I quickly glance at Nate and saw he was sound asleep. I made myself comfortable and cuddled up on Sammy’s side. We started whispering to each other, not wanting to wake anyone up. We were talking about things like his music and my work and helping out with Nate and his stuff. Talking to him made me remember some videos I came across on twitter the other day. 

“So,” I chuckled a little, “I heard you liked being called daddy.” He just threw his head back and quietly laughed to himself. “You saw the video?” “I did. I didn’t know you had a daddy kink.” “I don’t know what started it but a girl moaning daddy to me is the sexiest thing to my ears.” He whispers as his hands grip onto my thighs. “Oh really?” I placed my hands on his shoulder and leaned my chin on my hands as my face was facing the side of his head. “What if I said it?” I said seductively in his ear. I feel him squirm a little in his seat, “Nah, you’re my best friend’s sister.” He says calmly. I bit the bottom of my lip, smiling without him seeing me. I slowly moved my hand on his inner thigh and gently slid it up and down. I watch as he sits up straighter in his seat, and his eyes glued to the TV. I smirk, and started breathing softly in his ear as a tease. “Mmm,” I heard him groan in his mouth. “Quiet, daddy,” My hand slowly gliding up higher to his area, “You don’t want to wake everyone up, do you?” 

He groans again, his teeth gritted together. He quickly grabs my wrist with his free hand, and looks at me whispering, “Don’t start what you can’t finish baby girl.” His eyes were full of lust. “Fine.” I pulled my wrist from his grip and faced toward the TV. Sam threw the rest of my blanket over his legs. His hand slowly made its way under the blanket and lied on top of my inner left thigh. I tried to ignore it as he was trying to get me back. He slowly moved his hand closer and closer to my area. His gentle little glide sent shivers all over my body. He stopped once he reached my clothed pussy. I turn to look at him as his eyes were still glued to the TV. I felt his middle finger go up and down on my clothed slit making me wetter. “Do it.” I whispered to him. To my surprise he actually did it. 

His hand made its way up to my lower stomach and down my shorts and panties. My shorts and panties were tight around my figure so it felt like his hand was suffocated. I helped him out and moved my position where I sat in a normal position, legs hanging off the couch and my feet flat on the floor. I slipped my shorts and panties down to my ankles and opened my legs a little. He grins, “Easier access, I like it.” He whispers and continues his movements. His middle finger went up and down my wet slit, teasing me. My eyes roll back as his touch gave me chills. He leans closer to me, his head lying on my shoulder, looking at me. His finger still teasing me, “Fuuuck.” I murmured right in his left ear. I feel him laugh a little as 2 fingers go in fully. I started breathing harder as his pace went as fast as he could, without the sound of my wetness overpowering the movie. He started leaving kisses on my lips as I was too distracted at the pleasure he’s giving me. I started whining with my mouth closed, looking at him with pleading eyes. “Mmmmm, shiiiiiii,” I whispered., breathing heavily. “Please daddy,” I pleaded. He started fingering me faster but the sound of my juices got louder, 

I held tight on his wrist to prevent him from going faster because of the sound. Although it is music and sexy to both of our ears, not with 14 other people around. “God you’re so fucking wet.” He clenched his teeth next to my ear as I felt the need to return the favor. I kept my eyes wandering from person to person just in case they woke up. I stuck my hand in his pants and started jacking him off, pleasuring each other. 

Once I started jerking him in a faster pace, I felt him groan, “Ungh, Babygirl,” and he bit my collarbone. I guess he was so turned on by everything that it didn’t take him long to cum in his pants. Me on the other hand, he was going to slow that I have yet to cum. As I slowly took my hand out of his pants, Nate started moving and we froze our bodies. I turn to look at him as Nate’s eyes were still closed, his arms still crossed, and his head slouched on his shoulder. We waited a 2 minutes to make sure he was fully sleeping. As I gave Sam a coast clear, he started rubbing my clit. 

He slowly fastened his motion and started leaving kisses on my neck. I felt myself starting feeling on edge. He knew I was close too as he sped up on my clit, making me want to moan but can’t. “I’m going to come,” I started panting. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum.” We look at each other straight in the eyes, as he passionately kisses my lips. My body starts to shatter as I cum all over his fingers and moan in his mouth. His fingers start slowing down to a stop and removes his hand from my clit, making me shriek at how sensitive I felt. We release from our kiss, as his eyes were lazily looking from my mouth to my eyes. 

I turn to look to see if anyone woke up but no one did, and quietly stood up and quickly pulled up my shorts, tip toeing upstairs to the bathroom to clean myself up. I looked at myself in the mirror after i was done, “What just happened.” I took in a deep breath and walked to my room, sitting on my bed, back towards my door. Out of nowhere, I jump at the touch of someone, and Sam makes his way around, and sits in front of me. “Just friends?” He asks. “Just friends.” I reply back. He looks into my eyes, as our heads lean forward and kiss again. I pull away, confused. “Just friends?” 

“Friends who like to do this,” He leans in closer to me and leaves trails of kisses from my cheek to my collar bone. “Just friends.” I whispered to myself. Nathan can never find out about this, I think to myself. 

Note: I will not make make another part to this of “nate finds out.” or “they get together.” Just letting you know if you request it, it will not be done. 

Saturday Morning [Part 3] (Grayson)

Written by: @keepcalmandlovepotter

Summary: Alyssa is new to L.A. and has a few secrets she’s rather keep to herself. When a famous YouTube star meets her, it changes the course of her life forever.

A/N: This was a submission and this is NOT MY STORY

Part 1/ Part 2

I woke up before the sun to the chirping of my alarm, and dragged myself out of bed. The worst part about working in a coffee shop was that when you open at 5 AM, you had to be there at 4. I almost always worked morning shifts. I honestly didn’t mind most of the time, but I had had a hard time getting to sleep the night before. I tossed and turned like a row boat in a storm for hours thinking about my “date” with Grayson later today. If I was lucky, I could catch a nap before and still have some time to get ready. 

I didn’t bother taking a shower because I knew I’d just smell like coffee grinds and fruit from the smoothies at the end of my shift, so I tossed my hair up in a messy bun and put on my usual cat eye and mascara before heading out.

I unlocked the back door, having arrived at Java Jane’s before my boss, Ashlee and decided to get a jump start on brewing. I had already made a dark roast batch when she walked in through the front, unlocking the glass doors. 

“Hey, you’re early,” she said, locking them behind her, as there was still about 45 minutes until opening. I shrugged, already covered in coffee grinds and moving the large carafes so more coffee could be brewed. It was the biggest early morning seller. 

“Yeah, I knew we had a lot to do and I had a lot on my mind so I hopped in about 15 minutes early. What’s going on? How are you?”

Ashlee and I chatted as she put on her apron and went the back to turn on the radio so we’d have some music while we worked before she started on the cold brew. 

“You seem a little off. What’s up?” I looked back at her, biting my lower lip, holding my breath, wondering if I should tell her. I didn’t have many friends in L.A., but Ashlee was definitely a genuine friend. She knew about my past, my family, and she didn’t give a single shit about any of it. She was 25 and had short black hair. She was tall and thin, which I couldn’t understand because she ate all the time. Sometimes I had to remind her that the cheesecake was for the customers and not for her to take home at the end of the day.

“I met someone…” I started with quietly, leaning a carafe into the warming station where it kept the coffee hot. She stopped short of what she was doing and turned to look at me slowly.

“Oh my god,” she started, covering her mouth with one hand. I raised an eyebrow and she abandoned her task to come give me a hug. I laughed, but hugged her back with the one arm that wasn’t holding up the large pot of coffee.

“What? Is it that monumental?” I asked with a genuine laugh. She’d heard me cackle one night when I’d had a little too much to drink after we closed down and ever since then, we’d become close friends.

“It is if you’re telling me about it! That means you think something might happen! Or that you’re already head over heels for him! It took you SIX WEEKS to even tell me about who Joe was.” I rolled my eyes and scoffed, feeling a familiar, sour taste fill my mouth. A grim look crept across my face and I turned from her. It might’ve slipped her mind because of her excitement that I hated hearing my ex-boyfriend’s name.

“Sorry, but it’s true!” She insisted. I sighed and shook my head. 

“No, he’s just a guy I met yesterday at The Grove. He’s pretty cool. He’s super sweet and totally funny. But he’s like, YouTube famous? He has a twin brother and they make these videos -”

“You’re not talking about one of the Dolan Twins, are you?”

I looked back at her with an expression that was half utterly astonished and half completely amused. She turned a little red and shrugged. 

“They’ve come in here once or twice. Before you moved. I’m a huge fan of them. Their videos are hilarious.” She talked as she picked her task back up and I did the same. I walked around the bar to place things in the case - little wrapped candies and treats.

“Well, I guess that makes it easier to explain why I can’t really date him,” I confessed, a twinge in my tone. Ashlee stood up straight. 

“UM, I’M SORRY, I MUST HAVE COFFEE GRINDS IN MY EARS BECAUSE I THOUGHT I JUST HEARD YOU TELL ME YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DATE HIM!” She was basically shouting and I laughed before looking over at the clock. I finished the display and walked over to the door.

“Time to open,” I said, unlocking the door. That didn’t stop Ashlee though.

“At least tell me which one it is!” She begged and I sighed, putting my hands in the pockets of my apron, fiddling with the sharpie I kept there.

“It’s Grayson,” I replied reluctantly and she squealed.

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say.” She bounced up and down and I couldn’t help but break my scowl to smile at her sincere delight for me. 

“Come on, we’ve got pastries to set out.”


The shift seemed to go on for ages. When you work so early in the morning, you feel like it’s midnight when you get out at 1 PM. Ashlee had grilled me whenever she had a spare moment about my encounter with Grayson and our date later tonight. She had a lot of theories, each one crazier than the last. I could only laugh. When it was time for me to leave, I took off my apron and hung it in the back room, grabbing my backpack.

I checked my phone to see that Grayson had texted me. My heart felt light as I opened the message.

Hey, Alyssa! Can’t wait to see you tonight. Wanna send me your address so I can pick you up?

I fired off a quick reply, sending him my address with a smiley face. He sent one back and I put my phone in my back pocket.

“Hey, Ash, I’m leaving. I’m gonna try and get a nap in before…you know,” I said, feeling my face get red just thinking about the fact that Grayson was coming to pick me up in 6 hours. She smiled teasingly and sent me on my way with a big hug, making me promise to call her after the date. I rolled my eyes, but smiled and appreciated her enthusiasm and excitement, even if my own emotions were a shit storm at the moment.

As soon as I got home, I all but collapsed onto my couch. I let out a loud groan and turned the television on. What I saw made my stomach turn a little.

“And the Dolan Twins were spotted downtown this morning at a meet and greet with their fans. Their popular YouTube channel has earned them over 3.5 million subscribers. Hundreds of people mobbed the area and stayed long after the boys had left the scene. Traffic was reported in the area until very recently.”

The broadcast continued but I let my body fall back onto the couch. I rubbed my eyes, forgetting about my liner and mascara til I saw it on my hands. Annoyed, I got up to clean it off my face and fingers. While I was in the bathroom, scrubbing my face, I looked at my reflection, unimpressed. I let out what felt like the 80th sigh of the day and shook my head, my hands on the edge of the sink, hanging my head.

What’re you doing? This has to be some kind of prank or for a video or something. Wake up. You’re not worth what this guy could offer.

It was so clear, and loud. Like it had been the night before. These thoughts came from a part of my brain I wasn’t sure I was ready to deal with yet, associated with a person I had only recently forgotten. I looked back up at my own reflection and was shocked to see tears running down my face. I didn’t even remember feeling them fall. It made me angry.

No. He has no power here anymore.

I chucked the make up wipe into the trash and walked back to the living room and put on a baking show I enjoyed, pushing the thoughts out of my mind, focusing on the positives. I took regular deep breaths to calm myself down and laid my head down. I set an alarm in case I drifted off so I’d have plenty of time to get ready.

As soon as I put my phone down, I was out like a light.

Goddess - Part One

Written by: spencerreidsmiles

My second fic for Halloween! Requested by the sweet @sarahcrystalheart. A Halloween Reid x Reader fluff piece. 

Send requests, asks, and feedback!



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II pt 1 II pt 2 II pt 3 II pt 4 II pt 5 II pt 6 II pt 7 (Final) II

Johnny x Reader


Word Count: 5 k

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Teaser: ‘Your adrenaline kicked in and you mustered up the strength to push the asshole to the floor. Johnny grabbed you and moved you so you were standing slightly behind him, still slightly hunched over from the throbbing pain in his stomach.’

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Out Of Left Field (Part 4 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by teenwolfmen

Author’s Note: Alright! Part 4 is finally here! I am so excited to finally get this up, and I really hope you guys like it :) Please let me know, feedback is always appreciated! Some interesting things are starting to reveal themselves ;) As always, please enjoy!

A big shout out to @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for dealing with my procrastination on this story, for helping me generate amazing ideas, and for editing and contributing :) There is absolutely no way this series would be possible without her!

Warnings: Language; hella awkward-ness


“Bye Lydia!” I called after her in a sing-song voice. She turned and wiggled her fingers at me before rounding the corner, bag in hand. She was off for another date weekend with Aiden, so once again I had the room free to host another movie night. I had bought some snacks so that Stiles didn’t have to bring so much, laying them all out on my desk for us to grab at our own convenience.

Stiles: Walking down your hallway now.

With a squeal of excitement that I would never tell them I let out, I practically ran the whole four steps to my door and flung it open, popping my head out to greet them.

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The Perfect Date

A/N: Yeah so um I started writing this a while ago and then stopped because I didn’t think it was good then I finished it today so yeah. It’s basically just super fluffy and not much of a plot, just a lot of Spencer being sweet. Tbh it’s not very good, but it’s my first time writing fiction so that was interesting… go easy on me guys…


It was a chilly October day, and you had finally gotten the last box out of your moving truck.

“Thanks for everything, Tony!” you yelled out to the older man who helped you move. You hired him to drive you and all of your belongings from Los Angeles to Virginia. He gave you the creeps at first, but after being in a truck together for days, you ended up enjoying his company and stories about his wife and children.

The wind cut at your face and flung your hair around as you grabbed the last two boxes – and of course they were the two heaviest boxes you owned, all full of your books. Groaning at the idea of taking two separate trips, you decided to attempt hauling both boxes up four flights of stairs. That idea went south as soon as you pushed the door open as far as you could and ended up accidentally hitting someone. The boxes and both of you fell down, boxes busting open and books spilling everywhere.

You looked up at who you hit; a young, tall man with a curly mess of brown hair.

“I am so sorry! I should have really looked before I barged my way through the door” you tell the rather handsome young man.

He blushes and says, “I guess I’m the one that should have gotten out of the way of the girl who had boxes stacked above her head.” We both laugh. “Let me give you a hand,” the man offers.

You both begin to pick up the books lying around all over the floor when he quietly says, “I’m Spencer by the way. Spencer Reid. I live in 225”

“I’m Y/N. I am in the process of moving into 417.”

He gives a small smile and continues to pick up books. He stops and looks at some of the titles and says, “Y/N, you have quite the impressive book collection here. Dickens, Bronte, Faulkner, Hemingway… these are all the classics!”

“My mom use to be a literature professor” I smiled sweetly at him. Normally, you didn’t have trouble talking to guys, but for some reason Spencer made you feel blush and get all tongue-tied. After finally shoving all of the books back into the boxes, you started to pick them both up again, but Spencer stopped you.

“There’s no way I’m going to let you carry those boxes up four flights of stairs… I don’t want some other poor guy to get ran into,” He said with a grin.

“I was hoping you would say that,” you said with a mischievous smile, your confidence growing. After carrying box after box up those stairs all day, you had no desire to carry any more than you had to. Plus, Spencer was cute and you wanted him to stick around.

After the steep climb of four flights, you arrived at your apartment and set the boxes down. “Thank you so much, Spencer, I really appreciate it.”

“Not a problem, Y/N.” He rubbed the back of his neck and blushed. “I guess I’ll, uh… see you around then, won’t I?”

“I sure hope so,” you replied in a flirtatious tone. He started to walk away when you did something you had never done before. “Do you want to go maybe get a cup of coffee? I don’t know where anything is around here and the first thing I need to find is definitely a coffee shop”

He turned around, eyes glowing. “I would really like that. Plus, I know the best coffee shop in town and it’s within walking distance.”

You grinned and grabbed your coat and purse and headed out the door with this handsome man you just met in a town completely foreign to you.


The next few months were a blur – you settled into your new job (a secretary for a U.S. Senator), finally unpacked and decorated, and got accustomed to the city. As for seeing Spencer, you didn’t see him nearly as often as you’d like to. He was busy at the BAU, you were busy settling in – it was a struggle to find time to do anything other than order take-out and watch television.

It was no secret that you two liked each other – how could you not like Spencer? He was intelligent, thoughtful, handsome, and you couldn’t help but love those sweet rambles he always went on. It was frustrating that there was such a strong attraction, but there hadn’t been a proper date yet.

You just got home from work and plopped down on the couch. It was Friday night and you had nothing to do – Spencer was out on a case and he was the only friend you had made in the city. You were about to doze off when your phone buzzed. You looked down and saw a new message from Spencer:

We just finished our case. I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to dinner tonight? Black tie – I have a place in mind. We will land in approximately an hour and a half.

You smiled and replied: I’ll be waiting, Dr. Reid.

You got up and headed to bathroom to get ready. After showering, carefully applying make-up, and curling your hair, you opened your closet to look for the perfect outfit. After choosing a dress that accentuated your curves, you slipped on your heels and put in your earrings. Not a second after you got done getting ready, there was a knock on the door.

You opened the door to Spencer dressed in a suit and a bouquet of flowers – the look on his face was priceless.

“Well hello there, handsome!” you greeted him with a hug.

“Y/N, you look… incredible,” still with a look on his face that any girl dreams of when getting ready for a date. He handed you the flowers and after putting them in a vase, you two were off to dinner.

“So, where is this fancy restaurant you’re taking me to?” you asked as you walked down the sidewalk, your hand around his bicep.

“It’s a restaurant that is very hard to get reservations to… Luckily I know the owner,” he winked. You had never seen Spencer display so much confidence.

When you arrived to the restaurant, the hostess knew Spencer by name and led you to outside of the building.

“We’re not eating inside?” you asked. Spencer smiled and opened the door to outside, revealing a gazebo covered in strings of twinkling lights. In the middle was a little white table with a rose in the middle and a lake in the background.

“Oh Spencer…” you gasped. He pulled your chair out and sat next to you and dinner began. You had never been on a more perfect date.

“Y/N, I think it’s no secret that I like you,” he began with a smile. “These past few months have been the most enjoyable of my life. You are so beautiful, smart, and have such a kind heart. You’re the first person I want to tell about my day and the person that can cheer me up after a bad day. I know that it’s hard to be together considering my hectic work schedule, but I promise that every moment that I am not on a case, I will spend with you, and do everything I can to make you happy. Will you please do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” He looked at you with those big brown eyes and smiled.

“Oh Spencer, of course I will!” you squealed and went in for a kiss. His lips were so soft on yours as the kiss deepened; you have been dreaming of this moment since you dropped all of your moving boxes on him on that first day.