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We first met when we were 15. Back then, I didn’t have a clue on what love was. I doubted its existence. I was a complete cynic, equating love to myths.
If this was a fairy tale, this is where I would say we fell in love. This is where I say I saw you, and I knew. But this isn’t a fairy tale. It didn’t start with love at first sight. Somehow, that makes our story even more beautiful.
If someone had told me back then that I would fall so deeply in love, I would have laughed my head off. If someone had told me it would be you, I would have dismissed me as irrationality. Funny how life works.
[soompi] shinee’s jonghyun talks about life after his radio show and girls’ generation’s taeyeon being his muse

source: soompi / note: “muse” is soompi’s choice of wording, not jonghyun’s.

shinee’s jonghyun made a guest appearance on mbc fm4u’s kim shin young’s noon song of hope on april 26 and opened up about being back on a mbc radio station for the first time in three weeks. 

on april 2, jonghyun said farewell to his show, blue night, after being the dj for three years and four months. regarding this, the idol said, “this is my first time back at the mbc radio center in three weeks. the first thing i did was check to see if my entrance pass still worked. i wondered if they had cut my access off as soon as i had left my show. but it still works. i got a little emotional when i saw the light turn green.”

he also added that since leaving his show, he has never left his house after midnight. jonghyun stated, “i heard that sleeping before midnight is good for your health. now that i sleep earlier, i also wake up earlier. today, i woke up at 7:30 a.m.. i’ve been meeting a specialist to better my sleeping habits.” 

jonghyun also talked about his new solo title track, “lonely,” which features girls’ generation’s taeyeon. he stated, “it was a song that was perfect for her. i wanted to take the aura that she has, where she’s a bright and happy person with a sensitive and lonely side as well, and put that in the lyrics. i thought of her while i was writing the lyrics and melody.”

he also thanked taeyeon for agreeing to feature in the song and said, “i felt bad about asking her for this big favor. her part is quite big, and it could have been a bit too much to ask for, but i’m grateful that she was more than happy to work with me.”

This is the most embarrassing. When you make videos about people on the internet, there’s a chance they might see that there. So don’t make a video like reacting to shirtless pictures of them, and like ‘YES daddy’. Because there might be a day when you’re working a red carpet and you see them approach and then they look at you on the red carpet and you see in their eyes that they’ve seen you - thirst - for them on the internet. And so, there was a day when Darren - we had gotten to know each other because we always saw each other on red carpets a whole lot - and every time he was sweet, tender, and he was nothing but kind, gracious, and forgiving. And there was a time where I was like 'oh I really wanna make a video with him’. So we reached out and tried to make it work blah blah blah. So he agrees. He comes to my apartment. He’s in my living room. And so we start the video and I’m like 'Let’s talk about how - how did we first get to know each other?’ and he’s like 'Well, the first time I ever knew about you…’ and I’m like 'ohhhh’…Luckily he was nothing but nice. And like, sweet and kind. You can watch that video. It’s on the internet.

If it’s going to really, really help a kid with ADD or some other LD-related diagnosis, then it needs to be discussed with the IEP team and put into the IEP so that everyone knows how to effectively use the tool for accommodation purposes.

Look, I taught speech for 9 years straight.  I saw a lot of anxious teens in my room.  So I bought tangle toys for kids to use.  You know what happened to them?  They got DESTROYED. Kids who didn’t need them were taking them and dismantling them, throwing pieces, losing them, and I had to take them away from kids more than once.  

“UGH BUT I NEED IT,” they cried.

“You’re making a big enough scene over a toy in front of the class, so I think you’re good to give a speech,” I responded. 

So I resorted to hiding the tangle toys and stress balls, and only brought them out when I saw the TRULY nervous.  The real wigglers.  I’d quietly slip the item to the kid, get a grateful glance, and it would be back on my desk at the end of the hour.

The spinners are turning into toys.  They’re not being used for their intended purpose by the vast majority of students I’ve seen use them.  And I’ve already seen how someone’s spinner has actually destroyed someone else’s concentration.  Student A stares into space, spinspinspinspin, while Student B scowls trying to work on a paper and says, “I’m going to rip that off your hand.” 

My Anne Boleyn necklace is so important to me because when I went to Hampton Court one time, I had a conversation with the re-enactor playing Anne Boleyn (she was completely in character), and she saw the necklace and accused of stealing it from her personal belongings and threatened to have me “made a head shorter” and I was like PLEASE MURDER ME, OH QUEEN, OH MISTRESS

girls like dollies chapter 9 (trixya) - lale

I say it every time I update, but I truly honestly cannot explain what it means to me to see the reaction from everyone to this fic. We’re almost at the end now, so I hope you all enjoy this update! As always, all the love and thanks in the world to Matilda and fleursverts, who are actual angels from heaven and are so much of the reason why this fic continues to get written!! i love you ladies!

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Reading your post about Jamie's "sight" reminds me of Bree. Did she ever tell her parents she saw and spoke to them in her dreams when they were in Jamaica? I remember her telling Roger about it and she thought it was only a dream. I don't remember if she ever to Jamie or Claire.

No, Brianna never tells them about her dream. Which in retrospect I think is a missed opportunity to develop everyone’s understanding of Brianna’s abilities - which, given the talents that Jem and Mandy develop, provides a stronger justification for why they have those talents in the first place.

Especially since we know that Brianna was born with a caul:

It was Brianna who had been born with a caul.  

  A “silly hoo,” the Scots called it; a lucky hood. A fortunate portent, a caul offered—they said—protection from drowning in later life. And some children born with a caul were blessed with second sight—though having met one or two of those who saw with the third eye, I took leave to doubt that such a blessing was unmixed.  

  Whether lucky or not, Brianna had never showed any signs of that strange Celtic “knowing,” and I thought it just as well. I knew enough of my own peculiar form of second sight—the certain knowledge of things to come—not to wish its complications on anyone else.

– Drums of Autumn

I suppose that this detail helps us better understand Brianna’s talent - whatever it may be. Especially because this is the only time Claire mentions it in the entire series.

This is Syd. I’m at Mayo clinic killing time between appointments, saw her awesome hair and adorable dog and had to say hello. She does her hair herself and just started doing it a few years ago after she lost someone close because she says life is too short not to have fun. I just noticed her leggings have birds on them. I truly hope I can be half as cool as she is when I’m her age.

Posted with her permission, of course.

Marisha, my friend. Last to meet, but true as any other. You were my ally at a time when I had fallen by the side of the road. You saw. And helped me back on my feet. I will never forget that kindness. The good you did was immeasurable. I was richer for having known you, friend.
—  Liam O’Brien, telling his friend how much she means to him (in a speak and spell robot voice)
KuroMahi: Maybe he'll never know

Okay so I started this agesss ago and forgot about it but I just found it in my notes now and decided to finish it.
It’s not the best since I just wanted to get it done but it’s KuroMahi fluff so I thought I’d share it

Here you go~

It was late Friday evening and Mahiru had just finished cleaning up around the house, Kuro was fast asleep in his human form on Mahiru’s bed. Mahiru didn’t mind doing all the household chores on his own, he knew how much effort it took for Kuro to get up early everyday and attend school with him. This is why Mahiru would happily let Kuro rest when he got in, in fact he even encouraged it when he saw how sleepy the vampire looked.

You could argue that it didn’t really take Kuro much effort at all, after the initial pain of getting up he spent the school day curled up asleep in Mahiru’s backpack and getting hand fed treats from Mahiru’s classmates at lunch. This doesn’t seem like a stressful time, in fact it’s not a bad deal at all. Despite knowing this Mahiru couldn’t help but fall for those puppy dog eyes Kuro would give him in attempt to get out of doing chores.

Recently Mahiru found himself becoming more and more wrapped around the vampires little finger, he’d let Kuro get away with everything and he was becoming more and more lenient with him. Kuro would merely sigh at Mahiru’s requests and Mahiru would feel bad and do it himself. This was something that had been happening a lot more in the last few months of them living together. The young Eve had noticed it himself, he just couldn’t bring himself to make the vampire do anything if he didn’t want to, even if it was simply taking the trash out.

Mahiru sighed and sat on the sofa, letting his tired body sink into the comforting fabric. He took a small sip from his cup of tea and threw his head and sighed again, this sigh however sounded more exasperated than the previous one.

Thoughts and feelings constricted the young boys mind, he’d never felt like this before - in fact he didn’t even know what it was he was feeling.

Kuro and Mahiru were very different people. Mahiru was very much a get up and go type of person. Kuro on the other hand was more of ‘feed me ramen and let me sleep’ kind of person. This clash of personalities surprisingly resulted in a strong bond between the two of them, they balanced each other out and enjoyed each other’s company very much. Mahiru couldn’t help feeling like he wanted more however… But how much more remained an unanswered question.

He would lay there in bed at night sometimes, kitty Kuro snuggled up next to him fast asleep. Thousands of thoughts buzzed through his mind, all telling him similar things
“Maybe ask if he can sleep next to you in his human form tomorrow, then you can cuddle him, no no even better you can kiss him”
These thoughts made Mahiru want to scream. Like Kuro would ever allow that. Like Mahiru would ever have the courage to do something like that anyway.
Even now these unrelenting thoughts tugged on his mind, it was becoming impossible to relax.

Feeling defeated, Mahiru stood up and snook into his room quietly, seeing Kuro fast asleep on his mattress.
This sight flooded Mahiru’s heart with a concoction of warm feelings, this sleepy vampire just seemed to tug on his heartstrings… He wanted nothing more than to lay there with him.
This urge gnawed a hole in his stomach as he watched the sleeping vampire, until finally he broke.
Mahiru quietly crawled on the bed next to the unconscious Kuro, his eyes fixed to the vampires expressionless face. He looked so peaceful sleeping like that. Mahiru didn’t want to disturb him but he couldn’t help but get a little closer.
He was now laying within and inch of Kuro’s face, he could feel his warm breath tickle across his cheeks as he slept soundly.

Maybe he wouldn’t notice

Maybe he’ll never know

Maybe it would just be Mahiru’s little secret

Something only he would know he had done

Maybe it’ll help stop these thoughts

Mahiru closed his eyes for a brief moment before opening them again to look at his servamp. He raised a shaking hand and gently placed it in Kuro’s hair, his fingers delved into the soft blue mass of hair and ran through it carefully, trying not to wake him. It felt so smooth and silky in his grasp, feeling slightly more confident he wriggled his small body closer so he could feel Kuro’s chest against his.

That’s when he did it. Mahiru leaned forward with such care, his slender fingers still gently caressing Kuro’s hair. Mahiru’s soft brown eyes closed as his face neared Kuro’s, his lips lightly pressed against his in then most tender of kisses. The kiss was soft, sweet and gentle, over before it even started. He pulled away slowly and looked at Kuro with flushed cheeks and a racing heart.

I just kissed him!

I can’t believe I just kissed him…

Mahiru’s mind was overwhelmed with feelings, all of which gave him butterflies as he looked at Kuro who’s eyes were still closed like before

“Mmm that was nice… why’d you make it so short though…” Kuro mumbled, his eyes still shut and his lips barely moving as he spoke softly

Mahiru was about to implode. He was awake the whole time?
His body froze and locked in its current position, too scared to speak

“Mahi I know you’re awake… why did you kiss me when you thought I was asleep. You humans are so cruel~ if I had missed that I would’ve been sad” Kuro muttered with an obvious pout.

Mahiru quickly turned to face the other way, burying his crimson cheeks into his hands to hide his embarrassment. His small body shook uncontrollably as he was so overwhelmed by the situation. What was he going to do now?

Mahiru’s thoughts were silenced when he felt Kuro’s arm snake around his abdomen, pulling him into his warm chest with strength the young Eve could not compete with.

Kuro snickered as he felt his Eve shaking in his arms, the fact he could make Mahiru like this so easily left the vampire feeling proud and confident.

“How troublesome you are Eve of mine~” his voice trailed off as his lips pressed in the crook of Mahiru’s neck, kissing the soft skin there all over until he felt the warmth of his Eves blush spread down under his lips.

Mahiru wanted to scream. Sure the feeling of having his servamp kiss his neck was one he had secretly been wanting to experience but the poor boy didn’t know how else to react other than freezing up.

Kuro didn’t seem to mind, in fact Mahiru’s reactions just seem to spur Kuro on. He kissed the boys shoulders and let his fangs rest on the skin, digging in slightly but not enough to hurt the boy. After hearing and audible gasp escape Mahiru’s lungs Kuro chuckled and decided he should stop torturing the boy for now.
With one last kiss to his Eves neck he pulled away with a soft sigh.

“If you wanted me Mahi you should’ve just asked~”

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could I maybe request something like hanzo or mccree with a willing(like they are in love) s/o who's family are police ppl and they are suspicious to the where abouts of their kid and confront them like where is my kid? Im sorry if that doesnt make anysense D: also I love your writing

I’m so glad you like it!


There really was nothing better than being with the person you loved. 

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I saw ppl complaint about Jack when they announced him as Lena's ex but after I saw this ep it's now make sense to me. They need someone who Lena had a strong emotional attachment with so when she lost him it impact her character so much since I think he probably was her first love and a love of her life. An ex-classmate or coworker wouldn't leave as much impact like he did, and a childhood friend would sound messed up if she had to choose SG over them.

Hey there! I agree with all of this to a point. I definitely think it was important that they introduced someone that Lena had a strong emotional attachment to because yes, it would bring in those conflicting emotions and strong impact when she lost him. I should also disclose that I have no problem with Jack being her ex. However, I do think that a strong impact would have been felt if Jack were a childhood friend that she lost contact with after moving to National City.

Whether a friend for years or a lover, the decision to end his life in favor of Supergirl’s would have been an extremely difficult choice. If Jack were a friend, the choice would have been the same, yet it still would have gutted her.

When it comes to Lena’s emotions in relation to this, I think it is important to consider that it was not just about Jack vs. Supergirl. Let us also keep in mind that, while unfathomable, there is a chance Lena does not know or suspect the truth about Supergirl. So it isn’t about Jack vs. Kara, either. Lena was very hurt and conflicted during this scene, but it was not only her emotions that influenced her choice. Her logic kicked in as well. While Jack is extremely important, he is one man. Granted he is a good man and Supergirl is just one woman, but she had to weigh the situation. If Jack died, it would be horrible but that would be the end of the nano swarm tech and all of its effects. That’s the goal.

If Supergirl were defeated, there goes National City’s beloved hero. There goes the lives of everyone that she needs to save. There goes the woman that National City sees as a beacon of hope in times of crisis. So really it was a question of sacrificing the few (or in this case the one), for the many. We also have to consider that Jack pretty much begged Lena to do it. So it was also more of a mercy kill than a leaning decision of favoritism. So really, both pathos and logos were at play here which was interesting to see in this episode since a lot of Lena’s major choices in the past have leaned towards one or the other.

Considering all of that, the same impact could have been felt if Jack were a friend. It would have been screwed up to choose a new friend over one you’ve had your whole life, yes, but all of the most important factors would have remained. The same selfless decision would have been made for the same reasons.

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How did you get into leftism?

i followed people who posted about Gender on tumblr, and then saw someone posting about how they were a communist.

my immediate reaction was “oh my god, people are communists? don’t they know that communism only works on paper, and is a failed system, and has killed millions?”

so i read the blogs because i wanted to Understand Why These People Chose This Ideology

quickly realized that my opinions on leftism that i had formed when i was younger were mostly based on preconceptions drilled into me at school and by the media, and that capitalism was a draining, destructive force for humanity and the planet we live on

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Hello Copperbadge! I am a huge fan of your foodieverse, so when I saw that the market near my house had brunost I had to try it and I had to try it in a burger. I don't know if you tested those recipes while writing but you should because the result was incredible! I ate way more than I should very quickly and immediately started bragging about it to my foodie friends. Thanks for an awesome recommendation

LOL AWESOME. I did not test those recipes but I have hamburgers in the fridge and brunost as well, I’ll have to give it a try! Glad it turnedout well for you :D 

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How do u feel about Michael's receding hairline

Hi! :)

I kind of laughed out loud when I saw your message in my inbox because I had just finished watching Blood Creek in which Fassy is bald, and I still found him somewhat attractive, which is perhaps a bit disturbing because he was technically supposed to be very ugly and repulsing.

I never really paid close attention to his hairline, but now that you mention it…

Maybe his hairline has receded a little, but I don’t think it’s very noticeable. I don’t know. I think it looks about the same since Hunger. I love his hair. :)

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I know you've talked about the Caryl hugs lots of times but could you do the Caryl forehead kisses for me? Those moments between them are just so beautiful and give me chills every time. Norman and Melissa can say so much without saying anything at all!

OMG YES I’m in the mood for some feels so I will definitely write about these two gorgeous moments in Caryl history because… yeah…

Forhead kiss #1

You know I started thinking about this lately and I still remember how when she walked in the room, he covered himself up with the blanket. And now we know why he did that. He didn’t want her to see him like that. To see his back and know what was really wrong with him.

But she saw, and leaned over to kiss him on the forhead and this is the heartbreaking part..

That little flinch. The kind you do when you expect to be hurt. Because anyone who got that close to him was usually going to hurt him. And this is something she had to recognize too. But this didn’t hurt. For once someone got close and didn’t hurt him. It always breaks my heart to think someone would react like this to such a sweet gesture. That in his life he got hit more than he got kissed on the had.

Carol, so gentle so nice, it’s almost to much for him to handle at that moment when he’s hurting in all kinds of ways and he simply has no idea how to react to it. It’s been a long time since someone had been that kind to him. And it was this  quiet, beautiful woman, thanking him for doing something good.

Kissing him and telling him he was ‘just as good as them’ for trying to help her little girl like. Bringing him food, not being angry. Just thanking him. Just being nice. It must’ve confused the hell out of him.

And man would she continue to bamboozle him for a quite a while up until the present.

Forhead kiss #2

Wandering off on his own, pulling away in effort to protect himself, Daryl has no answer but a smile when Carol tells him  “you gonna stop me?” when he tells her not to follow him. Of course she’s going to.

I love the way she brushes his hair from his eyes as she talks to him, seeing his eyes move, flutter slightly every time her fingers brush his skin. No one can touch him like this. Non one but her.

“I know yo.. you have to let yourself feel it.”

She does know him, she knows he can’t hold it in. That it just eats him up. But she’s gentle as always, no forceful, her fingers brushing his hair before pulling his head to her and kissing it softly.

It is beautiful how his eyes flutter at every touch and how when she kisses his head he closes them, as if taking in the comfort without the benefit of sight, just feeling it. Feeling her lips on his forhead. Slowly starting the undoing of his feelings, the ones he was holding in all this time.

She continues to brush his hair and let her fingers trail down his arm, even touching comforting and gentle. And he feels all of it even as he’s trying to hold it in.

It is lovely how well they do these scenes where not a ton is said but so much is done by body language and facial expression. The little touches and variables that seem to infuse all their scenes. I do swear Nomy, the writers/showrunners just give these two the basic layout of the scene and they do the rest and that is what makes them so beautiful

That organic natural flow of every one of their scenes together. It’s something that can’t be forced. It comes when 2 people just click and lord do these 2 ever do that. And we are blessed to see it, and definitely need more of this.

And btw, forhead kisses are given as comfort to someone you love, related or not. They are nurturing  in that sense but it dose not neccearily mean familial as many of my married friends will tell you. It something you do for someone you love who is hurting, plain and simple and its simply a beautiful, selfless gesture.

And I just gave myself massive feels writing this…

Thanks for the ask love :)

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