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The next ADHD/squirrel joke I hear, I’m going to punch the person who said it right in the face. Same for “Oooooh shiny” or the “counting sheep/old McDonald” jokes. Stop it. You’re not funny. You’re not cute and quirky. You’re a jerk who makes people with ADHD feel like a joke. I’m very sure that what YOU suffer from is merely simple distractions. Everyone’s mind wanders from time to time that’s okay. It’s not “your ADHD kicking in” or whatever you want to call it. You don’t have “ADHD moments” You don’t have ADHD at all. So you wouldn’t know what it is. Well, here is what it’s ACTUALLY like.

ADHD can’t be turned off. ADHD doesn’t kick in. You can’t pick and choose.

ADHD is laying out everything you need for school the next day: Backpack, books, all clothes—right down to earrings and underwear, folders, pens, paper, pencils, laptop, everything, and forgetting to bring your house key with you.

ADHD is like sitting in class, listening to your professor speak about the French Revolution and suddenly finding yourself out in the hallway. You don’t know how you got there. You don’t remember getting up from your seat. No one saw you get up or leave, But when you notice you’re in the hallway, you rush back to your seat—again, no one noticed you left, no one noticed you came back in. You frantically look down at your notes. The last thing written was “French Fisherman’s Wives” but now the professor is talking about Kings. How did he get there? What happened in between? You don’t know, You were in the hallway, so you keep writing where you left off. Maybe you can ask your friends for the notes just ONE more time. Maybe they won’t roll their eyes at you and tell you to pay attention. You hope so. Without realizing it, while worrying about what your friends will say about your notes, you’ve stepped into the hallway again. You run back to your seat and stare straight ahead, watching the professor intently. Maybe by looking at him, you can listen better. He’s talking about that castle getting torn down by hand. You glance at your hands, thinking about how difficult it would be to tear down a stone castle. Did they use shovels or picks? Your nails aren’t nearly strong enough to tear through rock. They always bend backward on things when they’re too long. Actually. You need to cut them. Do that when you get home. Your nail clippers are…. Where? Uhm. You had them last a few days ago in your room. But then you cleaned. Were they in the bathroom? By the sink? You hear people get up around you. Class is over. You look down at your notes:

—French Fisherman’s Wives

– stormed castle
—King of France during ______A.D

—Castle torn down by villagers by hand (YIKES!)

An hour and a half’s worth of notes. This happens every day.

ADHD is having post-it notes EVERYWHERE in your house for quick note taking. ADHD is writing a post-it note reminding yourself to check your post-it notes.

ADHD is writing the most extensive, detailed, and organized list anyone has ever seen, just for waking up in the morning and starting your day.

ADHD is constantly hearing people tell you “just do it,” “Don’t be distracted,” “Just sit down and do your homework,” “You can’t keep ‘forgetting’ things,” “'Forgetting’ isn’t and excuse for not doing something,” and “I’m NOT telling you again.”

ADHD is having to ask “What?” after almost everything people say because you were wondering exactly how the locking mechanism on a car door works, or what words you can make out of the word 'Hyperbole.’

ADHD is going home after school and crying because your friend refused to give you the notes for history class.

ADHD is stressing because your Professor only extended the deadline by two days and told you that if you didn’t have it turned in by then you’d get a 0.

ADHD is looking helplessly at your notes, needed for the project, and realizing you have NO material to work with.

ADHD is seeing posts about “I have ADH- OOOH LOOK A SQUIRREL!” from your closest friends and family and realizing you problems are nothing but a joke to them.

ADHD is wishing desperately that you were “normal” and trying to fit in as much as possible.

Some days ADHD is feeling incredible and accomplished because you remembered to get the clothes out of the dryer while they were still warm.

ADHD is feeling terrible because you left your clothes in the washer too long and now they stink.

Some days ADHD is movement. You don’t care what kind. Bouncing, running, cleaning, writing, fiddling, twiddling, or squishing something, but you MUST do something. And not moving? You feel sick. You feel SO compelled to move. If you could just run around the building once, and yell loudly—you could focus. The urge would go away. You wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable and you could figure out x^2+ 2. But right now, YOU. MUST. MOVE. YOU. MUST. MOVE. But you’re not allowed. So you shift. You cross your legs, you wiggle your foot. You click your pen. Those are acceptable right? That’s more normal than yelling and running right? No. The person next to you is glaring. You stop clicking your pen. What else? What else? You bounce your foot. You like the little metallic noise the bar makes when your toe hits it. Clink, clink, clink, clink, clink. There. Better than yelling. But the clinking isn’t as quiet as you thought. Your neighbor glares. “CAN YOU STOP?!” She almost yells, annoyed. You want to tell her no. You can’t, actually. But you make yourself stop. You look at the board. X^2+2 has been erased. Solved ten minutes ago. You look at your paper. Maybe it’s in the back of the book. You look at the page and problem number. It’s an even numbered problem. The answer isn’t there. You spend the rest of the class trying to find a problem similar so you can solve for that stupid 24th letter.

These are only some of the things people with ADHD experience. What these people need is support. Not cheap shots taken at their expense. Not glares and eye rolls when they forgot something. They need encouragement. They need friends to help remind them of things. They need family members who encourage them praise them for accomplishments and offer gentle reminders. ADHD is real and needs to be treated as a disorder, not a joke. People with ADHD aren’t stupid or lazy. Most of us are highly intelligent. We don’t LIKE being late. We don’t ENJOY having to constantly ask people to repeat themselves. And by being made to feel bad about things, we stop asking for help and struggle all alone.


So this is based of the drabble game I posted! I’m so sorry it’s late, nonnie! 

*as an aside, I’d like to apologize because my forgetful ass didn’t see the other fucking letter. Forgive me; I’m feeling salty at myself for this.

48A - “I don’t give a shit! I don’t give a fuck!” 15B - In bed 18D - Sweater

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“Jiho-yah. I swear if you move one more time…”

You’d been trying to sleep for the past few minutes. Try being the key word. Usually Zico was the first to fall prey to the sandman, but apparently, not tonight. Not the night your exhausted body needed it most. At the sound of your groggy threat you felt his movements still behind you.

Until they started up again.


You turned in the bed to look at him. Your eyes open and heavy with an illusion of sleep. Zico looked up at you innocently, his eyes wide and hands clutching at the duvet at his hips.


“What’s the problem?”

For a split second, you thought he wasn’t going to respond when his fingers pulled lightly on his sweater that you’d worn to bed.

“You’re wearing a sweater. You know the rule: no clothes in bed.”

You let out a tired sigh as you fell back against your pillow. Your hands running over your face and into your hair; tired eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.

“I’m too tired to take it off, Jiho.”

It was almost like you could hear the pout before you saw it. His lips soon disappearing in a thin line while his eyes sent pleading messages you couldn’t hear.

“You know I can’t sleep if either of us is wearing anything in bed.”

“That’s because you never tried. Plus, I always thought you’d made that rule up just so you could see me naked.”

“It worked.”

A lazy chuckle sat heavy in your chest while your hands rubbed over your eyes again. The exhaustion you’d been fighting weighing down your bones until you were positive it had you sinking into the mattress.

“Please, just go to sleep.”

You turned to face away from him, hoping it was enough of a signal that you meant business. He didn’t say anything else, and a part of you wondered if he’d eventually fallen asleep. The answer coming moments later as his long legs started thrashing around under the blankets; tugging the duvet off of your shoulders. The mattress  dipping and bouncing with each new position he tried.

You swore your eye was twitching.

When you were about ready to kick him off the bed completely, he stopped. There was no more rustling of sheets. No movements that left you bouncing in place. Nothing.

You let out a silent, “Thank you,” as you relaxed into the warmth of the sheets. Only to have it interrupted once more with the feeling of him tugging on the edges of the sweater.

“Please,” he whispered, “Please take it off.”

You screamed into the pillow; seconds later bolting up to sit.

“I don’t give a shit! I don’t give a fuck! Take it off, you damn child!”

You held your arms up over your head, wiggling your fingers while you waited for him to do as you’d instructed. Zico knew you weren’t really mad at him, just grouchy. 

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He jumped up, arms doing a giddy dance of victory, just before his hands took hold of the hem of the sweater. It was up and over your head in seconds. His warm body replacing the now missing fabric, as he moved you to rest your head against his chest.

Your cheek resting against his chest, his nose burying deep against the strands of your hair. He pulled you tighter to him and you couldn’t deny this was much better than your earlier position.

“Brat,” you mumbled into tattooed skin.

“I love you too,” was his reply; voice already heavy with sleep.

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【Hanako Vol. 1101】BTS group interview trans

Q: ‘I NEED U (Japanese ver.)’ is a song that expresses how a young boy is suffering at the end of love. How does it feel to sing this song?

SUGA: The lyrics is pretty much the same with the Korean ver., so it was easy to sing and the recording went well too, it ended quite quick (laughs).

RAP MONSTER: Our song ‘DOPE (Japanese ver.)’, in the original version, ‘dope’ appeared a lot and in Japanese, it became ‘超やべー!’. Surprisingly, there are many words that is it similar with the Korean, such as the ‘3포시대’ and ’悟り世代’, so the rap was easy.

JIN: The wonderful part about ‘I NEED U’ is that it’s an emotional performance, but the world portrayed in the Korean ver.’s MV, it’s a distorted view of the world.

V: When I’m performing and singing, I have to recall the world view in the MV. I will also do the same when I perform in Japan (full of emotions), please anticipate our expression of feelings.

Q: The song’s theme is about ‘youth’, when have you felt ‘youth’ recently?

V: Because of the schedules, we had to go bungee jumping and that’s when I felt ‘youth’ in ages!

JUNGKOOK: It was at night when I jumped. It was completely dark (laughs), so I couldn’t see the scenery. It was such a shame~

SUGA: I still can jump at this age but I don’t think it’s possible when I get older (laughs).

RAP MONSTER: Yeah, I was thinking ‘I can fly too’ as I jumped. But to be honest, I don’t want to do it again (laughs). 

JIN: I went skateboarding with Jimin along the Han River, that’s when I felt ‘youth’. And we saw the sunrise, the sun was rising right?

JIMIN: It was a moment where I felt “ah youth~”. But I think when Hobi hyung gives me a massage, it somehow makes me feel ‘youth’… (laughs) Just a minute ago, during the break, he gave me a massage and every time, it makes me feel so touched.  

J-HOPE: Oh, really. I see~! (he says as he pretends to give Jimin a massage) 

Q: To the member next to you, when have you felt ‘I NEED U’?

JIMIN: There are many times when Suga hyung wasn’t on the stage with us, when he’s absent, it feels that there’s a hole on the stage. And in my mind, there’s a voice keeps saying “oh how I wish Suga hyung was here”.

SUGA: Ah, thank you! Jin hyung is my roommate in the dormitory. Instead of saying I need him, he makes me feel at ease when he’s around. He doesn’t need to do anything, just being there makes me feel at ease. When we have overseas schedules, we stay in the same room too, it’s quiet and it makes me feel calm.

JIN: Because the other members are too noisy (laughs). I think I need Rap Monster when we have to make comments on shows, he has been doing a great job (he thinks through thoroughly) so I think he’s outstanding. Instead of saying when I need the leader, he is someone that I need whenever and wherever. 

RAP MONSTER: I’m so happy (looks proud). Jungkook is my roommate, I need him when I’m sleeping at night. The door is always open so the mosquitos would come in, so before I go to sleep, I’d shout: “Jungkookie~ Door!!!”

JUNGKOOK: Then I say: “ok~” as I go close the door. This is maknae’s job (laughs). I need Hobi hyung when I’m bored. In the dormitory, I’m always mucking around and play games with Hobi hyung, Jiminie hyung and V hyung. Even when Hobi hyung is there for a bit, it’s always fun.

J-HOPE: (laughs) As for me, when I’m bored or sitting quietly in the room by myself, I would think “I wish V was here”. Because we are roommates so we talk a lot.

V: And we listen to music and play games together. I need Jimin when I’m standing on the stage. Because he’s the brightest on the stage!!

JIMIN: Yeah~! (stands up and gives each other a high five)

V: I need him at other times too but on stage, he’s more important than anything!!

Q: The theme of this special ed. issue is about buying (food) ingredients, so when it’s your birthday, how do you celebrate? Do you eat delicious foods? 

JIMIN: Well, we eat whatever the member wants to eat on his birthday.

RAP MONSTER: Because there are 7 members, so it always feels like it’s who’s birthday. The fans also wish us happy birthday, apart from sending us food, saying “I wish you a happy birthday” is enough (laughs).

JUNGKOOK: (sparkling eyes) My birthday is in September, I received duck meat from the hyungs as a gift. Exclusive duck meat? No, it wasn’t. Even though it’s not expensive, it’s very delicious (laughs). Duck meat has always been my favorite, but lately I’m really into eating lamb skewers.

J-HOPE: Nowadays, Jungkook, Suga hyung and I really love the Chinese-style lamb skewers.

SUGA: Speaking of lamb skewers, I know about it very well~ For those who can’t eat lamb meat, I suggest you guys try Teriyaki lamb skewer.

JUNGKOOK: When I’m eating with the hyungs, they always pay for it.

J-HOPE: Sometimes we pay separately~ But making the dongsaeng pay doesn’t seem right, so Jungkook is always happy~ happy~ (laughs)!

Chinese trans by: 我是一只鸡米妮

Cutest Shit a Male from each Sign had ever done for Me
  • Aries: He ain't a crush of mine but he had a crush on me, and he's the school's unstoppable valedictorian. I don't study, yep, I know, not very Capricornish, but this Aries guy is such a fucking amazing friend that he never ever fails to help me in my cramming. If I don't understand no shit at classes, he's never ever that person who'd tell me to ask someone else for free lessons. He'd always write down notes and equations as simplified as he can. Tbh, I would have never graduated high school if it wasn't for his huge ass help.
  • Taurus: I had a long-standing crush on this guy back at high school. So one break time, I asked if he can treat and run me water cos I was feeling lazy to go out of the room. Then he said no give me money to buy a bottle, so I went back to the room to rob anyone some coins then when I went back to the door, he's gone. So I asked another guy to buy me water and he said okay cool. Then after some while, boy #2 got my water and he gave it to me, with Taurus boy behind him holding a bottle of water. I saw 'wtf' on his face and I told him "NO NO GIVE ME THAT WATER I WILL DRINK AND EMPTY IT FIRST IM SO SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WONT BUY ME WATER".
  • Gemini: I've an on-and-off crush with this guy, only met him online and we've never seen each other yet. But, some years ago (I screen capped and still treasure this shit cos it's too good), he sent me a late night message telling me how he's appreciative of knowing me. And that I should know that even if he's a total wreck, he'd always listen to me if I need someone to rant to, and he still cares a lot about me and he doesn't wanna lose me and i should take care more of myself.
  • Cancer: We're not close but he's a friend of mine, he's the director of my dance cover group. One night we all had a sleep over with booze and all and he's the first one to crack open. He did a long speech, and parts of his presidential two hour speech are about how I'm a dangerous coral reef that no one should ever cross with because it's gonna be bloody, but on the other hand, I also have a brilliant smile, something like that.
  • Leo: Oh my goodness yesss this guy, younger than me, friend of a friend. Almost all of his friends knew that he has a massive crush on me and I also knew that. My last prom was coming near and after school he walked towards me with a tray of cupcakes with letters on top, so if you put them all together, the cupcake said "Will you be my prom date?" and I jump and said fuck yeah, anyone who's brave enough to ask me for the prom with food will get my yes. Wanna know what happened? First dance of prom didn't happen as the students hoped for but I immediately grabbed him out of his chair and danced with him.
  • Virgo: HAHAHAHA THIS FUCKER okay so around my first week at my new high school (I arrived like third quarter, I know, weird but uninhibited yass), I was walking on a path walk when him and his best friend came up to me with him holding a struggling dragonfly right in front of my face and I was like df are you doing? Then he said you're not afraid of dragonflies? I said nope. He got puzzled lol ahahaha and then after that incident, he started casually calling me Snow White because of my hair and my pale face.
  • Libra: Aw shucks, Librans are the nicest people this known fact makes me cry every time. Anyway. There's this guy, past schoolmate, his house is near the train station near the school. When me and my siblings had to start using public transportation, he'd always offer to tag along with him and basically my other male friends as we all walk to the metro (and him to his house) cos there were so many nasty minded men along that area. I have a younger sister and she really likes this Libran guy. He's also very soft spoken.
  • Scorpio: I have so many fucking broken tales about me falling for Scorpio ALL THE FUCKING TIME. But lemme tell you my fave one: This guy, song of a family friend, I had so much feelings for him and his mom was really rooting for me to be with her Scorpio son even if her son already has a girlfriend. So Anyway, he's generally a nice guy. He made my heart crazy for lots of things. But there was one time that he was at our apartment and we invited him for a game of scrabble but he looked at me saying he doesn't wanna play with me because he knows that I'm a writer and will try getting an English major and that he'll just lose, so he won't play with me. Too bad I never really stood a chance with this guy ayayayay.
  • Sagittarius: OMG OFMG THIS HAS TO ME MY CURRENT FAVE so I've met this guy through an app again (21st century romance man) then we both know we like each other but it was so fucking hard for me because he's Korean with no English and I'm still trying to improve my Korean so anyway, we got to the point where I ask about his height, he said he's 180 or 180+. Then he asked me about mine. I said idk i haven't checked in a long while but i'm small and petite, around 155 cm. And then he went on saying "What? Are you a fairy?" and Ifs2g I broke even with my cheeks so red and my limbs all flailing around like that is the best way to subtly insult slash tease a girl about her lack in height.
  • Capricorn: HAHAHAHAHA okay so I went on two dates with this guy cos I had a delusional crush on him and them after a prom, he started developing a crush on my as well. Basically, things didn't end up so well, but lemme tell you this: he is one very supportive guy. He did lots of cute things like 1. that merge camping at our school (he was my senior) when he made me sushi (but it didn't end up to me cos of misunderstanding) or 2. when he tried learning this Korean song that I like with his guitar. But I guess, the cutest thing he've done was he gathered his friends in a train station to witness him asking me to be his girlfriend. Curious what happened next? I didn't show up.
  • Aquarius: I noticed that the Aquarians I know are not afraid of gore and blood and horror and everything between these things. There's this one guy that I had a short mutual crush with, younger than me, and every time that I can't finish reading web horror mangas, I'd always ask him to finish the manga for me and tell me what happen next so at least I sort of finish the story as well. I always start reading scary shit, already knowing I can't do scary shit, then I run to him on pm for help lol. We'd always talk after midnight with all these scary topics but in the end, I was the sissy chicken.
  • Pisces: My previous and only ex is a Pisces. And in the span of time we were together, he did make a handful of cute shit. But what always come to my mind whenever I think of any good things we had was that, even if we literally live on both ends of the land, he will always travel back and forth just to go to my city. He would always do everything to go and spend as much time as he can with me. He always ended up using so much money to use a taxi to get home cos he'd always miss the train. It's really cute of him that he really showed how much he loved my company that much.<p/></p>
Lucaya One Shot

“Conjugate the verb ‘to be’”

“What does that even mean?” Maya groaned, letting her head fall into her hands against the library table.

Lucas rolled his eyes and tried to take a deep breath to compose himself before responding. “Être, Maya.”

She picked her head up and looked tiredly at the boy who was trying so hard to help her pass this French midterm. “Lucas, it’s almost two in the morning and we have been trying this for hours now and we haven’t gotten anywhere. I’m going to fail and I’m ready to except that, can we just give up already?”

“No,” he shook his head and spoke sternly. “You asked me to help you study so that you could get a passing grade and that is what I am going to do. Now drink some more red bull and conjugate the verb.”

It was her turn to roll her eyes as she took a giant slug of her fourth energy drink of the night. He watched her as she stared at the flash card he held up to her and squinted, as if the closer she looked the easier it may be to remember. She finally threw her pen down in frustration and covered her face with her hands.

“I can’t remember any of this! I’ve been taking this class for months now and I still can’t even remember the easiest verb, this is pathetic!”

Lucas put the flash card down on the table and took a sip of his own energy drink that may have had a bit more than just red bull in it. “Vous en pensez trop durement,” he mumbled to himself more so than her.

“I know!” She groaned, looking at him again. “There is just too much to remember!”

He looked at her with wide eyes. “Maya, you understood me.”

She looked back at him confused, clearly not picking up on what had just happened. “Yeah?”

His green eyes lit up with a hope that had left him hours earlier and he threw the flash cards to the floor. “Vous comprenez mieux quand je vous parle!”

“Holy shit!” She exclaimed, joining in his excitement. “I guess I do! Say something else!”

“Cela aurait été une nuit beaucoup plus courte si nous l'avions découvert plus bientôt,” Lucas mumbled again. “Pouvez-vous me répondre?”

She stared at him for a minute in deep thought as she tried to form a sentence. “Je suppose que je n'apprends pas juste conventionnellement.” Her eyes lit up with excitement as she realized he understood her.

“This is amazing,” he beamed at her. “I knew you payed attention in class!”

She blushed a bit, but scoffed to cover it up. “More like I used to watch old French movies with my mom. I guess I picked up a few words here and there over time.”

His green eyes beamed at her and he shook his head adamantly. “You can’t tell me you picked up ‘a few words’ Maya. I knew you had it in you.”

It was then that she noticed the little bit of extra color to his cheeks and how he looked into her eyes a bit longer than usual. “Did you spike your drink Huckleberry?” She asked more amused than anything.

He smirked lazily at her and shrugged. “I had to prepare for a long night, can you blame me?”

She couldn’t help but laugh and shake her head at him. “No, I guess I can’t. Now come on! Talk more French to me!”

He glanced at the clock behind her blonde head and noticed that it was almost 2:30 in the morning and the campus library would be closing soon. “Why don’t we take it back to your dorm. I don’t want to deal with campus security kicking us out.”

Maya nodded and gathered her books while he cleaned up their mess of snacks and empty cans that they had created. They continued studying in Maya’s shared dorm with Riley (that girl could sleep through a damn parade) until some time around dawn when Lucas’ eyelids began to drop.

“You’re not giving up on me yet, cowboy are you?” The blonde teased with way too much energy for it to be so early, or should he say late.

“Mm sleepy,” he slurred in a mixture of intoxication and lack of sleep.

“Sleep is for the weak,” she chuckled right before Riley let out a loud snore from across the room, causing both of them to go into a fit of laughter. “Thanks for helping me, Lucas.”

He opened his eyes completely and smiled at her, crossing his arms behind his neck to lean on. “Hey, I told you I wasn’t giving up on you.”

Even in the dim light of the sunrise and through his buzzed state he could see her cheeks flush as she glanced back down to her notes. “I know. It means a lot.” He closed his eyes, a wide smile on his face and sleep consumed his overtired body a lot quicker than he would like to admit.
It had felt like only a matter of minutes before he was woken up to the sound of a cheery Maya and a bouncing bed beneath him.

“I think I did it!” She squealed above him. “I understood most of it Lucas! I think I passed!”

He opened his heavy eyelids and let a lazy smile take over his face. He was a bit confused as to why he had woken up in Maya’s bed with her straddling his waist until he remember last night’s cram session. Riley was gone to her English midterm and Maya must have just finished her’s. “That’s amazing,” his raspy morning voice croaked out. “I knew you could do it.”

Her face was lit up brighter than the sun that was desperately trying to make it’s way through the blinds and her eyes were scrunched up in the way that only happened when she was truly happy. “I couldn’t have done it with out you,” she beamed. Before he had a chance to realize what was happening, she had grabbed his face and planted a big, wet kiss on his forehead. She pulled away still smiling until she saw the look of shock on his face and realized what she had done. Her face fell rather quickly and her mouth formed an “o” shape. She began trying to back away to make her way off of him, but he gripped her hips and held her still before she could. He pulled her down against his chest and held her tightly against him.

“I knew you could do it,” he whispered in her ear. He felt her relax in his arms and held her tighter until she returned the gesture. And even though he couldn’t see her face, he knew she was blushing when he said “Je croyais toujours en vous.”

Do I Have a Choice?

Request: can you do one where alex gaskarth is dared to ask out y/n and she finds out about it so a week later at jacks party they play seven minutes in heaven and it lands on y/n when alex spins it so they end up together and its all fluffy :) oh and btw love the blog and in the imagine can they be in their senior year of high school


“Okay, truth or dare?” Jack asked me, sitting on the ground of my room next to Rian and Zack

“Dare…” I answered confident

“I dare you to ask Y/N out” Jack smirked at me “And make she fall in love with you…”

“Gosh… Who is she?” I looked at him with Zack and Rian

“Y/N’s in my geography class…She’s very smart and stuff…” He said “I think she’s in your math class, Rian…Not sure”

“Y/N…Y/N…Oh I know her! She helped me once…” He said like he had discovered the gunpowder

“Okay… Just hope she’s not ugly…” I looked down and sighed

“No… If I know the Y/N you’re talking about, she’s kind of normal…Like she dress simple… wear glasses… She’s not popular, but she have her own group of friends and none of them seems to care about it…” Zack said thoughtful “She’s indifferent”

“Yeah, but I heard she dated an older guy… like… for awhile…I don’t think it’s gonna be easy to overcome it…” Jack completed

“Okay…I can always try…” I said thinking in a way to do it

“Okay…So tomorrow you start…” Rian said and swirled the bottle

“Zack, truth or dare?” He asked


I entered at school and saw a sleeping Jack under a tree next to Rian listen to music and Zack running with the homework he didn’t do.

“Morning…” I said and they not even looked at me “MORNING!”

“What?!” Jack woke up freaked

“Good morning…” I repeat with a smile and and he gave me a finger

“Oh… Just remembered something… Something called Y/N” Rian took off his headphones

“Oh yeah!” Jack got up and placed his arms around my shoulders

“Okay…Show me who is she…” I said looking around

“Huh…She’s…right there!” Zack pointed to a group “The one in the middle”

She was exactally what they said…normal… She was wearing a white V neck shirt and skinny black jeans; I noticed she wasn’t wearing make up and nor glasses.

“Okay… But later…She’s as awaked as Jack was when I got here…” I said rubbing my neck

“Darling, I’m like a ninja…"He started "You think I was sleeping but I was ready to attack!”

He made some fake ninja movements and hit my head

“Less, Jack… Just less…” Rian got up “Now lets go…I can’t be late again”


It was lunch time and I found myself looking for Y/N around the refectory… Suddenly I looked at a table close at the window. It was a nice place to sit, the view is great and people are calmer there. Good place for do the late homework of the class after lunch time.

She was sitting in a chair with her head resting on her fried shoulder. I walked over there and stood next to the table, when finnaly a guy looked at me.

“Can I help you?” He asked, she didn’t even look up, just kept facing the terrible food of the school

“Huh…Yeah…Y/N?” I faced her and she looked at me slowly “Can we talk?”

“Is it important?” She asked indifferent “I mean…Important enough to make me stand up?”

“Maybe…” I giggled at her laziness “I promisse I won’t take your sleeping time…”

“Okay…” She smiled softly and got up

We walked out of the room and sat in a stair close to there

“So…Y/N…I’ll be quick…Would you like to go out with me?” I said it as fast as I could, without look at her

“Huh…Okay…” She looked a little in doubt

“Okay…I’ll pick you at your house at seven…can you give me your phone?” I ran with my words again

“Sure…” She catch her phone “Give me yours and I’ll send you a message with my adress”

“Okay” I gave my phone to her and then a awkward silence started

“Okay…bye..” She said and got up, leaving me there


“How was it? Did she freaked?” Jack asked with excitement

“No… She looked really in doubt if it was a good idea…” I answered an sat there

“Okay…” Rian started “What are you planning?”


Y/N’s POV:

That was so strange that I suspected, but anyway, It was 6pm , so I started to get ready.

He didn’t tell me what were his plans so I picked up a short black dress with long sleeves and a V neck that made my boobs look bigger and a pair of heels. Entering in a shower after.


I was already a quarter to seven and I was standing in front of my closet wondering if it was better to use the black or the red lingerie. He probably wouldn’t see it, but anyway, I didn’t know.

My phone rand and it was a mensage from him

‘I’m in my way’ I read

“Oh god…” I whispered to myself

Runing into my closet, I picked up my black lingerie, got dressed and did my make up as fast as the light.

I heard the door bell rand and looked at the window of my room. He was standing there waiting someone to open the door.

I ran down stairs, adjusted my hairs one last time and opened to him.


I got dressed with a shirt and jeans and drove myself to her house. I wasn’t excited or anything. She was not the kind of girl you count the seconds to see. She was just an ordinary girl.

I parked my car and got out of it, walking to her door.

Taking a deep breath I rang the door bell and waited some minutes to her to answer it, but when she did I got shocked. She was perfect. Her half wet hairs were falling onto her shoulders and she looked incredible with makeup. Y/N was wearing a not too short, but not too long black dress which had a cleavage that make her boobs look so big and touchable.

“Hi” She said shyly

“H-Hi…” I said still gaping “Are…Are you ready?”

“Just wait a second, I forgot my bag upstairs…” She said

“I’ll wait here…” I said

I herd she ran upstairs and then downstairs talking with her mother or someone and reappear in front of me.

“Okay…Lets go?” She closed the door behind her


I passed all the way trying to look at her. She was so pretty.

I saw Y/N biting her bottom lip and then turning to me.

“Can I ask you something…Two things?” She asked ashamed

“Sure…” I quickly looked at her then back to the road

“I don’t know your name…And I feel bad about it beacause you know mine…” She looked down with a shy smile playing on her lips

“Alex” I giggled “I didn’t really told you…That’s okay…What else?”

“Well, where are we going?” She asjust on her seat

“A little restaurant I used to go with my parents…It’s small but I like…” I answered thinking a little

“Okay…” She looked to the road


Weeks had passed since that day and I was really close to Y/N. I knew her whole life and she knew mine. I introduced her to the boys, we started to go out together and she did the same with her friends. Everything was going right till that fucking day:

“Alex?” I was sitting on a chair on the table and Y/N was talking with her firends somewhere, when Rian called my attention

“What?” I asked, looking up

“We were talking about the dare…” Zack continued

“Dare?” I asked. To tell the truth I had forgotten but then I remembered “Oh yeah…”

“Alex, we think its better to stop…” Jack started “Y/N’s such a nice girl… Now we know…It’s not right to play with her like this… Can we just forget about it?”

“She don’t need to know…” Rian said “I mean… I’d feel much better to walk with her without this…”

“Guys…That okay…I had forgotten about it a long time ago…I’m not trying anything with her anymore…”

“So…Lets just leave it…” Zack said and the class bell rang


In the end of the day we were walking to my car and I saw Y/N on the parking lot, doing the same to hers.

“Hey! Y/N!” I yelled and ran over her

“Oh…Alex…” She rubbed her neck, looking down

“Sweetie, we’re going to my house, wanna come?” I asked holding her hand

“Sorry, Alex… I have…Huh… something to do…” She said thinking a lot, without look in my eyes

“That’s a shame… But we can have dinner or something? When you finish these things?” I said hopeful

“I don’t think so…” She said in a low voice “I have to go”

She said and entered in her car, leaving me seeing stars.


Days had passed and she wasn’t talking with me and to the guys. Y/N was running away from me all the time and she didn’t talked to Rian and Jack even during the classes they had together.

On friday after school, I knew her parents woulndn’t be home so I went there to know what was happening. Maybe she had some problem she found better not tell me and stuff.

I rang the door bell and she opened. The smile on her face disappeared when she saw me.

“Alex? What are you doing here?” She asked serious

“I wanted to talk with you…” I said still smiling a little

She said nothing so I walked past her and sat on the couch. She did the same and stared at me.

“So…” She was avoiding my eyes

“Why are you running away from me and the guys? We miss you…” I started and she looked away

“I’ve been busy…” She said simple

“Too busy to your friends?” I asked pretending to be offended

“Friends?” Y/N looked at me with eyes full of angry “What kind of friends are you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused

“I must be up in space all this time…” She got up and looked at me, now deep in my eyes “I don’t think that friends may lie to each other, the way you guys did to me…”

She walked away and I went behing her

“Y/N, what are you talking about?” I touched her back and she hit me “What the fuck, Y/N?”

“A dare! I was such a silly dare for you guys! You were playing with me all this time!” Tears rolled down her face and I realized what was happening “I bet you were all laughing at me! Weren’t you?!”

“Y/N, look…We gave up! You’re the nicest girl I’ve ever met! You’re amazing!” I said holding her arms

“No! I was fine with my friends! My real friends! I did nothing for you and you decided to mess with me!” She was yelling and my eyes got teary “Why, Alex?! Why?”

“We didn’t thought! I’m sorry Y/N! I can do anything to make up it all! I know the guys would too!” I begged

“Get out of my house, Alex” She said without look at me

“But Y/N…I- I just-” I was thinking hard in something to say

“Get out” She pointed to the door

“I can’t leave you… You need hear me!” Tears rolled down my cheeks

She just ignored me and opened the door, poiting to me to leave.


“What was so important that you couldn’t wait till tomorrow?” Jack asked sitting next to Rian in my bed

Tears started to roll down my face again and they got worried

“Alex! For gods sake, what happened?” Zack walked over me

“Y/N discovered everything! She don’t wanna talk with me and she don’t belive in anything I said! God! I fucked up!” I yelled and throwing myself into the bed

“That’s why she was avoiding us all the time?” Rian slid a hand into his hair

All I could do was cry my eyes out. She would never talk to me again. Never. I would never hear her soft voice again, never look in those sexy eyes and hug her torso to wach some movie, nothing. Only the yells of contempt in my memory.


“Alex, are you going to Alan’s party today?” Jack asked me on a friday at school

“No…I’m not in the mood…” I answered

“You’re not in the mood for anything, for long time, Alex…” Rian touched my shoulder “Life can’t stop because of her.”

“I know…” I looked at her at distance

“She’ll be there…” Zack said suggestively “A friend of mine is the cousing of the best friend of the guys who’s taking Y/N and that blond friend of hers”

“Maybe I can go with you…” I said thinking a little


The music was loud and people were very drunk when someone touched my shoulder

“Hey! Alex, we’re playing seven minutes in heaven upstairs! Wanna come?” It was a guy from my English class

“I don’t know…” I looked down and Zack came

“She’ll be there…” He whispered in my ear

“How do you know?” I asked him

“It will take much long to explain who said…” He was simple

“Okay…” I said for him and for the guy

We walked upstairs and entered in a room. Had about ten people sitting on a circle and between them Y/N, two of her friends, Jack, Rian, Zack, and lots of people I didn’t know.

“Okay, I’ll spin the bottle again!” A gril said and started “Rian!”

They got up and went to the front room. Some minutes later they came back and it was my turn. I spin the bottle praying to stop on Y/N. But it didn’t. It stopped on Y/N’s friend. Right next to her.

“She can’t go!” The guy next to Y/N said.

“Why not?” Some other girl asked

“She’s too drunk. I don’t know why is she here.” The guy said

“Yeah…” Y/N agreed “I’ll take her home…”

“Are you driving?” The guy asked her

“No. I’d take a taxi” She answered

“I can take her. It’s fine” An aleatory person got up and helped the girl out

For some reason I felt like Y/N was trying to run away.

“Spin it again Alex!” The blond said

I did as I was told and finally it stopped on Y/N. I couldn’t stop but smile. She took a long breath and I helped her up. We walked to the other room and I locked the door.

“Why do you have to lock the door?” She crossed her arms

“Because I don’t want you to run away or someone to enter here…” I smirked

I knew things were terrible for me, but only the fact of being on the same room of her, listening her voice again, made me so happy.

“I don’t want to do it.” She said simple and sat on the bed

“But you’re locked here, you have to do…” I teased

“You’re not pleased in hurt my feeling, you want to abuse me too?” She looked away from me

“I just want you to hear me…” I said with sadness in my eyes

“Do I have choice?” She said

I sat next to her and held her hands

“Y/N…I’ll tell you everything.” I made a pause “Okay…We was playing truth or dare and Jack made this dare. But It wasn’t serious, indeed, we never thought you were ugly or anything, we just chose someone…But in the moment you opened the door for me the first time I forgot everything…and all that time passed and you become my best friend… I never meant to hurt you. None of us did. And we had just decided to forget about it because we all like you and stuff… Now I miss you as hell…”

Tear started ro roll down my face again and I took awhile to reset myself.

“Alex…” She started but I cut her off

“No… You have no idea of how much I cried with the thought of never have you again… I’m broken” I took a deep breath

She said nothing, but pulled my face and planted a kiss on my lips. My heart jumped on my chest when our lips touched and I felt like everything was better in life.

Jet Pack Blues (Sam)

Description: Sam x reader. Stanford!Sam fluff with just a side helping of angst. Anymore would be spoilers!
Words: 2,282
Warnings: none.
Author’s Note: @panicatthesupermarket and @king–moosers both requested a jet pack blues fic but one for Dean and one for Sammy. Now, how to make them different and equally interesting? ;) This can be read entirely as a one shot, but there will be a sort of part two in a few days with the same reader for request 2. That will also be able to be read entirely as a stand alone one shot, however, for those who stick around there’ll be a part 3 combining both separate one shots into one big finale. So choose Sam today or Dean in a few days… or get three for the price of one! I’d say it’s a win/win ;)

It was true that cyanide had a faint smell of bitter almonds and it was true that its ions reacted easily. However, it was also true that your sense of smell was infamously poor, especially when your hayfever was playing up as it seemed to be today. Sniffing and concentrating harder this time, you tried to distinguish between the two vials in front of you again.

“I’m pretty sure that second one’s sulphur,” Sam muttered, barely looking up from his book. He sat opposite your desk with his own textbooks and work that he was powering through, but apparently he wasn’t as engrossed within them as he first seemed.

“And how would you know that?” You replied, jotting down a few notes on your own pages sprayed out next to you.

“Trust me, I know the smell,” he said with a half smile.

“Um, I didn’t know if it was-”

“It’s sulphur, honestly.”

You shrugged and nodded, before making a few more notes on your page. The assignment wasn’t due for two weeks yet, but it was far more relaxing to use the labs before the final rush as the deadline drew in and the lecturer would let Sam in this way too. Technically, Sam wasn’t even a student in your department but he seemed to win people over with the same friendly charm that’d won you too. It hadn’t taken much effort, mind you, you seemed to get along without even thinking and sometimes it surprised you that you hadn’t known him for years already. It was dumb luck that you’d met, an ad for a shared house, you were desperate as the term’s start drew closer so you’d gone for it and now you couldn’t imagine sharing with someone else… well, you could but you didn’t want to.

“How much longer have you got left on your study thing?” You said, drawing out the time it took to write down your last few sentences.

“I’m done, this is just review work,” he replied, looking up, “how’s yours going?”

“Done for the evening I reckon,” you smiled, taking a moment to reread your last bit before gathering the pages back together. Putting your pen on the pile you leaned back against your chair and pulled a face, “fancy getting a take away by any chance? Not feeling the idea of cooking today if I’m honest.”

He nodded and let out a hum of agreement, “sounds perfect.”

With the thought of take away to drive you, packing away didn’t take long and although you’d not really gotten out much equipment in the first place but Sam insisted on helping. He seemed to help without even thinking, he didn’t talk about his family much but you guessed someone must have raised him right. By the time you were on your way to the take out you’d decided and changed your mind on what you wanted to order at least twelve times. Sam was just as bad, take aways may be his guilty pleasure but he at least tried to stay healthy to the outside world, and to be fair, anyone could see he looked after himself. You’d regularly walk in on some sort of morning exercise routine of his, he got you to join in once or twice but generally you opted out. The shop was a short walk and with the rate the you two laughed and joked, you were home and sat cross legged on the settee in no time.

Evenings like this with Sam were easy, if you were honest when you first found out you were sharing a small apartment with a guy you’d inwardly groaned. You’d heard enough stories to scare any fresher but although he maybe wasn’t the tidiest around the house, it was more relaxing with him than you’d expected. You alternated who cooked and cleaned to keep it fair, but more importantly you also swapped around who chose the movie or tv show each evening. Tonight was Sam’s choice so apparently you were settling on a quirky little documentary whilst you ate your dinner in a comfortable silence. After you’d finished up, you doubted could tell someone what the show was about even if they’d asked, your eyes glazed over as you aimlessly watched the pictures move on screen. Sam was entirely engrossed, so, not wanting to disturb him, you settled into the sofa and fiddled around with your phone.

“Why don’t you go to bed?” Sam said quietly in one of the ad breaks as he glanced over to your heavy lidded gaze.

“I’m good,” you shrugged. And you were, it was a contented tired and moving seemed far too much of a hassle.

“You’re shattered,” he said, raising a knowing eyebrow at you.

“Shush, I’ll just watch to the end of this,” you nodded to the television, willing yourself not to let out the yawn that, of course, gave you away. Sam threw you a knowing look but you just settled down further into the sofa in a silent answer.

There was nothing really stopping you from going to sleep, maybe it was the laziness of not wanting to walk to bed, more likely it was the company, but settling down seemed better for now. The documentary wasn’t even that interesting but at least it’d make you sleepy for when you did go to bed.

Sam noted your defiance and rolled his eyes, he paused for a second before he held out an arm as an open invite for you to huddle into him. You regarded him carefully for a second not wanting to misinterpret the gesture but he seemed adamant. Lazily, you shifted position until you were leaning against his side, the heat from his chest probably only adding to the heat you could feel rising to your cheeks. You couldn’t help but feel a slight jolt in your stomach at the contact but he probably meant nothing by it, though of course you’d be lying if you said you didn’t hope he did.

“You alright?” He said in a low voice.

You simply nodded, trying to act relaxed and turned your eyes to focus on the TV again, suddenly feeling a little more awake. He gave your arm a light squeeze before he too shifted into a more comfy position and pulled you close as the ads rolled passed on the screen. As much as you wanted to stay awake, the rythymic rise and fall of Sam’s chest lulled you into a relaxed state and it wasn’t long before you were fighting with your eyelids again. The low murmur of the commentary and the gentle sound of Sam’s breathing was the last thing you heard as you let yourself doze in and out of conciousness, and eventually to sleep.


A small knocking sound woke you up with a start. Groggily, you sat up, scraping your eyes that were stinging slightly, possibly from unremoved make up. You looked around confused as you seemed to be your own bed, it was normal of course, but it wasn’t the last thing you remembered. You didn’t really have time to process anything before your door creaked open slowly and a shy head popped around the corner.

“Morning,” Sam said in a low voice, visibly wincing at the fact he’d woken you up. He saw your obviously confused face and he smiled slightly, “sorry, we fell asleep on the sofa but I thought you’d be comfier back in here.”

“Oh, right, thanks,” you muttered offering him a smile back, “what… what time is it?”

“About 7am,” he grimaced, “I’ve got to go but I thought I’d say goodbye first.”

You ran a hand over your face, nodding slowly, “thanks yeah, um, what time you-?”

“Sammy! Come on!”

A raised voice you didn’t recognise came from somewhere in the house and you threw Sam a questioning look, he didn’t answer for a moment, only walked in and closed the door quietly behind him. You weren’t the most alert in the morning, but even you could tell when something wasn’t quite right, he almost looked… guilty?

“My brother’s here, it’s kind of a family emergency, I should be back by Monday,” he said with a tight lipped smile, before coming over and offering you a hug. “I didn’t want to go but it’s my Dad-”

“It’s fine,” you said, giving him an extra tight squeeze as emphasis, “just come home in one piece, hey?”

You felt a small chuckle vibrate in his chest and he kissed the top of your head, you savoured the moment, though he seemed to linger a little longer than you expected him to. He realised and pulled away quickly, before standing up and giving you another small smile, “sorry for waking you up.”

“Absolutely fine, I hope your dad is alright,” you replied, hoping the sincerity was coming across, “I’ll get something cooked for Monday evening for you, nothing posh, just something to look forward to?”

Sam’s smile became a genuine grin before you even finished your sentence and he nodded adding a small thanks. With that, he gave you a final little wave and left, closing the door as quietly as possible as if you were still asleep. You couldn’t help but smile as you settled back into the covers, and as you heard the voices leave and the front door close you let yourself drift back off into a light sleep.


You kept yourself busy enough over the weekend, it wasn’t hard with deadlines looming to find something to do but equally you used it as an opportunity to catch up with a few other friends. By Monday evening you were missing Sam a lot more than you’d expected to, you weren’t exactly in each others pockets every second of the day but it was strange to not have him there. He hadn’t replied what time he’d be in but you’d gotten some fresh pizzas made to shove in the oven for when he got back.

It was no wonder he was late back, the rain hammered down on the window outside, it was almost tropical with how heavy the downpour was, but it was relaxing in its own weird way. There was something atmospheric about reading your book, wrapped up in your favourite cardigan with the sound pattering away in the background. You must have gone entirely into your own world to the sound of it because your phone, which was apparently on full volume, burst into life on your lap, scaring you half to death. A bleary glance at the caller ID revealed it to be Sam, and you decided he was probably just telling you how long he’d be.

“Heya,” you answered with a little more pep than you meant. There was a lot of noise in the background of the call, almost sounding as if he were in a bar or restaurant but his voice was just about distinguishable.

“Hi Y/N, look I haven’t got long but I wanted to-” A shout in the background cut him off but you strained your ears to hear him again, “I won’t be coming home.”

“Oh that’s alright,” you said quickly, “I just got pizzas, I’ll put yours back in the-”

“No, I’m not coming back to Stanford this term.”

You didn’t reply for a second, only furrowed your brow and pressed the phone closer, checking you hadn’t misheard him, “wait, what do you-?”

“I’m so sorry, I… I wanted to but there’s some stuff going on and I’m a couple states over, it’s just… sorry.”

“What about your things? When are you going to get…?”

“I took most of it with me, there’s a few things left but I don’t need them, you can-”

Another loud sound cut him off but neither of you spoke after it stopped. There was a long silence as you processed it, he’d only been a roommate for a few months, it wouldn’t be hard to find someone else, so why did you feel like it was a personal blow? It was a family thing, that happens, it wasn’t as if he was saying you’d never see him again.

“Are you okay, Sam?” You said simply, trying to keep your emotions out of it.

“I’m fine,” he said a little too quickly, “it’s just college wasn’t going to work out for me.”

“What? You loved your course? What about-?”

“Look, I’m sorry, Y/N, I’ll try to keep in contact, I wish I was coming home, I really do lov-… like, well, I liked staying there. And with you. Thanks for everything.”

You swallowed hard and nodded, before remembering he couldn’t see you.

“Yeah, me too, er, isn’t this a bit quick? What about your fees and-” A shout in the background drowned you out so you left it hanging. Within a split second there was another shout and Sam left out a barely audible huff.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N, I’ve got to go!” Sam said quickly before the line went dead.

“Oh, okay. Bye,” you said quietly into the now silent phone, still pressed to your ear. You blinked dumbly and let the phone fall into your lap as you let your eyes blur on the sheets of rain sweeping past the window.

That was it, and it was final. And he truly didn’t come home.

You didn’t rent out the room for the first week, or the second or third week for that matter. However, when he stopped replying, you got a new flat mate, she was nice enough but never quite the same as the fond memory of that sweet guy you shared a house with for a time…

Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To
  • Leeteuk: I wanted to become happy.. I always have been looking for the key to happiness. Now, I think I have found that key to happiness. Being able to wake up in the morning, meet people I want to meet, and laugh together and cry together.... Beloved family... Beloved members.. Beloved all family members of SM.. Beloved fans... I now realized that everything I've always felt is the key to happiness. I want to feel this happiness with everyone. Thank you, and thank you again; I love you, and I love you.. I hope everyone reading this post will be full of happiness and love.. I love you..!!
  • Heechul: This is an album after 3 years for me. I want to try being a bit serious in the Thanks To this time. It's already been 10 years since we debut.
  • There probably are people who are new to loving me, but I'm sure there are fans who've been loving me for 10 years now. I think about it whenever I'm zoning out in the car, or whenever I'm going to sleep..
  • What 'fans' are..
  • I don't have much of 'fan love' (t/n in other words, fan service), I am not nice, so why do people give love to someone like me, who, in some way, is like a mean 5 years old?
  • And a thought that popped in my head was to not to look for the reason, and to express myself some too. Play (together) like we are eternal friends.
  • And that made me look hard at fans' faces like I'll put a hole on their face. Because of my prosopagnosia, my level of memory with faces are at same level as a fish but
  • I tried to memorize each and everyone but!!! as expected, I couldn't do it well kkkkkkkkkk ah sorry kkkkkkkkkkkkk I can't help this kkkkkkkkkkkkk but still, I read the letters, and try to remember their faces. Lastly, my beloved babies. Hyung will speak informally now. We will grow old someday and get married too. I hope you will come to Super Show in future with your babies. Then I would get emotional and really touched. Let's picture 'eternity' like that together, and be together for a long long time ^~^
  • I hope that you guys will meet good people (partners) and will live happily. You guys have to get married quickly so I feel less sorry when I get married too kk
  • But I have to first quit games and comic books first-ng.. Tremble tremble..
  • Anyways, I love you, my babies!!!! Ppo Ppo kiss~ ^3^
  • Kangin: I realized too late that I am thankful for just being able to be together. I think I know a bit now.. That I was a greedy man who only received. I will now be the one giving. And my beloved family members, let's live happily. I really love you. Grandmother who is watching me from heaven.. There are many promises I made with you that I couldn't keep; I'll live with them in my heart. Grandmother, do not worry about anything there and rest peacefully. And our fan ELF!! Oppas will protect you.
  • Shindong: I am now repeating the process of writing and erasing. I really don't know how to express this good feeling and thankful thoughts. Really. I will just!! Show it on the stage!! Everyone, sorry for being unable to express myself. Yes, that's true. The people that have the hardest time while producing this album are the song writer, lyrics writer, singer, producer, choreographer, manager, stylist, photographer, etc.. there are countless people but!! You guys, who anticipate and listen, have to be there (for that to happen) so, sigh.. I think I was living with a really big delusion. How to say.. 'I'm always showing you guys this really cool look of me, and the funny side of me! so you guys have to always anticipate and wait for me..' Why did I think that way... Anyways thank you. I think this is the first time I wrote my true feelings on 'Thanks To', without calculating (what to say). Sorry, and sorry again. From now on, I will only write real 'Thanks To' on 'Thanks To's... Thank you, everlasting friends~
  • Sungmin: An album to beloved ELF. Thank you for always being with me. You are my precious, everlasting, closest friend.
  • Eunhyuk: Firstly, thanks to our fans for waiting for this album for a long time. During past 2 years, I've experienced many events. I was shaken, was very exhausted, received many scars, and for the first time, I thought about giving up. I remembered the young days when I first I dreamed of becoming a singer, the days when I was a trainee, and the days since I met Super Junior. Looking back at those days, I gave compliments to myself, and reflected on a lot of things too. And I imagined a bit about the future. In the end, I gained conviction for things I wanted to do, and things I have to do, and what allowed me to have that strength were fans who always stood by my side and loved me without changing, and Super Junior members. I think it's not easy for a person to go back to 'their first mindset'. So with a new mindset, I plan to enjoy the promotions this time. I hope you continue to cheer without any reserves for the road I will take from now on. I will repay to everyone with mindset that does not change, and with changing images(appearance/side). Thank you.
  • Donghae: Dear Father/ Last time I saw you was around 2006 8/8 Tuesday 3AM, but it's already 2014 8/21 Thursday. A lot of time has passed, right? ^^ Like the time that's passed, the environment around, many people, thoughts, and appearance has changed a lot. Some changed for the better, some not. But I am always working hard so that my core that I am holding on, does not change a lot. Because you, father, are in that core too. You'd be disappointed if I changed to (not good/bad), so I am working hard to (not change) ^^ then you can compliment me when I meet you again. I'm still young, and I'm still the son that wants to receive compliments from father. But it's been a really long time since I've been unable to hear those compliments. Soon, I will perform 100th concert performance; It would have been nice if father could have watched at least one of those 100 performances. It's sad. I'm really thankful to be able to do a job that I love, be loved while doing that job, that there are people who cry, laugh, and be happy because of me-though, what am I (for them to feel that way for me)-, and that there are people who have dreams while watching me. I'm very thankful that those people exist, and I am thankful about everything, that I can feel that I am living a life that I am more thankful of. Complains, not being satisfied, being lazy... Looking back now, I can see that everything- even things that I didn't feel good about- are thankful things. What I am most thankful about is that I am your son. It's a letter to you after a long time. 2014 8/21 Thursday 7:04PM, after 2 years... Let's talk again when another album comes out in future ^^ I love you, dad.
  • Dear Mom, Hyung, HyunGyum / Mom, don't get sick. When you are sick, I feel even more hurt. There are many things I wasn't able to feel when I wasn't able to live with you when I was young, and now, living together, I feel them. I feel thankful from small things like being able to be together, being able to see you, and being able to touch you. When you look at me and smile, when you- who looked big when I was young- now look smaller than me, when you- who walked really fast- walk slower than me, and when I felt that you- who looked strong and powerful- have become weaker than me, and is depending on me, tears come to my eyes. Just don't get sick. I love you mom^^ Beloved hyung, you are very tired, exhausted, and bored these days right? But I am happy and full of energy because of hyung. I think a lot about how I can do more for you, hyung. It's not that I just want to give you something; it's more like.. I'm thankful that I have a brother, and thankful that I can share with hyung. I hope hyung enjoys it a bit more, and I hope that you will be happy. I also hope that we brothers would rely on each other more. I love you, hyung.
  • HyunGyum-ah, hyung is proud and happy that you have a dream at such a young age. I hope you will work harder, and if you don't want to get hit, listen to hyung more! hehe. Listen to mom, and sleep early.
  • Dear SJ/ There really is no need for words!! I like that we are together, I'm happy that we are together, and I'm thankful that whenever I feel tired and look back, you're standing there by my side without a word^^ There's no need for anything else, let's just do well just among ourselves^^ Suju is the best hehe. Leader Teuk-ee hyung... I will trust hyung and go! and Yesung-ee hyung... If hyung were with us, we would have shined more. I will make it so that when hyung returns, hyung's spot will shine more ^^ I love you hyung!
  • Grow your hand a bit, or I'll just have a smaller mic prepared for you ^^ (Youngjoon-ee hyung, Byungjoon-ee hyung, Junghoon-ee hyung, Yongsun-ee hyung, MinGeun-ee hyung, Siyong-ee hyung, Yongsuk-ee)
  • We are Super Juni-or! ^^ Thank you and I love you.
  • Dear ELF/ You waited a really long time right? Me too me too mee too really!! hehe finally advancing out! ELF all over the world, are you ready?? We are ready ^^
  • In short words, because ELF exists, SuJu can breathe ^^ Please continue to let us breathe ^^ I love you, love you, love you, and love you^^ Always thankful and love you ^^
  • Siwon: I feel the fast speed of time. It's already 7jib.... Thankfully, thanks to your love and support, we were able to go around the world many times, and how many times did we stand on a dream-like stage... Thinking about it all, I'm thankful. I want to say thanks to beloved ELF all over the world who cheer for us without changing. And I want to say thanks to beloved family members, beloved Lee SooMan teacher, and staffs who always work hard to help us. If you guys weren't there, we wouldn't be at this position. Thank you again.
  • Thank you everyone.. Thank you God.. Please anticipate a lot from us, who are just starting now.
  • Ryeowook: Beloved mom and dad, thank you ^^ Super Junior members, you worked hard during the time to prepare 7jib, and I love each and everyone of you♡
  • Teuk-ee hyung, I'm thankful that you are with us, though it must have been very pressuring, (to work so soon after) release from army! Hyung is really our leader~ I love you / My meal friend Heechul-ee hyung~ I'm thankful that you listen to my words well, and let's continue to live together. / I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^ / Yesung-ee hyung!!!! I hope hyung's empty spot will be filled quickly.. Let's work together again quickly~ let's meet again at Han River kk / KingKing! The handsomest KingKing kk Hyung, you know that I love you a lot right? / Donggri DongDong, I love hyung's voice the most kk Let's go for a solo song in the next album! I will try directing it. / Sungmin-ee hyung~! Thank you for always comforting me by my side ^^!! Let's meet at Sukira soon kk / I'm happy that Hyukgu is becoming more and more handsome! Work harder ^^ Hyung, you know it, right? kkk / Donghai! I love you as much as I love Hyukgu kk Donghae-hyung, don't be sad~ Let's go again tonight!!! / Siwon-ee hyung, I'm sorry .. that I only like D&E kkkkk I love hyung a lot ♡ / Kibum-ah, come to the dorm~!! Let's eat^^ / Kyuhyun-ah, do you like Changmin and Minho more than me?..ㅠ I love you KyuKyu kk / Super Junior M Zhou Mi hyung!! I hope hyung will be very happy ^^ I love you hyung~♡ / Henry, take some care of Zhou Mi hyung! kk SJM maknae Henry-yah, I'm always thankful about you! / Super Junior 7jib, let's become daebak!!!! My girlfriend, E.L.F.. I'm thankful, and I love you! ♡ It's 7jib now~ Till everyone gathers in one place, Ryeowook-ee will work hard too with the name 'Super Junior'^^ I love you. Love yourself♡
  • Kyuhyun: Kyu will always be where E.L.F's are...

Dear taylorswift,

I wrote you a very long thing a long time ago, but recently I’ve been thinking about adding some pictures to that very boring text, and here they are. So now I’m just going to put everything together and explain myself.

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anonymous asked:

OMG can you do a scenario with hansol where you ask him if he wants to come over and Netflix and chill (literally just watch Netflix tho) but he thinks you mean /Netflix and chill/ (if ya catch what I'm throwing) and gets all nervous

He was staring at his phone which he had trouble holding due to his sudden sweaty hands. He didn’t expect this from you at all, he thought that you only thought of him as a friend? Or, perhaps you do, but he really didn’t think you would want him in that way? Tapping the screen he re-read your message again to make sure he hadn’t misread it. 

Hey do you want to come for some Netflix and chill??” 

Nope, he read it correctly the first time. Should I say yes? he thought to himself. If he was honest he wanted to say yes in a heartbeat but he was worried that his attraction to you would screw up your friendship, so he had just ignored those feelings. But isn’t this an invitation saying that it’s ok? Does this mean they’re attracted to me too?? He finally decided and started tapping away on his phone screen. 

Sure, I’ll bring some snacks” he texted back. 

His heart was pounding hard in his chest, thinking about the offer he had just accepted. He was a bit ashamed about how the excitement he felt, after all he had thought of you during more than one occasion during restless nights. Getting up from his bed he went out to the kitchen to get a bag of potato chips before going out to the hall, shouting his goodbyes to the other boys in the dorm before leaving. With nervous steps he started walking to your apartment. Am I actually doing this?? Do I want this?? Will they think I’m good enough???? his thoughts were racing all around in his mind. He hadn’t thought this through properly, he didn’t even have any condoms with him?! Should I go and buy some? That’s probably for the best. He quickly made his way to a small shop where he bought a small packet of condoms, giving the money to the cashier with a very red face. He didn’t even know if the condoms were the right ones, were they the correct size??? What if they wouldn’t be able to get them on?? He hadn’t used one before, how would he know? When would be the right time to take them out? Nervously he slipped them into his jean pockets, his hands shaking and sweaty. Ok, you got this Vernon. Just play it cool. he thought as he walked down your street. Reaching your house he pressed the buzzer to your apartment and a few moments late he heard the door to the building unlock. On wobbly legs he walked up to the third floor where your small apartment was and hesitated a bit before ringing the door bell. Taking in a deep breath he finally rung the doorbell and he heard your light footsteps making their way to the door. Running a hand through his hair he got a grim reminder of his nervousness by his hands that wouldn’t stop sweating as the door opened. 

“Hey loser, come on in!” you greeted him happily at the door. Giving a nervous laugh he walked in, letting his eyes scan you for a moment. You were wearing ripped jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt, obviously not dressed up for the occasion. Why would they be dressed up?? You didn’t dress upp either idiot he scolded himself while clumsily removing his sneakers. Feeling the bag of potato chips getting snatched from his hand he heard you say “Aw you brought my favourites! Nice! Come on, I’ve got everything set up in the tv-room”. Following you into the tv-room he saw that you had a two candles lit on the small sofa table which were currently the only source of light except for the television screen. “Sit down, I’ll get a bowl. You can see if you find something good to watch” sitting down nervously at your request he took the remote but it slipped out of his shaky hands and he had to give it another two tries before even being able to pick it up. Thank god they’re in the kitchen, they would think it’s pathetic how nervous I am. How can they even be so relaxed??? he thought as he started browsing through the movies Netflix offered. Should I go for horror? Comedy? What do you even watch? Does it matter? Oh god help me 

“Ok, either you’re lost in thought or are you seriously contemplating watching Lazy Town??”

Your words snapped him out of his thoughts and he jumped a little on the sofa. Laughing at his reaction you ate a potato chip from the bowl you had just prepared before sitting down next to him. Giving a nervous laugh himself he couldn’t come up with a witty retort, so he just gave you the remote telling you to choose. “Wow did you dip this in water or something??” you say after taking the remote from him, feeling the sweat from his hands. “Oh uh… Sorry” he sheepishly answers. Browsing through the library you gave a few suggestions to what you should watch, but he could only shrug for an answer.

“Are you ok? You seem all nervous, is something the matter?”

Turning red at your question he felt his heart pounding even harder in his chest. What would he say?? Why wouldn’t I be nervous?? We’re going to have sex for the first time hOW CAN I NOT BE NERVOUS? “Uh… I’m not nervous what are you talking about” he attempts to lie, but he knows it’s futile. His red face gives him away all too well even before his stuttering lie. 

“Vernon, I’m not stupid I see that you’re nervous. What’s going on? Did I do something?” you ask, making him even more embarrassed. Do you enjoy making him suffer? Do you want him to sheepishly admit out loud that he’s nervous about having sex with you??

“Ah… I.. I just didn’t expect you to text me something like this” he answers, turning even redder which felt impossible at this point.

“What? But we chill out all the time?? What are you..” you lost your sentence as you came to realization to what he meant. The room went quiet and you stared at him for what felt like far too long before your face broke out into a grin that eventually became a full on laugh attack. After laughing for a few minutes you finally looked back at Vernon, seeing his uncomfortable and embarrassed figure.

“Oh my god did you think I meant Netflix and chill in that way???”

He felt like sinking into the floor, he was so embarrassed. She hadn’t meant Netflix and chill in that way!??!?! I’m such an idiot, I didn’t even think for a second that she would literally just mean watch Netflix and chill

The room went quiet again and you stared at him for a moment. Looking up from the floor that he had been staring at for the past 10 minutes he saw that the look in your eyes had changed. “Well… If you came over thinking I meant Netflix and chill in that way…” your hand trailed up his thigh and he sucked in a sharp breath. “I don’t really mind a change of plans” you say as you cock a suggestive brow. 

Perhaps he hadn’t misunderstood your suggestion after all?

(LMAO OK I have no clue if this is any good, I don’t write and I don’t even know what came over me but this scenario was so easy to write??? It’s probably shit but I hope it’s ok? The ending might be a bit abrupt… But hEY look at me go writing scenarios.)

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poetryandoldermen  asked:

“you’re supposed to be on a blind date with someone but you sat down at the wrong table and i haven’t been able to get a word in edgewise to tell you that and it’s been thirty minutes” au this one plsss <333

Thanks so much for the prompt, hun! I hope you know that I can only write CS and like this anyway!!

The Way Blind Dates Shouldn’t Go; ~ 1, 500; also on ff.net

Emma did not want to do this. And she had told Mary Margaret that in every human way possible. If she thought barking it out would’ve worked, she would have done that too. But no. This was her life and her frustratingly romantic and optimistic best friend that just did not understand how she could not hit it off right away with this math teacher from MM’s school. Math teacher, really? Emma wasn’t a judgmental person but come on. Couldn’t he at least teach English or music?

So in conclusion, Emma really didn’t want to be in this bar. On a freaking blind date. And she may or may not have already talked herself into absolutely hating this guy. And she may or may not have come in her jeans and sneakers and her least fitted t-shirt on purpose. And she may or may not have gotten a nasty phone call from Neal aka The King of the Douchebags just last night. And she may or may not have thrown back two tequila shots before even looking around the bar. But none of that was anybody’s business.

Checkered shirt and black jeans was all the description MM had given her. Oh, yes, and he was a brunet and drank beer which applied to half of the freaking population of New York and more than half of the men in this bar.

Of course, not unlike when she shopped and always managed to set her eyes on the prettiest and most expensive handbag, Emma’s gaze fell on a man in the corner who fitted the description. Except for the part where she couldn’t picture the edgy and smoldering hot stranger in a classroom to save her life. Also her luck really wasn’t that good.

Except just when she was about to force her eyes to scan the rest of the patrons the man looked up and finding her staring grinned at her and gave her the most infuriating wink before leisurely tilting his head towards the empty chair across from him.

Later, when MM would ask her what on earth came over her, Emma wouldn’t be able to find an answer. Perhaps it was the alcohol burning in her empty stomach, perhaps it was the fact that she had already decided to hate the guy (perhaps it was the bitter taste left from talking to a guy she actually hated), perhaps it was simply her rage at the waste of such a fine specimen. Because no way in hell wasn’t he all kinds of wrong for her.

Whatever it was, it left Emma stalking towards the stranger and pulling out the chair across from him in a manner that could only be described as aggressive.

“Alright, let’s make this quick because I have absolutely no desire to waste my time in some sleazy bar with some asshole that couldn’t even come over to tell me he was the one I was looking for,” shot out Emma before the guy could even open his mouth.

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Yahaba smiles and its one of those smiles that send shivers down Kyoutani's spine, because when Yahaba smiles like that...he knows he has fucked up.

“So, darling, how has your day been, hm?”

“Uh… I’m fine, thank you for asking?”

Kyoutani knew instantly that that was the inaccurate answer when Yahaba’s grin widened, displaying his pearly whites. The smile that he used whenever he attended formal events to meet with clients, or when he was angry but didn’t want to show it. It was the exact same smile he used when he was trying to hide what he felt.

Like he was right now.

The food before him became less appetising; he neither wanted to eat nor look at it more than he had to, so he settled with glancing tentatively at Yahaba through his overgrown bangs. Looking at Yahaba didn’t help him, rather, it aggravated the situation. Despite being together for five years now, as long as Yahaba wished to, Kyoutani won’t be able to tell his true feelings behind that picture-perfect smile. Trying to decipher the real emotions behind that facade only makes Yahaba angrier, since Kyoutani was relying on him instead of himself to figure out his own mistake.

But Kyoutani didn’t know what he did wrong, couldn’t figure out what he did to make his boyfriend this irritated, so he chewed the tasteless food in his mouth silently. The nervousness made his hand shake, caused him to break out in cold sweat, his palms sticky and cold. He was pretty sure he prepared everything carefully, had ensured that Yahaba won’t be able to notice any difference from any other day.


A sigh escaped Yahaba’s lips, the corner of his lips turning down in exasperation. It’s not that he expected anything today; their five years together made this date seem rather insignificant compared to the time they had spent together, but so many people remembered, have given him each a rose as presents, yet he couldn’t even get the most important person of his life to say the words he wanted to hear the most. Being depressed is understandable. He wanted to mope, to pout, to complain, to force Kyoutani to say the words he wanted to hear, but he knew that it was pointless if it was said sincerely, so he didn’t. Instead, he ate in silence, and tried his best to enjoy what is left of his favourite food.

They eventually finished their food, stepping out of the restaurant into the cold breeze of the night to go about their journey home. The air is chilly; with winter just ending it was neither too cold for winter coats, nor hot enough to do without. Yahaba regretted his stupidity of ignoring the weatherman’s advise this morning to bring his coat out, shivering instinctively when a biting cold wind blew past.

He was silly for not taking his coat, a dimwit for expecting more from just a simple night out with his boyfriend, stupid for thinking, hoping, that he would remember what today was, an idiot, a fool, a moron-

“You’re cold.” Just two word, not louder than a whisper by his ears. A ghost of a touch on his shoulder, then a warm blanket draped on his shoulder. It wasn’t a blanket, he soon realised, but rather Kyoutani’s coat, still snug from the previous wearer’s body heat. A scarf followed shortly, Kyoutani gingerly — as if handling something fragile — wrapped it around Yahaba’s neck, not too tight that could restrict his breathing, but enough to ensure that he was protected from the cold. He blinked, then smiled as he admired his work. The small rare smile that Yahaba wished he saw more often. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared, Kyoutani turning away to hide his face with his hair, stuffing his hand deep into his pocket, from the cold or from embarrassment, Yahaba couldn’t tell.

He buried his face into the scarf, sniffing discreetly (or at least he hoped it was discreet) at the sweet smell that overwhelmed his senses. He wanted to thank Kyoutani for the coat and the scarf, to give him a hug and tiny kisses on his nose to express his gratitude, but call him childish or immature, he didn’t want to forgive him just yet.

Maybe he’ll want till tomorrow for that.

They walked on silently, just the two of them, side by side, close but not touching, shuffling past one streetlamp after another, both staring at their own feet. Finally, Kyoutani couldn’t stand the quietness any longer.



Kyoutani stopped walking, looking up from his feet at the man beside him. Yahaba took a few more steps, pausing when he realised he couldn’t see the other pair of feet beside his own.

“Shigeru,” Kyoutani repeated, closing the gap between them till he could rest his forehead on the other man’s when he tilted his head down to look straight into the hazel brown orbs before him. “I have something to tell you.”

With Kyoutani this close for the first time today, Yahaba felt a little overwhelmed, and barely managed an uncommitted grunt in reply. Under the dim light from the streetlamp, the eyes that he grew to love were a beautiful shade of golden, shining slightly from reflecting the light around, matching the blonde hair almost covering them.

Over the years, Kyoutani had grew a little taller, just enough to be taller than the brunette, and he used that to his advantage, leaning closer, letting their nose brush against each other, moved even closer, their lips just a bare centimetre apart, and stopped.

“Happy birthday, princess.” A murmur just before his lips.

He remembered.

Yahaba didn’t expect Kyoutani to remember, after going through the whole day without a word about it from him, but he definitely wasn’t expecting what came next.

Kyoutani pulled back without kissing him, sliding his hands down from his arm to hold both his hands, then dropped down on one knee in front of him.

“I don’t remember the first time I met you, or if I ever introduced myself properly when we met, but I remember the first time you slammed me against the wall, knocked sense into me like I was an immature child. You reminded me what it was like to have someone to rely on, to count on, then continued on to be the person I rely on the most. You are the one who broke into my heart, mess up my mind, make me feel all confused inside. And yet, I can’t think of any of my future without you in it.”

He closed his eyes and let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding. When he opened them again, his eyes held the most sincerity and vulnerability Yahaba had ever seen. The hands that held his were trembling, gripping his fingers tightly. One of his hand squeezed, the other hand letting go to take out a small box from his pocket. A resounding click opened the box to reveal a simple silver ring.

“Shigeru, will you marry me?”

In a split second Kyoutani was pulled up onto his feet, Yahaba locking him in a bone-crushing hug, crying “yes yes yes” over and over again beside his ears. He couldn’t believe it. Kyoutani didn’t forget his birthday, he wanted a future with them together, he wanted to marry him.

At last, he pulled back, hand cupping Kyoutani’s face, the other combing through his blonde hair affectionately.

“Please, please marry me Kentarou.”

When Kyoutani pulled Yahaba forward to him it is with a hand on his back and another on his neck, a searing kiss with a touch of their lips, their whereabouts long forgotten. All that mattered were the warm lips engulfing each other, tongue in a war dance fighting for dominance.

Warm, passionate, and in love.

For Kyouhaba Week Day 5 Domestic/Date

Date: the day of the year (Yahaba’s birthday), and a date: going out together for dinner. ;)))) 

ps. The roses from his colleagues/friends were actually all from Kyoutani ;)))

(Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i’ll write the next five <or more> )

I'm Sorry. (Harry Styles) #5


Ahem… okay, sooo, I also have a Wattpad account and I also write stories there. I have 2 unfinished Harry fanfictions, a Scott McCall/Teen Wolf fanfic (there are 3 books for now), I’m also working on a Stiles Stilinski fanfic, a George Weasley fanfic, and there’s also a Derek Hale story (It only has an introduction but I’ll try to write more about it)! So, idk, check it out please? It would really mean a lot to me, my name is dobbywobbles on Wattpad! And if you ever feel like talking to me message me anytime, I LOVE having Internet friends!! :3


It was incredible how someone could ruin your mood in just a minute, when you were the happiest you’ve ever been in a while. Even worse when the person that ruined your mood was actually the reason you were happy in the first place. Amy came looking for me after she finished her work, slightly annoyed that I left the library without waiting for her. But then I told her what happened and she let it go, getting mad at Harry instead. “He’s a douchebag,” she said, both of us walking through the halls. “I’m telling you, the douchebagitis is contagious!’

We really didn’t tell the others about what Harry said, I felt like all I ever talked to them about was Harry. So instead, we just had our "normal” conversations. We were all fangirls and fanboys here, so we didn’t freak out when one of us started squealing like mad about a TV show or a celebrity crush. We were all equal.

The rest of the day went… alright, I guess. Nothing interesting happened, it rarely does. Valerie lent me another YA book that I’ve never heard about, but I read the first 2 chapters and it seemed interesting, so she let me take it home. I’ll probably finish it by the time night falls, since I don’t have anything else to do. Well, yeah, we were going to the movies, but nothing else.

So, I was sitting on the couch, reading the book. Mom received a call from work and had to leave and dad didn’t arrive from work until 8. Keith was upstairs in his room so basically I was home alone. Sometimes I really wished I could get a dog, or maybe a cat, so it could keep me company. I’ve been wanting a dog since I was little but I never had one. Dad was working most of the time, mom had a lot of things to do, Keith is a lazy ass, I was too little, so we didn’t have time to take care of a dog. And then I just got tired of asking for one, but I still want to have a small dog sleeping on my lap. The closest I’ve had from a pet was Harry’s cat, since I spent a lot of time with him.

Sighing, I closed the book, making sure to place the bookmark in it. Rubbing my temples, I screamed at myself internally for thinking of something and then relating it with Harry. It was already getting tiring. “I hate him” I muttered to myself.

“Hey little sis” Keith said, making his way to the kitchen and opening the fridge.

“Hey” I said, laying on the couch now.

“What’s wrong?” He took a seat next to me, a bottle of Ensure in his hands.

I shook my head. “Boys are jerks… no offense”

“None taken,” he said. “But… is this about Harry?”

I gave him a look. “What do you think?”

“I’ll take that as a yes”

“I feel so stupid getting so upset over him!,” I said. “He’s an idiot! We’re not friends anymore! I should be playing piano, singing, writing random stuff, taking pictures, but it seems like all of those things are not even important anymore! I’ve been listening to Adele so much lately and I feel like I need psychological help! Ugh, I wish I never met him!”

“Henley,” Keith spoke. “With all honesty? I think you’re both being stupid. I mean, you guys have known each other for YEARS! You grew up together, I’ve never seen two people so close to each other, seriously! And now you’re both throwing that amazing friendship away?”

“Well… tell Harry that,” I said, tears in my eyes. Folding my arms across my chest, I kept talking. “I didn’t want that to happen, but he didn’t seem to care. What can I do about it? I can’t just get on my knees and beg for him to be my friend again! I just gotta move on and stick with my real friends”

He shrugged. “Okay then, do whatever you want. But I do know something. Yesterday, when we were having dinner? It was awkward as hell”

“What would you know? You were too busy drooling over Gemma!” I said, smirking at him.

A blush crept onto his face a his eyes widened. “I-I wasn’t!”

I laughed at him. “Sure. Whatever you say, loverboy”

“Shut up!” He yelled at me as I made my way upstairs.

As soon as I laid on my bed and turned on my laptop, my phone started to ring. When I saw that it was an unknown number, I furrowed my eyebrows. I didn’t recognize it and I was considering just to ignore it. It was probably a wrong number, anyways. But, just out of curiosity, I decided that it was better to pick it up. So I did. “Hello?”

“Henley?,” the person said, making me sit up straight. “It’s me, Luke!”

I couldn’t stop the small gasp that came out of my mouth. Why was he calling me? “Oh! Hey Luke! How did you get my number?”

“Your friend Ray gave it to me when we were at the Robotics Club,” he answered. “Anyways, I hope you’re doing well”

I smiled. “I am, thank you. I hope you’re well, too”

“I am. Just doing stupid homework,” he said, to which I chuckled. “Hey listen, I know It’s pretty late to ask, but I decided to take a shot anyways. So, I think you already know that there’s going to be a party tonight at my house”

“Uh… yeah, I heard something like that” I said, confused as to why he was telling me this.

“Well, I was just wondering if you wanted to come?,” he asked, my eyes turning wide like tennis balls. “I mean, you seemed like a pretty cool girl, so yeah. You can invite your friends, they seem cool as well!”

I couldn’t help but to blush. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a party. I appreciated Luke’s invitation… but Harry was certainly going to be there. He never missed a party, it seemed. And I didn’t know who else was going to be there. I wasn’t comfortable around people I didn’t know. But, he did say I could bring my friends! I guess I’m just over thinking it because I knew I’d see Harry. And I wasn’t ready. And I don’t know if the others would want to go… Oh, who am I kidding? I’m making up excuses! We’d probably be the people no one wants to hang out with! People would make fun of us! Harry will probably surrounded by a bunch of girls trying to get with him… but you know what? I was starting to not care about that the more I thought about it. I wanted to let Harry know that we could have fun without him!

“I’d love to go!” I found myself saying.

“Great!,” he said. “It starts at seven, so you have time to get ready and all”

I laughed. “Okay then, I’ll call the others to see if they wanna come”

“Alrighty! I already told Ray and Joseph but I told them that I’d take care of you, and that you’d tell the others”

“Okay! Well, I’ll see you tonight, I guess” I said.

“Sounds good. Take care!”


After he hung up, I immediately looked for Emily’s number and dialed it. She picked it up after the 4th ring. “Hoollo?”

“Emily, change of plans!,” I told her. “We’re going to a party”


“I’m freaking excited!” Emily exclaimed, bouncing up and down on her seat.

I rolled my eyes at her. “Emily, It’s just a party”

“I know!,” she said. “But I just am! I feel important!”

I chuckled.

When I told her that Luke invited us to a party, she freaked out. Then, she called Valerie and Amy so all of us could go shopping for clothes. She kept insisting that we buy dresses instead of our usual casual options, because she said that we had to look “breathtaking” tonight. Honestly, I thought my outfit was too much (http://www.polyvore.com/party/set?id=162925853). Valerie was complaining about wearing a dress and high heels. Amy seemed alright with it. But all of them looked beautiful by the time we finished getting ready.

“This is a moment of history” Valerie said.

“What, because we got invited to a huge party, or because you’re wearing a dress for the first time?” Ray smirked.

“Funny” she said sarcastically.

“Hey, we should send Liam a Snapchat!” Amy suggested.

Everyone agreed to that, since Liam’s been sick for a while now, and won’t come back to school until Monday.

“HI LIAM!” We all said at the same time, looking at Louis’ phone.

“WE’RE AT A PARTY!” Louis said.

“AND YOU’RE NOT!” Niall added, all of us laughing and stopping the video.

Whilst Louis sent it, Joseph said, “Alright then, I think we can enter the house now”

“Yeah,” Niall agreed. “Let’s show them!”

And with that, he opened the car door, and we hopped out of the Toyota Sienna that Joseph’s dad lent us. I was already getting nervous, I’ve never been to one of these parties. People say they’re the best parties of all school. People drink, people smoke, people dance, people make out, people do crazy things… the list could go on. I didn’t do any of those things, except maybe the dancing. Grabbing Emily’s hand, we waited while Ray knocked on the front door. You could hear the music blasting inside and I was starting to think no one would hear our knocking. Lucky for us, Luke answered the door in a matter of seconds. “Heeey, you made it guys!”

You could tell he was already a bit tipsy by the slur of his voice and the slight stumbling, and he looked funny. “Henley, you look amazing! And Emily! And Valerie! And Emily! And Anna! And Elsa! And… come in, you guys!”

Giggling at him, we made our way inside. People were all around, doing the things I mentioned earlier. You could barely walk without having to pass by a bunch of people grinding against each other. People didn’t lie whenever they said these parties were HUGE. And Luke’s house was huge as well! No wonder people loved to come over!

“Damn!” I heard Niall say.

“Hey guys!,” Luke called us. “Drinks are in the kitchen and also next to the pool there’s a table with beer!”

“Well, that’s my call!,” Louis said, wrapping an arm around Niall. “We’re just gonna go grab some beer. See you later, guys!”

“Bye!” We said to them as they disappeared.

“Well, I think I’m gonna go get a boy to dance with me, girls,” Emily said. She was really a flirt, all the time. I mean, It’s not like she’s had millions of boyfriends, but she did enjoy to flirt. “I need to move. Catch up with you guys later, then!”

“Go get ‘em, tiger!” I told her. With one last smile, she left.

“Let’s go to the kitchen, I could use a drink!” Valerie said.

I furrowed my eyebrows at her. “Since when do you drink?”

She shrugged as a reply. “Since now, I guess”

“Valerie just wants to do the things she’s not able to do!,” Amy said, laughing. “But whatever, let’s go!”

It took us a while to get to the kitchen, since people were EVERYWHERE. Some even stopped to compliment us and tell us how they’ve never seen us around before. Of course. When you’re at school, you’re nothing special. But when you dress up nicely with a dress and makeup and high heels, everyone wants to talk to you. Typical.

Valerie pushed the kitchen door open, the music sounded muffled as it closed again. Much to my luck, Harry was there, and as soon as we entered the room his eyes landed on us. I tried not to look at him or make much eye contact, whilst Valerie and Amy were just glaring at him. And then my eyes landed on the guy Harry was having a conversation with. A guy that looked so familiar and by the way he looked at me, he recognized me too. Seeing him smile at me, I gasped. “ED, OH MY GOD!”

“HENLEY, IT’S BEEN SO LONG!” He shouted, both of us running towards each other and embracing each other in a hug.

“What are you doing here?!” I asked him excitedly when we pulled away.

“Harry invited me, I didn’t know you’d be here!” He said.

“Well, me neither!” I said, giving him another hug, this time shorter.

“Umm… Henley?” Valerie called.

Turning to look at her, I totally forgot that they didn’t know Ed. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said. “Ed, this is Valerie and Amy. Girls, this is Ed Sheeran”

“He used to go to school with us” Harry added.

“Yeah, from seventh grade to ninth grade,” I said. “Well, at the time when we met him he was on ninth grade. He’s two years older than us”

“The bastard left us to go to a private school” he said.

“And we never forgave him for that” I finished.

Right after that, there was an awkward eye contact between me and Harry. We still had the ability to keep up each other’s sentences after a year of not talking to each other.

Amy seemed to notice the awkwardness in the air. “Nice to meet you, Ed”

“Yeah, you seem like a cool guy” Valerie added.

“Thanks, you too” Ed replied, smiling at her.

“So, how’s your life been, Ed? It’s been a while since we last talked!” I said, patting his head.

He chuckled. “Well, I was just telling Harry about how after I’m done with college, I’ll sign up with a record label and start recording my first album. I already wrote some songs for it”

“Awesome!,” I said, grinning. “I can’t wait for you to be on the Billboards someday!”

He laughed, shaking his head. Wrapping an arm around me and another around Harry, he asked, “So, what about you two? What mischievous things have you done lately?”

I managed to catch a glimpse of Harry’s face as I looked down at the ground. He was serious. I guess he didn’t tell Ed about our “Ex friendship”. And I didn’t know how to answer Ed without making it even more awkward than it already was. Not helping at all, Amy and Valerie just made their way to the fridge to serve themselves a glass of… something with alcohol. “Uuh….” was all I let out.

“We… we don’t really…” Harry tried to explain, but nothing came out.

Ed seemed to realize what was happening. “Wait… don’t tell me you guys aren’t hanging out anymore?”

“Uhh… we’re not” Harry answered.

“But why?,” Ed asked, sounding disappointed. “You guys were the best of friends, what happened?”

“Yeah, well, some people make decisions, Ed… and it just tears them apart from other people” I explained, but this time I was looking at Harry. He was staring back, a small glare on his face. Getting out if Ed’s grip, I made my way to the counter, where there was a bottle of… something. The girls were drinking from it, so I served myself some of it, not caring about anything. I took out 2 plastic cups.

“You don’t drink” Harry pointed out.

“Yeah well, YOLO” I said, discreet sarcasm in my voice as I brought one of the cups up to my mouth. I tried to hide my disgust as the liquid made contact with my tongue and made its way down my throat.

“Uh… should we go now?” Valerie asked, looking uncomfortable.

“Yeah,” I answered a bit too quickly, grabbing the other cup and leaving the empty one aside. “I’ll catch up with you later, Ed!”

“Okay, then… bye!”

With that, we left the kitchen. “Shit, that was awkward!” Amy said.

“It was” I said, bringing the cup up to my mouth.

I heard Valerie chuckle. “Henley, I think you should slow down with the alcohol”

“What? It’s just this one” I assured her.


Ten drinks were enough to get me dancing on top of a table, with a group of people surrounding me and watching me being crazy. For the first time in my life, I felt loose. Like I could do anything I wanted. Like I could touch the clouds. And it was an amazing feeling.

Everyone was cheering me up and I was still dancing to the rythim of the song playing. It was some rap song I didn’t recognize, but I was loving it at the moment. I lost track of the others, but I knew they were having as much fun as I was right now. But I didn’t think of that as I started to shake my hips. I was living the moment. I had my own crowd, my own stage, my own song, what else could I ask for?

Losing control of what I was doing, I started to do dance moves I didn’t even know I could do. Maybe it came from watching Emily dance so much. By the time the song ended, everyone was cheering even louder. Nobody knew what they were doing, we were all just drunk out of our minds. Thinking that I was a rockstar, I threw my body into the crowd so they could catch me. Thing is that only one person caught me, everybody else just stepping aside. “Thanks, friend!” I said cheerfully to whoever it was.

“Henley, you’re drunk,” the person said through the song that just started playing. “We need to get you out of here before you start doing something crazier”

I finally knew who I was talking to. “Oh, It’s just you. Leave me alone, will you?”

“I won’t leave you like this,” Harry said, carrying me bridal style as I squealed. “Let’s go, I’ll take you outside”

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"...but I'm not joking, Iris."

It was one of those lazy late summer days, when the morning was crisp but the afternoon was warm without being hot; one of those days that made people want to go out into the world and experience life. One of those days that pushed people toward truth, that brought about new beginnings and rekindled friendships, that made great memories. 

Barry and Iris walked down the street of downtown Central City, her arm looped around the crook of his elbow. She was staring ahead with a smile on her face, looking out at all of the possibilities: new shops to buy clothes for her senior year of college, places for them to eat, knickknacks she could buy that they would keep with them as they were separated, to remind them of their last day together. 

He, though, was staring at her. The sunlight lit her face up, adding glow to her cheeks, putting warm highlights into her beautiful dark hair. He could see her eyes dart around, could see the things that made her smile wide. He shifted his arm and she pulled closer to him, easily fitting her head against the side of his arm. 

He took a deep breath and his heart slowed down, and he savored the moment. He wanted to remember this, when they were miles and miles apart, when the only thing he had were her voice and his memories. 

She glanced up at him. “What are you looking at, Bear?” she asked, looking up at him. “Do I have something on my face? You can tell me, you know. I knew I shouldn’t have had that spinach wrap for lunch, I bet I have a leaf stuck in my teeth.”

“No,” he said and smiled. “No, you look perfect. You always look perfect.”

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