when i said no she replied that if the guy with an x in the forehead was the avatar

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little birdie told me there was a fever trend going around could we add Gaius to the mix please

[and so rises the next trend// x”D]

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 When he woke up in the middle of the night, it wasn’t because he had a problem. He knew something was wrong with you. He started from his sleep, brow furrowed in confusion. At least, until he looked over.

Your breathing was ragged, your face flushed and skin slick with cold sweat. You looked like you were feeling awfully uncomfortable. Almost feverish.

He barely made it through the night without going and stealing Libra from his home. Gaius did everything he could throughout the night, piling on blankets and trying to keep you hydrated. You didn’t want to drink anything, and you kept complaining about the heat.

All he knew was that was what you were supposed to do when someone had a fever. As if he hadn’t already been worried beyond comprehension, seeing you complain about feeling worse made him feel like more of a screw-up than usual. When Libra finally made it that morning, he nearly cried with relief.

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Shattered Illusions

As promised, I did it. And it’s four times longer than I meant it to be, damn it. 

Anyway, have some Korrasami lovin’. That is, if you can wade through the majority Asami narrative… I promise, Korra is in there, somewhere! 

Word Count: 4,683

Content: Romance

The air felt as though it had dropped several degrees.

Everyone stared at Tonraq, and he stared back, the stunned silence heavy between the two parties. Asami’s mouth felt dry and sticky. The children were glancing nervously among themselves, and Naga, who had clambered off the ship with thudding paw steps, began to whine softly.

Mako was the first to speak. “Where could she be?” He demanded, fists clenched tightly at his sides.

Tonraq looked at the boy, the fear that everyone felt reflected in his eyes. “I…I don’t know,” he said, pressing a palm to his forehead. “Korra loves Republic City. I can’t think of any other place she’d rather be than here with her friends.”

Asami watched and listened, but her thoughts ran wildly as she tried to summon some sort of idea for finding her lost friend. Tonraq was right; the Avatar loved being in Republic City. Besides her home with the Southern Water Tribe, there was no other place that came to mind that she would have run off to. Korra—Where are you?

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