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Daily Tip 10: Accountability

I rarely do meeting if any. That’s actually the secret to my productivity and focus.

However, I had a friend yesterday who needed to ask me about something and he happens to be someone who was instrumental to the early stages of my stuff. So I said yes.

And we met up at a mall and he treated me to food (even though it’s usually the other way around when I force/make people come to me).

So some of the stuff we talked about, related to today’s post is accountability.

Funny enough the other day, another person was asking me if I wanted to join this accountablity 100 days program.

Those things annoy me. I’m the least person who needs accountability and it just pisses me off when I have to surround myself with others who need that extra pushing. It rubs off on you.

If something matters to you, so much to the point, that it pains you not to see it done, then you will do it. So when you need accountablity, that’s a sign that what you’re doing is not actually aligned with your passion/feelings/ or real goals.

Anyways, the point of this post. Instead of seeking motivation or accountability elsewhere, let it come from within. Let what you want to do, have to do, be so painful/exciting to the point that you just do it. That it just fires you up or hurts you so much when you dont’ get it that. Accountability should not come from others.

Your thoughts? Love to hear.

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Also, some things I will be aiming for this year:

1. Be more productive with less effort. So better management and systems.

2. Have more routine and structure. It’s hard for me to follow a routine or structure because there are times where I really want to try something new (like a new strategy or method and I start falling off the regular /planned routine). But routines are good if you want to be more efficient. Routines also help with point 1. The more times you do the same thing, the more prodictable your days are, the better you can plan ahead.

3. Remove even more meetings/distractions. I’m not kidding. The reason most people don’t get things done is cause of this and frankly, it has been starting to happen to me the last few days. I started chatting more.

4. Maybe start working out. Not for the sake of being healthy cause I am still young and I don’t really run into health problems at the moment, but working hard to get that adrenaline rush when you are too tired to think/work. So work out to be more efficient. Kinda like coffee..

5. Be more true to self. At heart, I am actually a narcissist. I don’t care about a lot of things or people. And there are times, where I worry about others,but I think everyone has their own lives. Everyone can deal with things themselves. And it’s best that I just focus on my own and do as much as I can, cause the bigger picture is if you truly want to be there for others, you have to be able to help yourself first. You need to have the resources, time, maturity.. to really effectively be there for others (whether it’s financial needs they need from you, or guidance of some sort where you can instantly make a referral for them as your network/prowess grows).

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It's honestly fascinating looking how at the two manga and the anime were produced. Sailor Moon only exists because Toei wanted to animate Sailor V but with more characters... and they began production so quickly that episode 1 of Sailor Moon aired the month after Act 1 ran in Nakayoshi. When they did auditions for Usagi, Mitsuishi only had the line "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you" to read off. XD This was all said during the live show that gave details on Crystal, I believe.

It really is a fascinating ball of hurried confusion. Trying to iron out a rough timeline of events is something I really am hoping to do. I feel like it could suggest a look into the creative give and take between the story iterations that we just can’t see otherwise, and maybe through that, some new insight into the parts we love (or perhaps don’t love so much) and how it all managed to come together despite the chaos.

Asking us to look out the back

Ok, so this one time, this obnoxious woman came into work and managed to get served by our store manager. She was not happy when our SM told her we didn’t have the product left. She yelled at her and called her a liar.
“Do I look stupid to you? I know you have more stock out the back! Off you go, go look!”
My SM walked out the back and lent up against wall for 5 minutes. When I asked her what she was doing, she said,
“Just looking for something for a customer.”
So, the moral of that story is, if we tell you we’re sold out, 95% of the time, we are!

Imagine telling Fred some really good news...

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“Fred! Fred!” You ran from the bathroom and through the Burrow screaming for your fiancee as you quickly placed the test by the radio. You ran into the backyard to see him jogging from the garden where he was no doubt testing a new product with his brother in the night. As he did you sprinted towards him and leapt into his arms, which he was not expecting.

“Love what is it?” He asked as you peppered his face.

“I have to show you something.” You beamed as you unwrapped from him and grabbed his hand, leading him to the radio.

“So when you proposed to me, do you remember what you told me you wanted to do with me?”

“Well I said I wanted to do what I did last night, and the day before that and the day befor…”

“No after that.”

“That I wanted to marry you and start a beautiful ginger family with you?”

“Well what if I told you we were going a little out of order?” You replied as you handed him the test.

As he took it from you, his face shone, and he slowly started to smile wide. His eyes meeting yours as tears of joy slowly gathered.

“We may have to postpone the wedding though, if you are alright with that, or move it up. Whichever you prefer?”

“We are having a baby.” He whispered as you nodded in response, before the test fell to the ground and you were being spun around in his arms, as he squeezed you gently and giggled in your ear.

“We are having a baby.” He repeated as he put you down slowly, and kissed you, as he did you heard the radio come to life, and the voice of a boy proclaim….

“We have a new weather report, Lighting has struck, I repeat Lighting has struck”

and this is not happening every day… no post production, no photo retouch, nothing. This is the image that came out from my Canon 1Ds Mark III. I know what you are thinking, and as I said… it’s not happening each day doing this job. This girl is Unbelievable. 

I was in LA for some shootings some time ago and during one of those busy days, right in the middle of the day we had a shooting planned with this girl coming from the show The secret life of the american teenager. 

Well, when I’ve seen the girl I knew that she had something more, even if she was really young. But when I had these images back from our shooting… I was completely sure that I was right, that day we were in front of a real star, a born to be Diva. 

but at the same time I’d like to say, how could you be wrong with a girl like India Eisley in front of your camera? As a photographer you really must do more than your best to fail the shots. 

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Yeah that live show that's not running anymore. Don't be a jerk to people.

The show runs regionally and I’ve said for years now that I don’t have the bootleg nor do I support it because of the express wishes of the producers and creators themselves (I am going off of what they have said about a year ago). That also means I will not share if i have found a bootleg online because it is not something I support.

So when I say see the live show, I mean wait for it to come to where you live or close to where you live and see it then. The show also just released licensing for HS productions as well so the number of performances is going to increase nationwide.

If you have continued problems with me or my refusal to share and spread bootlegs, please come off of anon and we can chat like adults. Because this blog is meant to be fun and source to find Heathers creations and audio (I started this before the Heathers music was available through Apple Music and Spotify and YouTube) and what it has grown to become has been a blessing.

Please, please, please stop asking for bootlegs. if you can, go out and see the live show and support the show or hope and dream and pray that one day it will hit broadway or tour.

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3, 29, and 19

3: Any guilty pleasures (books/fics)?

I had to think about this for a bit. I guess it is either all or nothing if I am honest: within the realm of reading and fanfic, there’s nothing that I would consider a “guilty pleasure,” but there is something to be said that my reading/writing of fanfic is a guilty pleasure in and of itself. Reading/writing was something I had to sneak (sorta) when I was younger and I guess that still carries over.

But it’s my wind-down and my inspiration to keep creating, too. I feel amazing and wrung out when I’ve had a good solid productive day of creativity, but another part of me I think will always have a lowkey guilt associated with it.

19: Do you think major character deaths are ever necessary?

Oh, of course. Just as long as it adds to the story and is done well.

29: 20s AU or 50s AU?

I think I would have to go with 20s AU. And when it comes to Obiyuki, oh myyy the potential. ;)

Request: Happy x Lyla x Reader

Request: Happy x Lyla x Reader threesome

[Good morning everyone,

Just for the record, I don’t like to share, threesome isn’t something that I’m into, but I wrote it…I hope you like it

Enjoy! Love you!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: Smut

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Red Woody Productions was doing great; Jax had just found the right business for Samcro and the right partner. Lyla was great, she was a genius in that business. You were there, at the studio, to bring some food to the girls when you old man Happy arrived with his brothers.

“Hi baby”, he said walking towards you for a kiss. “What are you doing here?”

“Gemma sent some food for the girls”, you said. “She is working at some charity thing”

“Okay”, he said caressing your back with his hand. “Need anything?”

“No”, you smiled. “I will go buy your birthday gift now”

“Baby girl”, he grinned. “I don’t need anything, besides your naked body on our bed at night”

“Yeah right, Lowman”, you narrowed your eyes. “I’m still thinking of something though”

He gave you a last kiss and went after his brothers. You gathered the bags where you brought the food and was ready to walk away when Lyla stopped you.

“Thank you so much y/n, for helping us”, she said. “Anything I can do for you?”

“You’re welcome sweety”, you smiled at your friend. “No, I don’t need anything. See you later?”

“Sure”, she smiled, turning around to get back to work while you made your way to the door. Suddenly, you remembered of a talk you overheard at the clubhouse and turned back.

“Lyla”, you called making her look at you. “Actually…”


You were nervous, walking around the studio while Lyla closed the door getting everything ready.

“Calm down”, she laughed. “Everything is gonna be fine”

“What if he doesn’t like the surprise”, you said. “I mean, I heard this talk so long ago and… Well, we all know you. Will this be awkward?”

“No”, she said. “It’s not gonna be awkward. I’m a professional; I make fantasies come true, besides…No one needs to know”

You had sent a message to Happy for him to meet you there. He immediately called you, asking if everything was fine. You told it was and begged him to trust you. He did, but you could tell he was suspicious.

You and Lyla were wearing robes and soon you heard a bike parking outside. Happy knocked on the door and you opened.

“Y/n”, he said. “What is happening?”

“Happy birthday”, you whispered in his ear and took his hand. You looked at him as you walked to a bed that Lyla prepared in the middle of the studio. Happy’s eyes widened and you left him to join Lyla already sat on the bed.

“Jesus Christ”, he said swallowing hard and understanding what was happening. “Are you sure about this girl?”

“Yes”, you said licking your lips before turned to Lyla kissing her. She kissed you back, resting her hands on your thigh. You both knelt on the bed, taking off the robes, doing it like a mirror. You were naked and started to touch each other. You felt Lyla’s finger rubbing your clit as you did the same to her. You turned your heads to Happy. His mouth was hanging open, completely mesmerized.

“Come on”, you said. He walked towards the bed and you got up to kiss him while Lyla started to unbuckled his belt and pants. You pulled his shirt off his body and Happy kicked his boots out, stepping outside his pants on the floor.

You lied on the bed, spreading your legs while Lyla guided him towards you. Her hand was around his member, squeezing it while his tongue licked your nipple. Lyla’s tongue did the same with the other. You were helpless under both. Happy’s finger slid inside you, now he was sucking your breast, Lyla imitating him.

You pushed Happy for him to lay down on his back. Lyla lied between his legs, her tongue licking his member. You climbed his body, standing close to his face, you lowered yourself a little, looking at Happy under you. His eyes were sparkling and his smile was devilish before he licked you.

Holding on the headboard you moved your hips a little trying to have more of him. “Come on baby”, you heard and lowered a little more. Happy’s mouth was open over you, the tip of his tongue teasing in your entrance; his thumb rubbed your clit a little and your felt the pleasure increasing. You found the strength to stop and leave him.

Lyla stopped sucking him and lied on the bed. You were above her, running your hands down her body. You lied between her legs and started to give her oral sex. Happy looked at you for a moment, grabbing himself. Lyla was squirming under you and Happy came closer to suck her breasts. His eyes were locked with yours while Lyla’s moans echoed in the room.

You got up kissing him, Lyla got in between and suddenly you were in a threesome kiss. Sloppy, but hot. Happy lied back on the bed and you lowered yourself onto him, Lyla sucked your breasts for a while before move to Happy’s face. He was licking her, his fingers teasing her ass.

Both of you were moaning loudly. You were tightening around Happy, founding your orgasm and so was Lyla, coming with Happy’s oral sex. She collapsed against the headboard, but soon went by your side, helping you to move, kissing your shoulders. She put her fingers on your ass, teasing and surprising you on how good that felt. Happy was groaning, saying your name. He was close, and cursed while founding his release inside you.

You lied on his chest, his hands running down your body. “That was amazing”, he said. “Best birthday gift baby”

“I’m glad you liked”, you laughed.

It was a fantasy coming true. Lyla had helped you a lot with this, making sure you were comfortable and following your lead. You surely didn’t expect to enjoy that as much as you had. Happy was dressed again and you were too. Lyla was on her robe, ready to close the studio.

“Thank you”, you said hugging her. “You should do this again sometime”

“Sure”, she winked at you.

“Wait”, Happy said looking from you to her and back to you. “What?”

You grabbed his hand, walking to the door. Happy followed like a lost puppy, calling you name. “Y/n. Baby. Wait”.

baby sized axes?

I’ve been absolutely useless for the past few weeks but I binge watched Race to the Edge when I should have been doing something productive (oops) so please enjoy this brief drabble based on one of my favorite things to come out of RTTE.


“No,” Valka said flatly.

She watched Stoick’s face fall. “But Val,” he coaxed, cupping the tiny axe in his massive callused palms. “I had Gobber make it just for the baby.”

“No,” Valka said again. She hugged her newborn son tighter to her chest and he squeaked in protest, his face scrunching up. “He is three days old, Stoick.”

“But look at it!” Stoick wheedled, holding out the axe closer so she could see it better. “It’s just his size.”

“Three days old.”

He sighed heavily. “Come on, Val,” he said, sitting down carefully on the edge of the bed to keep from jostling her too much. “Can we at least see if he likes it?”

“He’s a baby,” Valka reminded him. She elbowed him lightly in the ribs. “He likes sleeping, pooping, and nursing. I don’t think he’s suddenly going to be very concerned with the shiny sharp thing.”

“Oh, it’s not sharp, though,” Stoick reassured her. He ran the pad of his thumb over the blade and jerked his hand back quickly. “Well, just a little sharp.”

Valka laughed and leaned back against his broad shoulder. “How about we wait until he’s at least a month old,” she said.

“A week?” Stoick bargained.

“Three, and that’s as soon as I’ll allow, sir.”

“We’re missing out on valuable training time,” Stoick said, but his voice softened as he traced the round curve of his baby son’s cheek with his fingertip.

Valka smiled at the warmth in her husband’s eyes as he gazed at Hiccup, and she cupped her hand against the side of Stoick’s face, scratching lightly at the sandpapery edges of his beard. “He’s a perfect little thing, isn’t he?” she said.

“The best baby ever born in Berk,” Stoick agreed readily. “Pretty like his mama and brave like his papa.”

Hiccup suddenly sneezed, a breathy little sound, and Valka hastily wrapped the blankets around him tighter as his tiny face crumpled. “No, no, don’t cry, kitten,” she cooed, bouncing him lightly in the crook of her arm. “Stoick, what if he’s getting a cold? He’s not strong enough yet, what if it settles in his lungs and-”

“Ah, don’t fret, my darlin’,” Stoick said, kissing her temple. “It’s just a sneeze. He’s fine.” Valka exhaled slowly and leaned back into the broad warm bulk of her husband’s chest. He hugged her carefully. “Are you all right? You still look a bit peaked.”

“I’m fine,” she lied. “A little tired still, that’s all.”

He didn’t seem convinced, but he didn’t fight her either. The baby yawned, waving his tiny fists. “Oh, look at the wee thing,” Stoick cooed. “Hello, laddie. Hello. It’s your dad. Can you say that? Can you say ‘daddy’? Or ‘dada’?”

“Three days old,” Valka reminded him, trying to hide her laugh.

“I just want him to say my name first,” Stoick said. He grinned as he tickled the baby’s plump little belly. “You’re a daddy’s boy, aren’t you? You want to be a great big Viking like Daddy when you grow up. You can have a beard, and a helmet, and an axe-”

“No axes yet, Stoick!”


I’ve always knew I wanted to sing. When I was younger and I have first bought Whitney Houston’s album, I was like, this is what I want to do. I love what she did, and I said when I get older I know this is what I want to go into, because I love music, and I feel that, when you choose a career, you have to go into something that you love, that you wanna get up and do it everyday. ~ Aaliyah, 1995

Netflix's 'The Punisher' Adds Another 'Daredevil' Star, Announces Production

Netflix’s Iron Fist panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday night quickly became something much more: as the cast of the latestDefenders series made their exit, Punisher actor Jon Bernthal made a surprise appearance to officially announce the start of production onThe Punisher, which kicked off last Monday.

“I believe in Frank and his journey, and I’m fascinated by it,” Bernthal said before revealing Deborah Ann Woll will reprise her Daredevil role of Karen Page for the latest spin-off.

“When professor [Jeph] Loeb [Marvel TV head] told me we were gonna do a series on The Punisher,” Bernthal continued, “first thing i asked him is would I have the pleasure and the honor to work again with one of the most honest, the most kind, and the most talented actress I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.”

Woll then joined her costar on stage, saying Karen’s return was a no-brainer. “What Frank and Karen got to do last year is some of my favorite stuff,” she said.

Bernthal first made his appearance as Frank Castle (a.k.a. The Punisher) in Daredevil season 2, where he squared off with the Man With Fear before ultimately helping him fend off The Hand. Now his story will further expand in his own standalone series within theDefenders universe.

In addition to Bernthal and Woll, The Punisher will also feature Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Amber Rose Revah, among others.

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This is a topic close to my heart right now. I keep coming across beautiful quotes/bible verses that claim to be what the Bible says, but they are not! They are wonderful quotes with simply a bible verse following.

I admit, sometimes I want to believe it because after all, it is glorifying God or declaring something nice. But His Word cannot be added to or changed.

Do not be fooled by the world. Read it for yourself. This is dangerous. I guess this is one of the products of when the bible said that wolves will come in sheep clothing.

Do not be deceived! Be careful. Get into the Word guys.

Two things:

1. If satan cannot get you to do anything bad, he will occupy your time so that you can never do anything good.

2. Be careful. Stay close to our Lord Jesus Christ.

that ship thing that was really popular a few weeks ago...

I’m really bored so, instead of doing something productive, I’m gonna do that thing when you have like categories and you put who is most likely and stuff…

Who is the romantic one:
Farkle Minkus. Like he loves Riley more than anything in the world. He once bought Riley a star and named it after himself. He said she was already a star, she was the sun itself; so he bought her a star and put his name on it bc that way everytime she looked up at the sky she knew he was thinking of her. It doesnt matter where in the world they where, even when separated. Always.
Who is the cuddler: Riley. She just loves to cuddle Farkle 24/7, he is warm and she feels so safe in his arms. Farkle doesnt mind, tho.
Who is the overprotective one: Farkle. You can seriously do whatever you want to him, but dont you dare to put a finger on Riley nor say something offensive to her… dont even look at her.
Who is the jealous: Farkle MinkUS. Like he has been in love with her since forever  and is finally with her! So “Hello there, new guy we just meet! Im Farkle, Rileys boyfriend, Rileys future husband… Im gonna marry this girl… Im gonna rule the world and name a continent after her… like we are a thing, there is an OFFICIAL thing going on between Riley and me… Im her BOYFRIEND”  
Who wakes up first: Farkle. And he just sits there and read a book, or maybe just whatchs her sleep.
Who makes the bed: Fun story: Riley once did it and Farkle almost dies, so he suggested that they should make the bed together, bc you know… “team work”.
Who is the messy one: Riley “I leave cold spagetthi on the bed” Matthews.
Who has the weird taste in music: Riley thinks Farkle, Farkle thinks Riley. Like Riley likes every single bubbly pop song since the 80s to today. Farkle is singing to The Strokes one seccond and Pippins musical the next one.  
Who sings in the shower: FARKLE. He sang to Newsies last time. Riley sat outside and enjoyed the concert… maybe sent a snap or two to Maya… and Lucas… and Zay.
Who cries during movies: 9/10 times Riley. Farkle maybe shed a tear in that movie about the girl that lost her memory and forgot about her husband… just imagine that happening to Riley, he would probably just die there.
Who gets scared during scary movies: Riles. Farkle Minkus doesnt gets why, that stuff if highly unlikely to happend, like ghosts and witches? he likes science… comprobable data, scientific explanations.
Who spends the most while shopping: Riley loves to go to demolition once in a while and get a few (a lot of) things. But Farkle loves to shop, specially for Riley. And he is kinda used to it, so…
Who is the one full of surprises: Riley “guess what I get? a box FULL OF KITTENS” Matthews.
Who is the better at teasing: Both. It all starts with Farkle and then Riley continues… and suddenly there is a nerf gun battle. Tickle monster always wins, tho. 
Who kisses more roughly: FARKLE. Like she is RILEY FREAKING MATTHEWS (soon to be Matthews-Minkus) he is been in love with her since the 1° grade!!1! Riley secretly likes it… she will never ever tell anyone, tho, not even Maya… could you imagine all the teasing? Rileys face is already red and it was just a thought.
Who is more dominating: RILEY, OBVS. Like if Farkle Minkus, future Ruler of the world, has any weakness it is Riley Matthews. The girl with the prettiest eyes, the sweetest smile and the most beautiful and kind soul. He doesnt think she is beautiful, he thinks she is beauty itself.

My rating on the ship: 1000/100 Riarkle is life.

Of Monsters and Men’s Nanna Hilmarsdóttir talks new album, getting inspired by Tolkien

Interview by Eric Renner Brown for Entertainment Weekly 

Icelandic folkies Of Monsters and Men returned on Tuesday with their sophomore album, Beneath the Skin, the follow-up to 2011’s massively successful My Head Is An Animal. But the group, which has often been categorized with other folk revivalists like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers, chose not to reuse the winning formula that made songs like “Little Talks” and “Mountain Sound” big alt-radio hits.

“It’s hard making a second album—like I’ve done it so many times and have all the answers,” the group’s vocalist Nanna Hilmarsdóttir said when she recently connected with EW. “People were afraid when I said I wanted to do something different.”

Instead of replicating Animal’s sound, Of Monsters and Men recruited Rich Costey, who’s recently worked in the studio with prominent indie bands including HAIM, Death Cab for Cutie, Jenny Lewis, and Vampire Weekend. The product is an album that retains the band’s campfire-ready vibes while focusing their stadium appeal.

Hilmarsdóttir chatted with EW about her love of classic soul music, traveling with Of Monsters and Men’s massive “posse,” and why the group’s next album might be Tolkien-influenced.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your last record was such a smash hit. How did that influence the writing and recording of Beneath the Skin?

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At school, I decided to work on being a performer. I tried out for every play but never got cast in any big part. They cast the same popular, pretty people over and over while I played a hobo or a homeless woman for, like, nine consecutive productions. That was really hard. I had such an inherent trust in adults that all I could think was: This must mean I’m actually really bad at this. When I said something I thought was witty in class, that didn’t go over well, either. Funny was for boys, for the class clown doing pratfalls or fart jokes who the teachers would reprimand in this laughing, we’re-not-really-angry kind of way. Everyone acted like it was inappropriate for a girl to be funny, as if I was there to be an audience for the guys, not to be providing comedy myself. It was so unfair! So I did the best I could, tried to get good grades, and was happy being the background character in all the plays.
By my senior year, I was so ready to get out of there and go to college.At Dartmouth, everything was different.I majored in theater. I took writing classes and joined my improv troupe, where gender and how I looked didn’t matter. I finally got to do and express what I was passionate about. The best part? People thought I was funny, and that gave me confidence and made me try more stuff, which made me funnier! I started to realize that high school had made me an expert on how people engage with each other—and those observations would be my recipe for comedy-writing success.
Being expressive is important and I want you to feel like you are worthy of being heard, but there’s value in listening, too. It makes you more perceptive, more sensitive to how people really work. So when you finally take your place in the spotlight—whether it’s doing your own TV show or whatever it turns out to be—you can put all those stored-up goodies to work. And you’ll be so brilliant that no one will be able to look away.
—  Mindy Kaling: How I Used What Sucked About High School to Come Out on Top (x)
That’s the best part of this,“ she said of the international tour. "When you walk off stage and you’re drenched in sweat and you’re tired and your legs hurt… It feels like you’re really working for the job. It’s nice to feel tired after a show. I’m like ‘Oh my God, I’m finally doing something.’ I really like the feeling of: 'You know what? I’ve been busy. I deserve this watching two hours of TV at the end of the night.
—  taylorswift on global tour dates that help her feel more productive
What I Did When I Found Out I Was Being Paid Less Than My Male Subordinates

I was working on a small budget feature film as an APOC (Assistant Production Office Coordinator). There were only male Production Assistants. I was dealing with time cards and saw that the male PAs were being paid more than me. Not by a lot but still, not cool.

I walked right up to the Producer and said, “Hi, something is wrong, someone has their rate confused. These should AT LEAST be equal. Though since I’m doing twice as much work as these guys I should really be paid more.” To which he responded, “Well, we didn’t really need an APOC on the shoot and we had already hired the PAs but we liked you and wanted to find a spot for you.”

He made all our pay equal, and by week 3 I was promoted to Production Coordinator.

I now work at an incredible production company. I had interviewed for two positions, which meant I had two interviews with two potential bosses. I got my job and my boss is incredible and I don’t think he realized how sexist his comment was but he told me: “[Name] downstairs really liked you but he wanted to hire a guy.” (!)

I have so many stories I could share and I’m only 24. It’s sad. 

Ok, let me try to explain this. No, I didn’t screw it up with his name.

In good old Peru there’s a expression “¡Sao!” we use when a boy has said or done something in a  flamboyant way. Like, if you come to Peru and after some mannerism or whatever, someone says “Sao!”, then they think you just did something very gay XD.

Ryuu’s surname is Zaou, which sounds awfully similar. Let’s just say that, if the show had happened here, it wouldn’t have been Akoya the one being mocked because of his surname. Then again, if he had been born here, his name would’ve been Ricardo Zapata or some shit like that.

And why is he wearing a skirt? Because, for a parody of the maho shoujo genre, Boueibu is severely lacking in the crossdressing department. Yeah, I know they do crossdress in the game, but where’s my school play episode? With the prettiest boys being cast as the girls, and Ryuu and Akoya fighting over the protagonist role (who, of course, is a princess), only for idk… En being cast as her.

Make it happen season two. Although I should be praying for season tow to even happen in the first place.

I met Dan and Phil 5 days ago and I am STILL unable to comprehend how incredibly different yet absolutely amazing they are in person. I almost couldn’t look them in the eyes because it was like looking into the sun. They are both beautiful beyond compare. They are both even thinner than they look in their videos, and their skin is flawless. They really are so very soft and the best huggers in the world. I felt an instant connection happen when I walked around the corner, and I feel like they just have that effect on people. They both seemed genuinely concerned about my fractured ankle, and when I told them that it was the product of me being clumsy and just stepping off of a curb incorrectly Dan made a joke about how he’s very surprised that Phil hasn’t managed to do something like that yet. Phil told me that I needed to start telling people that I got into a fight with a bear. I said “I’ll tell them that I saved a baby from being hit by a burning train.” They said that was better, and they hoped I felt better. I cannot get over how different they are in person. I was completely unprepared. They are perfection. I know they say perfect doesn’t exist, but standing next to one another they came closer than I have ever encountered before. I can’t believe that happened to me. I cannot.

I met Dan and Phil 5 days ago and am still unable to comprehend how different yet absolutely amazing they are in person.