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Genya Safin, busy at work being hella diplomatic.

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but there aren't any mlm ships in the MCU? or do you mean generally in the fandom, not in canon? sorry I'm confused

I meant more fandom. So many interracial het ships are shit on because without the black woman or woman of color the man could be shipped with another attractive white man. But while we’re at it, when will the mcu make Steve/sam canon so I can rise to power (and they can check off their ally boxes lmao).

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Out of the characters you've acted as, is there one you find reflects you more than the others? Or do you keep the rp stuff as separate from who you are a person as possible?

I’m tempted to answer this privately because the question is incisive and the answers are vulnerable. 

Andor, Ianite, and Mianite all show different sides of me. I hope that Mianite gets more screen time soon.

Andor is the weak-bodied but big-hearted boy who will stand up and yell for what’s right even if it means getting smacked. I’ve picked fights all my life. I remember one with my uncle at Christmas Eve lunch a few years back. My uncle was talking about his prized daughters and their successful educations, and then stated that he wouldn’t have let them live in his house had they not gone to college. He knew full well that I had gone into independent study after high school and was still living with my parents at the time. I felt heat rising in my throat and my palms shaking. I gulped out, “Incorrect.” He replied, “Correct.” And the battle began… It resulted in a schism in our family that still hasn’t come close to healing. Andor’s speech under the archway was inspired by the trembling power that rises in my body when I speak for my ideals. It’s the worst and greatest feeling in the world.

Ianite is a tortured being who flees from tragedy and transforms her grief into vengeance even without knowing. (See above on wrath. Andor gets this from Ianite.) Her pragmatic, detached view on love and family is a reflection of mine. She has lived too long, seen some of the greatest joys there can be, and wishes only to impart some of her wisdom to the world before passing into peace. She values the wellbeing of the world over her personal bonds to family and friends… and even her own life. As tragic as her role may be, she is a goddess of balance, just as I consider myself an artist in service to the greater good. But I would be gravely missing the mark if I totally neglected my loved ones. So would she. In those final days, she made time. I hope that I do as well. 

Mianite is arguably the character I’ve poured the most of my life into, yet I am ashamed to talk about him because I’ve hardly shown his main qualities on stream yet. The best glimpse you can get of him, for now (and maybe ever) is in The Frayed Father lore book, where he grows up a self-absorbed dreamer, is beaten by his lazy father who prefers the much more accomplished younger brother Dianite, learns to let go of his ego and expand his attention to the wellbeing of others, and becomes a father to all of Ruxomar. That’s when his ego returns in full force and that’s where my own father comes in. The words “sole provider” ring in my ears from all the times my dad has lorded them over me. He thinks that his material blessings to the family are all that is required of him; that he need not grace us with real kindness or understanding. His humor is brazen and his diplomacy coercive. He’s a shining light, but too bright. Particularly disturbing is that he thinks he, by showing us the true way, is being better than his father, who was only a shadow. My dad was never much of a self-absorbed dreamer like Mianite was – he always looked out for his loved ones – so in that way Mianite is not completely my father. He’s the abused son & overdeveloped ruler aspects of my father, though. I am the self-absorbed dreamer part. I hope to grow out of this stage, which Mianite did around my age (25), and become a provider. I just hope I don’t go too far with it. 

Thanks for asking those questions. You just helped me a lot… made me feel ok about things before I sleep. :)

P.S. I’m trying to get physically stronger right now, like Andor is doing!

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MBTI in the Grocery Store, please!

Picking the best deals while checking off their grocery list - ISTJ, ISFJ, INFJ, ESTJ

Charming the staff to get the best cuts of meat - ESFJ, ENFJ

“This looks cool, I wanna buy it” *ends up broke* - ISFP, INFP, ESFP, ENFP

Go-karting with the shopping carts - ISTP, ESTP

“Wait… What was I supposed to buy?” - INTP, ENTP

“When I rise to power as the CEO of a multinational corporation… I will take over this puny little shop, expand its sales, transform it into a global franchise, and reap its profits… But for now… Mom told me to buy some cauliflowers for dinner… *grumbles*” - INTJ, ENTJ

Considering everything we have seen on Vikings so far - Ragnar admitted that nothing he did made him happy, Ragnar actually said “I love you” to Athelstan, Ragnar mourned Athelstan’s death and the fact that Athelstan’s God would not let him see Athelstan again - and the spoilers - that we might not have seen the last of Athelstan - plus the fact that we should be slowly nearing Ragnar’s death and Bjorn’s rise to power…

I think that when Ragnar dies - a horrible, horrible death, too - I think that Athelstan will appear to him in his last moment, that Athelstan will be the last thing Ragnar will see on this Earth and because of to that, he will actually die happy. Maybe the Seer will even predict to him that he WILL see Athelstan again, and that’s why he will go to his death happy, knowing that a) Bjorn will avenge him and b) he will meet Athelstan again soon. I mean, this show is mystical enough for that.

Now THIS might make me forgive Hirst…