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guys help I’m having too much fun with this D:

SO I decided what the heck and went for the pro trial, turns out you can actually do waaaaaay more when you’re not limited to like 30 parameters! I managed to fix a lot of my mistakes with Fluttershy, although Twi has plenty of her own problems. I think she came out cute anyway! ✨

(I really wanna do AJ, SciTwi, or Sunset next but…I should probably focus on fixing her first. baw)

💛 so i hit 5k which is actually really stupid bc like…..idk why yall wanna follow me?? but honestly thank you guys so much because when i rebooted this blog last year i thought it would get -2 attention, but i ended up making really great friends and being fully welcomed into the shawol and larger kpop community and im like !!!! it’s wild to me. anyway i thought i should Do a Thing and make a follow forever aka a way to tell my ppl thank you for making my time on tumblr dot edu a great place 💛

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sarcasm-can-kill-like-a-lot  asked:

Don't know if you can help, but I have a character that is attacked by someone with an axe. What is an object that could "stop" the axe? Like, the axe would not completely cut it but still be stuck in it while the first character holds it in front of himself? Thank you!

You mean, “like a shield?”

Really, any solid block of wood should be able to take the hit, and catch the blade. It doesn’t matter if it’s an actual shield, or a pine 2x4.

It’s probably worth remembering, most modern “wood” furniture is made from particle board, which is more like sawdust and glue. This stuff won’t stop an axe. But, antiques? Stuff that’s actually made from real wood? That will.

When it comes to shields, softwoods (like pine or yew) are preferable to hardwoods (like oak or apple). As I recall, this has something to do with the elasticity of softwoods (even very heavy softwoods like yew), in contrast to hardwoods. Hardwoods will break when sufficient force is applied, you can see this with toothpicks if you’re really inclined, while softwoods are more likely to deform, or in your case, entrap the axe head.

Really, this is one of those cases where the range of options isn’t short, and will depend heavily on where your character is fighting. If they’re in a wooded area, they’re probably better off using the trees as impromptu cover, to protect against axe strikes. In an industrial environment, piping or heavy equipment would be the better option.

It’s also worth remembering: so long as the attacker can keep a hold on their axe, they will be able to get it free. It may take a moment, but it’s very difficult to create a situation where you could tie it up indefinitely, simply by getting it stuck in something. Getting the weapon stuck is a good distraction, and opens the option for your character to retaliate, but it doesn’t eliminate the weapon. Your character will need something a lot more complex in mind than an 18th century writing desk getting in the way to achieve that.


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luckyladylily  asked:

I experience being reduced to my genitals a lot. Chasers, men who want to use me as a "half step", and women attracted people who wont even consider me. It hurts. Thank you for saying something on the subject. I feel like it has more weight coming from you. A lot of people think of us as predatory on an unconscious level (it is a very prevalent stereotype) so one of us saying something like that is often interpreted as a guilt or coercion tactic to manipulate people into sex.

You’re welcome!

Apologies for hijacking your ask with more ranting, but hearing about your difficulties makes me want people to REALLY understand what they’re doing when they’re reducing people to genitals. 

I think a lot of people reblog the “TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN!!!” posts without actually internalising the politics they’re reblogging, and I want to encourage people to actually consider what that means. 

If you accept that trans women are real women (as you should), then you must accept that at some point in the future you could fall in love with/be attracted to a woman with a penis. 

“But!” you say, “I just don’t like penises! It’s a personal preference!” 

Honey. It’s not a personal preference if it’s something the entire world tells you you should be doing. It’s not a personal preference to prefer non-hairy women, or thin women, or conventionally attractive women. These are things that society tells you to prefer. If you think you just suddenly came up with this idea of not being attracted to penises in a bubble, you’re confused about what social conditioning is and you need to read up on it and educate yourself on it. 

When someone says, “oh, I’m a lesbian and I totally accept trans woman but I could never sleep with someone with a penis because it’s my preference!” I hear something that sounds like, “Look, I love and respect all women, I just can’t be attracted to black women, it’s a personal preference!” Yes. It sounds actually that bad. 

If you say are rejecting a minority out of ‘personal preference’, you’re probably not. You’ve been subjected to decades of social conditioning that gets you to subconsciously prefer or expect certain traits in people. If you were born in a different era, you’d had a ‘personal preference’ for chubbier women, or rich women, or whatever was the trend for women to be at that time.

What is considered ‘attractive’ is VASTLY, VASTLY socially constructed. What it means to be a ‘lesbian’ is vasty, vastly socially constructed. We have been taught over decades that girls have vaginas and boys have penises, and naturally you thinking there is that you like girls and girls have vaginas, so you like vaginas and not penises. That’s far too simplistic. 

Now our understanding of gender is more complete, we understand that ‘girl’ doesn’t mean ‘vagina’, and people who think the only people who can REALLY be women are people who are born with vaginas are TERFS and they’re extremely bigoted people who don’t believe being transgender is possible. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, what people are typically attracted to, according to studies and sociological experiments, is secondary sexual characteristics. That’s asses, breasts, broad shoulders, muscles… the shape of someone’s body that suggests someone is masculine or feminine (or neither). These things can all be acquired with hormones, and can actually have nothing to do with genitals. We learn to associate these traits with particular genitals. And what can be learnt can be unlearnt. Sexuality preferring men,women, both or neither is innate. However it’s secondary sexual characteristics people are attracted to, not genitals. You don’t think “WHAT A NICE VAGINA!” about the cute woman walking down the street, do you? No, you find her attractive, and THEN assume she has x genitals. Unlearn that assumption, or at least, be open to accepting what’s there might be different than what you expect. 

There are some exceptions - survivors of sexual trauma who get triggered by penises, other small groups of people who for some reason have a fetish for a particular type of genitals, but in general, the vast, vast majority of lesbians who say “I won’t sleep with someone who has a penis” are doing it because they don’t understand how their attraction started, how social conditioning works, and because they’re not interested in challenging conventional ideas about gender. 

If this post makes you angry, if you’re reaching for the “ANON” button to tell me how you’re different and I’m WRONG WRONG WRONG, don’t. Step back. People are always ANGRY when they’re having their belief system challenged, angry and ready to fight. Instead of fighting with me, treat this as an opportunity to learn something about yourself. Think about it. This is a turning point for you. 

You don’t have to jump into bed with someone who has a penis straight away. It can take YEARS to unlearn all this stuff, and you should expect it will take you some time.

But, just like white people have to dedicate some attention to not being racist, cis people need to dedicate some attention to not being transphobic. 

If you believe trans woman are women and you’re not aro ace, then you need to accept that at some time in the future you could fall in love with and/or be attracted to a woman who has a penis. 

anonymous asked:

Fluff PROMPT: Mulder and pregnant Scully have a bath together after a long day. I love your writing!!! ❤️❤️

Dear perfect, lovely anon. Your fluff prompt kept me sane today when I drove through Ireland (insanely beautiful country, but roads not suitable for my currently slightly damaged car). So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I hope you like this cause I didn’t read the ‘after a long day’ and this happened. Oops.

For some reason Mulder is five minutes early. Of course he knows why he is early if he thinks about it (he tries not to think about it, but how can he not). The reason he is early, no matter the minutes, is that his apartment feels lonely, empty even. The only place he feels like himself, where he feels like he still belongs, is at Scully’s place. Luckily, either because of her pregnancy or simply because she really does like him, too, Scully is fine with him coming over every day. Every single day. Just the other day Mulder thought she’d mumbled a ‘stay the night’ when he tucked her in. But she’d hardly been awake and no matter how long he stared at her sleeping form, she didn’t repeat it. So he left. He leaves every night only to return again the next day. Like a stray puppy. Except for that one day when he had a doctor’s appointment and she insisted that she come with him and they spent the morning together anyway. So if he thinks about it (he really shouldn’t), it’s not a surprise he’s early.

These days Mulder has more than enough time to lose himself in thoughts while he waits for Scully to open the door. At 8 months pregnant, she no longer walks, she waddles. Though that is something he keeps to himself. Whenever someone stares at her strange walk he shoots them a dirty look. It’s the least he can do, he figures, having missed so much already. Not that they ever talk about it. If they talk about the baby it’s just that: the baby. Scully turns pink whenever she calls it her baby and neither of them has dared to call it their child yet. It’s been 8 months and it seems too sudden. At least Mulder can claim to have been dead for a great part of the pregnancy. That’s another thought he keeps to himself, though. Whether they talk about it or not, he’s here for her and the baby. The baby. His, hers or maybe even theirs.

Mulder contemplates using his key. It’s been minutes (or at least it feels like minutes) and Scully still hasn’t opened the door. If she gets angry, he thinks, he can always argue that something could have been wrong. If he’s honest, though, he doesn’t want to use the key. Unless Scully tells him to. Even when they were dating, or whatever they had been doing before he was abducted, he hardly ever used the key to her apartment.

“Hi.” Scully opens the door before he can finish his thought and Mulder is so taken aback by her attire that he forgets words altogether. Not that he’s never seen her in her underwear before (hey, he’s even seen her without it), but that was Before.

“Mulder? Can you come in? I’d rather not have my neighbors see me like this.” He walks in behind her and closes the door. Her hair is up in a messy bun and the tank top she’s wearing is sticking to her back.

“Is everything all right, Scully? How are you feeling?” She turns to him and he is certain he’s never seen her like this; her face is flushed as if she’s run a marathon and her eyes look exhausted. He hasn’t told her, because again, he isn’t sure he’s allowed, but this pregnancy looks good on her. Today, though, it really, really doesn’t.

“It’s so hot, Mulder. I can't… I don’t know what to do. My mother took me to the market this morning and I guess it was too much.”

“Oh.” It’s not a clever remark but he’s miffed no one told him about the market. He could have gone with them,

“Did we want to do anything today? I can’t remember. It’s too warm to think, Mulder.” She sits down on the couch where a fan is oscillating into her direction. She moans softly and Mulder bites his tongue as his cock twitches inside his jeans. Definitely not the time.

“No, we uhm, didn’t have any plans.”

“That’s good.” She sighs closing her eyes. Mulder wonders if he should do something, say something or maybe even just sit down. Looking at her pink face, he gets an idea. A brilliant idea.

“I know what we can do, though.” Scully opens one eye, waiting for him to elaborate.

“Do I have to move? Because I think I’d rather not.”

“You do have to move, but you’re going to love it.” Scully opens the second eye and gives him The Eyebrow.


“That’s not-”, Mulder swallows and his face takes on the same color as hers, though for completely different reasons, “Scully, I wouldn’t – I mean. That’s not what I had in mind,” it’s only half a lie after all, “how about a nice bath?”

“I’m not allowed to take hot baths.”

“I know that,” she glances at him; them not talking about things includes him not telling her that he’s read the pregnancy books. All of them, “I was thinking a nice, cool bath so you can relax and you know, cool down a bit.”

“That does sound nice. I just…”

“Just what?”

“I might need some help getting in the tub.” She refuses to look at him so Mulder kneels in front of her, one hand on her knee, the other under her chin. There are tears shimmering in her eyes, as there are so often these days, and he is prepared to wipe them away should any of them fall.

“That’s not a problem, Scully. Not at all.”

The moan Scully lets out once she slips into the tub sounds like ecstasy and Mulder needs to remind himself to keep a clear head. His little head refuses to listen, but Mulder concentrates on the happiness on Scully’s face as he kneels down next to the bathtub. The water is lukewarm (and remind Mulder of pee, but he’s not going to tell her) and covers half of her belly.

“That’s nice. That was a good idea you had, Mulder.” Her eyes close but she cups his cheek in her hand for a short moment and he leans into her touch. The whole bathroom smells like her cocoa butter bubble bath.

“You smell so good.” He can’t control his voice, or his thoughts. Neither can he control his actions; he kisses her naked shoulder before he gently bites into it. Scully gasps and stares at him open-mouthed.

“You taste good, too.” Mulder smiles at her, genuinely happy for once.

“Mulder, can I ask something else?” Here it comes, he thinks, as the water softly splashes against the porcelain. Scully turns to him and he forces himself to look into her eyes.

“Of course.”

“Get in here.”

“What?” He can’t help but laugh.

“Get in here.” Scully repeats and grabs at his t-shirt.

“Scully, the tub is not…”

“You think I’m too big, don’t you?”

“No! You look perfect, Scully.”

“You mean fat.” She is pouting and her nails dig into his shirt.

“No, I don’t mean that at all. You look so beautiful, Scully. You’re carrying our, I mean my, I mean your – the baby and you’ve never looked more beautiful.”

“The first one, Mulder.”

“Hm?” He looks at her and somehow he is defenseless now and she manages to get the t-shirt bunched around his throat so that the only reasonable thing he can do it to take it off all the way.

“Our baby,” she tells him, slightly scratching his now bare chest and this time it’s time it’s him who moans, “I’m carrying our baby.” He nods, swallows hard. “Now get in here.” Scully demands and hasn’t he been waiting for clear, explicit orders? Here he goes. Mulder takes off the rest of his clothes quickly, Scully watching him curiously, and finally he’s naked.

“Where do I…” he wonders out loud and Scully scoots forward so he can fit behind her.

“This is even better.” She sighs when he’s settled in the tub and she can lean against him. She feels warm against his chest, almost hot, and he wonders if them sharing heat isn’t counterproductive. He’s not going to complain, though. Mulder is uncertain where to put his hands and one of them brushes her breast. Scully hisses.


“They’re just sensitive.” She takes his hands and puts them on her stomach where the baby kicks.


“I think the baby agrees with your bath idea.” She chuckles, gently stroking her belly, her fingers brushing Mulder’s hand.

“Smart baby.”

“Wonder where he gets that from.”

“He? We- You’re having a boy?” Mulder thinks he doesn’t care either way, but so far she hasn’t mentioned the gender of the baby and suddenly he can’t wait to find out. They should really start communicating, he thinks.

“We, Mulder,” Scully reminds him, putting her hand over his, “are having a baby.”

“Yes… we are. But you’re not telling me?”

“I’m not telling you.” He buries his nose in her neck and she giggles when he starts nuzzling her.  

“You want to be surprised, Mulder. I know you do.” He doesn’t answer her knowing she’s right. Instead he leaves tiny kisses all over her neck; he lingers a moment longer where the chip is hidden inside and then moves on. She’s moaning again, but he can’t stop. Maybe, he thinks, if he keeps doing this, she’ll ask him to do more than kiss her soon. And maybe, if he’s really lucky, she’ll even ask him to stay again.

Olicity Hiatus Fic: A Boy and His Socks...

Okay so this is my first contribution to the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon organized by the wonderful @thebookjumper who honestly is a gem for thinking this up! 

Prompt Given: Summer Vacation

Read it here or on AO3

“A Boy and His Socks” 

The room around them was bustling with the sounds of buser’s carrying dirty dishes and, servers checking their tables. Felicity dragged her finger along the edge of her half empty water glass while Sara’s voice drifted softly around the space around her. 

“Hey if you’re going to ignore me then we can just skip the monthly lunches and go back to skyping when I’m in the calling area.” 

Felicity’s eyes slipped down to the wrinkled table cloth while she smiled shamefully. “Sorry Sara I was just daydreaming…” she admitted as Sara’s chest deflated before her downcast stare. 

“What caused the daydream?” she asked almost cautiously which made Felicity’s eyes snake upward. 

“You asked about my summer and, well I guess I just sorta got sidetracked,” Felicity hiccuped absently while Sara’s fingers inched toward one of her untouched French Fries. 

She giggled at first thinking her thoughts had swerved toward her once again burgeoning romance with Oliver. Felicity saw the sassy smile and, the devious wink displayed over her very interested face. “Oh so are you saying you were daydreaming about Oliver?” she finally managed to chuckle between her small swallows. 

Felicity’s head shook easily as her friend’s easy laughter filled her soul with happiness. “Oh sweetie my daydreams of Oliver leave me feeling far more than distracted…”

Sara nearly choked on her fry when she sputtered, “I can’t believe you just alluded to your sex life!” 

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paul-likes-things  asked:

16 seems like it'd be heartbreaking enough for the angst prompt thing~

ok dude i know u sent this like a month ago so sorry i wasnt ignoring it, i just couldnt fucking figure out how to do it. i think i figured it tho. altho i dunno… but thank you for sending it :$) (oh and sorry it got so fuckin huge)

16. “I’m trying, can’t you see? Isn’t that enough for you?”

Scully could feel his touch before she even opened her eyes- just lightly brushing a piece of hair from her face as he mumbled her name softly. After a second, her eye cracked open and all she could see was the world flooded with a blinding white light. And then his face appeared, though years younger as if he managed to travel through time just to see her once again. But a moment passed, and her eyes filled with tears when she realized the man standing by her bed was not Mulder, but their son.

“Hey, Mom,” he whispered so gently, “how ya feeling?” William’s face forced a supportive smile, only furthering how much he looked like his father.

“I feel… like hell.”

William laughed. “I talked to your doctor and that seems about right.”

“Hmmm… how long did he say?”


“Will,” she reached out a shaky hand and took her son’s, “it’s okay. How long?”

His refusal to meet her eyes said it all.

“How’s Danny?”

William face moved into a smile. “He’s great, begged me and Ellie to miss school today just to see you.”

“Still refusing to go by his name?”

“Yeah, Dad was definitely right about that being a bad idea.”

Scully opened her mouth to say something, but her words were lost before they were formed.

“What, Ma?”

She shook her head, taking the rest of the room in before returning her gaze to her son.

“He just… he reminds me so much of him.” Her voice cracked with every word.

William nodded and looked down.

“Shhh… Will, it’s a good thing,” she reached over and tilted his chin up to meet her gaze, “I’m so proud that he’s so much like him.”

“Me too,” her son whispered.

“Just keep him away from trains… and boats… and cars. And Walter Skinner’s nursing home.”

Will let out a laugh. “Okay, will do.” He brushed another hair from her face. “Listen, Mom, I gotta go to work, but I’ll stop by later with El and the baby and Danny okay?”

Scully nodded.

“But I wanted to drop this off for you to go through.” He reached into his large coat pocket and pulled out a bundle of envelopes. “We were cleaning out the house this weekend, and these were in a box in Dad’s study? Actually they were in the box, locked in his desk, and there was no key to be found. I had to take a hammer to the door to get it open. But the envelopes, they were still sealed and addressed to you, in his handwriting, so I thought you might know what they were?”

Scully reached out and took the bundle from him, slid the rubber band off and examined the envelopes.

“No idea, Will. I’ll look through them okay? Tell you what I find tonight.”

He smiled down at her, and then leaned over, pressing a kiss to her forehead and squeezing her hand lightly. “Just be careful in case they’re coated in alien DNA.”

She laughed, and watched him leave the room, before turning back to the stack of papers in her lap.

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maxinezorualuna  asked:

Hi there! I'm a fairly new Pokemon trainer traveling through Kanto but I'm having some trouble that unfortunately my father can't answer because he only knows how to care for his and my mother's Pokemon. My starter Eevee (Scout) constantly runs a head of me and even though I keep telling Scout why this is wrong he won't stop. I want to put him in his pokeball but every time I pull it out he becomes fearful. What should I do? Thank you and I hope you have a lovely rest of your day.

While I admire your faith in Scout, you need to realize, as smart as he is, he, like all Pokémon, really cannot comprehend long-term consequences very well. As such, your warning that wondering is wrong just won’t be effective. What he needs is simple and immediate cause-and-effect situations to learn from. Don’t put him in his ball when your mad or scared (that’s what is likely causing the fearful behavior). Whenever he starts to stray, though, he goes back in the ball. No yelling. No threats. No scolding. No punishment. No fretting. No second chances. No “one more times.” No “I’m going to count to three.” No apprehension. The last is really important right now. If you act like putting him in his ball is the worst thing ever, he is going to learn that it is.

Now, if you really are reluctant to keep him in his ball (which is your prerogative; a lot of trainers dislike using Pokéballs), consider leash or harness training him. He will likely be squirmy about it at first, especially since he’s gotten used to moving free-range, but he’ll adjust if you persist. Good luck!

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I woke up and saw this on my inbox today

I don’t want to reveal who sent it, so I’m putting this on anonymous. Even though I want this blog to stay as much positive as possible, I still want to respond to this:

Excuse me? why should I say sorry?

I don’t know what you were thinking when you submitted this to my askbox, blaming me as the one who should apologize over this. Though you were probably thinking about this ask that I answered some days ago. Probably you totally ignored the fact that Jakei reacted to a video, which was deleted because of the people flooding her with rude comments when they saw her. In my opinion, Jakei is beautiful and completely adorable. The people who made those comments must be blind or jealous.

Whether this is a joke or not, this is a really mean thing to do, and I shouldn’t be taking any blame for what happened because I’m completely sure that I’m not the one who caused this. I have no idea what you wanted to achieve with this, but please don’t do it again, and think before doing this kind of stuff.

Hey guys heads up I don’t know if I can do any pics for the next few days

My dad’s moving back into the house with his girlfriend and her two kids; so things are gonna be a bit hectic in the bun mun life

As such I don’t really think I can sit down and work properly on responses.

I’m not saying 100% but if I don’t get something up, I just wanted to let you know why I may go a little inactive. Should be back fully soon!

Also! It’s been decided Serperior Mimikyu WILL be staying on the blog!! I’ll be doing a proper introduction for him when I get a chance, but if you’d like to know; His name is BLOOKY!!

Have a Chill day yo!

-Bun and Ex

lilithvatore  asked:

Dude, how do you get followers???? I've been stuck at 240 for like two months.

I have no idea, to be honest. I don’t really pay attention to follower count, I love all my followers but it’s not something that makes me or my blog feel validated so I don’t really put any effort to making the follower count grow. I mean… I tag stuff accordingly? which is very important. But at the end of the day as long as you like what you’re posting, and are able to communicate with your followers, and help them, just chat with me, bring them pretty pixels you both enjoy then that’s all that matters. Even if it’s 2,000 people or 200 people. 💕

anonymous asked:

Any chance you might switch to a non-infinite-scroll blog theme? This one looks fine but it's very resource-heavy when I try to catch up, and that can lead to crashing on some computers. It also means that after I reblog something, I have to scroll all the way back down to where I was to keep reading. It's not really conducive to sharing. No worries if not, I just thought I would suggest a usability enhancement!

Good idea! That’s something we probably should have switched to earlier. I’m staying at my grandma’s so there’s no wifi and very little service but I’ll see what I can do once I do get wifi! Thanks for the tip! ~Mod Star

anonymous asked:

4, 9 and 23 for the Girl Genius meme.

(The meme.)

Somebody asked for 9 and 23 before you, so I’ll just have to make 4 extra long.

4. Favorite character(s)?

Gil! This dork is not only easily my favorite character in the work, he’s one of my  favorite characters ever overall, of the do-a-happy-dance-when-they-show-up-in-a-scene variety. Here’s an incomplete list of premium Gil things:

  • Reacts to crises by acting his way through them like a two-bit street performer.

Her vile cat slandered his good name.

  • Has somehow garnered a widely known reputation as some kind of Lothario while almost definitely being a demisexual virgin.

So majestic.

  • Sort of…I don’t know if this is on purpose? But Gil is kind of tailor-made for Phil’s art style.

Phil Foglio has developed a style of bendy, cartoonish art with body language exaggerated for effect where specific proportions are variable depending on scene and mood. Gil is super compatible with it because he embodies these things in-universe more than anybody else. He’s weirdly athletic beyond artistic license, and emotes with his entire body ditto. He’s built like a brick chimney thanks to his father, but moves like a gymnast – except when he’s channeling Klaus’ looming body language on purpose. Look, I love this kind of thing, sorry.

  • Seriously. That physicality tho.

Gil has really attuned me to the fun of hyperphysical characters To Whom Gravity Is Nothing. (Dick Grayson, Adrien Agreste… Can I seriously not think of any girls who have this as a salient trait? Characters who can literally float don’t count. Somebody rec me something.)

Nothing to see here, I’m just HANGING OVER THE EDGE OF AN ABYSS.


  • In a world where stories are very important, keeps trying to leverage a reputation he does not have.
  • Look. A character like this is pretty difficult to write well. Smart characters, first off, are tricky. You don’t have to be quite as smart as they’re meant to be to pull them off, since as a writer you’re not orchestrating their shenanigans in real time, but you still need to be pretty bright. So far this just seems like kudos to the Foglios for ~their entire premise~, which, alright, is true. But Gilgamesh Wulfenbach is this particularly obnoxious (to write) brand of smart character who’s always twelve steps ahead of anybody else in a given room, sometimes literally, and rarely explains anything he does effectively to said room. The reader still needs to know, though. By writing a character like Gil in an entertaining and versatile way, the Foglios have accomplished a feat. I really respect that.
  • Does something interesting and unexpected in just about every possible story situation due to being
    - brilliant but not as clever as he thinks he is
    - sociable but socially stunted
    - moral and empathetic but easily enraged
    - a huggable panda bear of a boy with a deeply embedded savior complex and a supply of gleeful bloodlust running close to the surface
    - socially powerful but a huge dork
    - generally prone to coming up with terrible plans.

Okay, no, fine, absurd but effective plans. Kid’s got a weakness for every strength is what I’m saying. What’s awkward in your friends is goals in your fiction.

  • Is the romantic male lead but regularly does poses like


  • A rare sighting of the more drab-plumaged male Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

So yeah. There are a ton of great characters in Girl Genius, but Gil. Gil speaks to me.

anonymous asked:

how did you get people to notice your art? whenever i post mine i get 0 notes even if i tag it :(

aaah i didn’t really do anything special? >o<;; i just posted art and tagged it ;; there was a point where one of my works got noticed and reblogged by a rather popular blog, so that definitely helped! I think you should also think about timing! There are certain times when there are more people online, for example. And while making art for a currently popular series/character/show/etc would probably make your chances of getting noticed higher, the best advice I could give you is to draw what you’re invested in! I made my one blog just to have a place to put art for ships that I was really into back then, not really thinking too much on getting lots of notes or anything (i actually expected i wouldn’t get any, and i didn’t for a long while), and I was pretty happy just to be able to have fun!! To be completely honest I found the most success in making art for things that I really wanted to draw (as you can see by my sometimes random, multi-fandom scattered-ness), because most of the time it shows in art how much someone likes something! And that kind of thing is what can really draw people in! It doesn’t even have to be incredible technical skill, but sometimes the content that makes people really notice something and want to share with others! 

There’s really no One True Way to get noticed really,, and gaining followers or a bunch of notes definitely doesn’t happen overnight or that easily. If you asked me, it takes a lot of luck, perseverance & determination, and just really liking what you do!

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it really bothers me, in general, when people start speculating about even's state and overanalyze his every move to see if MAYBE he's going through an episode. because that's what sonja did and we all know where it led them or how even felt about it. so even those who've never been around a bipolar person should know better than to do that. (and the funniest thing is they still feel entitled to criticize sonja for having been controlling and shit. like lol sweetie,,,)

ok yes!!! this has been happening to me since i was 13 by my family, friends, etc and im tired of seeing it happen to even!!!!!! my sweetheart deserves better than this

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ok but why is everyone saying Isak should've put the tea cup in a microwave do yall really not just use a saucepan??? I'm so confused?

i think microwave is for when u only want like, a cup


Ok, so I don’t trust that “The Blues and Reds were first” shit that Doc was trying to pull off, because when Gene said, “Sarge is already one of us after all- I mean he’s joined us- he’s coming along” that sounded really, really suspicious.

I don’t care what anyone else says; Sarge should not, under any normal circumstance, be that trusting to a group of random strangers- a strange doppelganger of himself be damned.

Ok so, hypothetically let’s say I believe and trust the “Beta” concept for a second- why in the hell would Flowers station a Grif personality instead of a Cronut one?! This is going off on the basis that the Blues and Reds have never had a Grif, which would mean that there was already data on Cronut.

Not only that but if they had any type of Grif then Serge should have said: “Grif? Do you mean [insert close sounding name here]” and not “What’s a Grif?” There’s a reason why the names are so similar to the others, and that means there’s no reason for there to be no name close sounding to Grif.

So why would Flowers station Grif at Blood Gulch over Donut? If this claim was actually factual then the situation should’ve been switched with Donut being stationed at Blood Gulch first and Grif being the new recruit.

Likewise, if Doc knew them before he knew the BGC, or just knew them in general, then surely he would’ve pointed it out (ignoring that this is a show and rewriting happens all the time). All I’m saying is that it’s really suspicious that Doc just now suddenly shows up and pushes that these guys are the “originals.” Who’s to say that they didn’t do anything to him? Didn’t find a way to make him trust them? What if they’re doing the same thing to the others as they did to him?

Gene stuttering on that line, desperately trying to elaborate on what he “meant” makes it seem obvious that he was trying to cover something up.

One must also remember that the reason why the Blues and Reds were on Sidewinder has yet to be revealed and that they seemed to have at least been there for some time before Dylan and Jax had been there. Who’s to say that they couldn’t have gotten into the system to change a few records to match their alibi. 

TL;DR: Doc claiming that the Blues and Reds are the originals is suspicious and has no actual backing up for it, leading me to believe that they did something to him and that they plan on doing it to the BGC as well. 

What I’m Working On

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Chapter 16 of the Heart of the Storm - More than half done, I think?

Chapter 2 of Only When You Fall - I mean, I have like a scene that will be part of it… one day.

There’s this really horrible dark AU that I only created to threaten @celeritassagittae with (fat lot of good I should have known that would do). I started it, but she contributed a lot. It was like competition to out-horrible each other. Highlights:

  • terrible things happening to 10-year-old Phoebe in Kirkwall
  • Phoebe’s suicide
  • Solona becoming a blood mage and wiping out the Gallows and half the city of Kirkwall and nearly becoming an abomination before she’s caught and made tranquil
  • Alistair becoming a bitter, hateful drunk and a terrible King
  • Alistair writing a letter to Solona from the Deep Roads on his Calling (probably the only piece of this that I may actually write)

So yes, that’s a sweet little thing bouncing around in my head.

At some point eventually, maybe, probably I’ll write a long fic for DA:I, and bits of that are known to bounce around in my brain from time to time

I have a maybe half finished smidgen of backstory about my Shepard’s father in a google doc somewhere too.

Tagging: Look… occasionally tagging is fine, but most days it gives me terrible anxiety, so if you want to do this, just claim I tagged you.

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I really want to buy your zine pdf but I'm still doubting when, please help me decide, or I buy it the 4th of june so on my birthday (it's during my exam period and I might get distracted but it's my birthday so) or I buy it on the last day of my exam period (it'd be like a self reward for my hard work), what do you think? ^^

Omg that’s hard LOL but I don’t want the zine to get in the way of your studies so I think you should do it after exams! You get to be completely stress free and you have silly comics to accompany u to boot! BUT OFC it’s ultimately up to you~ I also want u to enjoy ur birthday. The PDF zine will always be there for u to enjoy :-)

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Hey I have feelings for this girl but she lives over 7,000 miles away in a whole different continent. I'm usually really pessimistic but I just idk it's something about her that makes life seem worth living. What should I do I really like her but I don't want to get hurt or hurt her please help🙏🏼

Hi, if you really think you want to be more than “just friends” with her, then i suggest you to just go for it. It will be worth it. I guess rather you try it than regret that you haven’t given you guy a chance to be more. Distance will be hard but it shouldn’t be hurting you as it would be more painful to pretend to be friends when you have much more feelings for her. I hope this helps. All the best! :)