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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p20-23)

I was going to post this last week but gave priority to the BD stuff. This will be the final interview from the booklet that came with January Animage! There’s still an interview with Kenji Miyamoto left untranslated, but it will be taken care of by @whiteboxgems​ whenever she has time! I’ll reblog it when it’s around.

This is actually 2 interviews, I’m posting them together because they were one after the other and (main reason) because the second one is very short.
A few notes below to better understand the interviews.

The first one is with Yuuichirou Hayashi, the one who created the ending (ED = ending by the way) footage. I have the feeling someone previously posted translations of the captions under the ED screenshots, but I don’t remember where and I’m pretty sure it was just the captions and not the interview parts, so here you have it complete. This one is pretty interesting because he explains in detail how they created the ED, and has some extra information on cut scenes etc. Definitely a must read in my opinion!

The second one is a short interview with Kayoko Ishikawa, the one who did the costume designs. Here you might think: didn’t Chacott design the costumes? I’ll explain. It’s more or less like with Mitsurou Kubo and Tadashi Hiramatsu: Kubo created the original designs for the characters, from scratch, and Hiramatsu transformed them into designs specifically created for animation, therefore with simpler lines, detailed expression sheets and so on. Likewise, Chacott did the original designs for the costumes, from scratch, based on the indications by Yamamoto and Kubo, and then the anime’s costume designer simplified and modified them so that they would be suitable to be animated. (Before actually animating them there’s a further step: the anime’s color designer is going to decide the exact colors, shadows and highlights included, that will be used inside the anime. I translated an interview with the color designer Izumi Hirose some time ago)

I usually don’t add pictures but this time I felt that it would be better to add them as an immediate reference. However, they are just for reference and are not meant to be visually stunning, so please bear with the quality because I just took photos of the magazine with my phone and quickly edited them.

Translation under the cut! (kind of image-heavy)

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Hey I was wondering if there were any fics where Harry or Draco gets a snake and Harry can talk to it. Thank you so much!!

I actually had so much fun making this rec list! I forgot how much I loved stories where Harry spoke to snakes <33

  • A Sound Like Serpents Singing - by Lomonaaeren (12k)
    When Draco Malfoy wants a magical snake for his son, he turns to the best in the magical world—serpent-breeder Harry Potter. Harry, who thought that all his past grudges had been settled, is startled by the way he responds to Malfoy. For many reasons.
    (Lomonaaeren has been able to create a rich and detailed world full of numerous, intricate details about snakes and snake breeding. It was such a fun read, a real pleasure to the eyes)

  • Hyperion by Lomonaaeren (6k)
    Scenes in the life as Harry gets to know Draco and Scorpius and breeds a snake capable of seeing the future in the stars.
    (This is the sequel to A Sound Like Serpents Singing. I loved reading this because it brought you right back into the world that Lomonaaeren created for A Sound Like Serpents Singing. Marvellous!)

  • Serpentes - by xErised (29k)
    It’s a shame that Draco Malfoy looks so good stripping in a club with stolen snakes, because Auror Harry’s got a job to do.
    (With the help of a viper named Bacon, Harry is investigating Malfoy’s gay dance bar that doubles as headquarters for an illegal snake trafficking ring. This story is amazingly hot, with so much sexual tension going on between our boys! There was heapsss of sexy scenes and you’ll honestly fall in love with Bacon as he’s the king of sass)

  • Turn - by Saras_Girl (306k)
    One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.
    (Harry has a snake called Frank. This fic destroyed me! A strange man gives Harry a glimpse into a life where after the Sectumsempra incident, Harry offers his Help to Draco. He’s transported to this alternate reality, but because it’s only a glimpse, Harry has to come back to his real life. It’s devastating when he comes back though, as he’s fallen so in love with the alternate reality where he and Draco are together. All of the characters are stunningly portrayed and I was completely engrossed in this story)

  • Draco’s Secret Box - by seri-kun (vanijane) (2k)
    Harry is bored while waiting for Draco to finish his bath and so, his pet snake has decided to help him pass the time–
    “Whatever is inside this box often leaves Draco with a loss of time. Surely this would benefit you right now.”
    Harry was certain that wanking off while Draco was humming in the showers wasn’t proper and if Draco would catch him, Harry was sure Draco would never let him live it down.
    (Harry’s a Slytherin and he has a pet snake that shows him all the letters Draco ever wrote to him, but never sent. Very cute and adorable!)

  • The Sounds of Sibilance - by create_serenity (Sivany) (5k)
    Draco really wished he’d never suggested buying that bloody snake!
    (Draco and Harry are auror partners. Draco has the grand idea of letting Harry buy a snake to help them out on their missions. Unfortunately for Draco, he has a massive kink for Parseltongue ;) This fic was undeniably hot!)

  • Slithering - by astolat (27k)
    Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.
    (In which Draco finds Nagini’s nest and raises one of her hatchlings + some Drarry drama and angst)

  • A Brother to Basilisks - by Lomonaaeren (419k)
    AU of PoA. Harry wakes in the night to a voice calling him from somewhere in the castle—and when he follows it, everything changes. Updated every Friday.
    (Harry has a basilisk familiar named Dash - who, by the way, is the most adorable and loyal companion anyone could ever wish for. Once again, Lomonaaeren has created a stunning and utterly captivating universe. I really don’t want to spoil anything more because I love this story so much, and I hope you guys do as well! Warnings: Incomplete, but author updates fic every Friday.)


  • Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes - by Omi_Ohmy (40k)
    Harry’s house is trying to kill him, and only one person can help him: pity it’s Draco Malfoy.
    (Okay so Harry’s house, which is Grimmauld Place, is trying to kill him. In comes Draco Malfoy, the best curse-breaker there is, who tries and figures out what’s wrong with Harry’s house. Harry actually speaks a fair amount of Parseltongue in this story to the doorknobs (which have been designed as snakes and come alive when talked to). Let’s not forget how turned on Draco gets whenever Harry speaks parseltongue as well!)

  • Leo Inter Serpentes Series - by Aeternum
    Just one conversation between two eleven year old boys goes slightly differently, and the world changes. Just how much will be different with Harry being sorted into Slytherin, and how much will stay the same?
    (Harry converses with a garden snake every summer, there’s a painting of a snake - called Ollie - who he talks to quite a lot from 2nd year onwards (during this year Harry also tries to teach Draco Parseltongue!), and then Severus gives Harry his very own snake companion in the 5th book (which he named Ladon). Leo Inter Serpentes is a retelling of the whole HP series, but with a Slytherin!Harry. The storyline for each year is quite unique and it’s honestly one of my favourite series/fics out there! Warning: Year 6 is incomplete but author still updates and Year 7 has already been planned out)

  • Cunning and Ambition Series - by MinaAndChao
    One small gesture and one simple sentence change lives, and through it, history.
    (Draco gives Harry a snake for his 13th birthday in the 3rd of the series. Cunning and Ambition has so many heartwarming and heartbreaking moments - I just fell in love with it from the start! Warning: Series goes from years 1-5, but unfortunately year 6 has been abandoned :()

  • Hissy Fit - by dysonrules (28k)
    Harry is an under-utilized Auror and Draco is an auditor for Gringotts. He lives to torment the Ministry and, of course, Harry Potter. He is also a Registered Animagus.
    (Hilarious and fun! It’s where Draco helps Harry on one of his auror missions by transforming into his animagus form - a snake. The banter between Harry and Draco is amazing and you’ll probably suffer from a cuteness overload while reading this story)
Why I like Beauty and the Beast 2017 better than the 1991 animated version (Spoilers)

1. Belle has even more backbone in this version. When Belle had Beast come into the light so she could see his face, she forced him to do so in the new movie. In the original Disney, she was more passive. I also loved that she flat out told Gaston “no” when he proposed. In the original, she told him “I just don’t deserve you.” Gag. In addition, she was orchestrating her own escape from the palace up until the Beast was injured, not just lying about accepting her fate. 

2. The Beast could read, which I think is more believable than him being illiterate. Really, it would have been more realistic in the original if Belle were the illiterate one (being just a village girl) and the prince, with his expensive education and need to write up documents when he became king, would have been taught to read. In addition, having already read probably all of the books Belle has, he can give honest opinions about them and they can have actual discussions. 

3. Belle is from Paris!! I loved getting to know more about how she came to live in the village. Knowing what happened to her mother was a nice addition, though I admit it wasn’t a burning question I needed answered. Honestly, I thought she was going to want to see Italy in that scene because it is where Romeo and Juliet takes place. 

4. It’s more French! The style of dress and extravagance (what some might even call gaudy/tacky) of the ball scene at the beginning of the movie is a good reminder that the movie is set in a time when the balance between royalty and peasantry was way off. The town beggar woman only accentuates this as she serves as a stark contract to the prince at the beginning of the movie. 

5. They showed more of the Beast’s asshole, spoiled prince side. I thought that helped portray the deeply rooted character flaw that inspired the curse to begin with better than the original did. A couple of other ways he acts like even more of a spoiled prince and one day future king in this is when he gives ultimatums, or when it’s obvious he doesn’t think there is anything special about all of his possessions (the library & his grounds, for instance) until he begins to see them through Belle’s eyes. 

6. I liked what they did with Maurice. In the original he was a sweet, kooky inventor who (you have to admit) bordered on the ridiculous. If you think about it, his constantly failing inventions probably only made trouble for Belle. In this version, he is more of a tinkerer and seems more mature and capable of taking care of himself instead of having to be taken care of by his daughter every time one of his experiments went awry. 

7. I thought this version better explained the curse. I liked that the entire village was actually cursed with memory loss and that the transformed servants had family members there who had forgotten they even existed. I also liked that the servants were gradually losing their humanity (it would have been cool though if the Beast followed suite) and that the palace fell apart a little more every time a petal fell. 

8. We were able to see more of the servants as people than just as servants. With the exception of Mrs. Potts & Chip, the original did little to show how heartbreaking the curse must have been more the servants. The Maestro and Madame Garderobe, Lumiere and Plumette, Mrs. Potts and Mr. Potts - all of these people had relationships that were affected by the curse. The new version gave what were bare bones before flesh. 

W&N Cresswell feels (Spoilers!)

Me yesterday, reading all the Cresswell scenes:

Originally posted by deceive-the-damned

Guys, I never expected in a million years, not only so much Cresswell in W&N, but SO MANY SHIPPER SCENES. And every single one was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Cresswell more:

- Cress calling Thorne “Carswell”. ^.^

- Thorne asking if Cress could use her hacking skills to his advantage at one point, and she goes, “I could. But I won’t.” and being all smug about it. Like, Cress wouldn’t do anything illegal just to please Thorne but Thorne isn’t even surprised. I’m sure similar scenes have already occurred before. I don’t know I just loved the whole panel.

- Them bantering about going to the gala. They are so cute and all sorts of adorable. I’m sure they couldn’t be cuter and more adorable if they tried. And it just shows how they interact in their relationship. I NEEDED THIS!!!

- The whole escort droid scene. Thorne going for the one that looks like Cress (because it’s modeled after her) and then totally falls in love … with the one that looks like him, haha. :D

- And seriously, can we talk about how Thorne looks when he thinks he angered Cress by suggesting going with “Cress”-bot instead? Cress is not a timid girl who can’t speak her mind. And Thorne is not the one who holds the power in the relationship. This is their post-“Winter” relationship and we got to see it!!!

- Thorne being all sorts of worried when Cress gets sick and takes care of her!!! THORNE - THE GUY WHO ONLY EVER LOOKED OUT FOR HIMSELF - TAKING CARE OF HIS GIRLFRIEND AND BEING ALL SORTS OF SWEET! *cries rainbow tears of joy* He prepared food “made with an extra helping of LOVE”! Like, this sentence is there and in black and white forever. I’m a hardcore Cresswell shipper and even I almost couldn’t handle the feels. *cries some more*

- Also, my poor pumpkin, always being sick. :( I mean it makes sense but still. But look at Thorne being all reassuring (“We still have our whole lives for me to show you the world”). Seriously, if any Cresswell shipper had been there with me, this would have been me:

Originally posted by animated-disney-gifs

I’m so sorry but I would have just screeched into your ears for hours, then cried and hugged you. Guys, our babies! Am I hallucinating? I was seriously scared to wake up and all of it was just an amazing dream BUT IT’S NOT!!!

- And then Thorne still goes on to say that “all the phlegm and mucus in the world couldn’t make [her] any less beautiful”!!!! *incoherent sounds*

- Thorne’s speech when he receives the medal and publicly announces what Cress means to him. “This medal is for you, Cress”. I don’t care anymore, I’m just screeching and fangirling but I think I deserve it. It’s like Marissa came down from some angel-rainbow-sunshine-island, floated to Earth just to give her loyal Cresswell shippers W&N, with harp music and a floaty dress. And she goes, “I’ve seen what you’ve been doing. The fanfics, the fanart, the headcanons. Yes, you and @lovelunarchron, and @regolithheart, and @shanlightyear and @nothingtoseehere-move-along (and I know I forgot tons of people so don’t be mad) but here, this is for you. You gave Cresswell life and now, Cresswell will give you life in return.” I mean the plan backfired, because now I’m dead instead, but I appreciate the sentiment. :P

- Thorne being worried, even frantic when he thinks something happened to Cress. “If you hurt her, I will skin you alive.” I live for this kinda Thorne who is so open and shows every raw emotion! *swoon*

- And then it’s Cress who saves the day because of course she does! Who would ever expect anything else? ^.^ And she’s so smart and Thorne likes his girls smart, we know that, we’ve seen it in CGTBL, so of course he has to kiss her (and she’s WEARING HIS SHIRT!). And give her his medal for “bravery and extraordinary heroism”. Guys, just bury me with these panels.

I’m now in happy Cresswell-shipper-fangirl heaven. I had one one-shot planned that would take place during the same time as W&N and while it’s not canon-compatible, I can still try to work in snippets and hints of what we see about their relationship. I’m so happy right now. My babies. ^.^

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A thought; Lance singing Disenchanted by MCR or A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope because they came on back to back while I was reading Langst and the thought of either happening hit me so hard the tears came prematurely

Well I was there on the day, they sold the cause for the queen,” Lance voice rang out loud and clear. Unaware of the four others entering the room, his head phones having blocked out all the noise they had made while coming in. Keith raised a hand to stop Pidge, Hunk, and Shiro. Lance’s voice was clear, unwavering, “And when the lights all went out, we watched our lives on the screen- I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene.” 

The strangest part about hearing the Cuban sing, was how still he was while doing it- they all noticed it. Normally, Lance was always moving, even if it was just tapping his fingers or shifting his weight to his other foot. But this, this was new. They watched as Lance let out a sad chuckle, muttering some words that no one could catch in spanish before raising the ipod and pressing skip on the song. 

Lance voice broke as he started the next song, “A- A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and me could end up together,” A breath, “It’s like wishing for rain while you stand in the desert-” 

The next part was sang slow and soft, too soft for the rest of the Paladins to here. When Lance’s voice finally picked up, he stood, “I don’t wanna waste the weekend- if you don’t love me, pretend. A few more hours than its time to go…” 

He glided to the window unnaturally graceful, even for Lance. He sang the next part softly, “ And as my train rolls down the east coast, I wonder how you keep warm. It's too late to cry, too broken to move o-” 

He turned, and was met with the looks on his fellow paladins faces. His hands were shaking as he took out the headphones, “How much did you guys hear?”

Just Two Saviors Protecting Their True Loves

This parallel is fantastic and reveals so much about OUAT’s savior mythology.

To quickly recap my analysis of the Wish AU (you can read it here if you’d like), this scene unveils the real reason Emma became the Savior: not to defeat the Evil Queen as everyone thought, but rather to save her. When I first watched this scene, I didn’t associate it with Aladdin at all, which goes to show how brilliantly subtle the writers can be. 

Aladdin and Jasmine are a well known True Love couple who don’t yet know they are true love. Furthermore, Aladdin is the only savior (besides Emma) that we have been introduced to, and Swen have already examined countless parallels between Aladdin/Jasmine and Emma/Regina.

Not only is this a parallel, it’s a window into Emma’s struggle with her identity:

What inspires Aladdin to use magic for the first time and realize he is a savior? → his future true love being in danger

What inspires Wish!Emma to use magic for the first time after remembering that she is a savior? → her future true love Regina being in danger 

…………. (¬‿¬)

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I know I'm kinda late but how do you feel about the TVD finale and what they did to Stefan? Especially when they said that Damon's better than him? Also, Stef had more chemistry with Elena while she was unconscious than any Delena scene lol.

So, as you all know by now I didn’t actually watch the finale, but I read about what happened on Tumblr and I saw a couple of gif sets, so I do have a couple of thoughts about the finale.

- About what they did to Stefan: I’m not going to lie, I would’ve preferred it if Stefan and Elena would’ve been allowed to ride off into the sunset together because they’re the only couple that made sense as endgame all along, literally the only couple. But since it was made abundantly clear that wasn’t going to happen, I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out. Because not only did Stefan do what he always does, which is stepping up and keeping those he loves safe, he also found peace, and not just peace, oh no, he was reunited with his very best friend and I kind of found that heartwarming. It wasn’t the happy ending I hoped for when I started watching, but under the given circumstances, I really think it was the best ending possible for us Stefan stans.

- About what he said about Damon: I’m not even mad, the show has been using other characters to prop up Damon through dialogue for years now. Stefan always excused Damon’s behavior, he always made it seem like something Damon was not, he always gave Damon credit even though he never deserves it, he has been pushing Elena back to Stefan since season five, so what Stefan said in the finale didn’t get to me because, well, it was big fat bullshit but it was nothing new.

- About the DE scenes: first of all, let me just say how happy I am they didn’t even get a conversation. Like, they hugged, they kissed, they held hands, and that’s it. I was prepared for something much, much, much worse. And then there’s the painful, hilarious lack of chemistry between them. Because not only did Ian choose to kiss Nina’s chin instead of her lips (no amount of slowmotion and over the top lighting and fancy camera angles can hide that, dear TVD crew), he also couldn’t even be bothered to not look constipated when he held her hand. Like, those scenes were so bad it still makes me laugh and it’s been weeks. xD 

- About Katherine’s “comeback”: I only have one thing to say: what were the writers thinking??????

- About endgames: when it comes to endgames, I have to say I found SE to come out looking best. Not only because of the fact that DE didn’t even spend the afterlife together (we’re supposed to believe they’re ‘epic soulmates’ but it was like Elena just lived her life as best as she could because she owed Stefan that and then she bailed as soon as she died xD) but also because of that final SE scene, the physicality, the chemistry. Yes, sure, the dialogue was about Caroline and Damon, but just look at that scene. Mute the scene and look at it, and it’s our beautiful SE endgame. Nina and Paul brought their A game one last time and it is something to be grateful for. Over the course of eight seasons, SE got the best lines, the best scenes, the best chemistry, SE actually had it all and the series finale reconfirmed that. They’re endgame, guys. Maybe not ‘technically’, but they looked and felt like the real endgame couple. Plus, that scene of Elena writing in her diary near his grave… Like, the diaries were something that connected them and when they got together, they didn’t need them anymore because they had each other to talk to instead, and as soon as they were apart, they started writing in those diaries again. Stefan was always the one Elena could truly be herself with, and now that he died, she dug up her diary and wrote in it while looking at the crypt where he was buried and there’s something morbidly poetic about it. It’s SE, it has always been SE. (I also have to add I loved that Elena left her necklace on his grave or whatever, because if Kevin did one thing right in that final episode, it was making sure everyone knew that necklace was always meant to be an SE symbol, he righted JP’s wrong with that and it’s awesome because now DE is actually literally left with nothing. Think about it.)

- And last but not least, about me being petty: and this is me being really petty, but can I just say how hilarious it is that Stefan chose to die rather than spending a single day married to Caroline? xD

Let’s talk about “Soshitsu”

I know it’s late but it’s time for “What I thought about Digimon Adventure Tri Soshitsh”.

Originally posted by lifetimetv

Watching the trailer and reading the synopsis and spoilers I wasn’t very excited about it, especially after “Kokuhaku” that for me was a flop.


I have to admit and with heavenly joy that I really, and I say really, liked the forth movie Soshitsu.

  • Let’s take the TARDIS!: If there is one new character in tri that I love with all my heart is DAIGO NISHIJIMA. So when I discovered that he was not only a digidestined but even a google boy, my heart exploded with joy.

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

But seriously, I really liked the first scene, I think it’s even my favorite, because it told us something new about Nishijima and Himekawa, who till now had been very secretive. And because it talk about a very misterious part of all Digimon Adventure:

The Four Holy Beasts.

Now I’m really curious about what is going to happen in the future!

Originally posted by muaythaischolar

  • The Devil Wears Pyomon : A lot of people keep saying that Pyomon’s attitude towards Sora was not believable, because Pyomon has always been very attached to Sora and they just made it up because this was a Sora centric movie and she needed something to do. I strongly desagree.

Originally posted by 3e3e

This movie was about the bond that exists between the digidestined and their partners. Even if everyone wanted to feel connected again with their own digimon, no one forced the process. No one except for Sora. All the digimons were reluctant when the party arrived. For example Nyamon didn’t trust Hikari until she recognized the same smell that there was on her whistle.

Or even better Yamato. Infact he didn’t approach Tsunomon. We all know that Yamato is not an openly affectionate person, but with Gabumon he’s not like that anymore (they touch, they hug, the set close..). But despise this, Yamato didn’t impose their closeness to the “new” Tsunomon (that was scared of him). Yamato waited and acted normally, and at the end it worked.

Everyone of them acted in the same way they did when they first arrived on File Island the first time. Sora acted differently.

In first season she didn’t seek for Pyomon’s attention, here she forced it. Infact Pyomon got along with Meiko just because she wasn’t pressing her to be her friend, she was kind to her without imposing her presence.

And we have to remember that the Pyomon before the reboot had been waiting for Sora all her life. This Pyomon wasn’t waiting for anybody.

If an unknown someone approaches me keeping say that we have a special bond and wants to force me to be his friend, I’m not kind with him, I call the police!

  • I will go down with these ships: My shipping heart is full with feels at the sight Koumi. Finally I had more lovely moments, even if I loved the angst in previous movies, I was so glad to have this cute little moments of them together. And I think that now Mimi is starting to feel something for our favorite nerd. I mean she feeds him with her cooking, she talks about him to Tentomon, she complimets him all the time. The ship is saild!

Originally posted by yukitwist

Taiorato moments were something that I was really worried about, because ships always bring war among Fans.


Their situation was handled very well by the authors. Taiorato is indeed a triangle but a peaceful one. Where none of them overcomes the other.

It’s clear that Sora likes both of them. And it’s clear that both boys have feelings for her.  At this point, it looks like it’s up to the fans to chose which road to take, because there are planty of Taiora and Sorato’s moments in the movies.

It’s nice they are traeting this situation this way, because now both sides are happy and no one needs to attack the supporters of the rival ship, pretending that their moments have no meaning or even don’t exist.

Maybe now we can finally say that the Shipping War is over.

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  • Lost in the Digital World: I liked this part very much because
  1. Koushiro and Yamato had the chance to be seen together, we never had the opportunity to watch them interact alone in the movies.
  2. I liked that Takeru ended up in the Village of Beginnings while Tentomon and Mimi were together at the castle were Mimi was princess. These were really nice reminders of the past season.
  3. Finally some Yagami siblings moments. They were so cute and they stayed together for all the movie. It made me so happy.

Originally posted by allreactions

  • That’s my girl: Meiko was a nice surprise in this movie. I was sure that we would have seen her cry all the time and waiting for a miracle, but instead for the first time she showed a personality and a pretty strong one. She didn’t sit back, she helped in anyway she could. She made me even proud! And most importantly, she didn’t stole screentime to the 01s.

Originally posted by pxtaindejoke

Unlike her partner that is always winy and tiring. The feeling I get when I see Meikoomon it’s the same you have when a mosquito is buzzing into your ear when you are happly asleep.

Originally posted by teachingfeelslike

  • Seraphimon the Bomb: Around the net I saw a lot of people complaining about Seraphimon’s evolution during the battle. They all say that it’s unfair because the evolution itself didn’t receive enough attention. The point is that Seraphmon’s evolution didn’t need a special attention because he already did that in a previous movie (”Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!”) so it wasn’t a new thing, like it was instead for the rest of the 01. Indeed neither those of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon didn’t recived a special moment. I like Seraphimon’s evolution that way, because it proves how strong, deep and natural is Takeru and Patamon’s relathionship. It showed that they were able to achieve the kind of bond that they had before the reboot.

  • Percious 02 Babies: for once I have to admit that it was ok that they weren’t mentioned in the movie, because the digidestined were focused on recreate the bond with their own digimon companions. Moreover we discovered who is the enemy: YGDRASIL. It was a nice surprise, because I thought that they would have to fight against someone that we’ve already seen during the previouse seasons. It was very fun (and exausting) to discover who this bad guy was, because I had to do lots and lots of research to find out who Ygdrasil was and I discovered some interesting things. And also now I understand which side is Alphamon on. Even HOMEOSTASIS was fascinating, now I can give a name to the dude who possesed Hikari in the first season!

Originally posted by gameraboy

Of course I miss my precios babies and I want them back, but this was the only movie (except for “Saikai” Reunion) where the things that we got to learn and even the peace of the movie didn’t make you wonder: Where are they?!

Like it happened for the third movie instead.

So this movie was very good! I liked it very much. I liked everything the characters, the plot, the discoveries…

It left me very excited for the next movie. And I can’t wait to learn more about Kyosei!!

Hoping with all my heart that the tragedy that was Kokuhaku doesn’t repeat again…

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@lafumiko  sorry for the delay, I hope you’ll like it!

1930s flashbacks put in chronological order

Jeon Seol’s first mission was on 19th April, right after that she went on stage as Anastasia, a Saturday-Singer at Carpe Diem. But I’ve checked, only in 1930, did 19th April that fell on a Saturday. However, the hangeul typewriter was invented in 1933.. So the timing did not match with facts.

Well that’s not really important, is it? Story-wise.

Let’s look at the order of events in the series of 1930s flashbacks. The drama flashed back as and when the timing fits. As a result, they are not in chronological order and confusing. 

*Beware, long post ahead.* This post took me so long to write. I included pictures [Episode no. and timings below the pics] so that it is easier to recall the scenes. Then the stills made the post even longer. Please excuse my pathetic GIF-ing skills. 

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Ofcourse anon ^^ Brace yourself as I only need a reason to ramble XD

Rai really is too reserved. I remember having a few conversations on tumbler at the start of this arc on how Rai looking out for the children was more out of duty than care, as opposed to Frankenstein. Because he shows so little emotions its really hard to guess. Let me see if i can find any again: Here is some of it. But now this far in current arc, esp after 444, its clear he values his children much more than I thought. Rai has just been so desperate, and cute this arc trying to save M21, I really grew to admire their relationship.

For Rai, I think even before the first moment he had actually interacted with M-21, he has already had his heart softened towards him. Can we forget the Frankenstein would have killed M-21 if it wasn’t for Rai? One of the reason for this instant consideration is that, back then, M21 and M24 were the first modified he had come across (after Frankenstein), and their pitiful abandoned existence that didn’t really have a home anywhere, neither human, nor Nobles nor any other species would accept them, saddened him greatly. After them, there was so many modified one after the other the novelty wore off lol.

And then, the more he came to realize M21s trauma and just how damaged he truly is, the more he started caring for him. All very gradually, and quietly. While we saw Frankenstein’s care and each moment outwardly, with Rai it happened inwardly enough to even ignore if one isn’t looking carefully. Then M21 had stepped in to protect him from the Elders is definitely one of the highlight of M21s interaction with Rai, and it genuinely warmed his heart. He hasn’t have this kind of individual interaction with any of their other child. Rai has come to defend him by words more than once too, one when he was beating himself over KSA, and one when he asked for Mark’s awakening, and there may have been others. Then Franky and him actually discussed his mental/emotional health before deciding that they should get his comrades name from Crombel. All this has been a privilege not bestowed upon any other child, partly because they don’t need it.

The whole Mark saga infact, raised Rai’s worry for him 200% I think, by now, M21 is Rai’s favorite kid hands down imo. He also seems to remind him of Frankenstein in his unruly days, a much milder Frankenstein so there’s that plus point.

Frankenstein/M21 had always been one of my most favorite parts of Noblesse. Frankenstein started getting soft towards M21 very early on like Rai. The first moment where he noticed that hey this kid is not bad, was when M-21 had called him to warn him about Jake and Mary in S1, and Frankenstein was like,isn’t it a bit too kind of you to tell me everything in detail? This was when he gave them the safe house address to hide if they want.

The scene after M24s death, when M-21 had told them causally how all of the 100 M series died on him. The first time i read this scene I thought Franky expressions were him evaluating if this guy is telling the truth or not. Now I think he was like what poor kid. Master we have managed to pick up a really unfortunate puppy. Rai was clearly hurting for M21 far back then too. But saving the kids in DA-5 arc was definitely what sealed his worth in Frankenstein eyes. He would not have blamed him if he had chosen otherwise I’m sure, it was a very tough situation M21 was in, but he exceeded his expectations there.

Also spoiler alert ahead if you aren’t upto date with the canon unreleased chapter.

I was quite disappointed with the fact that it was RK5, not Frankenstein or Rai who saved him from the crazy Green werewolf. I’d been musing so many ways he could be saved this arc by either one of them the entire last year and hugged to death and what not. Then came RK 5 to take all the glory. I’ve now grown to like this development for various reason now, but it took a couple weeks to come to terms with  -_-

M-21s is a cute lil baby. He should be allowed to talk however he likes XD Frankenstein and Rai knows he needs this freedom to acquire some measure of self-worth and value. So yes, they let him. M-21 genuinely tries hard to be respectful to Frankenstein too. Most of the times he has been blunt or rude were extreme circumstances, like when he snapped him out of darkspear influence during Frank/Rajak, or when he was arguing about Mark authenticity or letting him awaken. M21 will dare not disrespect Frankenstein deliberately, Franky’s too scary for that.

Also I think atleast initially, M-21, not Tao, was meant to be the one who can be upfront with Frankenstein and snap him out of a moment of weaknesses, but this particular relationship point hasn’t really been used again after Rajaks fight as far as I can remember. Maybe when/if its Frankenstein’s arc with his old student Tasume then it will be utilized again. I’d very much like to see it again.

And M-21 is their first child. Ofcourse he is special ^^ Okay its probably my bias speaking too, but M-21 is hands down the most troublesome of their kids. 4th and 5th arcs issues are direct results of his actions, Rai even has to go to sleep in 5th due to his comrade’s saga, so yeah they are well aware that this child needs extra attention. Plus there’s the fact that M-21 is the most traumatized of their kids and arguably has suffered the worst in life (can we deny that he still gets the worst of all, like how many times has he been stabbed by now?) Which means that they are hands down the most worried about him = more blankets to wrap him in = more protection = more space in their worried minds and hearts ^^

Though every child has their own special place too, Seira is probably Frankenstein’s favorite due to her helping him in household work and bc of how obedient she is. Tao is Frank 2, so he is obviously special. Takeo and Regis are the most normal of them, and as such the most easily to be ignored by Frankenstein, unfortunately or fortunately for them.

I do not think Rai knows anymore about his heart other than that it is of a werewolf. If he knew anymore, he would have revealed to Frankenstein atleast by now. Though, it could be that its Ashleens and Rai will eventually figure it out… even in this arc, dare we hope.

I would LOVE if Crombel does something like this. Infact, before this arc I was very sure this is exactly what’s going to happen triggering the start of the end of Crombel and M21s comrades name or heart owners saga. But then came this arc, and this kidnapping of M-21 had been so heavy and long, and pretty much everything he didn’t want to happen has happened with him already as a hostage, which lessens the chances of another kidnapping.

Then again, children have been kidnapped some 3-4 times now? by comparison M21 is only at his 2nd yet. So maybe he’ll get taken once more before the end? It’ll be hard to summon that much worry by household this time and M21 will feel like shit for getting abducted yet again, so I don’t know how authors will manage to make it fresh. Crombel has been a villain since the start though, he needs to live upto his hype in any case so he better do something for once.

Also anon I don’t know if you’re into fan fictions, but there are some really good ones who explore some nice Crombel/M21 in such setting. Over the top of my head there’s these 3 where Crombel takes him back. if you hadn’t read them yet, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy these and i’ll provide more food for thought:

 And please barge in whenever you like. I love talking about Noblesse ^^

So I work at this bookstore in Germany and  this women comes in with her daughter and ask about Sarah J Maas and her next new books, that her daughter loves her books and read through everything throne of glass has to offer besides the newest book.
She also read A Court of Thorns and Roses and I’m thrilled because this 13 year old girl reads book that mean so much to me and gave me so much strenght and hope and she looks at me and says “I love strong females.”

I get all hyped up and tell her about A Court of Mist and Fury because hell, we’ll really late with translation and all and she is happy as hell to read another book with Feyre and Tamlin (where I laughed a bit) and I also gave her the german edition of Queen of Shadows and I was so happy to provide this girl with good books and then her mother asked me
“They are good for her age, yes? Not too violent, not too sexual? She’s 13 and I don’t want her to wrapped up in those topics yet.”

And before even thinking I started to tell her “Yes, yes I’d give them my daughter any day.. they are ..”


And i started to violenty blush and told her that Queen of Shadows has some really descriptive sex scenes and that the next book of ACOTAR has mutiple really descriptive sex scenes and violence and that i’m sorry i haven’t thought of it before and this little girl just turns and me with huge eyes and says “I need to read that!” and starts arguing with her mother about it.

And that’s how I totally wanted to sell the first few books of TOG and ACOTAR to a 13 year old girl because I totally forgot how quickly those books can become adult fiction and I was stuck with thinking about those sex scenes all fucking day.

They bought QOS by the way, and the girl smiled at me when she left the store.
Still love the books.

Scandal finale

Hey everybody, here’s my review/ thoughts on last night’s finale and what is next for the show.
Let’s start with a huge “WHAT THE FUCKKKKK HAPPENED IN THE LAST 15 MINUTES?!?” I literally closed my eyes for 2 seconds and when I opened them Luna was dead and Olivia is now command.
First of all: who is this Olivia? This is not the Olivia Pope I fell in love with!! What happened to the “we are not killing anyone, we fix, we are not murderers?” This is what she has become, she is a killer.
Anyways, favourite scene: I’d lie if I said that I didn’t love that olitz scene and after I read it from @daniellescandal’s blog I actually thought about this: she never EVER calls him Fitz, she calls him Mr. President because he is the one who is leaving, Fitz is always gonna be there for her.
I literally cried all my tears the moment that Air Force One took off, my baby is leaving and he is leaving with the light and now olivia is for the first time ever ALL alone standing into darkness.
The longer I watch the show the more I realise how irrelevant Mellie is: she is president now, I’ll give her that, but who is the most powerful person in the country? Command.
Let’s talk about command. When I first saw the episode I couldn’t understand why in hell olivia got pissed at Fitz when he said that he was gonna be command when now she is the in charge of B613?
Well after two hours of thinking and crying and thinking and crying again I finally understood (thanks also to her conversation with rowan): she wanted Fitz to be free.
Since season 1 we have been hearing Cyrus saying that Fitz is the good guy and olivia wants him to be that and she knows that he is too kindhearted to be command.
This finale wasn’t great, but it was definitely better than S3 and S5 and I still consider the whole season pretty good.
Did I like the finale? Sort of
Was it what I wanted? HELLLL NO.
So now, what is gonna happen in season 7?
I have this feeling that fitz and olivia are still gonna be talking on the phone and stuff like that but Fitz will not know that she is command until Rowan goes to him in Vermont and asks for his help: his daughter has to go back to her white hat.
As for the other characters I honestly don’t give a damn, all I care about is olitz, but if I had to guess I’d say that Huck is gonna go working for olivia and B613 cause he can’t see Quinn every single day, it would hurt him too much.
Olivia? Well girl, you are in danger and I really hope that your beautiful curly king superman comes to save you and brings you in Vermont (or as in your AU in a beautiful house in Georgetown)
What are your thoughts?

16 Days Of Outlander - Day 16

To Ransom A Man’s Soul

As different as the healing is in the episode as opposed to the book (and as much as I would have loved to see the book version of events - hopefully some of that healing will carry into S2) there was an immense beauty to the show’s version.

Through The Veil Of Darkness 

After an entire episode of pulling away from her, time after time, using her name like a barrier between them, shielding himself behind that formal and impersonal distinction, keeping her at arms length, she finally begins pulling him out of his darkness. 

For me, it all starts with one line. One line begins a series of such incredibly beautiful moments and performances. One line that seals who and what Claire and Jamie are and will always be to each other

Her vehemence as she says that line, how bonded she is to him. She fights for him, reminds him what it is between them is stronger than any one man

There is no her without him and vice versa. She reaches for him over and over and over again, wanting to touch him, heal him, comfort him - each time he pulled away and each time he does, you see on her face how another piece of her heart breaks. You see her emotion coursing through her, willing him to come back.

That uncontrollable overflow of emotion she’d held at such depths rips through every single inch of her trembling body as she sees her Jamie fighting beneath the veil of pain when he calls her - ever so tenderly - mo nighean donn, finally struggling to get through and reach out to her

She finally does hold him, expecting nothing in return, just holds him fiercely, slowly bringing him back from his memories, back to her. Always. Then as he slowly wraps his arm around her, she just melts into him…

“My Name Is Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser”

“… he attacked me… I was rescued by a Highlander…I know I was already married… he’d become a friend… I found myself very much in love… he was prepared to let me go… I couldn’t leave him… Captain Randall, he did the most unspeakable things to him… and It’s my fault!”

I love that she got the chance to purge herself like she did. And lucky to such an understanding man as well!

To Touch Is To Heal


“Ye collapsed like a sack of grain. Scared the piss right out of me!” 

Love how he cares so much about her!!!

Where much is revealed… In Gaelic

I understood absolutely nothing they said. But I understood absolutely everything they felt. Loved this scene. Even more so when I did find out what they said.


This Fucker getting trampled

This Redcoat

I have seen/read an obscene amount of tv and novels of all kinds, and thought I’d become pretty much jaded, like it would take a hell of a lot to profoundly bother me for a long time after watching or reading something. Then I read the Jamie’s Wentworth ordeal. And then I saw this episode. Turns out, I wasn’t as jaded as I assumed I was.

And lastly, some favorite stills

Ok so I have to get this off my chest (this might be a spoiler for those who haven’t read the percy jackson series or the heroes of olympus series)

I’m TERRIFIED of dark percy. TERRIFIED.

Seeing that side of him throughout the pjo and thoo series was genuinely terrifying for me because I never thought he’d take in that side of him, until I read the house of hades. The scene between him and the goddess of misery absolutely scared me shitless. When he laughed, when he was killing her; all of that struck something inside of me. He literally had the goddess of misery at her knees and he enjoyed it. I’m not just terrified of dark percy, but I’m also terrified for percy himself. Now of course I wanna see dark percy about once or twice in the trials of apollo, because it’s percy jackson (duh), but I wanna see him either overcome or realise this change inside of him in the series too.

Now we all know Percy as the sarcastic little shit who we all love and that seeing him go dark is either really sad/scary or really exciting (it’s up to you), but think about it; Percy Jackson - son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson, the one who destroyed Kronos and Typhon, the one who defeated Ares, helped destroy Gaia and rescued Thanatos, etc - turns dark and changes forever. Leaves the hearts of everyone he loves and holds dear. It’s scary. Scary that someone who risked their life about a gazillion times to rescue anyone and everyone, just turns away and becomes dark. Just think about what would happen. Empathy link with Grover and Grover himself; gone. The love emitting from everyone around him; gone. Chiron; gone. His friends; gone. Tyson; gone. Annabeth; gone. His own mother will be freaking out over her son that changed so much. 

Rick Riordan, I love you so much, really I do, but I swear to god; if you throw Percy down that deep, dark hole again, I will find you and I will- ok best not go there. 

thoughts about tonights episode (the kardashian musical):

  • First of all, I’m going to say my predictions for the episode before it aired. I thought that Alexis, Cynthia, or Peppermint were either going to win or be top 3 because it was a musical (I didn’t know it was a lip sync at first), and I figured Eureka would go home (or Farrah if she has to lip sync)

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y'all we forget that SO much happened during the Ruby/Cole shower scene in Never Fade

• Ok they literally stood in a shower in all their clothes, getting soaked, & had a conversation wow goals
• It’s where “Gem” was born *SLOW CLAP*
• Cole looked at Rubys chest (;;;;;;;;
• Cole said that Ruby wasn’t Liam’s type, but more of his (let’s be real tho Ruby is everyone’s type bye)
•Liam & Cole both have leather jackets that are so similar Liam took Cole’s & thought it was his whatta NERD
• Cole uses the term “Darlin’” too whatta NERD
• Cole says “I have all the time in the world for you Gem, trust me on that.” puNC HME
• We learn it’s a classic Stewart move to save their pride & hide how much pain they’re in by being charming about E;VERYT HiNG
••• I learned that I am Cole Stewart trash when I read that scene & I’m never going back

jugandbettsdetectiveagency  asked:

Just reading all your anons and I'm like maybe there is significance in Clifford's wigs and his hair? Like Cheryl said stories say that Clifford's hair turned white overnight being her usual dramatic self, but what if maybe there's something in the lineage, something to do with the Blossom's not being who they say they are or at least Clifford? Honestly I'm so excited to find out more about them I hope we do!

Same!! Okay so when I first saw that scene, before Cheryl explained it, my first thought was that it was an imposter, not that his hair turned white. Which, okay, maybe it’s a bit far fetched because his family would notice if Clifford wasn’t actually Clifford BUT there must be something deeper there!!

I could see a Jason/Grundy or Clifford/Grundy or Grundy + Killer #2 twist for sure!

ReTHG random observations

The first time I read The Hunger Games (actually all three books) as an audio book while I drove on my commute to and from work. So I know there’s going to be several spots where I notice new things, not just from the powers of rereading, but also from not having to pay attention when exit 19 comes up (I cannot mentally disentangle this one stretch of highway from the part when Clove dies - it was a crazy commute on top of the intensity in that chapter). Plus there are plenty of spots when the reader’s performance really shaped how I felt about things. Reading the words on the page is a lot more dynamic and mutable and open to fresh interpretation each time you read it.

I’m debating longer posts with all the little things I noticed in a chapter/scene or short ones as I read it. Thoughts, or preferences?

anonymous asked:

I have a weird question, and this may all be summed up to Stiles being Derek's anchor, but I'm not sure, I find the dream scene in the 3B finale beautifully strange because, in my opinion, Stiles is presenting himself as being very dominant, his body language, his expression, his words, everything, and then Derek seems very submissive, the nervousness, the body language, the position of him looking UP at Stiles all feels like Stiles is, in this moment, more of an adviser than anything else (1/2)

Although I agree that there are certainly elements of an anchor relationship in that scene, I don’t recall ever seeing an anchor relationship with, imho, such a very clear depiction of the anchor being a dominant force, ofcourse maybe I’m just seeing it weirdly or maybe that IS part of being an anchor, but I thought everything about the dream was just .. so unusually tipped in Stiles’ favor.. do you think Derek sees him as an adviser at all? How do you read that? (2/2)


When you consider that it is in fact a dream sequence (it’s been speculated if Stiles can dream walk, but we have little evidence of this, so let’s assume he can’t), it’s not really Stiles presenting himself as dominant, but rather Derek projecting him like that :) 

And yes, I think it might be an anchor thing. 

If you think about it, with everyone who chose a person as an anchor, that person pretty much “dominated” their lives. Not intentionally of course, because most of them didn’t even know they were anchors. 

Let me see if I can explain it through examples. 

Scott - anchor: Allison

Allison became Scott’s everything to the point where he ignored all advice about caution, learning how to werewolf etc. Allison pretty much became his world and a dominating factor guiding his every decision, logic be damned. He was especially dependent on her in season 1,  which put Allison and a powerful and dominant role in Scott’s life - a role she for the most part didn’t know she inhabited.

Isaac - anchor: His dad

Isaac was the first of Derek’s betas to learn control and find an anchor. He chose his dad, who we know was abusive and a dominating figure that he feared and had caused him much pain, both emotionally and physically. Isaac’s reasoning was that “he wasn’t always like that” and that is probably true. But he still chose a person who even after his death dominated who Isaac was and had a hold over him. 

Derek - anchor: anger

The Derek we meet at the beginning of the series has chosen anger as his anchor. It keeps him in control, but it still dominates him, how he approach things, his reactions. The anger is stronger than Derek, and since anger is based on passion, most of Derek’s decisions during the first couple of seasons, are based on that and not as much logic and calculated strategy.

Malia - anchor: Stiles

Another example of an anchor chosen based on feelings, and while Stiles certainly cares for her and likes her and wants to help her, it’s obvious Malia is more invested in the relationship. With her declarations of “I would never leave without you” while Stiles’ reply to Malia telling him he likes him is to say “he can work with that”. Stiles is showing her the ropes, trying to fit her into his mold of what is “normal”, correcting her and commenting on her progress. Stiles is the more dominant and Malia goes along with it, trying to adapt. Like always in relationships where one is more “in love” than the other, that person has the power to bring heartache and pain, and is in a place of emotional power.

Jackson - anchor: Lydia

This is perhaps the one relationship where who is the more dominant is less obvious. Jackson comes off as strong and abrasive and Lydia can seem cold and superficial, and both give as good as they get. But through season 2 we see the cracks in both of their facades and with her show of love in 2x12, Lydia proved stronger. 

Derek - anchor: Stiles

And now we’re back to this scene. Which (probably) is all happening in Derek’s head. With it being inspired by the short story “An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” this seems plausible. Which means that this is Derek’s subconscious view of Stiles - how he sees him and what he means to him. 

Everything about Stiles is slightly different than we’re used to. He’s calm, his entire posture screams of a quiet confidence, he’s serious and he’s peeled away his “only defense” - the sarcasm. Derek obviously sees through Stiles’ defense mechanisms, sees that he’s level-headed with good ideas and plans. He sees someone he can trust. And in that moment Derek is in a crap place - he needs advice, he’s scared and unsure. And he turns to the person who anchors him, who he trusts can keep him in control. And we see Stiles the way Derek sees him. 

And like with all other anchor pairs, it’s an unbalance - the one needing anchoring is the more “submissive” if you will. Derek lacks something, and turns to someone who he thinks can provide it - it’s supply and demand, which is another theme we often see mentioned on the blackboards in TW, mainly coach’s classes. It’s all well and good as long as the supply equals the demand, but more often than not this equilibrium is hard to balance. And there’s that word again :)  

What we’ve seen with all these examples is that being this dependent on another person to keep you in control, and in balance, isn’t healthy. Feelings change, and without even knowing it these people have enormous power. We saw Scott struggle when Allison broke up with him, Jackson got rid of Lydia after getting the bite, and without her to keep him in check, the Kanima thing probably got more out of hand that it needed to. Derek was in control with anger as his anchor, but he was not in balance, he came off more grumpy, snippy and arrogant than strictly necessary. Scott on the other hand got sloppy and careless when Allison was his guiding force. 

Derek using Stiles as his anchor (I recommend the works of cupid on this btw to see how that progressed) took him to a better place and I believe helped him to evolve. But Melissa probably gave us all the answer in episode 3x13 when she said “Be your own anchor”. 

Control comes from within. People and emotions help shape you and guide you, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to you. 

my favourite part of every dianna wynne jones book is when you reach that one scene or one line even which changes everything that came before it and then suddenly you’re reading a totally different story to the one you thought you started

when cat bursts into flames & when flavian loses his temper with christopher & when howl takes sophie and michael through the black door & i could go on and on but wow