when i read it i just had to

i was just reading an old journal of mine, and one of the things i talked about the most was how i hated how much i sucked at writing, because it made me feel inadequate and useless. this was when i was 13 or so, and having an incredibly bad life as a severely mentally ill queer kid in a small town with abusive parents, few friends, and a “best friend” that had no qualms about using me however he wanted.

it’s true. my poetry was not something that would win awards, or turn heads. but in retrospect, that wasn’t the point of it.

every poet’s early writing is going to be painful to read–both because it’s unskilled, and because there’s a lot of unhappiness that needs to be bled out before healing can begin. there’s a reason that the stereotype of “depressed teenager who writes terrible poetry” exists. 

nobody starts out writing well. nobody. every writer and artist always has a period, no matter how brief, where they spill all their sadness into a lot of cliche art. but? that’s not a bad thing. 

writing is a learning curve. there’s no “end goal” for artists–there are always improvements to be made, new styles to try, new muses to delineate. and every writer is continually getting better. all of them! every one! if you’re reading this and you think that your writing is not good, then i have some news for you–maybe other people don’t recognise it, but it is good. it’s necessary. it’s life-changing, for you if not for others. 

you will have to start out writing for yourself. writing for others will come later.

Make a Wish

Prompt: Cassian’s Birthday

- - - - - - -

Cassian was a little taken back when his mom asked what he wanted for his birthday. He thought birthdays were only for the children of lords and ladies, not a day of celebration for bastards. Growing up in the camp Lord Devlon son’s birthday was always an occasion filled with feasts and gifts. He never knew his birthday, never thought of it as a day to celebrate.

She read the look on his face, with her kind eyes and soft voice, “It took a little while, but I was able to learn your birthday. I was also a little surprised to learn that you were born on Beltane. Though it does make sense considering your fire.”

He had just moved in right before Rhysand’s birthday. He almost, no actually he did laugh himself hoarse when he learned that Rhysand’s birthday was on the Summer Solstice. The son of the High Lord born on the shortest night of the year.

He had expected that they would celebrate Rhysand’s birthday much like they celebrated the Devlon son’s birthday. He was surprised when the celebration was just dinner, a happy family dinner filled with Rhysand’s favorite foods. They ate like kings that night, ending the meal with a silent wish and chocolate cake.

He smiled up at his mom, “You know me, I love all food, just no squirrel or rabbit, if you can help it.”

She chuckled at his honesty.

“Oh and chocolate cake, could I please have a chocolate cake?”

His birthday dinner was perfect and melted something in his heart, when it came time to wish, he could only think of one thing that he wanted more than anything, he wished for a family to defend, cherish and protect.

Why I like Beauty and the Beast 2017 better than the 1991 animated version (Spoilers)

1. Belle has even more backbone in this version. When Belle had Beast come into the light so she could see his face, she forced him to do so in the new movie. In the original Disney, she was more passive. I also loved that she flat out told Gaston “no” when he proposed. In the original, she told him “I just don’t deserve you.” Gag. In addition, she was orchestrating her own escape from the palace up until the Beast was injured, not just lying about accepting her fate. 

2. The Beast could read, which I think is more believable than him being illiterate. Really, it would have been more realistic in the original if Belle were the illiterate one (being just a village girl) and the prince, with his expensive education and need to write up documents when he became king, would have been taught to read. In addition, having already read probably all of the books Belle has, he can give honest opinions about them and they can have actual discussions. 

3. Belle is from Paris!! I loved getting to know more about how she came to live in the village. Knowing what happened to her mother was a nice addition, though I admit it wasn’t a burning question I needed answered. Honestly, I thought she was going to want to see Italy in that scene because it is where Romeo and Juliet takes place. 

4. It’s more French! The style of dress and extravagance (what some might even call gaudy/tacky) of the ball scene at the beginning of the movie is a good reminder that the movie is set in a time when the balance between royalty and peasantry was way off. The town beggar woman only accentuates this as she serves as a stark contract to the prince at the beginning of the movie. 

5. They showed more of the Beast’s asshole, spoiled prince side. I thought that helped portray the deeply rooted character flaw that inspired the curse to begin with better than the original did. A couple of other ways he acts like even more of a spoiled prince and one day future king in this is when he gives ultimatums, or when it’s obvious he doesn’t think there is anything special about all of his possessions (the library & his grounds, for instance) until he begins to see them through Belle’s eyes. 

6. I liked what they did with Maurice. In the original he was a sweet, kooky inventor who (you have to admit) bordered on the ridiculous. If you think about it, his constantly failing inventions probably only made trouble for Belle. In this version, he is more of a tinkerer and seems more mature and capable of taking care of himself instead of having to be taken care of by his daughter every time one of his experiments went awry. 

7. I thought this version better explained the curse. I liked that the entire village was actually cursed with memory loss and that the transformed servants had family members there who had forgotten they even existed. I also liked that the servants were gradually losing their humanity (it would have been cool though if the Beast followed suite) and that the palace fell apart a little more every time a petal fell. 

8. We were able to see more of the servants as people than just as servants. With the exception of Mrs. Potts & Chip, the original did little to show how heartbreaking the curse must have been more the servants. The Maestro and Madame Garderobe, Lumiere and Plumette, Mrs. Potts and Mr. Potts - all of these people had relationships that were affected by the curse. The new version gave what were bare bones before flesh. 

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Future married Maggie and Alex deciding to adopt an Alien child that Maggie found on a case. I just want to see Maggie being amazing with the child and Alex being really impressed.

I finally had time to write today! Hope you enjoy!

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Maggie picked up her phone, knowing exactly who she needed to call.


“Sawyer. What’s up?” Alex responded cheerily on the other end, instinctively playing with the wedding band on her finger when she heard her wife’s voice.

“Look, I need you to come down to the station. Some of the guys picked up an alien when they were out on patrol, and I need you to come take them to the DEO.”

“Maggie, I know I said I’d do anything for the NCPD, but we’re in the middle of something big over here. I can’t leave. I’ll send another agent over.”

“No! Alex, I need it to be you.” Maggie pleaded.

“Maggie, really, I can’t. Not right now.”

“She’s just a kid, Alex. I- I can’t send her with just anyone. She’s so small and so scared. I need to send her with someone I trust. And that’s you. That’s only you.”

Alex heard the love in Maggie’s voice, and knew that she wouldn’t be pushing this hard unless she felt strongly about this.

“Ok, Maggie, I’ll be there when I can. I don’t know when that’ll be though. Can you keep an eye on her until I get there?”

“Yeah, I’ll watch her. She’ll be safe with me. Thank you, Alex. I love you.”

“I love you too, babe. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”


It was a few hours later when Alex was finally able to sneak away from the DEO to get over to the precinct. She found Maggie on the couch in the officer’s lounge, with a small child’s arms wrapped around her neck. The child was fast asleep.

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2 + coldatom

“The way you flirt is just shameful,” Ray announced one day. It took Leonard by surprise, but sure, he’d bite. Maybe he’d get a little entertainment out of it. It wasn’t like he was wrong, suggesting he’d been flirting with him, but he had an appearance to keep. So, he raised an eyebrow, and hyped up his signature drawl.

“Flirting? I think you’re reading a little too much into it when I call you Pretty Boy.”

“Okay, really. You can drop the act. Mick told me you like me, or at least you’re attracted to me, or something. He said the pulling pigtails thing was just how you showed your affection. And the stealing wallets. You’ve been trying to impress me. Which, okay, I’ll admit, your skills are impressive, but in my opinion they could be put to better use than what you use them for, like maybe you-”



“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”

Ray blinked.


“Would you prefer if I flirted with you like that instead?” Len asked. Ray furrowed his eyebrows together.

“Well, I mean… Wait. Wait a second, you actually have been flirting with me? … Hey! Don’t walk away from me! Leonard! Get back here!”

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(1/3)Hi Cris, not sure if someone has already raised this re 1D Media's report. I'm an aussie lawyer, one of my clients is being sued for $11 mil, and their statements had a similar 'contingent liabilities' notice. When I read it, I understand it to mean the company has had a demand communicated to it, but I read "the company has an indemnity against third parties" to not necessarily mean insurance (although it could, we usually just say insurance if that's what we're talking about).

(2/3) It could also mean a professional indemnity, such as if 1D did something on a professional’s advice (e.g. a lawyer or accountant) and therefore 1D Media could join the lawyer or accountant as a third party in the litigation and make them pay any (or a proportion of) damages; it could also be a contractual indemnity, where two companies do something together and one agrees to cover a proportion of any liability 1D Media might incur due to their activity together.

(3/3) Obviously I’m coming from an aussie situation, but I don’t understand the UK to be that much different. Might be best to talk with UK lawyers!

That’s really interesting!  And yes, I think it’s possible, but that’s not my forte.  As @lawyerlarrie has pointed out many times, the US and UK may have some different laws, but the underlying framework is the same. I believe that’s true of Australia too.

So I’m tagging her for an opinion and invite any UK attorneys that may follow me to weigh in as well.   Thanks :)

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The story is just flowing amazingly right now and getting more fascinating and incredible as each day passes. I'm in the UK and at work so when I got that notification on my phone I had to quickly rush to the toilets to read the latest instalment. My ask is, do you think the blog and the responses and feedback has given you the confidence and conviction to get to where you are now? And are you overwhelmed by your ever increasing goading perverted keen 'fan' base and the interest in your life?

I am a bit surprised and overwhelmed by it, yes; I never thought when I started this that within a few short months I’d have over 18,000 people following me!  But I do have to admit that I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t started this blog.  It seems like after that first nerve-wracking step of secretly masturbating in his room while he was sleeping, everything has kind of snowballed from there.

So, I guess, thank you to everyone for helping make my fantasy seem like it’s going to become my reality.

Thanks for the ask!

a-non-sequitur replied to our post: “Anyone else obsessed with Partisan Jyn…”

My partisan!Jyn feelings are absurd in their size. And the novel gives us ALL THESE TINY HINTS without concrete details, and I’m just all *grabby hands* APPARENTLY a prequel book on Jyn’s pre-rogue one life is supposed to be published this may.

I read about that and a looking forward to getting my hands on a copy! It’s such a formative period, and I’m itching to see (1) Jyn making friends or something like that because guys, has Jyn ever really had friends before Rogue One? She was born in a prison and more or less held hostage by the Empire when her family was “rescued” by Krennic, then the Ersos escaped to Lah’mu and like NO ONE else lived around them. Beeny was her only friend there it seems (I still have to read Catalyst, so someone correct me if I’m wrong); (2) Jyn learning how to fight from Saw Gerrera; and (3) to see the belief and fervor that made Saw declare her, at 16, the best fighter amongst the Partisans and then the subsequet (4) abandonment and how that changed her.

booksforthoughts | Book Photo Challenge | March

Day 30: Got Me Into Reading

I always loved reading when I was younger, but besides Harry Potter I never really read anything except for school once I hit middle school. Then in 7th grade we had to do a book report, but we could pick any book we wanted to read. My friend and I saw Twilight in a scholastic magazine and decided to give it a try as I loved vampires (I had started Buffy a year earlier) and her mom had just read this book and loved it (this was right before Twilight blew up)! I ended up loving the first book, getting and reading the next two right away, and counting down the days until the final book was released! I even skipped a day of camp so I could stay home and read it when it came out! This series made me rediscover my love for reading and realize that I could find books that interest me and read them, not just stick to what school made me read. This is also why I will always defend the Twilight Saga because it made a young girl love to read.

Hide Me

A/N: This is based off @bugheadjones-the-third headcanon ( find it here ), I honestly hope this is good as I didn’t have much time to edit and get feedback from the one friend I have irl who watches Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead x Betty

Warnings: if you don’t like bughead then don’t read, I don’t remember if there’s a swear word, nothing else- it’s pretty much just fluff

Words: 968

Originally posted by immortalle

          It was when the timer only had two minutes left when Betty could no longer take being in the same room with Cheryl. Betty knew what she wanted to do and Veronica walked right into the trap. Betty was now walking through the cool streets of the town, really just wandering even though she knew exactly where she was. There was no way she was going to go back home to her mother, all she would do is remind Betty that she had told her that they were trouble. Betty didn’t need an ‘I told you so’, she just needed someone to listen.

           After a long while, Betty decided that going to Pop’s would be the best idea. If she was going to start sobbing, she wanted to be able to order a strawberry milkshake.

           Jughead hadn’t expect anyone to come in at this time of night, considering the fact that no one ever does. It was a surprise to see that it was Betty, of all people. Jughead felt himself gasp and his heart seemed to skip a beat when he laid his eyes on the blonde beauty.

           Betty and Jughead weren’t as close as they used to be, but there was no doubt in Betty’s mind that she could trust him. As she walked over to the table she noticed Jughead’s lips quirk up which made her heart feel heavy.

           “Hey Juggie,” she said quietly as she slid into the booth, Jughead now being directly in front of her.

           “What brings Betty Cooper to Pop’s so late at night?” he said smoothly with a small smile on his face.

           “Um well, you see,” Betty started telling him about everything from the day she first met Veronica to when she ran out of Thornhill Mansion. Jughead’s laptop had been discarded to the side at some point during the conversation and he was now holding her left hand. He had scoffed when he felt it necessary. By the end of it Betty was crying, but much less than she anticipated.

           “I can’t believe Archie hasn’t realized how lucky he is,” Jughead said, shaking his head. Betty sniffled and used her right hand to wipe her eyes. She gave his had a reassuring squeeze to let him know she was going to be okay. “Oh don’t look now, he-who-shall-not-be-named is making his way over here right this instant.”

           Jughead wasn’t sure what Betty would do, maybe she would sit there and pretend nothing happened or get up and leave. Much to his dismay though, she slid under the table and put herself between Jughead’s legs.

           “Betty what the-”

           “Shh Jughead, don’t tell Archie I’m down here please? Just…” Betty trailed off to try and find the right words to say. “Just hide me okay? I can’t face Archie right now.”

           “Fine,” Jughead sighed, putting his laptop in front of him and pretending to type. Once he entered, Jughead looked up and gave Archie an unimpressed stare. Needless to say Archie looked pretty disheveled with his untied bow tie, messy hair, and tired eyes.

           “Pop, Betty hasn’t come in tonight has she?” Betty’s heart beat sped up, unsure of what was going to happen next.

           “No, just the night hawks in tonight,” Pop motioned toward Jughead.

           “Thanks,” Archie said and made his way over the booth Jughead was sat in.

           “Uh… can I sit Jughead?”

           “If you want,” Jughead lightly tapped Betty with his leg as a way to tell her to scoot over. Archie slid into the booth unaware that the person he was looking for was right under his nose. Literally.

           “What are you working on?”

           “My novel. It’s about this summer and Jason Blossom.”

           “Seventeen years old and how will he be remembered? As captain of the water polo team?”

           “The Aquaholics? Considering how he died, probably not,” it took everything in Betty’s power not to laugh at Jughead’s comment.

           “No, what I mean is… was he doing everything he was supposed to do? Everything he wanted? I mean did he even know what that was?” Jughead refrained from rolling his eyes, but kept quiet. He glanced out the window for a brief moment trying to figure out why Archie cared so much.

           “Coach Clayton was in here talking to Pop Tate, varsity. Does that make you, what? Mr. Popular Football God now?” Jughead smirked.

           “No. In fact I’m kind of terrified I lost my best friend tonight.”

           “If you mean Betty, whatever happened just talk to her, man,” Jughead felt his heart beat quicken. “It would go a long way… would’ve gone a long way for me.”

           “I’m going to see if she’s home,” Archie mumbled as got up and left Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe without saying another word.

           “Alright, you can get up now,” Jughead said, going back to his laptop. Betty was sitting next to him instead of across this time.

           “Thanks for hiding me Jug,” Betty said quietly.

           “What friends are for,” Jughead replied absentmindedly as he actually typed.

           “Hey Juggie?”


           “Did you mean what you said?”

           “About Jason not being remembered as the water polo team captain? Yeah.”

           “No I mean about the thing you told Archie, about actually trying to make us last,” Betty grabbed Jughead’s arm tentatively. Jughead chuckled nervously, unsure of what to say, but ultimately went with the truth.

           “Yeah, I did,” he looked at Betty with a smirk. “But the girl next door and the all American boy seem to be the constantly repeated cliché.”

           “Yeah well the outsider ending up with the girl next door seems to be a cliché too,” she said, smiling softly at him.

           “Wow, you’d still be in a cliché relationship,” they both laughed lightly.

           Betty kissed Jughead’s cheek before resting her head on his shoulder, “There is nothing cliché about you Jug.”

leeshy-loo-squid-squad  asked:

So when is someone going to pull a Veronica Mars on Clexa? If VM had an original cast crowd funded by FANS movie so can we. (160k TTP, 15k billboards, 30+k lexark comic, 60k fanart book, about 60k for Eliza's school and much more, we can raise just as much as the VM). I really suggest people to read about VM and the fan funded movie. A clexa AU indie would heal my soul.

I totally believe we could pull this off LMAO, I mean have you seen how loaded is the Clexakru in the LGBT fan auction??? Like, where do you get so much money y’all. I can barely survive with what I earn looool but in 5-10 years I wouldn’t be surprise if we pull this off.

STOP DEFLECTING ES: It is one of your own behind the bs_no account

I took a couple of days off from posting about the fandom and technically I still want at least one more day off but I need to nip this rumor in the bud right away. Certain ES are now claiming that Purv must be bs_no. Besides it being absurd to think that Purv would set up an account to attack Mac when she always defended Mac, please consider how adept bs_no is with photoshop type graphics. Purv always used her phone to post pictures. She had very primitive skills regarding what she could do with photos. Aside from using a red digital pen to underline, circle, and draw arrows, she rarely did anything else. She created exactly one meme that I am aware of in all the time I read her social media–it involved thought bubbles. Not very sophisticated. ONE meme. 

So please, if nothing else just THINK before you deflect ES nonsense onto Purv of all people.

Whoever this is has bought hook line and sinker the conspiracy theories– enough to publicly call out a PR person. This person doesn’t seem to grasp the idea of a “theory” being a speculation. She is so convinced the PR conspiracy theory is real she is risking a libel suit. So bs_no is an ES true believer.

But again, this isn’t just bs_no who is spreading Mac hate. She has over 100 followers, many of whom are recognizable ES accounts. And it isn’t just her, it is also hate accounts like 555dolphin and jumpingmc, etc. 

You can’t generate these conspiracy theories and not expect some of your followers to take them 100% seriously. When they do take them seriously it gives them permission in their minds to spread hate on social media against the “villains” in the conspiracy–in this case Mac. They further excuse away their Mac hate by saying that Mac is an “actor” and this comes with celebrity. However, this hate is not coming from her celebrity, it is coming largely from SamCait extreme shippers.

So look to your own group extreme shippers if you are going to try to figure out who bs_no is.

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Megan Fox?? Was my?? Sexual awakening?? Too???? No no NO LISTEN. This probably sounds so pedestrian to you bc she's so conventionally attractive but I was SO YOUNG when I realised I found her hot and I spent all my life trying to figure this out and NO ONE knows it's like my biggest secret so when I saw that bi awakening post I almost had a heart attack. Pls understand this is important to me. Ok. Thanks for reading 💞

dude right!!!!!!! this feels like such a bonding moment omg like i just remember being like “oh she’s pretty” and then being like “wait… she’s… hot ??? attractive ???? i want to ???? date her ????”

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Beside the dancing sea #5 and #9 please ^^ Thank you :3

What part was hardest to write?

Chapter 9 kept dragging on and on! It was difficult to compress 4 months of angst into one chapter, and it took up its own Google Doc in the end, but it was really worth it to get all the excited comments about the framing structure I’d used for it. In that same vein, chapter 11 was also pretty difficult because I just find Yuuri’s voice a lot more elusive than Viktor’s in this fic (haha. geddit.)

Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

Ohoho. So many. 

Some are just small structural differences such as dropping the reveal about Vicchan and Yuuri attending the book reading at St Andrews a lot earlier than they are currently. Others simply amp up the angst – the original ending of chapter 8 had the line “Viktor can see the exact moment when Yuuri’s heart shatters” and then Yuuri would run into the bathroom and lock the door and by the time Viktor gets into the bathroom the other door leading out would be open and he’d run down to find Katsudon returning into the ocean. Leah said it was a bit too much, and I agreed, and that’s why we have the more open-ended ending there. It was also in our original conversations that Yuuri would wrangle a confession out of him with his signs and handwriting shaky with anger and yeah…. it was pretty sad lol

There’s also an alternate chapter 9 where Viktor would run into a university student who reminded him of Yuuri and slowly get closer to him until one night he gets drunk and they make out and he’s like “nah” and leaves. But that changed into Viktor making out with Chris, and then seeing Yuuri’s double in the form of the omen. 

But I think the best alternate BtDS would’ve been Leah’s version because she was raring for a Gone Girl-style story where Yuuri would be running off because Viktor betrayed him so utterly and there’d be lots of psychological fuckery, both from the whole Viktor keeping him captive on land by withholding his skin (and I’m guessing in this version he does it deliberately) and from the mind games Yuuri would probably do to him in response once he finds out and all of that. They’d fuck each other up in terrible terrible ways and it would have been dark as heck.

Honestly, though, I’m really glad the story turned out the way it did, amusing mirror universe versions notwithstanding. 

ask me fic questions!

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So, people have pointed out Reiner having his wrist wrapped when he comes outta the wall and have also compared to Mikasa and her marking and also Levi. The Akermans are odd as we've seen them with completely different traits. What gets me is Mikasa's father was (I think) Blonde, and seeing as the Smiling Titan's connection with Eren and Grisha past simply eating their mom/wife....what if Reiner is Mikasa's (-th) cousin (-) times removed?? You think that could explain Reiner's Plot armor?

I’ve read some theories on it, but I can’t say that I agree with them. At least, I doubt that there’s any relation to Mikasa. Her clan symbol was passed down via her Asian roots. So that even applies to the art with Levi that was released when ACWNR was announced, I think Levi just had a wrist bandage for fanservice. 

As for Reiner, I’m not sure if it’s just to remind us he had a brawl with Zeke (even though that had been about a month prior) or if it’s somehow tied with the gnarly burn marks that Zeke has on his arm. I’d be willing to bet it’s more likely to have something to do with that, and is something I hope is explained soon with the focus now on the Eldian warriors. 

I think Reiner has been mostly spared thus far large in part by the fact that he is the member of the Warrior trio that had the most significant relationship with the other members of the 104th squad. While I think Annie is prime for a redemption arc, Reiner absolutely has more emotional ties with them, plus the issue with his soldier/warrior persona split. I’m not sure what Isayama plans to do with him, but I feel that may be part of the reason he’s still around. 

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I wasn't able to fill out the survey but I'm curious to know how many other women have had trouble with guys becoming possessive over them because that was the biggest and most insidious issue I had but I've not seen many other people talk about it

Not sure if you mean that you’re having technical issues or you’re just busy/don’t want to (which is fine!) but the survey is still open if you did want to talk about this a bit!

I’ve only skimmed the answers so far but I haven’t seen too much about this so it’s an interesting angle. I definitely haven’t seen much about it elsewhere either so I’d love to cover it in my article. If anyone has anything to add about it specifically you can shoot me a message or a reply too :)

What am I reading?

I was tagged by @grey2510 and I’m tagging my most recent followers - @smoviescenes, @sparetimeposts, @breathingdestiel, @justmorespn and @littlewitchdaisy - let’s get to know each other!

How to play: Share a photo/screenshot of the cover(s) of the book(s) you’re currently reading. Then tag 8 people and ask them to do the same!

In a belated attempt to be the person teen!me wanted to become, I’m reading Eric Hobsbawm’s The Age of Revolution. For those who don’t know him, Hobsbawm’s been widely recognized as the greatest historian of the 20th century and generally an awesome, incredibly smart person. When I had to read one of his books for uni, I discovered he was also a fine writer - I mean, these are very scholarly things, so you’d expect them to be factual at best and blood-cryingly boring at worst, but this guy is just something else. Reading his explanation of what happened in the 20th century and why (The Age of Extremes) sort of changed my life? and I promised myself that one day I’d go back to his other books, because my knowledge of those periods (think Industrial revolution and beyond) is limited at best.

And, boy, so far this thing is not disappointing me. I should live-blog it, really, because it’s amazing how much we don’t know and how important those things are to understand who we are. Would highly recommend.


Words are witnesses which often speak louder than documents. Let us consider a few English words which were invented, or gained their modern meanings, substantially in the period of sixty years with which this volume deals. They are such words as industry, industrialist, factory, middle class, working class, capitalism and socialism. They include aristocracy as well as railway, liberal and conservative as political terms, nationality, scientist and engineer, proletariat and (economic) crisis. Utilitarian and statistics, sociology and several other names of modern sciences, journalism and ideology, are all coinages or adaptations of this period. So is strike and pauperism. To imagine the modern world without these words (i.e., without the things and concepts for which they provide names) is to measure the profundity of the revolution which broke out between 1789 and 1848, and forms the greatest transformation in human history since the remote times when men invented agriculture and metallurgy, writing, the city and the state.

“First Oral.” An E2! Barry Allen smut.

You knew Barry wasn’t experienced in the whole ‘bedroom’ aspect. You didn’t have a problem with it. But it was always love making and straight to sleep. That’s it. No foreplay. Nothing. You loved Barry with all your heart but you knew how stressed he had been lately at work. You had read that a blowjob had been a great way to fix….stress. So one night when he had been kissing you you pulled away and he gave you a worried look. 

“D-did I do something wrong honey?” He asked as he adjusted his glasses. 

“No. But…Barry there’s something I’d think I’d like to try. Just…be open okay handsome?” You asked as he nodded. “We can stop at anytime you just tell me okay Bar…” 

“O-okay honey.” You smiled as you straddled him in your bed. 

“W-whoa honey what-oooh.” He chuckled nervously as you pulled down his underwear. “A-a um..blowjob?” He whispered. 

“I think you’ll like it Bar.” You smiled innocently as you kissed him.

“Okay honey.” He said as you continued.  His cock slapped his stomach as he squirmed. You gently took it into your hand before licking the underside of his cock. He moaned uncontrollably as you swirled your tongue around his sensitive cock head. 

“Oh-oh my.” He murmured as you slowly took him into your mouth. 

“This feels amazing (Y/n).” He all but cried as you slowly set a pace. His toes curled as you picked up your pace. 

“Darling…I-I think I’m gonna-oh.” He went speechless as you took him all the way. You felt his cock twitch as he came in your mouth. His body jolted as he felt you swallow around him. 

“That was….e-exhilarating darling.” He laughed airily. He turned serious. 

“Would it be selfish of me to ask for another one of these again?” He asked with a gulp. 

“Not at all babe.” You giggled as you kissed him.  

“I’m not going to teach him to sell candies. He’s just out here until it’s time for school. My mom brought me out here as a child. I had nine brothers and sisters. All of us had to sell candies on the street. I started when I was five years old. I never got an education. I’m not able to read very well. This is really all I know. Some people put me down. One lady got mad at me recently and told me that she’d never buy anything from me, and that a supermarket near her house was hiring. I got really depressed. It was hard to put my head up after that. But there are also people out here who support me. I have some friends who walk by and talk to me every day. My friends from the bank told me, ‘Don’t worry about that lady. She doesn’t know you. You’re a great person.’”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)