when i read it i just had to

Some context: I was the captain, my best friend was a mercenary, and my partner was a cleaning robot in a space pirates campaign.
I, being our adorable and bold captain, had been enjoying the local brothel when the mercenary comes in with this mind reading parrot.

DM: You see the captain, and she’s lounging on a couch with a guy in one arm and lady in the other.

Mercenary: I place the parrot on the captain’s shoulder and say “Now you’re a real captain!”

DM: (Voicing the parrot) That was the best sex I’ve ever had!! Squawk!!

Everyone loses it, and I need a few moment to process what just came out of my friends mouth.

Tl;dr: Our conservative DM said something sexual that was aimed at me and I’m still laughing.

I’ve noticed that some of you friends have had a bad relationship with your father or mother, with many of you sending asks about it and I just wanna take the moment to say that I do read them and I am awfully sorry for the circumstances you have to deal with, I’ve never met my father and I definitely needed one in my life, so I’ve always challenged him to become a much greater father than he could ever be when I eventually raise a family of my own. The sin lies with the father who is supposed to be a role model, a person who is supposed to support you in your endeavors, so I empathize with you lots. It really means a lot to have you guys look up to me, even as a fatherly figure. I know I can’t be a replacement obviously, but I hope that I can, at least, make you feel better. I’m glad that my wife and I could act as lights that illuminate for those who find themselves in darkness. 

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did you start shipping Drarry before you knew about others doing it, just bc you read the books by yourself? i wonder bc before i joined the fandom on tumblr etc i didn't ship anyone in hp and i didn't like Draco as much tbh

Right so, for me, I’ve been shipping Drarry for almost 15 years now. So I had read the books (well the ones that were published at the time!) multiple times before I found any Harry Potter or Drarry fandoms online.

When I was originally getting into fandom Livejournal was the platform most people used (and yahoo groups sometimes). I was part of a lot of sorting and roleplaying communities before I got into the shipping aspect of fandom.

Now just from reading the books I will say that age 16 my ride or die OTP was Harry and Ron. No one could convince me then that anyone was more suited for Harry than Ron, his best friend and the person he’d miss most. I wrote that for several years as well.

So the idea of fandom and shipping wasn’t new to me, but when I was 17 I found a Drarry fanfic and I thought “Oh my god what is this? Harry hates Draco!” but I was bored and I read it and it was like FUCKING BAM. The world exploded, I saw stars and fireworks and the rest is history. And by history I mean I started to contextualize what I was reading, read between the lines, and dream of Draco’s redemption arc.

And I’ve been shipping it ever since.

I would also say that fandom has done incredible things for Draco who was canonically robbed of his redemption arc (adn I don’t count TCC as one because that’s not canon for me lol)


i got some rest today, my mind is currently wide awake. do you believe in fate? how many times have you lost control? our hopes and dreams feel so small in comparison to the grand scheme of everything that life has to offer— how many days have we drifted into people that we never wanted to be? if the decisions we make in life determines our overall attitude— do you believe that we can redeem small good deeds to coat ourselves with a smile worth having? i haven’t been sleeping much and maybe i’m spreading myself kinda thin— do you think that everything is worth it in the end? if i had more ways to hold you, if i knew how to change my viewpoints during certain situations— if i had a way to tell you that things will get better, if i could have held your hands when you passed away— maybe life is full of people that we could’ve been, this is just an open letter that i wish you could’ve read. i just miss you so fucking much. if you were still here, would you still ask for more poetry? your soul is made from the softest parts of clouds and you are a candle lit room waiting to keep my hands warm. if i make any mistakes, if i own up to them, if i change and you can no longer recognize me— please just stay put and watch as i grow a little older as the days go by. i wish i didn’t have to wonder if you’d be smiling if you were alive or not— i wish i just knew. and maybe, i do. you’d probably be smiling, you might be right now. thoughts pour out of my head and there you go again— reminding me that life is precious, everyday you remind me. life is precious—

so hold on to it.

His Child is Kidnapped- Yongguk, Himchan, and Daehyun [Gang!AU]

Part of His child is kidnapped

Part I, Part II

Angst of course… I’ll tell you which ones WILL involve death of a kid. In this one, Yongguk’s is the only one, so if you don’t want to read something like that, skip his.


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HOLLY. Shit, girl, I just read "prelude" and it was so good I don't even know what to do with myself right now. I had two pressing questions – when you write the companion story from Hux's POV, will that fic end in the same place as "prelude", after Ren discovers the truth about Hux? And if so, will there be a third fic to continue from that point on?

asjdoijfdoi thank you so much ahhhh I’m so into it and excited to post more! The first chapter of the next part is about halfway done, coming soon. It doesn’t start immediately after that final scene in Prelude; a few weeks have passed. The second installment covers a large time period, with each chapter focusing on one of five successive years… and then yes, there is a third story that will alternate between their POVs, starting after a significant event at the end of that fifth year together… yeah! That’s the plan :3

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I know you read BTS gay fanfic, and I just had to share this fic. It is called I'd take care of you (if you'd ask me too) by Buttercups on AO3 and is basically the fluffiest smut yoonseok fic I've ever read in my life. Like my teeth were rotting after it was done, but I had the biggest smile on my face bc it was worth it. HOnestly one of the best fics I've ever read for Yoonseok.

warning: this fic can give you diabetes!


can i say that i REALLY LOVE IT, when you guys give me fic recs?? like yoonseok fics? YES PLEASE, jikook? IM BEGGING, namjin? IM ON MY KNEES

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Could you do a scenario (or hc, I don't mind) where Oikawa/Akaashi tries to calm his s/o who has nyctophobia, please? I'm having a bad time because of this... Thank you so much, love ♥ Just reading you everything becomes better

I’m sorry it took me so incredibly long to get to this, love! But I hope that you’re doing better with this and I hope it makes you feel better wherever you are with this!

Much love and hope you enjoy!

There were one of two things that ran through Oikawa’s head when he pulled up to the house to see all of the lights out. The better of the two scenarios was that they weren’t home; perhaps they had gone to a friends or their parents without telling him. Or - the one that caused his heart to clench - was that they were still inside, engulfed in the very thing they were most afraid of.

He barely even thought about shutting down the car before he was stepping out of it and rushing through the front door, his voice probably too panic stricken for the situation. The last thing he wanted to do was stress them out more; he needed to sooth them, not frighten them.

“[First Name],” he tried again, hoping he portrayed the calm they needed him to be. Reaching his hand for the light switch, the entryway of their home brightened and his eyes immediately landed on them huddled against the hall of the hallway, their knees pulled up to their chest and their face buried against their legs.

There was no hesitation as he rushed forward and dropped to his own knees before them, his hands instantly pulling them up against him. “Hey,” he spoke softly as their hands desperately clung to the familiarity of his shoulders, “it’s okay, I’m here now.” And he wasn’t going anywhere.

It had taken some time for them to uncoil enough from around Akaashi’s neck in order for him to turn on the remainder of the lights in the hallway. When he returned, he reached to take them tightly in his arms again, securing their legs around his waist and their hands at his neck. “Do you want tea?” he questioned as he stood, a small grunt leaving him.

They shook their head, pressing it tight against his shoulder. “No, just you,” their voice was small and they had yet to allow themselves to open their eyes despite the light that was now shining through their home. 

Turning on his heel, Akaashi carried them to their bedroom, his hands cradling them against him as he situated himself on the bed. He didn’t care that he was still in his work clothes, there were more important things to consider. With his fingers gently pressing into their back, helping the muscles relax as they took even breathes.

“Thank you,” they whispered some time later, Akaashi wasn’t keeping track. But their voice sounded distant, tired. He smiled against their hair, humming in acknowledgement as they both slowly drifted off into sleep. The lights were on but they didn’t bother him, not if it was what they needed to feel comfortable. He loved them and he would do anything to make them feel safe and cared for.

The King of Answering Vaguely

#1 “I love you, please don’t go.”

#4 “I thought things were going great.”

#22 “This isn’t goodbye.”

#70 “After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that I love you?”

1,4,22 and 70 with yugyeom

You got it, anon! More Yugyeom love, coming up!

Genre: Fluff/Barely There Smut

Pairing: Yugyeom x You

By Admin B

Originally posted by magiccastles

Yugyeom’s phone interrupted your giggle, and you wanted to groan out loud when he reached over your semi-clothed body to grab it from your nightstand. 

As he read the message which had just come in, you leaned over, kissing and nipping at his jaw. You heard him chuckle softly as he typed back a reply, and you were sure he would put his phone down and return his attentions to you.

But he didn’t. He threw the covers off him, rolling out of bed and moving to gather his clothes from your floor.

“Where are you going?” you pouted, clutching the blanket to cover your chest as you sat up.

“I have to go,” Yugyeom replied vaguely.

“Where?” Your heart started beating a bit more quickly. He had become the king of answering vaguely lately, and you were scared he was pulling away from you.

After stepping into his jeans, he shuffled over to your side of the bed, bending down to drop a kiss on your lips. “I have to go.”

“But… I thought things were going great.”

“They were! They are. I just have to go.” He smiled before kissing you again, and while you tried to keep him here by putting a hand on the back of his neck, he gently took it off and let it drop back onto the bed.

Before he reached your door, you tried one last tactic.

I love you, please don’t go.” You wanted to crawl into a hole because your tone was nothing short of pathetic, though you hadn’t intended it to be.

Yugyeom froze, turning on his heel to face you again. He let out a soft sigh, though a smile was tugging at the corners of his lips. He walked back to you, sitting on the edge of your bed and reaching out to tuck your hair behind your ear.

“I love you, too,” he assured you. “After everything we’ve been through, you still think that I don’t love you?

“No, I just –”

Before you could continue, he leaned in and pressed his forehead to yours. “This isn’t goodbye,” he whispered. “If you must know, I’m meeting up with Jackson and BamBam to plan your surprise birthday party for next weekend.”

Your jaw dropped in shock, and you let out a soft noise of surprise.

“Exactly. So now you know about it, you whiny baby,” he teased, laughing softly before kissing your lips one final time.

“I’m sorry!” you called out to him as he headed back toward your door.

“I’ll be back later,” he replied with a wink.

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I had a pregnancy scare recently and I'm still feeling off, and I read your Distractions which lead to wondering how Omega! Tim would handle that particular shocker being dropped on him. You don't have to if you're not comfortable, I'd try and write my own version but I feel like I'd fuck it up in my current state of mind. Reading your stuff helped me feel more settled, thanks for being awesome.

Hi babe. This…ran away with me. Ah, a lot. Still, sorry it took me a minute, and it wasn’t just about the hiatus. I was there with you at one point, terrified at nineteen and how I was going to take care of a baby. It was the best/worst moment, terrifyingly disappointing and a staggering relief at the same time. I had kiddo years later, so no worries. When you’re ready, you’ll know it. 

If you ever want to come off Anon and talk, I’m here :D


Jay is the one that noticed first.

“Still so sensitive,” is breathed against him when Tim finally comes to after his second real Heat in almost three years (ones induced by immortal megalomaniacs notwithstanding).

He’d been so good, coming off his suppressants enough to meet his cycle instead of fight it. He’d been completely fine, prepared to take care of it on his own, thinking he’d do what he needed to do (suffering through Heat without an Alpha was his norm before the terrifying bout of Heat Mania once his secret was out), and take care of his body for once.

He hadn’t expected Dick and Jay to be waiting for him.

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Typing an e-mail for my MA advisor and it’s…so weird…to write in French. When I came to the US, I felt frustrated all the time–my English was solid enough but writing in English was weird and uncomfortable because I had spent three years making French work. 

Now, it’s like… I’m ashamed of putting “fluent in French” on my CV because I haven’t held a conversation in French for months despite the boyfriend doing French lit and having French lit friends (last time was in the summer, when I was in Paris). I can read just fine but I feel like my…productive…skills have taken a huge toll.


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I'm curious because I just started following you, when did you first get into devilman?

A long time ago. It’s probably been almost fifteen years since I first saw devilman, and although I didn’t catch up on the mangas until more recently (back in the day I didn’t have manga websites like you lucky kids today, I had to go to the japanese mall and look at the pictures only because I couldn’t read the language) I consider myself a long time fan. I use to draw art of silene when I was in middle school lmao But back then she was “shirenu” to me, because I only knew the dub.

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Keith, reading his character design process: “What do you mean I could have had fangs?!”


tbh i dont like the idea of the white hair at all im glad that was scrapped it would imo have been way too much and overkill  - but that’s just me personally. his design is interesting and i like that classic feel about it. it’s just…. so keith and cool and so him i get excited. i think less is more in this particular case, especially when his character has so much depth and incredible nuance that may have gotten lost or less appreciated if his design was a bit more ‘flamboyant’ i guess (not that white hair detracts anything generally speaking either - just saying in this particular case it makes sense why it didn’t become the finality for him) - so im super glad it’s how things turned out. 

but on the note of the fangs….. i enjoy that idea i admit haha. smol pointy teeth just a bit too pointy to be entirely human 8) 

Reaction to Chapter 136

First things first, thanks to the fan translator’s for not making us wait till the 22nd like iBooks was gonna make me. 

Here’s the translated chapter.

Secondly. Bitch….

As soon as I read the “fill up with filth” I wanted to close my phone then and there. Just disgusting, and to think this shit still exists. And then when dude was picking which twin to sacrifice I got pissed cause he was just sitting there playing eenie-meenie-miney-mo with their lives. Then our Ciel had to watch that shit happen with his own eyes. Of course Real Ciel dies, his blood dips onto Sebastian’s seal. And then his 5 eye having, sharp as fuck boot having ass shows up and scares the fuck out of them humans. Which makes me feel like they’ve done this before but was unsuccessful and now boom, demon in the room. I appreciate Yana drawing some of the scenes over instead of writing down which pages to reference. We get to see Real Ciel reaction and point of view of things.

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kay but can we talk about your style? like in Match Divided in Heaven. You set up your foreshadowing so perfectly. I wasn't sure what you were doing with Remus but when you wrote that he had been without his mate for 12 centuries, I KNEW it was Sirius. 12 years in Azkaban. It was beautiful and subtle. It's not just with this story either. I never know how your plot will turn out. I'm always left suprirsed. Im always amazed with your foreshadowing. Because it's there just so subtle! I love it!

I literally just squealed just now. Kind of embarrassing, actually. I was hoping that someone would have picked up on that. Really was. 

When reading or watching movies, foreshadowing tends to be my enemy. Becuase sometimes it’s so blatantly obvious that it ruins the experience for me personally. There’s something so fucking fun about not having a single clue where something is headed. 

So, when I started writing, I wanted to be subtle and even vague. I think my absolute favorite thing is when someone says they reread a story of mine and find all the things they missed out on the first time around. Because in nearly everything I write, I leave clues. Foreshadowing is fun for me when I write. Especially if it’s just a tad vague. Even the smallest details have an importance in most of what I write, at least depending on the story. 

Spite, for example, is a story where every fucking observation is vital. I do mean that. There is so much to what Harry sees that all my foreshadowing is there but hidden amongst his observations. 

I Do What I Like, is hands down my absolute favorite story where my foreshadowing was subtle. God, I gave out clues right from the beginning and only two people ever picked up on it. Two. The mystery of it all distracted everyone and that is something that I will forever think of as my best accomplishments in foreshadowing. 

Okay, I’m going to stop with the examples, because I could talk your ear off all day and no one wants that. 

I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for this and noticing the little things that I do. That’s really rewarding to know that someone is paying that close of attention. <3

@trishabeakens i just thought of something

u kno how sometimes political figures will go to schools and hospitals and such to hang out with the kids and give motivational speeches and that sorta jazz?? i kinda just realised that, if nera’s ever done stuff like that, she may have actually had the displeasure of meeting theo when he was a little kid, omg…

tbh…i haven’t had an altar for over a month (since the last time i moved) and have only set up quick temporary altars in order to make offerings on special occasion (read: when im asking for divination answers or have particular prayer requests). im planning on setting up cool permanent altars in my attic -because A. Symbolism and B. I won’t have to worry about cleaning my room regularly when i start giving daily offerings again.

just sharing because i see a lot of people worrying that they’re Bad Devotees for falling off the wagon in terms of rituals and offerings. obvs I can’t speak for every pantheon or every situation, but it seems that these things aren’t required per se. at least not in the same way that inner devotion and a dedication to self-improvement and kindness to others is.

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in the beginning it felt like i'd jumped into ice cold water, reading that my jonghyun had suddenly just died. it felt like the whole world had just stopped, even if it was only for a second. it's been a month and my world still feels like that, but it comes and goes like waves. when i hear his voice, the water's warm and comforting, like a shower stripping my tears away. But when i remember, the water is cold again and i'm drowning. i miss him so much, i just want him to come back home.