when i played this game as tails


I lack the means to play this game, but this is an interesting character design.

When he swims, his body makes an undulating up and down motion. This means that the main propulsive area is horizontal to the orientation of the body. This type of swimming motion is something that you see only in marine mammals with wide tail flukes….

Ergo…. he’s not propelling himself through the water with his feet, It would only make sense if his “fin skirt” spreads out into a fluke-like surface, that propels him through the water when he dorsoventrally flexes his spine.


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I NEED more of your mafia au in my life. So please continue, I'll make it worthwhile. *slides you Shiny Ninetails Pokémon card and a pack of Trident two layer gum*

Okay everyone, I would just like to say that yes, there will be a Part 4 because I still have some scenes in mind. But the fact that you take time to send me asks about the MafiaAU: Lance Salazar really made my day as well as when some of you commented on the post itself. And thanks to those who liked it and special thanks to those who shared it!

Also @charming-langst​….how did you guessed that I like nine tails? *narrowing my eyes at you* are you spying on me? Joke! But really, it was such a coincidence that you guessed my favorite!

At the age of eight, Lance’s studies about their world started. His childhood became limited ever since he showed his intelligence level once during the family’s recreational activities. Honestly, Lance thought that they were just playing a simple board game. His father explained to him the rules and for little Lance back then, it was fairly easy. He beat his father five times in a row. It was after a few years passed when Lance discovered that his father was a genius chess player (Vongola Decimo always called his father for a game or two) and strategist.

At the age of twelve, Lance sneaked into the meeting room of his father due to a dare from one of his siblings. He didn’t manage to get inside the room though for a certain man caught his attention. Maybe the man was near his fifties but his features still showed that he was one of those types that could easily get the attention of others. Later on, he discovered that the name of the man was “Reborn” and that he was the most trusted adviser of Vongola Decimo. The guy was also known as the number one hitman in the Mafia world. Maybe this Reborn person saw something in him for the next day Decimo himself visited Lance personally. They chatted for a bit and play some board game called “Games of the Generals”. Lance managed to win 2 out of 3.

Lance was a natural charmer. He could melt anyone’s heart (hearts that were not frozen cold) and he knew this himself. Sometimes he used it to his advantage whenever he was kidnapped. But if things got worst then there was a reason why he was trained how to use the gun.

He was no stranger to blood. Once or twice he passed through their interrogation rooms and the sight of bloodied and dismembered bodies became a norm for him. Lance made his first interrogation at 15 when he and his youngest sister got kidnapped. A few exchanged of gun shots here and there, and Lance managed to turn the tables around. The hunter became the hunted, a phrase said from a number of his favourite movies.

Lance was labelled as “Young Demon” that day.

Just because he was used to the sight and smell of murder didn’t mean that he wanted to live his whole life like this. Lance has dreams of his own. He has dreams that he wanted to reach with his own hands.

Hands of Lance and not the hands of Salazar’s.

Lance knew that the Vongola Decimo favoured him from the rest of the children of their allies. Though he never knew the reason why, Lance used this to his advantage. He listed all the reasons why he wanted to get out, why he wanted to be freed. Of course all of his reasonings were weak, Lance knew this and the Vongola knew this. But still, Decimo talked to that Reborn person and after a few hours of waiting, they escorted Lance back to the Salazar’s mansion and talked about the future with the Salazar Don.

At the age of 16, Lance was no longer a member of the dark world. He was just an ordinary civilian.

Yeah, right.

Everyone knows you could never escape the underworld, especially if you were born inside it.

The deal made was consisted of: one, Lance would stay in the vacation house given to him by Decimo himself and located in Cuba. Two, some Salazar’s men would check up on him personally every other week. Three, he was not allowed to invite any civilian (even though Lance was technically considered as civilian also) in his house. Four, he was obligated to meet or talk to the family in important events which was birthdays and Christmas.

So all in all it was like he had just taken a temporary vacation away from the Mafia.

And it was a good thing he only cut the Mafia ties but not his ties as a blood relative.

Because Lance loved his family with all his heart, never question him about this.

Pidge was beyond irritated right now. Who would have thought that Lance was a Salazar? That Salazar. It was like suddenly all the pieces clicked together into their own proper places. She thought Lance was born in a family of soldiers or just used to play strategic games during his teenage years.

She never freaking expected that Lance was born inside the Mafia.

It was lunch time and everyone was eating together. When Pidge said everyone she did meant everyone. Lance just gave his servants one look and they all settled themselves with the rest of team Voltron on the dining area after they put down all the foods and drinks.

The table was a bit similar to the one they used in the castle. It was long and elliptical in shape, she was used seeing Allura to be on what the Paladins had dubbed as the head part of the table so seeing Lance in that position was very unusual for Pidge. Lance kept cooing like a baby when he saw the foods and drinks on the table, at least some things hadn’t changed. Pidge didn’t really know if she knew Lance that deep despite being stuck together in space for five years.

“Wow! Esmeralda, your cooking is the best! No offence, Hunk.” Lance added the last sentence as an afterthought when he took a bite of what he called ropa vieja.

“None taken, Lance. This taste really good.”

Esmeralda, Pidge assumed it was the woman sitting across from her, smiled when she heard the praises of the rest of the Paladins and the obvious delight of the two Alteans when they started to eat also.

“Thank you. We really missed your presence here, Young Master.”

“Ah…I’ll say stop calling me ‘Young Master’ but…”

“But we will just keep doing it because someone needs to remind you what is your real position.” It was the head butler named Alejandro who spoke before cleaning his lips using the napkin and Pidge was reminded of those movies where people try to learn proper table manners in just one night. Good thing Lance didn’t care about proper etiquette inside his own house.

“Give me a break, Alejandro. I’m already 24 years old! I’m not that young boy anymore!”

“And yet you are still that young boy who almost gave Master Halberd a heart attack when he saw you waving a gun.” One of the maids named Juliana commented as she poured Allura’s cup with apple juice.

“That was one time! And it was Falcata’s fault for leaving her gun on her study table.” Pidge could not believe it, Lance was pouting because his servants were ganging up on him. She could not consider this as sharing embarrassing stories because imagining little Lance waving a gun with the safety either on or off was not a really good picture in her mind right now.

“Come to think of it, isn’t it because of that that Master Khanda started teaching Young Master Lance how to hold a gun?” Marcelo looked up at the ceiling as if it could verify his words.

“Emphasize the word hold. Mistress Flyssa threw a fit when she saw her older brother teaching Young Master Lance how to shoot.” Benita snickered when she refreshed the memory of her twin brother.

“And because of that, Master Halberd was forced to step in and declared that Young Master Lance will only be allowed to shoot a gun when he reached the age of thirteen.”

“Hey, you are just two years older than me, Learco! Why are you calling me ‘Young Master’ too?! And why are you guys sharing my childhood stories to my friends?!” Lance started hitting the table with his right hand like a petulant child as he focused his gaze on the left side of the table where his butlers and maids were seated.

“Because it’s fun~” Sylvia sang as she waved her fork around.

“And two years is still two years. Which means that you are technically my ‘Young Master’.” Learco grinned but ducked under the table on the last second when Lance threw his glass towards him.

“I can’t believe this,” Lance held his chest in a show of mock hurt, “betrayed by my second family. After five years and this is the welcome that I get? I should have fired all of you before I got blasted in space by a sentient lion.”

“We really missed you, Young Master Lance.” Pidge heard the oldest human male in the room and she saw that the man was giving Lance a fatherly smile which their Blue Paladin returned with an equally soft smile.

“See? Only Grandpa Eterio lives up to his name!”

“Eh, that is because Grandpa Eterio likes to baby you, Young Master.

“That’s it.”

Learco yelped when Lance took hold of the knife beside his plate and jumped towards him. The rest of the maids and butlers just continued eating and coaxed the Voltron team to do the same while Learco was running for his dear life because Lance has long legs and the stamina to run a five kilometer marathon.

If this was the people that Lance considered as his second family then Pidge thought that she must ready herself in meeting the main family.

No wonder Lance asked them to bring their bayards.

Langst Mini Fic: The Second Family

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Mafia AU: Lance Salazar (OCs mini guide) 

Just a Broken Leg

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This took me way too long to post. Requested by @thats-so-rhyan and i hope y’all like it. Kinda a long one and I’ve never played nor watched lacrosse being played so if this is completely wrong, please don’t judge me. 

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I was wondering, how would you guys think the different RFA members + Saeran + V would react to MC being half-cat? Like, cat ears and tail and can purr, but could hide them (like how some mermaids change their fins to 2 legs when dry to appear like a human). I thought of this idea from a text we get from Zen where he complains about cats and one option for us to reply is "How about this cat? Meow!" and he responds with "If it's a cat like you, I bet my allergy would just disappear."

This one was actually kinda funny! We had fun with this one. Hope you like it~ 


  • You were just cuddling on the couch as you two usually do
  • And then something tickled your nose
  • You sneezed and pop! Came your ears and tail
  • Now he’s the one sneezing
  • He’s not even that shocked because he’s so busy trying to get his snot under control
  • “MC, please keep your ears and tail under control!”
  • “What happened to having your allergies disappear if I was a cat?”
  • “I was trying to be romantic, not practical!”
  • As long as your ears and tail stay in most of the time, he’s okay


  • You two were playing video games against each other
  • You were getting really into it, but Yoosung kicked your butt in the game
  • You were angry, cuz you wanted to win
  • And out came your ears and tail
  • You may have accidentally hissed at him
  • He’s gaping at you and can’t form a coherent sentence for an hour
  • He’s pretty chill when he comes to terms to them
  • He’ll always make sure tuna is stocked in the house…and he always gets you fish buns
  • “I thought you’d really like these, MC! You know, since you’re–er–”


  • She made you a cup of hot coffee after you got caught in the rain
  • It was piping hot
  • When you went to take a sip, you burned your tongue
  • And your fangs popped out a bit
  • It was too late at that point and Jaehee is asking what that was all about
  • You have no choice to show your tail and ears too
  • Jaehee just laughs nervously, “You don’t…shed do you?”


  •  He came across you kneeling on the floor and…meowing?
  • He sneaked a little closer and you were meowing to Elizabeth
  • He thought it was cute until you turned around and you had cat eyes
  • You blushed and admitted you knew everything Elizabeth was saying and was just having a conversation
  • He doesn’t quite believe you until the ears and tail come out too
  • He has a little crisis….because he literally fell in love with a cat…twice
  • It takes him awhile to get used to it though
  • Looks at Elizabeth, “Can you turn into a human, then?”
  • Elizabeth just meows
  • “What did she say, MC?”
  • “I…can’t translate that.” 
  • Elizabeth, watch your profamity


  • He had you pinned underneath him as he mercilessly tickled you
  • You were begging him to stop as you were out of breath, but of course he didn’t 
  • You couldn’t hold it in anymore, and your ears and tail came popping out
  • You took advantage of his shock and scratched him with your claws to get him away from you
  • He was torn now…
  • He had to choose between his two loves: You or Elly
  • When you’re in human form, he’ll do little things to try to change you into a cat
  • Scratch you behind the ear, pet your head, and even put catnip in the kitchen
  • “Seven, stop trying to turn me into a cat!”
  • “What? It’s hot.’


  • You did something he found cute 
  • So he just goes up to you and kisses you
  • It was a pretty heated kiss, so he didn’t realize until after he pulled away that your ears and tail came out
  • He screams and shies away from you
  • He rubs his eyes a few times, thinking he fell into one of his brother’s weird dreams or something
  • When he realizes it’s not, it just takes him awhile to process it before he’s okay again


  • He’s taking a picture of you as you two are walking
  • But the flash came up by accident and scared you
  • He looks down to check the photo and sees your ears and tail which came out when you were surprised by the light
  • “What the–” he starts before grinning. “Oh, MC…is this a prank?”
  • He goes up and tugs on your ears 
  • “Ow! V, they’re real.”
  • He apologizes before he just accepts it and keeps walking
  • He will scratch you behind the ear sometimes
  • It feels so good…

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I just donated to the Cap Fundraiser in honour of Charitable Getting’s ‘two for non’. As for a request: Steve and dogs, because dogs.

AWWW Two For Non! I loved that idea when I wrote it and I’m still fond of it :) 

“Is this a Serum thing?” Natasha asked him once, strolling in Central Park. She was tailing someone for reasons Steve hadn’t really looked into; he was just there for some fresh air. But as per usual…

“I don’t know,” he said delightedly, as yet another dog loped up to him. This made fifteen dogs who had come to say hi, and he looked like the fourth dog who would be sticking around to play a constant rolling game of fetch. Steve picked up a slobbery tennis ball, threw it, and beamed as they all raced off after it. Well, all except the giant Newfie, who was constantly trying to lean on Steve’s leg even when he was using it to walk with. “Don’t you like dogs?”

She wrinkled her nose. “Sure, but I don’t attract them like some kind of walking rawhide chewie.”

“Maybe they just know I love them. Yes I do,” Steve said, bending down to hug the Newfie. It let out a gentle, basso profundo Boof. Steve barked back. The rest of the dogs came racing back, trailing the Pit Bull who had been the lucky one to fetch the ball.

“Captain America – truth, justice, and slobber,” Natasha said, as Steve threw the ball again.

“Dogs know a hero when they see one,” Steve said, then lost his balance as the Newfie finally won the battle with his legs. Immediately three or four other dogs piled on, and Natasha rolled her eyes and left him there, covered in canines and laughing.

Fairy Tail Anime Ending.

Im might be thinking ahead too much but, When the anime ends, I get the feeling they’re gonna fuck us up emotionally with the ending. Like They are either gonna play Snow Fairy or Masayume chasing. They are going to do all memories of the guild. Showing when natsu and lucy met all the way to the grand magic games, tartaros arc, etc. then it’s going to be the whole guild smiling. And it’s going to end with “DON’T SAY GOODBYE!” Or “Moyase mune no hi wo” English Translation: “Burn the flame in your heart!” [Note: it could end differently if Hiro does decide to do a second generation] And finally it’s going to do some time skip of the guild. Maybe the ships? Or how everyone is doing. Showing how things are somewhat still the same. Maybe kids running around inside the guild. Makarov finally retired with Laxus guildmaster [or crying how he is still master?] And then it zooms slowly away from the guild being as rowdy as ever. Then Happy flying. And in the final panel Hiro Mashima saying Thank you for 11 years or some of the sort. And it big bold letters. “The End.” This is just how think they’ll end it. I could be wrong.

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He Was Lost

The past three months were lonely.

That was putting it lightly, because honestly, how were you supposed to feel when you’re suddenly living without the other half of your heart -your best best friend, the love of your life. It wasn’t supposed to end the way it did. To be fair, you never imagined there would be an ‘end’ at all.

You remembered that day like it was yesterday, replaying the turn of events over and over again. Maybe if you’d looked him in the eyes more. Maybe if you’d kissed him harder. Maybe, if you’d hugged him a little bit longer. Then maybe, just maybe, he would still be yours, right where he belonged.

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The lounge was supposed to be a place for the skaters to rest and watch skating competitions or review their own routines from the TV in the room. At some point someone brought their old video game console then other skaters started hanging around more and more in the lounge and bring more of their personal stuff like their favorite books, movies, video games and board games, filling it with posters and decorations. In the end it became this colorful place for skaters to hang out together, play and relax.

Just a little something from me and @watchmist1412 fanfic “Break the Ice”.Welp i tried with background hope that’s passable enough @-@

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Dogs of Future Past  - Part 22

And it’s another new part of Dogs of Future Past that’s written! Sans and Timedog attempt some form of communication, but might raise more questions than answers…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

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Anemone: fading hope, anticipation.

| Title: Anemone: fading hope, anticipation. [Ong Seungwoo x reader]. 

Series: White Wolves, one. 

 Genre: angst, fluff; werewolf! au, OSW x reader

 Summary: Ong Seungwoo hates humans, but White Wolves only survive if they find their human soulmate.

 Word count: 1290

 Note: Not a request, simply something I really wanted to write, inspired by some amazing werewolf!au I’ve seen around here. Although I don’t think this is good, I might write one of these for other members aswell, but since they’re 11 (and it will take a while to write one for each boy), if you want to suggest a member, please do! 

Note 2: So far I’ve written scenarios for Daniel, Sungwoon and Jaehwan and having people like my writing feels so nice :’’’’) thank you, thank you

She found me when I was dying. My energy drained and my desire to live disappearing along with my heartbeat. White Wolves need a soulmate, a human one- a reason for our human side to exist. Otherwise we die, because our immortality becomes loneliness, and loneliness destroys hearts. 

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Request: Daddy!Xiumin

Can I get a xiumin scenario? With pet play(kitten) and daddy kink in play?

His tuts are what gets to you every. damn. time. Minseok strolls over to your form on the couch and grabs onto the little ears on top of your head. A small smirk spreads on his face while his fingertips drop down to trace your cheek. “I don’t recall the last time we played this game, little kitten.”

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Dean’s 18th Birthday

Characters: Reader, Dean, John, Sam

Word Count: 2,223

Warnings: Dean fluff honestly

Author’s Note: In this, the reader and Dean are 18 years old and Sam is 14 years old. If you ever have any ideas that you would want to see before the first episode, don’t be shy. I love writing about the series and making the reader’s character stronger.

Feedback is always appreciated

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Servamp: Get That Away From Me!

…hey everyone…I guess this is my response about whether I should keep my blog or delete…and if you haven’t guess by the way I am posting a new fanfiction, I guess I am keeping my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I am still feeling a bit “eh” about posting my writing…but I got some good advice, and a lot of love from a lot of anons, and I can’t let them down. So, I gotta thank all you anons who inboxed me, and sent me such nice things, I have to thank @reimeijennoir for leaving me a huge paragraph to read and cry about in my inbox, I gotta thank my Hubby, @just-servamp-trash, who never gave up on me, even through my self hating, and also @rubyleaf, who gave me some good advice as well. I’m sorry for scaring you guys…anyway…I think I rambled enough, time to get to the fic. And as always, I hope you guys like this, and please enjoy

Kuro was not happy with Mahiru at the moment. All the Servamp was doing was resting in his favorite position, playing his favorite video game, when the Eve had enough of him just laying around, and decided to suck up his coat tails with his vaccum cleaner. When the Servamp felt his coat get sucked up, he let out a pathetic, ‘nnnyyaaa!’ and leaped off the couch quicker than Mahiru had ever seen the lazy vampire move.

                       “Mahiru!” Kuro whined, holding his coat tails up, as he glared tiredly at the smirking teen. Pouting, Kuro let his coat loose, before sighing. Hearing the demon machine start up again, Kuro glanced up fast, and slowly backed away as Mahiru advanced on him. Glancing around, the Servamp looked for any means of escape, but as the Eve broke into run, Kuro yelped and quickly ran away. “Noooo! Mahiru! Stop! I don’t like this! MAHIRU!”

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Talk To Me When You Are Sober Request: Ship

Requested by: @my-unique-mind

Title: Talk To Me When You Are Sober

Originally posted by heartbreakhur

Music booming from the Gryffindor common room echoes the empty Fat Lady’s corridor. Gryffindor and other houses’ older students were having the time of their lives celebrating the end of O.W.L.S. Colorful lights dancing around the ceiling, changing directing each second. All the chairs and tables were set aside to make room for a dance floor that is holding majority of the students. A spiked punch on one hand and a free hand moving to the beat, Y/N was dancing on the middle of the room with her friends. Forgetting all her problems, she swayed her hips hypnotically to the current muggle music playing. Little did she know that she caught someone’s attention.

Hanging by the punch bowl, Sirius Black watched her make the dance floor her own. Dancing all around without any care in the world. He was mesmerized by her smile, the way she laughed, and the way her hair flew around as she danced. It’s as if everything was in slow motion. Everything blurred around him, his heart pounded, butterflies fluttered… and everything slowed down. Just like in an instant, his whole world all focused on the Ravenclaw girl dancing in the middle. She was breath taking.

This wasn’t the first time his whole world stopped. It’s been happening for quite sometime now. He admired her from a far: watched her play as a beater for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, knew she spends her time reading books in her free time and works out in the gym. He wanted to talk to her for a while now but her friends were mostly guys and, they knew too well of his womanizing ways.

He stared at her, still thinking on what to do.

“Screw this.” He told himself and started walking towards her.

He gracefully made his way to her but thoughts were flying all over his head.

“It’s just a girl, Sirius. Get a hold of yourself.” He told himself before reaching Y/N.

A clueless Y/N turned around to see Sirius in front of her. She almost stumbled a step behind, taken a back at the site of the Maurader. She wasn’t expecting seeing him tonight. As far as she knows, she has never spoken to the boy before.

“Hi.” he said

“Hey.” She replied, keeping her composure and started swaying to music again. Sirius joined her dancing. They took their time getting to know each other’s rhythm as they danced to the music booming from the speakers. Sooner or later, they started to complement each other’s dance moves. She glanced at his face and saw him looking back at her. His gaze was intense, showing all his intensions, emotions, and his true self in it. She was drowning at the sea of grey in front of her. She was captivated.

“Having fun?” he asked.

“Not quite but, I’ll take what I can get.” She said to him with a small smile. He smirked in return.

“Oh, Merlin’s beard! So, this is the infamous deadly smirk of Sirius Black that makes any woman fall for him.” Y/N thought to herself as she felt a blush crept on her cheeks.

He moved closer to her. His face is by her ear.

“Do you want to get out of here?” he told her that sent chills down Y/N spine. He moved back to see her react.

For a split second, Y/N’s heart started pounding and her stomach started doing flips. She was excited with the idea of spending time with Sirius but she knew. She knew this might be a one-time thing. Something she wouldn’t gamble her heart away even if its for a handsome irresistible guy like Sirius. So, Y/N gave him a toothy smile and looked him in the eyes.

“Talk to me when your sober.” She said and left the common room, leaving a confused and rejected Sirius Black behind.

Y/N swiftly walked back to the Ravenclaw Tower. She stopped at her tracks when she reached the door with a bronze eagle-shaped knocker guarding it.

“The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?” the knocker asked. Y/N chuckled softly because of how correlated the knocker’s riddle to her brisk exit of the Gryffindor Tower.

“Footsteps.” She answered and the door opened to their common room.

She went straight to her dorms and jumped to her bed. She grabbed her pillow and covered her face.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed as loud as she could. She stopped and removed her scream-muffler away from her face. She looked up at the ceiling with a regretful face as if it held all the answers to all the questions in the world.

“Why did I do that?” she asked herself.

For the next few days, she tried her best to avoid Sirius Black. Whether its catching his eye, being in the same room, or whatever it may be, she tried to disappear away from him. She was lucky that this semester Ravenclaw was partnered up with Slytherin. She had no classes with him, so it was easier for her to avoid him the entire day.

Her free period just started and she decided to spend time reading on the quad. It was a nice day out but less people around. ‘A perfect combination.’ She always thought.

She was sitting on a bench, reading her favourite book. She was so engrossed on the book that she didn’t notice that a person approached her from behind.

“Hello.” A familiar voice started. Y/N turned to look behind her and saw Sirius Black standing behind her while having his arms propped on the back of the bench she was sitting on.

“Ugh hello.” She said as she cursed herself for not paying attention and for her heart pounding so loudly. She feared that her heart pounding so loudly that he could hear it.

“I believe that you told me to start talking to you when I am sober.” He said as he took a set beside you.

“Yes, I did. But, I believe you are barking up the wrong tree, Black.” Y/n said as she closed her book shut.

“What’s wrong? I just wanted to get to know you, L/N.” he said.

“You are just wasting your time, Black. I’m not up for fun and games.” She said and left him.

“Who said this was all fun and games?” he asked her which stopped her from her tracks. He stood up and turned to her direction.

“Could there be another reason why I wanted to know you? Like I don’t know. Probably because I like you.” She turned around to face him after he said those words.

“L/N, I know I am not the most sensible guy to date but hear me out. You caught my eye last year, not at the party. It was the Ravenclaw vs Slytherin game. Your chaser was targeted by the other team and you strategically got rid of your chaser’s tail. It sounds stupid but that’s when you caught my eye. I couldn’t stop watching you play. When I would see you out on the field, reading in the library, I can’t help but think what you are thinking. I sometimes wonder if you ever looked my way. I wonder if you knew me and what you thought about me. I am just sounding like a love-struck girl with a huge crush and just mumbling incoherently about my feelings. But it is true. Y/N L/N, you got me losing my mind! I, Sirius Black, has fallen head-over-heels to this breathtaking, amazing Ravenclaw.”

Y/N couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Is this Sirius Black?

“Y/N will you give me a chance?”

SWF 15

You guys really have @katsuki-salamander to thank for this update because their nice messages motivated me :’)

“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while dealing with uncharted feelings.

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The bed creaked as the mattress shifted weight, all of the warmth that had covered Lucy’s back like a blanket now gone away with Natsu’s absence. In seconds, the familiar retching noises commenced. With that, the blonde knew that their day had begun and she could no longer sleep.

Their day began just as any other. Lucy dragged Natsu to the lobby to cure his motion sickness for the day, they walked back to their room, and were now lazily sitting in their room up to their own devices.

Lucy used that time to drabble. With their cruise, the girl had been greatly inspired to write and had ideas rolling in her head every second. She wished she could jot them all down, but there just wasn’t enough time in the world. So, she settled for the idea she liked most and let her hand do the rest, filling the page with neat cursive.

Natsu eyed Lucy, a lazy grin etching itself onto his face. He enjoyed watching her write- though, he wasn’t allowed to do so very often. Lucy was a very private writer. Even Levy, the one person that she allowed to read her stories, hadn’t been able to skim a sentence of a story before it was finished.

Still, thanks to the cruise, he had been lucky. He was able to watch her tongue dart of her mouth in sheer concentration. He could watch the way her brows furrowed in thought. He watched as she tapped her pencil on her chin as she tried to come up with the right word. It was in moments like these that he had been able to really admire her beauty.

Soon enough, Lucy finished her short drabble. She tucked her notebook back into the drawer. Not like it mattered now, however. Natsu had apparently found her hiding spot for it.

“What do you want to do now?” Lucy asked, sitting beside him on the bed.

Natsu’s eyes darted to her lips before meeting her gaze again. With a smug grin he answered, “I could name a few things.”

The girl scoffed, rolling her eyes. “Idiot.”

“In all seriousness, I actually do have an idea. I heard some of the other guests in the lobby talking about some sorta scavenger hunt. There could be a prize at the end!”

Lucy’s eyes practically sparkled with greed. “That sounds fun! Let’s do it!”

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Freshman Orientation (Meet Darryl)

Get caught up on the series here https://preciousluv35.tumblr.com/post/161264449201/freshman-orientation

College orientation. I been dreading this day since mid-May. Here I am now, guess this is one of the times I’d have to roll with the punches. My grandfather always told me to roll with the punches. Couldn’t help but feel like if he was still here I’d be at the University of Florida. That’s where I was slated to attend, but then the graduation fiasco happened.  I was a 5-star recruit at linebacker out of Florida. Three years barring an injury and I would be league bound. I had been on so many official and unofficial visits. The bribes were immaculate, every school seem to outdo the next. I was real life royalty. Now everything was a question mark. I was the big man on campus since my sophomore year. I led the state in tackles for two years, and was second in interceptions my senior year. I was something like the Prince of Zamunda. Graduation was just like any other day from the start. I got up, flipped on ESPN and switched between that and ESPNU.  

I had to be at the school at 2 that day and for the 4’oclock ceremony. I was ready for the shit to be over before it even started. Haircut, check.  Outfit, check. Smell good, check. Shit was smoother than Jamesha’s ass. Even the ceremony went swell. Probably a little too well. It proved to be just that. As everyone spilled out into the courtyard, I was getting mad love from all directions. Hell, all of us were. Ms. Jones approached me with her fine ass. “So, we still on for dinner?” her teacher voice was so sexy, but her tone off school grounds was on a whole different level.  

“Yeah, we’re solid.” I rebutted. I had been fucking Ms. Jones since the second semester of my junior year. That was when I had her for chemistry. It was crazy because our chemistry was tumultuous. She got off on me calling her Ms. Jones. We only showed affection away from school, obviously. Her helping me with SAT prep turned into a whole fling in a span of two nights. I guess since I was officially out of school, she felt it cool to approach, however harmless the initial intent. Ms. Tarver approached from my rear as Ms. Jones and I were still conversing.  “Darryl, you look mighty sharp.” Ms. Tarver blatantly interrupted as Ms. Jones was divulging her evening plans of dinner on the beach.  There had been tension since the beginning of senior year. Ms. Tarver was my English teacher. She was a redbone, slim thick with an ass that poked to tease the eyes of most. Ms. Jones was a chocolate Stallion.  Cakes, chest, smooth skin and had the wettest of pussies to compliment all her luxuries. Ms. Tarver wanted me. She had pressed up on me several times in school but I always managed to be saved. She did suck my dick one time though. It was an ACT prep Saturday class after the season ended. I was walking out to the student lot after everything had wrapped and she happened to be coming out of her class, just as I was passing by.  She asked if I was hungry and offered to take me to a spot up the road. She lured me in and me in my youth a nigga didn’t even see it. She suggested we head to her house as the place was crowded, “no pressure” I thought, and just vibed. In my mind I knew what was about to go down, and I wanted her too. Ms. Tarver talked as she moved about the house, while I sat in the den smashing my food. After a few minutes, she came back in a negligee. My fork dropped onto my plate. Instantly my dick began to elongate. She noticed my print and didn’t hesitate. The older women went for what they wanted and to me that was so sexy. She slurped me down extracting my seed, not even pausing. I wanted more but I had a meeting to attend. It was an unofficial in Coral Gables at UM. I never managed to catch back up with Ms. Tarver, but I had every intention of doing so, if given the opportunity.  In a perfect world we’d all parlay together, the three of us, but this would never be my reality. Too much animosity and pride would never allow such a magnificent congregation to take place. In fact, I knew they wanted to shoot the fade. I can’t lie a part of me was down to see that shit too.

Here I was on the auditorium courtyard now turned to a good old-fashioned show down. I guess women’s intuition led them to know they were each other’s competition. I never said a word, but I always noticed the side eyes each shot across the hall. Most niggas had students ready to scrap but my ass had teachers on that same shit crazy. “Don’t be rude Cynthia.” Ms. Jones said, giving Ms. Tarver a dirty ass look.

“Bitch please” Ms. Tarver mumbled under breath.

“Excuse me, what was that? See, I’m tired of your shit. I’ve been dealing with your bull shit all year.” Ms. Jones voice began to carry, turning heads.

“Marielle, I don’t have time for your posturing and shenanigans. Have some more class honey.”

Ms. Jones came across her shit with a mean backhand. Seemed like the whole courtyard said ooohhh… The lights from all the camera phones became blinding. I faded back as the crowd closed in rapidly, looking for that World Star moment. I turned around when I bumped into Celeste. She was about the only student who could have my attention. We made eye contact, and both headed to the lot. I asked if she’d mind getting me out of here. Originally Ms. Jones was supposed to take me to dinner but I wouldn’t touch her ass with a 10-foot pole right now. This debacle would surely be all over the net in 15 minutes. Celeste and I briskly navigated the maze of cars and made it to her Accord. As we got in, the crowd was just dispersing. “Where to superstar?” Celeste said it in a smug ass kind of way.

“Shit I’m hungry, you hungry?”

“I can eat.”

“I hope you still ain’t boujee like you used to be.”

“Oh, so you actually know something about me?” Celeste feigned a shocked expression. “I surely thought you were too busy taking trips across country and fucking faculty to remember.”

“What you talking bout lil mama?” I was trying to play it cool, but damn was it that apparent?

“Hmph, imma take you to my favorite spot to eat.”

I had gone to school with Celeste since 4thgrade, but she had always been somewhat of a mystery to me. I knew her well, but she was hard to figure out, if that makes sense. She was undoubtedly the prettiest girl in school, and I always had a thing for her, but I was consumed with all the other hoes that made it easier for me.  While most of them pegged me for the dumb jock, but she knew otherwise. I learned early in the game that people would try to be on my coat tails to just be along for the ride. I played the game to get as much gain as I could out of the situation.  Lil mama got shelved in the process but she was ever present internally.  We rode in silence as I noticed the beach exit was coming up. She banked of to the flyover to head to I-195.  She lowered the tunes. “Remember when you wrote that letter to me that summer you were supposed to be moving with your dad? That was so cute.” Celeste chuckled.

“What are you talking about? What letter? I never wrote no damn letter.” I had forgotten all about that damn letter. I had written that shit in like the seventh grade. At the time I felt like that was going to be the last time I saw her, so why not let it be known how I felt? The next school year we still ended up in the same school because my pussy ass pops backed out. That was when shit started getting awkward whenever I was around her. She knew how I really felt about her and I couldn’t handle it. I became reclusive towards her. By the time the spring came of 8th grade I was practicing with the high school and all the coaches and upper classmen ladies were salivating over me for clearly different reasons. I took on the persona and never really looked back. Half way through my 9thgrade season I was moved up to varsity and the local legend was born.

“You know exactly what letter I speak of. You can fool everybody else but I know what it is chump.” She looked over at me with the sweetest sassy look.

“Yeah you probably have more insight than most. Hell, you helped me on every project these last four years. So, what you saying?”

“Hmph… nothing.”

“What? Man, you flaw. How you going to leave it there like that?”

“You still hungry or nah?” She hopped out not obliging a single question. She handled me like others didn’t have the balls to do. But shit at 6’3” 230 lbs, running 4.41 in the forty 19 reps at 225 on paper but really, I’m hitting it 23 times. Celeste pandered to my inner teddy. I could only chuckle as this pretty, brown thing tortured me knowingly. Life thus far had kept me in its favor, yet this little 5’4” bombshell I’d known more than half my life was now my biggest mystery. I watched her ass switch in her dress as she led the way. I wanted to show her all Ms. Jones had taught me. We walked into the restaurant and it was apparent it had been here for eons. My nostrils instantly notified me that seafood was on the menu. I really was hoping to make Celeste my meal. I mean, it had crossed my mind during study sessions, but never on this level, it was always subtle, never this pressing in my frontal lobe. Little papi came from around back and with the most broken English, but somehow managed to get our order down. Though this felt like the kind of place that even if he got both orders wrong, no matter what came from the kitchen it would be bomb. I know she caught me staring into her beauty on several occasions. Like a G, she moved in silence. I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be it. Would this be the last time we’d vibe? In a week and a half I would be back in Gainesville. I had graduated early, in January. I was enrolled at UF and was prime for everything to take off smoothly.

We ate, reminisced, and made eyes at one another. An hour and a half later we found ourselves back at the car. “Let’s go get our feet wet.” I suggested. I wasn’t ready to leave this moment just yet.

“What you trying to do here?” She was calling bull shit.

“Man, what the hell you talking about?” She knew I wanted her.

“They take you for the customary dumb black jock boy, but I see through you. So, like I said nigga, what you trying to do here?”

“Last time was a false alarm but this time…. This time I think it’s real. I may not see you again after tonight, if not for a long time, maybe ever. I’m not sure I’m ready to live life without you.” Speechless she made her way to me. Her hands wrapped my neck, mine found her thick cakes. Our lips sent fireworks into the atmosphere, never mind if they were only visible to us. We crossed Collins Ave. to find the looming darkness approaching from the open ocean. Feet dug in deep now. Life didn’t have a more perfect feel. Crazy all the fame, hoes, and bribes couldn’t compare to this. “Promise me if I make it to the SEC Championship that you’d come see me play in Atlanta.”

“Boy Imma be all the way in Louisiana. How…”

“I’d fly you there.”

“We’ll see.” Our lips again met and hands began to get life. Exploring. Her softness on my hardness. My chiseled flesh brushing her curves. She made a nigga feel like I could take on the world. The tide caught us immersed in passion. No fucks of what the world had going on around us. I picked her up and we drifted with the current until she was waist deep. I squatted making my thighs a perfect place for her to perch. Her dress floated to the surface, leaving just her and her boy shorts at my disposal. She undid my belt buckle. Swollen and ready her hands wrapped my thickness. “Damn you feel good in my hand Darryl. I want you inside me. I been dream of this for years. Its time I let you know how I feel about you.” She pulled me close by my dick. Slid her panties to the side splitting my rod with her pussy. It took a sec foe me to get in with us being in water and all, and here I was thinking water was a natural lubricant. We found our rhythm and we were grinding in the darkness to the motion of the ocean. That was the first time a nigga came in some pussy. Love was never more real than in the moment we shared.

Short lived was the euphoric high. It was a quarter til 12 when we pulled in front of mom’s crib. There was what looked to be media across the street. I thought damn what’s going on over there. Before getting out we sat and wrapped shit up. I didn’t know what this meant in the grand scheme of things but I knew every day until I went back to school I wanted to spend with her. I thanked her and kissed her, I too let it be known I wanted to see her tomorrow.  As I stepped out I made it 7 paces before I was rushed.

A million and one questions came from every direction. I managed to see Celeste in the crowd but was unable to reach her. I bolted for the door. Once inside Mom rushed me as well. “Boy please tell me this is all a lie.”

“What are you talking about mom?” She pulled out her phone and showed me the fight from earlier. The caption reads (Teachers fist fight over student they both have an affair with).“Fuck!!!!!!”

So here I am at Southern University’s orientation. I fell from greatness to my favorite HBCU.  Here I was still big man on campus, but suddenly my pool was so much smaller than it once was. I was just like all the dumb jocks before me. The key thing Ms. Jones used to make me feel comfortable was the fear tactics of how high school girls could get me cased up and ruin my future, and yet look at me, I still fucked up. So, it was fuck bitches. I had an uphill battle now to live out my dream. The world had birthed an asshole. Losing my scholarship made me so hungry. I was going to shit on the world like it had shitted on me. 2 months of hiding and barely being able to do the one thing you’ve loved and done since you were 5 will do that to you. Savage life for 3 years and we going for the check.

The love I was getting made me feel like I was back home in High School. There were so many bad bitches. I was making a mental note of all the hearts that would be trampled. There was one I made eyes with that reminded, me of Celeste. She was every bit as sexy as my lil mama. Shit was so crazy I hadn’t seen her since that night. This little thing was a hair lighter in complexion and she had an aura about her that let the world know she was every bit of the shit as you thought she was. A room full of dames and I wanted to know her name.

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What do I do when a service dog comes up to me wagging its tail and overall being really friendly and excited? Do I leave them alone? For context this was when I was playing card games in a comic store.

I guess it depends if it is an actual service dog or an emotional support animal? Service dogs are typically trained not to greet people like that, while ESAs don’t require any formal training.

Whether the dog is or isn’t, if it has a vest on that says he is working, then I would not engage. He could still be training.

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I do agree. Although if this isn’t a vampire/dragon AU  and Natsu doesn’t have magical healing/numbing spit, being bitten so it breaks the skin isn’t sexy (and more ouchy - not to me anyway). I like to think Natsu would gage the right pressure that drives Lucy wild and doesn’t hurt her. With Natsu being very instinctual I think the idea of leaving his mark on Lucy would be a big turn on for him. And that’s not to say Lucy wouldn’t like doing the same to Natsu ;) 

The headcanon of Lucy having a thing Natsu’s backside never fails to amuse me. Lucy getting in the sneaky playful pinch when no one’s looking…😂 I can see them flirting like that all the time, playing games with each other. 

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^Although, I can see Lucy’s flirting going wrong most of the time, but it’s okay because Natsu finds it funny/adorable. 

“Lushi, what are doing?”  

“It didn’t work?” 😦

“C’mere” 😂 😘 *gives her a big kiss on the lips*