when i open the door i am at the ocean

MBTI Types As Wishes I Have Made

To find true love and to have 1000 origami stars in a jar.

To be able to read 50 books in a day and to witness a triple rainbow.

To be able to read minds and to feel the warmth of a puppy in my lap.

To dance along to a ballad and to drink hot cocoa with my best friend.

To be able to see the ponies by a stable and to be able to paint with acrylic paints.

To be able to smile and to be able to give each person in my school a flower on Valentine’s so no one is left out.

To be less awkward in hugs and to knit the warmest scarf in the world.

To hold open the door for a stranger I forgot and to draw a cat.

To measure the frequency of my favorite song and to breathe I outer space or under the ocean.

To have the courage to speak out when is right and to balance both logic and emotion.

To be even quieter than I am and to have better math skills for precalculus.

To be more honest and to learn how to care more for myself when I forget.

To be able to take a breath calmly and to be able to make a good comeback at remarks.

To celebrate my birthday with a cake and to live next to a beach.

To have a photographic memory and to live where it snows more often.

To be more assertive and to speak in a way that doesn’t sound scattered-brained.

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i love you means?

I love you means I will be there when you need someone to listen to your problems, dilemmas and doubts. I love you means I support you in every decision you make. I love you means I save you a spot everywhere. I love you means you never bored me. I love you means I know your darkest side but I stayed. I love you means we don’t have a lot in common but you still piqued my interest. I love you means your way of thinking is uncanny but I love it. I love you means I am willing to endure and take a lot of pain in order to be with you. I love you means I will go to the very ends of the Earth just to see you even if it’s just a day. I love you means I will stay even if you are pushing me away. I love you means it’s okay that you talk with your exes because I know you love me. I love you means I trust you. I love you means I want to know all your stories. I love you means being intimate with you, not by touching you, but by talking to you at 3am about your dream house or your bucket list. I love you means I will fight for you and for us. I love you means I forgive you for the things you already did because I know you didn’t intentionally hurt me. I love you means you get mad at me but I’m not going to fight you. I love you means I’m drained and I want to sleep but I will stay up all night just to talk to you because I feel incomplete whenever a day passes that I didn’t talk to you. I love you means I will listen to your music even though I don’t like it. I love you means I will read all the poems and proses you made for me everyday. I love you means there are times that you annoy me but I really enjoy it even though I never say it. I love you means I don’t care if you talk or you don’t while phoning me because even though it’s your breathing that I hear, I still get goose bumps. I love you means it’s okay that you rant at me with the things that exasperated you today. I love you means I want to tie you up because you are so stubborn sometimes but I don’t care, I know you are so adorable. I love you means you brought light to my dim world. I love you means you opened a lot of doors of euphoria when you came into my life. I love you means you beguiled me with everything you do. I love you means I don’t know what my life will be when you leave me. I love you means there’s no other person I am going to tell this three words other than you. I love you means we didn’t get along at first but I am more than willing to swim deeper in your ocean. I love you means I will write songs for you even though I am not good with composing songs. I love you means there’s no other person I’d rather be with, especially at times when I am so down because you are the only one who can lift me up while holding my hand. I love you means I will stay, not only tonight but every night. I love you means I respect you. I love you means I won’t take advantage of you. I love you means I’m sorry for the times I wasn’t there when you badly needed someone to be there. I love you means I am going to find you and pick you how many lifetimes will be given to me. I love you means I am asleep but you’re in my dreams. I love you means I am sober, I love you; I am drunk, I love you. I love you means you once poured me resentment but you also took them away from me. But sometimes, I love you just means I love you. No sugarcoating. No what if’s, no but’s. You don’t need explanations. Just three simple heart boggling words.

Fortune Smiles

A/N: IM BAAAACK! So I had a small hiatus, which hopefully won’t happen again soon, even tho school starts in 9 days for me. R.I.P. Anyway this is my awful attempt at writing T’Challa for @aria725​. I am so sorry I really tried.

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Isn’t it funny how you can feel like you’re drowning in thin air? How your lungs seize, refusing to suck in air? And when they finally do function, it’s for one short gasping breath, like having your head crest the waves for a split second before being dragged back under to the cold void of ocean.

I was running, kicking off my heels to move faster. Hallways blurred, doors opened and closed, I could faintly hear someone yelling at me to slow down, let them explain. I don’t care. T’Challa. That’s all I care about.

Skidding to a halt outside of the hospital wing doors, I scream my passcode. The door stays firmly closed. I can’t breathe. How could they possibly expect me to breathe? I’m drowning.

“Y/N!” A voice splits my reverie.

Jerking around, I see Okoye, her hands extended in a calming gesture. “Y/N, you must calm yourself. It will do no good to barge in there hyperventilating.”

I’m frozen. Blinking rapidly, I nod my head. It feels unnatural and jerky, like I’m attached to a puppet master’s string. Being someone’s unfeeling puppet would be preferable in this moment.

“Alright then,” she smiles, lowering her hands and stepping around me. “Security clearance Okoye Sierra-Hotel-Delta-Mike. Come Y/N.”

Turning, I begin to move with her. I’m no longer drowning, but every action is muffled. As we approach his gurney, Okoye steps to the side, which allows me to move right next to him. Thank heaven the only injury was the gash across his stomach. The stark contrast of the clean white bandage and his chocolate skin makes the situation all the more real.

“I will leave you now.” Okoye slips away silently, I barely even register what she says. My whole focus is on T’Challa. His face is serene, relaxed, expressions I haven’t seen from him since Vienna.

Hesitantly I reach out, placing my hand on his exposed shoulder. Closing my eyes, I allow my emotions to overtake my mind. Silent tears begin to fall, how could he be so reckless? How could he do that to himself, to me? Didn’t he know that I needed him, that I couldn’t bear to lose him? I love him. With my whole heart I love him.

“What did you say?” My eyes snap open and my hand snatches away from his shoulder. Connecting my Y/E/C gaze with his deep brown, I know he heard me. Squaring my shoulders with unknown bravery, my voice is steady.

“I said I love you.”

“How fortunate,” T’Challa smiles, a real full smile, “otherwise my shared declaration would have missed its mark.”

One again @aria725, I am so sorry I really wanted this to be good.


Cause you, you’re loved and you’re alive. - A SBGC Playlist

I hit 100 followers on this blog! Thank you guys so much! I’m so glad Switchblades and Gym Class has become a part of my life and i’m so grateful of the friends I’ve made through it! As a little thank you I’ve made another playlist for Elyse, Lawrence, and James. And this time I decided to write a little thing to go with it! Special thanks to @hubersqueue for pretty much creating Elyse and giving me something to be stupidly inspired by. I hope you all like it and make sure to let me know what you think! Thanks again. I love all of you! 

(SBGC created by @hausofgreene, Elyse is not canon)

“OW! It hurts!”

“Oh shut up you big baby.” Elyse nudged James’ shoulder from where she was standing beside him in the garage at Basecamp. She kissed his cheek and went to join Lawrence who was sitting on the floor nearby.

“Yeah, mine didn’t hurt at all!” Lawrence laughed as Elyse crawled into his lap and nuzzled her face into his neck.

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“When I choose for all of that to come to an end, then that door will fly open for me. And I will walk into my trailer, and I will, like, fall to my knees on my cushy white rug and look out at the ocean and go, ‘I am finally free. I can now do all of those things I’ve always wanted to do.’ And then maybe I’ll take a break and move to Paris and live another couple of years there, and learn to speak French and go out with some really old guys from Paris that are 102. It’s all going to be good, and I did what I came here to do. My mom said, ’You have always been on a mission. Your mission has been to entertain the world. And you have done it since you were five years old.’”

I am not a song that you can only listen to if you want to. You can not just pause me when you’re tired, stop me when you’re sleeping then play again when you’re lonely.

I am not a vacation house that you will only visit every once in a while. You can not just make memories with me on summer then abandon me for the rest of the year.

I am not a train station that you will only stop by when you are tired roaming around. You can not just expect me to wait for you every time yet come with you when you arrive.

I should be your entire sky. I should be there for you every single time. I should be staying with you through the sunrise or the sunset, the night or day, storms or snows. There should be no escaping me.

I should be your entire ocean. I should be giving you the calmness that you need. My waves should wash away all your worries. I should be giving you life when you feel like drowning with other things.

I should be your entire universe. My stars should be making your dreams come true. My moons should be giving light within your darkest days. There is no way you can get enough of me.

I should have been all of this for you but you never let me in. So I am walking away from you and towards the open door that would let me give the love that I could.